Rocky Road

Happy Easter to those who celebrate…here’s the lineup for the game, which can be seen on KCAL…

Pierre, LF

Abreu, SS

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Hu, 3B

Bennett, C

Martinez, 2B

Billingsley, P

And as mentioned below, some interesting guests on the Sunday Night show on KABC 790.



    First I’d like to say Happy Easter to everyone, Dead Horsemen and non-Dead Horsemen alike and hope to read all of you on this blog soon!

    Does anyone feel as I do that with the line-ups we’re seeing here in AZ, that because of that ill-advised trip to China, Torre now has to see everyone play everywhere for himself rather than rely on his hand-picked coach Larry Bowa’s opinions? So while other teams are coming into this final week fine-tuning and starting their everyday line-ups, we’re back in week 3 or 4 of ST?

    I’m getting worried that just when we need to get off to a good start against our division rivals, we’re going to be playing catch-up.


    Getting somewhat worried as you are, enchanted. This is the time when panic can set in with management, meaning mostly Colletti.

    On the other hand, I see that Granderson of the Tigers has a broken finger and will be absent from the starting lineup for at least three weeks. Jim Leyland is quoted as saying that he doesn’t know what they will do in Granderson’s absence. Seems like a perfect time to swap our Pierre for Inge. Not that I want Inge, but I want to get rid of Pierre more. What do you all think?


    In the spirit of “competition” as Ned would like to call it, please tell me who ranks as the 4 best OFers:


    Jones .404 .512 .244

    Kemp .333 .635 .327

    Ethier .457 .638 .345

    Pierre .268 .246 .200

    Repko .455 .571 .343

    Young .293 .208 .146

    Don’t know what happened to DY – he kinda self-destructed this spring looking nothing like the guy we saw last Sept. Repko on the otherhand looks like the prototype 4th man – speed, some power, great defense. I would say that it leaves our $44 million dollar man as #5 (but even DY has a better OBP.)

    Its one thing if Torre needs to see JP in action for himself 3-4 games to decide his game doesn’t cut it… Its totally another if you plan on playing the 5th best OFer when the top 4 are healthy AND giving him the most ABs of anyone on the team.

    If we’re going to do that, shouldn’t Martinez start at 2B or 3B and bat him at least second? (BTW, I’m talking regular season, not today’s game.)


    no Inge…lifetime .250 hitter…good fielder but he is an out machine. We do not want to have Inge for 3 years. I saw where Esteban German for Meloan and Pinangua, why give up n Meloan for a journeyman. Someone will get cut or Hu/Abreu will step up!!!


    I think DY just put too much pressure on himself. He is really pressing up at the plate. Changing back to the infield did not help. I could see the Dodgers trading him for some other prospect that did not work out elsewhere to open a spot for Repko. I have always liked the way Repko plays, he is all out all the time, if he could just stay healthy.


    Depends on how long Nomar will really be out. If its 2-3 weeks, I’d give DeWitt a shot at it.

    If its longer, I’d rather see the D’s make a deal involving JP for Crede. Would probably have to kick-in 2/3 of his remaining contract and a middle prospect, but Crede is going FA after this year, and you can probably flip him at the trade deadline after LaRoche gets back. If not, he’s gone anyway.

    Only thing I don’t care for about Inge is that he’s signed for another three years and unless Detroit eats 1/3 of that contract, now you’ve got another albatross that you can’t hardly get rid of. Only perk is that he might be able to back-up catch as well.

    Best scenario for the D’s (and Ned) is if someone is desperate enough to actually initiate the talk for JP. Then let’s hope Ned doesn’t get greedy and will take a basket of balls and a used catcher’s mitt for him.


    Correction Inge lifetime .241 avg with on base of .304…struck out 150 times last year…do not panic Ned…we can find another person to do this well and not pay him 18 mil over 3 years.


    If worst comes to worst, it’s better to DFA Inge with his remaining three year contract than having to do that with Pierre and his four remaining years – that’s my take.


    As far as actually playing third base, I would prefer giving DeWitt, or Abreu, or Hu the chance before getting anybody else from another team. I just think that having Pierre on board messes up this team for so long that it would be better to just get him gone somewhere else and deal with someone that we have to take in return as best we can – we don’t have to play him.


    Surely though among DeWitt, Abreu and Hu thay can find a warm body to hold the fort for awhile.


    Wonder if someone will take Juan in if we leave him in a basket on someone’s doorstep, ring the bell, and run away…


    Yeah, except that having the speed that Pierre has, he’ll run away even faster than we can…


    I think ultimately Repko is a better 4th outfielder (when healthy) than DY, but Repko can be stashed in LV. We can find out if DY can be useful to the team, and if not, we have Repko to replace him as the 4th outfielder (with Pierre hopefully somewhere else).


    This is pretty wild. I have not been on here for a few days, I come back and it really seems like Ethier may be getting some pretty decent consideration for Left. It would be pretty awesome if he got the start.


    FYI–Vin referred to Slappy as the 4th outfielder. Slappy lived up to his name–he grounded out


    I think that Torre is giving Pierre every reasonable chance to perform in ST, but would hope that he also sees Ethier as the winner of any competition so far. I hope they both continue to perform as they have so far this spring and that equity (I mean Ethier) will prevail.


    From the great Vin Scully as Pierre stepped into the box:

    “And for the Dodgers looking at Juan Pierre as the fourth outfielder, naturally he’s looking at himself as one of the starting three”

    Does Vinny know something we don’t? That’s how most of us view him, but that’s encouraging, no?


    Is Torre giving JP enough rope to hang himself? Or is Torre delusional and thinking the guy can really play and bat leadoff?


    This is what was referred to last season as “Bad Chad”, with Billz you can almost tell immediately if it’s going to be a great outing or a bad one.


    Now, I could be wrong about this but the way the rotation sets up I believe Kuroda will start the Coliseum game which also means Kershaw would pitch in that game as well. That will be in itself…amazing. No PBP today, but I will have Tuesday’s game.


    Okie dokie, sounds good Alex. How does spring training in Az seem to be going so far? I see they have yet to play in front of an empty seat out there.


    In the 2nd inning, Ethier walked then scored on Hu’s triple, who in turn scored on Bennett’s ground-out. Then Martinez and Billz struck out.
    2-1 Dodgers at end of two.


    I’m really hoping Hu gets a shot at third if Nomar is a no go. He really seems to have the tools, and his bat is pretty good. I’d much rather him over Martinez, and I’m not too certain that Dewitt is ready yet.


    Id rather have just about anybody but Martinez. I can’t fathom why we need him with Hu and Abreu around, they have actual upside and all the tools Martinez has.


    Pierre now 0 for 2. Way to show them what you’ve got – just keep it up for a few more games.


    If Ethier keeps out performing Pierre head to head, what is the argument that Pierre has? But it is getting later and later into spring, and it seems like Torre is leaning more and more to the possability of having Ethier start. You would really like to think that Pierre would use this whole thing as motivation, but he’s stunk up the joint all spring.


    bear – with Hu/DeWitt and or Abreu in the opening day line-up, Torre HAS to start Ethier/Jones/Kemp – doesn’t he? Please tell me he does or I’m going to be VERY depressed.


    With replacement players having to start at 2nd and 3rd, it would seem imperative to use the best offensive talent in the rest of the lineup – will logic prevail with Torre. I’m thinking yes, but I hope Ned doesn’t step in with his own erratic logic and some panic move.


    Hawpe has knocked in his second run of the afternoon to tie it 2-2. Dodgers don’t score in the fourth; Martinez has struck out for his second time. Other than being a veteran, which seems to be an overqualifier for our management, I don’t see what Martinez can contribute to our season.


    It would have been nice to get off to a hot start this year against all the nl west teams. But with all of these injuries it’s going to be difficult. Then again back in ’04 we had a great start and it crashed and burned pretty fast.


    The only thing that Martinez can provide is a slight measure of insurance for Ned not to have to make any panic moves.

    But like Pierre, ned likes his game…


    When you’re playing the first three games against the worst team in the division though, its imperative you get off to a good start.


    Yeah, I agree enchanted. I just hope if our injuries get to be too bad, we don’t fall off too much. In this division it’s only going to be seperated by a few games.


    Do you guys think that maybe Pierre is just pressing too much? Or maybe he’s just not used to being the 44million dollar man, and he’s not able to live up to it?


    Strange double play in the fourth: Ethier to Bills to Hu; so, Ethier is playing the defense.


    Its possible he’s pressing. It doesn’t really matter what he does in ST and what Ethier does. We already knew who was better before ST begun, and so did the Dodgers. This ST is just a case in point.


    When we signed JP last year, I was excited because I liked his game while he was with Florida. I’ve always liked traditional, old school lead off men. But he quickly was losing me, and I never really regained a likeness for him. I was hoping, that maybe he was pressing too much last year, and trying to live up to the hype. Now this year, he’s not done anything, and all he’s doing now is blocking Ethier who would be a great everyday outfielder. Easily making a good, not great career. He would put up decent numbers and help an offense in need of just that. Last year when he hit that home run against the Cubs to win the game in Chicago, from that point on I felt that he should be a fixture in our outfield. Sorry, such a long post, just putting my two cents in.


    He is what he is whether it be ST or RS – an out machine.

    He’s probably pressing by now because he sees LF slipping away. But you think it would be the “inexperienced” Ethier and not the “veteran” Pierre that would be having the problems.


    Oh, for those who didn’t see what happened, with one out and Hawpe on third there was a fly ball to Ethier in medium right. No chance to throw out Hawpe, so Ethier threw the ball back in the infield, but the umpire ruled Hawpe left third early and was called out. That explains the bizarre play.


    I think the more successful Ethier and Repko became as the spring unfolded Pierre went further and further into a pressured funk. He’d probably WELCOME a trade at this point. Relying on Kent and Nomar this season is already looking like a huge gamble. Their heads and hearts are there, but their bodies have been checking out for the past two seasons. Screw it…play ALL the kids.


    I know this is only spring training but we Bills is getting hit pretty hard. Hope he doesn’t have the basic sophmore year this year. We can’t seem to hold a lead.


    At this point in time, Billz isn’t the #3 or even the #4 starter.

    This team has some real issues that should’ve been being ironed out over the last couple weeks rather than jetting half way around the world for a couple goodwill games.

    I wrote this 2-2 1/2 weeks ago – at what point does Torre start to instill winning?


    Looks like Bills gave up three runs in the fifth before he was relieved. He’s got some work cut out for him to match up with the other starters at this stage.


    Bills got off to a good start last year by winning some games in relief before becomming a starter. Maybe we need to move Bills to middle relief before the season starts.


    No, we don’t, stop overreacting to spring statistics. Ethier shouldn’t be the left fielder because he’s kicking Pierre’s butt in spring, he should be the left fielder because he’s the better play. Billz is our #3 starter, period. Now watch it or Max, among others will come on here and yell at all of you for think Bills should be a middle reliever…again. Who do you want taking Chad’s place? Chan Ho Park?…because he’s been great in the spring, please…


    We had a great spring last year and got off to a good start. We need to win a few games this next week and get some momentum before we hit San Fran.


    Not saying he’s not a starter and that he still won’t be #3, but at this very point, he’s not throwing as well as #4 Kuroda or even #5 Loaiza for that matter.


    I’ve been a Big Blue fan since 1952. I live in the St Louis area and Have subscribed to and will get all the games this year.

    Just want the Dodgers to have a good year.

    Need to get our errors in check this year.


    That said, I’d rather have him throw game 3 against the Gnats than open the series against the Pads.


    ERA’s this spring, just some examples:
    Jake Peavy: 8.76

    Brandon Webb: 7.90

    Dan Haren: 5.30

    Erik Bedard: 9.30

    I mean it just doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter that Billz had a bad outing and it doesn’t matter we’re losing 8-2.


    1) Spring Training is just that – training. It is for the players to return from the offseason into a cycle of playing every day, to mentally adjust back into game situations, and to build endurance. Players aren’t generally going to be ready for much of the spring if they’re pacing themselves properly – thus the phrase “mid-season form.”

    2) Given (1), it is perfectly reasonable that we should not make anything of spring training statistics, especially the stats that are weak to begin with like RBI, R, BA, ERA, W-L, S. Even as the spring is almost over, some players are truly second-half players. Scouting makes more sense now, but even then, it is much better to evaluate players on more rational qualifications, like scouting and statistics of their entire career before the spring.

    3) We can test (2) with a few simple questions:

    Do we really expect Pierre to struggle with hitting for average?

    Would we prefer Chan Ho Park to Chad Billingsley?

    Why don’t we give awards for Spring Training performance?

    4) Schmidt will start the year on the DL, and will probably be a decent starter. If LA has someone like Kuo or Kershaw pitching well as the fifth starter, and the other starters are doing well and healthy, why demote one to middle relief? Derek Lowe, good as he is, is in his contract year, and as a Boras client with 3 consecutive sub-4 ERA years, I think he’ll be looking for at least 3 year deal after this season.

    Dealing Lowe at the deadline could help us get someone good for the present or the future. We can let someone else be desperate when making a trade with us!

    5) Joe Torre needs some credit for, at least I gather from what I’ve read, being a proactive communicator. He’s called players into his office to discuss personnel decisions, and given how many questions still remain unresolved, it would appear that he really will tell the players before he tells the media.


    Pierre is really not into it is he? How in the world could we have a lead off man who hits .154…. Not exactly a table setter


    Kind of a boring preseason game that was. Not a whole lot going on. At least it’s still Spring Break for a few more hours and I do live in Las Vegas where it’s getting warmer and clothing is becoming optional…. Would the **** regular season get here already!!


    patriot – IMO you’re right to a point, we all throw out the stats at the beginning of the season. But I’ve got to believe that if Ethier and Kemp were not having good springs, Torre wouldn’t even consider starting them over JP, who if he were’nt having such a poor spring wouldn’t have anything to worry about.

    Likewise I think with a new manager at some point you’ve got to instill a winning attitude, and this China trip set Torre back 2 weeks worth of “weeding out” that he’s just now having to do.

    There’s also bullpen spots to be had, and I think those are very much dependent on what those pitchers have or haven’t accomlplished in game situations. Not saying that one relies totally on stats, because that doesn’t tell you how they’re throwing, but guys like Johnson and Martin had to have good springs to even be considered, and we know what’s already happened to them.

    Not disagreening, but just acknowledging spring also has some bearing.


    Pierre you can say is not really trying, because according to him he is a starter. He is just doing the things he does to get ready for the season (make outs) or you know having to play a new posistion has taken up all his time and he can’t focus on his hitting. I bet soon he will say that he is not worried about spring stats and that he knows what he can do and he is proven (which is precisely why Joe has not given him the job, he is proven).

    And he wants to play 162 games as a starter. So Pierre is trying to get traded. Problem is, no one wants him.

    So what we are looking at is one guy who is better, who is out proving it and hungry to do so, and another who no matter what happnes to him in the game of baseball over the next four years will make more money than all of us dedhorses combined, times 10.


    No one here is stupid enough to put any weight into spring stats..My guess is we all bring them up because Coletti said that it will matter for 3b and LF


    As i was told yesterday…be patient. Alex notedthis spring some of best pitchers have high era. Bill should be the 3 starter- he proved himself last year. But i like Parkfor a long relief. He needs to make the team. JP should be the left fielder to start the season, then we’ll see. Maybe it is time for a trade.


    Colletti lies, or at least he’ll say one thing and then go on and do whatever he intended to do in the first place. I believe better of Torre, so there is our hope. We’ll see if it is justified – the starting lineup should be disclosed this upcoming week. I say it will be Ethier, Jones, and Kemp.


    Brandon..If Pierre hit .154 and got on base at .400 I would be much happier with that then him hitting .295 and getting on base at .330…for example. I hear ya though


    Chan ho should be nowhere near out roster. I know he is thowing well now, but there are just to many years of being ineffective to consider him. Plus he has a minor leauge deal. Bills IMO is already our number 2 and JP should never start on any MLB team as a left fielder.


    Yeah, the obp would be nice too… It’s just crazy to me to have someone on your team, and pay him A LOT of money to do the same things that 2424234 other guys can do…. But Jungar, good point. With the way Furcal is playing, there’s no way he should not be the table setter. When healthy he is a much better lead off man, and he’s got some pop.


    vin said something interesting during the game…that pierre wanted to talk to torre b.c he felt he was not getting enough at bats in st to be ready for reason. could have sworn he’s getting plenty. i guess he was really put off by not being the starting lineup want ******* day. he’s not going to be happy sitting during the regular season if he’s upset about it in spring. i really wish we would just dumo him russ ortiz style already.


    I like Eihier, if he hits 320 to 345 like he did two years ago, we got something. But(2006) he faded in August and was eventually taken out completely. He faded again last year at the end. He is a good 4th fielder. JP can steal anywhere from 50 to 70 bases. With Fucal, Kemp,Loney, Martin – alot of runs. As for Park, he simply earned it.


    Yeah, a friend of mine is a big D-Backs fan, and he was telling me we should just dump Pierre ala Arizona. He said he loved it when they just ate his contract, admitted a mistake, cost them some money, but they’re much better for it now.


    Ethier had a shoulder injury at the end of 2006.

    As for last year, he put up a .803 August OPS and .742 September OPS (still above average).


    Check that, Ethier’s September OPS wasn’t quite above average, but his overall year (.802) certainly was.


    Do you think it’s the length or the money that would scare people aboue Pierre’s contract? Because if it’s money, we could totally eat some of that. If the Rangers can trade A-Rod, then can’t we trade Pierre?


    Anyone else starting to get scared of the Rocks?

    Who cares about the stupid china trip? It doesnt matter. They flew on an airplane to play baseball games. Its not like Torre doesnt talk to his staff and its not like him and Bowa arent on the same page. If the Dodgers start out the season losing please dont blame it on going to China– completely irrelevant….


    From the L.A Times:

    “Billingsley, expected to open the regular season as the No. 3 starter in the Dodgers’ rotation, has allowed 10 runs in his last two outings and 16 in 17 1/3 spring training innings while trying to add a changeup to his arsenal.

    “This spring I’m really working on things,” said Billingsley, who also struggled to find his release point today. “The last couple of innings I was throwing my changeup a lot more. I really want to develop it and add it to my repertoire because it’s a pitch you’re going to need. Right now I’m just trying to throw it for strikes and keep it down in the zone.

    “I’ve gotten beat on it a lot this spring. [But] I have to throw it to prove it. I don’t really want to give up on it because you need that pitch.”

    Plus, Tony Jackson also confirmed Billz was working on a changeup, which definitely explains his issues today and why at times he looked like he didn’t have good stuff.



    1. What Park has earned was 60 million dollars over the last 4 seasons and 24 total wins.

    2. Jp has stolen 50 to 64 bags (has never stolen 70) each of the last 3 years and has not score 100 runs one time, while getting over 700 trys to. Of course that’s everyone elses fault. Not his in ability to get on base..

    3. The reason A-rod can get traded and Pierre can’t is because A-rod (in baseball terms) is worth the money. He is good. Pierre is no better at 8 million than 4 players we have (let alone the rest of baseball) who play the same spot for 500k each.

    You can field a starting team of 9 Russell Martin (or Kemp, or Loney) for the price of one Juan Pierre.


    Understood, it just seems to me like there would have to be SOMEONE who would be willing to make a deal. If not, then why not just release him if he does not like his new position of Dave Roberts in Boston.


    When Dave Roberts was with us, he was our lead off hitter and stolen base king. He goes to Boston, he’s the pinch runner who comes in when you need a stolen base. That’s about what Juan Pierre would be right now if he were on another team. I can’t think of anyone who has a need for a center fielder who makes way, way too much money.


    I know we have a lot of kids and I believe they will come around, but we need to get out of the box quick this year. We will find it hard to lead our division as we did last year


    ewk – not saying that the players are behind that went to China – **** only two would be starters, but Torre seems to be a show me guy, and now he appears to be doing secondary evaluating when the majority of that should’ve been done in FL.

    I also don’t want us to be sitting here at the end of April saying, “well its early and these early season stats don’t mean anything.” Then May comes and it’ll be, “well Torre’s just now learning his team.” Then May becomes June becomes July…

    This team has some major issues, injuries aside. I feel it would have been better with a new manager if they had finished up this ST all together in FL (sans AZ as well) and left China for next year.


    According to the Denver Post, the Rockies are trying to trade Marcus Giles to the Dodgers.
    Jayson Nix has locked up the Rockies’ starting second base job, making Giles expendable. “That’s what I’m hearing,” Giles confirmed when asked about the trade talk. He could start for the Dodgers in place of the injured Jeff Kent. Mar. 23 – 8:10 pm et

    from rotowire..


    Think we have to ask ourselves, why would the Rox try and peddle someone that could help the Ds if he was any good?

    And what’s Pierre bellyaching about ABs? – he has more PAs and ABs in ST than anyone else on the team. Guess he wants to prove that .188 is no fluke.


    Unless of course that Giles has a totally unreasonable longterm contract that would block somebody else from the position. Then I can see Ned wanting him badly.


    Unfortunately, I don’t yhink there’s a market for Pierre while Kenny Lofton is still available. Though he’s older, Lofton would go to anyone on a 1 yr deal at low cost, and get on base more often…so why would anyone trade for lon-term Pierre when they could sign short-term Lofton?


    The thing that really irritates me about Pierre leading off is when the #8 hitter gets on base we follow with the pitcher & Pierre, therefore there is no rally.


    Pierre (69), Loney (68), Furcal (63), Ethier (61), Kemp (56) lead the team in at-bats this spring. Along with Martin and Jones here are updated stats for this spring for regulars exempt are Kent and Nomar for obvious reasons:

    Pierre: .188/.253/.232/.485

    Loney: .265/.333/.382/.715

    Furcal: .333/.382/.651/1.033

    Ethier: .344/.459/.623/1.082

    Kemp: .339/.345/.625/.970

    Jones: .244/.404/.512/.916

    Martin: .208/.339/.354/.693


    Again, this is even about ST performances, we ALREADY KNOW who the three best outfielders are by their history and their tools. But, if Ned and Co want to make it about ST, the best outfielders have also performanced the best. Pierre hasn’t even shown off his “trademark” speed b/c he’s never on base. There should be no argument, he’s the fourth outfielder, and if not, he’s traded or released.


    Lot’s of great posts everyone. I have been out most of the weekend doing the Easter thing. Seems we have alot of questions still to be resolved and it is getting late in ST. Road trips and injuries are the main culprit. I don’t see the Phew/Ehier thing as a question really. I mean, anyone with half an ounce of baseball sense would start Andre and dump Phewerre. It is a no brainer. If they don’t, well, it means that what we have believed in and held dear as far as baseball has changed drasticly or that management is just stupid. I am totally miffed as to why there is even an ongoing discussion about Phew. I am hoping that all this rhetoric is just posturing so they can try and let Phew down easy. It has to be as obvious to Ned and Joe as it is to everyone else that playing Phew because he has a big contract and is a veteran with more experience will not give us the best opportunity to compete in the NL West or for a championship. Phew is on the decline. If it has not been apparent the last 3 years, it will become very apparent if he starts everyday for the Dodgers this year. His OBP has been in a decline and will continue to decline. Ned, you better get rid of him now or he will be even more of an albatross. He is a sunk cost now, don’t compound the mistake by letting that sunk cost effect 2009-2011.


    All this hard decision over Pierre is just Ned covering his sorry ***. It should be a foregone conclusion that Pierre is at best fourth or maybee even fifth in outfield capability on this team. However, consider Pierre as not useful, and you add another $40 some million mispent along with the same number mispent on Schidt, and then you really have to question what the heck you have this guy named Ned for. Makes him look like the disaster that he really is.


    Yep Bear, Ned has painted himself into a corner. Bless his heart, he was raised in the G’nats system. He decided to follow that wisdom and of course it was flawed. Everyone but McCourt knew it. It is interesting/perplexing that he can’t see that there is one small escape corridor off to his left. LOL. Dump Phew and be more candid with the fans.


    My question for Ned.
    What is it like knowing that every other GM is laughing at you when you are not in ear shot?


    Yes, that would be the reasonable thing to do, but Ned was brought up in the public relations domain where you’re paid to paint a pretty face on a lousy situation, and he continues to “spin” his point of view whether it makes sense or not. I never could understand what baseball experience he supposedly acquired with the Giants that made him eligible for our GM job, and his performance has clearly demonstrated that the answer indeed was NONE. Too bad that McCourt couldn’t own up to his bad decision in hiring him. It’s like the two of them are going around pretending what “fine clothes the emperor has”, when all the fans realize that their posturing is just a “naked” coverup.


    Hey, I know he is hosed but if I offer him to Ned, I might be able to pull it off. Lot of chuckles from the surrounding GM’s.


    Well, if we finish 3rd or 4th again and continue to look pathetic, Ned will be gone. It’s his job to lose. Start Phew over Ethier and you just decrease your odds of surviving. Good Luck. You are going to need it.


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    Of course, that is Clayton Kershaw!Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Los Angeles Dodgers!


    Think we’re promised some cuts on Monday. Who goes? Who gets a stay of execution for a few more days?


    On this below, I say Of course there is. When faced with the same predictement just a year ago one GM said I have to make sure I pay him 5o million dollars.

    Unfortunately, I don’t yhink there’s a market for Pierre while Kenny Lofton is still available. Though he’s older, Lofton would go to anyone on a 1 yr deal at low cost, and get on base more often…so why would anyone trade for lon-term Pierre when they could sign short-term Lofton?


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    Hey Alex are these typo’s? In 69 at-bats overall. I read that he has more at-bats than anyone in baseball this spring.

    Pierre: .188/.253/.232/.485

    I thought it was like the SATs

    you get 200/300/300/500 just for signing up.


    The Dodgers are going to have Andruw Jones for two years only. Within this time frame, Penny,Lowe,and Furcky become free agents. Saito will be 40 and Kent will be riding motorcycles full time.
    The time to put your best team on the field is now and that means starting Andre now!

    To platoon Andre and JP would reduce the effectiveness of both. JP is already whining about it and it has undoubtedly affected his performance.

    Andre hit over 400 for a month after last years All-Star game and was still latooned by Sling Blade Grady. Platooning stinks.

    Joe, stand up to the real estate flipper who owns the club and the former PR guy who is now GM and put your best team on the field.

    It will not be pretty the way JP is going to be treated at dodger Stadium this year when he is in left field and Matt or Andre are on the bench.

    If it means you have to trade him, so be it. Hallelujah when that day comes.


    You seriously think another GM will trade for Pierre’s contract with Lofton available? I wish it were true, but you’re dreaming.



    I am totally just kidding. It sounds so bizzar when you think that if money was not involved (each player made the same on one year contracts) you would have to wonder given his spring #s and what seems to be his attitude and or how he copes with pressure (of winning a job again) along with his ability and the ability of others in camp, if he would even make the team. Honestly.


    The Dodgers should have signed Lofton last year instead of P. air. That said, I really believe that JP’s whining (intentionally leaked by Torre) has added fuel to the fire and numbered his days with the Dodgers. Jp has the most spring training at-bats of any player in the majors. If he is sulking now how do you think is going to behave when his playing time is cut. It’s clubhouse chemistry 101. If Refco wasn’t so injury prone (sore quads now) and Young hadn’t laid a goose egg this spring, Jp’s departure would be a 100% certainty.


    The new home page looks great!! It’s kind of hard to miss Andre’s name all over the stats leader board (homeruns, RBIs),along with Matt and Andruw. Where is Pierre’s name? I guess there aren’t any categories that show the bottom of the list(lol). Thanks for the good discussions once again. I was an observer today (on spring break), but you all have made me into a Dodger stat junkie, which is all good.


    Do you think Joe is giving him this many AB’s on purpose of allowing him to play himself to the Bench?


    From L.A Times:

    Although Torre still has some tough decisions to make in the bullpen, the rotation is nearly set with Derek Lowe, Chad Billingsley and Hiroki Kuroda scheduled to follow opening-day starter Brad Penny. The fifth spot is still officially up for grabs although Esteban Loaiza, who had a rough afternoon Sunday, giving up three runs in three innings, will probably win the job over nonroster player Chan Ho Park because Loaiza is guaranteed more than $7 million whether he makes the team or not.

    “There’s no question that you take that into consideration. And it’s a major consideration,” Torre said.

    But contracts are not likely to sway Torre’s decision in picking a starter in left field where Juan Pierre, in the second year of a five-year, $44-million contract, is battling Andre Ethier, who will earn $424,000 this season.

    Both players will make the team but it’s becoming more and more likely that Ethier, who is batting .344 and is tied for the lead among National League players with five spring homers, could start over Pierre, who is hitting .188 with a .253 on-base percentage.

    “You’re going to play the players that you think are going to best serve you that day,” Torre said.


    and this Alex (homepage)

    “He has to be,” Torre said when asked if Kuo was on the club.

    Said Torre (about Young): “I’m sure he’s going to hit. The only thing is, he’s played regularly and that helps you hit. He’s a roster guy, based on his talent and having no options left. My thought process is he’ll be on the club. As far as his ability, I’m not sure we’ll see the same guy unless he’s playing and I’m not sure where playing time will come from.”

    Told of Torre’s comments, Young said: “Those are refreshing words.”

    I think this is important:

    “..The only thing is, he’s played regularly and that helps you hit….”

    Does that sound like someone who wants to platoon a guy at the top of his order?


    Seeing how the outfielders have been sharing duties lately(there seems to be a pattern), then tomorrow should be a day for Ethier, Jones, and Kemp. Then again, if Joe is really trying to let Pierre sink his own ship, Ethier might sit instead.


    Torre doesn’t have a DH in this league so a player who sits doesn’t swing. He knows sitting affects timing and consistency.
    Management should have anticipated this problem when they signed Jones and traded JP and money and a prospect (Young not Kershaw) for a solid third baseman. But Colitis is a PR guy. He goes for the names with marquee value. He loves to spend big money on the walking wounded or guys past their prime. Wolf. Schmidt. Loiza. Gonzalez. Nomore.

    He probably did PR for aging movie stars.

    I bet his only regret was not being around to put together the original Mets. An old-timers game every day.


    Many of us are disappointed about the JP situation, and it was definitely a poor move for Colletti to go long-term with JP rather than short-term with Lofton, but before you condemn Ned for adding aging veterans you might want to thank him for keeping guys like Martin, Loney, Kemp, LaRoche, Ethier, Kershaw, Bills, Broxton, Elbert, McDonald, Dewitt, Hu, Abreu, Morris, and other prospects. He refused many offers for those guys from many teams, but kept them to be a foundation to build on. A crowded outfield is better than a bare outfield. I’m sure Kemp & Ethier will get plenty of playing time.

    Let’s be thankful for the guys he’s kept.


    -Marcus Giles would be a terrible move!! Please don’t get him Ned!! Start Hu at second until Kent comes back!

    -I’m glad Billingsley continues to work on his changeup! I’m a huge supporter of that pitch, every pitcher should have a changeup in their repertoire. When located properly it is the best offspeed pitch you can throw.

    -Great news that Vinny referred to Juan as the likely 4th outfielder! Ethier and Kemp totally deserve to start every game!


    I just checked the guide and tonight’s game against the Royals will be on Prime Ticket here in Los Angeles BUT it will be the Royals broadcast, NOT our crew. I remember they did this last season for a Dodgers/Tigers game in the spring. It will also be on MLB.TV for those who do not get Prime Ticket on their cable system.


    Have you noticed in the last few days that everyone with a crappy 2B or 3B they want to get rid of has them coming to the D’s?

    Messers Hu, Abreu and DeWitt can hold the fort long enough for Kent and Nomore to get back. Let’s just hope Ned doesn’t make a panic move, unless he can unload JP in the process.


    On my way to work on the Metrolink train this morning, I noticed the lights are Dodger Stadium were on! Can’t wait for the first game there on Friday!

    Hey I signed up for the FB but noticed we still have an odd number. I can drop if we cannot get another person. -Emma


    I agree with jboydstun.

    Trade or sell Pierre and we have a competitive team, with room to let the young guys prove themself (or not). Ethier, Jones, and Kemp in OF with Furcal, Loney, and Martin as the foundation of the infield is a good way to start the season. Try young guys at 2nd and 3rd and see who emerges until Kent and Nomar return.

    Make cuts to get to your 25-man and keep some young infielders until Nomar is fully ready. Option Repko, if necessary, to givee him playing time and see if he can stay healthy.


    I agree with enchanted about no necessity for panic moves to cover second and third. Our options with Abreu, Hu and DeWitt are likely as good, if not better, than what we’re being offered in the retread market.
    Also, let’s wait and see what other clubs have to put on waivers this coming week. Just as we’re afraid of losing DY, there may be some other near-ready prospects to look at on the upcoming waiver list that don’t carry onerous big contracts.

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