Freeway Series in the Desert

The Dodgers host the Angels at a park that isn’t their own, without a freeway between the two stadiums, but it’s still the Dodgers and Angels, right? The Angels are using the DH while we’re going with the pitcher hitting. Here’s the lineup:

Pierre, LF

Furcal, SS

Ethier, RF

Loney, 1B

Jones, CF

Martin, C

DeWitt, 3B

Abreu, 2B

Lowe, P

On today’s postgame Dodgertalk, Blake DeWitt and Andre Ethier will join Josh Suchon and Ken Levine on KABC 790. Tomorrow night, James Denton of Desperate Housewives, who is a huge Dodger fan, will be a guest, as will national baseball writers Tom Verducci and Bob Nightengale.



    where’s kemp? seems like you hav a good game… out you go. We have three too many fielders. Somebody has to go on the trade block. What are we going to do with Young, Repko,& are two left fielders,
    we certainly don’t need sweeneyif we keep martinez

    need to make a trade .. get a real 3rd baseman like they should in the first place


    speaking of kabc… im wondering if anyone knows, how do you listen online? when you go to the kabc website you get the conservative talk station not the dodger game or dodger talk. anyone know? thanks is advance.


    francisco rodriguez pitching
    bottom of the fourth

    martin strikes out on a 2-2 count

    DeWitt grounds out to third

    Abreu grounds out to second

    0 hits 0 runs 1-0 dodgers


    young in rf, ethier in cf jones done

    top of 5th

    kendrick gounds out to abreu on a great play

    napoli grounds out to furcal

    aybar grounds out to abrea, another nice play

    0 hits 0 walks 0 runs 1-0 dodgers


    Tony Abreu looks healthy out there to say the least, with a couple of fine plays. Real fine.


    bottom of 5th

    lowe singles to center

    pierre flies out to center 0-3 today

    furcal singles to left, lowe to second

    Ethier sharp out to ss lowe out trying to advance to third

    2 hits 0 walks 0 runs 1-0 dodgers


    top of 6th lowe pitching

    morales single to center

    on a pitchout morales out at second

    figgins safe at first on errant throw, advances to second on throw

    matthews jr flies out to Ethier

    Anderson singles to right, figgins scores

    hunter flies out to right field

    3 hits 0 walks 1 error 1 run 1-1 tie


    So far DeWitt is still in. one double, 1 RBI. Good time to be on Dodger Talk. Let’s get some runs


    bottom of 6th spier pitching

    loney flies out to center

    young strikes out

    martin strikes out

    0 hits 0 walks 0 runs 1-1 tie


    Sloppy play gives Angels another run.Saito too slow covering 1st, then makes a late throw home. Runner scoring from second, Down 4-1.


    jspelk, I don’t know about DodgerTalk, but as for the games, the only way to listen online is to get Gameday Audio from They black out the games on the radio stations’ homepages.

    I think it kinda ***** to have to pay for radio, but I can’t get any radio stations that carry the Dodgers, don’t have the money for XM, and to me, $14.95 is the price for a ticket to one game at the Stadium, and for that, I get to listen to Vin everyday (for 3 innings) up here in Giants country.


    Guess we all need a lot of patience this spring. Hope the team comes together. First florida, then China and now we are loosing in the desert. we got what 7-8 days left. We don’t who is in left, 2nd, 3rd,& 5th pither. Looks Lowe pitched well


    Light Towers in this park came from the Polo Grounds in 1964. Not a good place for us.


    Kemp who reminds me more of Dave Winfield every day singles Ramon to 3rd but Juanpy fails again.


    This from The Kansas City Star

    The rumor mill is picking up. One has the Royals discussing a deal to send utilityman Esteban German to the Dodgers for right-handed pitchers Jonathan Meloan and Miguel Pinango.

    Hope this deal don’t go down

    It’s on under news


    I had seem the rumor about Esteban German in Sports Illustrated, I believe. Don’t know much about him, but have to suspect that anyone of real value wouldn’t be shed off by the Royals. If we insist on a veteran, we already have Martinez to consider; otherwise, I can’t see why German would be better than Abreu, Hu, or DeWitt to fill in until Kent and Nomar come back. I must admit that I’m partial to Hu and DeWitt in particular, so I would like to give both every chance.


    Let’s look at this shall we:

    today we loose….Bottom of 5th

    lowe singles

    pierre flies out

    furcal singles

    Ethier sharp out to ss Lowe out trying to advance to third

    it’s a 1-0 game.. we have a chance to extend the lead. The problem is, Pierre comes up. he can’t hit with runners on and pitchers, if they make the right pitch will get him to hit it where they need him too.

    What are his options with Lowe on first and the heart of the order coming up..

    1. bunt for a hit..not a sacrafice, a base hit. if lowe gets to 2nd perfect, if he dosent, the fastest guy on the team is now on first base. Play the odds, i mean you know youu will make an out 7 out of 10 times. You know if you get a hit will only advance Lowe to 2nd something like 96% of the time…(lack of extra base hits) so put pressure of their defense…

    2. Ok fine, no bunt, but I being a hardworker and a team guy, will take one for the team and hit one of my patented ground outs to 1b/2b..that should get the runner over..I’ll get high fives in the dugout and Joe will say good job for doing the little things…

    3. nah,***** it..i’ll try and overpower F-ROD…oh what, a lazy fly ball to left cf (who knew) that has no chance to be a hit nor advance a runner..i’ll do that. Thats what team players who are trying to win a job in spring do. remember my game aint pretty.

    I just wish the man had a baseball brain, he could be effective.

    If Pierre advances the runner, the dodgers score and make the game at least 2-0. 8 years in the league should teach you that.


    I meant to say 3b. advance Lowe to 3b only like a 3 percent chance..considering Lowes speed and JP power.


    who do you guys think the starting infield on opening day will be. if i had to guess it would be




    with an outfield of





    I think torre will do the right thing with the outfield and pierre will be traded


    From Peter Gammons

    Nomar Garciaparra insists he will be physically ready to open the regular season, but even if he is not, Dodgers GM Ned Colletti is not going to rush into a trade for a third baseman.

    > “We’re not going to make a long-term move because we believe [Andy] LaRoche and [Blake] DeWitt are going to be here for a long time at that position,” says Colletti.


    > Andre Ethier has had what appears to be a breakout spring, but with Juan Pierre’s contract untradeable, the Dodgers will open the season with Ethier, Matt Kemp, Pierre and Andruw Jones in the outfield mix and let manager Joe Torre deal with one daily unhappy camper.

    As for Clayton Kershaw, it sure sounds as if the Dodgers believe he will be a factor this season; the issue will be limiting his innings early in the season so that he is fresh come August, which means 150-160 innings for the whole season.


    Play Ethier. Give Pierre a third of starts, just to keep delicate Andre from flaming out come September. I still say you keep Repko. He does lots of things well: speed, stolen bases, great defense…****, he came up as a shortstop, let him play third. If the Dodgers carry 12 pitchers, that only leaves two more bench spots (not counting back-up catcher), most likely Hu and Abreu. If pitching staff can survive on 11 arms, then Sweeney stays, which I think is the best scenario. Consider Chan Ho and Loaiza to be a two-headed beast, so that leaves five spots in the pen: Saito, Broxton, Proctor, Beimal, and Kuo.


    I think that Sweeney will stay, and I think that is good. He still shows the ability to pinch-hit, and he can sub adequately at first and even in the outfield. In comparison, I hope we don’t keep Martinez. He showed last year that he can’t produce, and we should have enough defensively with Abreu, DeWitt and Hu to chose from.


    I hope that Nomar and Kent start the season on DL retroactively, so we don’t have them in the lineup at 70% capability. Playing Raffy prematurely last season created a big problem – not Raffy’s fault, but management’s.


    I like the new format for
    Great article on Wally Moon in the Times this morning.

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