Dodgertown Here We Come…

With pitchers and catchers reporting in just a few days (and our office leaving on Tuesday), the first of the many Dodgertown stories have begun and the L.A. Times and Daily News are filled today with memories from Vero Beach.

Hall of Famer Ross Newhan writes about Dodgertown in not one, but two articles, while columnist Bill Plaschke also weighed in.

Matt McHale, who covered the Dodgers for many years and spent tons of time in Vero, wrote his  "farewell to Dodgertown" story today, and between Newhan, Plaschke and McHale, there must be years and years of time living in that so-called sleepy town.

McHale’s colleague, Dennis McCarthy has spent the week at Vero Beach for the 51st fantasy camp. He suited up like one of the campers and filed several stories in addition to the daily blogging he did. In case you missed them, here they are:

Boys of Summer Polish Dodgertown Memories, Sunday Feb. 10

No Pain, No Gain at Dodgers camp, Thursday, Feb. 7

Bottom of the Ninth for Dodgers Camp, Tuesday, Feb. 5

Last Chance to Play with the Big Boys, Sunday, Feb. 3

I’m sure I’ll be saying this very often to people I see and meet over the next six weeks, but it bears saying at the start of Spring, too.

All of us at the Dodgers understand that there will be some people in Vero Beach and on the East Coast who are disappointed with our decision to leave Dodgertown and we can empathize with those feelings. However, we also know that we will be serving a larger majority of Dodger fans, especially families, by making this move.

The primary reason we are moving is to make it easier for families who are Dodgers fans to enjoy Spring Training.  Just think, it takes five hours to fly to Vero; it takes one hour to fly to Glendale.  It takes five days to drive to Vero; it takes about five hours to drive to Glendale.  It costs $442 per person to fly to Vero.  It costs $442 for a family of four to fly to Glendale. 

Plus, the state-of-the-art-facility in Glendale will help our team.  As Ned has pointed out in the past, the long drives from stadium to stadium in Florida mean that you spend more time driving and less time evaluating players. When the team was in Brooklyn, it made all the sense in the world to be training in Florida but the time has come to make this move for our fans.

Another thing that might surprise some is that fan reaction has been extremely strong as everyone is looking for a chance to say goodbye to the team. On the first day of ticket sales in Vero, there was an incredible turnout that exceeded our greatest expectations. We think that is a sign of the fact that many fans understand our reasoning behind the move and are taking this opportunity to show their appreciation for all that’s taken place over 60-plus years.

So with that, it’s time to pack the bags and head out to Florida on Tuesday. If anything of interest happens tomorrow, I’ll post again but otherwise, you might not see anything new until we arrive in Vero Tuesday night.


Well, I am very sad that I couldn’t get over to Dodgertown, but I’m very excited that the team will be in AZ from now on! I’m shooting to be there every year …

I’m very excited they are moving to Glendale,Az….I live in Tucson so i will go see them next year for sure. I’m going to see them March 21st vs the D’Back’s and March 23rd vs the Rockies in Tucson

Very Excited 🙂

I understand the move. I’m only 40 and live in California so it doesn’t bum me out as it does those on the east coast and that grew up in the days of Brooklyn and Vero Beach. I wish I could have a time machine and go back to those days. They seemed like they were special. I saw the special on HBO about the Brooklyn Dodgers and it was pretty cool.

A couple of thoughts I had when I saw it was:

I love going to Dodger games at the Ravine, but it would be cool to get some traditions going other than the beach balls! The organ music is a classic tradition and one of the things that is great about going to Dodger stadium.

I don’t go often enough to be a trend setter but I did notice the last couple of times that there were many people that would be standing watching the beach balls while the game was going on.

I know in New York the fans in the right field bleachers will chant the players name until they acknowledge them with a tip of the cap. Then they move to the next player. Something like “Jaames Loney” clap clap clapclapclap “Jaames Loney” clap clap clapclapclap… and so on. After he acknowledges with a nod then move on to Kent and so on. Or the song YMCA when the grounds crew was draging the infield and they would do the YMCA motions. Or the Rocky theme during 7th inning stretch. These seemed to bring a tradition that I noticed when I was there and really pumped up the crowd and brought the crowd into the game and the focus on the game and what was going on in the field.

The second thought was I lived in New York when I was a youngin and the Yankees and Mets would have Old Timers Day. What a blast it was! All the greats would come out and they would play a mini game (3-4 innings) before the current Met’s or Yankees would play. It really helped bridge generations and was great watching your old favorites play. I went to the Futures Game last year here in San Francisco and afterward they had a Oldtimers/Celebrities softball game. That was okay but having it be without the celebrities and having it be baseball instead of softball. One of the best things about baseball is it’s history. McCourt wants to bring back tradition to the Dodgers and I think this would be a cool step.

On that note with it being less than a week from spring Training I think it is time to watch Field Of Dreams, Sandlot, The Natural, Bull Durham, The Babe, The Pride Of The Yankees, 61, any of Ken Burns Baseball Set, Major League, Hero, and The Rookie. Get some popcorn fire up the bbq and throw on some Dodger Dogs!!!

I will work on making my posts shorter. Sorry

If the 1>2 hour buss ride in florida hinders the evaluating the players .what about this year new manager and Vero, China Tiawan and arizona .by those coments no one will have a clue

EWK, I like your post from the previos thread. What about Laroche for Blanton straight up and then Pierre (And some of his contract)to the Sox for Crede. They got Swisher but he isn’t a true center fielder. Just an idea.

To be honest, i think we could get Blanton for much less, but then again we are dealing with what i am calling the “Dodger Price” this offseason— which is basically that any trade with the Dodgers will cost us way more than another team.
But I’d explore that deal, however i think Chavez and Crede are in pretty similar situation and Chavez is an all around better third baseman both offensively and defensively when healthy– WHEN HEALTHY. And we would need to make both of the trades like, on the same day just so all of us dodgers nuts wouldnt freak out….

It is true though that we really should be able to find an above average 5 spot pitcher from Schmidt, Loaiza, Kuo, maybe even McDonald out of camp… I have always been intrigued by Kuo’s stuff…. I’m sure any deal with Oakland will be around in the summer when we all have a better idea of talent, need, etc… If Laroche starts the year at third, i dont think its outside of the realm of possibility to hit .275, OB .375, slg .450– with 10 and 40 RBI…. Granted, the guy RARELY impressed me last year, but he has been such a good hitter his entire career i think he will inevitably succeed in the show— I love Bull Durham and Field of Dreams so so so so so so much….

I for one understand why the Dodgers are moving, but I do not like it. I will be going to spring training for the 1st time this year. I am sneaking away from work for a couple of days. I have been to 4 fantasy camps and really love the intimacy of Dodgertown. I am sure the new complex will be state of the art but it will not be able to replace the feel of Dodgertown. I hope you west coast fans enjoy it. Dodgertown will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope that they continue the Fantasy camp and I am able to go to Glendale.

Josh I hope I get to meet you in Dodgertown. Go Dodgers!!!!

PS I would not be opposed to a Blanton deal. I for one do not expect alot out of Schmidt or Loiaza. Lowe will be a free agent and do not want him back. Blanton is a young guy who is a workhouse. I would give up Ethier for him.

If Blanton were a southpaw, then I’d consider moving DY, Kuo and a middling prospect or two, but ewk is right, there’s the league price, then there’s the Dodger price. But adding another righty to an overloaded righty staff for a king’s ransom, then hoping you can flip JP for a third baseman is something only DePodesta (or the old Ned) would do. Not that Blanton wouldn’t make a nice #4, bumping Kuroda to 5, but trading E and LR to get him, though solving the “logjam” on paper, just creates more holes and “ifs” in what should be a pretty solid line-up.

Dodgers look like they’re resigning Sweeney…


Why don’t the Dodgers just admit it. The decision to leave Vero Beach was a financial one. It had nothing to do with the fans, or having time to evaluate players with a shorter bus ride to games.

Moving the organization across the country-LOTS OF MONEY OUT OF FRANKS WALLET

Selling the Vero Beach complex- MONEY IN TO FRANKS WALLET

Playing in a brand new sports compex in Glendale with NO money out of pocket- NO MONEY OUT OF FRANKS WALLET

For the fans who have not been to Vero Beach for ST, you will NEVER be able to understand just how special that place is. Glendale will NEVER be able to be as special.

Not only that, but the year you decide to leave, you short the fans by not even staying for the whole ST season.

Not classy at all.

In 1998 and 1999 I had the opportunity to travel from LA to Vero for Soring training, and I will NEVER forget it. I would rather only go once in my life time to Vero, then every single year to Glendale. There is NO history in Glendale, AZ. Nor will there EVER be.

Glendale will NEVER be that special. Ever.

Thanks Frank.


Westchester, Ca

It makes all the sence in the world for the Dodgers to move their spring training facility to Arizona. Personally, I regret never going to Vero Beach since it is closer to me. I have no one else to blame but myself. It is sad to read that some of the Brooklyn Dodgers will not make the trip during the fantasy camps. That said, I am closer to the team today, via computer than I have been in the last 50 years. Needless to say I’m against the trip but I will follow the Dodgers no matter what they do.

I agree. I makes perfect FINANCIAL sense.

I’ve been a die hard Dodger fan for over 40 years. The Dodgers used to be an organization who were proud of there history.

I guess history just cost too much now.

Thanks Frank.


Westchester, Ca

chessepuff guy

im sorry your an old fart now and probably cant move very well anymore…but for the YOUNGER hardcore fans, moving to glendale is the perfect thing to do! FORGET BROOKLYN!! that was over 50 years ago! Glendale WILL have history, unfornunately you wont be around to enjoy it. every other west coast team is in arizona, they should have moved their facility earlier as far as i think.

and just because something was special to you doesnt mean it will be for everyone else. i would have loved to go to vero, but glendale will be the NEW and BETTER dodger town!

your friend,


Fair warning this is long, but please bear with me. Besides, I haven’t really posted something personal in a long time so here we go.

I’m interested to see how much changes there are from this day forward in regards to the roster until Opening Day

Tentative 25 Man Roster heading into our last spring in Vero Beach (as of February 10th):

Pitchers: (11 or 12)

Beimel (L)

Billingsley (R)

Broxton (R)

Kuroda (R)

Loaiza (R)

Lowe (R)

Penny (R)

Proctor (R)

Saito (R)

Schmidt (R) (or if on DL leaves room for another right hander)

Seanez (R) (can be cut)

Plus one more left handed pitcher

If Schmidt can’t answer the bell for Opening Day, Seanez pretty much has a spot locked up. We do need a second left handed pitcher on the staff, especially with a five man right handed rotation, IMO. We’ll see what Torre and Ned decide, whether to go with 11 or 12 pitchers. The top 9 are 98.99% guaranteed to be with the team barring an injury.

Catchers: (2)

Bennett (R)

Martin (R)

Infielders: (7)

Abreu (S)

Furcal (S)

Nomar (R)

Kent (R)

LaRoche (R)

Loney (L)

Sweeney (L)

This is assuming LaRoche gets the job, which is no guarantee. If LaRoche does not win the job, he could start in AAA and Ramon Martinez, Delwyn Young or Jason Repko could get a roster spot. Abreu should get a spot, unless Hu goes absolutely crazy in spring training. Even then my money is on Abreu to give Kent a day or two off a week.

Outfielders: (4)

Ethier (L)

Jones (R)

Kemp (R)

Pierre (L)

This situation is well documented and will undoubtedly be the most talked about issue for the entire year, until either Ethier or Pierre is traded. Or IF either is traded. Like I’ve said before this issue to me is the biggest decision for this organization to make. Two spots to me are EASY decisions, Jones in center, Kemp in right. You cannot platoon Ethier and Pierre because they are both left handed. You also cannot stump the growth of Kemp and Ethier AGAIN by having them platoon. Ethier, Jones, Kemp is the outfield a lot of people want to see, including yours truly. We’ll just see about that, I have no doubt Joe Torre will play the right players. My fear is it will take him until June to do it.

Pierre can no doubt disturb the pitching staff when on base and if he gets on base the way he does in the second half of the season he could be a great help to this team. But you’re asking him to play a position he has never played in his entire professional career and there’s in my opinion two men I’d play over Pierre in left field. Ethier and Delwyn Young.

Also, I most certainly would never start Pierre against a lefty this season. In the end it’s just not fair to him as a person, we need to find anyway possible to trade him. The Jones signing to me ended the Juan Pierre era for the Los Angeles Dodgers, we just need a team willing to take him off our hands. However, and this is very important, if he makes it to Opening Day and he’s a Dodger, I will cheer him for the name on his jersey. Regardless of how much I’d rather see somebody else wear it in his place.



45 year olds like me are the type of fans that REALLY put money in Franks pocket.

I’ve had season seats for over 15 years field level.

YOU do the math.

I understand what you are saying. I made my first trip to Vero Beach in 2005 and I will never forget the wonderful days I spent there. this year I felt I had to make the final trip there but I have friends that cancelled out because of the wacky schedule. I am also a season ticket holder at Dodger Stadium. -Emma

To throw my 2 cents in (like I don’t already), baseball IS a business and has been for the last 30 years ever since free agency, increasingly dumb ownerships throwing out money hand over fist for mediocre talent, a way to strong a players union, expansion, and unbelievable TV revenues. Unfortunately, little things like traditions get lost along the wayside, which is why we have an owner from Boston hiring ex-Giant employees and players without having the remotest clue that there’s a century old rivalry there.

From a neutral vantage point, I’ve never been to Vero, and though I’ll only live a handful of hours from Glendale, I’ll never go there either, but the move makes sense to me – leaving an antiquated facility on the opposite coast from where your fan base is in favor of a modern facility closer to your fans and at stadium which will probably hold more of them. Will they build anykind of tradition there? – might have to check back on that in 25-30 years. Doesn’t make it any happier for the ones who loved Vero and its history though, and I agree shortchanging the last ST there in favor of China was bush league… but it is business.

alex – only one I’d swap out on your 25 right now is Abreu for DY. DY’s out of options and I think they send Abreu to Vegas as insurance in case Kent goes down. Think you’re right = first month I think they go with 11 pitchers, and if Schmidt can’t go I think Kuo makes the roster.

Curious resigning Sweeney as it bumps someone off the roster that should be there. Might Ned be setting up to make a move? Top candidates to go:

1. Young

2. JP

3. Ethier

What’s everyone’s opinion?'s-worst

Cool article. No surprise that Pierre makes the list as the worst LF in baseball. LOL

However, it is funny to see 3 Giants on the list.

Anyone with half a brain would eat most of Pierre’s contract and ship him out for the good of the team.

Here’s another laugher. That’s what he implied before 07 also. What a phoney.

I also understand why the Dodgers are moving from Vero Beach to Arizona even if I don’t like it emotionally. I really does make good (dollars and) “sense”. This move has been a long time coming although I read in one of the articles that Peter O’Malley never would make such a move.

I have had the good fortune to attend one game at Vero during Spring Training when Mike Piazza was a rookie. I happened to be attending a conference in Orlando and took an extra day to drive down to Dodgertown. It is a neat place. I also have been to a Dodger fantasy camp there as well and it was an experience of a lifetime. Everything you read about fantasy camp and Dodgertown is true.

However, it is time for a new tradition. I agree that it would have been nice for the Dodgers to spend as much time in Vero this year and I don’t like the China trip at all even if all the players will not make the trip. I have been to China and it takes some time to get over the traveling.

Anyway, it is exciting that Spring training and the season are not far away. Why not lay off Pierre until things have a chance to unfold during the Spring and then pick it up from there?

Alex-your post is a good call and well worded.

Enchanted-Your correct that DY is out of options (I also believe Kuo is as well).

That is why I was thinking on the computer keys about ways to trade Pierre. For the Dodgers getting rid of Pierre is addition by subtraction. He is a good player for a team that needs his skills. The Dodgers don’t need his skills. We have speed at the top with Furcal.

If Furcal bats 1 and Pierre bats 2, Furcal doesn’t get a chance to steal as Pierre is a free swinger and is up there hacking away. Also Pierre hits many ground balls that he can beat out coming out of the left side of the box, but these are hard to beat out if your on first and trying to go to second, causing force outs and at times double plays (Which I saw happen more than a few times last year). So it actually slows down the speed game.

Ibirken-I’m not banging on Pierre, I’m just brainstorming with other Dodger fans about the team. There aren’t many Dodger fans where I live that I can talk Dodger ball with, so it’s fun to have this as an outlet. I try to not be negative, but just to converse with others.

Cheesepuffs-Hang in there. Sometimes things change that we don’t like such as the mighty dollar taking over baseball, but in the end, remember it’s baseball! There is something special about the smell of a leather glove, the pop of a ball into it, the crack of the bat, the green of the grass, the cheer from the crowd, and the taste of a dog!!! It just is right…

they better have dodger dogs at the colisium game!

I love Dodger Dogs as much as (or more than) the next guy, but I don’t think they came into being until Dodger Stadium opened. I don’t know what they had at the Coliseum, but that’s what I want for that game.

Should be fun.

Alex and Jungar both had good posts about the roster and the OF situation. I don’t have much more to add (which is rare for me). Ultimately, there is not much more to do but wait and see. Whatever decisions Torre makes are likely not to be surprising (even if they are ones we disagree with), and even the bad decisions are not too bad.

This should be a good spring and a very good year. Last year’s “collapse” reminded a lot of people about the 1973 Dodgers collapse. It was too bad–but 1973 led to 1974-1981 (or even 1982). This could be the beginning.

I think JP should be the one to go. I’d like to see Ethier get his shot. I also agree with Alex. I’ve also said it before, JP works hard and is a good team mate, so if he is out in left field, give him your support.

Think 90% of us are in agreement that JP’s should be the one to go, but will he be?

Just thinking out loud, but its an odd resigning [Sweeney] that I think may signal another move (though Sweeney’s contract may not be guaranteed.) As it sits you’ve got JP and Ethier that bat lefty as does Sweeney – why another lefty off the bench when Ethier’s proven he’s capable of PH? (if you assume JP’s in left.)

Say Ethier’s in left. Makes a little more sense because JP has no power off the bench when you’re down 2 or 3. Doesn’t leave much room for DY to get any opportunities.

IMO one of the three is out the door. DY’s the logical choice. JPs the popular choice. Ethier’s the most valuable choice.

I could be totally wrong with this and Ned’s just feathering his nest. Just with all these signings – Martinez (idiodic), Seanez (solid) and Sweeney (doesn’t make sense… yet), he’s not leaving much maneuvering room on the roster.

I think its pretty funny…. I was chastized last year while stating that we should have more vetrans than rookies… but now all this talk of getting rid of Ethier because we have Andruw Jones… and most everyone is ok with it… just makes me laugh… and another thing… I think it’s quite ironic that the A’s want Ethier back after dumping him for Milton Bradley straight up…

just my thoughts…

Jhall, that’s the OTHER Sweeney, Mike.

Mark Sweeney, is still on his way to L.A. Both stories broke at around the same time.

Oops!! My bad.

Let’s get one thing straight:

The Dodgers are going nowhere in a hurry if JP somehow gets the starting nod in LF.

Jones makes JP expendable, not Ethier. Of course anyone makes him expendable as well. And besides, the Dodgers have plenty of pitching depth and infield depth so trading Ethier is not necessary.

Dump JP to anyone for anything .

It’s like trading Kwame Brown. Addition by subtraction.

It would be awesome if we could get through Spring Training without people whining about our pitching.

Penny/Billingsley/Lowe/Kuroda/Schmidt or Loaiza

This is the rotation. Period. If the #5 spot needs to be changed, a young pitcher will step in.

I’d rather have Kwame playing left than JP.

jspelk: EUREKA!

momoracci: I agree!

Scott, jspelk, momaracci.
I totally agree.

If the A’s wanted Ethier bad enough, they could have him. Like maybe Chevez for LaRoche and Ethier.

R.F. from Westchester (cheesepuffs…):

As a Dodger fan who can also date his fandom to the (very) late 60s, allow me the counterargument that your rant against the move from Vero Beach sounds a bit like Brooklynites bemoaning da Bums move westward. If I change the nouns in one of paragraphs, I get this:


In 1956 and 1957 I had the opportunity to travel to Brooklyn for regular-season games, and I will NEVER forget it. I would rather only go once in my life time to Ebbets Field, then every single year to Los Angeles. There is NO history in Los Angeles, CA. Nor will there EVER be.

Los Angeles will NEVER be that special. Ever.

Thanks Walt.


The Dodgers made history by taking calculated chances, e.g. Jackie Robinson, moving to L.A. Yes, this move is probably good for the financial bottom line, but as long as the McCourts are putting that money into worthwhile payroll investments and stadium improvements, I’m for good financial decisions.

Finally, in all my years as a Dodger fan, I *never* considered a trip to Vero Beach – too much cost to justify it, too much time investment to allow for it – but Arizona is far more accessible and I will be there.

Eric Chavez is owed at least $37 million more, but has been barely above a league-average hitter (AL) for the last three seasons. Billy Beane would love to be rid of that contract. Just say no Dodger fans.

Joe Crede is simply ridiculous, having been a below league-average hitter all but one of his full seasons. Dodgers fans would grow to dislike him immensely, especially if LaRoche became a stud elsewhere, a la Paul Konerko.

Joe Blanton reminds me of 1970s Angel Dave Frost – big right-hander that you’d expect to throw hard, but doesn’t strike people out. Blanton may go on to have a better career than Frost, but I see him as 4th-5th starter material at best, and don’t the Dodgers already have enough of those.

Lastly, it is clear that Beane wants only players whose major-league clock isn’t ticking yet (rules out Ethier) and disposable one-year vets he can dump after this season (like Foulke and Mike Sweeney). If talks between the A’s and Dodgers were serious, I’d expect Beane to ask about LaRoche, Hu, the young pitchers and younger position prospects.

P.S. I should say that I see the Blanton/A’s – Dodgers rumor as the idle speculation of a bored sportswriter and as nothing very serious.

ST is a time for hope, so let me dream for awhile that Sweeney’s arrival means Ethier’s in left and JPs on his way to Chicago or Minnesota or Timbuktu…

As far as I’m concerned, we’re even with Oakland. We stuck them with Bradley, Beane stuck us with Loaiza.

I just don’t get Ned’s stocking up with marginal ballplayers if he isn’t planning on umloading someone.

Re: Move to AZ

I’m thinking about taking my boy to AZ now. I love seeing Vero on TV as much as anybody, but that’s pretty much it for me – TV. The chances of me ever going to FLA were a million to one.

It’s great to remember Dodgertown, but AZ makes sense.

Juan Pierre

Anyone here believe that JP is one of our 3 best outfielders?

I’m a fair person. Let’s see a valid argument in his favor.

Oh, scott, please – you KNOW what an old and tired subject that is! Do you really want to keep beating that dead horse until it is glue?? Here dead horse, here – WHACK. 😉

Old fogey, I know you’re no ***** by rightly denouncing Chavez and Crede for the average stiffs they are, but articles and projected lineups keep coming with JP right in the mix.

Why are these writers so lame?

**** = mor0n

Oh, scott, please – you KNOW what an old and tired subject that is! Do you really want to keep beating that dead horse until it is glue?? Here dead horse, here – WHACK. 😉
Posted by: | February 11, 2008 01:32 PM


If Ethier wasn’t a clearly better left fielder than Pierre we would not be as vehement for his departure or role as a bench player. I can live with him as a 4th or 5th outfielder, but not our starting LF when there is a much better option right before my eyes. For that matter, I would rather see DYoung starting in left before Pierre.

Pitching and Defense win championships. Pierre provides neither.

I understand and see the logic of the move to Arizona and I am deeply saddened by it. Vero Beach is and has been truly unique. I am very happy and thankful that I got to spend 12 springs there over the years. I feel sorry for fans that did not get to experience it. Fortunately, they will not know what they missed. It is an important part of Dodger history that I as a 45 year Dodger fan am glad I got to be a part of.

Momoracci to say we have enough pitching and stop whining about it…lets look at it. We have Penny who is our number one but does not always pitch like one, especially in the 2nd half of the season. He will throw 100 pitches in 5 innings not exactly a Brandon Web or Dan Haren. Lowe is an innings eater but posted over a 5.00 era in the 2nd half. Billingsley will be a stud by all indications. Kuroda we hope will be the reincarnation of 95 Nomo. Loiza is not the answer and Schmidt we hope will be 90% of his old self. I know what Conte said in the paper the other day but he is the same person who assured us that nothing was wrong when we signed him.

Yes we have Kershaw and Mcdonald in the wings but to ask 2 kids who have limited exposure at AA is alot. So I do not think anyone was whining, just stating if we can get a 27/28 year old who has pitched 200 plus innings 2 out of the last 3 years it is worth looking into.

Blanton is still under control for 2-3 more years and is still young and a big boy who is still maturing. look at his stats.

2005 Oakland Athletics 12 12 3.53 33 33 2 0 0 0 201.1 178 86 79 23 5 67 116

2006 Oakland Athletics 16 12 4.82 32 31 1 1 0 0 194.1 241 111 104 17 5 58 107

2007 Oakland Athletics 14 10 3.95 34 34 3 1 0 0 230.0 240 106 101 16 4 40 140

Not too shabby, my biggest concern is the walks. And I for one am a big Ethier fan and sometimes we have to give something up to give some value…This is my take and I agree pitching is a key to a championship and you can never have too much.

There has been much more whining about Pierre and I am not saying it is not justified but…..Lets focus on the positive 2 days to ST….

old fogey – that was PIYP funny!!

scott – what say you and I try and get JP a position at Taco Lita. Oh ****, probably couldn’t sling fastfood any better than he can a baseball…

What would we do if we didn’t have JP? Then all we’d have to talk about is what a dumb signing Martinez and Bennett are… And Loaiza, and T.Martin, and Chan Ho, and Koplove, and Myers, and Sturtze, and…

If weren’t stuck with Pierre, we would be talking about the 3rd base battle between LaRoche and Nomore.
Pierre is a hemorroid. Everything else can be just fine, but that pain, itching, and burning in your anus spoils it.

Pitching and Defense win championships. Pierre provides neither.

Posted by: | February 11, 2008 02:00 PM

Tell that to Dave Roberts… didn’t he steal 3rd and then score on a sac fly to help the Red Sox beat the Yankees and put them in the World Series in 04?

Pierre gives you speed aon the basepaths… everyone knows the only gold glove he’ll win is in a video game.

Thanks jhall.

What an a-h0le Gonzo is. Veteran leadership!!

Why would someone like Hanley Ramirez give a **** about what a phony like Gonzo has to say.

“Uh, gee Gonzo, I’m more talented at 24 than you ever were even on roids. Thanks for the advice on how to hit into inning ending double plays and pop-ups.”

jhall – guess that’s why the Marlin’s president isn’t named Brainfest… Long Gone will have about the calming influence gasoline has on fire when he doesn’t get his “deserved” playing time.

Roberts actually hit it over the wall once or twice…

**** my day job gets in the way sometimes – jhall – I just about spewed on that last one. Probably wasn’t that funny but the shock value rated a 9.5.

Pitching and defense got the Sox to the point where the SB made a difference. Also, he came off the bench to steal that base. I have much less of a problem with Pierre as a reserve outfielder and pinch runner. And furthermore, Dave Roberts is a much better outfielder than Pierre. We should have signed Roberts or Lofton for a year instead of Pierre to that moronic contract. Every GM in baseball must have laughed their ***** off.

Dave Roberts also did that as A ROLE PLAYER for the Sox (only 19 starts in his 45 regular-season games), and I’m sure you know he did that as a pinch-runner.

And it was second base he stole, scoring on Bill Mueller’s single to tie game 4 against Mariano Rivera.

If the Dodgers can afford the roster position, I’m all for Juan Pierre as the situational pinch-runner and very occasional starting CF when Andruw Jones needs a day off.

And Hendry will certainly be an inspiration to the pitching staff.

Good points jhall.

C’mon Old Fogey, change the subject!

Come to think of it, Nomore was just about as big of a dirty rag as Pierre last year.

JP can also teach the young guys how to wear their hats crooked in the early innings of games.

LOL Scott.

Guess he doesn’t realize how goofy it makes him look..

Nomore gets a free pass right now because no one has stepped up at 3rd yet and we are rid of him after this year. Also, he contributed greatly to our 06 success. LaRoche can take care of it in ST and I hope he does.

Nomar can still be a useful, albeit expensive, bench player, though he is a pretty bad looking corner infielder, which is somewhat surprising for an ex-MLB SS. That first-ball hacking can work as a PH against closers who are going right after hitters.

Touché Scott.

All in good fun Fogey

How about this:

If Schmidt comes back and takes the 5 spot, what happens wwith ol’ Esteban? Long relief? Yuck! Eat the Salary?

I would like to see the players wear their socks like in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Mid calf with stirrups and sani’s. And every player on the team the same.
Not a big deal but it did look classy and it was uniquely baseball.

Good point Fogey.

Eat most of the salary and trade Esteban (and his crummy guitars) to Florida where he can sit with Gonzo and Hendrickson and yell at the kids to get off their lawn and to stop moving the clubhouse trashcan.

Weren’t the 50s and early 60s low stirrups and the 70s (maybe only the last half) high stirrups?

I’m not a big fan of the baggy slacks look. I hope that goes out of style before I die.

Stirrups/Sani’s = thumbs up

Though I grew up with the stirrups stretched as far as possible. Is Maddux the only hold out from that era?

Reunite Pierre with the Marlins as another veteran leader.

For what it is worth, yes Pierre has his weaknesses but he has been a major league ballplayer for 7 plus years with a World championship that if I remember correctly he had a game winning hit. Is he perfect no but are any of you at what you do or are you all the best at everything. There are men alot smarter and have been doing this a long time that have seen something in him for him to be an everyday ballplayer for 7 plus years.

It is amazing that most us played at the high school or some college and we have the audacity to rip a guy who hustles and plays hard and never complains and has a lifetime average of 301 in 4778 at bats. I guarantee you none of us would get 1 hit out of 100 at bats against a real Ml pitcher. He has 4 200 plus hit seasons and and a 5th with 196 hits.

Get a grip people he is not the worst player of all time he is a ML ballplayer that does not fit all our wants.

Could be Fogey. Seem to recall Koufax and Drysdale in mid calf style.

He will be the worst ML left fielder of all time.

People are ripping on Gonzo because he now says he wants to help the kids in Fla. I’m not mad at Gonzo. Last year Ned and Grittle promised him that he would be the everyday left fielder. I was never for the Gonzo signing because I thought his best years were well behind him , and they are, but it’s not his fault entirely because he was promised things that never should have been promised. Remember Ned wanted to give him 2 years and Gonzo said no only 1 year. I guess he didn’t trust Ned or Grittle either. If Pierre starts over Either or Young this team will not live up to it’s potential. Pierre if he has to stay should be just what he is, a pinch runner.

2003 was five years ago, and that and 2004 are Pierre’s best seasons ever. He did drive in the go-ahead runs in the 5th inning of Game 1 in the 2003 WS. And he had a good series (7-21, 2 doubles, FIVE walks[!])

No, he is not the worst player of all time – and I don’t think anyone has posted that lately on this blog – but he is overpaid and he has for THREE straight seasons put up below league-average OBPs, which is pretty damning for a purported leadoff (or #2) hitter.

really old fogey thats funny 2 responses up he will be the worst left fielder of all time. It has been a recurring theme and I have been critical of Pierre but enough is enough and all I commented on is that he is not the worst player of all time and never said anyone had, but that is how he is talked about.

The Dodgers have had alot worse players and he is a servicable ML player. Like him or hate him he is a Dodger and until he is no longer I will support as much as possible and criticize him when needed. Lets just see what happens in ST and let Mr. Torre decide if he is worthy of playing. If he decides he is it is good enough for me.

C’mon Shawn. The thing that makes Pierre bench worthy is his defense, mainly his arm. I bet most of us at least at that age could hold runners to 1B.

Why not push for more complete players when they’re sitting right next to Pierre?

But this also isn’t 1950. It’s easy to find out now what a player’s real offensive worth is instead of being fooled by fool’s gold stats like total number of hits.

Ned called Gonzo “the bridge to Kemp”, yet offered him 2 years, $13 million. Gonzo took 1 year, $7.35 M instead. And he, in fact, WAS the starting LF for the first half of the season, until his bat cooled off.

Overpaid…why is that our concern…He and his agent were smart enough to ask and they got it. What about Schmidt I would be more upset, he was not healthy when he signed and no one rips him or Ned or Conte for that. At least Pierre plays his **** off every day.

The worst player of all time was probably not a left-fielder; they can usually hit! 😉 (I was typing my early post when that one went up – oops.)

If LA had had a *stud* LF bat (think Manny, or perhaps what Ryan Braun might be this year), and if JP was still capable of .360 or better OBPs (the last three seasons say he is not), then I wouldn’t complain about his noodle-arm in CF and the Dodgers wouldn’t have needed to sign Andruw Jones. For me, it’s not JP’s defense that kills me, it’s the below-average OBP and the insistence of managers batting him 1 or 2.

Say what you want Scott, he has consistently done it..Fools gold all 45 mil baby….All I am saying, I would rather have Ethier in LF, is that it is getting old to read this everyday and I love to talk about the Dodgers and will continue to read it but after a while lets focus on something else.

Do you think Joe Torre will play him if he does not give him the best opportunity to win? I would hope Joe will not. He does not have loyalty to any of these players. He will determine what is best and I have faith in him. Now grady not a chance.

Overpaid is our concern as fans because the payroll is not unlimited and we want to see the Dodgers be able to pay and keep the really good players we want to see.

There’s been plenty of ripping of Schmidt, Conte and Ned on this and other blogs. When the contract was agreed to, Ned was generally praised for limiting it to “only” three years because of the injury risks of pitchers. I’m willing to keep a small shred of belief that Schmidt was healthy when signed (he passed his physical [just like Schilling did this year]) and that he got hurt later, maybe getting ready for Spring Training, or during ST.

I’d play my posterior off every day too, but you wouldn’t to see me in the lineup every day.

Pierre is good at what he does, and that’s try and steal bases, nothing more and nothing less. That’s the problem. Only 1 GM was dumb enough to offer him 5 years. I don’t hold it against Pierre for taking the money, anyone in his situation would. The problem is he’s not a left fielder and barely a centerfielder. It would serve everyones best interest if he could be moved to another team that needs his special skill.

Do you think Joe Torre will play him if he does not give him the best opportunity to win? I would hope Joe will not. He does not have loyalty to any of these players. He will determine what is best and I have faith in him. Now grady not a chance.

Posted by: SHAWN | February 11, 2008 03:38 PM


Joe Torre gave Yankee newcomer Tony Womack 351 PAs, including 55 starts in the outfield (!), while he stinking it up at the plate. But I, too, will hope for the best, because hope is the best part of Spring Training.

I think Joe might play him because of that stupid consecutive game streak. If that happens he’s putting the player ahead of the team aqnd that should never happen. We’ll have to wait and see what Joe does.


45 mil is Ned’s fault, not JP’s, so good for JP.

It is getting old. That’s why I hope he doesn’t start.

If he does start, it’s politics and nothing else.

Defense doesn’t matter as long as it’s Manny or Reggie or someone that is REALLY producing with the bat. Watching guys take the extra base on JP so often lat year really wore me out.

Why do you think the Giants would not offer him a contract after he had been their ace for so long but go out and give Zito 126 mil…I maybe reading too much into it, but if I were the giants and could get my ace for 3 more years I would do it unless I knew his shoulder, which put him on the DL once or twice in 06 was worse than was being reported. I think the Dodgers were duped and in my opinion the 48 mil for Schmidt will be worse than Pierre. I hope I am proven wrong. I know for a fact he never had velocity when he got to camp last year, they said he was barely breaking 82-83. Minor leaguers were hitting him like he was Bombko.

Overpaid is not our concern, they have the money and will have it by the time Pierres contract runs out. It will be time to talk to the martins, Loneys, etc….sans Pierres money.

Pierre’s only legitimate role on the Dodgers is as a reserve outfielder and pinch runner. The only reason he is even considered as a starter in left is because Ned screwed up royaly and doesn’t want to admit it(although he did when he signed Jones). If Pierre was not making 9M a year, he would not even be mentioned as possibly starting in LF.

Brett Butler had an awful arm too, but his OBP was around .400, and he was an ok CF otherwise, so that would be acceptable (except he got caught stealing much too much). If JP is a .330 OBP LF with no power, that is not acceptable to me as a fan.

scott me too…I was not happy and screamed at the TV but I am going into 08 with a fresh attitude and do not want to think of negatives. Old Fogey no retort on the Womack debacle Torre endured..what were his other options at the time?

Again I would be happy if I woke up tomorrow and Pierre was traded, but lets loosen up and enjoy the best part of the year, pitchers and catchers report.

Old Fogey will you stop beating a dead horse and leave poor JP alone!

Let’s see if Josh can get us talking about something else tomorrow. Otherwise…

Tomorrow’s topic: Ramon Martinez

Right on SHAWN. Let’s get ST going!

I wouldn’t use the Giants as a basis of comparison for anyone’s judgment; they do inexplicable and foolish things (like the Zito contract) all the time. What a lousy team all around. Of course we’ll never know when Schmidt really got hurt, or how he passed his physical.

Overpaid IS our concern, the money is NOT infinite and should not be wasted. (The Dodgers DO, however, have enough money to make up for some mistakes, therefore they can take a few more risks.) The time to talk contract with Martin is now or at the end of this season, buy out his arbitration years and perhaps a year or two of FA, just like the Twins did with Mauer. Loney and Kemp’s timetable is about a year after that. At least there are several big contracts that end in the next two years.

scott: but I need the glue! I got lots of things that need sticking together!

SHAWN: The Yankees OF was Matsui, Sheffield and Bernie. Williams was starting to show his age though, and had an 85 OPS+, but that was still better then Womack, who I guess was really the “bridge to Cano” who took over 2B on May 3 and finish 2nd in ROY voting with a 106 OPS+. I think Womack played to satisfy a Torre speed fetish; he did steal 27 of 32, and most of the rest of the Yanks were plodders (next best was ARod, 21 of 27).

ALL THAT SAID – I am looking forward to Spring Training where all hope springs eternal, where the grass is green and the winning is Dodger Blue!

OK I get it now. JP = Trigger.

I hope it isn’t important who goes to China with Joe Torre and who doesn’t. It seems to me that he should get a look at everybody at the same time since this is his first spring training with them. It’s hard to believe after 60 years this could be the last time the Dodgers are associated with Vero Beach. I for one will miss them playing all those games against my home town Mets. My daughter and I use to think it was great that their camps were so close to each other. Well I guess you in L.A. will have it easier to go to ST when they get to Glendale AZ. It seems like another part of Brooklyn is being taken away. Nothing has changed me yet,though AND NOTHING EVER WILL.

Checked Chavez’ numbers and cringed. For some reason I thought he was doing better than that. Maybe Sal Bando instead.

i created a new blog. check it out and please leave a comment.


i created a new blog. check it out and please leave a comment.

Wow! I get home from work and passion is exploding about the Dodgers. I’m sorry if I brought up past debates. I really was just trying to get some conversation regarding potential trades or moves for the team we love!

As far as Blanton, you can never have enough pitching. Last year everyone thought we had to much pitching and look what happened.

We do have a solid top 4 but we are all pretty much not sure what Schmidt and Loaiza will give us. I’m more upbeat about Loaiza being better than he was last year. I’ve had some surgery in the past and I do play sports and it took me a couple of years before I felt comfortable again. There is some mental aspect with that as well. I’m only a weekender, but I would imagine even for a pro this is the case. Hopefully for them this only takes about a year and maybe we’ll be surprised by him.

Schmidt I’m not optimistic about.

Regarding Crede, I don’t think he is “ridiculus” at all. He isn’t the best player in the world, but he is decent in the field and he improved the last 3 seasons in pretty much every offensive stat other than last year due to injury.

2004 21 HR 69 RBI .299 OBP .418 SLG .239 BA

2005 22 HR 62 RBI .303 OBP .454 SLG .252 BA

2006 30 HR 94 RBI .323 OBP .506 SLG .283 BA

Does anyone else know of who would be a good trade partner for the Dodgers? Anyone need an outfielder and have a situation with their pitching staff that the Dodgers have with their outfield?

I know most trades are stalled until about a week into ST but I’m trying to get some ideas flowing between all of us. It’s a fun and exciting time of year! Only 2 days to ST–Woo Hoo!!

Yeah, look what happened last year when we had “too much pitching” — Billingsley got put in the pen. You want that to happen again?

Last year was last year. Every season is a different one. The team isn’t in the same situation as it was last year with a pitcher like Billingsley.

That was a bummer, but the Dodgers have a new leader now who hopefully won’t make the same mistake. Billingsley should of started and everyone on this blog knew it from the start.

Blanton isn’t Tomko or Hendrickson. If you pick up someone like Blanton you can trade Loaiza and let Schmidt take his time rehabbing. Basically they both become expendable and there aren’t question marks with the staff.

After this season we probably loose Lowe and Penny. I know our Farm system has some good young arms, but they are young.

My hope is also with Kuo. It would be nice to have him as a starter. We could use a lefty starting and he is out of options. He just is unreliable due to his injuries.

Then the only pressing issue (Because at this time I don’t think our starting pitching is yet complete) would be the outfield situation and who wins the 3rd base job.

I believe we’ve Penny through ’09, so no worries there.

Blanton would be a great 4th or 5th starter, but the cost would be too high in prospects. Depending on if we resign Furcal, I believe we free up close to $40M at the end of the season, maybe more if they find a place for Trigger, even if they do eat a big fat portion of his contract. Lotta room there for a FA starter if needed in ’09. In the meantime (speaking of dead horses), I think we ride the Schmidt/Loaiza/Kuo pony in the 5 spot until they drop, even if you only get 5-10 starts from each one. You get anymore than 70 innings out of any one of them and you’re OK til help arrives in the form of McDonald/Kershaw or via mid-season trade.

My take on that is that Ned must have some confidence that one of the three will bounce back. Otherwise he’d have resigned Hendy or Bombko, or really pursued an ill-advised trade.

Switching gears, since Torre’s already had the talk with Nomar about being the supersub, I think LR pretty much has to hit .200 or less this spring to play himself off of 3B. I just hope they let him go even when he struggles DURING the season. I’d be happy if he put up a Cey-type first year of .245 15 80. That’s a lot more production than they’ve been getting from 3rd.

Bullpen appears solid on the back end. Middle releivers are a dime a dozen and are pretty much interchangeable.

Outfield dead horse is dead horse dead horse hopefully going dead horse to straignten itself dead horse out in ST.

Still think Sweeney’s signing is odd given the current roster.

i enjoy everyones comments on the matter…but just to switch up the JP argument a bit… Lets just say he starts the majority of the time and puts up roughly the same numbers as last year, same lousy defense, though having slightly less impact coming from LF. Are we really going to tolerate 3 more seasons AFTER 2008 of that? Maybe theres no plan to get rid of him this year—hoping for some kind of miracle in which he plays decently— But after that, what is the plan? Are we going to ride out this ENTIRE contract, in which he’s likely to decline (as he’s been doing for years) rather than improve? Interested to hear your thought on what the future holds.

The 5th spot in a starting rotation just isn’t something to worry about. Unfortunately, I see it so much that it’s just plain annoying.

The top 4 (Penny, Bills, Lowe, Kuroda) will be really good. I mean REALLY good. Kuroda’s arsenal in particular will baffle hitters this year. Penny is an ace. Bills is one of the brightest young pitchers in the game. And Lowe is a workhorse. With that kind of quality, it’s just not worth the effort to concoct elaborate trades that will end up costing us too much (short term and long term).

Blanton is a good pitcher but I wouldn’t and it’s pretty clear the dodgers wouldn’t, trade LaRoche (or Hu) right now. The unsaid has been said, it’s time for Andy to pick up the torch and run with it. LaRoche is and has been our top positional prospect. Rated higher than Kemp, Martin, Loney etc..If Hu can have another solid year in triple A…and if deadhorse is gone, we would have a solid young team in 09. Jones will only be 31 and the old guy, other than pitchers. Exciting stuff.

The Sweeney signing is one of “Those things that make you go hmm”. I know Ned has brought on many non-roster invitees. It could be that with all the travel and split squad in ST they will need extra bodies.

Jungar, your correct…It is exciting stuff! I can’t wait to start seeing the pictures roll in of Vero Beach and all the Dodger blue!!

This is going to be a fun time to be a Dodger fan.

It’s insurance. If he is able to trade Ethier or Pierre..Otherwise one of them would be lefty pinch hitter along with Young I gather…

Sweeney is a pinch hitter deluxe. He is not to take anyones job. He is to bolster the bench and can play 1st base in a pinch.

Remember guys, no Olmedo this year, so that’s a roster spot open for Sweeney.

I’d forgotten that Brady Clark actually made the team out of ST last year. I think this year’s team is much stronger going in to ST.










Nomar (Righty PH)



Sweeney (Lefty PH)













That’s 25.

Am I missing someone?

I assume that Repko, Young & JP will not all make the team one way the other.

I like Ethier over Young in LF based on his overall game. Everyone knows my opinions on JP…

Hey Scott – only one I see – Rudy Seanez, so no room for Meloan et al., and unless Schmidt/Loaiza starts the year on the DL, no Kuo or Brazoban either (not on your list.)

Isn’t this Ramon Martinez day?

thanks enchanted

I knew I’d forget some.

I see Kuo as SP backup and not bullpen material. Brazoban – who knows if this guy will ever be any good again.






Fighting for 2 spots?:









lol enchanted

No way Ramon Martinez makes this team unless Abreu hurts his stomach again.

Was that Ramon Martinez the pitcher we had last year? – hit like him.

Don’t be surprised if he’s on the team though – I think they send Abreu down to keep him sharp in Vegas in case Kent goes down.

Hey Scott, you might know – they still have Trigger up there in Apple Valley? Good thing Roy went before Dale or he might’ve stuffed her too.

Kuo is out of options and he won’t make it through waivers, so either he makes the 25-player roster or he will be with some other club.

Don’t know about Trigger…lol

I kind of like Kuo, wouldn’t mind him over Esteban.

I think Kuo would really have to shine in ST to get a spot. He shows any signs of a lingering injury and I think he gets cut, not that there won’t be a few teams willing to take a chance on him.

No matter how he progesses, Schmidt is highly likely to start on the DL or, at best, with extended spring training / minor league rehab starts. I imagine the season starts with either Loaiza or Kuo as the 5th starter. Brazoban has an option left and will probably have to demonstrate his healthiness in the minors. Greg Miller needs to show regained control in the minors. Meloan seems highly likely to be in AAA, either for seasoning or because he wants to be a starter again.

So does that leave the bullpen battle for two spots to:


Seanez (unless his arm dies)

Martin/Myers (not likely both)

I wouldn’t mind Trigger (either one of them) over Esteban…

If Kuo “shows any signs of a lingering injury”, I think you see this transaction:

LA Dodgers – Placed Hong-Chi Kuo on the 15-day disabled list, sore shoulder.

The union doesn’t allow the cutting of injured players.

Has Loaiza thrown at all this winter? Any reports? Any reports on Kuo?

I meant “Also, the union …” – it was intended as an aside. If I’m right that Kuo can’t clear waivers, why wouldn’t the Dodgers DL him at the slightest sign of injury?

On Kuo, I’m thinking more lost velocity, different mechanics than I am direct injury. Anything direct and you’re right – definately DL him.

You’re probably right old fogey.

Torre is probably going to go with vets in the pen at the start unless one of them really shines in ST and the vets stink it up.

I don’t mind having vets in the pen. None of the call-ups last year showed anything dramatic to where a little more seasoning in the minors wouldn’t hurt. Ned sure has invited just about everyone including the kitchen sink to ST though.

Yep, Chan Ho Park should be a treat to watch…

You need a lot of bodies at ST, and you need some fringe guys to fill out minor league rosters. Everyone brings in a lot of NRIs.

I hope Ned has some one assigned to monitoring the White Sox ST camp in Arizona closely to see if they really do have a major-league CF on their roster or not. If not…. well, a fellow can dream, can’t he?

Quantity and not quality as they say…

I smell glue!!!

I think we need to all go over to a White Sox blog and talk up the merits of Juan Pierre.

“Man, I wish we could get Pierre from the Dodgers. He such an awesome base stealer and I hear he’s a great clubhouse guy too.”

Just a thought…

THIS has to be the year before the D’s move in with the Sox in ’09 and they actually get to see him everyday… I say go for it Scott.

Then the Dodgers could dress up JP in a White Sox uniform while he’s asleep and just drop him off next door…One year to late!

scott, you’re hilarious!

“Yeah, Juan Pierre – he’s what Jerry Owens wishes he could be. We haven’t had a sparkplug like that since Scott Posednik’s good year, which is why we won the World Series! Get on it Kenny and Ozzie!”

Winter grade: B

The Jones signing was an excellent case of buying low, and Kuroda’s contract is a good gamble given the price of MLB free agent starting pitchers. Better still, the Dodgers avoided making another bad trade, retaining all of their young talent.

Job battle to track: There are four outfielders for three spots, and it’s excruciatingly clear to anyone familiar with baseball who ranks fourth among them. However, the likelihood that the Dodgers relegate Juan Pierre to a bench role is nil. Every PA he takes from Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier is a mistake.

One move to make: Trading Pierre for whatever he’ll bring back, even if it means eating $10-15 million. Pierre would actually be a decent extra outfielder; it’s just not likely that the Dodgers would do that, or that he would be all that happy in the role. Having Pierre around just increases the chance that he’ll take time away from better players. There are people who don’t like it when we say players aren’t good, and saying this about a known nice guy like Pierre tends to fire up the opponents of performance analysis. Playing him regularly on a corner is just baseball malpractice, however, and the Dodgers have to avoid that temptation.

Ned Colletti has squandered a fair amount of Logan White’s work in his time as the Dodgers’ GM, but he avoided doing so this winter. Thanks to that, he heads into the spring with his best team, and with the best chance of having that team play.

There remains the need to push Pierre and Nomar Garciaparra into supporting roles, the latter so that OBP machine Andy LaRoche can take over at third base.

The “right” Dodger lineup can win 94 games and the division. How Joe Torre apportions playing time in a situation not dissimilar to the 1996 Yankees will determine whether the Dodgers fulfill their potential.

another quick question—how come we we don’t know which minor leaguers have been invited to camp (those not on the 40 man)? or was it already and announced?

awesome jungar!


Can we forward that to Ned and Joe and better yest, Frank?

Awesome post jungar!

If eating only $10-15 mil of his contract would do it., that saves $15-20 in my book, so why not get a couple of low minors prospects and use the money later? There fellow dead horsemen – a perfect solution: Economic sense; Baseball sense; and Fairness to the Player sense.

The signing of Mark Sweeney makes the Dodger have a very little turnover. Maybe Saenz just had a bad year and we should give him another shot. One thing about Sweeney he doesn’t seem to be threathening anybody elses job.

A friend of mine that knows I am big Dodger fan called me to tell me that tonight on FSN there is a Dodger special titled “Dodgers Insiders” from 8:p.m to 10.p.m. pct. I sure hope this is true. -emma(aka crzblue)

I just read that link by Sheehan*Junger*. Same old trade Pierre montra. The guy I see most likely to get traded right now is Ethier. You know darn well he would be a better prize. If he knew he could be a starter anywhere I think he’d be very happy.

Sweet article Jungar. We’re not the only ones who can see the light.

Good idea Scott. LOL

The likely 25:

1 penny

2 billingsley

3 lowe

4 kuroda

5 loaiza

6 saito

7 broxton

8 biemel

9 proctor

10 schmidt

11 seanez

12 T. martin

13 R. martin

14 loney

15 kent

16 furcal

17 garciaparra

18 jones

19 kemp

20 pierre

21 bennett

22 abreau

23 sweeney

24 ethier

25 laroche

That means no room for Young or Repko on the team unless they go with eleven pitchers. If that is so then Colletti better get someone at least 1/2 decent for young as he has real talent!!!!

T. Martin won’t make the team unless someone is kicked off the 40-man roster.

Out of those 27 players..I guess Repko, Martin and Schmidt won’t make the team out of Spring.

sorry didnt see your list close enough…Kuo will make the team which will bump Sweeney off.

Somehow, some way, Sweeney and Repko will be on the Opening Day roster. They didn’t sign these guys to cut them. Sweeney will be the #1 pinch hitter. And if Pierre is taking D. Young’s spot, you might see a late Spring Training trade–finally–barring any Dodger injuries…and hoping some other desperate team DOES lose a starting outfielder to injury.

Repko has minor league options, so he’s most likely headed to Triple-A.

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