Wonderful Wednesday

Super Tuesday was followed by a wonderful Wednesday and from the comments posted yesterday, it seems that those who came to the various stops on the caravan enjoyed themselves.

I really thought the Panda Inn event was a great way for fans to meet their favorite players in an up-close-and-personal setting and hope that we can do more events like this in the future.

Our offices are crazy busy this week preparing for Spring Training, as many of us leave on Tuesday for Vero Beach.

Hope to post again over the weekend…


It’s a nice warm & sunny day in SoCal and along with the Caravan, I think we’re all feeling it – the arrival of pitchers and catchers reporting with Spring Training right around the corner!

Hi Josh, it was nice meeting you yesterday. Thanks for letting us meet the players at Dodger Stadium.


Kung Hey Fat Choy everyone! Happy New Year! Year of the Rat! Hope this is our year!

Yes, is a beautiful day here in SoCal. I went to lunch to Portos Bakery in Burbank. Love the chicken empanadas, the potato balls and the desserts. Yum. Josh: Have you been there? to the original in Glendale or Burbank. -Emma

Emma’s post makes me wish I lived a little closer to Burbank. We have a good Mexican restaurant here in our little town in Utah, but we don’t have the variety available in So Cal.
We used to go to Cinco de Mayo in Harbor City. That was my favorite.

Here’s hoping Ethier gets the majority of the time in left field, which would mean he is having a good year. I still like Pierre and think he’s an asset, but maybe not as an everyday player.

It will be spring training before you can say “Jackie Robinson”. I was thinking of Lowe, Penny, Billingsley Kuroda and either Loaiza or Schmidt. If these guys can bring us as deep as possible into the 6th inning as often as possible before giving the ball to Seanez or Proctor etc..we’ll be looking good. Of course a little offensive support would make the job much easier. I feel we still have the talent, speed & power in our veterans and the extra experience gained last season by Martin, Loney, Kemp, Laroche & Ethier will help an awful lot. I feel with the proper use & rest, our bullpen can do the job. Broxton has been through some wars already & Saito is one of the best. IMO we can catch & keep up with the Rox, D-backs & Pards, with an eye on my favorite sleeping Jint dogs. ***That was a nice article about Don Zimmer by Mark Langill>>>>LET’S GO YA’BUMS

I love Mark Langill’s articles! I got to check out his book, but right now I am reading “Crazy 08”. Very good book if anyone wants to check it out. Is about the 2008, oops!, 1908! -Emma(crzblue).

p.s. knouffbrock, Coming back from Portos, my co-worker and I got a little lost trying to find a shortcut so we got a little tour of Burbank. But we did ask which way to the freeway. Somehow we ended up close to the Zoo. Hopefully I won’t get lost in Florida.


Do you know how to access the Dodgers’ highlights from 2004? That was a great season and I have enjoyed rewatching Beltre’s home runs against Smoltz and Cruz in LA’s 3-2 win, the 18-pitch at bat by Cora, Izturis’ dive and flip in San Diego, and of course, Finley’s walk-off. Currently, the archives of the highlights page go back to ’05. Thanks.

yea i would also like to see if there is a way to axcess the 2004 highlights and maybe even before that. i love looking back on that stuff before the season starts.


I posted about 2 months ago and I appreciate the feedback you all gave me. I wish I lived down south so I could attend some of these functions, they look like a blast!! Maybe when I retire I’ll be able to!! It is a great way to start the year off. Roberto, I’m living vicariously through your photo’s so please continue to add them!!

Being in Northern California the Giants have their Fan Fest this Saturday…Oh and I won’t be attending.

I’m really excited about the season. I think most of the moves I had hoped for in the offseason took place. There is one left that can still happen, but I don’t want to open that can of worms. I just hope it all works out in Spring Training.

On that note my wife and I are going for the first time and we are PUMPED!!! Do any of you vets of Vero Beach have any suggestions? Where to eat, what not to miss, etc…?

Go Blue!!!

Somebody tell Ken Gurnick that LaRoche’s spectacular defense and solid OBP last year don’t constitute a “flop.”

And the #2 Dodger prospect according to Baseball America should be listed under “Prospects to Watch.”

I hate supposedly unbiased writers with obvious agendas.

Thank you dcollins…

In reading “Dodgers Spring Training quick hits” this morning, I was very disappointed in seeing the projected line-up with Juan Pierre in it. I know that it is only a “projected” line-up and Joe Torre has said that all positions are open, I just get the feeling that management does not want to end up with egg on their face on the Pierre signing. Juan Pierre will start in left and Ethier will be the 4th outfielder. JP will also get some time in right when Kemp sits and i’m sure that on the day that Andruw Jones gets a rest, JP will be in center. Ned Coletti will not allow Pierre and his big fat stupid contract to sit behind Kemp and Ethier and that’s a real shame. For the last 2 years we’ve heard nothing but how important the youth movement is in L.A. Because of this numerous trades have not been made, some that could have helped the team out immensely, but yet all of that is just talk, blah,blah,blah, when it comes to Juan Pierre. Mr. Coletti can have Pierre play everyday until he breaks Cal Ripkens record for all I care, but in the end he still has egg on his face for this signing. Go Blue and here’s hoping Joe Torre does the right thing.

Roberto: I miss meeting you. i was at stadium in the morning, Panda at 1:p.m. then we headed to Universal.

Hey, I am in the Caravan pix. the second set of pix, first one next to karros!

One of my friends that I will be meeting with at Vero said her camper is ready and the campground reserved! She and her hubby are driving from St. Louis (I met them at OLOCR). Two more friends are flying from St. louis (they are Card’s fans that I met when I went to St Louis), another one from San Diego (Linda is a big Dodger fan), and one from 90 miles from Vero Beach that’s a Brave’s fan. We told her she must see Vero Beach. is going to be blast. I’ll miss them at the Card’s Dodger game at Vero on Friday 3/7, but I’ll meet up with them at Jupiter for the rematch. Can’t wait!

Dcollins: when are you going to be there? I love meeting big Baseball fans. I’ve only been to Vero one time. I had a good pizza at this little place that ironically was from Brooklyn. Other than that, I don’t remember where else I ate, but I am asking a friend that lives there that I will be meeting for the first time but we post on another forum. -emma(crzblue)

Man, this latest column by Gurnick just proves he has his head completely up his ****. I’d like to know how he came up with his projected lineup.

What a hack.

Hurry up Spring Training!

Hi Emma, did you have a Vero Beach hat ? I saw you, just didn’t know who you were. I just thought you were an employee or something! Like I said before, there was no fans, just me and my wife and then later 2 guys came over. I thought it was just 4 fans that were there. I’m also in that photo. You could barely see me. I’m in the back of Pepe Yniquez.

DCollins – I also live up in the Bay Area. I went to Vero a few years back, you will have a blast. We flew into Orlando and watch the Dodgers play he Braves at the Disney complex. Then drove down to Vero watched a few games there. The guy I went with is a big Mets fan so we also caught a few games in Port St. Lucie which is really close. Check it out if you have a chance.

Roberto you are my hero….do you have a job? If I lived in LA I would be there with you.

All this stressing out about Pierre. Torre is not a puppet and if Pierre is worthy he will play and if not he will sit. Lets focus on the positive until the 2nd or 3rd week of the season and if it is not fixed then let the b….ing begin.

5 days to pitchers and catchers. I hope Penny finally becomes a number one and can pitch more than 6 innings. Lowe hopefully his hip is healed and is the innings eater than he has been. The fifth spot in the rotation and the 2nd lefty worries me.

Go Dodgers!!!

Roberto, Yes! I had a Vero Beach hat! I spotted you after on the pix. i met those other two guys at the following event. One of them told me they had seen me in the morning. I am sure we will see each other at another event or at a game. Go Blue!

lol 🙂

yeah that’s cool Emma.

Does Gurnick WANT us to loose?

Hey everyone, its been a while since my last post… anyway, here’s my lineup as the team stands now.














5.Schmidt assuming he’s good to go… Loiaza if not.

CL Saito

SU Big bad John

RH Proctor

LH Beimal

Gurnick is simply an ignorant P.O.S. Why he has a job, I’ll never know.

Negativity abounds once again! Who cares what the “projected” starting lineup is? Gurnick didn’t make it up, he reported it! We’re told everyone has to win his job at spring training, and I believe that. If JP is starting on opening day, then more power to him as he’ll have earned it by his performance, not his contract! We’re hardly scraping the bottom of the barrel for outfielders, and the competition can only make us better. I can’t wait for the games to begin.

while its true there will be “open” competition, i think it’s a bit naive to say that contracts don’t matter in decisions.

DD, Jones in the 5 spot– really? Not so sure about that one, considering he is the big power bat we need. Kemp is no clean up hitter and he probably never will be– definately more of a two or a 5. I want Jones squarely in the four spot where he has always done the most damage.
Also, in my eyes, at this stage in his career, Kent needs protection so he will get those fastballs that he can just hook into LF for doubles all day– not so sure Ethier will provide the kind of protection, say, a Russel MArtin would provide.

Which is why the ideal opening day lineup is:










Lets let Russ rack up rbi’s and not SB…. He will get plenty of both no matter what, but no doubt he is better suited to rake and not to run….

thats an interesting line up ewk. not bad. But I like Martin in the 2 hole because of his on-base abilities, not so much his speed. He’ll get on base more consistently than Kemp. Swap those two in the lineup and I’d be down for that.

dodgerdude17 is correct — Kemp is not a #2 hitter. He has burgeoning power and that is best suited lower in the order.

Did anybody read Sarah’s take? That Gal knows what she’s talking about. When the ’07 season ended we were all happy that Gonzo was saying good bye and even though we weren’t happy with Pierre, we were tickle pink that Andre would finally become our regular left fielder. But as Sarah states, “Colletti likes to collect outfielders” (Just thought of something:::Colletti the collecter). Well along came Andruw. Colletti had new found confidence in Kemp in right field and Ethier could play spectator. Torre’s got his hands full with Repko & Del Young waiting in the wings. NICE GOING SARAH.

Sarah’s article is good. It sounds like she is pretty much resigned to Pierre starting because of his large contract and consecutive game streak. I hope to God that will not be the case and Torre will start the player that earns the position with their performance on the field and not the payroll or some silly consecutive game streak.

What a great day. I went to my local Baseball Card shop and purchased a pack of Topps cards and pulled out a Russell Martin autograph card! I guess it helps as I couldn’t go to LA to attend the Caravans.

ewk–I also like the lineup and agree with d/dude. Maybe start the season with Martin #2 and Kemp #6.

Then after a few months switching the two. This is for a couple of reasons.

#1-I think Kemp probably will still want to impress and be a little free swinging in the early going (I know when I get a new Boss I want them to see my work and be impressed). Also with Kemps speed and Ethier batting lefty, he will be able to go 1st to 3rd a litle quicker.

#2-I love Martins hustle but if he is going to slow it down a little, #2 might wear on him if he is there the whole season.

It’s fun playing Manager, but Joe Torre I’m not!

On that note I’m sure Torre will be able to make better decisions and have better communication with the team than Little did.

My main concern with the coaching staff is with them mostly being new to the organization and the shorter spring training due to the travel to Arizona and Asia that it might get the Dodgers off to a slow start. My other concern is with Torre managing in the National League. No doubt he did a great job with the Yankees, but he didn’t do all that well with his National League teams and there is a different style to the 2. So this might take awhile for him to get acclimated to.

I’ve heard some people say Torre was lucky with being with the Yankees and they were a “bought” team. I’m not concerned with that at all as most of their core were rookies from their system. This is one reason why I think Torre is a great fit for the Dodgers. I see them as a mid 90’s Yankees when Torre first took over.

Dodger5 03: We will be in Vero Beach the 7th-12th. I got the 3 game mini plan.

Sorry this is so long I just don’t post often due to computer issues!!

Go Blue!!!!!

the dodgers and Joe Torre already know who is better. I really think they made it clear by signing Jones and keeping Kemp and Ethier. But I could be wrong. If I am right, they just won’t dis-recpect Juan because he is a good Man. He works hard and is a team player. Ready to play 162. Gave them what was expected last year (isn’t his fault Coletti is a ******* and over paid.) Good in the locker room and you know I can’t blame them for being diplomatic. If teams are families you don’t treat people like ****. But the same should be extended to Ethier. He works hard, plays hard and is younger..why should he sit..because he is paid less? Coletti was responsible for getting both guys so why assume he favors Pierre? If we win a championship without starting Pierre do u think anyone is gonna say, yeah but you signed Pierre but didn’t play him! It don’t count!!! LOL One way or another we are paying Ethier and Pierre a combined 8 million 330k for 08. I don’t really think that 50 ABs in spring training when most players are working on things in order to get ready for the season and many times versus players who will never make the bigs will win or loose them a job or not. Plus you know we don’t even know if Pierre can adjust to lf, Ethier is a LF and a good one. (If both players werent in or close to thier prime and established I would say differently, such in the case of Nomar and LaRoche) Now, maybe, just maybe right now they think Pierre is better. It’s possible I guess…

My take is the dodgers are tryin to trade Pierre to a team where he can start in CF. That most likely can’t happen till the end of spring when injury may happen or prospects on other teams not cutting it. Or possibly a teams leadoff man getting hurt no matter what position. . That’s their promise to Juan I bet and why he and his agent talked with Ned.. If that won’t work he will be our starting LF until he can be traded, unless Ethier is traded first for say injury help (knock on wood) or more pitching..

I really don’t think it is fair to Ethier or Pierre at this point in their career to have them platoon.

Nostalgic article in the L.A. Daily News about the last Fantasy Baseball Camp at Vero.
http://www.dailynews.com/news/ci_8219544?source=rv -Emma

4 days till Pitchers and Catchers report!

20 days till Spring Training!

28 days till I arrive at Vero!


49 days till our Dodgers Opening Day!!


Nice post jungar – I hope you’re right.

My question is, why don’t we ever hear of Pierre doing any strength training to possibly improve his weak arm? If I (and maybe a lot of others on this blog) hear that, we’d not be so quick to jump all over the guy. I mean, contact hitter, speed… I can deal with that vs. Ethier in the 2-slot. But day in and day out in LF with his 10th man softball arm, and we’ve got a full blown blog revolt.

How many Sp’s do we need? I hope this article is false.

The Denver Post reports that the Athletics want Andre Ethier, Andy LaRoche and a prospect from the Dodgers in exchange for Joe Blanton.

Billy Beane is really working the “best available arm” angle to drive up Blanton’s price, but it’s doubtful the Dodgers would give up both Ethier and LaRoche for him.

scurtis – think this is just what it is – a rumor – I wouldn’t put too much stock in it. If anyone’s said anything in reality I’m sure its coming from Beane’s side to try and drive up Blanton’s price. Two position players for an SP, when by all indications, one’s your starting 3B for the next 5-6 years (don’t forget Nomar’s gone after this season even if he does play a fair amount at 3rd), plus the guy who could be your starting LFer doesn’t make sense for someone who’d be a back of the rotation starter.

Also doesn’t make sense without knowing what you’ve got for sure with Schmidt and Loaiza until we get into ST. Conte didn’t report any setbacks when he saw Schmidt throw off the mound the other day, and they expect Schmitty to be throwing off a mound in ST. Even zero from them and you still have McDonald, Stults, Kershaw, et al. whom could step in without giving up anything.

Last year many of us read about the Mike Marshall Academy of Kinetics and Pitching down in Florida. While it’s not embraced by MLB, Rudy Seanez is one individual who went through that. Whatever his other shortcomings, Rudy at his age can still throw the ball in the 90’s. Why not invest and send Pierre down there and see what different mechanics may do for his throwing arm? If that is his one and overpowering weakness, what’s to lose in evaluating how he goes about his throwing motion, etc. to see if it can’t be improved.

Great idea Messagebear.
Pierre may work hard, but maybe not on the right things.

I’m surprised given last year’s performance in the OF, that management didn’t INSIST JP do something to improve his throwing arm.

Back to Blanton, two other things… look where the story came out of [Denver] – I’m sure they’d love to see the Ds make that deal; and Blanton’s right handed – just what the D’s don’t need any more of.

I also hope that trade with the A’s is a rumor. I like Blanton but that is to much. If they want Pierre instead of Ethier, then I might think about it. But I would only think about it because I would like to have 3rd base settled for years to come, instead of the rotating door it has been since Beltre left.

There has been talk up here that the A’s have had talks with the Giants about trading Chavez for Noah Lowry. If that happened then this would open a hole for the A’z at 3rd.

Jungar I also agree with your post. I’m not to concerned with Torre knowing who the better outfielder is for the Dodgers, but the decisions that follow with players such as R. Martinez, D. Young, J. Repko, T. Abreu, and so on. I really hope that he can see enough of them to make those decisions. I just really don’t want a player like Martinez to stay with the team and take the spot of a player like Abreu.

I think the Pierre situation will work itself out. I’m also hoping it is a spring training tryout for him for other teams that need a speeder leadoff hitter/center fielder.

Not at all a bad sentiment messagebear, but i think that a pitchers mechanics are probably compelely different, and much easier to change and improve upon, than a position player considering mound, wind-up, stretch, only need to throw 60 ft., etc…. THAT being said, Pierre should definately try to do something, ANYTHING to maybe improve his arm a fraction if at all— however, im sure he has tried his entire career and its just an impossibility at this point.

Interesting idea for Blanton. I really really really like the guy as a pitcher and no doubt he is a legit middle of the rotation guy. Good point by enchanted that the last thing we need is another RHP, but id still look into because i believe he is that good and is also very young.

If they want LaRoche, which no doubt they do, i’d look into making it a deal for Chavez and blanton— say , LaRoche and DY for them straight up. I doubt billyboy would take such a trade, but LaRoche needs to be looked at as nothing less than a grade A prospect.

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