The Coliseum…

For those who haven’t heard yet, we’re playing at game at the Coliseum on March 29 and earlier today, we did a walk-through (in the rain) so that we can get a sense of how it will all work from a media and broadcasting standpoint. All I can say is, this is going to be a really, really cool event and if you’re a Dodger fan and you’re in Los Angeles, you’d be crazy to miss it. Tickets will be as inexpensive as $1 for standing room only and it’s a game that I think is going to be talked about for years to come. Tickets go on sale Feb. 2, but you can sign up now to get the latest information about that game.

Speaking of tickets, some of you have inquired about tickets for the two "home games" that we’ll play in Arizona on March 20 and 22. Those will go on sale tomorrow on, so be sure to check that out, too.

For all you hockey fans, Tommy Lasorda will be the special guest of the Kings tonight when they host the Ducks at STAPLES Center at 7:30 p.m.

Tommy will drop the honorary puck prior to the game, and he will sit in the Kings TV broadcast booth the entire second period on FSN West with Bob Miller and Jim Fox.  In addition, he will be the guest on the “Kings Live” pre-game show, which begins at 7 p.m. and I think he might even be giving a pregame pep talk to the team.



    I may be the only one not excited by the game at the Coliseum. I attended games there as a kid and while it was exciting to see the Dodgers, the Coliseum is not a very good venue to see anything. I wonder who is paying (and how much) the cost to turn the field into a diamond for one game including the famous “Chinese Wall” in left field.

    In any event it is obvious this game has drawn a lot of interest and I hope those of you who do go have a great time.


    Well I am paying for tickets with my season tickets. Also I purchased 4 more for friends from the Booster club. -emma

    Good to see Tommy is OK, I thought that since he cancelled an event in San Diego on Thursday that he might not be feeling well. I still made the drive to San Diego and it took me 4 hours to come back. Tommy: You owe me!! I’ll see you in Vero. -Emma


    finally some info about the colliseum game, i signed up for the e-mails and was beginning to wonder when they were gonna release some more info, tommy in the booth with fox and miller? nice, i missed it though. I met Fox a few years ago, he a really cool guy.


    China , the Coliseum. Why do the Dodgers have to turn spring training into a circus? Why don’t they just stay put and work on the things that will make them a better team like all the other teams are doing?


    Fortunately with regards to China, the Madres are in the same boat.

    I agree though, not a good thing to be jetting around the planet when you’ve a new manager, old rifts, and new faces. Hard to iron all those things out when you don’t stay put. This trip would’ve made more sense if they’d have waited and done it once they moved their ST to AZ.

    Betcha Kent doen’t make the trip.

    Weird for Boston too – don’t they open the season in Japan with the A’s, then come back and play three exhibition games in L.A.?



    I hope Kent stays in Vero, I want to see him. i could not get out of a conference in Las Vegas so after the conference, I am taking the Red Eye to Orlando on 3/7. From Orlando I’ll drive to Jupiter in time for the game there with the Dodgers. I turned down free tickets to a show on Friday night in Vegas that I would have loved to attend but is not doable.

    Can’t wait for Spring to get here and this rain to go away. In the meantime, I am catching with my reading(basebll books mainly)


    enchantedsunset, hey Buddy, I certainly agree with you. This is a year, to focus on 08
    NOT to be storming all over the Globe. Joe T. and everyone else, have a lot of work to do shaping up this club, Not doing the GOODWILL

    thing. Joe T’s attention should not be interrupted and used to study the J.P. & 3rd Base situation…..


    Cant wait for the game at the Colliseum!!!!

    And the Kings game was awesome the WON the ***** (ducks) 3-1 and yes Jim Fox n Patrick O’Neil gave credit to Tommy for his speech he gave the players before the game n they were pumped up and showed what a good team they are and could be!!


    GO Dodgers, and Kings!


    All my friends that attended the WIN Women’s baseball clinic think that Kent is a great guy and I agree with them. He is also great with the kids at the Kid’s clinics. We all have a great time on the field learning from our boys in Blue. Kent is the funniest. I highly recomend these clinics. I do hope we continue having the WIN events.


    Pitchers and Catchers report in 20 days! Wohoo! In the meantime, tomorrow I will be at Dodger Stadium changing my season tickets location.


    I thought I’d have nothing to say on this thread but I was thinking. Do you think the LA Dodgers would schedule a game at Keyspan Park in Coney Island on the 100th anniversay?

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