China, here we come…

It’s official. We’ll be leaving for Beijing, China on March 11 with about half the team while the other half plays for about a week in Vero Beach. Then both teams will meet up in Arizona for the final six games of Spring Training, starting on March 20 before heading back to Los Angeles.

And in case you missed it, here’s the transcript from Ned Colletti’s web chat yesterday.



    Thanatos: When will you sign Russell Martin to a long-term deal?
    Colletti: We explored this possibility early in the offseason and the agent declined.


    I guess Martin and his agent want to wait until next year when Russell has arbitration as leverage and after he (we all hope) has another good year, driving up his value. Colletti is doing the right thing in initiating this type of discussion.

    [Tulowitzki just finalized a contract that guarantees him $31M over the next six years (if the seventh year is bought out – $44M if the team exercises that last year option).]


    Everyone that I know that’s been to Beijing says to bring the gas masks; the air pollution is terrible. But the cultural experience should be great. Take the young players; they’ll recover from the jet lag faster, and the long plane ride will just kill Old Man Kent’s joints.


    My biggest concern about this trip is Torre not seeing half the team for a week. Let’s hope those players fighting for starting jobs are on the flight.

  4. Roberto

    I don’t have a concern about that. I’m sure Torre will have Larry Bowa as acting manager for the Vero Beach games and inform him what’s going. If not Bowa, then someone else. I don’t think all the coaches will be going to China.


    If the Dodgers were smart they’d stay in Vero for all of the spring and work on the things that will make the team better. Traveling to China won’t


    Hello Josh — I am concerned that I am seeing Dodger tickets listed for 3/29 at the Coliseum on StubHub but no where else. Is someone getting access to purchase these already? I haven’t seen an official announcement anywhere.

    ps – I DID send the e-mail to “let the Dodgers know I was interested in buying them”.



    I don’t think this was the right year to go to China. We have a new manager, new coaches and alot of new personell. The week you lose from the spring from this can only hurt. I hope Torre can get a good fell for the players in 3 weeks(instead of 4)


    Will the group going to China leave before or after the game against the Marlins on March 11? I sure hope it’s after, as I bought the Vero three-pack (March 9, 11, and 12).


    As far as China goes, all I can say is I would like to see MLB played all over the world with a post season featuring the best teams, ending in a “TRUE” World Series. I’ll never see that in my lifetime, but I think it would be great.*******As far as Russell Martin goes, baring a major injury, I think it IS in his best interest to wait a while before he signs a long term contract.****On that Class A managerial post, I’d like to see a former Dodger get hired.*******A positve thing I got from that Colletti Chat is that we do have speed to go along with our power or more so our promised power. Joe Torre will have to use this speed properly, that is, in the right place and or the right time, but I wonder about the planning that brings two lefthanded hitting left fielders together. Another positive I find is that Garciaparra would take a back seat so that LaRoach could get another shot. Nomar ready to play anywhere is another positive. I think if our starters could (average) 5 innings our bullpen with the proper rest (IF THEY CAN GET IT) could carry us to the post season. With that said, I hope our offense can give a lot more support, than it has.


    slik, those tickets on Stub Hub are from season ticket holders as I believe this game is a part of the season ticket package.


    Pierre brings this whole team down by his presence. If he were not there, we would start Ethier, Jones, and Kemp. DYoung would get a legitamet shot as the 4th outfielder along with Repko. DYoung can become a good left fielder because of his bat. He will field as well as or better than Pierre and hit much better.

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