The Proctor in in…

Another player signed, as the team avoided arbitration and signed Scott Proctor today, leaving only Joe Beimel to finish up among those eligible for arbitration.

Speaking of Proctor, I know a lot of you who read this blog are on the East Coast so here’s a cool opportunity to meet Scott, Joe Torre, Johnny Damon and others. Scott is hosting a Celebrity Ball on Feb. 1 in Florida, with the proceeds benefitting kids on the Treasure Coast (near Vero Beach) who have educational, medical, or financial needs. You can read more about it in this article that ran a few weeks ago. It’s always very cool when our players set up their own charitable events and this is one of them.

Otherwise, not much to report on a lazy Sunday morning. Football is in the air for just a little while longer and everyone knows what that means…Spring Training is around the corner.



    I follow the Mets & Yankees everyday in the Daily News(N.Y.). I wasn’t too happy when Betemit was traded to the Yankees for Proctor. I thought it was a bad deal for the Dodgers. I always liked Betemit, I thought he would be our third baseman. Proctor was having a bad time with the Yankees just before the trade, so things looked bad. But I have to say that I think Proctor did a very good job for us in ’07, and I’m looking forward to seeing him this year working under his old manager Joe Torre. I hope he does better for Joe than he did last season. GO DODGERS

  2. SHAWN

    Proctor is a workhorse…we have Proctor, Saito, Broxton, Beimel and who else in the pen. Maybe Meloan as the long guy? We need another lefty out there. Solid pen if not spectacular. 28 days or so until the best time of the year is here.


    Dang it jhall, it just keeps getting better and better!!

    If the D’s do deal JP, even eating 2/3 of his contract frees up another $10M or so. All that loot could bring in a pretty quality stick or arm if/when needed.

    Posted by: | January 20, 2008 09:48 AM

    Yep, we can certainly afford to eat alot of Pierre’s contract. Hopefully we can unload him at the trade deadline to some desperate team.


    I know alot of you seem to like the younger guys, but I don’t know if Melonan is ready to withstand a full major league season. I think bringing back Seanez for another year would make our ‘pen one of the best in the NL!


    I read someplace recently that Meloan was going to be converted back to a starting pitcher, which he was originally in his minor league career.


    That is correct bear, and i agree with you completely swood about needing seanez– not so much that Meloan might not be ready….


    I see its bombs away in KC – Royals signed Bombko. Can you imagine his starts against the Yanks or Sox?

    I’d like the Ds to resign Seanez. No ones saying he’s the closer or set-up man – he’s an inning eater and gamer who’ll save a lot of other arms in the pen with some quality innings. Important this year because unlike last, the offense I think is much more capable of mounting comebacks when they’re down, so keeping the game from getting outta hand will matter.

    mbear – I read too that Meloan is going to convert back to a starter. IMO, he also didn’t show much when he was called up last year. I’m all for the kids, but having another veteran in the pen would make more sense.


    Seanez would be a good signing.

    I also saw Tomko is headed for KC and thought bombs-away. I saw one game all last year. Made plans in advance, got good seats, got over to Denver and it’s Tomko’s turn to pitch.


    He gave up two dingers before we had barely sat down. He looks as though he has good stuff, but obviously he can’t locate.


    Seanez did ok for us last year, but I’m betting at his age he might have given us his last good year already. No guarantees there.

    If you happen to be in the KC area and you like seeing home runs, you’re in luck because Brett Tomko is coming to town!


    Yeah, I have a feeling ol’ Brett’s going to get a sore neck or whiplash from all the balls that he’ll be watchin’ flying out on him. Legs will probably be in good shape though from all the running backing up the plate on throws from the OF.

    Well anyway, good luck to him (except against the D’s!)


    Rudy Seanez lives here in El Centro, Ca and I see him around at various events. He and his wife Diana own the local Coldstones and Rudy likes to work in the back room preparing things. Real nice and delighful guy very very low key. Haven’t talked to him in a while but according to a mutual friend, the Dodgers made an offer but it was a minor league contract. Based on what he did last year he felt he should not have to go through that again. He will either sign with Dodgers, Padres or D’Backs or retire because he likes to be close to home and comes home after the Sunday games with no game till Tuesday.


    Its funny, here when I said I thought we should resign Seanez most of you agreed, but in the dodgers toaster blog when I posted that I was deemed to know nothing about baseball. LOL!


    I would bet Seanez will be forced to retire… 3 and a half weeks until pitchers and catchers report. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

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