Getting a workout…

We’re all staying really busy these days, which is why I haven’t posted daily. Today we opened up the Player Development Winter Workouts to the media and there should be plenty of stories, but the main bits of news were:

– Jason Schmidt has been throwing off a mound lightly and is doing well. We still won’t know where he’ll be come Vero, but there is definite optimism.

– Andy LaRoche and Nomar Garciaparra will head to spring neck-and-neck for the third base job. Ned said that Andy would more than likely have to play himself off the team and that he’s at the point in his development that Kemp and Loney were at this time last year.

– Ned said he’d leave the lineups up to Torre, but when Jon Weisman from Variety/Dodger Thoughts asked if it is possible that on Opening Day, the outfield could be Jones, Kemp and Ethier, Ned said that it wouldn’t be out of the question.

Coverage is all over, including at and dodgerthoughts, while several of the newspapers will have stories in them tomorrow. 

Overall, it was nice to feel like it was baseball season again. After the workouts, I accompanied Ned to the KABC/ESPN Radio studios, where he went in-studio for an hour with Steve Mason and you can hear that interview at their podcast page. A couple fans called in and asked questions of Ned, and you can do the same during a live chat on Tuesday at 2 p.m.

Tomorrow, the workouts will be open again and we’re expecting Joe Torre will be there, so be on the lookout for more Dodger coverage around the same time as it showed up on the site today.



    I can’t wait until spring training starts, think we will have a very good team. Thank you Ned for not making trades, and very hopeful that La Roche will be our starting 3rd baseman. Protect the prospests has come to term, they are our future, with the minors still very full of more prospects waiting to join our young players in L.A. Please let us hear Play Ball soon. I also hope that some how d. young makes this Dodger team, Bring on the future.


    i say this because i totally disagree with what SWOOD posted on the last blog. sorry but i think that you are way off…and not just with the reds, who are at least in the top 8 talented teams in the NL, if not higher.

    JR. RF

    Jay Bruce. CF(rookie-stud)

    Dunn LF

    Joey V. 1B (rookie -stud)

    Brandon Phillips 2b

    Alex Gonzo. SS

    Edwin Encarnacion 3B (stud)

    David Ross C

    and in 2006 they had one of the best pitching staffs in baseball. they were rocked with injuries in 07 but with a healthy Bronson Arroyo and Aaron Harang…they could be dangerous


    Everyone should listen to the ESPN radio interview with MR. COLLETTI. Say what you will about this guy, and no doubt we have ALL said plenty, but he has the right perspective and gives me a good feeling that he wont do anything blatantly stupid. The guy clearly loves the kids, and has respect for them as people and players– which is what i think the philosophy should be. He is not a shortsighted GM, which i personally like although i understand the win now attitude of others.

    I just like the way he talks about baseball, talent, decision making, the youth movement and its potential to make us great for a long time. It’s really a must listen with some great Qand A.

    I will leave you with the most exciting thing i heard in the interview which i know many here will appreciate:

    Steve Mason is discussing the issue of having 4 capable outfielders to which Ned replied: “You can take any of our outfielders and the chances of them playing 162 games are slim.” slam dunk, 360 reverse windmill style.





    I will leave you with the most exciting thing i heard in the interview which i know many here will appreciate:
    Steve Mason is discussing the issue of having 4 capable outfielders to which Ned replied: “You can take any of our outfielders and the chances of them playing 162 games are slim.” slam dunk, 360 reverse windmill style.

    Posted by: | January 17, 2008 02:14 AM

    I agree Ewk, this is an encouraging statement. Kind of puts it out there that Pierre’s consecutive games played streak will not influence who starts and plays. I am more optimistic now that Ned and Torre will play the guys who earn it with there performance. If that happens to be Pierre, then so be it. However, I think on a level playing field, Ethier will outperform Pierre and should get the starting left field assignment. Also, having LaRoche and Nomar battle for 3rd should be exciting and push each other to perform better.


    Buster Olney has an insider article on about NL West pitching – any insiders around here that want to share its main points *coughorcopyandpasteitherecough*?


    Its not all that interesting—just skimmed it. Just naming all the NLWest rotations (though somehow he fails to mention Bills, who never gets credit for being as good as he is) and how it will be a dogfight this summer. Nothing new. Wolf is throwing well (gulp) and Prior should be ready by June.


    I like the quote by Ned Colletti, where he say’s that Pierre and Ethier will battle for LF and that the final decision will come down to Joe Torre. This is great news for all of us Pierre Haters, that JP may be riding the pine. Already this season is off to a terrific start. Let’s go Dodgers!!!


    I posted this on the last thread but I don’t think anyone saw it:

    Here is how I see the NL’s most TALENTED(not necessarilly who I think will finish with the best record) right now:

    1. Dbacks

    2. Mets

    3. Rox

    4. Dodgers

    5. Cubs

    6. Phills

    7. Madres

    8. Brewers

    9. Braves

    10. Cardinals

    11. Gnats

    12. Astros

    13. Nationals

    14. Marlins

    15. Pirates

    16. Reds

    Now this probably won’t be where the teams end up because of the unbalanced talent in the divisions. IT’s just my take on talent level going into ST…


    agreed ewk. I have been as hard as anyone on Ned, but I am encouraged. very encouraged. it’s like he is finally getting it. i simply and always have wanted us to play our best players and when in doubt go with the younger guy who can improve then an older guy who will decline..


    Bill, I’m sorry my friend but I will have to respectfully disagree with you about the Reds. The reason I put them as the worst team in the NL isn’t at all because of there offense(Bruce and Votto are ready to break out, however I don’t really think Edwin Encarnacion is a stud…) but because of their pitching. The Reds will probably have the worst bullpen AGAIN in the majors when you consider the subtraction of every day eddie it could be one of the worst ‘pens we’ve seen in years. Also they have a VERY shaky rotation after Harang and Arroyo. They will score runs, but I don’t think their pitching staff(with the exception of Harang) will stop, or even slow down anyone.


    To Bill 1234.***First, I was wondering why you thought we would like your comments above but then I saw Swood’s standings***oH OH **I see.


    I don’t know if all these decisions to “stay teh coarse” with the kids have been Neds or McCourts. I’m not quite ready to jump on the Ned bandwagon quite yet. I bet if both Nomar and LaRoche get off to a slow start he’ll have another “Loaiza pickup” playing third.


    Joe Pierre, I tried to join Dodger Toaster blog but it won’t let me. Theres something on my computer blocking me from signing in there… =(


    Did anyone hear how Selig’s contract as commisioner was extended through ’12?!! What a joke. Throught this whole mess, Selig’s tried to stay above the steroid matter. It’s like he wants to be Moses, leading the MLB masses out of the Steroid Era.

    Just one problem. He is the guy who got the MLB into the Steroid Era. It seems to me that if he truly wants what’s best for the game, he’d go with his original plan to exit in ’09, and get a new commish with a clean slate.

    Better to leave a year early than a year late, especially with this cloud hanging over his head.


    and to clarify after that… um, impassioned comment I made, I don’t think Selig is singlehandedly responsible for the steroid era. Yet, he is/was the person in charge during most of this era, and it would be naive to think he didn’t have knowledge of what was going on in the clubhouses (or overlook the fact that the bulked up McGwire/Sosa home run chase put fans back in the seats after the strike, but we all know that).


    Swood, if you e-mail Jon, he will help u get loged in…there is a link on the right side of the page saying, e-mail jon

    I know this will draw flack because he is currently a Padre…but from hearing interviews, Sandy Alderson would make a good commisioner


    the topics in the comments are a bit different. Not all baseball. Likewise no one will say a thing if you talk about the Reds..not that a blame Scott for giving you a hard time cause yeah who cares about the Reds.


    Perhaps my comments are a little skewed because I didn’t hear the whole interview, but the part I did hear moved Ned one step back in my book. Although that still leaves him several steps forward for this off-season.

    The thing I didn’t like about the Ned-Steve Mason interview was Ned’s continued focus on the rookie mistakes made towards the end of last year. Yes there were mistakes, but certainly not enough to merit any significant attention beyond the day that they happened, much less with Spring Training of the following season almost upon us. And if the “mistakes” include Matt Kemp running through some Rich Donnelly stop signs, I would lay most of the blame for that on Donnelly (author of this 2006 NLCS Game 1 disaster:

    R Martin Double Play: Single to RF; Kent out at Hm/RF-2B-C; Drew out at Hm/C; Martin to 2B)


    the internet is an amazing thing, I’ve met & shuck hands with Jon Weisman, I also won a contest here on ItD & sat with in a couple of feet of Luis Gonzalez & Rafael Furcal, how cool is that…


    Lowe went 4-7 down the stretch with an Era over 5

    Penny was 3-2 with era over 4

    Our clean up hitter had 20rbi in August AND September.


    From L.A Times:

    Pierre, 30, is competing for the two corner outfield positions with 23-year-old Matt Kemp and 25-year-old Andre Ethier. Kemp has spent most of the off-season working out in Arizona and said he has lost 25 pounds since the end of the last season. He was at Dodger Stadium on Thursday working out with a group of prospects who are wrapping up a two-week mini-camp.


    The thing I didn’t like about the Ned-Steve Mason interview was Ned’s continued focus on the rookie mistakes made towards the end of last year. Yes there were mistakes, but certainly not enough to merit any significant attention beyond the day that they happened, much less with Spring Training of the following season almost upon us. And if the “mistakes” include Matt Kemp running through some Rich Donnelly stop signs, I would lay most of the blame for that on Donnelly (author of this 2006 NLCS Game 1 disaster:
    R Martin Double Play: Single to RF; Kent out at Hm/RF-2B-C; Drew out at Hm/C; Martin to 2B)

    Posted by: | January 17, 2008 08:55 PM

    Yea, it is funny how when the rookies make mistakes it is magnified by the likes of Kent. As I recall, he made his share of baserunning blunders.


    Kent lives in a glass house and someone didn’t inform him he should not throw rocks. Oh wait, he hit a lot of homers 5 years ago and that gives him a “Get out of criticism card”.


    OK, but then why pretend like Kemp doesnt deserve any criticism either??? I thought we were talking about Ned here anyways…

    I mean, he did make a lot of really dumb baserunning errors, repeatedly. Thats the problem. He got picked off first base like 3 times and got doubled up on fly balls and stuff. He made a lot of mental errors– nothing wrong with what Ned said. Kemp has to learn, and the fact that he made so many of those mental mistakes in a relatively short period of time says to vets that he isnt all that concerned with the mental aspect of the game…


    Personally, I think Kemp should be put in right field and left there as an every day player.
    It is true, though, his base running was not the greatest, and if Ned is concerned it’s because it is part of his job.


    Granted Ewk, Kemp is a loose cannon. I look at those blunders as young hustle mistakes. Torre, Mattingly, and Bowa will be a terrific influence on him.


    I guess that points even further to the fact that the management and coaching last year was sub-par. I believe we have proven baseball people in the right positions to mentor these young players now.
    I think the young guys questioned the erratic leadership last year.

    Torre, Mattingly, and Bowa will make a huge impact on the developement of this club.


    I concur.

    I think Kent felt like he had to say something bc Grady probably NEVER chewed anyone out, for anything. God forbid a player not like him…..


    I think anyone going down to Vero Beach should cheer like crazy every time Ethier or Kemp bat and boo Pierre off the field so that Torre knows for sure who to start.


    I don’t like booing Dodger players, but the fact that ANY weight at all was given to Pierre’s consecutive game streak in Torre’s response yesterday is unnerving.

    From the LA Times:

    Pierre has played in 434 consecutive games, the longest active streak in the major leagues. Whether that will be a consideration when drawing up the lineup, Torre said, will depend on a combination of what’s best for the team and how much the streak means to Pierre.


    JP’s streak is nice but let’s face it, he’s not going to challenge Ripken’s record and ****, its not even with the same team, so no team records involved either. No, all it really proves is that he’s been healthy. I’m sure the streak is important to JP, I’d take pride in it too, but if he’s really a team guy it won’t be an issue. If it is, then he’s not the “character” guy of his image.

    Wish we could just get this thing underway and let everthing be settled between the lines…


    I’m very optimistic about the upcoming year, really, I am just anxious to get all of this stuff worked out asap so we can root this team on. I don’t want any politics about streaks or salary or any of that ****. Just play the most best players and give us Dodger fans what we deserve.


    honestly, if pierre has a problem with his streak being broken, he’s just as selfish as gonzo wanting his 2500 hits or whatever. I mean, isn’t it the rookies that are supposed to care about racking up stats and the vets that are supposed to care about winning?


    I am surprised that Pierre hasn’t requested/demanded to be traded. I think he has that right with his contract and length of major league service. I can’t see him being very happy in his current situation.


    Agree, jhall, but JP might be so myopic regarding his value that he thinks he can beat out Kemp or Ethier.


    Or look at it the other way. If JP publically demanded a trade, he would be admitting:

    1. That his value is solely as a CF, and/or

    2. That he is clearly 4th best amongst himself, Jones (obviously already a given), Kemp and Ethier

    Most ballplayers don’t, as they say, roll that way.

    For those of us that would like to see Pierre traded, the fact that the Braves traded a couple middling prospects for Mark Kotsay is a sign that Pierre does have trade value. He would still be an upgrade (!) for the White Sox – do you really think Nick Swisher is a CF?


    Man, I’m sorry, but Pierre is a pinch runner, or pinch hitter when you need a bunt base hit.

    I don’t see most teams having trouble fielding 3 better outfielders than JP and the Dodgers have 4 or 5 better options.

    JP has been fooling GM’s and fans with his SB, Hits, and .300 avg. for years. Almost like someone scoring 30 points in basketball but shooting 15-40 to get it.


    It’s funny that we can all see it, but 9M per yer from Ned’s huge boner covers the eyes of management.


    Much like all of Coletti’s aquisitions, Pierre was a good player, but that was in 2003 and 2004 not 2007 or 2008.


    Not to change the subject or anything but…Does anybody have an update on Seanez’s status with the club? He was an important part of the ‘pen last season and I hope we can bring him back.


    I had such a tough time trying to figure out where to type in my question during a CHAT. I finally figured it out the last time but it was too late for them to get it. Now that I know how I actually can’t think of a question for Colletti because I feel that I am totally in agreement with what he has done so far this off season. I did have a question but I see in today’s news that the Tiger’s have come to an agreement with Miguel Cabrera. This did not suprise me but there may have been a possibility that something could have been different. Well that’s over with. I hope I think of something, just for thrill of possibly getting an answer.


    I just wanted to tell SWOOD that I remember having trouble getting on the “Dodger Thoughts” forum also. Some of these blogs make it differcult. Keep trying. I’ve been waiting for an e-mail from the LA times for months that suppose to tell me how to confirm my registration. I would also like to say to JUNGER that I think Pierre is still a good player. He’s the same as he ever was. He has a lot of speed but never had power or an average MLB outfielder’s arm. If he was a righthanded fielding middle infielder he’d be an asset. That’s why the signing is such a puzzle to me. It’s tough on Torre because now he is stuck with the responsibility to straightening this thing out. And to JHALL: I think, MAYBE, if JP is treaded as just one of the outfielders, after the guys get back on the field, unlike the way Little traded him, he may not like it and possibly demand a trade.


    BTW SWOOD: In answer to your question on the previous thread. This first year of following the Dodgers online, has been to me like a REBIRTH. I feel like I entered a new world at the age of 69. I’m still learning and it has been so much fun. After 60 years of following this team and the roughest time was over the last 50 years, from a distance and I’m so glad I did, I can’t discribe it.


    Not that I don’t like Wrecko, because he’s a decent guy to have on your team when the train’s on-track but man, I wish I could miss a whole year and get a $100K or so raise! Surely no arbitrator would’ve awarded him what he was asking, so why compromise? Then they go to battle over Biemel and Proctor.

    Sorry, just had to vent – don’t get the inner workings or thinking of baseball finance.

    Wonder what they’ll do with the money that comes off the books after this season – no small chunk of change with Nomar, Kent and Lowe.


    I believe they will resign Lowe…well I hope they do at least. Kent will probably retire and I immagine Nomar will be gone somewhere else, probably the Madres or Gnats. So I heard the other day from a buddy that there are only two teams still in the race for Johan santana and that is the Dodgers and Mets, did anyone else hear this as well? I sure would hate giving up on Kemp but a rotation including Santana, Penny, Lowe, Bills and Kuroda is awfully tempting. 4 front line starters is hard to come by, all 4 could ERA in the 3 point something range.


    Santana could possibly be available as a free agent after this season. Take the Kent, Nomar, Lowe, and possibly Furcal money and sign him without giving up any prospects.


    I agree with you Ewk. I don’t like those long term high dollar deals. Especially for a pitcher. Can you say “Kevin Brown”.


    Is Mr. Wills still on the coaching staff? I remember something about who could dress down or be in the dugout or whatever last year? (or do I?)


    Thanks jhall – forgot about Furcal. There’s $40M or so freed-up for 2009.

    Lose Lowe and gain McDonald or Kershaw. Abreu for Kent. No-Mo-Mar. Only one I’m not sold on is Hu for Furcal, but it looks like the ’09 team may be even better than ’08, with $40M to fix any problems.


    I wouldnt be surprised if we resign Raffy now considering we now have his buddy Andruw on the club– which im fine with. But we have to do something with Hu because the kid is just flat out talented. Trade him, second base him (although he seems to skilled a defender to make that switch) but just do something meaningful with such an excellent talent.

    I really wouldnt mind having Raffy and Andruw up the middle for the next 5 years….


    I’m thinking I need to make the drive up to Albuquerque when the 51’s are in town for a look at some of these young guys. Would love to see Kershaw or McDonald (assuming they’re in AAA.)

    I can’t see Hu making the roster out of ST if Abreu makes the team. For that matter they may bring in a more seasoned utility IF and let Abreu stay sharp in the minors rather than riding the pine – Vegas ain’t far from L.A. if you need them.

    Should be a very interesting spring…



    When we are talking about his main asset (speed and the ability to distrupt)…and considering that he had an average of 750 plate apperances (which is quiet a bit versus most players)….then the OBP difference between the 2003/4 season and the 2006/7 seasons is quiet a bit..rough average of

    .367 for 03/04

    .330 for 06/07

    If Pierre got on base at that clip 03/04 clip for us I wouldn’t complain about his offense.


    I believe this is also the last year of Loaiza’s contract also. There’s another 9M in the kitty for a free agent pitcher. If Raffy comes back to his 06 form, I wouldn’t mind bringing him back. Although, I can’t see paying him 14M per year as he is getting now. I would go 3 years at 30M or thereabouts.


    Dang it jhall, it just keeps getting better and better!!

    If the D’s do deal JP, even eating 2/3 of his contract frees up another $10M or so. All that loot could bring in a pretty quality stick or arm if/when needed.

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