A very sad day for the Dodgers

Late last night, we got the word that one of the greatest Dodger pitchers of all-time, Johnny Podres, passed away at the age of 75. Johnny was a part of four World Championship teams with the Dodgers, including the winning pitcher in Game 7 of the 1955 World Series. He was the first person to throw a pitch at Dodger Stadium in 1962 and the stories I’ve heard about him all day certainly show what a tremendous loss this is for the Dodger family.

Tommy Lasorda shared his memories of Johnny over at his blog, so be sure to check that out.

Unfortunately, we got more tough news today when we came into the office. Jaime Jarrin called to let me know that Ruben Valentin, who has covered the Dodgers for many years and was a regular voice on FOX’s SAP channel, passed away over the weekend during a visit to his native Puerto Rico. Ruben was a very classy man who always treated us with great respect and we tried to give him the same in return.

Ruben He is remembered over by Miguel Angel Morales at the "Detras de los Dodgers" blog.

Our hearts go out to both of the families of these great men and I hope that you’ll all take a moment to remember them and keep them in your thoughts.


Very sad day indeed 😦

Great name from Dodger lore.

Another guy gone from that ’55 World Series champion team of which Podres will forever be linked.

Labine died last year. Who’s left? Snider. Zimmer. Newk. Sandy. Billy Loes. Maybe a couple of reserves.

Johnny’s playing ball with the Big Dodger in the Sky.

This surely puts life into perspective huh? A very sad day and our condolences go out to Johnny’s and Ruben’s families. Their both in a better place now.

RIP MR. Podres. Thanks for finally beating those **** Yankees.

Sorry about the loss of Rubin Valentin and as I mentioned on the last thread yesterday, many of us senior citizens and those old enough, no matter where they are or who they root for today, were remembering their Dodger fan days yesterday when they heard the news of Johnny Podres’ passing.

Rest in Peace to both of those guys. Too bad we won’t see Podres in the 50th anniversary events this year.

Hey Josh, I have a question…How come the Dodgers don’t do a big FanFest the way the Cubs, Cardinals and a couple of other teams do it. I heard the Cubs and Cardinals sold out the weekend event. I guess it’s a big event where most of the players come in and interact with the fans and it’s a chance for them to get ready for the upcoming season. I think it would be a cool idea if the Dodgers did something similar. I know you guys do the Dodger Caravan. I know it’s a great event, I have been to those events, but I think something like a fanfest would be something nice. Maybe in the coming years. Also, who is the right person in the Dodger organization to e-mail ideas about the Dodgers ? I have a couple more.



A sad day indeed. I read that according tp Gunrick Abreu will take over when Kent retires. I think DY(if he can prove that he is atleast average defensively) would be a better fit for the future at 2B. Its no knock on Abreu, because I like him too, I just think that because of his offense DY will be a better major league player.


I wish opening day was tomorrow!

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