A slow Saturday

Just working from home this weekend while our prospects continue their program at the stadium. As you probably read in Ken Gurnick’s story yesterday, the players had dinner last night with John Wooden, one of the many great surprises in store for them during this two-week period. Speaking of Gurnick, for what it’s worth, he has absolutely nothing to do with the photos on the site or the captions in them. I saw the post here that listed the mistake and asked MLB.com to correct it.

In case you missed it, there’s a great story on Robin Ventura’s ankle transplant surgery on MLB.com and it’s a fascinating read. Robin is probaby one of my favorite players to deal with over the 13 years I’ve been in baseball. After I got to know him a bit, it blew me away that he’ll often be remembered as the guy who charged the mound against Nolan Ryan because that just didn’t strike me as his personality. I guess we all do some dumb things when we’re young. Regardless, it’s great to see that he’s pain free now in his ankle because it had really gotten the best of him by the end of his career with the Dodgers.

Another nice story to read is in the Toronto Sun and it’s about Russell Martin, whose helping some fellow young Canadians improve their games. 

Otherwise, not much else doing over the weekend. If you’re driving into work on Monday, tune into KABC, where Nomar will be doing an interview between 8 and 9 a.m. about his upcoming charity event. And keep an eye out next week for lots of articles about our prospects and this great development program, as we’re opening it up to the media for two days and giving them a chance to chat with all the up and coming Dodger players.

UPDATE: One more thing: The Wilson Valdez deal that has been rumored for quite some time is official and he has been sold to a Korean team.


I wish Gurnick had nothing to do with the Dodgers, period.

Thank you Josh on the information on the photos and captions in the articles. I never knew about Ventura charging Ryan but I’d remember him more for his time with the Dodgers. I responded to *****Swood & Enchanted***** on the last thread.

Another example of Gurnick’s idiocy: He said Valdez made the club last spring after “leading the team in average.” A little research shows that of all players with at least 50 ABs, James Loney had the highest average (.414 compared to Valdez’s .356).

Thanks Pierres I saw your post. Cameron signed with the Brew Crew. At this stage in his career, Edmonds is definately a down grade from him offensively and defensively. I think that Pads will finish 4th in the division next year.

I guess you could say its pretty good when one of the biggest concerns of the fans is the teams beat writer. lol

It is because we have beat the Pierre horse to death. Everyone knows what the biggest problem is aside from the 5th spot in the starting rotation.

Gurnick is a sycophant. He just stirs up **** to get something to write about.

Thanks for the heads up on the Nomar interview, I’ll definitely tune in.

R.I.P. Johnny Podres

Welcome, Johnny Podres, to the big playing field in the sky, and God bless. I will always remember him as one of the best during my growing up years. Have to add that late inning catch and play by Sandy Amoros that bailed Johnny out in Game 7 to the really memorable moments in World Series history. Thanks for the memories, Johnny.

I remember Podres as a relief pitcher in the Koufax, Drysdale years. Johnny along with Ron Perranoski were the 2 best relievers on the team. That was before closers, when if you were a good reliever and were pitching well they allowed you to finish the game. Podres was one of the best. Thanks for the memories John , and RIP.

Josh, I read in Ken Gurnick’s article that the players are keeping daily journals during this mini-camp. Any chance you could get one (or more) of the young guys to blog his journal here? That would be interesting.

Thanks Josh for the information regarding Gurnick.

BUT…If I was publishing a column for the whole world to see I sure would like to see it first regardless if the photos were mine or not. But judging by Gurnick’s past columns, I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t proof read any of it.

I really appreciate the information you pass along to all of us here, Josh. Straight from the horses mouth.

Reports are that Rolen was traded for Glaus. I still think Nomar/Laroche will be more productive this year then either of them. Pitchers and catchers report in exactly a month from today. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

I’m with you Swood.
Prayers and condolences to the Podres family. He will be missed.

Their are many senior citizens, like me in New York, many of them Met & Yankee fans,today, that once rooted for the Brooklyn Dodgers, that great day in 1955, I know when they read and saw the old sports picures in the papers, telling of the passing of Johnny Podres at age 75 were for a long moment, still Dodger Fans. None of them will ever forget Johnny Podres.

Next Year Is Here!!!!

C Martin
1b Loney

2b Kent

ss Furcal

3b LaRoche

lf Ethier

cf Jones

rf Kemp

I will accept NOTHING else.

Very sorry to see the news on Johnny Podres. I hate to see the old timers go.

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