So much for a slow offseason…

Normally at this time of year, our department is in the initial planning stages for the following season as well as moving full speed ahead on the next year’s media/information guide which takes months to compile.

However, since yesterday’s announcement of Joe Torre’s hiring, the phones have literally been ringing off the hook here and there’s not enough time in the day to respond to every email request that comes in. It’s a great "problem" to have and clearly there’s a lot of enthusiasm for his arrival, as well there should be.

We’ve spent all day putting together what will surely be the largest press conference we’ve ever staged at Dodger Stadium. It will take place on Monday down on the field, which is a first, and we hope it will reflect the class and dignity of a baseball legend like Joe Torre.

Though the press conference is not open to the public, you all can watch it live on if you’re at your computer or FSN Prime Ticket and KCAL, our TV broadcast partners. It will start right at 10 a.m. PT and will hopefully give Dodger fans some answers to the questions they’ve been wanting to know since yesterday’s announcement.

After that, it’s off to the general managers meetings for Ned, Kim and their staff as they lay the groundwork for the trades and free agent signings that lay ahead.

There’s no other real news to report as we head into the weekend. Still nothing on the coaches despite public reports to the contrary and it’s a big day tomorrow for Brad Penny, whose horse, Excess Temptation, is running locally.

Have a nice weekend and be sure to watch the live press conference Monday morning for the latest news.




    Re. Andruw Jones, granted he might be significantly better than Pierre, even in his worst year, do you really want to sign him to a 20 mil/yr long term contract? Consider the fact that he is coming off a terrible year (his walk yr too), and he has been declining both offensive and defensively and you realize its a bad deal.

    And even if we did sign him, what we do with Pierre? The same question that you always find yourself with…. Move him to left. Which we should do anyways. In which case we should get Hunter or Rowand, not Jones.


    Pierre would be an even bigger liability in left field. He’s essentially useless. I think i remember correctly but its been something like 94 years since a full time left fielder has gone a whole year with out a home run. Pierre would surely break that streak.

    I’ll admit home runs are not his game nor are they anywhere close to being his game. He is just very bad at what he does. His game is to get on base and score runs…he has done that horribly last year and in the last 4 years of his career.


    The press conference on the field is pretty cool if you ask me…Hopefully you guys are planning just in case the weather is bad that day?


    Pierre scores a lot of runs.. and his offensive numbers last year were decent.. and certainly much better than Andruw Jones numbers. Jones numbers have been decreasing every year and he had a terrible year last season. He may be a great fielder… but players numbers usualy go down at dodger stadium, not the other way around.


    Spanner, you MUST be kidding. Jones scores a lot of runs? Do you know how many times he has landed in the NL Top 10 in runs scored? NEVER! This despite having landed in the top 3 in at bats each of the past five years. He has scored 100 runs just 3 times in his career, despite always batting leadoff prior to last season.

    Even Jones’ horrible off year was better, offensively, than Pierre was last year.


    Sorry, meant Pierre in the first sentence, not Jones. Should always check these things 🙂 PIERRE has never landed in the top 10 in runs scored.


    Here is my Magnificent Seven for the Dodgers coaching staff:

    Manager – Joe Torre

    Bench Coach – Don Mattingly

    3B – Larry Bowa

    1B – Mariano Duncan

    Hitting – Kirk Gibson

    Pitching – Orel Hersheiser

    Bullpen – Steve Yeager


    And……….I might add it would be incredible to see Gibson, Hersheiser, and Yeager every time you went to a game..


    I think the yankees have made the first and third steps in slowing down agent borass. first they say they won’t pursue a-rod if he opt’ed out of his contract. second step by borass was trying to invite the yankees to bid, knowing that he needs the treat of the yankees driving up the bidding to get what he wants for a-rod. the yankees make the third step by not only saying no thanks, but saying how much borass wants.
    I still hope the dodgers can get a-rod to play short, but at 6 years and maybe 25 million per year.

    if that isn’t going to happen, I still hope baseball sends a loud and clear message to borass that he isn’t running the game, he is ruining it.


    I can’t wait for the Joe Torre conference, welcoming him in. Mainly because I haven’t heard a word from him about the agreement he made to manage the Dodgers for 3 years. Only thing I’ve read was that he and A-Rod were on good terms all year.


    All the “I don’t want A-Rod because none of the teams he’s been on have won” arguments have to stop. The guy is a serious player. Top 3 all time. On the field, there is no one better right now. The Dodgers are one of a handful of teams that can afford A-Rod. We wouldn’t give up anything but money to get him. Frank McCourt is already gouging us at the Stadium, why not put our money to use to buy the best player in the game? The logic behind the “he will never win” argument is faulty… just because something hasn’t happened before does not mean it will never happen. Also, it’s a 25 man roster, not a 1 man roster. It’s not all his fault that he’s never won the big one, and if he ever does win the big one it will not be all because of him. Sign A-Rod!


    dodgerdude- agreed. There is no doubt in my mind we should sign ARod. He would make us the most talented team in the NL. I can’t think of a team that is a better suit for him then us. I read Buster Olney’s article saying ARod wanted to be “the guy” at where ever he ended up, and he would definately be that here and not in Anaheim. SIGN AROD!!!!!!


    His article also said that the interanl organization was leaning towards NOT signing ARod…… =(
    Mr. McCourt- Think of the excitement Arod would generate in the LA area, and across the country. Think how much your revenue would go up. Think about how you would give your beloved fans a legit WS contending team.

    Do it for the fans Mr. McCourt! SIGN AROD!!!!!!!


    The thought of ARod to the Giants scares the heck out of me. It scares me so because if he does go there, you could make a strong case that the Dodgers are the worst team in the division.


    I don’t think you could put the Giants over the Dodgers just if they signed A-Rod. They have a lot of problems. I personally think there is no way A-Rod should/would sign with the Giants other than the money. The park is monstrous so it would take homers away from his chase of the record, they are a really bad team so a WS is not likely for at least 3 years, and they would really not have any money left for other players after Zito and A-Rod’s contracts. The Dodgers, Tigers, Mets and Angels to me make the most sense for A-Rod. We gotta get him. Sign A-Rod!


    From what I have seen in Young since he was called up. I am cool with NO Andruw Jones and Young/Kemp/Ethier. I really just want Pierre out. And Jones declining is a bit overstated I think. In the last three season he has 118hr and 351 rbi. Those numbers are pretty good averages and his defense is still great. But yeah we don’t need him.

    good article..vs A-rod:


    As much as I DON’T want A-Rod, hey, if he wants to sign for 3 or 4 years at $30 million/yr., then OK…I guess. But how can anyone want to tie up ANYBODY for a decade? What happens when his skills start to decline? What if it just isn’t a good fit? We’re already depressed having to put up with our center fileder for four more years. How dom yuo trade long-term inflated contracts? Boras is out to crack $300 million and some ****** will pay it. Please, not the Dodgers. Spend it on pitching and defense.


    “The thought of ARod to the Giants scares the heck out of me. It scares me so because if he does go there, you could make a strong case that the Dodgers are the worst team in the division.”



    Just saw a Dylan Hernandez LA Times 6 PM post that said Gonzo would like to come back now that Torre is on board. Gonzo said no offense ment to Little. I bet this will stir up this blog.


    Max- why is that so funny? The Giants have really good starting pitching. Put that with a HUGE bat like ARod’s and yea, you COULD compare them to us. If you want to laugh at that then be my guest…


    I’m not trying to say that we would be the worst team in the division… I’m just trying to say that IF the Giants get ARod… it would make them competitive because of him and their good young starting pitching. I don’t know why you think thats so funny Max…?


    This is from Jungar’s article and I thought it hit the nail on the head:
    Torre is supposed to reverse the inertia, the irrelevancy. It isn’t going to happen. Torre is indeed a future Hall of Famer, but before he came to the Yankees he had one first-place finish: 1982, with the Atlanta Braves. Even in 1996, his first season with the Yankees, he had players. The Opening Day lineup at Cleveland featured Wade Boggs, Mariano Duncan (a first base coach for the Dodgers in 2007), Paul O’Neill, Ruben Sierra, Tino Martinez, Bernie Williams, Gerald Williams, Jeter and the man who just replaced him in New York, Joe Girardi. They won a World Series that year.

    The Dodgers aren’t going to win a World Series in 2008. At least, they’re not going to win it because Torre replaced Little.

    They need starting pitching. Right now, it’s Brad Penny, Derek Lowe, Chad Billingsley and Then What.

    I agree. Torre alone doesn’t make us the best team in the NL. Don’t get me wrong… he is a huge upgrade over Grady and he helps alot but… Ned still needs to fill the holes at 3B, in the rotation, etc. for us to be the best team in the NL.



    when are u going to buy ur KObe wiz jersey? LOL

    ain’t gonna happen!

    my LAKERS had a busy friday!

    they just did some butt kicking yesterday!!! LOL


    The title of this post is barf.

    I began cooking a while ago and was having fun in the kitchen. So I had a glass of wine and then another. We Baked fresh Halibut along with Organic Mashed Potatoes and fresh Organic Green Beans and then I sat down and read this.


    real great game…

    yeah.. i thought at first that he should go even if i don’t want that to happen!

    but rayt now things are pretty good…

    solid defense… team ball!

    and just a thought!

    i think vladRad will lead the league in 3-point% this year!


    Thanks, Jungar. I’m gonna be cleaning the barf on my screen for the next half an hour.

    and I didn’t even make it past the headline yet, heh.


    Do you guys think Nomar takes it personal when every article says we have a hole at 3b? LaRoche understands he hasn’t proven it yet, but Nomar must read some articles..Is there any chance that maybe he can rebound??? Or is he just done ?


    oh gonzo… always a baby!

    he didn’t think first before he go out and talk to the press!

    he didn’t make any comments about grady… true…

    he already said he isn’t coming back… but rayt now that grady is gone he wants to stay… that change of heart is as good as insulting grady!

    This veterans doesn’t have any respect to anybody!

    all of them! all of the veterans we have!


    lol..if u have to say, “i mean no disrespect”..then usually the next thing out of your mouth is disrespect..


    Jason i think Nomar is done!

    he can’t stay healthy!

    and even if he is like the first half of last season he can’t produce anymore!

















    I TOLD YOU SO!!!


    Note to Luis “Whiny” Gonzalez,

    Take your bad attitude somewhere else. Perhaps you can learn from this year what a veteran leader whose talents have faded should be and do. If so, good luck with that SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!


    Gonzo was washed up 3 years ago and he became a cancer in the clubhouse, just as he did in Ariz. because he thought he should play over the kids. Zona got rid of him and look how that turned out. If Ned resigns him, Ned should be hung in centerfield, right next to the Pierre hanging. 🙂


    I hate to break it to all you ARod lovers, but there have been numerous reports by inside sources stating that the Dodgers were not a major player in signing him. Plus, do we really want to tie up that much cash into our organization? Sounds pretty silly to me, as plenty of organizations have proven they can do it without AFraud.


    The dodgers should think of upgrading their pitching by trading for Santana. Next season Santana becomes a free agent and the Twins will not want to lose him for nothing. Trade Kemp, la Roche, and Kuo. OR go get Cabrera from florida for the same package. It will save money over the signing of A-Rod.


    What They Will Do: Strong Buy. There is no bigger disconnect in baseball between the Dodgers’ ability to develop talent and the front office’s lack of appreciation for that talent. Matt Kemp is someone that they should be thrilled to have in their lineup for the next six years. Andy LaRoche’s time is now. So is Chin-Lung Hu’s, and the Dodgers should consider trading Rafael Furcal to make way for him.

    Instead, all rumors are that Ned Colletti’s compass is pointed in the opposite direction. What I envision happening is something like the following: Kemp or LaRoche are included in a deal for a premium starting pitcher. And then-–guess what-–you do have a hole at left or third, and you do need to work the free agent market to repair it. But it isn’t a hole that existed before; it’s one that you’ve created yourself. The behavior is literally almost pathological, a kind of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome: Colletti seems determined to make the Dodgers sick so that he can make them well again. Playing the kids-–these talented kids from your farm system that embody everything that used to be called the Dodger Way-–well, that’s just too darn obvious.

    If the Dodgers feel like they have to have a 94-win club instead of an 88-win club-–and there’s no reason they should feel that way after drawing almost four million fans last year-–there are still a couple ways they could accomplish this. For instance, beat Curt Schilling’s second-best offer by 30 percent, which probably means something like $18 million. By definition, you’re overpaying, but the magnitude of the mistake is much, much smaller than trading Kershaw and Kemp for one year of Johan Santana, or signing Alex Rodriguez and permanently burying either LaRoche or Hu. Or, beat Torii Hunter’s second-best offer by 10 percent, and see if you can’t get someone else to eat most of Juan Pierre’s contract. Of course, all of this speculation may be premature; the Dodgers haven’t done anything yet this winter but replace Grady Little with Joe Torre, which surely has to be considered an upgrade. But based on their past performance, they’re not a club to which I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt.


    Honestly if all we did was just get rid of Pierre and sign Jones to play Center and let Andy LaRoche be our third baseman I’d be willing to bet a lot of Money we’d win the West next year with this lineup…










    The Dodgers really don’t need a lot of fixing.

    Dumping Juan Pierre should be the number 1 priority this offseason. Singing Jones #2 and signing another pitcher should be our last priority.


    I read that article. It hit dead on with the way I feel about the Dodgers and they way things have been going lately. Im starting to think there’s some kind of Scoscia curse going on here.


    Wow, nice piece max. You didn’t answer my questions from earlier yesterday… If we don’t sign ARod or any other 3b FA’s I think what we should do is give the job to Nomar out of spring training, Wait till about the end of April or so, or whenever LaRoche starts to get really hot, then put him in there every day. I don’t think LaRoche should be the opening day starter just because he didn’t look to me like he was ready last September. Although, maybe he will improve alot, be SUPER impressive in Spring Training. If that doesn’t happen though, I think it would be better to bite the bullet and go with Nomar for a month or so…


    If Nomar is playing third base in April at Dodger stadium i’ll slowing start to kill myself.

    A-Rod or Andy LaRoche. Nomar is done. He might as well retired and take care of his kids.


    Max- What have you seen out of LaRoche at the major league level that tells you he’ll be major league ready in April. I certainly haven’t seen anything…


    we are stuck with pierre. A. Jones is a career 260 hitter who srikes out too much and doesnt still any bases, for 90 or more million, i’ll pass.


    Man this blog really needs some education on the overratedness of batting average.

    Jones is a .260 hitter but has a career .342 on base percentage. Not great but its above average which is more then we can say for Juan Pierre.

    In short Jones would be a huge upgrade in center in every aspect of the game…minus stolen bases but Pierre’s stolen bases were basically useless.

    Swood…i havent seen anything out of Andy LaRoche at the major league level either. It’s kinda hard to see anything in just 36 games wouldn’t you say? Not to mention the fact he would play only twice a week. Kinda hard to get into a groove.

    When he finally started to play everyday his average crept up. In his last 10 games, games he played consecutively, he hit a respectable .278. Not to mention he has a great eye at the plate, is patient and has great power. It’s just a matter of time before he’s playing to his potential. Sometimes i think people forget that in order to get experience int he major leagues the player has to actually play in the major leagues.


    With a lineup of









    we can win the west next year.


    I really don’t see how Ned would give up on his longest contract on the 2nd year of the deal. That’s basically admitting his huge mistake, and his bad baseball-talent judgment. Best I think we can hope for is Pierre moves to left, we bring in a capable CF, and perhaps sign a SP. We should not let him trade the youngsters!


    If the Dodgers started in Pierre in left field I will say today that he will be the worst regular Left Fielder to ever play the game of baseball. It’s been 90+ years since a regular left fielder has gone a season without hitting a home run.


    Thanks for the link to the Oberjurjge article. It was almost like reading a eulogy. Plascke argued that Bonds’ pirouette doomed the Dodgers irrevocably over the next decade. I’d argue that letting Scioscia (and half the ’88 Dodgers) go to Disneyland was just as equal a cause of lingering repercussions.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the hire of Torre and the credability it brings us (although I agree with J.A. Adande’s ESPN piece that the East Coast is more concerned with that move than the Left Coast). And if we’re wanting to purge the organization of the imprint of Pinstripes and Orange/Black, we’d have to say goodbye to Tommy (Yankees fan growing up) and Vin (Giants fan growing up).

    It’s just sad that we have to be so depenendent on others for our own success, when even someone barely a quarter-century old can remember watching farm-grown Dodger Baseball, “The Best Buy in Town”.

    Honestly, everything in the FOX era feels like a hungover blur. The McCourts have the chance to make good on their promise to return the Dodgers to tradition. Lately though, that sounds like the same tired Autumn Wind that’s blown out of Al Davis’ mouth every preseason since the Raiders lost the Super Bowl, building the hopes of naive, Glory-Days-starved fans, only to have them blown to bits year in and year out.

    Thank God the Dodgers haven’t hit that rock-bottom yet.


    That article is exactly on point with how a majority of Dodger fans feel. Please forward it to Ned and Mr. McCourt. Mr. McCourt always seems to like to know what his fans want and that article is exactly what we want


    We really have that core of young players that you can build around now. We havent for the last 10-12 years.

    It’s really too bad that A-Rod is such a ******… He would solve all of our problems. Why cant the guy just be reasonable and take a 5-6 year deal. Ultimately, he is more arrogant than Boras for wanting what he wants.. That being said he is by far the best player in the game, and we need a third baseman… It’s too bad LaRoche didnt get more of a tryout this year because he has the potential. This is a bad predicament if you ask me….


    trading 2-3 good prospects for Cabrera is, in my opinion, a terrible idea… LaRoche, Young, and then maybe a lesser prospect and no more. I doubt they would take that. Pierre really limits the amount of the positions that we can improve at.. 3b is really the only one unless we want to trade Ethier (trading Kemp is a really bad idea). That being said, we need to ensure value in return for him ideally in the form of pitching, which is always overpriced… Tough spot for the offseason– will be very interesting to see how it plays out.


    Pierre is impossible to trade and it would look bad to trade a guy just after signing him to a five year deal. Lets look a little closer at his stats, 4th overall in MLB outfielders in hits, 15th in runs scored and 1st in SB’s. The dodgers brought in Pierre to get on base and steal bases and score runs. Pierre has scored over 100 runs and 200 hits in the last 3 or 4 seasons. Pierre is very comperable to Ichro’s stats. Lets embrace pierre for what he brings to the field. He is a good friend of Willis, maybe Willis will arrive in 09?


    Kent needs to retire… i hope he retires!

    just sign ARod!

    it’s not easy to get rid of JP! so enough with the signing of another OF!

    the obvious hole is 3B!

    if they sign AROD put LaRoche on 2B coz again i hope Kent retires!

    any dodger fan who wants Kent to stay is stupid! don’t u guys understand! Kent is one of the reasons why the clubhouse is separated!

    it’s a no brainer who needs to go!

    if u’ll make me choose who i would rather see go… Kent or JP?

    i’ll say Kent!!!

    Go DODGERS!!!


    Bedard and Cabrera have both hit the trade market. A Kershaw package has been mentioned for Bedard…any thoughts?


    I can’t wait to hear from Joe Torre this afternoon, all I ever read was that he agreed to the contract, but I haven’t heard or read anything from him on in yet. I guess it’s seeing is believing with me.


    Lets stick to the facts. Suggesting that Pierre and Ichiro are similar is ludicrous. Plus my gosh man are u just making numbers up? At least do the research if your gonna try to defend the out machine.

    Juan Pierre

    -in the last three seasons he has 200 hits 1 time

    -He has not scored 100 runs in his last 3 seasons

    -.331 obp in 07

    -terrible defense

    -.685 OPS in 07

    -.301 .348 .374 .722 career


    -Top 3 OF on defense and a gun for an arm

    -7 straight 100 run seasons

    -7 straight 200+ hit seasons

    -In 2007 Hit .351(not .293)

    -.396OBP( not .331)in 07

    -.827 OPS in 07

    -Career: .333 .379 .437 .816

    If we had Ichiro in CF we would be a great team and I would be stoked. If the two are similar, suggest to the Seattle Mariners message boards to trade Ichiro for Pierre. I dare you.


    I would like to see what it means that Torre will have certain input and presumably decision making participation on the roster makeup. How much does he know about our youngsters and what is his philosophy about integrating them into the starting lineup. At this point I am likely to put more stock in his evaluation of player talent that I would with Colletti, who I think has been notably poor in that respect.


    This may sound stupid at first,But give it a thought.Does Pierre, play any other position, than outfield.
    Did he ever play the infield??

    His offensive abilities, match

    those of a 2nd Baseman.He does not need a cannon of an arm. Is it possible that he could be tried @ 2nd. With the amount of hits & steals, plus his bunting ability, He would not hurt us, if he was capable of playing 2nd.Laugh and Moch me, but give it a thought. We have all of Spring Training, to at least find out??? Who knows ??????


    When’s the last time you saw somebody play second that threw lefthanded? This isn’t little league. Pierre can’t play second because he throws lefthanded.


    If we’re unable or management is unwilling to trade Pierre somewhere else, I predict that Torre will restore Pierre to the leadoff position. He’s not going to be as concerned about how Raffy takes that move as Little apparently was. I think that Pierre may perform better in the leadoff slot. I think he was especially unsuited for batting second – no power and not a good bunter in terms of moving a runner on base ahead of him. Where that would put Raffy in the batting order is anybody’s guess.


    I hate trade rumors that bring up Kershaw: He’s 100% off-limits. Unless, of course, we get a YOUNG superstar with a long term deal.


    We have the right guy, Torre in 10 minutes just gave me a world of confidence. When he speaks, you listen. Also welcome Donnie Baseball and Larry Bowa. This is the first step in a long journey, but it’s headed down the right path.



    The only thing I don’t like about Torre is that he’ll overuse a bullpen. A strong bullpen is how you get to the next level. If he wears them out then we’ll still be a 4th place team.


    w0w! jeff Kent called torre!!

    surprise… surprise!

    someone wants to play again! LOL

    maybe he is talking about playing more games on 2B already!

    i still hope he retires!


    cameron if u have starters who can only give u 5-6 innings a game like the dodgers have then u don’t have a choice but to put ur relief pitchers!


    Has Torre shown of his 4 WS rings yet?

    Sorta almost, maybe, possibly but not quite like when Ned showed off his Giants NL Pennant ring?


    That’s not what I’m talking about. Torre used Procter like Little used Broxton last year. Broxton should have never been in games when we were either winning big or being blowed out. Proctor was used the same way. You can’t use a guy 4 or 5 days in a row or 10 of 14 and stuff like that the way Proctor and Broxton were used last year. Had Brox not been overused we would have had a better chance at the postseason than we did. Those games down the stretch really hurt us. Your set-up man pitches when your closer pitches. The set-up guy should pitch no more than 5-10 games more than your closer. If Torre uses the bullpen right then we should be fine because we’ve got a good group down there.


    which goes back to the roster the man was given….

    He was given two relivers whos arms fell of by July (Tsao and Brazoban) I mean I guess Grady could have used the over the hill Hernandez or Saenz more? Thanks for the choices Ned.

    The third supporting player to Broxton/Beimel/Saito was Billingsley..But Chad had to be used where he should have been used all along, as a starter, because Coletti’s other junk, Henderickson and Tomko couldn’t win more than 3 games in 35 starts..

    I guess they couldnt fill in for the 22 million worth of arms who were also toast by July, Wolf and Schmidt.


    cameron i know what u mean!

    now that he is in this team torre doesn’t have choice coz our starters can only give us 5-6 innings a game…


    I would just like to say one more time that I’ve been a Dodger fan, pactically all my life. I’m 69 years old and the last 50 years have been the toughest. There are still some people left like me here in Brooklyn who have dreamed of the Dodgers coming back to Brooklyn. A few years ago our borough president and many others tried to buy the team as a group and bring them back. We all know now it is an impossible dream. Recently when the Dodgers hired a new manager I was lucky to find a small column in the news. Today’s conference with Joe Torre, the former Giant fan, Met player, ex Yankee manager and Brooklyn born guy was great and televised all over N.Y. I feel like it was the closest that we ever could come to bringing back the Dodgers to Brooklyn. For the first time it was like watching the “home team”. I have to say I feel kind of proud that he is the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. GO DODGERS.


    I just viewed the news conference, and liked what the new skipper had to say. He showed alot of class, and dignity on not trashing his former club. I also liked the way he answered some of the outright ludicrous questions by some of the media. Sounds to me like Kent is coming back. The least of my worries are his coaching staff selections. Now lets see what happens when he brainstorms with Colletti as far as who stays, and who goes. I’m keeping my fingers & toes crossed there isn’t too big of a shakeup in the nucleus of the young talent allready in place.


    OK this is beginning to get ridiculous. Juan Pierre is NOT a bad outfielder. Not the greatest arm but he is a .300 lifetime hitter!! Andruw Jones – .263! Last season : Pierre – .293 , 64 stolen bases, 196 hits, 96 runs. A. Jones – .222, 138 strikeouts…plus he’s older than Pierre…


    When I think of the possible scenarios the Dodgers could get into I see the following:

    1) Kent retires (we dont need him, he was the problem)

    2) Sign A-Rod!

    3) Trade LaRoche (for some pitching) while his value is up and before he breaks in half on us half way through the season due to health issues.

    So lets say we get to sign A-Rod and Kent stays. When I think of the line-up and compare it to that of the Bo-Sox bats who were this years champs we are as good if not better.

    C- Martin vs Varitek (Martin)

    1B-Loney vs Youkilis (Draw) but w/Ortiz at 1B (Ortiz)

    2B-Kent vs Pedroia (Kent)

    3B-Rodriguez vs Lowell (Rodriguez)

    SS-Furcal vs Lugo (Furcal)

    LF-Pierre vs Ramirez (Ramirez)

    CF-Kemp vs Ellsbury (Kemp)

    RF-Ethier vs Drew (Either)

    So there is no excuse why we shouldnt win at least 1 game in the playoffs next year! Lets sign A-Rod and we will be the team to beat in the NL West!


    If you think Pierre is better then obviously you haven’t been watching the same baseball for the past 10 years that everybody else has been. Pierre isn’t even on the same page as Andruw much less just as good. Andruw had the worst year of his career and he still outproduced Pierre. Pierre has a big heart and he plays the game the right way but his talent is A-Ball level. Yeah he can run but what else does he bring to the table? He can’t hit, he can’t drive in runs, he has no power and his arm is awful. Johnny Damon is better than Pierre and he was made to switch positions. Pierre needs to go. I love his attitude and hustle but he doesn’t produce.


    JP is better?

    i would choose the longball anytime than a steal!

    i don’t like Jones but saying that JP is better than him is just stupid!

    those steals he has are not even a factor for the team! doesn’t make any difference!

    i would go for the guy who hits HR and can throw runners out!


    It really sounds like Kent will be coming back. As long as he keeps his trap shut I don’t really care. But he needs to be replaced in late innings—every game! Ned should have to publically apologize to all D’s fans if he puts pierre in LF…seriously what a disgrace. Just find a way to get rid of him and do it.


    I can only assume that edanhollombe is kidding about his Andruw Jones-Juan Pierre assessments. The other possibilities are idiocy, insanity, and pure ignorance of baseball. I wouldn’t accuse a poster of those things.


    You guys are all busy looking for scapegoats, and rightfully so, but why place all the blame on Pierre ? cameronwalden – he can’t hit?? So I suppose a lifetime .301 BA over 7 full seasons is a fluke..?? Doesn’t produce..? How many RBI’s is a leadoff/No 2 hitter supposed to get, 100? Jan – you are well BELOW stupid if you prefer a guy that strikes out roughly 1/4 of his at-bats to a guy that strikes out about 5% of his at-bats. Martinloneykemp – I AM accusing you of retardedness.

  79. bafa

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