First of two in Denver

Thanks to everyone for their comments yesterday. Here's the lineup for the first game at Coors Field today.
Furcal, SS
Pierre, CF
Kemp, RF
Kent, 2B
Loney, 1B
Martin, C
LaRoche, 3B
Ethier, LF
Billingsley, P



    Alright, every game is a playoff game, let’s win the rest and storm into the playoffs. Josh – Thanks for all the info you send out. As a Florida Dodger fan this is my source for Dodger News.

    GO BLUE!!!


    Since the article on 16th when they said “Andy LaRoche…started in place of Nomar Garciaparra, who had five hits in his previous seven at-bats on Friday and Saturday but is still battling a strained calf muscle” I’ve been wondering why they haven’t said anything more.

    But hopefully Andy can get it going. If he doesn’t, Abreu or Ramon would probably be our next best bet over Shea.

  3. Roberto

    Yeah man, Fernando did it the last 2 years with Mexicali and he said he wants to do it again. I hope he pitches. If he does, I will try to go again.


    I’m really hoping for a dominating performance from the kids today.

    C’mon kids! It will make for great DodgerTalk later!


    I wish the 1st game was on KCAL so I could watch during lunch at work.

    So everyone doing the play-by-play, thanks ahead of time!


    I remember watching fernado in 1981, the stadium was awesome all the raza cheering and dodger stadium was just an awesome place to be.


    what would be funny is the “vets” line-up for game 2:

    furcal SS

    pierre CF

    nomar 3B

    gonzo LF

    kemp RF

    saenz 1B

    ramon 2B

    lieberthal C

    wells P

    just kidding…i hope.

  8. Roberto

    I was born in 1979 so I didn’t witness Fernando Mania in ’81 but I know all about it and I know he was a big part of Dodger history.


    I’m predicting Andy LaRoche will hit his first major league homer today.

    Posted by: | September 18, 2007 12:02 PM

    Hopefully one of many to be hit by the team in this series!

    I went to Coors years ago for a ball game. It’s got a nice setup, and design, but I’ve never seen a ball get out of any other park in such a hurry. It’s ironic that Coors has the sponsorship there though. Believe it or not, when I was there, alot more Budweiser was sold by far!! LOL


    Is lunch time right now so I follow the game! woohoo! anyone here been to a game at coors Field? I’ve only been to the Coors brewery tour there in October a couple years ago.


    Come on Loney. We’re going to get hot today & win the next 4. I live in the St; Louis area but have been a Didger fan 60 years.

    Go Blue


    Diamond Leung, on his Press-Enterprise blog:

    “- Those Dodgers expected to start both games are Rafael Furcal, Juan Pierre, James Loney and Matt Kemp.”


    i know this sounds like 20/20 hindsight, but we’ve discussed it before.

    JP needs to lead-off. he needs to get on base, steal 2nd. then Raffy can hit or bunt him to 3rd. then Kemp can swing away and if he pops-out, JP scores.

    instead, Raffy gets out. JP walks. Kemp flies out. JP is on 1st with 2 outs. even though he steals 2nd, that only opens 1st for them to walk Kent. JP probably isn’t going to steal 3rd with 2 outs.

    if Raffy’s ankle prevents him from stealing a lot (and I don’t count his SBs versus the padres and anything to be impressed with cause they said everyone runs on the pads, especially with maddux pitching), then JP should bat 1st and get on-base. if he can get to 2nd with 0 outs, he’ll score more than he will sitting on 1st with 2 outs.

    and i know what people might say, JP’s OB% is lower, but since the AS break, JP is .353 OB% and Raffy is .326.


    Two good young pitchers that are gonna be seeing a lot of each other for years to come facing off today. Let’s hope our guy wins.


    hahahaha…glad ya got a giggle outta the video/dodger song. I it’s FUN…my Dodger buddies over on a different board found it. Cracks me up every time too!


    For all guys/gals that think Pierre is far outplaying Furcal these days, just check their runs scored and OBP and you’ll find out that in spite of Raffy’s “off year”, he is still at or above JP. Funny.


    That was a good point by Vinny, part of the reason why Coors Field yields so many runs is because of how deep the OFs play. Lots of little dinkers fall in allowing for more base hits than usual.


    We’re wasting too many chances here. 4 innings now and we’ve had opportunites.

    Nice hit by Bills!! Let’s go!!


    John Gambadoro
    Special for

    Dec. 8, 2006 08:42 AM

    Chalk up an assist to former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda in getting Luis Gonzalez into a Los Angeles uniform. After weighing offers from Los Angeles, St. Louis and Baltimore, Gonzalez was on the verge of signing a one-year contract with the Orioles in the early evening hours on Wednesday. Baltimore was willing to pay Gonzo $7 million and offered him the starting leftfielder job. The offer was worth considerably more than that of St. Louis or Los Angeles, and Gonzalez had his agents meeting with Orioles executives to finalize a deal.

    But before the deal was completed a phone call from Lasorda to Gonzalez changed everything. Lasorda pitched Gonzo on winning and on the pride in wearing a Dodgers uniform. He also had General Manager Ned Coletti’s ear and was able to have the original offer re-worked. Orginally Coletti offered 2 years, but Gonzales asked for one year.

    Over the next couple of hours, the Dodgers upped their offer and the World Series hero for the D-Backs ended up in the place he wanted to be all along. With a chance to play 19 games against his former team, compete for another championship and the proximity to Arizona from Los Angeles, there weren’t many downfalls to wearing Dodger blue.


    I predict next inning pierre will get, matt will get on and kent will hit a three run homerun.


    You sit out games, then play games and it’s tough. I agree with you guys on that point. One day in the three hole, 2 days not playing.


    Grady’s musical chair lineups are a joke. Loney was lighting it up in the #3 hole and he’s moved. No reason, nothing to provoke the move, just moved.

    Grady is a complete ***** and I don’t care if Josh thinks it’s wrong to bash this man and the organization, but the Dodgers deserve better. Grady is an idiot when it comes to baseball, and this team plays like his personality, flat and lifeless. Perhaps Grady is a good person, but he’s not a good baseball manager. The Red Sox were intelligent enough to see this, why are the Dodgers so stupid?


    Scott — I’m wondering if Bills is tiring. He’s walked a guy already to lead off and going to full counts.


    oh and Josh is paid to like these guys, we pay to watch this team.

    And dang it, Billinglsey walks the #8 hitter. Ugh.


    too many walks….Did you hear that Grady said we have to go 10 wins out of 13…?
    Probably wouldn’t have to do that if we could have those 10 wins he mismanaged back!!!


    kemp hasnt seen a pitch in how many days?

    laroche is in, then out, then in. nomar gets 3 games after being out a month to get going, so why can’t they stick with andy for a few games?

    i wish we’d get back to small ball. once JP is on base, they need to be patient and let him get to 2nd.


    this doesn’t look great…

    I said before this series…this is the one that could doom us…Colorado, a very difficult place to win…Yanks, Pad, Mets couldn’t do it…but we’re supposed to….The teams in front of us have much easier schedules…but it was this series in Colorado that I thought would make or break us…so far, it’s breaking us.!!


    If Francis does what he has to do, it’s going to be awful hard. But he can still tire or maybe hang one, there is still time. But Ethier has to take it easy.


    all the vets are thinking “see…see what happens when you play the kids that got your here over the vets who know when the rope is slipping and will dilver despite a whole season of stats indicating otherwise? see what happens!”


    Now Grady’s going to say, “See, the young guys aren’t ready.”

    Francis might just be pitching a great game.


    If the teams in front of us have easier schedules, that must mean we had easier schedules to here. Let’s just score some runs and win this ******!


    What is with this Sullivan guy? Maybe we should just brush him back a little and show him who’s boss once in a while.


    Every pitcher seems to pitch a great game against the musical chair lineups.

    It’s a managers job to figure this garbage out earlier in the season. He hasn’t had any signficant offense injuries. Grady is an idiot and should be FIRED. HE should be fired the day they are eliminated from the post season. In fact minutes after they are eliminated they should issue the press release and let him find out in the post game interview.


    To fire Grady, at this point you need to root for them firing Ned. Ned has already said Grady will be back. He can’t go back on his word now even if would like to. No one would manage for him.


    oh now he’s bringing in Hendy…cannot believe this…Chad pitching great and we get that ol “lefty lefty matchup thing”…Pray


    Stop complaining Blonde geez. You really think Loney going to bat 3rd with Kemp in the lineup. Kemp been lighting it out in the 3rd hole when he’s played.


    freaking amazing.

    What else do we need to know about Grady? You bring in a junk baller like Hendy to face one of the best eyes in baseball?

    fire grady


    exactly, at this point i think the move was right…what was wrong was the season is on the line, so bring in beimel, mr. hit back to the pitcher specalist. If i hear vinny or steiner talk about that anymore I will die. And then when we need exactly that, the manager throws in Hendu.


    Yes, actually Kemp hasn’t been great in the #3 spot, not with RISP.

    Kemp has 5 RBIs all of September, Loney has 19.

    Loney has a .362 BA in the #3 spot, with Kemp at .379, but the telling figure is the RBI’s and the BA with RISP. Loney blows away Kemp.

    Look up the numbers if you like. Grady certainly hasn’t.


    Saenz for Furcal? When Furcal has seen this guy 3 times already? I question the move but don’t mind the HR!!


    Too bad Abreu wasn’t on before the dinger there. Oh well. He did better than Laroche. At least he made contact, and put the ball in play.
    C’mon Kemp!


    i think i figured out Grady’s philosophy…

    the game isn’t over…we can always come back later

    our bats will hit later, so no need to do the little things and move runners into scoring position

    we’ll save beimel for later, his ‘most DP inducing’ trait will come in later, in another exact situation where they have a runner at third with 1 out and i just had our pitcher intentionally walk someone to set-up a dp…

    why have leiberthal bunt runners over last game when everyone knows that’s the right play? ethier will save my #$^ later…

    instead of managing the earlier games we could have easily won, we’ll wait till later and make us have to win 10 of the last 13 games to have a chance to make the playoffs…

    sorry, just venting. i know grady is the best manager and his winning % is unquestionable and i should only read the “on line chats” and other Dodger approved PR and that 40 year old vets lead the way to the future…


    It’s been so long since Saenz did anything positive I forgot how to spell his name. LET’S Go DODGERS


    Dodgers are just like that hott blonde chick that you thought you had a chance with. She’s crossing her legs in class or at work and you have a great conversation with her and in the end she’s just a big tease.

    I have no faith unless Jorge Julio comes in here of us tying or winning this game.


    they gotta be saving furcal for the night game, which is nice. hu is suppose to be known for his defense, but i’m hoping he goes yard!


    too bad olmedo hit that homerun, that means he will play first and bat clean up in the second game.


    Man, I can see why you wouldn’t want Kemp in there everyday getting all tired out running the bases…


    i wish we had a right handed sweeney. it seems a waste to have tomato PH with no runners on. i mean, if he hit a single, we’d have to PR for him anyway. but a HR is a HR, so that’s sweet.


    Grady may have a winning percentage, but look at the franchises he’s been given. Red Sox and Dodgers SHOULD have winning percentages with their payroll and resources.

    People need to stop quoting this winning percentage garbage, it means nothing for gump. What matters is that he managed the team only into the WC last year (yes, they should have won the division), and this year is no exception to Grady’s inability to manage a major league baseball team.


    Wilson Freaking Valdez?

    I’d rather see Juan Valdez and his donkey out there. C’mon Grady! What’s wrong with Fural anyway?


    c’mon….valdez stepped it up early this year when furcal was down. i don’t mind valdez, he’s got a good glove and he’s fast.


    3 teams in baseball allowed LESS runs than us this year.

    20 teams scored MORE runs.

    This without Jason Schmidt (and half a season without Wolf) and with Juan Pierre.

    I stand by it. Not getting a big bat in the offseason after all is said and done is what hurt us most.


    as usual…Proctor gives it up….never liked the trade…and still don’t..and Grady lets him pitch to a lefty…


    Grittle is a terrible manager and should be fired if we don’t make the playoffs. I was real unhappy when they signed him to an extension because I knew it meant 2 more years of mediocrity. He is not a good fit for this team. Just like Pierre isn’t a good fit for this team, but that’s on Ned.


    The rockies will not pay Matt Holiday the money, so I say go get Matt, give them Young, Pierre, and some cash. There is are power hitter.


    Man, Grady is just playing pin the tail on the donkey with this team. He just has no freaking clue whatsoever.


    over his past 10 games, proctor only allowed 2 runs (both in the same game), but why does it feel like he lets a run in every game?


    agree revera…Proctor the worst midseason acquisition EVER…would rather have Betemit and let the Yankees keep Proctor…but they DIDN’T WANT HIM…wonder why?


    I’m not a big Ned fan, he had a terrible off season and he continues to hurt this team with his deals. I wouldn’t be sorry to see him go also. The only thing about Ned is that he did take this team from 2o games under to the playoffs last year.


    I think it might be better if we didn’t win…maybe then the management could be fired.!!!..bases loaded for Holliday…good going Proctor


    c’mon…keep the faith. he’s trying to make holliday feel bad when he leaves 3 runners on and we come back and win. and then holliday will be so angry he can’t focus in the 2nd game. proctor is genius.


    Going to be real hard these next 2 innings when we are starting off in the middle of the order. Look to see a lot of pinch hitters here.


    Its like we hit a HR and finally get some momentum and Pierre strikes out looking. Ok fine, so we cut the lead and half and get into the rockie pen that is weaker than ours and the next inninng we give them runs to kill our momentum again. Way to get out of it with only 1 run but sheesh this is frustrating.


    well, i’m going to submit my application to work for Dodger PR, so i gotta practice my ‘spin’ control…


    That could have been alot worse. Proctor got off cheap, but he sure had me worried. It’s not beyond reach. They still have a shot here.


    Thank the Gods we got out of the F&7th with only one run scoring. This is our only chance. I hope the can do something against the Rockies Bullpen.


    fuentes…isn’t he the one who was their closer, then got demoted right before the allstar game? if so, let’s show him deserves to go to double A.


    again…Colorado is not the place you want to be to have to win….the really good teams don’t do it…so why are we going to?


    lol…joseph…not so lucky I’m afraid…Proctor not good and Kent just missed tying the game when Kemp was on…and didn’t…that was our chance…


    Corpas has been ridiculous since the all-star break:

    0.72 ERA, 0.72 WHIP, 22 K’s, 25 IP and a perfect 14-14 in save chances


    not sure I like Beimel against right handers either…but at this point it probably doesn’t matter

    GOOD BYE 2007


    so…can someone explain something.

    the whole selling point of nomar is that his RSP avg is ungodly. but if he bats with nobody on, shouldn’t we look at his “with bases empty, .242 AVG” before we let him bat? just a thought. i guess we don’t have any better RH batter ready. oh well.


    I really feel bad for Bills. maybe he should talk to Lowe about how to deal with your offense not givng you the support when you pitch your *** off and get the loss.


    Memo to Grady Little, pack your things and get out of town, you are possibly the worst manager ever.



    agree with you…I thought awhile ago that the Rockies would finish ahead of us…time will tell…If we’re not going to get to the playoffs(lol), it might be better if we did end 4th…maybe they might shake something up..


    Californiaauto….YOU ****! A couple of weeks ago you were looking for an airport in Florida to land. You should have made life easy on yourself and just chose The Gulf of Mexico.


    Abreu & Valdez should be very loose at the plate after all they most be glad to be playing. IS THIS IT?


    maybe larussa will leave stl and come here? anyone who seems to at least show they are thinking…

    if you intentionally walk someone with a runner at 3rd, why not bring in the lefty who actually gets DP balls?


    I agree that maybe ending up in 4th may be the best to shake things up. Would you want to be the owner of a $100 million team and finish in 4th? Doesn’t matter if you are 2-3 games out. Fans will only remember you coming in 4th.


    It would be the best outcome for the Dodgers to finish in 4th and as close to .500 as possible. This might send a signal to Frankie to send Gump packing.

    If they promote White or Kim to GM, then they can dump the ex Giant Colletti, otherwise, hang on to him as there is no reason to bring in someone from the outside with an even more convoluted philosophy.


    until we are mathematically eliminated, i refuse to concede the season…

    but 4th place would totally ****.


    Let’s hope for the split, but like I said earlier, a split only means we’ve lost a day and gained nothing.


    ethier was 0-3…why not have sweeney lead off the inning and PH? then if he gets on, abreu bunt him over. PH and let gonzo try to drive him in?


    excellent loss. Let’s hope they lose the night game as well.

    I truly hope they fire GUMP before the season is over. Like I said, fire him the day they are eliminated from the playoffs.


    Grady’s decision to bring Hendy in against Helton was another one of his bonehead moves that slips right past the media. The stupid media will point to Loney going 0-4 and ignore Kent’s lost opportunities I’m sure.


    Special thanks to Ned and Grady for putting fans through the misery that was: 2007 Dodger “baseball”.


    JP got on his first two ABs and even got a SB to boot…how can we not score him?

    he BETTER lead off next game if raffy doesn’t start.

    if grady bats Abreu or Hu or Valdez lead-off, i am going to throw something.


    until we are mathematically eliminated, i refuse to concede the season…

    but 4th place would totally ****.

    I agree. I’m not totally giving up yet.


    Welp gays and gals, It’s been fun. I’m done for the year. Not with the team but with the blog and basically all of the internets. I need to focus on school and getting somethings together in my life.

    Hopefully i’ll see you guys around the internets and i will be back next year. Bye.


    3 of 4 in Colorado, and a sweep and whatever bank they are calling where the snakes play at, and I think the season won’t be decided until the last day.


    For a 100 mil payroll this is just unacceptable. The only way things change is if the stadium is empty and Frank is not making as much .


    pierre, CF
    hu, SS

    kemp, RF

    garciaparra, 3B (i guess)

    loney, 1B

    martin, C

    gonzalez, LF

    abreu, 2B

    tonights lineup maybe???


    next year will be 20 years since the last time we won a world series, this is just not acceptable sorry guys.


    He is too busy seaching for the real killers to have anything to do with such pettyness as Ned, Grady or memorabillia.


    Good Morning from Down Under .. Another loss … Not the way I wanted to start the day.

    I read where the boys have to go something like 10-2 the rest of the way to get a playoff spot. That will not be easy. I also read where Grady is going to play Gonzo, Nomar and Leiberthall in Game 2. Doesn’t look promising from where I sit.


    Realistically speaking, what do you guys think the chances are that Grady and Ned get canned? Grady alone gets canned? Or Ned alone gets canned?

    This is my thinking:

    Grady: 25%

    Ned: 10%

    Grady + Ned: 5%


    i hope this would be the lineup tonight!!!

    Furcal… SS(i just hope he contributes)

    Young… RF

    Kemp… CF

    Kent… 2B

    Loney… 1B



    Lieberthal… C


    OK Guys; You ALL said, that this was a GREAT line-up.So, do you BLAME this one on Grady Also. Let’s get serious here. Rockies, send up a PH, with 5 AB’S (No Hits) and he doubles in a run??? Grady’s fault ??? let’s face it, Our DODGERS are a JOKE and it’s not a “LITTLE” joke…….


    Ned just came out and said that Grady will be back next year. So if you want Grady gone then Ned will have to go too..


    No changes, keep ned and grady, but no more vets, keep the kids with kent at 2b, and pick up one good young power hitter Matt Holiday.


    “Saying goodbye, going away,
    Seem’s like goodbye’s such a hard thing to say…

    Much more to say, foolish to try,

    It’s time for saying goodbye…”

    I’ll gladly go down with the ship, but it looks like it won’t be in October. Still, I wouldn’t mind being pleasantly surprised (Like last season, whenever Plaschke stuck the fork in Big Blue’s season, the Dodgers were right back in it).

    As for now, I just curse whenever I look at that new ESPN magazine with Vlad on the cover. Maybe the 88 Dodgers can win their third World Series this year, eh?


    but on the other hand fire grady, hire gibby and he will really light a fire under these young guys.


    I thought about giving up on the Dodgers after the SF series but swore to stay on like a true fan. However, as I think about it, I perhaps should have back then. Here’s why.

    They don’t do the little (sratch that, can’t use that word…makes me kinds cringe)….They don’t do the small things to score runs in an offense that can’t just wait for the HR. You need to manufacture runs and they don’t do that. In the SF series, Kent bombs 2 HR and they still lose. This game, Saenz hits one and that’s it. There were times in this game in CO where they could have moved guys over and LaRouche or Bills could have bunted them over.

    But no, they hoped LaRouche would come out of his funk and go on some hitting streak. What happens? He gets pitch high over and over and over and over and over…..and keeps swinging and swinging and swinging and swinging. Don’t you think you’d learn that if you keep getting pitched high, you might want to lay off it. That’t the definition of insanity….doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

    Sorry…just really trying to not let me head rationalize my heart for this team.


    I pledge to scold myself every time I use the word “little” in any way or form…call it an early New Year’s resolution.


    How are we in 3rd place?
    answer Grady. I get it maybe he doesn’t no the bunt sign, maybe he doesn’t have instincts, hedrickson or beimel, gonzo or ethier, should i play the young guys, or should i let the old cry baby vets play. No wait they will cry to the media,” I’m not a bench player, I can still play everyday, I want to get 3000 hits” There is no I in team Gonzo.


    hey cali I’m sorry there is no way the rocks trade Holliday.

    Who is going to the series in Arizona? kiper? I know someone is. Please try to get Gibson attention!!! Tell him we need him to turn around all these losers, just like he turned that 88′ team into winners!!PLEASE!!!!!!





    u do know that LaRoche had just comeback to play rayt?

    he is not 100%…

    he is just like Nomar rayt now!!!

    Nomar did pretty well in his last 2 games but will it continue? yet to be seen!!!

    i would take my chances on LaRoche coz he is a power guy!!!


    diehard, i think yesterday on the foxsports web page they were saying they might not be able to pay Holiday.


    i think the dodgers are cursed. like the red sox were and the cubs are. only difference is that every year we go into the season with high hopes. the team is competive and then they just lose it. 20 years in a row now.


    van_19 — To me, sorry to say, that sounds like an excuse. I don’t care if he just came back. I can use my head to think “If I get a high pitch, don’t swing”

  111. reports Colorado Rockies OF Matt Holliday has been named Bank of America presents the National League Player of the Week for the week ending Sunday, Sept. 16. During the week, Holliday had a .407 batting average with six home runs and 11 RBIs.

    27 year old stud! In his 4th year. The Rockies do not have to pay him for at least 2 more years. If the do deal him It won’t be until after next season. You cannot be elgible for free agency until six years of service.


    man! i wish we have Carlos lee rayt now!!!

    maybe with Carlos Lee we would have the greatest record in the league this season!


    it’s not an excuse!!!

    u blame things to 1 person…

    all of them didn’t perform well!

    what about Loney, then?

    Loney didn’t hit anything today!

    he left 0-2 with RISP!


    You are right, but an outfield of
    kemp rf (25)

    andre cf (20)

    holiday lf (40)

    no more cheap runs that’s for sure and maybe the potential of around 85 homeruns from your outfield


    I keep checking for the lineup for game 2, but it hasn’t been posted up yet. I think Josh is mad at us, lol


    We only won because we had
    Gibby manager of your 2008 dodgers

    Orel pitching coach of your 2008 dodgers.


    Kent will play the 2nd game, gut feeling he might be playing his last 12 games as MLB player.


    cali for GM, if you can work that deal out Awesome! Would you bring Gibby to be our manager. Herishiser to be our pitching coach. A third base coach that can teach these guys a thing or two about running the bases instead of into outs. How about Brett Butler he’s a minor league manager. Bring Piazza as a player/hitting coach. Remember Manny Mota!!! Piazza could be our hitting coach and PH off the bench and back up Martin.

    I could only WISH!!!!


    Van_19 — Sorry, it is an excuse and Kent didn’t do anything either.

    But my point is that the only guy I’ve seen bunt is Pierre (and Furcal at times). But where is the bunting in the 5th-6th inning when you’ve been through the lineup twice and no ffense is being generated. Guys won’t expect LaRouche to bunt, maybe Bills. That goes to coaching. Guys need to know how to bunt and managers need to know when to bunt.


    how about 3rd base coach of Ron Cey, Duncan could stay at first base, Davey Lopes as your bench coach.


    ya i hope kent retires. delwyn young should play second next year!! remember we was the second baseman for that 2005 jacksonville suns team before he was promoted


    we got ourselves a staff. we can flip a coin with Butler or Cey. Since Butler is still involved with coaching I might lean towards him.


    I don’t want Kent to retire, but he is way more of a man to no when to walk away, unlike Gonzo.



    what are u saying?

    it’s not even a bunt situation for LaRoche!!!

    1 on with no out? why would u bunt ur number 7 hitter?

    are you going to waste 1 out for that?



    to be honest with you i want Kent gone!!!


    first of all i just want to say that i like Kent very much! he is still very productive!

    but the thing is… it doesn’t seem to me that he is playing for the team! i think he is trying to play for himself coz he wants a ring!!!

    what’s ur take on that?


    I think the most important fact about today’s game is that it was a “must” win game mostly because the Dodgers are not running away with the division like they could have. Grady is still tinkering with the lineups with 13 games to go when these young guys should have had tons of games together by now batting in the same spot every night – not moving Loney from 3rd to 5th to 3rd to 5th every week based on alledged matchups. How do you sit a gy like Kemp for 2 straight games, but when he plays, he bats 3rd??? What other team sits their 3rd place hitter?


    Van_19 — If Kent is playing for himself and the ring, I’ll take it since the other guys on the team will get rings and the fans can say they have a champion.

    But they are not playing like champions. Bunting with your number 7 hitter may be something the other team expects and may not necessarily be an automatic out. But you’ve got to try and generate runs in that situation. I’m talking about that 5th or 6th inning when we were down 1-0. Yeah, it may be something non-tradional to do, but you’ve got to try something different that hasn’t worked the past 160+ games.


    Jungar–it’s an excellent point about the quality of our pitching, even absent Schmidt and Wolf. But, you said that the problem in the off-season was not signing a big bat. But don’t you really mean it was not playing the big bats (Kemp/Loney) that we already have? I can easily forgive not signing any big bopper this off-season. It’s harder to justify James Loney not cracking the starting lineup for three months.

    If we win 89 games, we have a very good shot of making the playoffs. Now, that requires going 10-2 the rest of the way. That’s going 5-1 for the rest of the road trip and 5-1 on the homestand. I maintain that we have the talent and ability to pull that off. It’s really not that hard to imagine.

    On this day, we should not forget the possiblity of comebacks!


    Diehardblu what an absolutely pathetic evaluation of Scott Elbert. I dont know what we can expect from him next year with his shoulder surgery and all, but he is a lefty power pitcher. Before surgery he was on track to be in the bigs in next year but we will see where he is at this spring. That assesment might be ok for Greg Miller Diehard but I think you are foolish to compare Elbert and Ankiel.

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