Day Baseball

In regards to the question about travel, yes, the Dodgers charter a plane when we travel and it’s definitely a nice way to get from one place to another. Safe to say, there isn’t a lot of sitting in airports and waiting for your bags.

Though they are taking train today to NY, the equipment won’t likely go on the train. There’s a huge moving truck that always takes our stuff from the stadium to the airport and I’m guessing that the truck will just drive straight to New York, with each guy taking a "carry-on" on the train.

I’m not sure why we decided to take a train, but I’ll ask Scott Akasaki, who does an incredible job with our team travel. I’m guessing it might have something to do with the fact that our game will end right about at rush hour and it could take forever to drive from Philly to the Big Apple. But, that’s just a guess. I’ll definitely ask Scott to do a "guest-post" on here sometime in the near future.

Here’s today’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Kemp, RF

Kent, 2B

Hillenbrand, 1B

Martin, C

Gonzo, LF

Martinez, 3B

Billingsley, P





    Nobody wants Tomko to start ANYMORE! we’re better of with Houlton starting, just my 2 cents.


    I agree. Houlton could never be that bad and he’d be getting much needed experience.

    Check out this lineup. Grady has completly lost his mind. How in the world can you take out Either and Loney after what they did last night. I don’t care if it is a day game after a night game, we have to win almost everygame from here on out and Gonzo and Martinez aren’t going to do that. I hope the man up stairs is looking down on us today. This is a joke.


    What the heck is this ****?

    Ethier and Loney sitting after yesterday’s awesome game?

    Young players don’e need to be rested right now. Shoot, they don’t even play enough to be tired.


    i hate to be so critical of grady, but this lineup is terrible. this is the kind of lineup you throw out there when your team is in first place by 16 games and you just need to rest all of your best players. if we’re gonna sit ethier and loney, why not sit martin and kemp as well? hillenbrand gonzo and martinez are just not looking too appealing to me right now. think blue.


    I know Josh has the ability to find out, but can we see if Grady Little actually has a pulse?

    I am quite sure Little has not watched or at least comprehended anything that has happened since the All Star Break…

    He certainly slept through last night’s game!

    Luis Gonzalez is the worst player in the Major Leagues since the All Star Break!

    When Ramon Martinez starts his 12th game since the All Star Break you know your season is doomed to fail!

    Grady Little has to be the worst manager in Dodgers History.

    I used to think Johnson was the worst, but Little takes the cake!


    ****.. 2 guys who contributed yesterday is not in the game?

    what the ****! this thing is crazy!

    i can’t believe this!!!!!!!!!!


    Loney and Ethier have both been on the bench several times in the last ten games, so of all our players, these two who are young and well-rested do not need a break!

    Each night before Andre Ethier goes to bed he prays to God that Grady Little is fired!


    I would like to hear the reason Gonzo is starting over Ethier – the real reason – and not because he has more triplets than Ethier.


    1. Gonzo happy

    2. winning games


    Why am I not surprised? Grady let the fact that Fabio Castro has a .091 BAA against lefties in 11 innings in the majors get to him. This rotation between Ethier, Kemp and Gonzo is a huge mistake. Nonetheless, we still need to win, but this is so ridiculous. Why does everybody see what needs to be done except the front office and Grady? Find me one person who thinks Gonzo should still be starting. We still have enough good stuff in the lineup to score runs. I’m just really frustrated that we’re in the final days of August and Grady refuses to put his best players on the field except twice a week. Doesn’t Hillenbrand need a day off, I don’t think he’s had one since being recalled, but Loney, Kemp and Ethier have had at least two during that same period of time. I don’t get it anymore…and I’m not alone.


    This is rediculous, Grady must be throwing the game!
    Either needs to play everyday and hit third fourth or fifth.

    Gonzo needs to sit next to Leberthal or be put on waivers.

    I’m ready for a former Dodger to manage this team…Davy Lopes is ready, so is Dusty Baker. Lets bring in Kirk Gibson to light a fire under these guys as well as a hitting coach.


    Ethier is the hottest hitter in our lineup he should not be sitting. Why is Hillenbrand batting 5th? Did I miss something that showed he deserved to move up in the order? Keeping Tomko in the rotation is the stupidest move EVER!!!!!


    maybe grady thinks that if they can score 15 runs in a game with ethier, they can also score more than that! LOL

    he is making me sick!

    first tomko! now this lineup!

    what the ****!


    Not only does the lineup hurt today, but just hearing UPPER MANAGEMENT wants to sign David Wells (L.A Times reports) REALLY REALLY makes you question some of Neds moves.


    swood what’s up with grittle? Is Colletti making him bat shea 5th and bench two of our hottest hitters? Grittle is the WORST manager in the history of baseball!!!!



    The ****.

    Is this.

    There’s so much wrong here.

    1. WHY is Loney sitting again? This is three times in the last week. Unacceptable! There’s no way he needs “rest” that much.

    2. WHY is Martin playing another day game after a night game? Are we trying to kill him? How can we expect Lieberthal to ever be good if he never plays? And wouldn’t giving him a start in his old stomping grounds be a good idea?

    3. WHY is Ethier sitting? He’s been killing the ball lately.

    4. WHY couldn’t we just use the exact same lineup as last night (except at catcher)? That was the best lineup ALL YEAR, and it was successful.

    Very, very, disappointed.


    I am as ticked off as you can be with line up. But I can’t imagine how upset Loney and Ethier are. These kids want to kill grady.


    God ****** Grady even I can’t defend this stupid lineup or you’re decision to keep Tomko in the rotation. We are facing a rookie making his major league debut we should still score some runs for Billy. Diehard did you get the e-mail I sent it from the address


    trust me…. ethier might not be complaining but i can feel it when i read his interviews that he wants to play everyday and he wants his Hero(gonzo) to platoon him…

    i just don’t know what’s happening… i can’t figure out grady anymore…


    Obviously Little intends to manage this team “his way” no matter what, and it just shows that winning and going to the playoffs is not a priority with this management. I’ve known that and expressed that opinion many times in the past. Come the end of the season and we’re not in the playoffs – GOOD BYE COLLETTI, GOOD BYE LITTLE!!!
    I’m beginning to hate both guys with a passion.


    I do not want to see Tomko start another game, but you can at least excuse that move a bit more then today’s Lineup Debacle.

    Unless Colletti gives Grady another option, it is basically Tomko or Hendrickson. Tomko has been terrible starting and relieving, but at least Hendrickson has been good in the pen.

    Playing Martinez and Gonzo over Loney and Ethier is clearly all on Grady Little.

    The lineup is Beyond Belief!


    messagebearer neither of those guys are gonna go no matter how much you want them too… especially Ned who has a contract through ’09. And diehard I just noticed that I forgot to put my real name in that e-mail… its Ryan Wood.


    No mpdclarke Grady can start Houlton who was halfway decent when he pitched the entire 05 season in the bigs. I guarentee you Houlton would be a **** of alot better then Tomko is!!!!!


    Guys, I’m sorry but i am officially off the Dodger wagon. There is no way that Grady Little can give an explanation for why he’s sitting Ethier and Loney. NO way. I don’t care what the pitching match up is, i don’t care that they’re 0 for their last 2000 against the Phillies pitcher, I don’t care, I don’t buy and I certainly don’t believe anymore. Grady Little is making fun off all Dodger fans when he does this. He is saying “this is my team and i’m gonna do what i want and i don’t care if it costs us games” Mr. McCourt is now officially on my **** list for allowing this to continue. I’m sorry guys, i have been a Dodger fan my whole life, but enough is enough!!!


    I see Grady’s been riding his bike without his helmet again. He must have went down and got road rash of the brain. This man defies logic for stupidity.


    Can anyone please answer this question for me… Why in the world is Shea hitting ahead of Martin? That makes absolutely no sense.


    swood, you’re starting to figure out why Grady is not the answer for this club. Shea is hitting in front of Martin because Grady doesn’t have a clue.


    Another huge issue, even if we make the playoffs, which despite our management shortcomings, is still well within possibility. If we got to the playoffs Grady would never ever EVER play both Kemp and Ethier in the same game. It would be Gonzo, Pierre, Ethier vs. righties and Gonzo, Pierre, Kemp vs. lefties. We cannot win with this mindset, either Grady/Ned etc… need to change their mindset, or somebody else is going to have to change it for them. Or replace them with someone who is willing to play their best players day in and day out. Josh, from the bottom of our bleeding Dodger Blue hearts, if you really want us to believe you are pursuing a seventh world championship, you have to show it to us and right now all I hear is talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. You want a championship then you need to field the best team possible, this is NOT it. We are the public and we are not happy, last time I checked that’s a Public Relations nightmare. I’m off to class…


    Yes, I’m aware that Colletti is under contract through ’09 and that Little’s contract got conveniently extended last year. However, contracts have been broken and paid off before, and one can hope that McCourt would see fit to do that for the purpose of “cleaning house”. After all, what do those two contracts amount to compared to just the $47 million wasted on Schmidt, the wasted opportunities to seize this division a long time ago this season, and the potential future wasted dollars and opportunities with these same two people in charge.


    I wish Grady had put the same lineup he had yesterday. Couldn’t he see that it worked? This is getting to the point where its almost rediculous especially when you throw the Tomko thing in there. I just can’t get over Tomko staying in the rotation I mean how badly do you have to pitch to get kicked out of a rotation these days? I guess 2-11 with an era over 6 makes for a solid starter these days…. or atleast in Grady’s mind…


    QUOTE No mpdclarke Grady can start Houlton who was halfway decent when he pitched the entire 05 season in the bigs. I guarentee you Houlton would be a **** of alot better then Tomko is!!!!! QUOTE

    Houlton is in the Minor Leagues not on our current roster.

    Until Colletti puts a better option on the roster, Tomko remains the best option!

    Believe me a cannot stand Grady Little and his lineups are no longer amusing, but you cannot blame him too much for Tomko!


    You guys all know that I have defended Grady every day this season but today I just can’t do it. I’m starting to wonder what is being said in the closed meetings the Dodgers have between Ned and Grady. The lineup yesterday was perfect and it worked… Grady why not try it again?


    Yes you can mpdclarke if Grady wanted Houlton up here he could tell Ned and they would call him up and hopefully DFA Tomko. Don’t kid yourself Grady wants to stick with Tomko knowing that he can have a better option in Houlton. Why he won’t call up Houlton I don’t know.


    Clearly Grady will not acknowledge the fact that Gonzo is putrid and is more concerned about not agitating him then he is in winning ballgames.

    The Dodgers are on the fringes of the NL West Race and behind several teams in the Wild Card Race.

    Little has to have a greater sense of urgency. Sure, we can win today DESPITE Grady Idiot, but you need to put your best lineup out there everyday!



    2-4 2 runs, 3 rbi, 2 BB


    2-4 3 rbi, 1 BB

    And they’re not playing today?

    What’s the Dodger spin on this Josh?


    This is the worst line-up imaginable after the game we put together last night. Are they kidding us, is this some kind of a sick joke? swood, it looks like you’re starting to see the light on the Grady being terrible issue, welcome to the dark side buddy. Did you get a chance to read my post on yesterday’s blog @ 3:08pm?


    Isn’t it amazing that last year the Az Diamondbacks severed their ties with Gonzo after all those years and after everything he had done for them without any consideration for his feelings? Yet, here we are 1 year later and the Dodgers, Grady, are catering to Gonzo and his feelings. It is just mind boggling the way Grady works his line ups. After last nights game, and i’m not saying the same line up will score 15 runs again, but don’t they at least deserve the benefit of the doubt? How tired can 25 yr old Andre Ethier be from playing 9 innings? or 23 yr old James Loney? It’s un-#$%@#!-believable. I’m sorry for my whining it’s just that i love this team so much that this really burns me up!!


    Finally a voice of reason has arisen today …

    I’m so sick of people on this board going off like they have an “invested” interest in the Dodgers (like you own a percentage or something).

    I too don’t like messing with the lineup everyday, and finding hot hitters on the bench, but to fire a manager, have the owner on your “list” and “jump off the Dodger wagon” (Kiper)just seems a little (no pun intended) drastic even for this board!

    I bet each and everyone of you will still be rooting for the Dodgers this morning (maybe with the exception of Kiper) when you watch them on TV or listen to the radio (because, you like me, are at work).

    If the team loses today, I will be the first to say I wish LITTLE had stayed with the hot lineup, but if they win, I know many of you will say things like, “What a great win, boy Bills was daBomb, did you see Raffy and JP running hard today”.

    Get over yourselves and get behind the team. Quit being so angry! You guys and gals don’t REALLY think anybody in the front office but JOSH reads these posts, do you?


    “Yes you can mpdclarke if Grady wanted Houlton up here he could tell Ned and they would call him up and hopefully DFA Tomko. Don’t kid yourself Grady wants to stick with Tomko knowing that he can have a better option in Houlton. Why he won’t call up Houlton I don’t know. ”

    Not sure that Little has absolute power to make roster decisions.

    Maybe Josh can weigh in on that role.

    If Little does have such power than he is even a bigger idiot than he seems and sounds!


    Yesterday’s lineup clearly wasn’t any good so I am glad Grady is mixing it up. After all, the Dodgers only scored half as many runs as the Rangers did against Baltimore!

    And Ethier probably needs the rest after all that running around the bases. He has 27 doubles, just 2 less than team leader Kent, even though he is 7th on the team in at bats.


    I think Grady should mpdclarke I mean he is the one who deals with the players on the field and he can best tell if they can help the big league club or not.


    SWOOD – She is hitting in front of Martin because Martin would become the second inning’s third hitter, in case of a 1-2-3 first inning. Whether you like it or not, Hillenbrand cna hit too, and maybe with more pop.


    Interesting point ceorsmithc. Charris I read the article and I think what Scoccia does is good and maybe Grady should try to change his philosophy a bit. Although is what Grady does during the games really that much different from what most major league managers do?


    I agree that Grady should have the power, but it was Colletti who invested the cash in Tomko, so I think he might be hesitant to just write Tomko off, much moreso than Grady!


    ceorsmith you are on drugs for that Hillenbrand remark.

    More pop than Martin?

    You have lost all credibility.



    mpdclarke did you hear my theory yesterday of why I thought Grady always plays Pierre, Gonzo and Tomko for anyone who didn’t this was it: Ned pressures Grady into playing these free agents because he doesn’t want to make it look like he wasted all of McCourts money on bench players when we had young, major league ready outfielders. The same thing with Tomko.


    Scottt LOL!!! and ceorsmith are you saying that Grady is assuming that we will have a 1-2-3 top of the first?


    Somewhat swood.

    Like, “Frank, I’m telling you these veterans are going to turn it around I can feel it.”


    I am new at this. I have never posted here, although I read the comments everyday. I am a true “Bleeding Blue” Dodger fan and have been for many years. I am so frustrated right now and so disappointed with the management of this team. This lineup is pathetic and I agree with most of you that Grady needs to go. My question is this; Does anyone know if there is an email address where we can send comments to the front office? Maybe Josh can help with that. Because I really think it’s about time that true fans who make up the population of 3 million in attendance at Dodger games every year should be able to voice our disappointment with the current situation.



    Playing Gonzo and pitching Tomko surely are not sound baseball decisions. Outside pressure would make more sense.

    In fairness to Pierre he has played much better of late…


    swood, I guess the point to that article is, if you read the quote I took from it, if your team doesn’t hit for a high SLG %, you need to maximize your opportunity to score everytime somebody gets on base. Exactly how many teams in the majors this year will have an entire starting line-up of guys with less than 20 HRs? We will and yet we still don’t try to manufacture runs, unacceptable. Again this line-up appears as if Grady is throwing in the towel on the season.


    It does Charris and I agree with you. If management wasn’t going to get a power hitter then they should have never hired Grady in the first place considering he likes to play the American League style game and sit back and wait for the big 3 run homer. I still don’t think you can expect Grady to change a philosophy he’s had for a quarter of a decade though Charris.


    No Ethier & no Loney. 6 righthanded batters not including Billz, most likely because F.Castro is a lefty. Well those two better start showing Little they can hit Leftys, or we’ll never have a starting 8. Let’s hope they’ll be in there, later in the game. Last night’s slam bang affair was fun to watch, but today is another day and we MUST WIN. The trip from 30th St. Station in Philly is a nice quick 1hr & 25 minutes to Penn Station. I’ve made it many times and find it very enjoyable. I gave up driving many moons ago. I will be at Shea for the entire nerve wracking series. Going back and forth from place. COM’ON LET’S TAKE THIS SERIES.


    do you think Grady knows he’s going to be cut at the end of the season so he’s just sticking it to the man? Only problem is that McCourt cant fire him in the middle of the season because he doesnt like the line ups. If he does that, it is going to be hard to get any good manager because they will be afraid of McCourt not liking their lineup. This is a tragedy and the only thing I can hope for is that Shea and Martinez step up today.

    I think Grady chooses his line ups by throwing darts at a board, and then whoever he hits, he fits into position. Pierre must always be the number 3 on the board (easiest number to hit)


    You wrote “ceorsmith you are on drugs for that Hillenbrand remark.

    More pop than Martin?

    You have lost all credibility.”

    As you can see I wrote “MAYBE with more pop.”

    I stand corrected! Over their careers Shea hits a HR every 33.009 ABs and Martin hits a HR every 34.24 ABs.

    My Bad!


    In light of ceorsmithrc, comments, I hope that the Dodgers can win with any lineup that Grady decides to come up with and I will no longer vent my frustrations on this blog, i will do it on the Angels blog from now on….



    Consider the fact that to Colletti and Little these are just jobs, albeit very well paid jobs. They have no Dodger roots, no Dodger tradition. Consider Mr. McCourt, who is basically a high powered sports franchise investor from the east. Had there been another valuable franchise available at the time, he would probably own some other organization than the Dodgers. That’s not the same emotional investment as the O’Malley family. None of these people have grown up with THE DODGER PRIDE that I think all of us fans share whether we’re 16 or 76. That’s just the way sports seem to have changed, and that may be why we find such discrepancies in our attitudes between management and many of us fans.

    Little probably has as much ego and determination to do things his way as the ego of people like Gonzo that he wants to protect. If he loses this job, he’ll go back to his North Carolina retirement well taken care of financially, and remembering Dodgers will only be a tiny blip on his memory radar screen over the course of his career. Not exactly a Tommy La Sorda kind of involvement.

    Colletti is probably still more a Giant at heart than a Dodger, no matter who makes out his checks. That’s the problem with not having chosen some people with traditional Dodger roots, people for whom the Dodgers are a passion and a purpose in itself.

    As for Mr. McCourt, as long as we stream over 3 million fans into the stadium each year, the investment is well. I think what might motivate him to bring a winner to that stadium would be if he became a “laughing stock” as a winning incapable owner with his charity and society friends in the bigger community. I hope I’m wrong on that score, and he can prove his case by cleaning house and getting some people in whom Dodger blood runs BLUE.

    Where are those people with THE DODGER PRIDE? I think there are still many, if we just look – like Logan White, like Gibson, like Hershiser, maybe even like Valentine, and many more that I’m sure you could add.

    Sorry for this philosophical diatribe, but I think essentially it is THE DODGER PRIDE that separates us fans from the current management and maybe even the ownership of our beloved Dodgers. It is a feeling we’ve all grown up with, and it is hard to acquire by an outsider on the quick. I hope that when the ownership wakes to this reality, next time they will pay some attention to this factor in their management personnel selection.


    Ok..THAT’S IT!!…Guess Grady doesn’t want to win..Is he kidding with this lineup?…Martinez, Hillenbrand, and Gonzo..FIRE THE JERK…TODAY


    Listen CEO,

    Your numbers are out of wack and you know it. Shea has been a piece of **** for 2-3 years now and he hasn’t hit for power either lately while Martin’s power numbers have only been going up. 2 players going in opposite directions I say.


    sure if you define Pop as a homerun. But thats not the only way to score a run in this game. Stop focusing on the homeruns and start looking at the speed potential for the top 6 in our lineup next year.

    1. Furcal

    2. Pierre

    3. Ethier

    4. Kemp

    5. Martin

    6. Abreu

    7. Loney

    8. LaRoche

    (Disclaimer: This is lineup is only based on speed, not on Batting Average. But each of these guys have the potential to steal 20 bases a year, if healthy and we have a coach that lets them be aggressive.)



    Furious here…Loney and Ethier need to play everyday…oh..I forgot..we prefer Gonzo and Martinez..forgot how much better they are…This is a crime


    Ned has got to have Little handcuffed on who plays and who doesn’t because there is no way he would have even gotten a chance to manage in the minors if he was this dumb; much less the majors. He didn’t do this with his line-up in Boston so it has to be Ned.


    Kiper – WHat a loser you are. You know I JOKE with my youngest son about being a “bandwagon fan” (he likes the Cardinals), but he is 13 and doesn’t know any better. I’m surprised at you! First you write, “I’m sorry for my whining it’s just that i love this team so much that this really burns me up!!” then you say you’re going to spend your time now on the Angel site. How convienient that you would pick a first place team with a shot at the WS! BANDWAGON!


    wow..there isnt much to say that already hasn’t been said. I have been kind to Grady..But when you score 15 runs in a game and get 6 rbi, 4 hits, 3 walks, out of two guys and then bench them the next day, you must be retarded.

    No need to even criticize anymore it such a joke.

    In other news while all you complain about Tomko…

    Since the AS break, Edwin Jacksons ERA is 2.79. With 3 wins…Not bad, especially with 2 games against the Yanks and 2 against the Red Sox, at texas, at Detroit.


    Scott – I agree with you! Two going in different directions, but that is going to happen when you have a 25 year old – four years from his prime – and a 32-year old most assuredly on the decline!
    I just took exception to your take that I “lost all credibility.”


    Maybe they are just resting Ethier because of all that running around the bases last night. Remember last year when he started slumping Little blames it on fatigue, because He wasn’t use to a 162 game schedule.


    Coers… I live 10 minutes from Angel stadium, with the way things are going with our management, it is very easy for me to go there and watch entertaining baseball. Doesnt hurt to have Scioscia as the coach. lets face it, this management has taken all of the fun out of watching the games this year. Not only are Angel games cheaper, I dont have to leave work 2 hours earrly to make the game. Its no wonder the Angels added LA into their name, it was so all the LA crowd can have something to be proud of with LA attached to it. This management has mismanaged this team ALL year and now look whats happening, I dont blame yah Kiper. But I will be around here supporting the Dodgers, on the other hand, dont think that I wont be critical or be cheering for the Angels. (My second favorite team.)


    I love that after yesterday’s game even Kevin Kennedy said something like, “this is the line-up we should see through the end of the year. C’mon guys, you’ve only got about 5 weeks left. You have to throw your best line up out there and this is it!”

    We all say it. The Skipper Kevin Kennedy says it. Grady does it once and we win 15-3. Apparently once is good enough??? Unreal.


    Well, let’s not waste any more space posting our favorite lineups. All of ours are almost identical.

    We know what Ned and Grady are up to so I guess all that’s left is to put an ice pick into my eye….


    Fezzik — obviously you never played on a baseball team, or at the very least don’t know what baseball jargon means, pop in this sense means HRs!


    You want to root for this team to get back in it…and Grady puts this pathetic lineup out there…Maybe he prefers to ride his motorcycle the day the season ends..obviously he doesn’t want to spend time losing a playoff series.!!!


    It’s not even about specific players. you score 15 runs in a game for the first time since god knows when and you cant just roll with it again?


    SWOOD: I’m from Brooklyn, the birthplace of our beloved, I was refering to my trip back to N.Y. I got myself a computer only because of the Dodgers. I hardly ever use it for anything else. So since I’m from the East and my team is out West now, I got this idea to call myself EAST MEETS WEST.


    Why you stuck up on the homeruns? And yes I played baseball for quite a while, going into high school. But my point was, why are you getting hung up on the homeruns. We have so much speed on this team and everyone is focusing on the long ball, which puts that speed to waste. This is not a power hitting team, Martin and Shea are not power hitters, so why judge them on how much “pop” they have?


    Imagine how Honeycutt must feel when Grady keeps throwing Tomko out there. Every lose a pitcher gets makes Honeycutt look bad. His pitchers will never win if Little keeps throwing crazy line-ups out there.


    Grady saw those 15 runs last night and will be sure to not let it happen again. This is a classic lineup Little. I can see why they gave you an extension.


    Well game is about to start. Lets get it going dodgers, do it inspite of your idiotic GM and Manager.


    Think about all of the teams that we have faced this year. How many times do we pray we dont see the batter who killed us the night before back up at the plate again. Grady accomodates the fans of other teams.


    Win or loose I am getting to a point I have never been in as a dodger fan in 25 years.


    I stand by what I said a year ago…other than by luck or miracle..the Dodgers will never win a WS with Coletti and Grady in charge. I am so mad because we have good young players yet we need to make way for Ramon Martinez and his 175 batting average and for Gonzo who has been terrible after the AS break.

    Was the Tomato not available to play catcher today?



    What kind of rationale must Little have for doing this?

    I can’t honestly think of anything but sarcastic expletives to describe his managing skill.


    Castro couldn’t have a better day to get his first major league start. If he gets in a jam Gonzo, Martinez, and Hillenbrand will surely help him out of it.


    Tomko said he found a flaw in his delivery. Where have I heard that before? The only flaw is Tomko being on the mound in the first place. I thought the idea was to put your best players on the field, not 2 of your worst. No wonder this team is in 3rd place.


    yes Kriby, team speed, without Gonzo in left, Furcal, Pierre, Kemp, Ethier, Martin… Once again, all of them are capable of stealing 20 a year. The problem is, Kemp and Ethier dont get the playing time.


    Not a great start for the Blue…Just hope Bills has a good game because this lineup could be a problem…LOL


    here are the splits.



    .382/.435/.945 left

    .283/.333/.794 right


    .325/.371/.841 left

    .289/.367 .843 righy

    and just because:


    .261/.299/.589 left


    .299/.365/.813 left


    .267/.297/.630 left


    .227/.294..567 left


    It just occurred to me, and this brightens my outlook just a bit. With this management and the constant shifting lineup and the Giants are still, 10.5 games behind us. They really blow this year. So at least we arent finishing south of them this year.


    Castro: “Mom, you won’t believe it but that dumba$$ Grady Little is sitting 2 of his best hitters in place of a couple stiffs and he’s even batting Hillenbrand 5th! Tell the family to tivo this one!”


    Furcal had a good AB, even though he fouled out. I like those long ABs, showing patients at rhe plate.


    Kirby I don’t know! I really did use to think it was Ned but now, not sure. Ned is not even near grady and I am sure if grady said to ned, hey man i just plan on rolling out what we rolled out yesterday no way ned would say no to that..

    I know some people (me) are number guys and others are more “hunch” guys or whatever..but come on..we are playing three out of these guys above with OBPs that are lower than .300


    I can defend letting Martin start AGAIN because he should always catch Bills. Of course maybe he should have had a day off already. But to sit Ethier /Loney JUST because we’re facina lefty is inexcusable. If it was freaking Santana or even Hamels *maybe* I could see it, but not with some rookie scrub. Does Grady really think that Gonzo/Martinez are upgradges because they are right handed? Not to mention the defense we are missing out on with those two. am just so disgusted at this point. Until they prove they CANT hit lefties you keep rolling them out there. They haven’t proven it yet.


    I think things have gotten past the point of rational arguments.

    Good start for Bills. He’s going to have to pitch a shutout probably with that rally killing lineup.

    How about Shea hitting into a DP yesterday even with the 3b bobbling the ball? Classic.


    Nice start by C-Bill.

    Can’t fault the players for losing when the manager makes it hard to do so. Milano’s blog got pulled for calling Grady out. I’m not buying this “teh Spanish blog is beter…” ********.


    I’m watching the game on my big Zenith, which is in another room and I’m keeping my old GE, in this room on, so I don’t miss anything when I come in here to type.



    Not only can they hit lefties, but as jungar pointed out, they hit BETTER than the ones they’re sitting for. Insane.


    I just want to win..or loose with our best players. Is that so much to ask? I mean really? That’s all most here are asking for.


    Wondering why Ethier, and Loney aren’t in the lineup. What ever happened to; “If it aint broke, don’t fix it.” Hilly at 1st?!! Makes me think the’Tomato’ might be on his way out, or in Grady’s puppy pound.


    gonzo killed that inning…

    i know it is still too early but i’ve been frustrated since i saw the lineup…


    I really hate when everyone says what a great guy Gonzo is, yet he’ll complain if they want to bench him in favor of better players. Sounds like an insecure a-hole to me.


    Although it hasn’t paid off yet the Dodgers are showing a lot of PATIENCE at the plate. The disaplent is proberbly due to Fabio’s reputed lack of control, But it’s interesting to see. I can’t wait to have time to read Messagebearer’s long post.


    Josh–Thanks for the information about travel. It’s some interesting behind the scenes stuff you don’t see.


    it’s time for gonzo to give way…

    he already won a championship! can they tell him not to be selfish…


    yay!!!! 2 innings 19 pitches for Billz!

    Lets get him some run support now. Be patient and make the youngin throw strikes.


    If we have any chance to get back at the top of the wild card or anything else, we MUST have Ethier and Loney playing everyday…No excuses…



    You should hear the disgusted sigh I get from my 7 year old son when he sees Tomko is pitching…


    Attn Gonzo Haters: I’d rather see Ethier in the lineup everyday too but don’t forget who helped carry the offense the first 3 months of the season. Gonzales has been really bad the last 4-6 weeks but some of your comments are absurd. “Nothing changed in 4 months,” “Gonzo has done nothing for us,” etc. Either you don’t really watch that much Dodger baseball or your memories are extremely short.


    Kemp, if you want to keep playing you better pop up or gound out like the great Gonzo showed you how.

  106. *********

    Maybe his ankle still hurting and if Donelly had let him in and he made an out everyone going to complain about Donelly again.


    This line up doesn’t have the excitement of yesterday’s and it’s already showing..another Kent dp…and the rest of the lineup after him is pretty sorry…except if Russell can get it going…Why oh why does Grady do this to a team that was so good yesterday..It just makes no sense…


    Kemp’s 7 game hitting streak should get him more playing time, but you don’t know with Grady.


    A few solid takes from you guys: and my responses…

    1. True Gonzo was great in the first half. I get it. My take would be that Gonzo should play over Pierre today (based on lefty splits and recent playing time) but I don’t think given how hot Ethier has been that he (or Kemp) should sit. Not only for the “now” but for the “future” this is good exp for them. They are our future, gonzo and pierre aren’t.

    2. Good call on Shea vs Tomato. I mean if your gonna go stupid on us, why not play a guy who up until this year has just killed lefties in his career.


    Attn Gonzo Apologists: What he did during the first 3 months doesn’t matter anymore. He has been undeniably horrid since July 1st.


    this is again one of those days that they will stranded those runners…

    i hope they can take advantage…


    ******* Gonzalez wiffed with 1st and 2nd and one out…

    Bills swung at ball four with the bases loaded…

    Kent chased a terrible pitch with 1st and 3rd and one out and hit into a DP…



    As bad as Shea is i hope there wasn’t a Shea v. Tomato discussion in Grady’s head before the lineup was made.

    Hmmm…How can I get the hot bat of Ramon Martinez in the lineup? I got it! I’ll take out Loney who is struggling hitting .380 against lefties and move Shea over to 1b…


    Momoracci: What he did the first 3 months doesn’t matter anymore? Guess you would like to be 10-12 games out of first then. Without Gonzo and Martin killing the ball for 3 months this entire season would have been an offensive slump. Ethier is a better player and should be starting now but if you can’t recognize what Gonzo contributed to this team you have no credibility.


    Hope we can get something going here, because I think Manuel has quick hook for F. Castto.


    drped not only does it not make any sense, it doesnt allow the team to build any momentum coming off of last night. Absolutely no excuse and it does not allow for streaks to be put together. Who wants to contribute to the fund for


    Great couple of funny posts. We can sure use the humor, since there’s not much else so far.


    why are they so aggressive? can’t they see that castro is struggling?

    im getting more and more frustrated now…


    Grady is managing this just like a Spring Training game: like, let’s give everybody a good look, so we know whom to invite to next year’s Spring Training. In the meantime, forget the playoffs; after all, I’ve got my contract extension from my good bud Ned.


    fezzik I’m in!

    No DP, No DP, No DP, No DP, No DP, No DP, No DP, No DP, No DP, No DP, No DP, No DP,


    Shea, Ramon and Luis are looking good out there! I’m sure Ethier and Loney are enjoying the shade of the dugout.


    Yeah, Gonzo!!!
    I mean that “good guy in the clubhouse” Gonzo. (Wish you were in the clubhouse instead of on the field). I can hear them laughing all the way in Arizona.


    Gonzo has batted with three runners on base in two ABs and he has managed to make three outs…

    Grady Little You are Fired!


    Seems like whenever there is a pitch to hit we’re banging it right at somebody. HILLY swung at ball 4.


    lath19: I recognize that he was good during the first half, but since he’s HORRIBLE right now, it simply doesn’t matter. He shouldn’t play based on the reputation of the first half.


    great that play is going to earn Martinez another start. Shea will get one for catchin the throw, Loney wont be in tomorrow.


    This is shaping up to be another 1-0 loss for Billingsley. Get the old men off the field and put the kids into the game!!!


    Imagine if we had an offense today we could win..So far Bills looking good…same can’t be said for this offense the Dodger manager has bestowed on us!


    I am impressed with Chad so far. A great game for four innings. You think he could win a 1-0 game for a change. The trouble is getting that 1 run.


    I like what Billy’s showing from the mound today. Much better control, and command. Now, if the bats could just wake up. Gonzo should be on the pine, and Ethier should be in there.


    You guys no what’s funny, Gonzo in the lineup. You guys think he will ever fess up and say Grady, don’t ever put me in the line up again, because I really am old and can’t hit a lick anymore.


    Sure Ramon might be clutch or as Lyons calls him, the best hitting .179 hitter in the league and sure Pierre will make something happen late in a close game due to his speed, but the games this season didnt need to be this close if we just played our best team since April 2!!


    Great for Bills. He’s pitching so well. I wonder if Grady has him above Tomko on the depth chart yet?


    Yeah JP drive me nuts. He is so much better on Playstation where you can use his skils, but with your brain.


    Has anybody else been completely unimpressed with Pierre’s bunting ability this year? He came to LA with a reputation as a great bunter, but I don’t see it. Even Vin said during the last homestand that Pierre was not the bunter he thought he would be.


    Pierre didn’t do anything wrong in that at bat. You guys need to relax. The only thing done wrong was taking the squeeze off.


    Juan-for-5 is by far the worst player on this team. Dude can only do two things (bunt, steal) and he isn’t that good at either of them. His CS/SB ratio is nothing special for somebody with his speed and you just saw his bunting ability. At least he will be gone in 4 years.


    Kevin: He didn’t do anything wrong? Pierre failed to get a bunt down on a squeeze and he failed to plate a runner from 3rd with less than 2 outs. He did everything wrong. Taking the squeeze off was the right call. Pierre had his shot at it and missed.


    Keep the squeeze on and the run scores. The “element of surprise” is a joke. He has 2 more shots at getting the bunt down. You really think he’d bunt foul twice more? With Furcal coming home on the pitch any bunt Pierre gets down would’ve scored him. His game is to be a line drive/ground ball hitter. He hit it on a line to the right side, it was caught. Keep the squeeze on and it’s 2-0 Dodgers.

  140. Roberto

    Check out what Grady said about the fans…

    The manager was asked about fans who tell him what they would have done differently if they were managing the Dodgers.

    “A lot of people are capable of playing Nintendo baseball,” he said. “When you play fantasy baseball or on a computer, rarely do you take into account a missed umpire’s call or a tweaked hamstring. People only know part of it. There’s a reason why we do what we do.”


    lath, are you seriously bashing Pierre after defending Gonzo? Look at what they’ve both done today and what they’ve done since July 1st for that matter. Since when is stealing 50 bases out of 59 attempts a bad percentage (85%)?


    I say Ehtier pinch hits this inning, if not I will become a Giants fan or maybe even a Yankees fan.


    Wow! Little finally puts our best lineup on the field, they score 15 runs, then our two hottest hitters get benched for less than mediocre players. They needed a rest? Probably not nearly as much as Russell Martin who is starting. Little has gone insane. He needs to be replaced with Joe Girardi. Maybe the former MOY, former catcher could do a better job with our young players, including having a clue about how to handle a catcher.


    Pierre could you know, bunt anyways to make sure we get the run home but that would take his own brain power as well as side track him on his quest for his 200 hits..


    Still alot of Pierre haters posting I see. Don’t forget he’s got playoff experience, and a World Series ring. IF they get into the playoffs, he may be a much needed shot in the arm for this team.


    california maybe you should change teams!

    Roberto nice post i agree with Grady its is so sad that all of you continue to bash this team and then cheer for them when we win!


    WOW! Loney hitting for Shea!

    Keep trying to send your brain waves to Grady guys!

    Probably next inning he’ll put Saenz at 1b to get some work in though…

  148. Roberto

    Check out what Grady said about the fans…

    The manager was asked about fans who tell him what they would have done differently if they were managing the Dodgers.

    “A lot of people are capable of playing Nintendo baseball,” he said. “When you play fantasy baseball or on a computer, rarely do you take into account a missed umpire’s call or a tweaked hamstring. People only know part of it. There’s a reason why we do what we do.”

  149. *********

    lol charris they probably talking about his career SB% is under 75% still and that is not good for any good basestealer. Maybe he improve that this year.


    its so SAD to see people defend grittle! I’m sorry we don’t have blinders on and just love the “stadium atmosphere”.


    Might have lost the chance with Castro with Alfonso it’s a diffent ball game. ..Well Loney’s in.


    Grady is so out of touch.

    I guess Kevin Kennedy is playing Nintendo too?

    Now get Ethier in the OF at least to save Bills 1-0 lead!

  153. Roberto

    I hear Kennedy really wants the Dodger job. Anyone see the picture on the dodgers homepage of Davey Lopes ? He’s the Phillies coach… weird….


    oh jjriley the problem when you say something like “look it up” is that when you do you see a 2003 JP with a .361 OBP and a 2007 JP with a .325 OBP. With the number of plate apperances he gets he needs his OBP at that 2003 level to be effective. If he did, you would never hear me complain about the guy.


    I dont know Kiper, thats a tough ball to catch, especially with the distance he had to run and the angle he took to it, not the easiest.


    Well we’re finding out what a good CF looks like today. One has taken 2 base hits from the Dodgers, the other let the Phillies tie the game. JP’s speed sure can be neutralized by the bad jumps he always gets.


    yeah Pierre’s game is not my kind of game. Like give me Chris Young who has as many homeruns as Pierre has rbi. (ok fine, 4 less hr) and about the same number of runs scored.


    Bills looks to be good Chad today–giving up one run to a very potent offense on the road through six innigs is great.

    We need to give him more than just one run. How is it possible that we scored 15 last night and only 1 today? I wonder if there is something different between the team today and yesterday? Because I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that 2 of our 5 best hitters started today on the bench.


    This stupid mutha f$#@$% lineup is going to cost billz a ******** how many times has he blanked or allowed one run and lost the game.

  160. *********

    Yeah and what hurt is Victorine is an ex minor league player in the Dodgers farm system that we lost him in the rule 5 draft.


    I meant to say..but even if he is not my style, if he got on base at a 360 clip, with his speed I could handle that. Dodger problems this year do not start with him, that’s for sure.


    We lost victorino, twice. Basically it was a choice between him or Repko. They went with the ankle destroyer instead.

  163. *********

    Dang Bills we could’ve used that bunt when Furcal was on 3rd but it was good to see you score the only run for your team.


    The little leaguer actually contributed to the Dodgers in a positive way! Too bad it would be 3-0 if he could play CF and get a simple squeeze bunt down.


    jungar I’m talking post season. Everyone’s beating a dead horse with the OBP here. Sure it could be higher, Sure he could have a better arm. He’s leading the club in hits, and steals, and doing better lately. Like right now! A rare RBI for Juan! GO DODGERS!


    Grady is just too stupid to be a ML manager.

    Please send your thoughts to Bombard them with your dissatisfaction with Grady’s continued abuse of his power. There is no way that Ethier should have sat out today. If Gonzo was going to be a big baby about it, then Grady needed to have a talk with him. I doubt Gonzo even cares, it’s more like Grady who seems to care about who plays and who doesn’t.

    It was even further insulting to see Loney out of the lineup and Hillenbrand at 1b, because of course Hillenbrand has “EARNED” the right to play regularly.


    waaaaaaaa… dislocated finger? that’s bad…

    some of u guys got ur wish… some of the people here wants JP in the DL…


    Did anyone pay attention and read the article about Pierre that is still on the website?? I have said it before and i will say it again, We will be saying by the end of the season “where would we be without JP this year?”.

    Now that is a gamer, dislocates a finger and gets it back into place and wants to keep playing!

    Where were all the JP haters when he got a clutch RBI?!!!


    Before it’s said, Pierre usually does not get caught stealing, and trying to move into scoring position with Kemp up is a good idea.

    I am perplexed that he was not pulled, at least as a precautionary measure.

    If Bills gets through this inning, we can turn it over to Broxton and Saito.


    So as I said earlier, Pierre only does two things (bunt, steal) decent and he doesn’t do them very well. I’ll give him props for taking that dislocated finger like a man. I don’t JP to get hurt I just don’t want him to play for the Dodgers.


    JP’s probably the one guy in baseball that could hurt a finger and not have it effect his game.


    “where would we be without JP this year?”

    I say we would be in the playoffs. But we will see.

    And to make you guys happy: Props on the nice hit Pierre.


    Yeah your right 75% out of 500 total career SB is not very good at all??? Does that make sense to anyone else?

    Who exactly are we comparing him to? I think the only ones you will find to compare to are HOF or Future HOF!


    The bases are FOB not full of Brooklyns but at full of guys in BLUE. COM’ON GUYS LETS OPEN IT UP>


    let’s give gonzo a chance… if he can’t get at least 1 rbi with bases loaded…
    it means they need to bench him… right away


    well maybe martinez deserves the 3b position while nomar is out. Nice to see Billz looking to get the win.


    Nice Ramon! Should be getting closer to the Mendoza line in average. Better to show up late, than never I guess.


    nice inning…. should have had more, man Gonzo just kills anything we get going. I like the guy, but man, Grady has got to start playing Ethier instead of him. The reasoning behind playing Gonzo is that he needs to playing time to get hot, I kid you not, I heard it last night on KFWB and my mouth just dropped open. I was stupified.


    Like I said earlier, it doesn’t matter what Gonzo did at the beginning of the year. He ****** now and shouldn’t play.


    I think this stuff about Gonzo being a nice guy is rubbish. If he’s so nice he can sit his own *** down to help the team. Selfish a-hole…


    Great Lineup today! Little wins at every level. Go Dodgers! No doubt, we will be three back in the division by the end of this month.


    Yay Martinez. He’s playing a little bit like last year, which earned him his contract for this year. Nice and clutch.

    Gonzo, on the other hand, sure is dangling halfway down the cliff right now.


    Grady: Ethier, get out to left field on the double!

    Ethier: Hey, coach, I really could have helped the team in that bases loaded situation.

    Grady: PINCH HIT FOR GONZO??!!!(Grady has heart attack)


    Yeah having the lead in the bottom of the 8th is really bad huh!

    Ohhhh no there goes the no HR streak for Brox!


    I agree about Ramon. Play him over Shea.

    Joking aside, has Gonzo ever complained? You guys talk like he is the one making out the lineup card. I mean who dosent want to play baseball if given a chance?


    Actually I like the Angels as well, but the Dodgers are my favorite.

    If I didn’t want the Dodgers to win I would be happy with Grady wouldn’t I?


    Scott I can’t believe you just said you are an Angels fan??!! Are you joking??? Scott as a true dodgers fan you HAVE TO hate the Angels. RAMON MARTINEZ FOR NL MVP!!!!!


    97 1/3 is better than pretty good. Whodathunk Iguchi of all players would get one off Brox? Goes to show even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.


    Pierreeast are you at the game? and what does your email address mean? does it have something to do with pierre going from the cubs to LA? Do you travel with the team? Or do you just think it sounds cool LOL.


    Any suggestions for the lineup in NY tomorrow night? I will look at the 302 different combinations and give them to Grady for review.


    Here Eric this is against John Maine tomorrow:











    I hate the Giants and the Pads and used to hate the Braves, Astros and Reds before realignment. The Angels are no threat since until interleague they never played each other and have never met in the WS.

    Most people who grew up in socal are not Angel haters.


    Eric we need more of the Tomato like we need more cowbell. Let Grady know.

    Broxton is the man. On my I will kill Ned if you trade him list that also includes Bills, Kemp, Loney and Martin. It used to not include Ethier but not so sure about that anymore.


    Jungar … the last I checked the Tomato has half of the at bats he had at this time last year and one third the at bats as the year before. Who should we use in his pinch hitting role?


    Eric I like your dad but I think he’s kinda dumb. Can you put him on here sometime I would love to talk some sense into him.


    Boy! Saito made quick work out of the heart of their batting order. Great Job! That’s two series wins in a row. With Penny, Lowe, and Billingsley all doing well, I like the way it looks down the stretch. Now, if Tomko comes out of the rotation, I’ll like it even more.



    Doesn’t Sweeney have the 2nd most PH all time? Isn’t that why we traded for him?


    Well, they pulled it out thanks mainly to great pitching from Bills.

    Hopefully Gonzo played his way out of future lineups today – like he hadn’t already, right?


    SWOOD: no I’m not at the game, today, I will be tomorrow. I told you before ( yesterday’s blog)I’m from Brooklyn (EAST) the Dodgers are in the (WEST). That is the only reason I bought a computer. so east meets west.



    LOL on Sweeney…but gotta hand it to Bills and Sammy.

    We needed it because Tomko is pitching batting practice for the Mets on Sunday..LOL


    Well that’s another 1/2 pick up in the west, and a game on the Phillies in the WC. Here’s to the Pads, Rocks, losing tonight!


    O pierreeast I’m very sorry I didn’t see yesterday that you were from Brooklyn. Maybe I should make an email swoodeastmeetswest because I am from a couple miles outside Washington DC. LOL


    The Mets are going to be tougher than the Phils. It won’t be as easy. Here’s hoping they win big in the rotten apple!


    Rocks are losing 4-0 as of now, but it’s early – 4th inning. We all know no lead is safe at Coors Field.


    Trivia: Name 3 things that should never be together at the same time. (answer below)

    Gonzo, Hillenbrand & Martinez


    If we take two out of three from the Mets I will be thrilled. They are a good team and our bats are going to have to show up even more then they did this week in Philly.


    After reading the first 20 posts on today’s blog, I am disgusted. Something has got to change around here. Every time Grady puts out a lineup you don’t like, this blog is almost intolerable to read. Enough of the hyperbolic, vitriolic nonsense. You wonder why the people on this blog are starting to agree with the anti-Grady anti-Ned camp? Because you’re driving other opinions away with day-in, day-out insults fired at management over EVERY shortcoming (real or perceived) in every lineup or transaction. I don’t think this makes any of you less of Dodger fans, but I can certainly understand how people would read your posts that way. Because – posts here are F*CKING OBNOXIOUS. 400 TIMES A DAY.

    Discussion happens when people of opposing viewpoints share with each other. What goes on on this blog is no longer discussion, it’s akin to what goes on on ultra-liberal and ultra-conservative political websites – people with the same point of view, feeding each other with the same BS hundreds of times each day. But, after it’s been said 100 times, the next blogger has to try to outdo what’s been said by taking it to the “next level” – more hyperbole, more vitriol. I would guess that there are people on this blog who find more time to spend obsessing over their hatred of Grady and JP than doing anything productive in their real lives. Although that’s probably an exaggeration, that’s not the way it comes through when reading people’s posts.

    PLEASE. Cut back on the sarcasm. Cut back on the exaggeration. Cut back on second-guessing. Don’t stop any of that – just try not to use these things as your PRIMARY forms of expression and discussion on this blog. For me, I enjoyed the reasonable debates that went on on this blog in the offseason. Loved them. But I hate that this blog has been more or less ruined for me by about 5-10 posters who post 20 times a day each. You can probably figure out who you are; please pay attention to the sentiments I’ve expressed in this post. Thanks.


    I will take 2-3 in Philly any time..particularily now. particullarly when 1 of the three starters was Tomko and we could have won that game and we didnt use Penny.

    Good stuff.

    PS just messing about the Tomato.


    SWOOD: Look back to 9:51 AM PT I have a much better explanation. No I’m not Juan Pierre, Afro-american, I’m Joe Pierre, Italian -American, about 1/8 French.


    Scott Martinez has been playing well lately. You should replace his name with Tomko or Roberto Hernandez.


    You are right about Sweeney, but if it’s 12-12 in the ninth inning Sunday(which it very well could be) who do you have hit against Wagner with the game on the line?


    So dont read it puppy head. Go someplace with your level of brainpower since you are so above the rest of us.

    I can care less what you say and I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s a public forum.

    No one is driving other opinions out aside from you.

    Isn’t that the point of your post?


    Answer to your question at 1:16 PM PT. Yes I did go the games played at Ebbet’s Field.


    Hey guys, :Lay off Tomko, he’s confident he’ll do better his next time out. He says he found a flaw in his pitching.

    This is actually one of the first times i’ve heard Tomko defend his poor pitching. I wonder what the next excuse is going to be, a hang nail in his left little toe?


    As much as I hate to say it ericlittle I have the tomato just because Wagner is SO tough on lefties… But he probably would come up empty.



    Last year and especially the year before last the answer would be Saenz easily, but I don’t think he can get the bat around effectively anymore. For a right handed bat, I’d have to pick Ramon over Saenz and maybe Penny over Saenz.(almost)


    I’m not driving opinions out, Jungar. I’m asking people to be less sarcastic, less hyperbolic, etc. How is that driving people away? I’m asking people to be more moderate, more respectful, to foster and environment that is good for debate.

    My brainpower is more than the rest of you? How did you take that from my post?

    I’d like to continue reading this blog. I’ve enjoyed it for the better part of a year. But each month that has passed since May has seen the tone and level of individual posts in serious decline, IMO, and I’m simply addressing that.


    fezzik I can’t believe you are defending Tomko having another start. Do you want us to lose? Tomko is one of the worst pitchers in the majors. Our offense I don’t care what the lineup is can’t overcome all the breaking balls he hangs or all the fastballs he misses middle in with! There is no excuse for giving Tomko another start! He eliminates any chance for a victory and you can’t afford to give up games when you’re trailing a hot team by 6 games.


    Oh, and the “so don’t read it” argument really sums up internet anonymity – “I don’t care what other people think, I’ll just say whatever I please.” Fine. Don’t be considerate of others. Cool.


    puppy can you defend Little’s line up today? Seriously, can you? That seems to be one of the biggest reasons people come on here. the constant shifting of the line up does nothing but destory any chance that this team has of building momentum. It is absolutely ridiculous what Little and Ned have done to this team. I will not stop my ranting and raving about Ned and Little until they are gone. Then, I will relax and give the new guys a chance and allow them to prove themselves. But as for these two, they’re beyond redemable in my eyes.


    puppy, I see where you’re coming from on this and I have to sympathize with you a little and I’ve fired my share of ugly comments. I think here have gotten to some kind of breaking point as the season is starting to slip away and experts like Kevin Kennedy are in total agreement with our rants. We are passionate about this team and hate to see talent flushed down the toilet in favor of contract value or vetteran bias.

    I suggest you come back in the offseason after Grady is fired if you want a better atmoshpere though.


    Swood, that comment was laced with sarcasm… that was the purpose of adding in the comment of the excuse. Trust me, I have no trust in Tomko to do anything but serve up BP.


    Does anyone else think Stults would be a fine addition to the starting rotation for the rest of the season? Still leaves the 5th spot up for grabs……..Maybe Hull over Tomko.


    I can’t defend the lineup – nor do I need to. Because they won the game.

    If you really think that “ranting and raving about Ned and Little” will have ANYTHING to do with whether they’re fired or continue in management is delusional. Yes, the PR guy for the club reads this. Does that mean McCourt cares a lick what you say? The point of this forum is not to communicate all your thoughts directly to ownership; it’s more about fans conversing with each other, if I remember right. And, the constant ranting and raving does one thing – makes the conversation more repetitive and less friendly.


    At this point, I dont think Hull would be a bad idea. If its broke then you need to fix it, and lets face it, Tomko is broke. Cant do much worse.


    And what if Grady isn’t fired? Should I wait another year to enjoy something that I’ve been a part of for many months? Simply toning down the rhetoric would make this blog much more enjoyable for people who have opposing viewpoints on management. Not that you or anyone else should stop posting, but there is much to be said for softening the tone.


    i agree with puppy on this one all the way. As some of us who have gotten tired of all that has gone around this blog have found another home for our: raw, raw cheerleading of our un-passionate selves!

    Puppy im going to send you an e-mail. Please take the time to read through it and then decide!


    there is plenty to defend about this lineup. Gonzo stranding 6 or 7 people on base, when Ethier has the more consistant bat.

    Youre right, Im pretty certain McCourt doesnt read this blog. But what he does care about, and this is where we come in, is money. I was planning on making another trip out to Dodger Stadium next month, now its not going to happen. Not because I dont love the Dodgers, but because i dont know what bonehead lineup Grady is going to put together. Maybe I will get lucky and see the stellar lineup we saw last night. But im not going to shell out the near $200 it would take for me to go out to Dodger stadium. I was more than happy to drop about 500 for the Dodger’s giant’s game on Aug 2nd. Dodgers were still performing well, I just got the bad draw of the Pitcher, who still remains in the rotation. So if McCourt wants my money, he’s going to have to bring in a manager who puts the best players on the field and a GM who knows who to go after and who to leave for another team to pick up.


    Puppyhead you sit there and tell us we need to be more respectful towards management but management disrespects us in the way that they fill out a line-up card. We call ourselves Dodgers fans and people say, “You mean you pull for that team that has no clue as to who should play?” I can’t remember a lineup being the same 2 days in a row in probably over a month. You can’t make the playoffs like that. IF he thinks the vet should play then fine, play the vets everyday and lose. Changing the lineup everyday is embarrasing and that pisses me off. We should be up in the west by about 5 games but because we pitch Tomko and let Gonzo and Nomar play we are looking up at a D-backs team who isn’t anywhere close to being as good as we are. If you don’t like our post then read another blog.


    Fezzik that just shows what kind of a fan you are! And im glad because these are the fans we dont want in the stands with us and this is why us Dodger fans get such a bad rap! For someone to say im not going to the game because of what line-up is out there is ridiculous!


    Fezzik – I will defend Grady’s lineup today — WE WON! DIDN’T WE?

    Yes, I know! Earlier I said I didn’t like it, but I also didn’t fly off the DEEP END because of it!

    Get of today’s lineup, it’s over and we are a 1/2 game closer at the end of the day than before!


    I’m not sure Grady has disrespecting you in mind when he fills out his lineup card…

    He has in mind putting a winning team on the field. That his methods differ from your opinions is not a sign of personal disrespect to ANYONE. Interesting opinion, though.


    “If you don’t like our posts then read another blog.”

    I don’t like the HYPERBOLIC and sarcastic tone of many posts. I understand the points they make, though, and that’s why I read this blog still, for people’s opinions.

    Yet another example of internet anonymity leading to lack of respect for others sharing a community space…



    It’s been tough. How do you debate honestly with the blind faith of anyone involved with this team?

    Gonzo should not be playing and there’s no way to twist the numbers to win that argument.

    Also, yesterday’s correct lineup was met with “hurrah’s”

    as much as today’s was with “boos”. Fans are ultimately paying these salaries either directly through tickets and other team related sales or indirectly through advertisers such as Macy’s and Subway. Parking and ticket prices have risen dramatically.

    We should keep our comments out of the sewer a little better I suppose.


    ^^ I’m not asking you to go read another blog…just asking for moderation and respectfulness on the blog. You don’t need to tell me to go elsewhere.


    What kind of Fan I am, i have been a fan of the dodgers for as long as I can remember, and the earliest memories I have was watching Gibby drive in the homerun in the 9th off of Eckersley in ’88. I have seen a lot from this team. A lot and ups and downs over the last 19 years. Dont question what kind of Fan I am. I cheered for the Angels in ’02 because they are a local team for me. Did I jump on the bandwagon, **** no. I have always been a Dodger fan, always will be, but if being a fan means that I must follow blindly and agree with everything that management does, then maybe I should start cheering for the Angels. Thats not my personality and if I see something i dont like, im going to say something about it. Rememeber this team is here to represent LA, LA does not represent the team. So as a fan, yes, they should answer to me, and all the other fans. Dont forget that.


    I live 150 miles north of Chavez Ravine in a remote desert town and get to the Stadium four times a year.


    If Grady had in mind “winning” a ball game then Tomko would be gone and Gonzo and Nomar would only be seen late in the game pinch hitting for a pitcher. LIke I said if he would be consistant then I wouldn’t complain. Either play the old guys everyday or play the young guys.


    I defended Gonzo in the lineup the other day to the effect that if it takes a few starts to get him heated up again, we will need his bat down the stretch. A manager does not indefinitely bench players for slumps, generally, especially when their bat contributed significantly to an offense earlier in the season. But I agree, I’d rather see Kemp out there with more regularity.

    I don’t totally disagree with you, by any means. But when people say things like “There’s no logical way you can defend that,” when clearly there are arguments to be made from a different point of view – that’s hyperbole and lessens the importance of those who disagree.

    Thanks for admitting that we can keep the comments a little classier – I appreciate hearing that.


    I always enjoyed going to Chavez Ravine to see the Hatfields-McCoys duels between the Dodgers, and Giants. I would get my tickets early in the season because they would go so quickly. I sure miss that rivalry live, not to mention enjoying some Dodger Dogs!! I may reside in Texas now, but I’m not a ‘fair weather fan.’ Through thick & thin, the Dodgers will always be my favorite team, along with whoever happens to be playing the Yankees that day. Even though we all ‘vent’ on Grady’s lineups, and decisions, who’s hot, who’s not, I still like what I’m seeing over the past 2 series. I just hope they can keep winning, and get into the post season, and win. They haven’t won a post season series for too long. GO BLUE!


    If Ned watches the same games we watch then he should have already been gone. How many contenders run out a guy who is 2-11 with a 5.80 era every 5th day? None, that’s why the Dodgers aren’t gaining on anybody because every 5th day is a guarenteed lose.


    well if Ned is making the calls as to why tomko is still in the lineup and not the pen. Then maybe it is because of their ex-giant roots.

    i dont mean to start a larger argument, but I dont think shuffling the deck every night and swapping around the order is the best way to build momentum, and to carry it over. Im glad we won today, Im glad for every Dodger win. but seeing lineups like this after last night really makes me scratch my head. As far as today’s win goes, I can always defend the win by saying it was done in spite of management due to the ineptitude of the Phillies pitching staff, and getting lucky with not having to face Hamels.


    Fezzik can you please explain to me how being a fan is not coming to a game because of the lineup? im just curious.

    I am a season ticket holder and i feel it when we are playing bad i dont like going to the games and losing just like anyone else would but i go because i am a fan and i contribute to the team by paying money for a whole season of games. Those believe it or not are the ones that the McCourts are worried about not the ones who go to a game here and there during the season! (No disrespect to those who only so a couple times a year, but that is where most clubs make their money on the season ticket sells!)



    I guess a good portion of people here believe that Gonzo heated up still isn’t going to be better than Kemp or Ethier playing every day, and really isn’t very likely as he is playing at the same level as the last 2 seasons. It’s really a pipe dream in my opinion. I think the Dodgers have played enough games here to form pretty solid opinions on who should play and who shouldn’t. It’s a little different than wanting to get rid of Betemit 2 weeks into the season.

    We have been letting our emotions get the best of us here. I think a little bending from the “blind faith” people could open up better dialogue.


    how can you not give credit where credit is do fezzik? We got the W because of clutch hits by our players! You nkow the guys out there on the field, no not the manager but the players!


    Gonzo will probably get all the credit for this win even though he didn’t contribute at all. Although he did contribute to the Phillies.


    I don’t know who the “blind faith” people are…

    Yeah, good point cameron. Gonzo gets credit for the win. An inflammatory post designed to make people mad, maybe?


    My point is that although I believe that Ethier and Kemp would be the better options in the outfield, benching Gonzo assures one wasted spot on the roster. I’d rather he have a chance to start swinging well, so that he can contribute off the bench, than give up on a guy who is here for the rest of the season.


    Let’s just be glad we’re about a week away from expanded rosters. Then we won’t have to worry as much about wasted roster spots…although we will have to worry about lineup shuffles as LaRoche, Hu, et al., get at bats.


    No, I don’t try to make anybody mad but like I said yesterday, it pisses me off the see a member of my family have to suffer and possibly not make the playoffs because some bone head can’t stay with one lineup.


    I think you just answered your own question. Your absolutely right in that our batters did get the clutch hits tonight. And the batters that are playing from night to night have a significant impact on the game, since they are the only ones allowed to score. i dont enjoy watching veterans that are slumping go out and cost us the game. So in review:

    I dont want to go to another game this year because I cant guarantee that we will see the best line up, which directly effects our chances of winning the game. I dont like paying money to see the Dodgers lose, thats all there is to it.



    After reading the first 20 posts on today’s blog, I am disgusted. Something has got to change around here. Every time Grady puts out a lineup you don’t like, this blog is almost intolerable to read. Enough of the hyperbolic, vitriolic nonsense. You wonder why the people on this blog are starting to agree with the anti-Grady anti-Ned camp? Because you’re driving other opinions away with day-in, day-out insults fired at management over EVERY shortcoming (real or perceived) in every lineup or transaction. I don’t think this makes any of you less of Dodger fans, but I can certainly understand how people would read your posts that way. Because – posts here are F*CKING OBNOXIOUS. 400 TIMES A DAY.

    Discussion happens when people of opposing viewpoints share with each other. What goes on on this blog is no longer discussion, it’s akin to what goes on on ultra-liberal and ultra-conservative political websites – people with the same point of view, feeding each other with the same BS hundreds of times each day. But, after it’s been said 100 times, the next blogger has to try to outdo what’s been said by taking it to the “next level” – more hyperbole, more vitriol. I would guess that there are people on this blog who find more time to spend obsessing over their hatred of Grady and JP than doing anything productive in their real lives. Although that’s probably an exaggeration, that’s not the way it comes through when reading people’s posts.

    PLEASE. Cut back on the sarcasm. Cut back on the exaggeration. Cut back on second-guessing. Don’t stop any of that – just try not to use these things as your PRIMARY forms of expression and discussion on this blog. For me, I enjoyed the reasonable debates that went on on this blog in the offseason. Loved them. But I hate that this blog has been more or less ruined for me by about 5-10 posters who post 20 times a day each. You can probably figure out who you are; please pay attention to the sentiments I’ve expressed in this post. Thanks.

    Posted by: | August 23, 2007 01:17 PM

    I agree with your posting..

    but to be honest, nothing’s going to change, it hasn’t these past couple months/weeks, and it won’t ever.

    People will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS disagree with something that is done in regards to the Dodgers. Win or lose, there’s always a complaint, and always a childish “he’s an idiot, he’s in coma” complaint as well. It’s just the nature/culture of this blog and the comments section these days.

    If people complain about “player X” being in the lineup before the game starts, and spend 2-3 hours complaining and wondering why “player X” is in the lineup until game time.

    Then when the game is actually done with and player X has a good/great/huge game, the complaints will cease, no one will say a word about “player X”, and the derogatory comments/complaints towards “player Y” until the lineup card is posted for the following game. However, if “Player X” has a bad game, then all **** breaks loose.

    That’s just the way it is. Not saying it’s bad or it’s good, but that’s up to you and your personal preference when participating in this blog and enjoying what it has to offer.


    puppyhead doesnt understand that Broxton is Cameron’s cousin. So what Grady does, kinda affects a member of his family.


    That’s right puppy…you heard me. I have a member of my family that plays for the Dodgers and it pisses me off the he has to deal with losing because his manager can’t play the best 8.


    Umm…suffering? Are you kidding me?

    The guy will make millions at this game, win or lose. More than I will make in 3 lifetimes. He’s playing BASEBALL for a living, for God’s sake – what a privelege? The idea that he is suffering is a joke.

    I love Broxy, though. Tell him hi for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰



    You know, sometimes guys just have to sit and that’s the way it is. You’re right about Sept. 1. It can’t come soon enough because the team is really limited. It’s just that every game counts more now ( I know it’s a cliche’) and if using up a roster spot with Gonzo on the bench means mre production in games, then is that a debatable argument?

    I’m just having a tough time with that.


    I understand your sentiment, but the blog wasn’t this way before April. It was much more friendly. So the idea that it isn’t going to change – well, it changed once; can’t it happen again?


    Scott, I understand. But having a guy on the roster and not using him dooms him to uselessness; using him in spurts at least gives a chance that he will become effective. But, that said, I do wish he would start far less than he has recently, as he really isn’t proving much.


    It’s all about the money? I said that?

    I said he plays baseball for a living, which is a privelege, and will make millions doing it. How does that equate to being all about the money? I’m not saying he wouldn’t be happier to make the playoffs, but he’s SUFFERING? I thought suffering was living through a genocide. Just different perspectives, I guess.



    I think this blog would be very harmonious if yesterday’s lineup was used MOST of the time the rest of the way. People understand that guys can’t play every day(hope you’re not reading this Garvey), but how about 4 or 5 games straight with the best guys? We’re not debating whether Mantle is better than Mays here, itt’s really quite simple.


    Maybe if you busted your a** everyday preparing yourself for a ball game just to see it wasted because your manager can’t deceide who to play, then you’d be a little pissed also. I don’t know how JB feels about it because we don’t talk about the managers decision but I know I’d be pissed about it.


    That point makes sense to me, scott. My real problem is how mean-spirited people are when they make that point 5x/day. There are other things we can talk about, it seems.


    Sure cam – I’d be pissed if that were the case. But the season’s not over yet, so we have to wait and see.


    Yeah and Cal Ripken sat out 3 times a week too! These players are in better shape now than players from the past and today we have to sit them every week. That’s BS.


    puppy, just to clear the air with you. Am i always this combative, no. You do have some good points regarding the status on this blog. If you go back and look at the previous posts made this year, I was at one point defending Grady. I was giving Grady the benefit of the doubt while we were in first place. But now that we arent, one comes under greater scrutiny as to what they are doing. Not much to complain about when a team is leading their division, there is plenty to complain about when they fall 6 back in a matter of 2 weeks.


    Although they haven’t been playing every day, the young guys still have never played a 6-month season. Ethier was out for September; Kemp never got the regular playing time. I wish they were in the lineup daily, too, but I can understand why they might not be.

    That said…I would still love to see them as everyday players.


    Trust me I never give up on the Dodgers but things don’t look good when you know you can’t win 7-10 games in a row because you have Tomko running out there every fifth day.



    im scared on what ur saying…

    ur not going to advice Big John to sign to other team right?



    I understand your sentiment, but the blog wasn’t this way before April. It was much more friendly. So the idea that it isn’t going to change – well, it changed once; can’t it happen again?

    Posted by: | August 23, 2007 02:11 PM

    Puppy, there’s always hope, and I’m sure i was not around when it was more civilized, because somehow, i never really remembered this place being such, so it’s hard to visualize it happening.

    Debates about our teams/players are always fruitful and is what this blog is about. It’s just that sometimes it’s taken to a whole different level that makes this place worthless to read. People who complaint about certain things like the lineups and brining in more offense with laroche/loney/kemp are, for the most part, correct in their assessment.

    The problem I have is that when our young studs are put into these positions to play, and are struggling, no one says a word about whether or not they should play, it’s just radio silence so to speak. But, when they’re going good and raking the ball over a nice stretch, people are clamoring for them in the lineup and demanding they play. And, when that doesn’t happen, all **** breaks lose.

    I guess it’s foolish for me look for some consistency and to expect this same type of argument in regards to players that are not classified as “kids”. In those situations, if they go 0-4 for 1 game, they should be DFA’d and when they score runs and drive in rbi’s, it’s not even mentioned.


    When they were in high school I guarentee you they played more than they do know. I played and if you want to make it somewhere you play 12 months out the year.


    yes he plays ball for a living, but no body wants to lose for a living either. And that was my point. for the professional’s after they get over the money from the first couple of years, they want to win. Thats what Cameron was talking about.


    I would be pissed if he left the dodgers. I think it’s a great fit for him out there. He came through the system with all the young guys and if they stay together they’ll have a dynasty.


    By that argument, Cam, then why would people complain about Martin needing time off? That is, if he’s played more than this at some point in his career, he’d be used to it.

    Most of these guys don’t jump from HS to MLB. They play the shortened season in the minor leagues, and that’s that their conditioning and experience generally reflects.


    Trust me this group of young guys want to win now because they know tomorrow is never promised. That’s why they play with such heart. I’d rather see Kemp try and score but get thrown out than have him stop and third and never have a chance to score.


    Fezz – I was just saying it’s a little absurd to say that he’s suffering. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, you can be happy or unhappy doing it based on your circumstances. But man, the guy doesn’t suffer, I can say that much with certainty.



    I think the point of argument is such:

    Is Gonzo done or not?

    None of these young guys have really slumped that bad this year and you have to learn how to play a full season sometime. We’re not talking about marginal rookies here. These guys can really play.

    Man, guys that hit into DP’s all the time really kill the momentum.


    C ya cam.

    Scott, I agree. My thinking has been outlined above; but I can’t wait to see Gonzo gone in ’08 and Kemp and Ethier hopefully get everyday starts. I just argue that I can see why Grady does what he does, not that it’s the best thing in the world.


    whew, things look like they might be calming down a bit in here and voices of reason are taking over again. Lets just wait for message bear to come in :D.


    Puppy I don’t want to go back and forth..So reply to me and then let’s let bygones be bygones….I respect what your saying and intent but you went about it the wrong way. Basically you said that the first 20 post were garbage or that those made you feel “disgusted” which can’t make those people feel very good. I am not even one of the first 20, but I know you put me in that group of 5-10 people who ruin it for you each day. I do post alot. I am sarcastic and I have been very critical of dodger management. That’s not gonna change until we get better, no matter how much people cry. If your happy with the way things are then great. I am not and I have a right to voice it.

    Second this is a public forum and I roll my eyes at a number of posts too but that’s not to say they don’t have a right to post what they want. They can say whatever they want as long as it’s not a personal attack on someone or other common sense no-no’s. You called all of our post ******** obnixous” which was way, way harsher than anything anyone wrote in the 400 posts before yours.

    “F’ing obnixous” to you might be the funniest thing in the world to someone else. But you don’t like them , so we have to censor ourselves? That’s not fair.

    Then you further attack people by saying that people are spending to much time on Grady and Ned and are “not productive in their real lives”. Which you then say well thats just an exaggeration ha ha…Thats like saying you know hunny, your as ugly as dog ****, but I am just exaggerating…

    So by me saying I don’t care what you say, I don’t mean it like it sounds. I enjoy reading most of your posts and enjoy that you and others have different opinions than mine or others here. When I say go someplace else I simply meant that if you want a blog where everything is “more civil” go create one, set the rules and you can do as you please, otherwise respect people for what they are, even if you don’t agree with them.

    I would say the majority of us all got along here this morning, even with our sarcasm and crappy opinions and then you came in and told us how awful this place is and how much better it would be without us.

    I am sure Josh and crew like 400+ game comments no matter what they are as it shows passion and caring. I recall being here when at most there would be 100 game comments.

    I want to say sorry to you though as well. I did react harhly just before in response to your post. I am sorry. I didn’t mean to say that you think you are smarter than the rest of us but it did **** me off. Like I said there may have been alot of harsh words towards grady and ned but nothing towards each other….


    he may not have been putting as much emphasis on suffering as you and I would. I dont use the term all that much because I understand the weight of the word. He may have meant suffering in a more casual sense of the word though, but the mix up is understandable.


    It’s cyclical with Gonzo.

    Grady wants to get ab’s for him now for the pennant race in September that we might not be in because Gonzo is getting ab’s now.


    Thanks for the post jungar. I can see how you’d be upset at my post – I obviously went too far with my language at one point, also. But I didn’t say the place is awful and would be better without you…in fact, in subsequent posts I stressed that I was not saying anyone should leave, but simply moderate themselves in tone and rhetoric. That seems like a reasonable request for a community of fans; going overboard in declaring one’s hatred of Grady and Ned is, as you say, the right of people to post, but that doesn’t make it useful or beneficial for any blog user to read. The tone of a blog basically defines its purpose: a spiteful, angry, hateful tone creates a sense that the purpose of this blog is to bash management. A fair, reasonable, respectful tone creates a sense that the purpose of this blog is for discussion and friendly debate. I don’t think I’m out of line to suggest that; I enjoy reading your opinions and the opinions of other management “haters,” but would enjoy it even more if the tone was less sarcastic and aggressive.

    I appreciate your apology, and I apologize if my own words did offend.

    My last comment (to everyone, not Jungar): let’s remember that we’re fans of a GAME, spectators of a SPORT and revelers in AMERICA’S PASTTIME. (Psychologically, it’s interesting that we all get so worked up over something that has absolutely nothing to do with our personal lives.) Let’s each remember our places and our roles as fans and as members of this community. I hope to continue enjoying this blog for many years, as I’m sure most of you do as well. Let’s keep it respectful and root for the team.



    can I add wood to the fire by suggesting that we root for and support our favorite team in our own ways. Some of us will never be happy, some of us will always be happy, some of us, like me can give and take some. But lately, I’ve been taking more than giving.


    wow puppyhead, I’m assuming that you include me in that 5-10 that ruin this blog, what’s up with that? I always thought we we’re cool. This is an open forum and people can say what they want and share their honest opinions. Don’t think for a second that all the posts in regards to Ned and Grady go unnoticed. Josh has his own relationship with McCourt and I’m sure that the sentiment on this blog gets construed to him from time to time. We are the voice of the Dodger fan and don’t for one second think that McCourt doesn’t have an interest in what the masses are thinking.


    cheers is right…i am sure if we were talking about this instead of writing about it things would be different. it’s hard to quanify “tone” when writing like this at times….so yep we move on.

    I do think you are right as well on many things you said in your post…I get sick of myself sometimes too..Sometimes I just can’t help myself, not because of ego, sometimes I post without really thinking about is it necessary so its more of a gut reaction.

    I try not to ever say statments without facts. Thats why I am stats heavy, but really what do I know?

    I can tell your a good person and you mean well and the world is a better place, this blog is a better place with people like you in it.


    okay i’ll go on the flip side of the coin of Jungar’s comments, even though, for some sick reason I enjoy statistics and analysis. I dont like you Puppy ๐Ÿ˜›


    Thanks fezz.

    About tone Jungar – I write many more posts than I actually post on this blog. I get a few paragraphs in, decide my post will cause more problems than it solves, and delete it. I dunno, I’m not saying I’m better, but I realize that sometimes when you’re just writing something in the heat of an emotion it’s easy to let that take over.

    Charris – I don’t know why you’d assume that I think you’re in that 5-10. I probably shouldn’t have put any number on it, anyway, because I really don’t count those who I like or dislike posting. I’ve enjoyed a lot of what you’ve said in the past few months, so sorry if I made you mad with my post.


    Jungar, regarding your “facts” statement, we could start another discussion.

    Statistics are not facts in and of themselves. They are a number which quantifies a certain characteristic of a player’s game. Evaluation of such numbers is, however, subjective. I love the numbers side of baseball – wish I knew more about it, but don’t really make the time to with other things I have going on. But, player evaluation is always subjective, regardless of how many numbers you use or do not use. It is not less factual for someone to form an opinion of a player based on qualities not quantified in statistics. It is a subjective analysis, as is interpretation of numbers.

    I’ve become disillusioned with numbers because of politics in the last few years. It doesn’t matter what the numbers say – they can be spun in any way for any person’s opinion. That’s just my take.


    No worries puppyhead I didn’t get mad, I appreciate what you bring to this blog and was just hoping that I hadn’t offended you or turned you away from coming here. I get passionate about my Dodgers and sometimes feel like Randy Quaid in Major League, especially when I feel like things happen that defy logic. But cheers is right buddy, you’re one of my favorite posters here.


    Aww thanks man. Warm fuzzies all over. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I actually have to do some work today, so I’ll call it a day and talk to you all later. Thanks for the good discussion to all involved.


    David Wells to start Sunday!


    Can Ned Colletti find any older more washed up players for the stretch run!

    We already see too much Luis Gonzalez…


    I think all Dodger fans had better realize that management has done a good job using available players during their 2 year tenure. We are only a couple games of games behind San Diego during that 2 years, the kids are coming along, & we are in the hunt for a playoff spot. Please release Tomko so we can bat against him if Colorado picks him up and please no more huge contracts on pitchers. Remember Dreiford, Brown & now Schmidt.

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