Something to do tonight…

A great pitching performance by Chad Billingsley again today and a nice win, giving the team two consecutive series victories. Taking it one day, one series at a time seems to be a good way to get back on the right track.

If you’re free tonight (and in LA), the South Pasadena Public Library is screening the award-winning movie American Pastime and there’s more information here. The film is about baseball that was played at the Japanese internment camps during World War II, so if watching Saito slam the door this afternoon didn’t give you enough "Japanese baseball" for the day, check this out tonight. The Dodgers also donated a Saito autographed ball to the library so they could auction it off at the event, so maybe it’ll be yours.

Also, I did my best to read the posts from this morning and obviously there are a lot of you who simply don’t agree with Grady’s lineups. That’s certainly your right and Ken Gurnick does address this in his notebook from today. But I’d imagine that after a win like today, Grady shouldn’t get any of the credit for putting Ramon Martinez in the lineup or any of the other moves that worked out. It’s the nature of the game…when we win, the players get the credit and when we lose, it’s on the GM and the manager.

I can assure you Grady has a pulse (I’m assuming that question was a joke) and that he does actually know a little more about baseball, the players on this team and their availability, injuries and tendencies than me, you and just about anyone else who follows the team. Just like those of you who work in any other industry know more than those who follow it from afar.

I really don’t really understand the comment that this is "just a job" for Ned and Grady and that because they didn’t come up through the Dodger system, they somehow care less about what happens here than all of you do. These two (and their staffs) literally spend every waking minute of their life trying to help this team win and just because they don’t have the same theories as some of you doesn’t mean that winning is less important to them.

And while I greatly respect Logan White and the job he has done drafting players for the farm system, the comment that somehow he has that "Dodger pride" but that Grady and Ned don’t is simply absurd. Did he get his Dodger pride working for the Orioles for seven years or the Mariners for two before he came here? Or was it the years he played in the minors with the Mariners? Keep in mind, he has spent more time with either of those organizations than this one.  And is Kim Ng, who has had as much to do with the rebirth of the farm system since coming here at the same time as Logan or anyone else at the team, any more of a Dodger than someone who has only been here for three years? We’re a team – on the field and in the front office and we win and lose that way.

There is tons of Dodger pride running up and down these hallways and in the clubhouse. Just ask Mariano Duncan or Manny Mota or Rick Honeycutt or any number of the people who pour their heart and soul into this team every day to create a winner and a great fan experience. To suggest otherwise is a slap in the face to all of them. The decisions made here won’t always be right or the ones you’d make, but the people who are making them have earned the right to do so from countless years of hard work and dedication.

So, while I love how devoted many of you are and wholeheartedly respect your opinions (and am very glad we have created this forum to do so), the vicious personal attacks on the people in the organization do get a little old and I thought it was about time I addressed it.

I hope you all enjoy a night off and we’ll be back at it again tomorrow from New York.



    The lineup run out there today goes against all logic and reason. Because the team won, doesn’t make it anymore logical. Grady has made several of these lineups and it has become frustrating to watch.


    I shudder to think where we’d be without Logan White and his scouts. Remember, Ned wanted to sign Benjie Molina last year, despite the fact that Russell Martin was coming off an incredible season in Jax and would be ready in no more than 1/2 season.


    Josh- You have lost all respect from me. I like the ton of excuses you gave but to try to give grady credit for starting Martinez is absord. He could’ve started Martinez over Hillebrand but not Loney. To keep playing gonzo is crazy and I will criticize grady until he’s gone.


    all i can say is WOW…thanks for your great posting JOSH..

    I appreciate you coming back with a post that truly tells it the way it is. This blog has gotten very negative these past couple weeks (even before the losing streak a couple weeks back), and as I have visitited this blog more and more, the tone of the comments have ranged from insightful to downright ridiculous. Hence, i don’t even bother to read through all the comments and participate as much as I used to on this blog. I guess i’m in denial of the state of our team by being negative and bashing everyone? 😉

    I’m glad you posted what you did, because quite frankly, if it came from regular posters in the “comments” section it would only be labeled as coming from “grady fans/ned fans” and “apologists”, etc.

    From the tone of your postings these couple weeks, you feel the same way I do as well, and that’s good to know that I am not in the minority here.

    And you are certainly right about the ramon martinez thing. He’s had 2 really good games recently, but grady get’s no credit for it…i guess he got “lucky” to some?


    If the Dodgers do sign David Wells, i don’t think it’s the worse thing in the world. You bring in a guy who can pitch in critical moments, and every game is critical for the Dodgers now, you have a tough veteran who will brush back hitters, bark at umpires and get mad as **** when he’s pulled from games. He may bring a little passion to the team and with maybe 5 to 6 starts who knows. He CANNOT be any worse than Tomko, so why not.
    P.S. He’d have to serve a 7 game suspension first…


    The thing about the Dodgers that sets them apart from most of the other teams is that the team had been ran by guys who had been involved with the organization for years and years and years. Obviously with baseball becoming more of a money game that sadly has started to go by the wayside.

    Still, how do you think all the old dodger greats would have reacted when they found out their owner was brining in an EX-Giant to run things?

    With all due respect to Grady, I enjoy him as a person he;s obviously a great guy in the clubhouse and that is always needed but you can’t say “hey we won the game” to try and cover up a bad lineup.

    Also, I think grady needs to give the fans a little more credit. How many of us here predict Bombko would be horrible? Or that Gonzo would go 0-4 today.

    The thing about baseball fans now is that they are way more involved then they were 5, 10, 15 or 20 years ago. Things like fantasy baseball actually do account for things like injuries. Honestly if a player is not going to play that day, most fantasy baseball players know shortly after the manager does through various reports and online resources.



    In Poker, if someone hits an inside straight they usually don’t get commended for making a good play. Its highly risky and generally ill-advised.

    Grady is constantly chasing inside straights with his line-ups and in-game decisions.

    Whatever winning this teams does is done in spite of Ned and Grady. I’m not saying they don’t deserve any credit whatsoever, but their good moves are heavily outweighed by their bad ones.


    Ned should still be walking the halls at AT&T as far as im concerned. He runs this team like a giant and bring in a bunch of old pals from his ex-team. I don’t know who could be more *wrong* for GM of the Dodgers.


    Imagine if we would have scored 2 runs in two of billingsley games he lost during his 4 game losing streak he’d be 10-2 with a 3.49 ERA. For a 23 year old kid who just now has been in the big leagues over a year that is very very very very very impressive.


    players win games, managers lose games and umpires ruin games. Thats the way its always been in baseball.


    “The Newark Star-Ledger reports that the Dodgers are close to signing David Wells for the rest of the season.
    If it happens, Wells could start Sunday against the Mets. He’s still going to have to serve a seven-game suspension at some point, but that could be pushed back into September.”


    anyones better then Bombko at this point. OF course if we do signed Well’s who gets dropped? after today i wouldn’t be surprised if Billingsley gets sent down!


    I don’t sense any urgency in Grady or Ned and that bothers me. I get the feeling that if they were in a must win mode we would see a lineup consisting of our best players everyday, not this juggling of the lineup that Grady goes through on a daily basis. When Nomar comes back, Grady will probably continue to find playing time for Hilenbrand by sitting Loney more often, those type of things get to me.


    “It gets addressed regardless,” said Dodgers manager Grady Little. “It proves what they say about playing younger guys. They have a tendency to do things you just can’t believe, and turn around and do something you can’t believe. It’s part of the process of playing younger guys. They get so wound up and the game goes so fast, sometimes that they have to slow it down.”

    so what he is saying is he doesn’t want how young guys play…

    coz they have the tendency to take some chances just to score a run for a struggling team?

    i like what Kemp did… we actually have some games that we can hardly score some runs… and for them to be able to score alot they need to be aggressive on the base…


    Diehard that picture you sent me was that you? I thought you said you were 28 but the kid in the picture didn’t look 28. Was it an old picture or something.


    swood and diehard sending pics back and worth? I hope both of you are over 18…we don’t want any dodger fans on “To Catch a Predator”


    Great win today by the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles. Hopefully we can keep up the winning BECAUSE of Grady. Also maybe we will catch a lucky break and pick up a pitcher or the organization will come to its senses and promote someone to take Tomko’s place in the rotation. If not we are doomed for Sunday Night on National TV. Tomorrow will be a good pitching matchup, Penny and Oliver Perez are both solid but Penny is the better of the two so hopefully we will get another win tomorrow.


    Josh, to some extant you’re right. Grady and his people must know more than a lot of us do. But, lets get real, when he bats a 180 hitter in clean up and plays a fading Gonzo over Eithier it just does not compute. He should have his best out there everyday and sometimes they win in spite of him. As for his staff what happened last year in the playoffs? Donnely sends a guy home and then says he was watching the play at the plate when Drew followed. Hey Rich if you want to watch the play at the plate , buy a ticket otherwise do your job.


    Well, with the exception of Sunday, I like our advantage when it comes to the pitching match ups over the next 4 games.
    Tomko is the only bump in our road..


    “We are close to signing David Wells (per Rotoworld).”




    Thanks for posting the lineup and other tid bits every day for us fans.

    I do not believe today’s lineup can be supported in argument using any data available unless Ethier and Loney told Grady they weren’t feeling well today.

    Martinez could have played for Hillenbrand who isn’t that great of a hitter anymore regardless of past seasons’ L-R splits since Loney has no problems with lefties.

    How about a little honesty here?


    If Wells is signed, it’d be a lot to ask of him to come right in and pitch Sunday Night, when he hasn’t pitched in a game since August 6th. At this point, I don’t even know if he would actually be an upgrade over Tomko. But, I do know when we throw a lefty at the Mets we do well against them over the past two years. So, basically I don’t know what to think if the Wells deal takes place. There was a reason San Diego DFA’d him. He’s been worse than Tomko since the break, I just don’t think it’s a good idea, even if it’s just for one month and probably only 5 starts.

    A very much needed series victory, I’m not going to get defensive, but Gonzo’s numbers speak for themselves today. Bills was fantastic and we got hits when we needed them. We throw our ace in Shea tomorrow where I still think of what might have been last October…



    But in all honestly guys, at this point I think anything is better than Tomko. Tomko just has no confidence whatsoever. Or like us mexicans would say, he’s pitching with no huevos.


    well lets think about this. Things really went downhill after the last series with the Mets, what if, we really knocked these guys around, you think that would spell redemption for us and we can finally get off to the streak and to the pace we’ve been hoping for?


    If the young guys are allowed to play, I think the team will feed off their energy and speed, but if Grady keeps changing the lineup every day it makes it really tough to get anything going. We need consistency and momentum and that starts with putting the same core of guys out there every 6 out of 7 days.


    Wait, now I didn’t think this through…if Wells is brought in is he replacing Stults or Tomko? Because a roster move would have to be made. If Wells is brought in to replace Stults and they keep Tomko in the rotation. Big mistake…we’re assuming he’d replace Tomko, but what’s the roster move, the easiest move would be for Stults. And now I feel sick…


    thats my fear alex…Im sure they’d option Stults and keep Bombko and when Bombko gets shelled again they will try Hendrickson again.


    Bills is 15-8 with a 3.62 ERA in his career. He has yet to throw 200 innings in his career. He’s just too amazing.

    Can you believe he didn’t start the season in the rotation? geez.


    Tomko should be done with this organization. He has absolutely nothing left for the Dodgers. Let him go and prosper somewhere else.

    There’s a reason he gets booed at Dodger Stadium, he hasn’t performed well in any role he has played for the Dodgers. In fact, the only time I ever remember Tomko being any good is when he pitched against the Dodgers.

    Today’s use of Gonzo was just repulsive after what Kemp and Ethier did yesterday. I don’t know what Gonzo has done to earn a position over those two players, but he’s been horrible since the AS break. It was further insulting that Gonzo was allowed to go up with the bases loaded and no outs, only to ground out into a 1-2-3 DP. Fortunately for Gump, Martinez came through with 2 additional runs.

    Today was a big win, but it feels as though Grady just puts names into a hat and puts players into the lineup.

    PS – I doubt he could even set a proper Nintendo lineup, and if he even knew a **** thing, he’d know that the XBOX and PS3 have the best baseball games, not the Nintendo.


    If the Dodgers bring in Wells, the rotation would then be;





    And Tomko can go…. where ever!! The Met series is setting up nicely for the Dodgers, pitching wise, Penny vs. Perez, Stults vs. Hernandez and then there’s Sunday…Bombko (for now) vs. Maine


    I used to get pumped whenever the Dodgers were playnig the Gnats and Tomko was pitching knowing we were gonna hit some bombs that game!

    He has a good arm, but I’m afraid he lacks focus between the ears. Man, I wish I could’ve thrown 95 when I was young. What might have been, huh?


    Actually, now that I think about it some more, they could do it like this…and remember I only know this information from playing MLB 2K7, because Grady told us so…ok bare with me.

    You start Stults Saturday afternoon, you then immediately option him to Vegas for Wells who then starts Sunday Night against the Mets, when rosters expand on September 1st, you can bring Stults back up and with the off day position it so he never misses a start. That way they can bring in Wells, keep Tomko so they can buyout his option after the season (which is why I believe they cannot DFA him, they’d have to eat millions of dollars) and have Stults not miss a turn. Thanks Nintendo for making me the man I am today…maybe Grady should play some fantasy baseball, he’d learn that Luis Gonzalez is on a lot of waiver wires for a reason…


    Alex I think you hit it right on the button, but when we make it to the playoffs does he have to stay on the roster(Tomko).


    For some reason, the Dodgers are still heavily counting on Gonzo to produce. I hope Kemp and Ethier don’t have to sit too much more.


    Well Kemp and Ethier will be sitting or platooning for 6 more weeks. There is no way Grady Little sits Gonzo during the stretch run.


    No, he doesn’t have to stay on the roster I remember Tracy didn’t include Nomo or Ishii in the 2004 playoff roster

    Our playoff rotation would be:

    Penny, Lowe, Billingsley and Wells if we don’t use a four man rotation

    Wells, Stults and Hendrickson would go to the pen along with everyone else you could use Tomko’s spot to bring LaRoche or Abreu to the playoffs, like they did with Loney as insurance to Nomar last season. We could essentially have 4 lefties in the bullpen in the playoffs…You really only need three starters for the N.L.D.S. The game one starter would need to pitch on three days rest in Game 4 though. But, if you throw Penny, Lowe and Bills in the playoffs I like our chances.


    I think Gonzo is probably a good club house guy, but I think his ego is just too large even for him to carry. Example, they put a shift on, third base is empty, why doesn’t he put a bunt down, easy base hit, maybe get something going, but no he rolls over to the usual 4-3 groundout.


    alex, i love your enthusiasm and I hope it’s contagious, but we’re a long way from making the playoffs… But if we make it, i hope Grady takes into account your rotation.


    I know this is barking up the wrong tree a little but if we take Wells we have to pay the remainder of his salary correct?

    I belive that’s 1.3 million.

    We all belive that he is pretty much washed up….he may help, he may not. A truly risky possiblitly but the facts say that he probably wont be any good and even if he is for how long, a month, maybe two months?

    Yet the orginization won’t shell out 1.1 million for Blair, a top pitching prospect who would be under our control for 6-7 years.

    So we could watch Tomko barf all over the yard on Sunday and have Blair for the price of watching Wells barf all over the yard on sunday.

    It’s this short sideness that bothers me.


    Jungar that’s a tough one, Wells has 21 years of experience, Blair 0 years. I personally still have a rough time seeing them sign unproven high school kids to big contracts. Example Brian Pilkington, even Lasorda went to this kids house.


    You have to stay positive despite our shortcomings, when this team hits there is no team that can beat them. When they don’t hit there is no team than can’t beat them. We know for the most part how good we can pitch (aside from the backend of the rotation, which is normal for most teams) I absolutely think we’ve turned the corner from that brutal three week stretch. The Padres have lost a start from Chris Young, they have Peavy and Maddux, but they also have Germano and Hensley , the Phillies have lost Hamels indefinitely, they don’t have the pitching behind him to contend. The D’Backs are still within reach. There is definitely room for optimism if you want there to be some. You can always find a reason to be upset and believe me these lineups are enough to drive a fanatic like myself and most of you mad, but this team is good, I’ve been saying it since April, this team can win. They have to do it though and they need to have a manager who will play the right guys everyday.



    I think if we keep trying to understand management we will get nowhere. Better to just talk amongst ourselves fantasy style almost. Yesterday got my hopes up that for sure the lineup would stay the same for at least one more game, but alas…


    we not only need to play well to make the playoffs, but we need some other teams competing w/ us for the WC to tank. The Phillies are on their way since their rotation is a mess. Pods might have problems if Young goes down. The Rocks are starting to slip. We need some help from the scoreboard too. I think the Wells move reeks of desperation, but we *are* desperation after all our “pitching depth” proved to not really be depth at all I can’t figure out why they hate DJ Houlton so much that they won’t let him start. He’s been decent at Vegas (better than Stults in any case).


    Well it dosent matter cali….from tony jackson..

    But the Dodgers are desperate for starting pitching and theoretically could get Wells for the rest of the season for only about $87,000 – a prorated share of the major-league minimum – with the Padres picking up the remainder of his $1 million salary. But a club wishing to sign him still could sweeten the pot by offering Wells additional money to increase his overall salary to entice him out of what might be retirement.

    Wells’ contract also has about $1.3 million in performance incentives based on games started, but any club that signs him wouldn’t be responsible for that.


    Update 2: It isn’t a story in the mainstream press when third-base coach Rich Donnelly waves home any number of runners to their doom, but when Matt Kemp makes a mistake … oh, you kids. Ken Gurnick of has the details.

    Also from Gurnick … what do Billy Ashley and Ramon Martinez (II) have in common? And, Grady Little gets defensive … sigh.

    geez i love Dodger Thoughts.


    The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Grady isn’t as great as Josh would have us believe but he isn’t nearly as bad as many of you think. Even if I wanted to take one of those sides I couldn’t. Josh is biased (rightfully so) and a half of the people in these threads don’t know what they are talking about.


    I think he hasn’t taken BP yet, right? Probably won’t be activated before the rosters expand, Im guessing.


    Just so that everyone understands where Josh’s comments in his introduction are coming from, I am reposting my statement from this morning’s blog. I stand by what I said earlier.


    Consider the fact that to Colletti and Little these are just jobs, albeit very well paid jobs. They have no Dodger roots, no Dodger tradition. Consider Mr. McCourt, who is basically a high powered sports franchise investor from the east. Had there been another valuable franchise available at the time, he would probably own some other organization than the Dodgers. That’s not the same emotional investment as the O’Malley family. None of these people have grown up with THE DODGER PRIDE that I think all of us fans share whether we’re 16 or 76. That’s just the way sports seem to have changed, and that may be why we find such discrepancies in our attitudes between management and many of us fans.

    Little probably has as much ego and determination to do things his way as the ego of people like Gonzo that he wants to protect. If he loses this job, he’ll go back to his North Carolina retirement well taken care of financially, and remembering Dodgers will only be a tiny blip on his memory radar screen over the course of his career. Not exactly a Tommy La Sorda kind of involvement.

    Colletti is probably still more a Giant at heart than a Dodger, no matter who makes out his checks. That’s the problem with not having chosen some people with traditional Dodger roots, people for whom the Dodgers are a passion and a purpose in itself.

    As for Mr. McCourt, as long as we stream over 3 million fans into the stadium each year, the investment is well. I think what might motivate him to bring a winner to that stadium would be if he became a “laughing stock” as a winning incapable owner with his charity and society friends in the bigger community. I hope I’m wrong on that score, and he can prove his case by cleaning house and getting some people in whom Dodger blood runs BLUE.

    Where are those people with THE DODGER PRIDE? I think there are still many, if we just look – like Logan White, like Gibson, like Hershiser, maybe even like Valentine, and many more that I’m sure you could add.

    Sorry for this philosophical diatribe, but I think essentially it is THE DODGER PRIDE that separates us fans from the current management and maybe even the ownership of our beloved Dodgers. It is a feeling we’ve all grown up with, and it is hard to acquire by an outsider on the quick. I hope that when the ownership wakes to this reality, next time they will pay some attention to this factor in their management personnel selection.


    Thanks for the post. Makes more sense than some of the above. I’d like to point out to those of you that constantly slag JP, that he had a dislocated finger put back in place and stayed in the game. That’s a real ball player.


    ESPN already reporting Wells is starting Sun. against the Mets. How much better than Houlton or Kershaw or what’s the other kids name in Double A.


    Josh, Tonight’s Blog was the best one you’ve written since I’ve been on it. And I have to say I wholeheartly, think it was simply great. I usually make my comment immediately after I’ve read what you had written but tonight I just couldn’t believe that it was so simple to find which one you were referring to. If things were like it was said to be than we are simply wasting our time as fans. I believe in my team from top to bottom and we are going back to the top to stay. Don’t worry we’ll get there just the way we are._____Tomorrow I welcome my team to the BIG APPLE I won’t be here for the batting order but I’ll get it from the Shea Stadium Scoreboard and also on Saturday afternoon and Sunday night. FOLLOW THE DODGERS, the infield , the outfield , the catcher and the fellow on the mound.


    Maybe Grady just takes pleasure in irritating his critics. Sort of like, “I’m the manager and there is nothing you can do about my lineup decisions!” Otherwise how can he bench Ethier and Loney after a game like last night? You don’t keep momentum going by benching players who are contributing so you can play 0-4 over-the-hill vets. But that has really been his history. If my memory serves me right, Cody Ross drove in seven runs one day and was benched the next. It also seems like Loney was benched the day after he had his record RBI blast. At any rate, it doesn’t seem to matter how good a young player does to keep him in the lineup nor how bad a veteran player performs to keep him on the bench. Does it make any sense? Of course it doesn’t regardless of what Josh would have us believe. But then that’s the way it is, and I guess the message to us is “Get use to it!”


    I think picking up Wells is a good move. He will want to prove something to san diego for cutting him loose. He can’t be any worse then Tomko.


    Yes, I was defending Gonzo earlier… to an extent. I don’t think he should be playing right now and Ethier is clearly better. My issue is with all of the people who quickly forgot what he contributed the first 3 months of the season. Anybody who says “Gonzo has done nothing for 4 month” has no credibility. The guy was one of the few Dodger hitters producing for the first half of the season. I swear some of you guys would hate on Martin if he went cold for a few weeks.

    Slumps happen, Gonzo is in one and shouldn’t be in the lineup. Just don’t make asinine statements about how the guy has contributed nothing. 3 good months is more than than Kent, Pierre, Nomar, and Furcal have had. Also, if you are going to pass around the hate do it evenly. Gonzo has a higher batting average in August than Kent & Loney and he isn’t that far behind Furcal & Martin. Loney has gotten drastically worse every month and yet no comments. Why don’t I see dozens of posts whining about those guys? I feel like I’m having a conversation with an Angels fan sometimes.


    David Wells must have heard about Dodger Stadium’s right-field pavillion all-you-can-eat policy.

    And he could be worse than Tomko, if he’s done. I wouldn’t expect him to be better than average because he was about average the last two seasons, and just above that the two before. May the adreneline of starting again in NY will get him through that first game decently.


    Believe it or not, the odds of Tomko pitching two scoreless innings in the 13th and 14th against the Rockies the other night would have been better than Roberto’s, who is a one-inning pitcher, tops.


    They’ll send down Stults after his start I guess.

    Ok first of all, if gonzo wasn’t taking playing time away from ethier/kemp, his lackluster performance recently would be disappointing, but not maddening. Its maddening because he IS stealing time away from players that have more or less proven to be better than him, offensively and defensively. With Loney, there is no replacement. There is no one better to be playing day in and day out, and unlike gonzo, he’s not a 39 year old on the last legs of career. He’s in his first full year struggling as most those guys do. I guess we should be moaning and whining about him too but with gonzo there is no upside, no defense and better alternatives.


    You know what fogey when you look at the rosters of the best teams in the NL the Mets the Arizonas the San Diegos they don’t have Tomkos or Roberto Hernandez’s or fat *** tomatos on their roster and that is what seperates them from us.


    Kershaw is not close to being MLB ready. Houlton, like Tomko,******.

    In 13 of Wells 22 starts he has given up 3 ER or less. 9 of those 13 were 2 ER or less. He had a decent 2 month stretch from mid-May to mid-July where is worst outing was 4 ER in Wrigley Field. Could the fat man have just worn down (he got shelled his last 4 starts)? Wishful thinking but maybe the time off refreshed him. Best option out there so I’m OK with the signing.


    Sending down Stults would be a horrible move because it would mean that Tomko would stay in the rotation. I mean think if you were stults and you just threw a gem and they sent you down for a guy whos 2-11 with and ERA over 6. What is that teaching our young players jspelk?


    again lath you are right on the money. Don’t you think it should be Tomko who is out of the rotation and not stults.


    I assume they’d just bring him back up when rosters expand. No way they leave Tomko in the rotation now.


    Gonzo has hurt the Dodgers more than helped them all year! He plays no defense(remeber the missed play fly ball on opening day plus many others), no arm. He’s taking up a slot in front of Ethier.He hit 4hr’s in april, 2 hr’s in may,4 hr’s june. So to say he and Martin carried us in the first half is crazy. Martin is the heart and seoul of this team please do not compare that 40 year has been that needs to retire to Martin!!!Martin plays Defense runs, the bases hard, and gets big hits.


    I wrote this earlier today:

    You start Stults Saturday afternoon, you then immediately option him to Vegas for Wells who then starts Sunday Night against the Mets, when rosters expand on September 1st, you can bring Stults back up and with the off day position it so he never misses a start. That way they can bring in Wells, keep Tomko so they can buyout his option after the season (which is why I believe they cannot DFA him, they’d have to eat millions of dollars) and have Stults not miss a turn.


    Well individual players aside Grady and Ned have us in third place in the NL west, the 5th best team in the NL, 2 games out of a playoff birth and have us as tied for the 11th best team in baseball.


    No doubt Tomko should be out of the rotation. Alex is right on about optioning Stults after his start and bringing him back up Sept 1.


    Gonzo is a good clubhouse guy and he would be a nice guy to have as a left handed pinch hitter off the bench but I agree with diehard that he shouldn’t be playing every day or anywhere close to it. By the way diehard the kid in that picture looks like 18…


    nope 26… I’ll take gonzo as a pinch hitter all day. but grittle doesn’t use him like that.


    Diehardblu, you’re exactly the type of guy I’m talking about. First off Gonzo hasn’t been in a slump for 8 weeks. Second, slumps do last 2 months and sometimes even longer. How bad was Penny post-all star break last year? Yah, those skills really diminished. What is he, 3rd in NL ERA right now? Ever hear of a guy name Adrian Beltre. Well you probably haven’t but if you go way back in Dodger history and look at his splits there will be a surprise waiting for you.

    Just stop while you are way, way behind.


    Diehard you said 28 last week… haha lath you just tore diehard apart LOL… lath you are my new best friend!!!!!


    I agree slumps *can* last two months but when you have a choice between a slumping guy and one that is red hot you need to play the hot hand. simple as that.


    why are you bringing up Beltre?I know he’s a second half player but he was also 19-23 years old, we watched him grow up. Gonzo is 40 years old!!!!Penny was hurt last year. His back was hurting. But again you are bringing up guys in their prime or younger. I’m talking about a 40 year load left fielder who the Dbacks kicked out the door. There is also a guy by the name of Andre Ethier who as a Dodger fan I hope I get to see him play everyday. He is not a rookie he’s in his second year, a college player who is about to hit for a least 10 years why not play him everyday. Quit making excuses. I’m sorry I want to watch the Best players PLAY!!


    I’m sorry diehard but that guy lath is still eating you alive. diehard how old are you really everytime I ask you I get a different answer. Because Tomko is struggling I also would like to see his playing time decrease although it isn’t likely with Grady as our skipper.


    3 run homer Marlon Anderson Mets lead 7-6. **** we are gonna have a tough series coming up because the Mets are really good.


    omg. marlon hits a 3 run bomb to put the mets up 7-6. ugh ugh and more ugh. he’s doing it again this year folks except not for us.


    Good ole Marlon Anderson helps the Dodgers out with a PH 3 Run HR 7-6 Mets Bottom 6 on a cookie by Cla Meredith.


    this possibly the one move that makes me the most angry out of all the stupid idiotic moves this year.


    And no to me Tomko would not start again this season and would do mop up work only in our fully stocked September bullpen


    I said it the day we let Anderson go that it was a horrible move. But alot of you guys disagreed( I remember a couple guys in particular) Now look what he’s doing.


    i definitely thought it was a dumb move from the beginning and i guess you could look it up although why would you. The problem also is then if you leave Tomko on the team is that there is one less spot on the 40-man for a callup.


    San Diego’s bullpen has really come back to earth since the all star break. If we could get rid of Roberto Hernandez and Tomko it would be fair to compare the pitching staffs.


    As a life long Dodger fan I understand the frustration that most of us are having with Ned/Grady over the last few weeks(or years). The realization however is that this is not the Dodger team that most of us grew up with in 60’s 70’s & 80’s. The game has changed and for years in the 90’s the team did keep up with those changes. Unfortunately the Dodgers ownership under the FOX Group put the organization in a very bad position after taking over for the O’Malleys.

    The fact that the team has only won 1 playoff game in the past 20 year shows that the tradition of winning is long gone. It’s something that is really inexcuseable but as fans we are being forced to live with it. It pains me to say this but the Dodgers are no longer one of the best teams between the lines and have not been for some time now.

    As fans of this Dodgers team we have to trust and hope that the pride that Josh speaks of really does exsist. I believe it does, I just hope that this organization can get the tradition of winning Dodger baseball back sooner than later.


    Penny will have to look like the ace he’s been all year because we are facing a good pitcher in Oliver Perez. We really need to take game 1 because chances are we are going to lose the next 2.


    well when they keep players who shouldn’t be on a major league roster anymore..and you know who those select few are, it makes it hard to win. they keep doing the same things and expect a different result.


    I was reading some of your posts from earlier today and from yesterday and Diehard you need to stop saying so much bad things about Grady all the time. I feel like you can nevere post anything without saying how much you hate Grady. People are starting to say this blog has gotten super negative and I feel like you are the reason why. By all means you can criticize him sometimes(especially when he makes stupid lineups like the one he made today) but please diehard every once in a while give it a rest.


    Kouz is horrible anyway. I am glad he isn’t our 3B. The best third basemen in the division is Atkins in Colorado. I love that kids swing.


    swood you also think we have the fourth best talent in the division. I have higher expectations I guess everyone got my point Grady makes the line ups. grady is the reason our offense is so inconsistent.


    diehard they are kidding when they say that… because I always stand up for Grady… duh… Anyway how come you always change telling how old you are. You went from 28 years old to 26 in one week.


    can anyone get a save here? jeez. anyways, hope the mets win and get all their scoring out of their system

  89. Roberto

    You think the clubhouse in Shea stadium will have enough donuts to satisfy Wells stomach between innings….?


    I don’t believe it!! I just logged on, and see the Dodgers signed David Wells!!!!! This goes beyond defying all reason, or logic! His numbers are more than twice as worse than Tomkos this year. Looks to me like we’re going from bad to worse for the starting rotation.


    Diehard I am not mad but I am just saying you should try to be more positive because some of the original people on this blog like Max haven’t been blogging anymore because they think it is so negative. Every once in a while I will criticize Grady also (the lineup today) but I try to think from his perspective and why he would make the moves he makes.


    jjriley are you serious wells is one million times better then Tomko. Some rest will do wells good he got tired this season because he is old. Read Alex’s stats about Wells basically when he’s well rested which he will be when he comes to us he’s good. Plus he wants to prove San Diego made a mistake on him.


    swood Overall Career numbers – yes. Wells beats out Tomko by leaps, and bounds. But his numbers this year are flat our horrendous! It’s done, he’s signed. MAYBE, by some weird divine intervention, or whatever, he could be an asset. I’m not from the state of Missouri, but he has to show me. I just have serious doubts about this move. I’m for bringing up, and along some fresh newer arms from the farm system over this fiasco.


    If Wells is ‘tired’ and needs a rest, the ONLY way he should be used is in a spot/emergency start after the roster expansion. If he’s too tired, and can’t handle a 5 game rotation, he needs to be restricted to the bullpen, or retire.


    Alex can you please repost those stats about wells that you posted earlier to show jjriley that he is a better pitcher RIGHT NOW then Tomko.


    jjriley its not too hard to be better then the 2-11 ERA over 6 Tomko. Tomko gives us no chance to win and atleast Wells will battle out there( whether he’s sober or not) LOL.


    I didn’t have any stats, I think that was somebody else. I gave my opinion on the signing earlier…I’m not in favor of him coming in, but I don’t like Tomko either. If you’re a fan of Tomko not starting than this is a good thing, from a numbers standpoint…not so much.

    If Wells is signed, it’d be a lot to ask of him to come right in and pitch Sunday Night, when he hasn’t pitched in a game since August 6th. At this point, I don’t even know if he would actually be an upgrade over Tomko. But, I do know when we throw a lefty at the Mets we do well against them over the past two years. So, basically I don’t know what to think if the Wells deal takes place. There was a reason San Diego DFA’d him. He’s been worse than Tomko since the break, I just don’t think it’s a good idea, even if it’s just for one month and probably only 5 starts.


    swood Time will tell. Don’t get me started on his sobiety issues. I guess the club will take up stock options on Krispy Kremes to keep him happy too! lol


    But, who knows maybe the rest will do him some good, we’ll all find out on National television Sunday night. I don’t like the idea of bringing him in not having pitched in a game in three weeks.


    I noticed in the press release regarding the signing of ‘Boomer’ that financial term$ weren’t disclosed. I wonder why? Boy the blogs, and postings are going to go nuts on this one.


    In his last 4 starts David Wells had given up 26 runs in 16 2/3 innings with 7 HR’s given up. But, in his previous 4 starts. he went 21 2/3 innings and gave up 5 runs with 1 HR given up.

    This is a very risky signing and the one thing I do not want to here after Sunday’s game…’Tomko should have started’


    gban I believe you hit the nail on the head with that one! lol What’s Wells listed weight? I’m thinking he’s an Inn&Out double double away from the 350 mark!!!!


    We’ll all hope that Wells has another good game or two in him, but can you all believe that we’ve come down to having to do this to try and salvage the season. Like I’ve said all along, what a way to put a championship team together, Colletti. This year you really stink.


    Braves lose so we jump ahead of them in the WC.

    I would rather Tomko or Houlton start over Wells. Im going on the record with that.


    Alex is dead-on about the logistics of the Wells signing–Stults gets optioned after Saturday, but is back September 1. Wells goes Sunday, and again on the 31st in San Diego. We either flip-flop him and Stults, or more likely he gets skipped until September 4 or so, with Lowe, Penny, and Bills on 4-days rest.

    Tomko does not get DFA’d, because it’s almost silly to do so late in the season, because you never know if you’re stuck in a 18-inning game and need someone other than Loney to pitch (and no cracks that Loney could pitch better–even if true).

    The signing makes sense. Injuries have decimated the rotation, and maybe Houlton and Stults can fill those 4-5 slots, but Tomko clearly cannot, and Hendrickson . . . well, he’s an enigma, and seems most effective as a long/middle reliever and spot starter (maybe even good in that unusual specialty). Wells knows how to pitch–he pitched well enough earlier in the year. Having a mad David Wells for 4 weeks might just be enough.

    If (and hopefully, when) we make the playoffs, I don’t know if Stults or Wells would be the 4th starter–we’ll see who performs. Tomko does not have to be on the post-season roster, and should not be. The post-season roster is 25 guys from the 40-man roster, so long as they were on the active 25-man roster sometime this year before September 1 (so, Houlton, Abreu, Hull, LaRoche, Valdez, and Young are all eligible, but not Hu, Meloan, or Hamulack, who I expect to also get the call in September).


    Hey don’t underestimate the heart of Boomer Wells. You know he is just itching to prove the Pads wrong about DFAing him. I have alot more faith in Boomer then I have in that bum Tomko. He still has a great curve and he knows how to pitch when hes sober. Joe Pierre my grandpa is also from brooklyn and he is a dodgers fan and thats how I became a dodgers fan. He used to sneak into Ebbets Field for every game. Hey Joe do you have mafia ties? Uh Oh I hope you’re not gonna ‘WACK’ me cuz I said that. LOL


    Tell me what you guys think of this lineup on September 1:

    Furcal SS

    Young RF

    Kemp CF

    Kent 2B

    Ethier LF

    Martin C

    Loney 1B

    LaRoche 3B

    Pitcher P

    Lots and Lots of Youth! I would love to see what this lineup could do every day.



    It’s a fair point, and Puppyhead had a similar point on the last thread that got hotly debated. We’re all obviously fans far too dedicated to the team, and as a result, with a win we’re ecstatic and a loss we’re despondent, and it comes out.

    Does Grady deserve credit for Ramon Martinez coming through (or a bunch of other things)? The truth is obviously there are 100 different things we don’t know that the manager does, and sometimes the manger gets a gut feeling about a lousy player that works.

    Personally, I have not liked many of the line-ups, and there are other flaws with the team that I think Grady should address too. I don’t want to get into that too much, other than to say I got mad enough to call for his head, but in the end don’t mean it. It’s fair to say that he deserves credit for the team’s wins over the last two years–one can disagree, but it’s fair point, and it’s Josh’s job to point it out. Of course, as the former max_power (I prefer that name Max, what happened) said, “players win games, managers lose games and umpires ruin games.” It’s not fair, but Grady knows it. And, if he wins, we will all praise him at the ticker-tape parade, and we all want that to happen.

    All that being said, I was surprised at Josh’s post because while we could all probably cool it a little, it did not seem that bad, until I read messagebear’s post from yesterday and today, and understood what he means.

    Messagebear, I don’t think that it’s fair to say the management has Dodger Pride. I never figured that I would praise the McCourt’s, but they deserve it. The model of a professional sports organization is the way the O’Malley’s ran the team for 47 years (with apologies to guys like pierreseatmeetswest from Brooklyn). That’s the gold standard, and the organization is not there. But the last 4 years have been a huge turn-around from the Fox era. Investments in the stadium, a committment to the youth movement, the parking (more expensive, but the new system works). There is still some ways to go, and the McCourts will never run the team in the same way as the O’Malley’s, but they may end up doing as well, and 4 years in, things look good.

    The organization is not full of old-time Dodgers. Some of that’s the way baseball is today, some of it is turnover. But there are a lot of old-time Dodgers. Don Newcombe is in the front office, as is Tommy Lasorda. A lot of people righly objected to Ross Porter being replaced, but Charley Steiner is an old-time Dodger fan himself.

    As for bringing in guys from different organizations–Branch Rickey ran the Cardinals before revolutionizing the Dodgers. Leo Durocher left the Dodgers to manage the Giants (of all things!), the Dodgers signed Sal “The Barber” Maglie in 1956 after he killed them for years, and even signed Juan Marichal after he nearly killed (literally) Johnny Roseboro. And even Tommy spent a year or two in the Kansas City Athletics organization. Except for Vin Scully, nothing is absolutely pure.

    Grady will never be Tommy Lasorda, and Ned will never be Al Campanis or Buzzie Bavasi (who left to run the Padres!). But I think they care a lot about winning and about the organization. They may not have been here long, but Swood’s been a fan since before Martin or Loney or Kemp cared about the Dodgers, I’ve been a fan since before those guys were born, and guys like Pierreseatmeetswest and miketink have been fans long before I was born. I don’t think that makes me less of a fan, or Martin or Loney or Kemp less of a Dodger.

    I would love to see more guys with Dodger roots–I would have loved to see Mike Scioscia manage the team, but some things did not work out. They have not by any stretch made all the moves I would have, and have not always made the right moves(my new theory is that Grady changes the lineup just to drum up interest in the blog!), but the McCourts, Ned, and Grady, are trying–trying to win now, trying to win later. It’s totally fair to criticize their decisions–I’ve had plenty of criticism lately–but I don’t think it’s from any lesser desire or committment by the management.

    So, I’ll close with this–I think that as long as Ethier and Kemp are hot (and they are), Gonzo’s got to take a seat. It will drive me crazy if I check tomorrow that he is in the line-up, and I’ll probably rant here about it. But it’s because I disagree with Grady, not because I think he doesn’t care.


    Man Pierre I wish I was in the mafia with you. When someone said they were a Giant or Padre fan I would just have them wacked. LOL.


    Say Leekfink, I saw your post and I thought, Marona, what’s that? But now that I read it, I gotta say “WOW’


    Except for Vince Scully, nothing is absolutely pure buy LINKFINK._____you forgot Vin was born in the Bronx and and grew up a few blocks from the Polo Grounds.


    Thanks for the post about the library. Wish I would have seen it earlier. Darn it! I should read your post before I leave work. Also thanks for the rest of the post. I stopped posting on the forum because of all the redundant negativity that it gets old. I found this blog very informative and so I check it daily but lately I have to go thru a lot of the same things from the forum to find interesting and insightful information. I am learning though like before to check the posted by. -Emma

    Question: Is Alex the same guy that calls Dodger Talk? Is Bear the same oldbear?


    Swood, im right here. I just changed E-Mails because my Max_Power one was getting so much spam i didn’t even bother looking at it anymore. I deleted it and used my older email address from when i was in middle school.

    Im thinking about switching to my Gmail account.

    My real name is Adrian by the way. I got Max_Power from a Simpson’s episode.


    Emma, one reason for some of the redundant negativity is the redundant lineup stupidity. Like today with Gonzalez grounding into two double plays while Ethier sits on the bench. If Grady would play his best players, most of the negative comments would cease.


    Maybe Josh or someone else in management can explain to this dumb Aussie the signing of an old has been 43 year old pitcher that no one else wanted. I admit Tomko is a detriment to the team everytime he starts but isn’t management telling us by this signing that we have absolutly no one in our minor league system that is better right now than either Tomko or Wells. I can’t imagine how our AAA squad ever won a game in Vegas with no pitchers capable of starting in the Majors.


    pierreseastmeetswest–yeah, I write too much. You’re brave to have read it all, but I appreciate it.

    Nice point on Vinny–I still consider him pure. He couldn’t have been rooting for the Giants.


    hey swood I’m 26 in the picture. I’m 27 going to be 28 so I guess I considerd myself 28 but I’m 27. Plus the negativity was on this blog before me. Have you ever seen me post bad comments about JP? I let the players play I like the players, I just think the team wins in spite of grady. Not because of him.


    Good posts on this thread. Nice to see a lot more honest sharing of opinions and less name-calling at Grady and Ned 😉

    Just to give my 2 cents on the Wells deal, if anyone cares:

    I believe alex called this signing risky. However, this signing can not hurt the Dodgers in any way that I can see, and hence, has only potential to help. Tomko is now a mop-up man, which is probably all he can do without jeopardizing the season at this point. Wells gets this start, which is a good lefty-vs.-Mets matchup. I’d rather have him out there Sunday than leave-the-ball-over-the-heart-of-the-plate Tomko. Wells may earn a few more starts, but I somehow doubt that he will pitch every 5th day for the rest of the season, esp. with expanded rosters on September 1.

    Of course, instead of Wells, the Dodgers could have brought up a minor leaguer. But I think that sometimes, after seeing guys like Broxton and Bills make the jump and adjust very well (and quite quickly), we forget the importance of not rushing a solid prospect. If a kid has the stuff to dominate at AA ball, that doesn’t mean he’s ready to throw his curve against the Mets. I believe it would be better to gamble with Wells on a few games than to gamble with the career of a legit SP prospect who got shelled at Shea at a young age.


    From ESPN:

    “Wells will get a prorated salary with the Dodgers plus a per-start incentive that is almost identical to the incentive-based deal he had with the Padres.

    Wells’ contract with the Padres called for him to make $176,470 per start from Nos. 11-27. He made 22 starts with San Diego.”


    Wells can’t hurt as long as he is replacing Tomko in the rotation as reported.

    I think we should all take a deep breath now in advance of today’s lineup being posted so we can keep this civil.


    I too enjoyed leekfink’s post and was glad to get his perspective. Yes, I’m probably wishfully thinking of the old days when there was more stability in sports and team ownership, management and personnel when I gave my assessment of the current situation. The only thing I want to add is that I never have judged the quality of Dodger fans, no matter how long they have been such or whether they rooted for somebody else before coming to the Dodger cause. I also don’t think that the attitudes displayed on this blog make one fan any better than another.

    It will be interesting to see how Wells performs in the Dodger blue. I think we all hope that there’s another good game or two in his system. I think it is somewhat disconcerting that we don’t seem to have minor league prospects available to take that challenge. I’m hoping that Houlton will get the chance to start a game or two. If he’s not ready for the majors after having been up for the entire 2005 season and having the last year plus at AAA, then his time with the Dodgers is probably past, and he should be available for trade in the off-season. In any case, we better take a close look at who we have in our pitching prospect rankings and make some adjustments to get more people at our AA and AAA levels, because the current status of available talent in the pitching ranks is a bit frightening.


    regading messagebear’s coments about our minor league arms, does anyone know the status of Greg Miller, and is he progressing at all?


    Also troubling is the fact that LaRoche still has not played a game since August 6th, and Abreu has not been in a game for the last four days. When the September callup comes, how can these guys be expected to contribute. Does anybody know the circumstances for these playing gaps, or are both still hampered with injuries.


    I don’t know why but I have a feeling that Ned is going to have him replace Stults in the rotation rather than Tomko. That would be a disgrace.


    I was watching Baseball Tonight and they said that Wells will replace Tomko in the rotation and he will start on Sunday.


    If they EVER take out STULTZ in favor of Bomko please don’t tell me…Wonder how Bomko feels now that Wells will take his place…maybe thinks his results weren’t good..LOL…

    Did anyone read about the clubhouse turmoil about Grady’s lineups?…Obviously alot of the guys are questioning them as we have..Way to go guys…Glad..Let’s see if it helps..NOT!!


    To answer scott’s question, yes, Greg Miller has done pretty well of late in Jax (he had a start recently where he didn’t issue a walk). In fact, Miller said that watching Kershaw pitch reminded him to attack batters with his stuff.

    Also, Justin Orenduff is re-emerging as a prospect. He struck out 12 the other day. We could see him next year.


    You guys should all read that article I just posted, there would be plenty to talk about after you do.


    I just realized there is a chance I may be still be home when the lineup is posted, that is if it is posted before 6 PM ET, which is the latest I’ll leave for the 7:10PM ET start of the game at Shea Stadium tonight. That would be the best thing, if not I’ll get it off the scoreboard. I’ll see what happens tomorrow & Sunday. As we all know, it’s going to be a big series as they all will be from here on out.


    thanks jungar Ken Rosenthal must be reading this blog. (or actually paying attention to the games)Fire Little!!Thank You Logan White I hope you take over as GM and replace this old minor League manager.


    Hi – 53,51,Zobie, Cat, ****, Peter, Kevin, Gary, Sammy if you check in. I am in Ontario, just having passed through Russell Martin territory, Montreal.

    The whole pride thing for me starts with the individual. I started following the Dodgers in 1952 and my pride in the Dodgers has never wavered. Certainly when things aren’t going well I am less vocal about our team but I love to see the kids play. I think it is unfair to accuse Grady of not having pride in the Dodgers. A quiet pride is no less pride than a very overt pride, like Tommy’s. If pride only comes from winning then it is going to be a temporary pride and not pride in the team or its traditions and accomplishments. The long Dodger tradition is one that elicits pride. The present status of the team is the benefit we have reaped from free agency. It seems clear to me that Ned is working to correct that, and must have been a very difficult decision to not trade away the kids, the future, for short term gain. Certainly I am proud of our management for not caving in to unreasonable demands for our kids by other teams, for aging veterans.

    Greg Miller is still on the radar and slowing improving. His K/BB ratio is still not very good, something like 48/31 at Jacksonville. It seems Kershaw , MacDonald. Orenduff have caught up to or passed Miller. But he is still young and I think the Dodgers still have high hopes for him. Scott Elbert will return next season. I really don’t want David Wells as a Dodger but think it is a reasonable short term inexpensive gamble. We do need another pitcher and can’t rush the kids. We did that with Edwin Jackson. GO DODGERS!!


    Thats for the article jungar, just read it. The one think that stuck out is me—and sorry for harping on grady constantly—is that it said the PLAYERS question grady’s lineups and genreral management of the team. That really suprised me. I just assumed that they liked him enough to go a long with whatever but apparently its not the case.

    I think the article illustrated well just how *bad* this offseason was and despite that we’re in it. I still think that the bulk of this failure considering expectations for this team were high *has* to fall on Ned’s shoulders.


    jungar, excellent article, it looks like Rosenthal knows his Dodgers.. I love what he says about, all teams should have the Dodgers problems. I really believe that Ned Colletti has had his failures this year but, he is a good GM. He has kept the young guys intact and i think long term that’s a good thing. With the addition of one GOOD free agent signing this off season and the dumping or ending of a few BAD contracts this will be a very good team. I also believe that the Dodgers really do have to address their managerial situation. Grady Little is just not a guy who will take this or any team beyond mediocrity. The Dodgers need a grab the bull by the horn manager who will stick with his lineup, get in peoples faces, light a few fires, give them some personality type manager. I like the future for our Dodgers, but first let’s win this year!!!


    Diehard you better watch what you say to Pierre. He’s in the italian mafia in Brooklyn. He’ll have you wacked. I heard he wacked a guy one time just for saying he was a Giants fan. LOL.


    Kiper you can’t tell exactly how Grady manages unless you’re his player. I would be willing to bet that he gets in guys faces all the time and I bet he throws chairs in the club house and goes off on the team. I think he just does it in private where guys like Pinella do it in public.


    MESSAGEBEARER: I just read your post of 9:19 AM PT. I just want to say, that my feelings are very simular to yours. I sometimes get cought up with the past, which in someway was not unlike the present but I think we preseved it differently. We didn’t always get the information we do today. It seems that these pros go from organizations to organizations, with very little feeling, at least they do a good job of not showing any. I sometimes wonder If I had the ability to get into this sport professionally how I would of reacted to say, playing for an organization other than the DODGERS.


    thanks momoracci!

    Miller’s problem has been walks since he’s come back from injury.

    Thanks jungar for the link…seems to me the only ones who don’t agree with us on the lineup is Grady and Donnelly?


    Grady said “When you play fantasy baseball or on a computer, rarely do you take into account a missed umpire’s call or a tweaked hamstring. People only know part of it. There’s a reason why we do what we do.” I guess thats part of the answer for the recent screwed up lineups and some of the other moves hes made lately.


    swood, i know that you are a Grady Little guy, but i just don’t see him doing that even in the clubhouse. Now, it’s just my opinion, but i believe his approach is a little to low key, at least for my style but i could be wrong.


    Pierre I will look for you in the stands tonight. Grady is right you guys don’t know the whole story behind everything he does so you should stop criticizing EVERYTHING… cough cough DIEHARD cough cough. LOL.


    “There’s a reason why we do what we do.”

    That’s kind of a smug response to fans, like it’s just way over our heads. Whoa, I better back off Grady because I just don’t understand all the finer subtle things that goes into making a lineup. I wonder if he really believes his own bull. We better just sit tight and shut up and let the wizard work his magic.


    SWOOD: Hey kid if you want to find me I’ll be Field level, Row box 164G seat 1 near Gate B


    Very interesting article Jungar. Good insights about the team, and the bottom line is correct–the problems we have are the best to have. And we can still pull it off this year, with lots of good years ahead.

    I am surprised to read that players question Grady. I would think that he had earned the players loyalty–he always defends them in public, no matter how much they screw up.

    I am a little skeptical of Rosenthal. He’s no Jim Gray, but he has an incentive to sensationalize a minor point or blow something up that shouldn’t be. Suppose one player said “I wish Grady put me in the lineup every day.” That could easily be innocent, and yet blown out of proportion. And I have not seen it from any of the local beat writers. But, who knows? We’ll see what others say too.


    Uh, leek…the local writers are kiss ups, but Rosenthal is no saint either so you have to take what he says with a grain of salt.


    I DEMAND this lineup tonight:








    Hillenbrand/Martinez (doesn’t matter)

    If I see “Gonzo”, I will keep complaining about him.


    and i really hope we resign Randy Wolf. He just seems like a Dodger too me. Usually the second season back from TJ surgery the pitcher is back and full strength. He’ll be a great number 4 guy.


    i like wolf but im still worried about his long term health. if he gets resigned and then injured again its not going to look good. but when he’s healthy, he’s a good #3/#4 starter.


    Swood stop drinking the grady kool aid. A carrer minor league coach does not deserve to drive this ship!


    Diehard did you see that guys post about you last night he TORE YOU APART!!!!!! Anyway I will be honest I don’t think Grady is the best manager in the majors but he’s not awful either. Diehard how old are you really every time you tell me something different.


    I think Wolf’s shoulder injury was due to him not trying to injure his elbow again. Once he gets his shoulder healthy I think he’ll be fine. It’s not like he’s got a Jason Schmidt type history of shoulder problems. He never really showed any signs of lose of velocity.


    Lineup on September 1:

    Furcal SS

    Young LF

    Ethier RF

    Kemp CF

    Loney 1B

    Martin C

    LaRoche 3B

    Abreu 2B

    Stults P

    Youth my friends Youth.


    After reading the Crasnick article I think we’re going to have to endure more Gonzalez…thanks Grady


    Hopefully not drpdedblnd. I wish I could talk to Grady live. I would be able to convince him that at this point on Gonzo’s career he is a left handed pinch hitter off the bench and maybe a spot starter like once every two weeks and thats it.


    Swood, if Gonzo’s .224 average since the break doesn’t do that you have NO CHANCE IN ****!


    YIKES! from Crasnick column:

    and now Little is hearing more calls to play Kemp and Ethier at the expense of Gonzalez.

    Little isn’t ready to go that route just yet. He thinks he can keep everybody happy with good, honest communication, and believes the Dodgers will need contributions from everyone over the next five weeks.


    “Colletti spent this week on a scouting mission to Double-A Jacksonville, where he watched breakout prospect James McDonald. After concluding McDonald wasn’t ready, the Dodgers dipped into the reclamation bin and pulled out a 250-pound Boomer.”

    At least they gave McDonald a look. I’d rather not rush these guys if it hurts their development.


    I have no problem with waiting for a guy like McDonald. Within 2 years the major league staff could have 2-4 home grown starters easily.


    From some of Colletti’s comments at least good reasoning seems to have been used in coming to the conclusion about McDonald. Apparently his velocity has dipped from a 92 mph fastball earlier in the season to a max of 88 mph now – conclusion would be that he is getting tired and not ready to give his major league best. I can agree with that, as we wouldn’t want to force him and take the chance on injuring him. Wish that the velocity changes had been looked at when he decided to give away the big bucks to Schmidt.


    2007 is one thing, but will you guys allow me to be livid in 2008 if we go with the same approach (over the hil vets)?

    The time was now at the start of the year to go with the kids. It is defintly time in 08.

    If so I will shut up the rest of the year on any GM criticism!!

    It’s a fair deal guys, take it! LOL


    Of course you should be livid. I’ll be. I already am. Grady basically doesn’t have a left to stand on anymore when it comes to playing gonzo. The only reason for it is blind loyalty.


    In hindsight, we were right about Loney, Bills and Kemp (although he got injured too) and Ned was wrong. But I gave them ther benefit of the doubt when the season began. I wish they wouldn’t have been so stubborn and dragged out the process of the young guys coming in with bogus excuses about Nomar not playing 3b, etc. Unfortunately, they’re doing it again dragging the Gonzo situation out longer than is necessary when Kemp and Ethier are ready and everyone in baseball knows it.


    Scott this is our hopeful lineup and rotation 2 years from now:

    Hu 2B

    Young LF

    Ethier RF

    Kemp CF

    Loney 1B

    Martin C

    LaRoche 3B

    Abreu 2B

    Pitching Staff:







    I honestly don’t think Ned will be around to sign over the hill vets next year.

    There is two very credible sports writers that have hinted at a rift between Ned and McCourt. First was the Blanton deal. It was reported that there was one camp that didn’t want to trade LaRoche and Kershaw and another camp that wanted to.

    The deal didn’t go down so it’s obvious McCourt didn’t want to make the trade and i’d bet my life that White didn’t want to trade them either.


    apparently it was LaRoche and Kershaw.

    It’s laughable that that was even proposed so im kinda skeptical of it but Billy Beane wasn’t going to let Blanton go without getting 2 top of the line prospects. As good as Ethier is he’s not a top tier prospect nor was he ever.


    Not Bad Scott but I think Stults is pretty good… I think it would be a competition between Stults, Elbert, and McDonald for the last two spots in the rotation. Yours is pretty good too though Scott.


    I haven’t read anywhere what the Dodgers offer for Blanton was. Nobody knows but Ned himself and the people that work for him.


    Wow thats way too much there’s no way Blanton is worth all three of those good young players. Im soooooooo glad we didn’t make that trade. Van how come you always put … at the end of everything you write.


    It was definitely McCourt who *didn’t* want to trade the young guys. Several sources have alluded to that, and thats where the contreversy was. McCourt is a guy who wants to win now and win every year but I sense that he’s sees building for the future as important.


    agreed jspelk and I think what McCourt is doing is right. He’s following the Atlanta Braves way which has worked better then well for them over the years.


    Please release Tomko so Colorado or AZ will pick him up & we can bat against him. Please no more former Giant pitchers. Not Ortiz when they release him. And no more Long term huge contracts on injured or worn out pitchers. Remember Darren D, Kevin B , & now Schmidt.


    I like the lineups of all these kids off the farm, but realistically? Half of those kids aren’t going to have great major league careers, most likely. Even if they are all future MLB players, it doesn’t seem wise to build a lineup or a rotation around maybe 1 or 2 players who have played in the majors for 4 years or more. I know we’re a bit tired of veterans on this blog, but there’s a lot to be said about veterans anchoring a club with their experience and wisdom (although next year, let’s look for veterans in their EARLY 30s, not their 40s).
    Ned has shown a willingness to keep the kids around; I hope that same reluctance to trade them means than when some of them are traded, he gets the best value possible in return.


    I take encouragement from exit music’s post. I don’t want to trust Colletti with any major decisions about this team, and I look forward to having both him and Little gone. I would think that the Schmidt handling and dismal results damaged Colletti beyond repair with Mr. McCourt, if all of the other mistakes in the off-season did not. I think that the only thing that could save them is a big turn-around by the club whereby we still make the playoffs, and actually I’m rooting for that to happen as a fan. This club would be better off with somebody new at the helm, I have no doubt.



    Probably unlikely, but I think the A’s have done it. Most teams jsut don’t have that much quality coming up at once. In 2 years, Bills will be a seasoned vet, so you’re really only talking 1 or 2 rooks with 1 of them making it a year sooner.



    don’t be judgemental..

    i never post false information…

    and i didn’t heard it im sorry…

    i read it once here…

    from the past blogs…

    i don’t know who…

    try to find it…


    There’s no legit evidence of what the Dodgers offered or what the A’s wanted. It’s all speculation, period.


    AMEN Brother! I agree all the vicious criticism is a real BORE! It seems like some people think they know everything!! and they are above reproach.



    maybe it’s false…

    but like momoracci said… no one knows…

    so don’t judge anyone…

    i don’t know who are u, so I wont say anything…

    just want to give an advice, though… sometimes try to shut up.!


    How about this for next year?
    SP: Penny, Lowe, Schmidt, Billz, Kuo/Stultz/McDonald/ Houlton (5th SP Competition)

    RP: Brox, Saito, Meloan, Tsao, Beimel, and Kuo/Stultz/McDonald/Houlton

    SS Furcal

    CF Pierre

    LF Kemp

    2B Kent

    1B Loney

    C Martin

    RF Ethier

    3B Nomar

    Bench: Abreu, Young, Mackowiak, (young catcher like JR House, Rob Bowen, Eric Munson or Adam Melhuse that can play other positions since Martin barely has days off anyways), and maybe LaRoche/Hu/and a couple FA’s to compete for the last bench spot.


    Rob Neyer is funny too.

    “• The Dodgers have reached an agreement with David Wells. Who knows? Maybe this will work out beautifully for them. But one wonders just how many over-the-hill veterans Ned Colletti will sign before he realizes that the Brian Sabean Paradigm doesn’t work without a healthy Barry Bonds.”


    lvproduction Kemp will always be in right field because he has a very strong arm and you need to put Laroche in there for Nomar, other then that its ok. You also need to throw Kershaw and Elbert in there for battle for a starting rotation spot.


    Honestly, if Coletti wanted to make trades and it was McCourt who sqashed them, that would make matters much worse unless it means Coletti will be fired. But having a non basbeall person meddle in baseball affairs would be awful. Just remember what Daly did to the dodgers. Without sounding egotistical, most of us here know more about Baseball than McCourt. he is just a fan with alot of money and passion and now an owner. And he has said that he let’s the baseball people do baseball things, so I don’t belive it anyways…


    I was checking my baseball fantasy team and decided to check Boomer’s statistics. (no, I am not picking him up) Yes, he lost his last 4 games, but his last win was against the Mets when he won 5-1 on july 16th.


    Wells is a low risk high reward pick up. I don’t get the criticism and I am not afraid to be critical obviously. So we give him 2-3 starts in place of Tomko. If he does good, great. If he is **** then so what we dump him to the pen with the other old guys. In those articles it stated our record when Hendu and Tomko start and obviously if we had two arms pitch .500 ball instead of what they have done, we would be 5-6 games up. I am sure that is exactly what Ned is thinking..


    If McCourt did squash the deal im sure he had someone advising him. The Rosenthal article seems to indicate that Logan White had some huge input. I think its that article. I don’t know im getting the Crasknick one confused with the Rosenthal one.

    no one knows really.


    Tomko and lefty Mark Hendrickson going a combined 5-16 with a 5.76 ERA in 29 starts.

    If they just go 10-11 we are right there. Maybe not 6 up..!


    You nothing would make me happier Max then Coletti being shown the exit, but it’s Friday and I am trying to be good and positive.


    Thanks Casinod, Swood. & oyhers: I could not say it any better. I have not been commentig because the blogs have had too many negative blogs not worth responding to. Thanks to JOSH it appears it is going to be a joy to follow again. GO DODGERS tonight.

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