Another transaction

I know the Hillenbrand move confused some people yesterday, but there was certainly reasoning behind signing him and then bringing him up. Nomar Garciaparra, who has been dealing with a strained left calf for a while, has finally had to go on the disabled list and knowing that he was hurting, adding a third baseman made the most sense. Of course, no one knew that Nomar would get ejected last night for the first time in his 1,300-game career, but so it goes.

So coming up from Triple-A today will be Eric Hull, who will join the bullpen. And there should be another move coming on Friday when we add a starting pitcher for that night’s game.

There’s not much I can really add about the play on the field these last two weeks. We’re all disappointed that it hasn’t been better and there’s not a person in baseball operations who isn’t spending every waking minute trying to figure out how to fix it.

Here’s today lineup:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Kemp, RF

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Ethier, LF

Hillenbrand, 3B

Tomko, P



    Kemp in the middle of the line up is a beautiful thing. But, I think it would be more fitting if he was 5th or 6th. Loney is great for the 3rd spot. Anyhow, No Nomar, Gonzo, that’s what I’m talkin’ about.


    kemp, as much as i like him should not be batting third, especially against a right hander…whatever, grady’s obviously just going to keep changhing the lineup around and nothing is going to work anyways. it doesn’t matter what the order is.


    Wow, now I can understand the move. I wonder if Nomar has been battling a ton of injuries this year that we have not known about which would explain his very sub-par performance.

    As for the lineup, pathetic as usual… I thought Pierre hitting 7th was something that would last? Oh well, at least Ethier is hitting higher… 7th, but it works.

    On the plus side, at least Kemp is hitting third.

    Somebody actually did a great song parody on this entire situation on


    The line-up is getting better but i’d still like to see Ethier batting 4ourth. Too bad Nomar went down…..hopefully he’ll be back soon.

    Lets hope Tomko gets a win tonight cause we really need 1


    Nomar Garciaparra, who has been dealing with a strained left calf for a while, has finally had to go on the disabled list and knowing that he was hurting, adding a third baseman made the most sense.

    How long is awhile since July 2006? makes the Wilson trade that much more ridicoulous.


    ok i just checked for my own sake: against Albers Loney had a triple (remember he never scored on it) Kemp had no hits, and Kent has two, and Furcal had one. Make of it what you will.


    I’d prefer they flop Kemp and Ethier.. Kemp cant hit his way out of a paper bag right now and Ethier is on fire!


    Betemit would look a whole lot better in the lineup than Hillenbrand. I’m at a loss to explain how Proctor/Hillenbrand makes more sense than Meloan/Betemit.


    oh yeah and why is pierre back hitting second? gee i guess that three hit night last night suddenly makes him a useful player again, huh grady?!?


    Its official Little has something against Ethier. I like Kemp but why is he hitting ahead of Loney, Martin, and Ethier. I don’t get it. Pierre has one good game and shoots to the top, yet Ethier has been our most consistent hitter for 2 months and barely moved to the 7th spot. We wonder why we have offensive woes.


    hey diehardblu, I would also really like to see Ethier in the 3 hole, but I think this is an interesting experiment with Kemp there. If Kemp does well there I think it will definately lead to less playing time for Gonzo and maybe Pierre.


    its very possible that grady has something against ethier. nothing else would really explain it at this point considering i dont even remember the last time kemp had a hit.


    Flip Either and Pierre and it might work. Hopefully it works anyway. So Nomar’s injured? Has this been since the All Star break last year?


    Do we not agree that you put your best hitter in three hole. I like Kemp I would love to see him play over gonzo, but why bat him three? You have to bat Ethier or Loney ahead of Kemp. I would even bat Martin ahead of Kemp until they earn there way up the line up.


    So far in August Pierre is hitting .341 with a .396 OBP

    Kemp is hitting .158

    JP is one of the few guys on the team getting on base right now.. He SHOULD be at the top of the order.


    i would prefer Loney on the 3rd spot…
    that is where he belong…

    why not go with Valdez!

    LaRoche is not healthy so i want to see valdez at 3B again!


    Maybe Grady thinks that Kent will give protection to Kemp, so Kemp will see some decent pitches to hit.


    You know diehardblu I don’t know why Grady is batting Kemp in the three hole. Maybe he’s seen something that we haven’t. like in batting practice or something. I’m sure Grady has a good reason to bat Kemp there.


    We all have our own personal ideal lineup, but the batting order really makes a minimal difference in the total number of runs scored by a team over a 162-game season.

    A lot of people, including myself, have complained, for example, about Pierre’s placement in the batting order. The major problem isn’t where Pierre bats, though. The real problem is the fact that we signed Pierre.


    Swood are you defending Little. Are you telling me what he sees in batting practice is more important than we see in games?


    Grady probably wants to keep the lack of run production going… He figures once JP gets on and steals a base he needs to have someone that is a sure strikeout up so we have a couple of outs before Kent comes up.


    Hitting Kemp 3rd is a joke. Maybe in 3 years yes, but Ethier should be hitting there right now or Loney if that’s what Mr Little is doing.

    Good to see Martin moved down.


    i do think grady saw something in Kemp yesterday…
    coz i myself saw something last night…

    i think Kemp got his swing back…

    i was at the game yesterday and i saw him as a pinch hitter, the kid has got good swing…

    he didn’t get a hit but he almost hit an opposite field HR…

    but yeah i would still prefer Loney batting 3rd…


    No, Grady is using the opposite logic. if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Ethier is hitting well at the bottom of the lineup so lets not mess with it. it’s the same sort of logic that has us in 4th place.

    I bet he (grady) is hoping that with Kent behind Kemp, maybe he will get some good pitches to hit. But I don’t think he has a thing against ethier, I mean after all he is the only dodger actually hitting.

    Spanner-don’t really disagree with you about Pieree but disagree that those (really good) August numbers are the reason. If so, then why is Furcal at the top of the order with his .269 August OBP.

    This management just bugs. all of it. It seems to be all by the gut instead of the brain.

    drew drops out, well i gotta sign nomar, he can drive in 90 is a gut reaction, as example..


    Batting Pierre 2nd instead of 7th or 8th is unlikely to cause a significant difference in the total number of runs the Dodgers score over a full season.


    It doesn’t matter what Valdez is hitting in Vegas – he’s a career minor leaguer and close to 30.


    valdez can’t hit.

    interesting theory that kent buys kemp some protection, but how much protection does kent really provide these days anyways?


    last night i was frustrated…
    coz i think that if JP gets on base he should always steal base… i don’t care if he is caught… we need to take some chances…

    he only got 1 steal in 3 base hits…

    he should be there stealing 2nd and 3rd…


    Hi Josh—–It must be pretty hard these days to come up with a positive blog everyday. And it’s not a good sign when I find myself memorizing the player HRs & RBI. I can see now why NOMAR was so agrivated. What with the losing and the pain in his calf. Everybody knows what there job is and they just have to go out there and do it. It’s not a good time to be scoreboard watching, they don’t tell very much these days. I don’t think we’ll see PIERRE batting 7th, I’m sure everyone noticed his steal took the bat out of ETHIER’S hand when they pitched around him to get to BILLZ. My condolences to the PHIL RIZZUTO family who’ll never be forgotten, especially in New York. Well it’s another night. LET’S JUST ENJOY THE GAME.


    So Nomar has known about this injury and just kept quiet while our team trades away a viable replacement at 3rd. Great…that Nomar sure is a team guy isn’t he?


    Hillenbrand is our 3rd baseman. I really hate the Scott Proctor trade now.

    Boo Ned Colletti. Boo. Were you wearing your Giants ring when you made that deal?


    spanner, the move is still stupid given how replaceable a middle reliever is compared to a power hitting third baseman. And besides, nobody thought Nomar was gonna play 162, and LaRoche has had a few injury problems. I don’t think anyone saw Abreu getting hurt, but still, I’m in shock.


    Trading Betemit has really left us in the lurch at 3B, although the way our offense has been producing, it doesn’t really make much of a difference at this point.

    What’s more, Betemit should have been playing over Nomar in the first place.



    anyways…I like Kemp batting 3rd He doesn’t get any protection batting 8th. This will help him get better pitches. We may finally get to see what he’s really capable of.


    Why is everyone surprised Kemp is batting 3rd? Did we all forget the 2nd rule of Grady Club?

    #s don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that L,R,L,R,L,R swing! (except Kent must always bat 4th, cause we can never insult a vet – even when they are in a 1-25 slump)

    If Little must alternate L,R,L,R despite who’s hitting well, it’s simple:




    “Kent” (s/b Martin)


    Martin (s/b Kent)




    Batting Pierre 2nd instead of 7th or 8th is unlikely to cause a significant difference in the total number of runs the Dodgers score over a full season.

    Posted by: | August 14, 2007 04:53 PM

    I’d like to know your logic in making this statement or is this just talking out of your you know what?? If it is just talk then keep going, roll with it, belive it etc..

    If you think it’s true i’d like to hear your reasoning. This kind of thing interests me…I am not saying you are wrong at all..

    To be simple I would say putting a guy who leads baseball in outs in front of your top RBI guys is flawed.

    However, you are right as well..Having a guy with 0 HR and and 21 total base hits in your 7 hole is meaningless too.

    No place to hide him huh?


    It’s always a stretch to guarantee a win when Tomko’s pitching, but at least his ERA is less than the Astro’s starter.


    i blame LaRoche’s injuries to the organization…
    the guy deserves to be in the bigs!

    he is working his *** off, working like there is no tom.

    yet he is still there in the minors…

    he is killing himself just to be here and the organization can’t see that…!



    Look, I’ve been pretty calm–even calling some people nattering nabobs of negativity. I’ve never been too down on Pierre. I’ve defended Ned and Grady. But now, I just think there is insanity in the management.

    This post makes 2 things make sense (the Hillebrand move and the move od Hendy to the Pen [poor Eric Hull will be optioned back to Las Vegas on Friday for his roommate Eric Stults to get recalled to make the start {unless the team has a supersecret move involving David Wells, Jose Contreras, Hong-Chih Kuo, or Randy Wolf–but I bet its Stults]).

    But there are like four things that become confusing. Why move Loney down when he is hitting? This is by and far the strangest move I have seen. Loney has hit the ball hard all the time, has been hitting well at the big league level for a year, and finally works into the 3-spot (going 6-16, or .375, with a walk, a double, and a home run), and is as Grady even says likely a long-term number 3 hitter. And now he moves down? If you are going to move Loney down, why not move up Ethier who is scorching the ball? Why hit Kemp third when it seems that his biggest problem right now is (in my opinion) that he’s pressing too hard (in part for the dropped ball)?

    Why short-cut the Pierre at the bottom of the order experiment? Three hits one night is not enough–but maybe it’s a good spot for him. And if you want him at the top of the order because he is producing, don’t forget that Raffy is struggling.

    If Nomar was hurt 2 weeks ago, why deal Betemit? Were we really about to call up LaRoche but he got hurt??? (I always privately questioned you posters who were pushing for an Andy call-up because I did not think that they would displace Nomar, but now I feel bad for doubting you.) Will we call up LaRoche when he is eligible to be activated in two days so that he can play 3B? DodgerThoughts reports that Tony Abreu has been moved off the inactive list and will be in the Las Vegas lineup–that whole drama raises dozens of questions, but the real interesting one is will we call him up to paly 3B (considering he was hitting .289 in the big leagues)?

    If Nomar was secretly hurt, is Gonzo too? Is Kent? Is Raffy? (I guess those are not secrets, since we know they are.) Is Martin? (He is, but I don’t think dropping him down will heal him.)

    Finally, are all of these lineup moves just pure shake-up efforts by Grady? Did he follow Billy Martin’s old trick of drawing the line-up out of a hat (and if so–what luck that Furcal and Pierre came up 1-2, and Kent 4th, but everyone else in a seemingly random order).

    I’ve been supportive of the team and management, even when others have called for heads. I have disagreed, but understood. I’ve been frustrated at the recent play. I wish I were angry, but I just moved right past that stage to absolutely baffled.


    This is stupid that Ethiers batting 7th and Kemp is batting 3rd In August heres
    the comparison.

    Ethier:10-32,4 runs,8xbh

    Kemp:3-19,1 run,0xbh

    I agree with think blue on the lineup just switch pierre and furcal.


    OK–Max has something of a point about Kemp’s place in the line-up, and actually, I understand this line-up only in terms of how this one spot works. If Pierre gets on base, the pitcher is distracted and is more likely to throw fastballs to try to catch Pierre stealing. With Kent batting behind Kemp, the pitcher really wants to throw strikes to Kemp to avoid more baserunners for a guy who is still a dangerous hitter (slumping the last week, yes, but also just coming off a 37 game consecutive on-base streak, so a HOFer who might turn it back on). So Kemp could get a steady diet of fastballs which he eats up like Pacman eating the little dots. But that also requires that he does not chase a first pitch fastball out of the zone (a semi-pitch-out), and requires Pierre to get on. And I still don’t get the rest of the moves.


    leek–management has been doing insane things all year (and last year too, when lugo was allowed to play). don’t understand your shock. the lineup is screwy, i agree with that. now i am more upset than ever that laroche is hurt. i hope he is up the second he is well enough to play. i dont know if i can watch this team with shea starting.


    Lee if once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny,
    consume you it will, as it did Obi-Wan’s apprentice.

    (at least thats what happened to me)


    I think we should go after Contreras from the White Sox. I would love to see him pitch on Friday and have Stults take Tomko’s starting spot.


    Max I remember the good old days in May when you were one of the death eaters, sith or one of the Orcs. Now your like a voice of reason…



    i totally agree with you. kemp should get some great pitches to hit and hopefully he will come out of his slump. he did put a really nice swing on the ball last night, so we’ll see. and i bet grady was thinking the same thing with kemp and thats why he put him 3rd. and loney and ethier reaally have nowhere else to be put. so i like this line up tonite…cept for hillenbrand. i think he is a terrible ball player


    jungar, I’ve noticed that you and I have both become much more cynical lately, maybe max is rubbing off on us…or maybe it has something to do with the total dump the team has made in the past 2 weeks. Either way I think heads need to roll…cough Grady…cough Ned


    Hey jungar,

    To illustrate my point, I’ll refer you to this post at Catfish Stew, an excellent Oakland Athletics-related blog at Baseball Toaster. The post is from February 2006 and discusses the ideal configuration for their lineup.

    In the post, you’ll see that minor tweaks to the batting order lead to virtually no impact on the total runs scored by the entire team over the course of a full season.

    For example, switching Nick Swisher and Bobby Crosby in the lineup (while keeping everything else the same) leads to a projected difference of 0.01 runs over the course of an entire season!

    Furthermore, the difference between the best possible lineup with Frank Thomas and the worst possible lineup with Frank Thomas (total possible lineups: 362,800!) is 36 runs over the course of a full season.

    You’re right that having one of baseball’s top out-makers at the top of any lineup doesn’t make sense. Indeed, I believe that every at bat that Pierre gets at the expense of, say, Matt Kemp, causes the Dodgers’ total offensive production to drop.

    However, if you assume that Pierre is going to play every day, his actual place in the lineup is probably relatively meaningless over the course of a full season.


    My endorsing Pierre 1st and Raffy 2nd is no way to justify the little logic of L,R,L,R.

    Just simply, since the AS break:

    Raffy – .289 AVG / .333 OB% / .405 SLG% / 2 SB

    Pierre – .288 AVG / .347 OB% / .333 SLG / 12 SB

    If JP can get on base and steal 2nd, then Raffy’s “power” might be put to good use batting 2nd and maybe he even gets some more fastballs.

    Plus, good batters like Ethier and Loney (who prove they hit lefties very good) negate the whole L,R,L,R concept. I’d rather put the best 4 hitters 1-4 and hope they can string together some hits rather than “balance” a L,R,L,R,L,R lineup and hope that the slump hitters happen to get a hit before Ethier at 8th can smoke the ball like he does.

    They can cry that the “nature of the game” is the excuse for our lack of runs, but if you space out our best hitters with the slumpy ones in between – it’s no wonder we can’t score.


    Kemp needs constant playing time to be productive I really hope Grady penciles him in more often. by the way the D-Backs are getting clobbered in Florida8-1 with back to back bombs


    geez… this is horrible. Not the lineup, all the **** comments. Yesterday you all were nailing Grady on not doing anything and not trying anymore. Now that Grady shakes up the lineup, you’re all second guessing and complaining more. I’ve been reading the blogs now for a couple months and it just seems that all it is is a vocal minority of people. I know there are a lot of people frustrated / disappointed with this years team. Thats the way baseball goes. We are all aware of the fact that no team has ever gone undefeated. We all know that ALL teams face these types of issues. I know the Dodgers are a story franchise and we expect more from them, deservedly so. But the Betemit/Proctor trade is not what caused this collapse. I’m sure that Grady and Ned are looking out for what’s in the best interest of the franchise. Sure Pierre is having a disappointing year. First year in a new city, lets see how things get going after that. I’ve stopped wanting to settle for the wild card, I want the west or nothing. I think we can all agree that it is looking like it will be the Mets and Red Sox/Angels in the World Series this year. Thats fine. I didnt think we had the caliber of team this year to make the world series. To all the people who I’ve been hearing on KFWB talk about trading away the future to get better now are simply foolish. Why trade away something for a chance, small one at that, to salvage a season and give up on hopes of establishing a yearly presence within the West. We finally have the Farm stocked and its time to allow these players to season before our eyes. I know that the vets are blocking them. But the kids are getting enough playing time to allow them to season though. Give it time, be patient, and watch this team over the next couple years.

    There may not be the presence of a power hitter in the line up, but honestly, how many legitimate power hitters are left in baseball these days. Its seems that those days are gone and we’re coming into another small ball era. That, for me, is more exciting. Small ball is fundamental baseball at its finest. It takes finesse to execute, not some roiding ogre up there with a club trying to put the ball out to Malibu. This is looking like a small ball team, and it is looking like we need that kind of mentality in management. Lets go out and find a couple hitters that can hit for average and that have some speed. We may not have someone who is going to hit 40 – 50 homeruns a years, but it sure would be nice to have 8 people in the lineup who can all execute a hit and run and possibly salvage a stolen base if the batter swings through. It would be nice to have everyone in the lineup all hitting above .280. with OBP of above .375. That is what it would take to win a world series (Especially with the current pitching staff). I know im kinda rambling on, but this is stuff that I’ve been mulling around in my head over the last couple days, and it finally came out in this form. Anyways, this franchise can be great in a couple years, but it may take a couple sacrifices, it may take a couple changes in management’s eyes, but come on, be honest. Due you think that the suits are really out to sabotage the franchise and put their jobs at risk. Even though they are getting paid nicely, they’ve adapted their lifestyles to that payscale and I doubt they want anything less.


    Grady has been doing everything he can to get us out of this funk. I’v said it over the past couple of days i’ll say it again. ITS NOT GRADYS FAULT!!!!!!


    fezzik, most of our lineup is hitting above .280 so why aren’t we playing more small ball? Some of that blame has to go Grady’s way doesn’t it?


    haha lol jungar. Shea Hillenbrand really puts the icing on the cake for me. Id take my chances with Betemit and Meloan ( or Hull )
    any day over Proctor and Hillenbrand. It is pretty obvious to me that Ned has done nothing but hurt this team since the deadline last year. From batting Lugo third last year to starting Loney at AAA to signing Juan Pierre to putting Bills in the pen this year it has been pretty hard to support Ned.


    take a look at the OBP, the inability to get quality outs, the inability to hit with runners in scoring position, that is why we arent scoring runs. That one little stat is meaningless if all of the above arent happening. Guess I should have added in slugging %.


    I think you guys should stop second guessing Grady on everything. I mean he managed like 17 years in the minors before his years in Boston. I think he knows what to do in about any on field situation.


    ^^ although I have no clue how much say Ned has in where Lugo should bat, but i would bet he had a Little. get it. ( i know it was bad )


    Even when we get guys on early in innings we don’t play small ball and I blame that squarely on Little, the team is in a funk and can’t score runs and its a manager’s job to find ways to create runs (hit n run, sac bunt, steal etc.) You can’t just shuffle up the lineup and say swing away boys let’s hope this batting order works.


    Allow me to draw a parallel to my own personal life. I work tech support in a call center. When a customer calls in, there are certain troubleshooting steps that I can go through before establishing what the real issue is. I’ve seen Grady doing this as of late, hence move JP down in the lineup, sitting JP after popping out on the first pitch. (Yes it is pure coincidence that the first two examples that popped into my head were of JP.) Hes shuffling the lineup and doing just about everything that he has done before to get things going again. Some problems are bigger than others in this world, the larger ones take longer to figure out.


    Charris I have seen at least one hit and run almost every game since we’ve been in this funk (although most of them haven’t worked out well) and with Furcal’s ankle the only two everyday guys who can really steal a base are Martin and Pierre.


    It’s simple, no power in the lineup= a team that has to play small ball and manufacture runs. As much as it pains me to say it, look at what Sciocia is doing with the Angels.


    The Angels put runners in motion almost every inning, 1 hit and run attempt a game isn’t sufficient


    I agree Charris, some of that coordination falls on Little. That is why I made the comment that there may have to be some changes to management, someone who knows how to play that kind of baseball and do it effectively. Lets get Scioscia out of Orange County and back into Dodger Blue. That would be an amazing feat for Ned to pull off. Will it happen? Depends on how big of a challenge Mike wants. He’s done an amazing job rebuilding the Angels franchise. Maybe, just maybe, we can get him. But its all in the mindset of how the manager sees the game and knowing what style of ball best suits his team.


    WHAT is with all the WHINING about the batting order? Kemp, Kent, Loney, Martin, Ethier are batting one after the other in some order – that’s good. The slumping Gonzo is sitting – that’s good.

    The Angels survived giving Shea “Sinking Ship” Hillenbrand 204 PAs this season; let’s hope the Dodger’s can survive the few handfuls Hillenbrand gets before LaRoche or Abreu are healthy enough to take over.

    (I agree that Pierre should hit “ahead” of Furcal – do the LaRussa thing, Pierre #9, Furcal #1 !)


    i know that loney and ethier make the most sense in the 3-hole based on how they’re playing,

    but kemp in the 3 gets him more fastballs to see if RF or JP are on base.

    and we all know what kemp can do with cheese…

    i like this move.


    Its hard to argue with that style of play charris when you’re not hitting for power, but I do think that the Angels have more guys that can steal a base then do the Dodgers.


    /agree swood, The angels do have more. But the purpose of a hit and run is to open up holes in the infield and then get the batter to put the ball through that hole. Its not to give someone a jump start.


    I just said that I’v seen Grady do hit and runs almost every game that we’ve been in this slide( although most of them haven’t been executed).


    LOGAN WHITE IN 2008!!!
    Tired already of the current management, and it will be good riddance. The reasons have already been discussed to death.


    With how many runs he gives up in the first few innings and how few runs we score. I bet we’ll be out of it by the third inning.


    I posted earlier today, that today was the d-backs would come back to reality. Go check the score.


    ok *and* waiver wire favorite joe kennedy gave up 6 ER’s in one third of an inning! So for all of you who wanted Kim/Kennedy, rest assured.


    I like the lineup actually, what’s the problem? Gonzo is sitting…and well Nomar… (lets just hope LaRoche gets healthy, the job is waiting for him). Kemp in the three spot is interesting. There is nothing at this point not worth trying. So, why not Kemp third? I actually praise Grady for trying anything at this point out of the box. Just be happy he didn’t bat Hillenbrand 3rd. Arizona is getting absolutely destroyed!


    Good evening all. As of now, the Marlins are up on the Dbacks – 2 touchdowns to a field goal. Hoping Tomko has a good outing, so the boys in Blue can gain some ground.


    Im really upset that Nomar finally decides to go on the DL when LaRoche is still not able to play.


    matt kemp needs to fix his defense in the off-season. I really hope he works hard at it because he has all the tools to be a superstar in everything he does.


    Would have been interesting to see how far that one would have gone if he took a stride. It is nice to see him in the 3 hole.


    im happy with the run, but were were the lead off men getting on base.

    but at least we got a run


    These ground ball outs 4-to-3 reminds me of how my playing days ended. no matter how I channged my stance, tried to hit to right I tried all kinds of contursions but no matter what I couldn’t stop grounding out to the shortstop, 6-to-3.


    u have to stiffen your front arm pierreEmeetsW, get your front wrist straightened, and drag the barrel of the bat behind. Wait a little longer for the pitch, and throw your hands out first.


    Sure seems that way alot these days david86. Does anyone else think Martin is pressing, and trying too hard lately?


    Actually I really wish that Kent would come out of it and start smacking the ball, but he looks either tired or may still be less than 100% also. I’m angry at our management for having put together the kind of team that we have and for managing it the way that Grady does, but I’m always rooting for the guys in the Dodger uniform.


    You also have to appreciate Tomko’s effort. He’s actually been decent his last couple of starts, and this one looks real good through five now. That is a relief – no pun intended.


    What ever happend to all the Bull Crapp we heard about how a new hitting coach turned things around ….

    Obviously, it was just that …. A bunch of Bull Crapp

    Shouldn’t we now fire Billy Mueller for making things worse ???

    What a joke the managment of this team has been….,,


    We’re not getting enough baserunners on right now, but atleast for once we’re not trailing going into the 6th.


    Well, you knew it was only a matter of time with Tomko pitching…

    Can hardly wait to see how Grady handles this situation…


    ya with all the baserunners Tomko was allowing to get on it was just a matter of time before Houston had a big inning.


    There’s the Tomko we’ve all come to know. It was only a matter of time with the untimely BB’s he gave up would come back and bite.


    With the lack of run production as of late, I think this one is over…..unless we stop the bleeding, and score some runs. It’s going to take divine intervention. The crowd heads for the exits, and on to the freeways.


    I don’t know if I’m getting use to it or I’m just numb. The way things are going it’s too bad the Dodgers don’t have one of their of “their own” at 3rd base.


    We have been needing Meloan for a month now, at least to see what he can do up here in the majors.


    With the bullpen being so over worked, it was only a matter of time before things would implode.


    Another pitcher we make look like Cy Young…And wouldn’t you know it…when no one is on base, Pierre can get a hit..The big difference this year from last year is Kenny Lofton’s clutch hitting..notice Pierre isn’t…..
    oh..and Kent keeps hitting into double plays or ground ball outs..even dear Russell can’t hit now..It’s gotten so pathetic… know, there’s always next year…


    Hate to be such a pessimist, but THIS YEAR IS OVER…Don’t kid yourselves anymore…Think about how Ned can screw up next year…


    I am an extremely patient person, but this is ridiculous. This team is embarrassing themselves and their fans. At what point does someone have to pay for this? Coletti and Little have obviously done a subpar job. It’s time to cut the dead weight, and just go with the young guys. And hope Coletti can actually make a decent free agent signing at some point, if he’s not canned before he gets a chance.


    Haven’t been keeping track too closely, but it sure seems like we’re making a lot of 1-3 pitch outs these days.



    I am patient too and I agree this team has become an embarrassment..I wish Little and Coletti would pay for this, but I doubt that will be the case…The only way anything might happen is if they end up the season the way I think they will….way under 500…then maybe, just maybe something will happen…That’s the only reason I’m hoping that happens…but we probably won’t have to wait for long.

    We don’t have the pitching, hitting, or defense…not a way to win ball games…very depressing.


    Just heard the Astros pitcher has made only 78 pitches in 6 innings…another Cy Young winner pitches against the Dodgers…I knew it had nothing to do with Oswalt..I could pitch and this would happen…LOL.


    Why would you guys want Colletti to be the one to do the deals and FA signings for next year? Hasn’t he shown enough from the last off-season for you?


    Is Superman Jeff Kent the only one with any fight left in him.I think Superman Jeff Kent should remind everybody what wearing the Los Angeles Dodger uniform is all about!Wake up Dodgers, you’re sleeping!I’m posting this from Montreal,Canada and it’s late but I love the Los Angeles Dodgers!C’mon guys let’s go!


    This is really embarrassing. At what point will Dodgers realize Hendy and Tomko are not quality MLB pitchers? Oh, by the way, James McDonald won agan tonight for J’ville: 6ip, 2 ER and 9 k’s. Call him up for godsake-could the results be any worse. And as for Stults being the option in place of Hendy-how can a soft tosing lefty with a 7+ ERA at Vegas be the option? McDonald or Orenduff at J’ville aren’t good enough?


    oh MY…Hillenbrand a triple…better late than never…not enough though..we hit out of sync as usual.


    Geez what an offensive outburst by the boys in blue. THey should really save some of these runs for later….


    Earlier this season I mentioned that Proctor pitched for the Dodgers. I was told that I was wrong. I couldn’t find his name on the all time Dodger listing. Now I’m going to look into Farnsworth.


    Good I live in Virginia and its 1 AM, if the Astros had scored any more that inning I would have gone to sleep. Now I’ll stay and watch the bottom of the 9th.


    pierreseastmeetswest: Proctor was drafted by the Dodgers and pitched five years in the minors only. He and Bubba Crosby were traded to the Yanks for Robin Ventura at the ’03 deadline.


    S.O.S. to Grady Little.Leave Furcal,Pierre,Martin, and Superman Jeff Kent in that order batting for the rest of the year.We were successful all year until Jeff got hurt.Russel Martin is most comfortable there where he and Superman can knock in Furcal and Pierre!Let’s not give up!Ain’t no mountain high enough!


    if the bases are loaded and Pierre is up PLEASE PINCH HIT FOR HIM!!

    He’s batting .077 with the bases loaded this year.


    I like Sweeney so far. I think he’s the new man off the bench. The ‘Tomato’ seems to be getting old, fat, soft, and rotting. He’s not producing like he was. Keep the rally going!


    Cranial Rectal Inversion on Sweeney’s part with that blunder! How much longer will this funk last? Penny starts tomorrow, but he’s been showing he’s human lately.


    I’d tell you what I was thinking after i saw that play, but it would look a little like this *** **** ***** *** ********* *** ****** ****.


    I think Vince Scully had another classic call. He said Mark Sweeny forgot how many outs there were which would make him a Dodger.


    jjriley Penny threw 7 scoreless innings last time out. He’s been victim of no run support in his last couple of outings.


    Fire Grady Little, please. Hey how about Kevin Kennedy. McCourt loves former Boston managers.


    I hope the dodgers continue their downward spiral, that way McCourt will be force to make changes in the front office and the clubhouse.


    okay, thats it!!! Ive had it with this team, actually the management. One of Grady’s jobs is to lead by inspiration. He is too soft spoken and the slide continues. On this fact alone, he needs to go. Forget everything else that you all dont agree with, Grady needs to go for the simple fact that he is NOT leading this team.

    Why the **** did he not have someone at the ready in the pen in the 6th. walked two batter on 9 pitches, waits until the bases are loaded to finally get the bullpen active. More than any other active player, Grady is taking up a spot on the roster that can be filled by 5 monkey and an orangutang. At least they might get into a ***** fight and give us something to laugh at!


    If that had been a young player, they would have been on the first bus to Vegas. As it turns out, on this team, you have to go 4 for 4 to get that treatment.


    With all the vets that Ned and Grady love, where is the leadership on this team? What a disgrace!


    glad to see kemp getting his swing back, too bad we wont see him and ethier in the same line up together for another two weeks.


    on that sweeney play, where was the first base coach yelling at him to get back!!

    more fustration on the coaching staff


    the reason y they can’t bench piere and gonzalez is because in the offseason they signed these guyz and now there paying them to much so they can’t just pay them that much money to just sit on the bench. with Kemp its another story he doesn’t get paid that much.


    Well I think if Grady was to bench Pierre and Gonzo then it would be a heads up to McCourt that these guys are not worth the money they are paying them. Hopefully he has already seen that.


    Don’t be so hard on Sweeny guys, that type of thing happens all the time….. In a 5 YEAR OLD TEEBALL LEAGUE!!!!


    We need to get Kent out of the middle of hte lineup until he’s hitting like he used to.






    3b-Hillenbrand(until laroche is ready)



    Kent is probably still hurt. If he’s not hurt then bat him 6th with Pierre 7th and Hillenbrand 8th.


    Sometimes I wonder what some of these guys are thinking about? I mean Sweeny not knowing how many outs there were and do you guys remember that play in Colorado a couple of weeks ago when Martin threw to Loney who was standing BEHIND first base.


    i don’t hate pierre i just think he’s horribly overrated and shouldn’t bat in the top of the lineup EVER.

    Plus with Kemp and Either in the same lineup there is no one else to take over for Pierre in center. Maybe Young but Pierre won’t get benched.

    Wow i didn’t know Phil Rizzuto died. I was very busy today so it must have passed me by. RIP


    Hey Max tell me what you think of this lineup-






    Martin-C (until he gets hot again)

    Pierre- CF

    Hillenbrand- 3B (until LaRoche is healthy)


    swood that would work too. We just need to get our consistent hitters batting right after one another.


    well another loss, im getting use to it and we might as well should cuz i dont see much improvement. other than they scored more than one run.
    hahah hey, how bout kevin kennedy for gm and steve lyons for manager? lol

    lord have mercy on brad penny tommorow.


    Seriously, the most excited I got at the game Monday night was when they played “He’s a Pirate” from Pirates of the Carribean. One, because the song is awesome, two, because that’s how depressing this team is now…so if you go to a game anytime soon wait until the bottom of the 6th and that song will play and for at least 30 seconds you’ll forget how bad this team is…I’m also making the conscious decision NOT to go to the game tomorrow, I love this team and support them all the way, but I will not take four plus hours (including driving) out of my life to watch them play this way…they’re unwatchable at this point


    Wow you know things have hit rock-bottom in Dodgerland when you give us a post like that alex. I can’t say that I blame you though.


    I will say this, I do think in the next couple of days, if it hasn’t already started, we’re headed in the direction of a youth movement. Gonzo looks to be headed to the bench allowing Kemp time, Nomar is gone for now with LaRoche on his way when his body allows him. Abreu is back in Vegas, so he could be on his way up soon. With Stults starting Friday, it looks like management is ready to shift things to the youngsters. We have absolutely nothing to lose whatsoever, just let the kids (I love saying that considering they’re my age) play. We need a direction on this team, if we play the kids I know at least where we’re going. And I’ve said this before, I can handle losing this season, just so long was I know where we’re headed 2008 and beyond.


    that’s all fine and well. but im pretty much convinced now that management has no clue what they’re doing. so while we might finally have the players we want up and playing, im afraid they’ll find some way to screw it up. If the end of this season turns out like 2005, Ned should be shown the door as quickly as Depo was.


    we should have started the Kids from the get go…now instead of having a full year of experience this year they will only get scattered playing time in the bigs and put our kids behind the Diamondback kids and rockies.


    Honestly we’d probably have a better record if Loney, Kemp, Ethier and Billingsley had had bigger roles from the beginning of the season.


    Which is why 2008 looks very very promising especially if Mr. LaRoche is added to that list, not to mention Meloan. Not that I’m giving up on 2007 quite yet, just looks like a nice future.


    ugh i just read this quote from DLowe (from the latimes). I really feel like the vets are packing it in. “To go with a total youth movement is not fair to the veterans, and not fair to the city,” Lowe said. “I am a firm believer that you use the minor league system to help the major league team now. You try to win today, and four years from now, you will probably have a kid just as good as the one you got rid of.” No comment.


    Lineup on Sept 1rst?








    It couldn’t do worse than the current lineup.


    I, for one, think it’s ridiculous to give a GM two years and fire him. I thought it was ridiculous when they fired DePo for that very reason. I don’t love DePo, but he was hit with an AWFUL injury season and a lot of bad luck in 2005. The same thing is happening to Ned’s 2007 team. You can’t blame it ALL on injuries, but they sure haven’t made the Dodgers’ jobs easier – Schmidt, Wolf, Lowe, Tsao, Kuo…remember how important they all were at the beginning of the season when the Ds were winning? Then you look at Kent, Nomar, Martin, Furcal, all of whom are playing through something and struggling (except for the recently DLed Nomar); when the team was winning, Kent and Martin were a great portion the offense, and much greater things were expected from Nomar. Not even greatness, but at least a .300 avg is what you usually can expect from him. Anyway, only in recent years have sports GMs had such short tenures – perhaps that coincides with the popularity of ESPN and sports news, or bloggers who mercilessly crucify whoever they can for any bad season. But if HALF of the above mentioned players were healthy, this team would not be in bad shape.

    Coletti had one fantastic offseason, and one good trade deadline, followed by a bust offseason and a basically inactive trade deadline. But he’s done what most of us have asked for – kept the farm intact – and I believe he should have another season to make up for this one. He’s a rookie GM, and he will learn a lot from this season. Although he prefers veterans over kids, I think his ideas about balancing both groups on a roster are very key, and with the way the old men have performed this season I would say he will sign one or two good early 30’s hitters/fielders for a LOT of money, and go with a youth movement elsewhere on the field. Let’s pray it’s true and see what he can do with one more offseason.


    i thought we can win that game…


    i was rayt yesterday when i said that Kemp got his swing back…

    i saw it on monday… he really does have a pretty good swing…

    that kid will have a great future…


    if last nights game showed us anything, it showed us that we are pretty much at the bottom. After that final out, I dont think we can go any lower. So the question is, do we plateau where we’re at, and hope its good enough to stay ahead of the Gnats, or do we go up? In the words of Green Day, “Wake me up when September ends” Im in for a LONG rest.


    Well, guys, I don’t know what we’re hoping for these days. Sure Tomko made it through a few innings unscathed last night, but it’s kind of like closing your eyes and running across a freeway. You might get lucky and make it across a couple lanes, but eventually you’re gonna get hit.


    I think the only way we get to hope for the right changes next year is if we continue on this slide..maybe then management will wake up to how bad their decisions were.
    At least we can hope!!!…I really hate to say this, but I’ve said it recently, this is the worst team in baseball..not enough hitting, not enough pitching..just not enough…Brights spots are Kemp, Ethier, Loney, Bills, Broxton and Saito…and that’s it…still love Russell but he’s really struggling…


    Unfortunately, unless the Dodgers go on a miraculous winning streak, the best thing to force a change in philiosphy will be to continue like this. I do not want to see Hendrickson or Tomko next year wearing Dodger blue.



    That’s exactly what I’m saying…the worse we are the better it may be EVENTUALLY…

    I have alot more I’d like NOT to see in Dodger blue Scott.!!


    Russell has played more innings than any other catcher, so it comes as no surprise that he has accumulated a lot of aches and pains that won’t dissappear until the off-season. He can’t carry this team at this stage, although he looks like he is trying. He doesn’t seem to be swinging like in his more effective days before the AS Game. I don’t see the ability to go with the outside pitch to right field – that seemed to be his trademark and his success. I think he’s just hurting, tired and pressing, and some of that comes from over-use.


    i can see hendi wearing blue next year…

    he is good for us when he is in the bullpen…

    we need him as our long reliever…



    Another bad move by management…playing Russell almost wonder he’s struggling..My suggestion is to get a back up catcher they have faith in or we will wear him down before he’s 28!!!…lol



    Hendi would be ok in the pen for long relief if he stayed there, but as long as Ned and Grady are here, Hendi is always a threat to move into the rotation and fool management into not going after someone else until it’s too late.


    do they have any choice?

    hendi is the only one left there…

    hendi has been great for us in the pen since the playoffs last season…


    Hendi should never have gone back into the rotation in the first place. He was doing well in the ‘pen and we should have kept him there. We should have filled that starting spot with Houlton or Stults.


    Houlton and stults?
    what’s next?

    if both of those guys struggle what will people say…

    they should have send hendi in the rotation… right?


    Why? Houlton pitched the entire 05 season in the rotation in the majors. I think hes major league ready, But if both of those guys did struggle I guess we would have to turn to hendi.



    they won’t designate Tomko for assigment..What choices do they have?..Houlton..? and I heard Stolz was struggling in Triple A…why not let him struggle with us??lol


    Come on drpdedblnd are you telling me that none of our AAA pitchers could do better then 2-10 with a 5.67 ERA. I doubt it.


    I think they could Swood…doesn’t mean THIS management will do it…They like those “good ol vets”…



    Houlton is okay…as good as any we have….I’m just bored with this team and except for Kemp, Loney and Ethier…none of the other hitters are doing what they should be doing…being patient and not so anxious at the plate..even Kevin Kennedy said it last night…I mean the double play Kent hit into last night killed the game…and all these little ground balls they are hitting is amazing…


    I like what Arizona is doing..and they have a vibrant bench coach we should have in Kirk Gibson…someone with a little life as opposed to the tired old men on our team


    There might not be much choice for the rest of this year as far as the starters go, but the clock is ticking already on 2008 for Ned.

    If some of these other guys were given as much a chance as Tomko and Hendi instead of being sent up and down every week who knows? I really don’t trust the staff’s judgement these days. If you’re not a veteran you must take your lumps and wait is their philosophy not matter how crappy the veterans are.


    come on now, you can’t be blaming our problems on the bench coach can you? by the way is it dave jauss whos our bench coach?


    then im scared to lose beimel for next year…

    he is a good reliever…

    im sure he would want to sign to a team who has a big chance on going to the playoffs..


    I actually heard that if Grady stays that next year former Reds manager Jerry Narron might be joining our staff. Do you guys know anything about that?


    I said it yesterday and i’ll say it again today, Frank McCourt will not tolerate the mediocrity of this team and that of his GM and field manager. I believe that Colletti will be back and McCourt will push him to make better deals and maybe open up the checkbook a bit more and i also see Grady Little being dismissed. With the likes of Girardi and Baker and a couple of hot bench coaches being available, the Dodgers will go a different direction next year. I also believe we will see the young guys in the line up every day because Colletti has to save face on all of his non trades. This could be a good thing for the Dodgers.



    I’m not blaming our problems on the bench coach…just the philosophy of the team..I’d like to see the Dodgers get some younger blood around management…some fire


    Bombko, another of Ned’s ex-Giant signings that didn’t pan out. Am I seeing a trend here. At least Bombko and Hendrickson will be gone after this year. Good riddance.


    Narron got fired, and he will not be joining the Dodgers. I believe they’ll be a new manager, but not Narron.


    i hate those people who want hendi out…

    again… he has been solid for us in the pen this year…

    remember last year in the playoffs…

    if u ask me he is our MVP in the playoffs even if we didn’t win a game…



    I wish it was true that Grady would be gone, but I’m afraid it won’t be the case..I wouldn’t get too excited about that….


    drpdedblnd, I am not at all getting excited, as there is nothing to be excited about, but, having said that, I believe the Grady will be gone. Colletti will not be gone, but he’ll be under the gun for next season, Grady’s handling of the line up this year will be the excuse Colletti needs to make Grady the scapegoat.



    Actually Bills was lights out in the playoffs last year and was rewarded with starting the season in the pen after continuing to pitch great into ST.

    The problem is Hendi wants to start despite his effectiveness out of the pen and guys like Grady grant him his wish.


    I just sent a message to CJ Wilson of the Texas Rangers to come play for us ASAP. He has his own blog on the Rangers site and actually reads and responds to posters. He says that he wants to convert into a starting pitcher and I think he has the stuff to do it. I played against him in college and have to say that the guy can also rake (he was Community College Player of the Year in California 2000). He has great numbers this season and is even closing for the Rangers currently. I think all of you should go over there and petition for him to come to LA. He’s an OC boy and I’m sure that if we flooded his blog with Dodger love that it will effect him when he becomes a free agent.


    When you think about it, I’m sure Coletti expected Nomar, Kent and Gonzo to be alot better than they have been..That obviously was a wrong assumption..that coupled with the disastrous moves Coletti made in the off season doomed this year…and not bring back Lofton and getting Pierre was another horrid decision…Ever notice that Pierre…when he does hit, does it only when it doesn’t matter..I remember last year, Lofton was always hitting in the clutch..the other thing is Raffie has been awful..we didn’t expect that either..whether it’s his ankle (should have DL’ed him) or whatever…no one gets on base constantly in the 1, 2 part of our order..Just think last night if someone was on base for Kemp…It just hasn’t happened this year..


    u can’t blame hendi…
    it’s the managers decision…


    chad is lights out in the playoffs?

    i think ur wrong…

    coz i only saw hendi stepping up while beimel is injured…


    Hendry would probably fit in nicely as a left handed middle reliever as he has had his greatest success in that role. However, his price tag will be way too high for that.
    Some desperate team will sign him as a starter and pay him way too much.


    We need starters that can get thru the 6th inning consistantly. The starters inability to pitch deep into a ballgame has caused our bullpen to be overworked. They going into the dog days down the stretch and the bullpen is worn out. Except for Saito who hasn’t had much to do the last month.


    question of the day?

    the dodgers have only won one playoff game since their world series championship in 1988. only 4 major league teams have failed to win a playoff game since then….can any of you name those 4??


    ****, a quality start is 6 innings with 3 earned runs or less. That’s a 4.50 ERA. That’s not asking for much. Or is it?


    I said Narron may be joining the dodgers, but only if Grady stays. I know for a fact he and Grady are friends, plus I know for a fact that Grady said right after he was hired as our manager that if Narron wasn’t going to get the Reds job he would have been the first person Grady called as a bench coach.


    Van – 2006 playoff stats:

    Billingsley 2 IP 1 H 0 R 3 K 0 BB

    Hendrickson 2.2 IP 1 H 0 R 1 K 1 BB


    ok charris lets see if you can get this one off the top of your head – the yankees have lost more world series then any other team has one how many have they LOST.



    no cinci won the world series in 1990 and in 1995 sweeped us in the division sereies 3-0

    and pittsburgh had those three great choking teams ( with barry bonds) 1990-1992 and never making it to the big show


    I should have said Pitt lost the 91 NLCS in either the 6th or 7th game (no divisional playoffs back then)


    Oh yeah thats right Cincy did win it that year with the Nasty Boys, the Bash Brothers only beat the Giants in ’89 during their 3 year run


    ya pitt lost the league championship series in 1990, 1991 (in seven games), and 1992 (in seven games


    swood no chance off the top of my head, I can only recall the game in detail since I’ve been a fan so about ’86 or so.


    Yankees have lost 13 and won 26. The team with the second most is St. Louis with 12. thats off the top of my head so doublecheck it but i think its right.


    Despite the steroid scandal, the 90’s were a great decade for baseball, just not for Dodger fans

    So whats the answer to your question?


    My buddy is a diehard reds fan(I didn’t think they existed either) All he would do is complain how horrible Narron was. They fire him the creds go on a good run. So yeah I believe him a little are good friends.


    swood I just noticed how old you are. Play more baseball and you will see how a good manager makes a difference.


    I think a good manageer does make a difference and I think Grady is a good one. I think hes a heck of alot better then Tracey was.


    I agree Tracy was horrible! But I’m not comparing Little to Tracy. I grew up watching LaSorda and Little couldn’t hold Lasorda’s jock. So I’m not satisfied with mediocraty!


    What’s wrong with Grady???? If we were on a win streak right now you guys would think he was on the fast track to cooperstown.


    I can’t comment because i never saw LaSorda manage, but I feel that the players are much more important to a teams success then a manager is. Thats just my personal opinion.




    A former Dodger that played for LaSorda that will bring FIRE. Something this team is desperately lacking!


    People have been bashing Grady all year long, both of our past 2 managers have been about as exciting as a retirement home after 8pm. zzzzzzzzz


    I didn’t use to blame Grady for that Redsox melt down against the Yanks, but after watching him for nearly 2 seasons now and the bonehead decisions he makes, I have changed my position to full blame.


    Come on diehardblu, the Tigers had practiaclly a whole new team by the time Leyland got there from that team that lost like 120 games.


    Finalle we agree! Boy I miss Beltre not only his bat, his heart remember his was on one leg his MVP year. Thanks Depo Drew over Beltre


    Last year when the Dodgers went on the win streak and won the wild card most people thought it was in spite of Grady, not because of him.


    I can’t believe you even brought that up about Grady. If you were in his position with arguably the best pitcher in the majors on the mound you would have done the exact same thing.


    Tigers 71-90 the year before Leyland got there. He is the MAIN reason they started winning. notice I said main not only.


    I am at a total loss for words and have been since Grady just had to get one more inning out of Tomko last night. It’s just all so predictable to anyone but those who should be able to predict it.

    I have totally censored myself. I need you guys to pull me through. I am so bummed at everything.

    I really hope that McCourt is disgusted as much as we are. I am sure he is.

    No matter where you think the blame lies this is totally unacceptable.

    All this talk about veteran leadership is code for, i just couldnt sign or trade for good players in their prime. You guys no who’s head i’d like to see roll because I am sick of the “used car salemans” approach to building baseball teams.


    agree jhall. what about the fiasco when we got both runners thrown out at the plate we never recovered from that. I would have fired that third base coach on the spot. There is no excuse for that


    I watched that game sitting next to my best friend who is a die hard Mets fan. He never let me forget that play.



    Beltre is the best 3rd baseman in baseball in my opinion..I was sick when they didn’t resign him..We could use everything about him..glove, bat, etc….and the only reason he didn’t do well the first year or so in Seattle is because he had to get used to a new league..I think if we had kept him he would have been just great…


    Grady just has a knack for mishandling when to pull and when to not pull the pitcher. We’ve seen it several times this year.


    The tigers were the same team in 05 that they were in 06. One difference JIM LEYLAND. A good manager does make a difference!!!!


    I haven’t seen too much of that Scott. I mean of course you can second guess a couple of incidents, but when you’ve played over 100 games thats bound to happen.


    It never happens to Bobby Cox,Leyland, Piniella. All those guys know its better to take a pitcher out to early than too late!!


    I know Leyland knows when to take a pitcher out or make a Line up. Didn’t Leyland win the Series his first year with the Marlins? I know the NL is weak and if we had a good manager we would be favorites.


    Our bullpen has been really overworked lately and Grady is just trying to squeeze an extra inning or two out of the starters to give the relievers some rest.


    Ok people. What can we focus on that can turn this blog more positive – especially since I am one of the main pessimists? I was very excited going into this year with all of the young talent the Dodgers have assembled and the first thing Ned does is block Loney and Kemp. Will next year be different? Will Grady prefer Hillenbrand over Laroche?


    I think that the Cubs have alot more talent then us and yet they have about the same record. Does that all the sudden make Pinella a bad manager?


    Hey swood, don’t kid yourself, Leyland is the main reason that team turned it around. From ’05 to ’06 they had 6 of the same 9 guys in the line up, they did change their rotation, only 1 starter from ’05, but that kind of turnaround does not happen without a great manager.


    they are paying Beltre 18 million a year to give them offesive stats that if given playing time, Wilson Betimet could have out produced. he hits for as much power, has a better eye at the plate and you take away a bad month of april and just play him and i am sure he would be around the same batting avg.

    .270 .322 .475 .798 (Beltre 07)

    .231 .359 .474 .834 (Betimet w/LA)

    .273 .333 .545 .879 (Betimet w/NY)

    defense, yes, Beltre is the bomb.


    swood, The Cubs were 8 games of the Dodgers in the wild card in July, now they’re 1 game better. What do you think of Lou Pinnella?


    what about Beltre’s heart and CLUTCH hitting. How do you count that. Does Drew or Betemit have that?


    your pitching is tired you call up pitchers from the minors. Our bullpen is not more overworked than any other big league club.


    Grady always lets a struggling pitcher get hammered when his position is coming up to bat the next inning like the day he had to bring in Proctor in his first game for one pitch after already squandering the lead trying to save Proctor until the next inning. That’s why we have 11 pitchers dumb Grady!


    diehard i totally agree with you that Beltre is way better then any third baseman that we’ve had since he left.


    diehard i totally agree with you that Beltre is way better then any third baseman that we’ve had since he left.


    diehard, you can’t just call kids up who aren’t ready and just throw them into the fire. You have to make sure they’re ready.


    ok you can’t really compare beltre’s ABs with meats because meat is much more limited sample size. if the number of ABs were roughly the same yes you would have a point. And Beltre is obviously vastly superior on defense.

    Grady v. Tracy..they’re both bad managers, not much to argue about there.


    You know why they traded Proctor…because they had GREAT reliever in Jaba Chamberlin…makes Proctor look like more of what Dodgers have…below average.


    bring in a former dodger to in as the bench manager, preferably someone from the 88 WS team or newer. I think Butler and Hershiser are among the top choices for the higher up coaching positions, if not Manager.


    trading betemit is not a mistake…
    if betemit is still here we might not see LaRoche forever…

    would you want LaRoche to be traded?


    Boras is the ONLY REASON why A-Rod won’t sign with the Dodgers.
    IMHO McCourt will offer $31M, but BOR-A** will use the Dodgers as leverage AGAIN and get A-Rod $34-36M!


    Also, if anyone dosent think Beltre was on Roids in 04 then you didn’t watch him as a dodger before and haven’t watched him after. The numbers just don’t lie.

    .290 .360 .475 .835

    .265 .310 .411 .720

    .257 .303 .426 .729

    .240 .290 .424 .714

    .334 .388 .629 1.017

    .255 .303 .413 .716

    .268 .328 .465 .792

    .270 .322 .475 .798

    Beltre’s clutch hitting?? dude you have an agenda and its that you loved Beltre and you hated Depo…his clutch hitting…

    RISP in 07

    .228 .316 .360 .675

    RISP career

    .267 .345 .446 .792

    Also regarding sample size…

    in career Abs

    .271 .327 .458 .785 (beltre)

    .263 .338 .444 .781 (Betimit)

    Sure Beltre has a bigger sample size, but for 17 million a year less or for 62 million less over 5 years which would u rather have? Obvioulsy i know your answer, but still…


    There are only a few coaches with ANY type of fire, and I admit some are unobtainable, but if I were to seek a manager with fire I would go after (not in any order) Gibson, Torre, Cox, Sciossia, Kennedy (My choice) and Leyland.


    Van I feel Wilson should have been starting at 3b all year. I am not a huge Wilson fan by any means. I was saying all year, the dodgers say we have no power, but we do, we just cant’t live with the negative aspects of said Power.

    Wilson and Kemp, with 500 Abs would easlily hit 20Hrs in 07..we just cant live with the 2ks a game that goes with it. Right or wrong I am not sure…I say wrong, but that’s just my opinion. I would rather have 1 kemp blast than 5 of Pierres singles.

    We can say that Wilson didn’t really have a spot and we needed a middle reliver, but what i would say is he had a spot, but Grady and Ned needed Nomar to play and well, we see where that has gotten us.

    LaRoche should start next year…


    Jungar as GM? Please …. he just as much of fanatic as us … he just has better thought processes than most of the other on this board.


    i want jungar as our GM…lol

    NO, NO, NO you don’t…..someone said that yesterday to. It’s flattering and not sure if your joking or just saying shut up already…..

    But no we need someone in there much, much, much smarter than me.

    Please Frank, get someone in there with a vision and plan.

    look I admit we have no idea what really goes on, we just know what happened. If I was Frank, first thing I would do is hire an objective consultant to take a look at the deals we could have made, the deals we did make, our future depth chart, how the coaching staff motivated, planned and executed…

    Then I would go from there.


    Betty could also play SS, 2nd, and 1st. Maybe not extraordinarily, but well enough to fill in as a utility infielder and with much more punch than Martinez. Plus the lefty bat off the bench. Alot to give up for a middle reliever. Not a good idea to trade everyday players for middle relievers.


    I think we need someone with Dodger roots. No more Giants or Redsox pulling the strings.

    I still think it took Ned too long to remove his WS losers ring. LOSER!


    Wait a second jungar everyone and their brother was ripping betemit on this site in May and i just want to know if you were defending him then?


    Scott: I noticed your comment about Little making pitchers take a beating and letting them finish the inning, so he can pinch hit for him the next inning rather than waste another pitcher. That’s why I call him “HOOKLESS”.


    the thing with betemit is he thinks and maybe he knows he is the only one who has the power in the team…

    that may be the reason why he strikes out alot…


    Totally agree Scott…..I was like who shows off the looser ring? I mean it’s cool and all to get there, don’t get me wrong..but it’s like saying I was the “Prom King back up”.

    Oh and I need my assistant GM’s to be yes men. Clearly, ceorsmithrc is not….although I did get props for my thought process.


    I really respect all you guys. I respect the banter back and forth and respect all your opinions even if we don’t all agree. This season would be THAT much tougher without you guys.

    Maybe next season we can have an inside the dodgers day at the ballpark, for those in town it would be cool to meet everyone.

    I am really this very mellow, laid back California beach kid, now in my middle 30’s. Only the dodgers bring out so much passion and angst in me. Most here would be suprised how mellow I am..but the dodgers, they just drive me crazy. It’s like driving thru traffic. I get all type A. So if i am being an *******, just honk your horns and i’ll drive a little nicer..


    I think Betemit is a decent player, but he looks a little lazy to me for some reason.

    I like Proctor and I’m holding out hope for Laroche.

    All the Dodgers have to do is trade Pierre for a resin bag and pay half his salary and accept it as a life lesson.


    Wait a second jungar everyone and their brother was ripping betemit on this site in May and i just want to know if you were defending him then?

    Posted by: | August 15, 2007 11:53 AM

    I was. Go look…(really I was for real.) Like i said, he isn’t ideal, but since April his numbers were pretty decent. Better than Nomar’s number aside from batting avg.

    Van, i think Wilson will always strike out alot. its just the way it is.


    Strikeouts are not as bad as they look. Strikeouts are better than DP’s. What is bad is never walking. If you don’t walk you better be hitting for high average. That’s what JP did in his only 2 decent seasons when he hit .330 or better. In other words it’s OBP that really matters. Probably old news to most of you.


    So, Joe Torre started Betemit at 2nd against Erik Bedard who is a very good lefty and Betemit responded by striking out three times in three at bats. He’s a straight platoon player who should only face righties, Torre will learn soon enough. We have a third baseman who can hit lefties, who hopefully will be healthy soon and I’m not talking about Nomar…


    well if u want walks…
    look at LaRoche…

    LaRoche is a more disciplined player…

    and LaRoche hit for average and power…

    LaRoche is a much better option than betemit…


    Exactly van!

    Laroche wasn’t hitting that great when he was up, but he was getting on base better than most on the team. A walk is better than a hard line drive out. I pitched as a kid and nothing wears on a pitcher and defense more than walks.


    i was really happy when betemit was traded..
    coz not only we got an arm they also put a spot for LaRoche… but what happen is they waited until LaRoche was injured…


    Yep, bummer. LaRoche gets hurt and we get Hillenbrand. Too bad. But LaRoche is due to start playing this week I believe.


    Anyone else here think Abreu is pouting for being sent down while hitting .288 and not really hurt? If I was one of these guys I don’t know how many times I want to hear that “he needs at bats” BS reasoning for sending players down to AAA.


    I do like the idea of Gibson given a shot as a manager. From what I remember he was pretty much a no BS kind of guy.


    Didnt he pretty much walk out on the team after someone thought it would be funny to light his shoe laces on fire?


    What about the guy who coached a lot of these kids at AA Jax? Could he at least be considered as a bench coach?


    It’s nice that we have all these ideas about managers and GM’s…only problem no one cares what we think!!!

    and all the players we want to play and get…they could care less….only way they care is if people stop coming to the Stadium…good idea, eh?


    Gibby set the tone early.

    Tommy came up from AAA to coach 3B when Lopes, Garvey, Cey, Russell, Buckner & Yeager exploded onto the team together.


    i just listened to an EK interview from (i think) yesterday and he thinks that we should have traded some of our young guys for a bat, because we were in first place heading into the deadline and that some of them probably won’t pan out anyway. I can’t understand why so many people still share this view. I don’t think even another bat would have made a difference at this point because everyone else has been so miserable.


    22 year old James McDonald of the Jacksonville Suns pitched 6 innings yesterday giving up 2 runs on 2 hits with 9 strikeouts. and today Clayton Kershaw is the starting pitcher for the 1st place suns



    We needed more than “a” bat..If we had the Atlanta line up it would have made sense…but we don’t have one guy in the line up you can trust to come through it wouldn’t have mattered in my mind..The problem with this team was the way it was constructed this year and the off season acquisitons that were sheer stupidity by Ned.


    With all the injuries and ill conceived off season signings by Ned, this team was too far gone for one big bat or pitcher to make much of a difference. Truth be told, this was actually a rebuilding kind of year with a shot at the playoffs if the old tire patch veterans had gotten the job done. They have failed miserably and thus, we are in 4th place. If the pitching staff had stayed healthy, we may have made a better run. Nomar, Kent, Gonzo, Pierre, and Furcal were supposed to be the main cogs in the Dodger machine this year and they just plain and simply have stunk.


    right jhall

    The Dodgers were banking on aging veterans and sore armed pitchers to all have above average years.

    Too many groundballs to 2B this year from those guys.


    You don’t want to get hot on this team. You will end up injured, sent to minors, sat on the bench, or moved to 7th or 8th in the batting order.


    Keys to playing time. Fail to hit with runners in scoring position and make physical and mental errors consistantly. Oh yea, never move a runner up a base, just keep swinging for the fence.


    Right jhall.

    We need to get Olmedo some more at-bats especially at the cleanup spot — Oh, we’re in a pennant race? Uh…well…uh…anyway, Olmedo is a veteran and veterans need at bats and that’s final!


    and we clog up our bench with useless tired vets with no value to the team…other than “nice guys”..there is so much deadwood on this team it’s a joke…
    And does anyone think Raffy’s problems are all his ankle?..or has he just become a Dodger??lol


    But skipper, I just went 4-4 in my first start in the big leagues!

    Listen Delwyn, Martinez and Saenz need at bats dang it!

    And Ethier, you’re going to see a lot of good pitches to hit batting 8th with Derek Lowe batting behind you to protect you so don’t worry.


    haha scott. by the way jw has anyone picked up Russell Branyan, I know the padres released him and he could be this years marlon anderson with more power if we sign him.


    LOL. Yep, Raffy is officially a Dodger now. I think we should let Marlon Anderson go and keep Saenz. After all, he is a great guy.
    Ooooooops! We already did.


    Phillies picked up Branyan from Cleveland and he hit a 2 run pinch hit HR in his first AB…He’s kind of a crappy hitter really though.

    Pierre for Contreras discussion:

    “Look, we don’t care if Contreras is really 60 years old, just take Pierre from us please! Here’s a few million more, just take him!”


    I’d give it a shot. May not have to pay that much as the White Sox want to unload him pretty badly.


    Someone must have picked up Branyan because there is no way we would ever pick up hillenbrand with him available. Atleast I hope not….


    It’s a darn shame Raul never had a good work ethic. He had so much ability that went to waste because he was lazy and loved to party. Not sure what happened to him. Probably back in the Dominican hopefully still running his baseball camp.


    wow…the dodgers have really great fans. all anybody does on this blog is talk **** on everything that the dodgers do wrong. the dodgers are still in this thing and i hope they go on a run tonite, to shut all of you guys up


    I really doubt the white sox would pick up Pierre, they’re out of it and are probably thinking more of a youth movement.


    Mondesi got too full of himself I think. I walked by him once at a card show and he looked like he was 5′-7″.


    Hey Bill I have been saying that I think we’re gonna turn it around in a big way BECAUSE OF GRADY but none of these guys listen to me.


    pierre for contreras with us picking up a bit of the money is a no brainer. the chisox would never go for it even though they love speedy guys with no OBP or power. contreras is awful and if ned honestly thinks he will help he will just demonstrate again that he’s an idiot.


    wow, so we’re not fans because we question what the management isnt doing?!? I guess to be a fan you have to follow blindly and just accept things as they are. Okay that makes sense… I think.


    Anyone hear about Jose Offerman doing a shoddy Juan Marichal impression up in Bridgeport?

    Playing for Long Island, he snapped, charged the mound with bat in hand, hit the catcher in back of the head, giving him a concussion, and swung at the pitcher, hitting his hand and breaking his finger.

    Two counts of second-degree assault, and led off the field in handcuffs. Sad bookend to the career of a guy who homered in his first major league at-bat.


    Actually I don’t think Contreras is that bad, I think he needs a change of scenery and I think he could help us. No matter what hes a heck of alot better then what we’ve got now at the back end of our rotation.


    and another thing Bill, I have been reading this blog through the good times and the bad, there will always be people on here who think there is something wrong. Just the way the world works.



    I’m sure most of us here want the Dodgers to win more than anything, but venting here is less expensive than throwing a rock through my tv screen.

    When you raise parking %50 and tickets as well, I think fans can say what they please, really.



    i think they will too. and i think grady is a great manager. how many managers with this much pressure and so many things going wrong, would be able to remain calm and positive about everything? not many. and one more thing…grady never calls anybody out to the media and he makes sure none of his players do as well. i havent heard anybody say anything bad about anybody to the media.


    i think bill is from the management…

    don’t worry bill…

    we are still loyal…

    we are just talking about what we think…


    We’d only be on the hook for a couple more years with Contreras. We’re stuck for 4 more with Pierre.
    By the way Bill, they really haven’t done anything very well lately for us to talk about.

    Nice extra inning homer by Ferk in Cincinnati the other night guys. LOL


    and one more thing bill…

    that’s the thing…

    it’s insulting…

    grady has been thinking positive all year but nothing positive is happening…


    bill, you’re right about Grady’s good qualities, but sometimes remaining that calm can also make people wonder if there is any pulse at all.

    If he suddenly gets these guys to play well I guess I’ll have to eat my crow and like it.


    ya but if you dont stay positive through a 9 month season…things are not gonna get better. baseball is like life…theres ups and downs and if you concentrate to much on the downs then nothing good will happen for you.

    and a manager needs to be a leader and needs to not show any sigs of showing the white flag. a bunch of comments up, some of you guys were talking about grady not being a leader…well i think he is and hes doing as good a job as he can with the pieces and obstacles that have been thrown at him


    You know what, today is new day. Things are going to change, I can feel it. I think Grady’s patience is gonna help Pierre throw someone out at 3b or home tonight.


    Ok i’m gonna have to count on you guys to tell me about ‘In my own words with jeff kent’. I live in Virginia and the only way I get to see the Dodgers is on extra innings or and I really want to hear about that interview with Kent.


    maybe we should get offerman as a manager… he seems to have some fire left in him… gonna have to wait 5-10 though LOL


    are u kidding me bill?

    would u want to see saenz and martinez in your lineup?

    are u happy seing ethier hitting in the 8th spot?

    are u happy what he is doing with martin?

    are u happy that he keeps giving gonzo more playing time than Kemp and Ethier?

    try to think bill…

    grady has a good character…

    but he doesn’t have the spark…!


    we can make him Grady’s attack dog if the ump makes a bad call… but there’s only one chance a game, so use it wisely.


    I personally thought Grady was going to lose it last night. Watching him last night on the tube, he really had this look in his face, I really thought he was going to lose it. I wonder if last night was the last straw, did we really hit rock bottom with that bone head play.


    Scott you cannot be serious about Pierre throwing someone out with THE weakest arm in baseball. I have a better chance of throwing someone out at home from my house then pierre does froc CF.


    My “pigs will fly” comment was in response to the hillareous suggestion that Pierre would throw somebody out tonight at third or at home.


    Come on californiaauto you shouldn’t be so hard on Sweeny, that type of play happens all the time…….. IN A 5 YEAR OLD TEEBALL LEAGUE!!!!!


    scott i will believe what u said that JP can throw someone out if he can carry the weight of Saenz…


    van 19

    well with wat your throwing out there i hope you never become the manager of anything..

    first of all…saenez and martinez only start once in a blue moon. so no real problem there. and martinez had a big hit last week against the reds to tie one of the games we actually won. ethier has only hit in the 8th spot once…it was an experiment..get over it. and martin hasnt hit well lately at all! so no way should he still be hitting in the 3rd spot ( until he proves us otherwise). well lately since gonzo has been in a slup ethier has played almost every game. and yes i think kemp and ethier should start every game for the rest of the season.

    and how do you know grady doesnt have any spark? do you play for him?


    Hey lets not cap on Bill. I am gald he is still hopeful. I bet the McCourts are really happy that there are fans like him instead of us. I wish Bill was sitting next to me the last 34 games when we have lost 22 of them. i would be much happier…for real, i am not joking. I wish I could have that attitude. Me, hard for me to get past the fact that we have all the resources (farm, ownership, revenue, fan support) in the world in place and they are pissed it away by an incompetent GM.

    Diclaimer!!! I know there are more to this game than numbers..but….to speak to the idea that the players are underachieving, i went and took a look.

    Has Gonzo stunk or has Gonzo done what gonzo has done the last two years?

    .271 .366 .459 .825

    .271 .352 .444 .795

    .275 .353 .424 .777 (07)

    Has Kent stunk? His line is the same as always is. last 4 seasons. it is reasonable to expect a 39 year old to miss time with injury, yes?

    .289 .348 .531 .880

    .289 .377 .512 .889

    .292 .385 .477 .861

    .288 .363 .483 .846 (07)

    .289 .356 .503 .859 career

    Nomar has not played more than 122 games since 2003 in a single season since he did it last year. He played 122 last year and was injured most of the second half where he put up a line of .229 .286 .408 .694 But realisitcally, it’s possible, maybe even probabable that Nomar wouldn’t play more than 122 games, correct?

    Furcal..take steals out of the equasion for this year due to injury. (of course those steals are nice to have.) And yes he is down, but not completely off his normal pace. Maybe 10 percent down??

    109r 12hr 59rbi 36sb .285/.350/.409/.759 his avg in 6 season

    62r 5hr 39rbi 13sb .276/.339/.365/.704 in 07

    Pierre. Is he really having a bad year by Pierre standards? Take a look. It looks like yes. Not by a huge amount though, but yes. I think this has to due with dodger stadium. Don’t forget Pierre’s first few years were in coors field.

    97r 2hr 45 53rbi .301/.347/.373/.720

    68r 0hr 27rbi 46 .284/.320/.337/.657

    So I don’t really buy the notion of players didn’t produce. There are always fluctuation in performance. I just think the sum production does not equal what is needed to win.

    My big, big problem (well our big problem) wasn’t Pierre signing as much as I hate it, I think it was opening the year with those 3-4-5 hitters.


    dude im not talking martin not hitting 3rd…
    im talking about wearing out martin…

    he is our hero this year and he should have continue doing so if they give him enough rest…


    ok bill,

    “how do you know grady doesnt have any spark?”

    Even Coletti doesn’t think Grady has a spark unless he lights a match on the toilet.


    So did we hit rock bottom last night? If we did that means we are only going up from now on .



    We don’t need to take up 2 spaces on the roster with players like Saenz and Martinez..Our bench is a joke, like everything else lately..

    Just wrote an email to Plaschke…maybe it will help.!!


    I dunno californiaauto I thought I’d been feeling rock bottom for a couple weeks now, but so far every time i’ve been wrong.


    im not playing with grady but im watching the games…

    the results are unacceptable..

    maybe u really are from the organization bill… what’s ur name…?


    Wow…..this is crazy…this is when the McCourts begin to panic…not our record.

    Fans may not be feeling the same way.

    With the exception of July 4 and Barry Bonds’ visit two weeks ago, Dodger Stadium hasn’t had a sellout since June 15-17, when the Angels visited.


    Saenz and Martinez were valuable assets last year, but you’ve got to be able to tell when guys have lost it and Grady or Ned do not seem to be able to tell.


    van 19, you still haven’t mentioned your man crush today, are you feeling okay. LOL!!!!



    are u telling me that if Saenz wishes to grady that he wants to play everyday grady will let him do so?

    it is the managers decision…

    martin is great… but he is human…

    look at him now… he can hardly hit… that’s because of stress…


    Jungar, the games still have announced attendance’s of well over 45,000, even the Monday night game had almost 50,000 announced. They’re doing just fine, even if they don’t sell 56,000 each game. They have my money for tonight’s game…but I won’t be there.


    Van is right catchers aren’t supposed to play every day the was Russell has this season. I love him to death, but I think he either needs to ask for a day off more or grady needs to give it to him more. He’s not helping himself or the team.



    those are VERY good points. and i think that we started the season off on the wrong foot with the 3,4,5 hitters as well. but right now…NOBODY is producing like they should. and i dont think for a second that will continue for the rest of the season. i feel we are gonna break through soon. we got three with colorado after two more with houston. i say we sweep colorado and put an end to their season. anybody else hoping for that??

    van 19

    nobody likes going through tough times. but if we were winning nobody would say anything bad about grady. maybe you should be a front runner and root for the angels like everybody else in southern cali!


    These days attendance figures are based on tickets sold not used so actual game attendance is anyone’s guess.


    the attendance monday is 49,511…
    the funs are still loyal…

    so bill if u are still reading our comments…

    we just want to tell u that we are still a dodgers fan and will always be…



    You’re a positive guy and that’s ok. I think you need to give these guys a pregame speech to get them off their feeling sorry for themselves butts and produce.


    Rumor is that JP got traded to the white sox for J. Contreras. Sorry I just woke up from a daydream.


    I don’t know i get the feeling that Bill is one of the people who runs this website and hes mad that we’re complaining about the teams problems. Come on Bill fess up…


    ofcourse everybody would love grady if we have a successfull season but the thing is we don’t…

    and i actually don’t like the angels…


    You guys bill is old school, and dodger fan till the day he dies. Right bill, you were there the last time they won a world series right.


    martin is very young and inexperienced. and he doesnt know how to handle catching for a whole season. and knowing wen he needs his breaks and wat not. martin knows himself better than anybody else. and if he says he can play, then ill take him. 50% of him is FAR better than mike lieberthal


    is anyone listening to 710 ESPN. They are tearing apart the dodgers.

    The team is horribly managed and coached. I think Grady needs to be fired. Colletti needs to let the kids take over next year.


    haha i am a dodger fan til the day i die fer sure! but im only 18 years old. but i was born two weeks before the dodgers won the world series…so technically i was around lol


    Hey, I was there in 1988 in the RF loge for Gibby’s HR!

    I still root for the Dodgers over the Angels head to head, but I was happy for them in 2002.


    LOL, I had just graduated from high school, Bell 1988, just played the City Championship game that year, lost to University at Dodger Stadium, what a year that was.


    Dodgers To Scout Contreras On Friday:

    The White Sox will grant Jose Contreras a showcase start on Friday, in hopes of unloading some of the $20MM owed to him from 2008-09. Contreras hasn’t started since he was bombed by th e Yankees on July 31st. According to Chris De Luca of the Chicago Sun-Times, the Dodgers will be in attendance when Contreras goes Friday in Seattle. The Mariners are actually a candidate to acquire him as well.

    Contreras has thrown two consecutive scoreless relief appearances, and his last one lasted five innings against those same Mariners after Gavin Floyd was knocked around. I’ve seen that attributed to Don Cooper’s recent tinkering, but can’t find a link to that story.

    As I mentioned before – it’s either going to have to be a bad contract swap or the Sox eating half of Contreras’s contract. He’s cleared waivers, so he can be traded anywhere.


    The McCourts seem greedy (can’t think of a better word, I don’t mean it as derogatory) and that for every fan like Alex for example who would normally be there tonight during what they enviosioned as a pennant race team (rightly so, they spent over 100 million) they see at least a 50 dollar bill being stolen from their wallets. (thats if you paid for your ticket already)

    A drop in 5000 fans is a drop in at least 25k a night in revenue.


    Grady managed like 17 years in the minors before his time in Boston. Hes been through some bad stretches before and he knows how to turn a team around.


    bill i think u don’t understand…

    martin is not healthy… that’s because he was over used!

    he feels alot of aches and pains right now…

    there is no excuse with that!


    Martin needs some time off, not only for the good of the remainder of this season, but for the remainder of his career. Catching is too demanding to be in there everyday. 125 or 130 games is enough. Right now he is struggling badly and not really helping the team at the dish.
    Also, fatigued players tend to get injured more easily.

    Baseball is a marathon, not a sprint.



    That’s exactly it..this management can’t tell when players are done…they just hang on to them for dear life because they think they can’t find anyone else…Sometimes NO ONE else would be better…Sure would have been in Pierre’s case…I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a team that had this bad of slump all at once…except of course for Ethier, Loney and Kemp….but they don’t change what they’re doing from night to night..they have the same approach at the plate and get the same results…Wonder why?


    I hope we don’t give up much for Contreras. Unless they take Pierre, I would not take his salary for the next couple of years. Certainly would not give up any high level prospects.


    van 19 he is a catcher and thats whats gonna happen wen your a catcher. its part of the game and he understands it. and wen your in a pennent race (like we are!) you play even if your a little banged up. these guys get all ready for the seasons long road starting in winter. and they play through spring, and summer just to get a chance to have a shot at playing in the fall. so im sure martin…nor anybody else who is hurt is gonna complain. most baseball players love the game more than almost anything and they will put their heart on the line for a chance to win a world series!


    Ned needs to unload salary, not take it on for washed up players. Should have learned that this last off season.


    i also hope we dont get contreras…just like jungar said…hes another tomko..only OLDER!! he has never had one good since he came to the major leagues. i remember there was all this excitment for him wen he first came to the majors a few years ago and he hasnt done anything. thats why the yankees gave him up!


    bill again i think u don’t understand the point…

    are u saying that a catcher should play 150 games a year?


    Arguments will be made in Pierre’s defense that he’s been hitting well lately, but a bunch of his meaningless singles haven’t really helped and the main issue is is defense or lack there of. Anyone with an ounce of ability can run down a fly ball, but his arm will never be any better.

    Nice guy = yes

    bad arm = yes

    good OBP = no

    likes Jackie Robinson = yes

    named after Juan Marichal = yes

    good signing = no


    van 19, i played catcher all the way through college, regardless we didn’t play everyday, but played 4 or 5 times a week. Yes catching is demanding, but I always felt it took a toll on me mentally not physically. Martin is fine, I just think he his trying to carry the team offensively, that’s why he was put back down in the 6th spot.


    martin has a bad back…

    he is tired mentally and physically…

    did u even try to look at his swing rayt now?

    it’s not even close the way he swings the bat in the 1st half…


    van 19

    lol thats all i do wen i read one of your comments.

    i did not say that. but he was hot and our best player earlier in the season. so you cant only play him 3 times a week!

    i think we can all agree that ivan rodriguez is one of the best catchers to ever play the game. and he played plenty of games for texas in his prime…and why was that?? because he was one of their best players and they needed him to help them make the playoffs. which never did any good cuz they always ended up playing the yankees in the first round wen the yankees were at their best


    I think at the beginning of the season the team lost every time Lieberthal started and Grady panicked and went away from the rest Russell strategy. But wait, I thought Grady was supposed to be so cool?


    the thing is martin is not 100% healthy…
    he has a bad back…

    im not saying he needs a rest right now… coz obviously they don’t have time fro resting…

    what im trying to say is they should have given him more rest at the beginning of the season…



    brady penny starts tonight. and wen a team is struggling they always look to their best pitcher to help turn the team around. and the bats came alive a little yesterday, getting a run in 3 of the last 4 inninngs. so hopefully things are looking up. HERE’S TO CATCHING THE D BACK’S…GO DODGERS!!!



    are u trying to give me a hint that you actually have a crush with A-Rod? LOL


    Bill, I hope you’re right.

    It’s starting to get late and I think that is why everyone here is freaking out.

    Here’s hoping for a little energy and desire to show through tonight – Jeff Kent exempt of course.


    The guys on this blog are frustrated, but I think we’re all hopeful that this nightmare will turn around. I usually am the only one begging everyone to give the Dodgers another chance. Everyone has excellent suggestions about trades, lineups, managers, etc. Someone stated that this blog was an excellent way to vent and share thoughts. No matter how the season ends, everyone here will remain on this blog to offer thoughts win or lose and remain Dodger fans, nonetheless. Just totally frustrated. I think Grady is more passionate than people think. We don’t always show our emotions in the same way. We aren’t privvy to those talks he has with the team. He’s trying different lineups, different strategies, but players are hurt. He has only what he has to work with. Can anyone predict who will be hurt? During one game when looking for a pinch hitter, he looked at the bench and saw two players left, neither good hitters. He has only what he has to work with. If you look at each player, each one has contributed something. Pierre has been playing hard. He’s not perfect but who is. Everyone is so down on him even when he is doing well. When he does well, everyone plays it down as a fluke. And please don’t down Russell. He’s the all star and he plays his heart out. He may be in a hitting slump but he’s the center of the team. Is there anyone that is immune to everyones tirades?? Maybe Brad is the only one who remains exempt from the hit list. I know everyone will look at me as someone living in a dream world. Wellll, yeah. Baseball for me is that world that is seperate from my stressful life and job. I love the Dodgers. They give me an alternate place to go. I’ll look at my screensaver at work (of course it’s my Dodgers) and suddenly, I just relax. I love baseball and the Dodgers, win or lose. I’m sure you guys feel that way too and you all are just venting. Bill, don’t take any of this personally. We’ll still be here, offering up suggestions and moaning, groaning and sometimes cheering. Go Dodgers…!!!

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