Gonna make it hot, hot, hot

My 93-year-old grandmother was going to make the trip over from Kansas City today until we realized that it probably wasn’t the best idea to have her sit in 100 degree weather with insane humidity while watching her beloved Dodgers. So, we’ll have to get a win without her in the park.

Here’s today’s lineup, which will be read on FOX’s regional game by Brett Tomko:

Furcal, SS

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Gonzo, LF

Nomar, 3B

Ethier, RF

Pierre, CF

Martinez, 2B

Lowe, P


One dollar spent toward Shea Hillenbrand is one dollar better spent anywhere else.

The Dodgers organization should be embarrassed about bringing in a character like Hillenbrand.

If the Dodgers are going to make an argument that his bat is worthy of his inclusion on the roster in September, they just need to look at his dismal output with the Angels and Giants over the past two seasons.

If the Dodgers take clubhouse chemistry as serious as they say they do, there would be no room for Hillenbrand.

hmmm…i just hope the dodgers are hot, hot, hot today. let’s get lowe some runs and kill the cards!

Is Martin EVER going to get a day off? It’s another day game after a night game in sweltering conditions. We’re going to kill this kid, and if Lieberthal never plays it’s unreasonable to expect he’ll be productive when he DOES play.

I agree that the Hillenbrand signing is ridiculous. In fact, I say exactly that at my new Dodgers blog: http://www.mikesciosciastragicillness.com.

Ugh, stupid blog software that won’t let you edit. That’s http://www.mikesciosciastragicillness.com

without the period included, as the above post has.

I would really like Pierre hitting in front of Ethier because if Pierre gets on and steals a base and gets in scoring position we have Ethier who can bring him in.. but this is a good lineup

im sorry but gonzo’s post all star break stats are horrifying. cmon grady you moved nomar when he was in a rut, do the same for gonzo. and i agree livinlegend the guys stick doesnt make up for his attitude. ned is just grabbing as many guys as possible with any sort of giants ties. although i think he is better than martinez.

Oh, To be 93. For my unusual comment on the batting order, I like ETHIER batting 6th. I sure would like to see TOMKO read off the lineup but it’s Saturday before 7:00 PM ET and there is no MLBTV-extra innings on TV nor is there MLBTV anything on my computer so I’ll have to listen in on the AUDIO. Well 5 games back in the West. 2 with 4 teams ahead of us in the race for the 4th Spot. Got to take these games 1 at a time. I hope LOWE is feeling good and we can score some runs. LET’S GO FOR #3.

As for the Hillenbrand MINOR league contract, not a problem whatsoever. Merely stocking for September, that’s also assuming he does well in Vegas. He can only help as far as I’m concerned. If he performs well it helps us and if he doesn’t he’ll be cut.

Gotta say I’m a little surprised Gonzo is playing today, I think Young should’ve gotten the start in left, maybe tomorrow? Other than that, Martin is incredible.

It may not be saying much, but Nomar would be a better cleanup choice than Gonzo. First of all, Gonzo shouldn’t be playing in a day game after a night game, and if he has to, he should not be batting cleanup.

mpetriello: “Is Martin EVER going to get a day off? It’s another day game after a night game in sweltering conditions. We’re going to kill this kid…”

I actually thought that Martin would get today off, but only because of Lieberthal’s history against Braden Looper (8 for 18), but the bottom line is this:

The Dodgers are 5 games out with six weeks remaining in the season. We are coming off of the worst loosing streak of the season (6 games) and currently have a two game winning streak going. Our longest winning streak this season has been only five games.

We simply cannot afford to lose many more games now through the remainder of the season. We have got to put our best team out there everyday (and I’m certainly not saying that Ramon Martinez is better than Jeff Kent, but Kent is considerably older than Russell Martin and needs the rest more so than does Russell).

Your argument is a good one and I, too, am concerned about over-working Martin, but we have got to close the gap between us and the D-backs and Padres or there will be no post season – period.



It’s a catch 22 with the Martin situation. We’re down in the standings, if we play him we’re overworking him and people will complain. If he rests, we don’t field our best team and historically do not win, which therefore when we lose people will complain. You can’t have it both ways. I agree Martin needs a day off, but he did get one on Monday and for Martin, he’s a machine and for him that’s all he needs. Though I think he’ll get tomorrow off, but who knows.

I just noticed in Ken Gurnick’s column on today’s game at the bottom he states the LOWE will pitch again on this Tuesday, That ‘s got to be a missprint.

It is, that’s a Tomko game, not Lowe. Lowe was originally going to start this past Thursday and was moved back to today. Therefore, if he pitched Thursday he would’ve started this upcoming Tuesday. They just haven’t updated the rotations yet.

This is encouraging. No name calling yet.
I agree with the Hillenbrand assessment, but I guess we are getting desperate for hits, timely hits anyway. If he’s setting AAA on fire, give him a shot.

I’ve also had the same opinion about Martin for awhile. The kid needs a break, but other than Kent he’s our best bet.

Branden Looper, Ha I still think of him as a Met’s closer.

Martin has an ankle sprain too, hasn’t he? Maybe it is good for the sprain to keep playing, keep it loose or whatnot, how would I know, but it is not good for the rest of the boy.

I like Pierre down in his new spot.

Anyone notice that Saito never really has a tough inning unless he walks a guy? Which is great, because he rarely walks people, but it’s hard to string together hits against him. I’m wondering why he’s walked more people since his injury…anyone notice anything?

Gonzo batting clean up! Our manager is killing us. I wonder if our inconsistent bad line ups have anything to do with our inconsistent bad offense?

Gonzo needs to be GONEZO

haha lol max.

Grady Little is…

A) Brain Dead

B) An Idiot!

C) Hypocritical

Gonzo’s power stroke is Gonzo!

He drops Pierre to the bottom of the lineup because he does not get on base. I agree with the move!

However, the least powerful hitter on the Dodgers and perhaps in all of Major League Baseball since June 25 is… Luis Gonzalez who has count them, THREE Extra Base Hits since that date!

What Joke Grady Little is and not in a good way!

I’m also concerned over the fact he hasn’t walked since July 22nd. I mean that’s pitiful…

.213/.226/.263/.489 since the All-Star Break, there’s nothing in the world that can defend those numbers. If you want to pin these offensive problems on one person, he’s it.

Has anyone noticed how poorly ran the Padres have been since the break? They tore apart their bullpen and now they are considering trading Cla Meradith for Kei Igawa. How and the heck are we behind these guys? HOW!!!!!????

We need to bench Gonzo, Nomas and play Pierre way less. Get LaRoche playing full time on the big club when he’s healthy and have our outfield be Ethier, Pierre, Kemp and if we do start giving Pierre days off have an outfield of Young, Kemp, Ethier.

We need to get rid of the dead weight in the lineup. Give the kids ome experience and let them take over next year.

gonzo has been nothing short of dreadful for some time now. it may be time for him to take mueller’s job pretty soon here.

Gonzo seems to be inching back into better form. He’s had some good at bats yesterday. Maybe today he’ll take another step in putting it together again and get a hit or two.

ha. Gonzo would be the worst batting coachella ever.

“take steriods and stick your leg wayyyyyyyy out far”


hahah i always do that!

I alway type Radiohead instead of radio too.

Go Dodgers!! Two in a row so far.


I have no problem with Gonzo getting a start today in an attempt to shake out of his funk, but by no means should he bat 4th. Let him hit 8th with less pressure a few games a week and see if he has anything left.

Gonzo could be finished, but he deserves some starts in the 8-hole, but that is it.

I mean Olmedo Saenz has had two hits the past two months and when he gets to start Grady Idiot bats him 3rd or 4th. I have not managed in Major League Baseball, but I have to believe these are not sound decisions.

james loney is gonna have a monster day today guys.

brett tomko bombed the lineup announcement too, sheesh nothing nice to say about ethier. ramon martinez the pride of puerto rico cracked me up. i think beltran would win that one.

uh oh, 2 runs by the other team in the first inning…never a good omen.

Better check is that LOWE on the mound?

Ya, it is Lowe.

He of the barking groin, the four lost decisions in a row, the very good when healthy pitcher that the Dodgers never score any runs for.

If Lowe can’t get his sinker to sink then he’s no good. He can’t with that hip injury.

Derek must be hurting. He won’t stay in the game long.

The stats look dismal. The Dodgers have only won 2 out of 14 games with the Cards??

First time I ever used Gamesday. BOY, This Modern Technology. Wow.

Guys it has been awhile since I posted, but Colletti made a big mistake by not signing Jeff Weaver as the Cardinals won the World Series.Fellow Americans, it is good to let bygones be bygones so let’s get on with the show!Superman Jeff Kent, I hope you read this,because not only are one of the best second baseman to play the game but one of the best ever to play the game!You are the heart and soul of this Dodger team!Ain’t no mountain high enough for this Dodger team as We will go all the way!

tomko should not take up a career in comedy anytime soon. stick to painting.

When I first log on I couldn’t sign on to this blog(no cheering) but I’m o.k. now. What’s this with La Russa & his batting the pitcher 8th? Maybe he will give Little ideas about PIERRE.

Remember when Tommy would coach third base to shake up his sleeping club? The players loved it. Think Grady could get his chin off the dugout rail long enough to show his team some fire?

STRANGE I get the play in print before I hear it.

No matter what the score Grady looks like he’s losing you never know….

Looks like another day of not scoring many runs…

I would venture to guess that this may be Lowe’s last start for at least a couple weeks, he is going to seriously hurt himself.

Lasorda: Just being there was ENOUGH.

The Dodgers are rather tepid as a team. Sometimes it is hard to watch them go through the motions of losing as if they do not care. The “even keel” thing takes away some of the enjoyment of watching this team. Though the way they are muddling along does that, too. Too many veterans just slouching towards retirement, using the Dodgers as a pension fund.

Now, if only Furcal could have made that play, this inning won’t be quite as dire 😐

Oh wait, muffing THAT play was much worse. A double play not turned.

Blergh. Dodgers: not worth watching or spending my hard-earned money on.

If Ankiel can make the successful transition from pitcher to outfielder…maybe Pierre can transition to a soft-throwing, junk-balling lefty to help this team out on the mound……..

The only thing positive out of this is we score more often when the opposition scores.

If Looper pitches a NO-HITTER my neighboring MET fans will KNOW about it.

Looper and his ERA over 5.00…

No Hitter Through 4 Innings…

We can make anyone look like Bob Gibson these days!

Lowe pitching through pain.

The position players respond with errors in the field and ridiculously lackluster at bats.

Whoo-hoo Dodgers.

Don’t even start with it. I hate here you mention anyone like that. If you don’t want to watch this game just leave and stop complaining.

END of no-hitter.


Oh gosh Pierre. One of those fly baby people would die for and it didn’t even score a run. I would rather have a suicide sqeeze.

seriously, grady should have some stones and pull pierre for kemp right now. thats just un acceptable

Is Pierre totally worthless or what, regardless of where you bat him. What a **** LOSER signing – FOREVER WORST!

I mean ball not baby. He should be our lead off joke putting him 7th is a joke.

Here come the Ramon bashing now.

nice take there right there ramon, i swear to god this team is unwatchable right now, 2nd and 3rd nobody out and we cant score.

I’m sitting here watching the game of the week on Fox. D. Lowe is giving his all, but his injury is effecting his fielding ability. He doesn’t have his ‘A’ game. A Card bunts down the 3rd base line. Nomar is too far back, and not expecting it. Lowe doesn’t even make an effort. He couldn’t hardly get out of the batters box after making contact. To top it all off, Furcal makes 2 errors in the same inning. One was a routine, taylor made double play. All of a sudden, I’m having flashbacks of another terrible fielding shortstop from the past…….Offerman! I see alot of similarities. Decent, but not outstanding hitting, speed, and of course – leading the league in errors. I sure miss Izturis! Sure, his offensive production is less, but he’s still as solid defensively. With the Dodgers lack of offense lately, the defense has been terrible too. Here’s a thought…Put Nomar at short, and Furcal at third, and give that a try to see how it goes. I hope the boys in blue can get it together down the stretch, and at least get in on the wild card. I’m feeling more and more like a Cubs fan with the wait till next year phrase.

But no end to the shutout.

Martinez isn’t in the team to carry the offense. He’s a utility player subbing for Kent having a day off. So no, he does not deserve bashing.

Little has lost his mind. How can you possibly justify not pinch hitting for Lowe? Everyone knows he’s hurting and we have 2 runners in scoring position. Completely unacceptable!

I guess we didn’t need to pick up runners in the scoring position – so, no pinch hitter for Lowe. Grady must either be giving up on this game or he is so confident that we have plenty of time for scoring later on.

Maybe we should clone 2 more Penny and put them 7th and 8th.

And what bring in Roberto I don’t think so. He’s known our offense **** so why not let Lowe bat?

how is pierre still in this game? how does grady now show some sack and yank him right there.

this is unbelievable. when you’re down 5-0 and your first two guys get something going in the 5th for the first 2 hits of the game- no outs with runners on 2nd and 3rd, to not bring even ONE of them home is simply unforgivable. that is just terrible baseball. TERRIBLE.

Dodgers wouldn’t have scored whether they pinch hit for Lowe or not. Might as well let him stay in the game and eat up innings. Can’t blame Grady for that just like you can’t blame him for having to play Pierre and Martinez. Ned gave him a roster full of ****.

Furcal saved the game yesterday with his glove. Furcal is the least of your worries. But I’m getting REAL tired of Little…and Honeycutt, for that matter.

Jiriley: We’re moving on in the past 19 years just like the Cubs.

You only get one or two scoring opportunities a game with the Dodgers now a days.

Couple with that with the fact that Lowe is seriously injured and is just gutting it out.

You must PH with your new guy Sweeney for Lowe in that spot!

No excuses!

With the Dodgers offense it is unlikely that we will make up five runs, but it is impossible without those two runs last inning…

Dodgers making Looper look like an ace here – he’s only used 66 pitches so far! Is that all? Wow.

akagas it appears that you may have lost your mind as well. The bullpen can handle 4innings of relief that’s what it’s there for. The Dodgers are not going to win by continuing to not hit with RISP.

I think it’s time to start putting a liitle more of the blame for this slide on Grittle and his managing strategy than Pierre, Nomar etc.

I thought the team would be in a better frame of mind after the late inning heroics, and rare win as of late last night. They all look like they’re sleepwalking. The defense as a whole is killing the good pitching. Day in. Day out.
Let’s wake up the boys in blue to beat the Red Birds.

Gamesday got mess up right after the first Pujols play.

Nope I trust our bullpen but it doesn’t matter if Lowe bat and some other agree.

No, I blame Pierre for swinging early in the count and not being able hit a ball that would clear the fence at the Little League World Series. I also can blame Ramon Martinez for taking strike three down the middle of the plate. The Lowe situation, well ok Little could of pinch hit for him, he didn’t. Dodger Blues indeed…

Only people who lose their mind is people who complain about each move Grady make.

Why take him out before the 5th inning? I would like to rest the bullpen as long as we can. We been using our bullpen to much when we had that losing streak. Pierre should get the blame for that.

I remember the Braves in the late 80s/early 90s pitching unknown guys names Smoltz, Glavine and Avery, getting their lumps, but laying a foundation. Given the massive injuries to the Dodgers’ pitching staff, maybe the best thing for the future of this club is to fall out of contention by September, bench the vets and play the kids. ALL the kids, pitchers included. Regardless, this team is one or two years away anyway. So don’t lose sleep over this club. Enjoy the process of this “Twilight Zone” season. And hope Colletti can shake his sophomore slump.

Martin needs the rest.

I didn’t get the Cards broadcasters names but one sounds like he’s feeling no pain.

The offense needs a chance to get some continuity and that’s not going to happen as long as Little continues to juggle the lineup.

I know that they have been struggling but let’s stick with this line-up (minus Marinez in for Kent) and let the guys get used to hitting in at the same spot in the order and see what happens. I know guys need days off but this is August 11 and we are starting to run out of games. These are Pro ballplayers and they’re getting paid to play not take 2-3 days off a week.

looooooooeeeeeees gonz IS ACTUALLY ALIVE AND BREATHING.

Nice delivery from Gonzo with 2 outs! At least we’re not getting shut out again. I’m hoping our vets; Nomar, Gonzo, and Kent pick it up down the stretch. Go Blue!

Well thanks to da GONZ we won’t be shutout again.

The problem with leaving Lowe out there to eat up innings is that he’s obviously hurt. If he continues to pitch with the bad hip it may lead to him alter his delivery and in turn he might end up with serious arm trouble.

Our pitching had been good all through the losing streak.

Beyond the talent issue…(we had a Gm who thought 30 projected OF HRs combined is good enough to win)..we make way to many mental mistakes on defense and on offense to win. I don’t blame decesions on Grady, but overall mistakes, yeah. JP hits ground balls to 2nd base all year long. A grounder to 2nd is all we needed to score a run and set up a sac fly. now to run up there on your first pitch and not wait to get a pitch to do that (at the very least) with is a mental mistake.

Gonzo finally getting a double. Thats his first one in a LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG TIME. Same with the RBI he still needs to never play.

Lowe is not an idiot. If he couldn’t battle as he is, he wouldn’t be out there. The problem is not Lowe’s hip or Grady’s strategy- the problem is getting on base and moving guys along. Plain and simple.

Can anyone tell me why Delwyn Young isn’t playing?..or did he get toooo many hits when he played?…this is a joke.

How many automatic outs do we have in the lineup today?

1, 2,3 at least…and Furcal can’t hit anymore…He’s been a terrible lead off hitter this year…and Pierre is Pierre…Ned’s fault..and he’s paying for it with each game we play….As I’ve said for a long time even when they weren’t 5 games back, the Dodgers aren’t going anywhere this year…That’s why they should play the kids.

Their defense is almost last in the MLB…that won’t ever get it done…They need to shore that up next year and get some power in this line up…or we’ll never go anywhere….The sad thing is when I saw the lineup, I thought LOSE>…didn’t take long…1st inning loss again…unless they can pull out a miracle..not likely, eh?

Pinch hit for Pierre, please.

Now lets see if he’s stranded on 2nd again…

Ethier stroking the ball. Now i know why he’s buried in the 6th and 8th spot most of the year.

of course Ethier comes through again…good for him…now…will anyone behind him get a hit…LOL

Delwyn Young is hurt.

Go Grady…pinch hitting for Pierre…ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you sure lath?….they said it was just cramps and he was fine I thought

Finally Pierre gets taken out of a game. Kemp should have been starting in CF from game 1. Matt might not do anything here but he has a much better shot than Juan-for-5. If anything it’s showing Grady is getting tired of Ned’s prized offseason move.


Pierre gets taken out of a game.

Maybe in another two years’ time he’ll actually not start a game.

Yeah, it’s just cramps. I would love to say Grady’s had enough with Pierre, but it was a lefty pitching, so bringing in Kemp was the smart move. But, I’d like to believe Grady’s had enough with Pierre.

I don’t know what good it does but today’s lineup is a good start. Only when Kent gets back I like to see Either bat #5 ,than Gonzo & Nomar & Pierre Just a thought.

Might just be cramps. Last I heard it was a “leg injury.”

Kemp strikes out again….He is really struggling

I agree that Lowe is not an idiot. He’s a gamer and he’s not going to ask to come out of the game. It’s up to Little and Honeycutt to make that call. I have a feeling that Lowe may end up on the DL, hopefully it’s not for a long stretch.

Kemp sure is in a hole. He’ll either pull it together, or become another can’t miss prospect that missed. Time will tell.

That’s what happens when Ramon Martinez and the pitchers spot bat behind you. Kemp feels like he has to put the ball in play because he knows the guys behind him won’t. Not excusing it but I get why he struck out on ball 4.

This is fun. Leaving runners in scoring position is awesome!

Looks like someone at Gameday kicked a cable somewhere, or something. Shadows taking effect at Busch.

But I don’t know how to get them to hit with RISP.

I doubt you win any games with Pierre and Martinez in the same line up…
Why don’t they put Eric Stolz in Lowe’s place?…

If I were a pitcher, I would light up if I was pitching against the Dodgers…This has to be one of the worst offensive teams ever in baseball….

At least we got Hendu going tommorrow. Bring on 2008. I am about to give up and I don’t ever think that way. I just can’t take it anymore. I wish I could say I am suprised but I am not.

the sad part is the game was over again in the 1st inning..With the offensive woes of this team, 2 runs is more than enough for the opposing team

And now Hernandez gives up another home run to Ankiel..!!


wow stl and their curtain calls are a little out of line. thats pretty close to showing up the other team, good story or not.

Pick up Sweeny, demote Houlton, keep Olmedo and Hernandez? Does Ned have any idea what he is doing?

hernandez is useless

Ankiel may be another Stan Musial.

Here we go again. Hernandez comes out of the bullpen and gives up a dinger. DEJA VU! Why did they pick this Bum up anyway? He’s too old, and ineffective. Between Seanez, and him coming in out of the pen, I always cringe, and hope they’re not going to do it, but they always do.

Wow what a catch by Kemp!!!!


…or Ankiel may be another Kemp…enjoying the limelight until pitchers find the holes in his swing… Eventually, both will be just fine.

Who said Matt Kemp can’t play center fielder?

Whew! Kemp saved one from going out!

Hernandez is right up the Dodger’s alley…old, used up…come to the Dodgers!!!

At least it’s not 6-zip.

Maybe that catch will put some LIFE into KEMP.

jjriley….sorry to say, like it will matter if he saved one…love him for doing it, but this game was a goner early.

Imagine life with a center fielder who actually has a cannon for an arm…

I bet the 350+ career save and he’s a veteran had something to do with Ned signing him.

Points to ponder:

Why is Hernandez taking up a roster spot and Meloan is at Vegas?

Why are Pierre and Gonzo playing when Kemp, Ethier and Young should be the outfield. At least we’d generate some offense and energy.

Why is Grittle the manager? He continues to trade opportunities for innings, i.e., allowing Lowe to hit in the 4th. We traded two innings for the opportunity to get back in game. This was not first time he has done this during the season.

Hire Kevin Kennedy in the offseason

All I can hope for is that will bring him out of this funk that was created by him dropping the ball that cost us the game against the Mets. Fantastic catch by Kemp!

Kahliforni: You Know that Musial started out as a pitcher?

We need a team to claim Pierre off waivers, even if the Dodgers have to pay a portion of his contract.

Furcals funk continues.

Did not know that.

Hey look Grady, we do have someone else on the roster that can play CF. Great play by Kemp. I bet that guys would think twice about scoring from second on a single with Kemp out there.

White/anyone else ’08!

the guy watches one guy go up there and hit a week *** pop up to the wrong side of the diamond (when I was 9 i knew to hit it to the right side) and then watches the next guy k looking (k looking with risp, and pitcher on deck?). why should he pinch hit and tax our arms even farther. if the players dont at least get it somewhat done why do anything.

i have always said, even with all Kemps issue of having to learn how to play the game he could have better numbers then Pierre for 43 million and 7, 00,000 thousand less.


I agree with Kevin Kennedy..but they won’t do it…makes too much sense..

And Hernandez and lots more of this roster should be gone, but it won’t happen.

Did you hear they signed Hillenbrand to a minor league contract, now that the Angels and Pads released him….pathetic as usual..

Remember we had Jayson Werth who is doing great as a Phillie…Marlon Anderson should have stayed…and even Cody Ross…I asked Ned about that last year when they let him go and he said that Jose Cruz Jr was more experienced…now he was with the Padres and they let him go…this management obviously likes “bad” experience

There’s our third catcher for September ^^^^

Lasorda says the best teams lose 1/3 of their games and worst win 1/3 of their games. The remaining 1/3 define your club. Have a feeling today is the guaranteed 1/3 loses. This day seems destined to be Ankiel’s national TV party.

Looks like this one’s another futile lack of effort, unless some divine intervention kicks in. Let’s hope we can beat up on the Stro’s, and Rock’s in the upcoming homestand. Meanwhile, the Dbacks keep rolling along, accumulating wins against sub .500 clubs.

The best thing to do is give up on this season(I mean us the fans) and just sit back and see what happens. That’s what I did last year, and I just enjoyed the comeback. But even if it doesn’t happen again at least it releaves you of some of the pain.

For the Dodgers before today SLG against Hernandez LH hitters 714;RH hitters 143 so I was very surprised to see him come in to face Kennedy-LH, Miles-SH who will hit L against Hernandez and Ankiel-LH. But he did get Edmunds-LH.So 1 HR, 4 bades in 4 ABs which lifted Hernandez’s SLG against LH hitters above the 714 level. He has done a great jod fot the Dodgers against RH hitters though.

I can understand letting Werth go-they needed room on the 40 man roster and Werth had not played in a year and a half. However, keeping Meloan down while Hernandez takes a roster spot or keeping Martinez and Saenz in lieu of Anderson is dumbfounding. Martinez clearly cannot hit-he was never very good to begin with, and for what ever reason, Saenz has lost it.

Some of the moves the Dodgers have made this year have been bewildering:

Allowing Loney to begin at Vegas after he hit .380 last year.

Bills beginning year in pen instead of Tomko.

4 months of continuing to allow Pierre to hit first or 2nd despite a sub .320 obp.

Trading for Proctor and thus weakening the bench when we could have brought up Meloan.

Gonzo just missed! Story of the game with all the warning track fly outs today.

another pathetic effort

Hand it over to the Kids for the rest of the year.

Dump Pierre, Ned and Grady in the offseason. Hire Logan White as GM and try and pry Mike Scioscia away from the Angels.

With all the losing, and then the 2 wins this was proberbly the worst game.

Nice try Max power….Scioscia isn’t going anywhere…he has a great team with lots of little guys doing great…I agree with hiring Logan White and dumping Pierre and Ned and Grady…but they makes too much sense…Dodgers would rather sign old used up veterans…You can take Ned out of San Francisco , but you can’t take his mindset out…A terrible job this off season cost them the season…and Grady cost the other half.

ahhh the only good part about today is watching the Giants get destroyed by Jim Tracy’s pirates.

I was surprised when Lowe hit in the 5th, but giving it thought and assuming Proctor and Saito were not available then you’re asking 4 pitchers to cover 4 innings in extreme heat with another day game coming tomorrow.

Truthfully, I saw this coming even when the Dodgers were doing better…They just don’t have what it takes, not to mention the horrid defense.
This team is not constructed to be a winner….better luck next year..We can only hope we don’t have to see Grady’s sourpuss face on TV in the dugout!

Dream on max power! no way in **** the Angels will let Scioscia get away. Meanwhile, another one bites the dust. Hoping the best for the ‘rubber’ game tomorrow. C-Ya!

The painful thing for me is not the idea that we won’t win the NL west, but how we went about not winning the NL west.

If we had just allowed our kids to play from the start of the year. I mean just 100% start. So..Martin, Loney, Kent, Furcal, Laroche/betemit, ethier/kemp/Repko/anderson and you guys can fill in others…

Pitching, maybe instead of schmidt/wolf..try for 2-3 younger lesser knowns. Start Billingsley, Penny, Lowe and then add reliver to go with broxton/beimel/saito.

we would be so much cheaper which would better set us up for long haul in terms of paying for players in the future.

roster would be more flexible position wise (i mean even heading into next year, what spots are open?) for bringing in a free agent or trades.

kids would all get one year better, which is huge. typically I think even the best young kids hit their stride in their third full season.

the fans, although i think the owners think we need “name” players would be more behind the team, knowing they will improve and also knowing alot of the players will be in LA for a while.

Am I way off target?

max…We would get destroyed by the Pirates at this point..I can’t think of one team in baseball that has a worse offense than we do.

I agree with you Jungar…but the Dodger management thinking has been WIN NOW..but they aren’t going to WIN NOW with this kind of thinking….I wish we could write a petition…We have no say

This team stinks and has since it was put together in the off season. When they were in first I thought and said the same thing. It was only a matter of time until they tanked. Ned did a terrible job of putting them together. Where were the RBIs going to come from? There are about 5 wasted roster spots ,and to have a pinch runner in center with a big market club like LA is ridiculous. The only way it will change is without Ned and Grittle.

I started to mention it on an earlier post, but thought it might be premature, coming off of two wins, but after today….
Reggie Smith lives in the Valley. Why not have him come in and tear apart the club house like he would do once in awhile?

These guys need something quick.

Part of the problem with the failure to PH for Lowe in the 5th Inning was Ned Colleti’s idiotic decision to send Houlton down rather than DFA Olmedo Saenz.

It does not take a smart man to understand that it would have made sense to keep Houlton around this weekend for many reasons…

1) Intense heat on Saturday and Sunday

2) Lowe is clearly injured, so it was hard to predict how many innings he would pitch.

3) Hendrickson pitching Sunday and who really knows how many innings he is going to throw..

I have been saying for months that Colletti was not the man to put together a championship ballclub, and Little was not the man to manage one. With our current plight as fans, I only take solace from the fact that every day may be bringing us closer to the day when both are GONE. If McCourt cannot see what’s going on, then we are really in trouble.

They would never DFA Saenz but than again I’ve been wrong before about Pierre batting really low. Filegel get over it and stop complain and of course it was a bad move but their is nothing we can do now. I’m glad Martin getting the day off.

akagas@yahoo.com I’ll never get over it. It’s a terrible move that will continue to hurt this team until it’s fixed. If you care anything about the Dodgers , I don’t see how it doesn’t bother you.

I do care but I don’t post the same problem example you posted this “and to have a pinch runner in center”, how many times you going to post that?. This is not the first time you post that. I also care we traded Betamit, and let goes Anderson and Bigbie. I still holding out on Saenz to get hot soon like some people won’t do and I still think Hernandez still got enough in the tank to help us..

I would love to see an outfield of Young, Kemp and Ethier but it won’t happen.

We do have a pinch runnner playing center field.

I hope he soon becomes the highest paid bench player in the league.

It’s funny all the stuff I and other people had said at the beginning of the year have came true about Pierre…but what do we know? according to some people in this blog we aren’t fans.

by: akagas@yahoo.com | Until they do something to make this a better team. 🙂 Tomato was great for us , but his time has come, and the sooner management sees it the better. Your right about Betemit and maybe Bigbe.

You’re right Max, we’re not fans. We just care too much, and when we see a problem we continue to point it out until something is done about it.

Everybody thinks they have THE ANSWER to the problem. one thing I’ll aways remember the day when Frank McCourt was told by someone when he first bought the club, that the Yankees were something like the Mona Liza or the Prima Donna’s of sports and his reply at that time was “Oh! then there are two of us”. You know what that tells me? This man will take so much. But once he figures out what’s wrong he will stop it and there will be some drastic changes around here and I think it will happen FAST.

pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com From your keyboard to Franks ears.

I’m going to give credit where credit is do.

Juan Pierre deserves alot of credit. He far exceeded my expectation this year. I didn’t think he’d be this bad.

All GM make bad move when to keeping players and to DFA the right one. Who ever suggestion Logan White to be manager or GM for 2008 is not going to happen? I’m surprise it took Grady this long to removed Pierre out of that 2nd slot.

.278 batting average
.316 OBP

.333 slugging

Also, don’t forget his ability to kill rallys

RISP – .212 batting average

RISP w/2 outs – .203

Bases Loaded – .077

374 OUTS!

Pierre is having a great season at the plate…for a pitcher.

Hard to believe his numbers in those situation ***** but it truth.

It’s funny how a former pitcher for the cardinals has more pop on his bat than any of the bums that play for the dodgers. And stop dreaming about Scioscia the dodgers had their chance. Also Pierre and Furcal are the worst 1,2 hitters in the league. I would have loved to see Pierre make a catch like the one Kemp made on Jim Edmons fly ball.

Max –

Tell us how you really feel !!!!

Quit beating around the bush…

Almost every game I look at the other teams CenterFielder & think how nice it would be if he was on our team instead of Pathetic, worthless, piece of **** Pierre…

if i told you how i really felt about Pierre all you would see is this…

** ***** ***** ***** **** **** **** **** *** *** ** * * * * *******

Well we at it.

Mens on, 2 outs .225

Man on 3rd = 2 outs .182.

You would have to add at least a thousand more *******s in my case…

Ankilel did hit like some 30+ homerun in the minor.

just so everyone knows furcal now leads all NL shortstops for errors.

i know im late with this blog…

but i just want to say…

well it’s a bad lost…

and i think we have seen how good a center fielder Kemp can be…

i think he can read CF much better than any other side in the OF…

great catch…

well what do u know? we might have a 30+ HR guy plus a gold glove caliber…

i really like what i saw with his defense today…

i hope grady will realize how good of a lineup they would have if JP and Gonzo isn’t there..

Young, Kemp, Ethier

Anybody else think that our signing of JP was insurance (leadoff hitter) in the event that (a) furcal leaves after 08 or (b) is traded in the offseason for a SP if we get arod?

then we’d have an 08 team of

of: pierre/kemp/ethier

if: laroche/arod/hu or abreu/loney/martin

making it:










if that’s the case, this offseason’s trade bait includes: furcal and lowe. lots of money coming off the books in the next 1-2 seasons. let’s add a quality bat and a coupla arms!

(won’t even get into the obligatory whatifs re: dumping JP’s contract)

When you lead off an inning with an extra base hit or when you have runners in scoring position with less than 2 out, especially with a man on 3rd and you don’t expect anything to happen, then it’s time for something or someone to step up and motorvate the team. The questions are “What?” or “Who?”. It looks like changes have to be made, but “Where?” or “When?” I won’t be around for the lineup but I’ll be back sometime after that. I HOPE WE’RE NOT LOSING.

I think you are on to something.

I do believe Colletti thought that Pierre and Furcal would thrive as the 1-2 hitters in the lineup. However, with Furcal’s bad year and Pierre being even worse than expected, the two-headed monster does not work.

Either Pierre or Furcal will be traded in the off season, the team cannot afford both players in the lineup. Especially when there are nice young, cheap options ready to play.

If Pierre can be dumped with a prospect and $10 million or less included, that would be option number one.

The more likley option is moving Furcal to save his cash and add an impact bat.

Not sure A-Rod will even take our money, but if we could promise him a move back to SS, that might make it more likely that he inks with us.

I think Kent’s option vests and he is back









Looking ahead to next year:

1. Furcal: probably a good trading option, if we can secure a workhorse starting pitcher. Consider that we’ve not had a 100% healthy Furcal for more than two months of his contract – not his fault, but management’s negligence in not DL’ing him so as to get his ankle back to health. Sometimes great in the field, but coupled with a high error count. It could leave SS open for the possibility of adding A-Rod, but more likely an opening for Hu or De Jesus down the road.

2. Pierre: One can only wish that there is a deal possible to put him somewhere else, but most likely he will be with us in 2008 and batting lead-off.

3. Gonzo: Hoping that we make no move to re-sign him. We need next year to have both Ethier and Kemp playing the corner OF slots. It needs to be Kemp’s year to make it – he has nothing to prove back in the minors, and he needs to start showing a solid major league presence, a consistent .280 plus average with 20-30 HR and cutting down on his K’s; otherwise, you have to wonder whether we’ve given up too many good chances to trade his “potential” for something valuable. I don’t think so, but it will be “put up or shut up time”.

4. Kent: he’ll be back for his final year, and he should still be able to contribute, but we need to blend his playing time with Abreu or his eventual successor, so that the latter is ready for 2009.

5. Nomar: he’ll be back, but his role should be changed to a utility player (high priced) and RH pinch-hitter. Both Saenz and Martinez need to be gone hopefully even before the end of this season.

6. Tomko, Seanez definitely need to be gone. I am not counting on Wolf or Schmidt to pitch again for the Dodgers. Hendrickson needs to go back to the role of a 2-3 inning relief man.

7. Management: I do not want Colletti or Little making any of the decisions shaping our 2008 team. They have had their chance in this two year stint with one of the highest payrolls in baseball. Coletti is responsible for the make-up of this team, which will probably finish no better than third in the division in spite of our highest hopes. His baseball thinking and knowledge is outdated and based on his experience with a less than successful organization up in SF, and Little has no ability to fire up a team and should have been left retired where Colletti found him – let’s remember that nobody else was looking for him.

8. I don’t know whether Logan White has the necessary attributes to be a GM. I think we can agree that he knows baseball talent and could assume that he is pre-disposed to young talent as compared to current management’s fixation on veterans headed down the hill. At least he’s been with the Dodgers, and that to me is a BIG PLUS that should have been considered the last time in the selection process. I hope McCourt gives him a first and a strong look. But most importantly I WANT A CHANGE, and I want promises realized in 2008, so my slogan will be:


nice post.

Guess the team meeting didn’t help , eh?…Is there anything more painful than watching the Dodgers play?
Now it’s 4-0….game over?

and tomorrow we have Tomko to look forward to…this is really pitiful!!!

oh…and our best hitter batting 8th…nice place for Ethier…Grady….good job

oh…and Delwyn Young back in Las Vegas to make room for Shea Hillenbrand….guess we don’t need hitters…let’s keep Saenz and Martinez instead because they’re sooooo good….This has to be one of the worst managed franchises in baseball…the laughingstock of baseball..I’m embarassed

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