You did it!

More than two million votes for Russell Martin and he’ll be starting the All-Star catcher, it was just announced on TBS. On behalf of everyone at the Dodger organization including Russell, thank you. When I spoke to him before the game, he was truly grateful for all that you have done.

Reserves and pitchers are still be unveiled, but let’s hope Brad Penny is throwing to him in the first inning and Takashi Saito, Derek Lowe and any other deserving Dodgers hear their names called, too.

UPDATE: Penny and Saito are in. Game just ended 5-0.



    The great thing about these 3 guys being All-Stars is that I really can’t think of a catcher, starter, or closer who I’d rather have available for the NL. Let’s hope these guys can help secure an NL victory to restore some pride to the “lesser” league.


    A Great day for the Dodgers and all their fans…

    Looking forward to the AllStar game…


    i’m so happy for martin, penny, and saito…i was seriously jumping up and down. congrats to the 3 of them…they truly deserve to be there!


    How did Weeks get the 2nd most votes for a 2nd bases? I swear Kent should had this.


    Congradulations to MARTIN, PENNY & SAITO for making the All-Stars this year. They more than deserve it. They have been truly All-STARS*****. BILLS game today means so much it’s hard to discribe in words. Welcome back D.J. HOULTON and good luck to him. Now all we have to do is knock of the Braves & Marlins before the break COM’ON YA BUMS.


    Earned and well deserved honors for the three. Lowe should be on there too, and though he is having a not-quite-an-all star-year, I would have liked to seen some consideration for Gonzo. Or at least that youtube video.


    Forget the All-Stars! What about today’s game?! The Dodgers looked AWESOME. The pitching was great and the offense showed up with small ball and home runs. That’s just unacceptable. A REAL championship team would have won by 35!



    puppy….so true….fire ned and grady, and DFA NOMAR..he went o for 3 today!!! i cant believe it, “he’s done”…

    also, did u see KEMP’s home run? he’s the savior for these dodgers!!!….(despite the 2k’s with nothing but breaking balls that made him look silly)..


    are you serious casinod?? nomar had a homerun last night…he had multiple hits. he also had several hits the night before that….you must be on crack…now i know you should’t make decisions on a small sample but he’s clearly rebounding.


    scary thoughts…

    The Dodgers and Chicago White Sox have discussed a trade that would bring left-hander Mark Buehrle to Los Angeles, with the White Sox believed to be most interested in outfielder Matt Kemp.

    The Dodgers do not appear interested in that one-on-one trade at this time. It is uncertain whether the White Sox would want more than Kemp for Buehrle or would consider a trade that did not involve Kemp. When the Dodgers and White Sox spoke about outfielder Jermaine Dye this season, the White Sox were believed to be interested in pitchers Chad Billingsley and Jonathan Broxton.

    The Dodgers are exploring trades for starters and relievers. Buehrle, 28, could be the best starter available in trade this summer, but he could leave as a free agent next winter.


    if those are the offers Ned is getting i hope he is shooting them down with laughter. That would ruin us.

  12., i was just messing around..nomar is one of my fav. dodgers, and he’s rebounding, hopefully he can keep it up until october 🙂


    Yea Max.. Id really like to believe that there is no way we would trade Kemp for a pitcher.. Its not like Buehrle solves THAT much for us anyways. No way we do that or trade Bills, especially because you know he is going to have quite a few more starts like the one he had today…

    Please, Bills and Brox for Dye— That is just a joke. . That is some really awful reporting. That is cracking me up… Maybe for A-Rod….


    Congratulations guys ,you deserve it. Great win yesterday. I would like to see them bring up LaRoche and just let him play at third. If Ned trades any of the Young guys now playing in LA for Buehrle he should be fired. He should try and trade Nomar , Kent , Pierre or even Gonzo. Other than those guys I wouldn’t make a move that could hurt us more than help. If you want Buehrle sign him in the off season.


    What are these ridiculous rumors about trading Kemp for Burley. You’ve got to be kidding me.

    It all makes sense now. Sign Juan Pierre for five years and trade Matt Kemp! Sign a slap hitter and trade a cheap, potential five tool player. Perfect idea! Collett, you’re a genius.

    At this point, I’d rather be three and done in October than see Kemp or Loney get traded for some garbage that’s going to leave in a couple years to free agency.


    Buehrle could be a key in winning it all this year.

    He certainly isn’t worth: Loney, Kemp, Broxton, Billingsley. I would hope that our management considers these guys untouchable (unless a ridiculously good young player is coming in return).

    I wonder if Kuo and LaRoche would work…that might be worth considering.


    charris, the white sox already have joe crede’s replacement in josh fields. kuo just got demoted, and although he has upside, he also is an injury risk. please think some of these trades through before they get posted.


    I see no reason to vote for the final player to be added to the all star squad. Lowe is not on the ballot, where he should be.

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