Today's game

Running late, as I had the honor this morning of spending about an hour talking with two executives from the Busan I’Park Soccer Team from South Korea, who were looking to hear about how the Dodgers operate their public relations, broadcasting, marketing, etc.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget what a global brand the Dodgers are until things like this open your eyes again.

All-Stars are announced today live on TBS after the Braves game. I’ll post them as soon as I’m allowed to spill the beans.

Here’s today’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Gonzo, LF

Nomar, 3B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, RF

Abreu, 3B

Billingsley, P


Solid lineup. Kent gets some rest and Kemp is in. Must win here today. We can’t get swept by these jerks.

nomar and abreu at third?

Well, the Dodgers do have a crowded situation at 3B.

Everyone is working hard giving it their best, nobody’s laying back. I see no lack of effort. It looks like everybody is giving it 100%. I love the aggressiveness on the basepaths even if it’s based on who the opposing pitcher is(easy to steal on), they must keep up the pressure-even if it’s unsuccessful it’s part of their running game. They shouldn’t make this talent go to waste. FURCAL, PIERRE & MARTIN should always appear like they are going to steal. They sometimes seem a little too anxious or impatient at the plate(too much first ball swinging). We have veterans and we have some young talent which will get better as it is expose to major leage competion. LET’S GO DODGERS

I assume Abreu is at 2nd lol

Kemp in there is good.

The team plays hard, that is obvious. We get some bad breaks ( eg Martin given out at third when the replay looked like he might have been in ) and we proceed to lose the game, because the Padres are a bit better than we are so we can’t afford the bad breaks when they happen.

Win some, lose some. There’s always the wild card! I will say that I consider the Padres to be a somewhat better team right now, and when Bradley joins them they’ll be even better.

We don’t have pitching to match, the irony of the Dodgers being touted pre-season as having amazing pitching depth, well, sadly, that turned out to be untrue. Kuo is ineffective, Billingsley too, Schmidt is unspeakable, Tomko and Hendrickson washed up ( a whole rotation’s worth of SP’s we can’t use! ) and we’re left scraping the bottom of the barrel. You can indeed never have enough pitching.

We may hope for a trade bringing us a hired arm and costing us a priced prospect, or we can try again next year. Team as it stands will only be swept out of the postseason anyway, so I really hope we do not trade away the future for a postseason sweep this year.

I hope Milton Bradley is starting today for the Pads.

am I the only one who still believes that Bills can be, you know, good? Are we giving up on him after two starts?

Bills is gonna be awesome.

Milton will be starting today as far as I know.

Wow Im going to ****, just started Bonds over Loney on my fantasy team.

Bills should be progressing to the point where to rate today’s start successful he would need to go at least six full innings and give up no more than three runs. If he can’t do that in his third starting appearance, he should probably go back to his relief role or go back to Vegas for more seasoning as a starter – maybe 4 or 5 starts that can show more of a stretch in innings pitched and better control.
Of course, if it shows that he’s not ready to maintain that starter role here with the Dodgers, we’ll need to look to make a trade for another starter.

No Milton today in the starting lineup. We do get Bocachica though!

Absolutely not, but with the pitching woes lately, some people are too impatient. Anybody who watches Bills knows how good his stuff is, his approach has been drastically different since returning to the rotation. Also, in regards to this team in the playoffs. You pitch a 4 man rotation, Penny, Lowe, Wolf and Billingsley. Now, if we acquire another starter Billingsley would move back to the pen in the playoffs, which gives us tremendous depth. Long way to go, just thought I’d throw that out there. No way you can give up on a 23 year old stud with the stuff he has after two starts.

We should DFA Coletti…

McCourt seems to have a quick trigger finger, so if the Dodgers miss the playoffs because Ned Little and Grady Colletti are idiots, then perhaps we will DFA both of them…

One can only dream!

San Diego’s lineup is a total joke this afternoon, Cruz, M. Giles, Gonzalez, Cameron, Barrett, Branyan, Blum, Bocachica, Germano. Bills won’t have an easier lineup to pitch to all season. That’s just a fact. Nobody is batting over .275.

In LaRoche’s second game back from injury, he already has a double. This after a triple last night.

Bills needs to step up and pitch well today.. we have to get a few runs early and play good defense. biggest game of the year. 1 back vs 3 back

Bills needs to send a message to someone and drill one of the Padres for the **** of it.

i think Bills is at the point where he won’t be on a pitch count. I think telling him he’s on a pitch count was a horrible mistake. He tries hard enough to be perfect so telling him he only has 70 pitches to help us win you can’t tell me that didn’t add more to his problem. I think Bills will be fine today and for the rest of the year. We win today.

Bills needs to send a message to someone and drill one of the Padres for the **** of it.

Posted by: | July 1, 2007 12:43 PM

Post of the day!!

**** rain!
Why do I have to wait an extra 90 minutes to watch the All-Star selection show?

well Bills is throwing strikes which is a great sign. They are just fouling them off. Throw that hook!

Utley starting and Hamels on the all star team. Just got inside scoop.

Bills is pounding the plate!

Vin doing some poetry?

Effective so far, but it’s taking Bills way too many pitches to get through the innings.

That was hilarious. Vinny never ceases to amaze me.

So definitely not rooting against the guy, but it seems like Loney is starting to come back to earth.

Bonds is a starter…Martin is as well!

betemiss finished 8th! hahahahahaha

6 pitch inning for Bills!!!

Bills needs to put together a couple of innings like the third. Nice going!!!

Bonds passed who? Soriano?

Vin is classic.

Atta boy Kemp!

Kemp with another hit.

Soriano finished 4th. Matt Holliday 5th

Martin had 296,948 more votes then Lo Ducaca.

Nice Russell!

The Padres are pathetic throwing out runners!

In the absence of a long ball that was a neat demonstration on manufacturing some runs. Way to go!!! Keep getting them out, Bills!!!

Bills looking really sharp so far, a rough 2nd inning aside he’s been great



now i see why he didn’t get a chance to hit last night

Kemp looked like such a fool in that AB.

this marlins braves game is painful to watch.

Don’t get started by comparing two seperate games and comparing Peavy to Germano…also that ball is caught at night, that’s just the truth. Good for him though!

Bills can rake too. He should have pinched hit last night.

So apparently this Braves/Marlins game will never end

Bills is cruising.

Once again MAX —

Very Witty, Plus being exactly right…..

I don’t know if this means anything, but on the MLB shop All-Star gear section there is a list of players to choose from for customized jerseys and it includes Martin, Penny and Saito.

Nomar’s Body Language looks terrible right now…
Just an observation…

lemans i noticed that toooo hahahaha.

After blowing it last year with Hoffman it will be nice to see Saito close it out and give us our home field advantage in October.

Wow what a day!

I hope that the Bills bashing slows down…heck of an outing today. Let’s pray Tomko isn’t summoned….

Chad’s the Man today…

Showing how good he can really be when given the chance….

This could turn out to be a very important launching point in his career…

Kemp and that wall! lol

That Dammmmmmm scoreboard!!!!!!

The Kids are making the plays today!!!!

Heck of a play by Abreu and a heck of a scoop from Loney. Bills is fricking fantastic today!

Bills has pitched the game of his Career so far.

finally that game is over.*****

Game is over in Florida, All-Star show about to FINALLY start…

Marlins finally finish things…time for our All-Stars!!!

Betemiss K’d again. Who saw that one coming?

FURCAL goes deep, added insurance always happily accepted!

Wilson B. showing why we needed to get rid of Marlon Anderson….(premier pinch hitter in the league)

That probably why we didn’t used him last night.

Why? With a 5 run lead, your starting pitcher is dealing and has only thrown 88 pitches, a game against John Smoltz tomorrow; why do you take our Bills and bring in Broxton your bullpen ace (not named Saito)? Its a very hot day, Broxton is very big and pitched last night, and is gonna be dead tired after this appearance. Can anyone explain Grady’s logic?

Because he’s trying to get some of you to complain while we’re leading 5-0 over San Diego.

We took Bills out so that we could watch Betemiss do his thing….. Yuk Yuk Yuk

Plus we need to wear down the pen so that they won’t be rested for the next 7 games we play in a row….

We all know how well Grady manages his pitchers… Just ask Boston…

yeah that…and he doesn’t want to blow the lead to an important game, bills still may not have all the endurance necessary to go more and the last thing we need is for him to get hurt cuz he’s too tired…stop complaining people

yeah and in boston he got fired for trusting his start too much and letting him pitch more innings. not really what he did here today.

Yeah and if Chad stay in their little bit longer some of us would complain.

Didnt the Padres come back on us last year 5-0 and this year 5-1 in the 9th?

Same old stuff on Kemp, sliders away and curve balls in the dirt. But, when they make that mistake he can hit that one pitch really well. Must adjust.


If Grady knew what he is doing he would still be in Boston!!!!!

He doesn’t — So we got stuck with him by an equally incompetent GM…

That was against Carter and Baez.

does betemit has more walks than hits

he does

and yeah they did this year too.

Rwbjr, you’re so much smarter than that ****…I’ve read some really interesting things you’ve said in the past. Today, you’re shoveling dog do-do…

Dodger win & lost records by the month.________________________April 15-11____ May 16 11_____JUNE 14-14 (inter league 5-7 _________what we need is a 20 win month

Isn’t Holton Wednesday’s starter or is it Lurch?

Hendrickson, lets move over to the next thread, Martin is the N.L starting catcher! Reserves and Pitchers up next

D Lowe has no chance in **** to make it. But Penny and Saito are locks.******* Lurch

Your not fooling me Alex…

I have a Hunch that in the back of your mind you think that there is SOME truth in what I said…

However, I do admit I was being rather HARSH…

Just got on the audio I hope I don’t jinx them. I’ve been trying to get on MLBTV but to no avail. It usually takes about a 1/2 hour to come up. tomorrow I will switch back to Time Warner Cable’s Sports in Demand’s EXTRA INNINGS and after that starts I will cancel MLBTV.

Penny in – Saito in.


I’m sure that if LOWE pitched in the All-Star Game THEY could score some for him. SO WE WON___ONLY ONE GAME BACK GO DODGERS

Houlton gets the job done…

GREAT GAME TODAY – Lots of fun to watch…

Nice to see the front of the order do so well….

We really needed this win — only one game back in the standings…

We need to do well in the next 7 games since they are at home…

Another great pitching matchup tomorrow – Lowe vs Smoltz … Should be a good one…

Shutout the Padres, that felt really good. Back to within a game, heck of a game by Bills. Perhaps the best start so far in his young career. Love the aggressive running and combine that with clutch base hits, a very satisfying victory. Still waiting on reserves and pitchers…

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