Lineup, Updated Balloting

UPDATE: As promised, here’s a little more info. Grady just let the beat writers and other media know that Nomar is going to start taking some ground balls and working out at third base in the next few days, as there’s a chance he’ll start playing there. And as you can imagine, Nomar seems totally fine with it. He played there with the Cubs briefly and a little in high school and I truly believe him when he says "whatever’s best for the team."

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Updated balloting came out today for the All-Star team and while there’s good news (Russell is still in the lead), the lead has shrunk slightly with just four days left. The Mets put on a huge campaign to try and help Paul Lo Duca, so be sure to pass along the word to your friends who haven’t voted that they can still do it until 9 p.m. PT on Thursday night. If you’ve got friends who aren’t Dodger fans, tell them to vote, too. If they know anything about baseball, they know that Russell deserves to start the All-Star Game and will vote for him. Sunday night, results will be announced and it’s entirely possible that Martin, Penny, Saito, Lowe and Kent could all make the team.

CORRECTION: So our math skills aren’t great…Martin is actually up by more than 200,000. Sorry to scare everyone (or those of you who read this before the correction). Still, work is not done yet.

Meanwhile, Russell is on the front of right now, as Amy Nelson came out to do a video piece on him while we were at home. It turned out quite nice and even shows some of the Vote for Russell stickers that were made by Kara Mooney, the front office’s de facto campaign manager.

Here’s today’s lineup, with an interesting piece of news coming shortly. Hate to leave you hanging like that, but stay tuned.

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzalez, LF

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Abreu, 3B

Penny, P



    i’m glad to see that nomar is over the flu but how can you not have loney in the lineup. this is a big series and we need our best playing right now.


    Awww yes back to the line-up that has shown us how old we really are! hahaha not to bad of a line-up, we have seen this many times before, it will be interesting to see how Nomar bounces back from his sick feeling tummy. I hope we get the production we know we have in these guys!

    GO DODGERS!!!!!

    GO BRAD!!!!!!

    VOTE 4 MARTIN!!!!

    Hey Josh,

    i am confused!?!? by my calculations (i have always wanted to say that!) Russell has LoDuca by like 215,000 votes and in the article it says he only has him by like 125,000 (i know 200,000 is not much more but it makes a difference) do you have any clue which one is correct, the tallied numbers at the bottom of the article or the number qouted by the author of the article?


    I really think it has something to do with Wolf!!!! Like i said he should be the Thursday probable starter but there was a TBA in that spot so i think a trade may be possible graffiti but with who and for what in return?! I just realized this trade could make or break our season!


    Were we able to trade JP for Holliday? or a Ken Griffey JR upper deck rookie card? could we just give Juan-for-5 away to the Royals and pay his salary?


    If the “interesting news” involves Loney or Kemp being traded for anyone, it may be a long time before I return here since I’ll be hospitalized with a stomach disorder. Other than that, I’m copacetic about anything.


    this better not be interesting like kemp or loney on another team… send wolfie somewhere else by all means.


    Same here underdog – as long as it’s not Loney or Kemp getting traded, I’ll be fine.



    HA, everyone is going crazy about the interesting piece of news. Relax, it’s probably nothing, at most it’s a minor trade. If it was something more we’d know already.


    Hopefully not Loney or Kemp traded. Unless one of the two got traded 1-1 for A-Rod or something.

    More probably something minor. Check the 40-man roster, everybody! 😉

    As far as Wolf goes – I think that may just be a function of Little trying to seperate the two lefties in the rotation, though I do not see a straightforward right-handed starter to slot in there.


    maybe wolf and some prospects for glaus? just checked the 40 man…everyone is still accounted for, including wolf.


    Right, if this news has anything to do with Kemp and Loney I will start a revolution to throw Colleti out of office.


    This has happened before Josh says he has a piece of news. We all go crazy and it ends up being nothing.


    Maybe the Dodgers are going to turn the left field pavillion into “all you can eat garlic fries.” Or maybe the names will be coming off the jersey’s again next year. I don’t have much faith in anything really good coming out of “interesting news.”


    Might just be a call-up or something. It’d make my day to see Meloan on the team tomorrow. 🙂 I wouldn’t worry too much about it (yet), yeah.


    If Saito doesn’t make the team, something is seriously wrong with someone. I listened to Marc Grace talk about how Valverde should make the team along with Corderro, because of how great they were doing. Not once was Saito mentioned. I looked at the stats for the top 5 save leaders in the NL and Saito, is arguably the best. His numbers are nearly perfect.


    hahaha man Josh started a consperacy!!!! Well the 40 man roster wouldnt change until after the official annoucement has been made right? if something has changed….. i dont know what to think!?

    IM GOING CRAZY!!!!!!!!

    hahahahah come on Alex join in on the fun. You have to admit it is kind of intriging!


    I’m hoping that by “interesting news” you mean that Grady has realized Pierre would better serve us on the bench (the farthest end), Kemp is our starting centerfielder, Nomar looks great as a platooned 3rd baseman with Abreu, and Loney has won his job at first. That would be very interesting, indeed. In other news, Kemp and Loney are hitting over .400 since their call up and neither are in the line-up tonight…


    Maybe they’ve figured out a way to get rid of Pierre and Nomar. In all seriousness it’s probably Houlton getting called up. Our manager doesn’t have a clue. Biggest series to date and he sits his 2 best players Loney and Kemp, so he can play Nomore. (that’s not a typo)


    I don’t think it’s the end of the world that Kemp and Loney aren’t in the line-up tonight. If they’re not in the line-ups at all this series, then that will be the end of the world. 😉 But no reason to panic here. Those guys are all gonna get some playing time, and I’m sure fliegel has it right, it’s a pitcher call up and DFA…


    kemp and loney have already broken like down like three differant doors, and now they have just busted in the steel vault. its pathetic seeing two future stars blocked by egotistical old one trick pony vets. all juan can do is run, all nomar can do is single , we get it. players that can do that have succesful carrers coming off the bench. in nomars case he may not need to hang em up, but the bench is his new home. pierre too. hes our lefty off the bench. if they continue to trot out nomar and pierre we deserve third place.


    oh god. I just realized that there is a report that Jaque Jones could get traded today. If this is it Josh don’t even both posting it. That would truly be a huge buzzkill and it will just be one step closer to me not watching any more games.


    Just got back from Tampa. What a disappointing series. It was good to see Kemp and Loney do pretty good. That dome is awful though. Nice to see free parking at the stadium too, that was a shock.


    i really hope the Dodgers left there weirdo uncluchness in Tampa, this series is HUGE!.


    LOL at Max, I concur but really who thought Loney would actually start tonight if Nomar was healthy. It is what it is, if they win, fine. Everybody and their mothers know who should be playing. YOU KNOW IT, I KNOW IT, THEY EVEN KNOW IT. But, this is the way it’s going to be till Nomar is no longer a Dodger or till they move him to third.


    i expected to see this lineup. its typical grady. benching the hottest hitters. makes perfect sense.


    max lol with the fake lineup too. if we get jaque jones also which makes less than zero sense, it actually makes negative sense, we would have the three worst throing arms in the game.


    graffiti, it makes so little sense that i wouldn’t be shocked if it happened. Seriously i doubt thats the big news but if it is Ned better start diggin his careers grave.


    Funny comments today! The garlic fries and the fake lineup, made me laugh…

    What is not funny is Grady Small’s lineup!

    Five of the Nine starters in the lineup have absolutely NO POWER…

    Penny should bat 6th in this lineup.

    Furcal, Pierre, Nomar, Abreu, and Penny have TWO HRs between them.

    I wonder if the Dodgers have the fewest HRs in their starting lineup of any team in the modern history of baseball who has played this many games in the season?

    The entire lineup is on pace for about 75 or 80 Homeruns. A-Rod alone will finish a close second to our entire starting lineup.

    Betemit has not been great his last three starts, but was showing a nice power stroke prior to his banishment back to the bench.

    At least with Loney, Kemp, Betemit in the lineup we have some threat of a HR.


    ive finally figured out after my year trial was over that nothing grady does makes sense. but its becoming predictable. this organization favors veterans plain and simple.
    if asked ned/ grady would most likely make a remark that implied they only did good in tampa because tampa *****.


    LaRoche update from senor jackson.

    Minor matters: Third-base prospect Andy LaRoche is on the seven-day disabled list at Triple-A Las Vegas because of recurring soreness in his right shoulder, where he had a torn labrum surgically repaired last October. LaRoche recently hurt himself making a diving catch, the same way he suffered the initial injury last June, but he isn’t expected to miss much more than a week this time.


    Just curious, did Grady look at the pitching LHB/RHB splits? Just based on that, playing Loney over Nomar would have made sense.

    But no! The veterans must play. Doesn’t matter if you increase the odds of losing games, the vets must play.

    Le sigh.


    Well, at least I’m getting a few laughs from the comments:
    Max – interesting news = “fake lineup”; fliegel – play “Nomore”. That’s really good. Otherwise, I’m just sick with the usual lineup and Loney/Kemp in reserve, but what would you expect from management. That’s why I am putting the burden on them: You do whatever you think is right, but if you don’t bring this team at least to the second step in the playoffs, both Colletti and Little should be long GONE and their staffs with them.


    I think one of the things Grady Colletti and Ned Little do not realize is the fact that the fans who buy the tickets want to see the young players who have the upside and part of the future, not the washed up vets…


    I don’t understand why everyone is so down on Nomar.. He is our top hitter with runners in scoring position. Do you forget that over the weekend when he didn’t play we left tons of runners on base without cashing them in. If Nomar was in the lineup, we probably win at least one of those two games. So his power numbers are down, but he still produces clutch hits and RBIS and Pierre also has been hitting fairly well.. It’s insane to bench them and play the kids all the time.. With the kids in the lineup we lost two of three to the Devil Rays!!! We need Nomar in the lineup as often as possible.


    that would be cool if today was like japanese april fools day and the lineup was fake. with the news being dodgers trade juan pierre for ichiro straight up in a perceived cost cutiing move.


    I wish we could have Nomar and Loney in there at once. I don’t trust Nomar at 3rd or Loney in RF though!


    Nomar had half his RBIs and extra base hits in April when he was decent.

    Nomar has the worst Slugging Pecentage of any regular 1B or 3rd place hitter in baseball.

    Since he never gets on base he is on pace to score about 50 runs in 550 AB full season.

    These just are not acceptable numbers from any everyday 1B batting third on a contending club.

    Nomar should play at the most 4 or 5 times a week splitting his time at 1B and 3B.


    after reading these boards, I don’t understand why any player would want to play for the Dodgers. The fans complain about every little thing man. I live in Pittsburgh…..Pirates fans actually have a legitimate gripe.


    I think you guys are being a little harsh on Grady! Loney and Kemp will see a lot of playing time from now untill the break and even after the break…. the reason you wont see them out there everyday is because of the salaries of the vets that are with the club. I think its fine to have them in the line-up today especially with Brad on the hill….. who knows maybe they will have one of those nights were our 2345 hitters go 8-8!

    Another thing, there is all the talk about Pierre being this and that…..ummm are you guys forgetting about our slumping for the last month or two shortstop! If you guys have anything to complain about Grady its why in the heck are we still starting a less the 80% shortstop…. i think he should really be put on the DL before the break to give him some extra time and use that break to get back to 100% so we can have the Furcal of last year!!! (BOY I MISS HIM!!!!)

    Furcal’s last 10 games:

    10-86, .116, 7 runs scored, 4 K’s (31 for the season, kind of high i thought!), and only 4 RBI’s

    are you mroe concerned with these stats or Pierre’s bad arm or less then stellar bat, the guy has been producing alot in the last 10 games:

    12-43, .279, 6 runs scored, 2RBI’s, 3SB, 2BB and only 1K

    and you guys were worried about Pierre getting to many AB look at the comparison!

    All in All i love the Dodgers and all the players.

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!

    GO BRAD!!!!!


    spanner, you imply we would have done better with nomar rather unconvincingly. james loney got more extra base hits this last weekend , than nomar has in months. do not doubt james loney. go ahead but he will probably just knock another down in front of you next time and get like 12 rbis next game.


    Nomar is hitting .281 which is a decent average… I don’t think you can say he “never gets on base.” The facts don’t back up your “half of his RBIS in April” statement either. Maybe he could move down in the batting order, but his stats are still good enough for him to be starting. He has the 2nd most RBIS on the team after all. Now moving him to 3rd I could get behind.. since Abreu is terrible… but I certainly would NOT bench him.


    I’m not going to bash Nomar but it does make sense for Loney to play tonight agains Owings who is tough against right handed batters. Grady should play all the lefties tonight and bring in righties (if necessary) once we chase Owings.


    I’m a Dodgers fan, I’m just trying to put things in perspective here, that’s all.


    I think Simba provides a good perspective check, actually. (Though it’s been an awful long time since LA’s had a WS appearance, but not as long as it’s been for Pittsburgh.) People do get a little crazed with the negativity here.


    i was 3 the last time the Pirates were above .500 record. That’s my positive perspective.


    Nomar’s OBP is .321 which is well below most other 1B or third place hitters in MLB.

    So as far as getting on base, he gets on at a well below average rate.

    Nomar should not be banished to the bench, but should play 4 or 5 times a week, mostly at 3B. If his defense turns out to be too bad at 3B to play there and Loney is hitting well, than you will have a problem!


    Hey Pirate fan…. the Pirates have more playoff game wins since 1990 than the dodgers do.


    The dodgers have won 1 playoff game in the last 19 years and each of those 19 years we were in the top 10 in overall payroll.


    I really dont understand why people use pay roll as any kind of barometer. Its not, not has it really ever been. We are in a huge market so we have a big payroll, simple as that. Spending a lot of money never has, and never will guarantee winning. Its not like you are paying more so who cares that we spend a lot of money on players… We have shown perseverance in the face of failure and continued to try and get the right players… Big deal?

    I remember there was a little story a couple days ago that we were talking to the White Sox about Buerhle— news???


    no, because it means we have more resources at our disposal, IF SPENT WISELY, that should make us more successful.


    Does it really even matter how many playoff wins we have…. All that matters is how deep you go, and a win or two doesnt mean jack…


    You certainly have to agree with the comments and concerns about Furcal. If his ankle is troubling him, as is being reported, he should be DL’d to get a full recovery, because we need Raffy in his 100% form.


    I was at the Pirates/Dodgers game on June 3rd, and if I remember correctly, Furcal rolled up his ankle again.


    “…with an interesting piece of news coming shortly. Hate to leave you hanging like that, but stay tuned.”

    Now that’s just wrong Josh.

    I know – They’re dropping the price for parking back down to $10. Hahahahaha! Ya right.


    Ok but who is to say what is WISE?? you?? The Dodgers are doing what they think is wise, just bc you dont agree is something else entirely. All im saying is that you bring up payroll like its means something, or it should somehow equate to winning, but it doesnt and it never has…


    ewk there is tons of perspective here. but for the most part if you want some perspective on why ned signed pierre you might be able to find a few left over here. i think people are giving the negativity thing a little to much light. i think some accountability would work wondrs for the so called negativity you cite here.


    Payroll is used because it shapes the choices on the roster.

    Our GM spent 31 million in this years payroll on Hendu, Tomko, Wolf and Schmidt. All ERA’s over 5.00

    He spent 22 million on slap hitters (furcal and Pierre)

    He spend 26 million on 3-4-5 hitters with avg ages over 36.

    And here we are again “hoping” to make the playoffs. If we spent money right we should be blowing the division away. That’s all I am saying our GM has created a crappy team and we cant use money or lack of as an excuse like the Pirates can.

    Thank god for the kids to hide mistakes our management have made. Thank god for penny/lowe and saito or we would be in last place.


    Geez, this is 2007 hun. You should be used to that by now. But I apologize if that offended you cienne!

    Now back to the big blue. Penny should dominate tonight. I just tossed down $128 on the moneyline.

    I look for us to take 3 out of 4.


    Since you bring up accountability– who is accountable for getting us to the playoffs last year and for turning us around by 17 games? Who is accountable for us being contention for the best record in the NL?

    If you want some perspective on the Pierre signing there will be none found here, bc all everyone talks about is his crappy low obp and hardly anything else. There is zero perspective on this blog, and no one even said anything about negativity…

    Since you crave accountability, when was the last time you admitted something you said was really stupid or just flat out wrong? I know you bash the lineup and Grady like EVERY DAY….


    By the way. If the Dodgers go back to Tampa for interleague play or if you are staying in Tampa I highly recommend going to the Whiskey club and hitting Channelside by the hockey arena.



    The only reason we are ‘hoping’ to make the playoffs, which we arent even doing yet, becaus the season isnt half over yet!!! is bc we are in the best division in baseball…

    And just to be fair, he is spending like 23 million on Schmidt and Wolf, and 8 on hendy and Tomko or so, but nice job trying to spin numbers… Also, Wolf has pitched well for us and im sorry, BUT YOU CANT BLAME COLLETTI FOR INJURY


    ahh the 2007 argument. i didnt know girls had to get used to being told to get down. that might be some 2007 internet blog thing but i last i checked we have a female running for president this year. guess its time to get used to it.????????


    Not all of those contracts were signed this year.. some of those players were still under contract from last year.

    Hendrickson and Wolf do not have ERA over 5… and Wolf does have 8 wins.. he has had a few bad starts lately but he’s still a decent 4-5 starter…

    Pierre may be overpaid but he is one of the top steals guys in the league.. With him and Furcal we have two guys that can swipe bases at will and create some excitement at the top of the order…

    I don’t think anyone could have predicted Schmidt’s collapse..

    With the guys who were available this offseason, how would you have better used our money?

    Penny & Lowe combined have won 17 games.. the team has won many more than that so I wouldn’t say they alone are keeping us out of last place.

    The Dodgers are only 1 1/2 games behind Arizona, who has the best record in the N.L… I’d say its not as bleak as some would say.


    Because they are crappy. What are you watching? And I dare you not to call me a dodger fan.

    The best division in basbeabll is in the AL. The NL west is the most competitive in the NL.

    Of course I can blame Coletti on Schmidt. It’s his job. Everyone knew Schmidt was an injury risk with declining velocity and age 35.

    Schmidt 12.5 million

    Wolf 8 million

    Tomko 5 million

    Henu 3 million

    My bad: 28 million.


    its not that i crave it ewk. i guess i was just aiming at the blind love for the guy. you cant make chicken soup out of chicken **** ewk. this team has flaws and sometimes people address them. we get everyone would rather shut up and act like juan pierre is going for a no hitter or something, but some of us just arent into that. i dont care if juan pierre finishes with a 450 obp, it is still the worst signing of the entire offseason in pretty much every baseball writers book. if ned can be the hero for turning us around last year, cant ned also be the bad guy for sputtering our offense with a player we had no need for, that is blocking a player 3 times better than him? i think so. and yes payroll matters also. we could have got any number of guys to do what JP is doing for 4 years less… in other words yes ned can go from hero to zero pretty fast cant he. although i think he is actually half way between hero and zero, but he is tipping more to the zero side.


    I think this is good news – thanks Josh. Especially since the news was indeed interesting, and not scary (of the “We traded the farm for Troy Glaus” variety) I’m glad they’re trying this out – though, yeah, I too wonder how Nomar’s arm is these days. Guess we’ll find out! Anything that gets Loney more playing time makes me happy.

    Now then, if the powers that be are reading this, can we also have Meloan, and when he’s healthy, Tsao (and/or Houlton) replace Tomrickson in the bullpen?


    I think we’ve probably gotten better stats from Wolf than most predicted going into the season.. and about what was expected of Hendrickson.

    And for Schmidt.. at the time he was the best available pitcher on the market.. his exams didnt show the injury.. a disapointment yes.. but what would your option be?


    This sounds like a great plan. Nomar and Abreu can split up duties at 3rd. Laroche can continue to take his time in AAA. Betemit becomes tradeable which I heard Steiner mention on Saturday that Coletti is getting a good number of calls about him. Package him up with Tomko/Hendrickson for some good prospects


    8.7 million for 2 years. 4.1 million this season for Tomko. Has a 4.5 million dollar option with a 1 million dollar buyout for 2008.


    Wolf has been lucky with the run support he has had this year because with that ERA of his, his record should actually be reversed.

    I wouldn’t mind them going after Dontrell next year. He is JP’s best friend.


    who cares? dontrelle is overrated. he’s going to want a big fat contract. i don’t think we should be giving out any more of those to anyone anytime soon.


    Last time I looked LA shouldn’t be worried about fat contracts. This is LA not Milwaukee or KC.

    Im sure we will have some expiring contracts this season. I would rather see a big hitter come in though, rather then a pitcher.


    Wolf’s ERA is only 4.32.. again not terrible for a 4 or 5 starter in the league these days..


    Actually that’s not true at all Scurtis, every game Wolf has won this season he hasn’t given up any more than 4 runs. And his record should actually be better than it is, two games he pitched gems he received zero run support in one game and the bullpen blew the other. So one could argue he should be 10-6, much like Lowe should be 11-3 and not 8-6.


    scurtis with your dontrelle comments it shows you have not really been following baseball this year, on top of posting outlandish comments about jose lima’s wife. DOO$h!!


    scurtis with your dontrelle comments it shows you have not really been following baseball this year, on top of posting outlandish comments about jose lima’s wife. DOO$h!!


    The reason Arizona has the best record in the NL is probably because they have a young hungry team, and they got rid of the vets who cost a lot and weren’t worth it. No disrespect to Gonzo because so far I was wrong about him and he’s been pulling his weight. I only wish Ned, and Grady would take notice .


    Wolf and Gonzo has proven to be good deals to this point in time.

    Most fans and media members loved the Schmidt deal.

    Most fans hated the Pierre deal.

    I did not read nor have a seen one member of the media support the Pierre deal.

    Pierre is a below average MLB player. His deal is and will continue to be a terrible deal.

    The Dreifort deal was terrible, but at least he was nice enough to go on the DL so we could cash in his insurance policy.

    Unfortunately Pierre plays everyday!


    Good news about Nomar, Josh! That does show that he’s willing to work to really help the team. Whether he’ll be played at third or not is up in the air, of course, but he could help out a lot more at 3B right now than he does at 1B.


    NOW THERE’S GOOD NEWS! It’s time to make “The Move”! I have all the respect in the world for Nomar and him moving over to third is in the best interest of this team! Cannot argue with this move at all and it’s probably the best move this team could make. It will probably take a few days maybe a week to fully make the transition. Now the question becomes how often will he play third? But, it’s definitely a step in the right direction for sure!


    I was wrong about Wolf. I just though he had more bad starts then I realized.

    Come on now, when Lima’s name is mentioned, you just don’t think about him pitching that one playoff game that we won in the last 19 years. His wife is very attractive and if you don’t think of her when his name is mentioned, then you must switch hit or were raised in San Francisco.


    great news, i hope it works out for us! nomar and loney in the lineup together is a good thing. i still think somethings up with wolf, as the starter for thurs. is still TBA.


    Good move by Nomar. Id rather have him at 3rd and get hurt then have Loney on the bench. I dont want Nomar hurt, but Id rather have Loney playing everyday.



    if anything it shows management will be going with the youth movement, i’m really glad they have an opened mind & aren’t stubborn.


    oh i’m sure he bases his decisions on the thoughts of no-names…still, i’m glad he made the switch


    SCURTIS. It might be 2007, but most of us have a little bit of class. Thats more
    than I can say about you. Keep your off-color comments to yourself, and grow up and respect other people.



    ****, I apologize, but ****, relax and take a joke sometimes. I’d hate to have some of you people in a comedy crowd.


    mm…yes…well this is not a comedy crowd and you should show a little more discretion and recognize the environment you are in…there may even be little kids on here


    Rules in here:
    1. Serious baseball talk only

    2. No joking

    3. No crying about the lineup


    If we give up loney, broxton, kemp, or the bills and get, a albeit good, rent-a-player like Dunn or Taxeria (sp?)…I may go on suicide watch.
    Maybe they’ll wow us with a betemit, tompko, and hendrickson trade.


    By the way, if any of you dodger fans root against Barry because he used roids, you are a hypocrite. I can take us rooting against him because he’s a Giant. I have no problem with him juicing up. Everyone else did it, and I know that doesnt make it right, but he got paid and he’s gonna break a record. I guarantee there are and were a lot of Dodger players on it too, including one who saved a ton of games. Heck, they need to get on it now, the way the power in this lineup is now!


    It’s interesting that Nomar would get a few days to work on it, when he played for the Cubs he jumped in there and did it on the fly, but I guess this is a different situation seeing as how its june, not august.


    maybe theyre trying to cut back on the freaky errors he had whilst playing 3rd with the Cubs….but then again, it was the Cubs so.


    BOO AND YAH! From Tony Jackson:

    Nomar Garciaparra is moving from first to third base to make room for James Loney. The move is in response not only to the fact Loney is hitting well enough to play every day, but also to the fact neither Wilson Betemit nor Tony Abreu has hit well enough to nail down the everyday third base job. Grady approached Nomar about the switch yesterday, and, according to both Grady and Nomar, Nomar immediately agreed. Grady said Nomar might still occasionally see some action at 1B, but he was VERY committed to Nomar becoming the primary 3B. Nomar will take grounders at third before all four games of the Arizona series, then probably start there for the first time on Friday night against San Diego. He last played 3B during his season and a half with the Chicago Cubs (2004-05). This time, he has five days to make the transition. That time, he had one day — the day he was traded to the Cubs by Boston, with whom he had always played shortstop.


    Good for Nomar. Well heck, where does our power come from now? We still need someone in there that can jack some bombs.


    Good to see Martin back down in the lineup. He was starting to put too much pressure on himself up in the 3 spot.


    Scurtis… that’s some serious “****-bag” stuff you posted about Lima’s wife. You’re the only who thought that was funny… so take a clue and don’t tell us to “relax and take a joke” as you say. Jokes are supposed to be funny… and your remark wasn’t even close to being funny.


    Okay… the edited part was synonymous with “dirt-bag” and we obviously can’t use that word either… so sorry for that people.


    This move with Nomar is what we have been asking for, so let’s ride with it for a while. It has to be some improvement for Loney to be playing every day, and for Nomar at third. He won’t hit with more power than at first, but we can use a more consistent BA than Betemit can show or Abreu can show at least for the present. If it does not work, then we need to seriously look at a trade for the 3rd base position. With Nomar at third, the position should still be available for LaRoche when he proves himself ready. Now we only need to find a way to have Kemp playing more regularly – like subbing one day a week for Ethier, one day for Pierre, one day for Gonzo and filling in with late inning play in certain situations.
    I also think that Furcal needs to rest his ankle or to go on DL with it for 15 days, so that we can have him back at full strength for the second half of the season. Furcal at 100% would make a heck of a difference for our team.


    JP has been playing very well lately…i like it…now if raffy could heal up…the top of the line up would be amazing…can you imagine what kind of havoc the two of them could cause?


    Yeah I was disappointed in Raffy this weekend. Those 2 could be so dangerous if they are both on fire at the same time.


    I knew that I was going to be upset with the Lineup today……
    Leaving your two best hitters out of the Lineup is just plain ABSURD…


    However, it is great news concerning the move of Nomar to 3rd base….

    Anybody want to bet that Grady will still bat him 3rd???

    The next 7 games are obviously the most important so far this season….

    Should be interesting & fun to watch….


    geez..when is someone not upset with the lineup? all this complaining gets repetitive day in and day out…

    just enjoy the game, and hope the dodgers win, thats all im worried bout, no time to second guess decisions you have NO CONTROL over.

    GO BLUE!!!!!


    Are you watching Pierre???
    That’s what a good #2hitter looks like…

    Take notes !!! Learn something !!!


    1) Good for Russell, glad he’s still holding strong.

    2) Anyone see LoDuca’s tirade the other day? Was anyone else reminded of Milton Bradley throwing a bag of balls on the field three years ago?

    3) If Nomar is going to third, then Abreu will have to compete with Kent for playing time, meaning he either goes to the bench or gets optioned down. That, or maybe Kent will be traded for someone useful.

    4) I’m really suprirsed that Penny is actually going for being the first NL starter to win 10 this year, as he was in a similar situation last year. As much as I don’t take stock in pitchers’ win-loss recored, I’d love to see him stay healthy and win 20.

    5) A more familiar lineup tonight, but it’s not so much the lineup as what the players do. If they can have good at bats early in the game that waste a lot of pitches (or they at least get on base), then no problem. First and second pitch groundouts are the last thing we need. The key is taking the starter out early, and I don’t think he’ll have a leg injury like the last time we faced him.


    The good news — We are WORKING THE COUNTS…

    Keep it up…

    Gonzo getting a lot of LOVE…


    Great job working the counts which will help later on, unfortunate about the strike em out throw em out.


    This team has got to get it’s head screwed on straight. Why was Kent trying to take second. He has no speed. Did the 1st base coach send him? If so, thats just wrong.


    I’m pretty sure it was a blown hit and run play. Gonzo thought it was outside and laid off. Kent was hung out to dry. It happens.


    Is this dumb baseball or what? Gonzo takes a pitch close enough to be a strike, and a slow runner like Kent tries to steal. Where’s the coaching, or did somebody miss a sign?





    If we’re not going to DL Furcal, how about at least having him sacrifice in an obvious situation like this inning. We could have used that run.


    Furcal & Pierre —
    I’m so SICK of watching these two hurt this team every single game…


    blame the Manager 2 & 3 with one out gound ball to second scores Abreu, Nomar comes up with a runner on 3rd!


    Great pitching so far by Mr Penny……..

    Need to keep it up…….

    Doesn’t look like our hitters are going to be much help……..


    Did somebody say that Grady manages with his gut? Right now I’d really like to punch that gut.


    Assuming the bunt was successful, baseball is always a game where you look back and would change a lot. The bunt was probably the right call in that situation, despite what the “right” call should have been, it’s only a mistake because Furcal hit into a DP. Grady is really starting to show his frustration with this lack of production.


    The actual true sign of frustration will be when he does have Furcal bunt to move the runners over.

    And maybe Nomar is going to third so Abreu so can go to short and Furcal can rest his ankle.


    This is the greatest news of the season! Congratulations on the folks who predicted it.

    This is no surprise that Nomar is willing to make the move–he’s always been a team player.

    It has been clear for a while that Loney had earned a starting job, and after this weekend, he could not be denied. Now, he’ll get his chance.

    The James Loney era is about to begin, and I have absolutely no doubt that he is ready and will deliver–he moves in as a mainstay along with Russel Martin. We’ll see the rest soon, but Loney is clearly the guy who was most ready. Loney also started the youth movement–he was the starting first baseman on opening day last year because Nomar was hurt. He may not have been quite ready then, but he is now. (I just hope he gets some time and a few at-bats before then–I don’t want him to go cold.)


    Yes, Nomar to 3rd is a Great Move…..

    You know what an even better move would be…. Move Pathetic Pierre to the Bench & put Kemp in CenterField…

    Now that would be a Really Good Move…


    mmmmm … waiting for the 5-pitcher lineup to do something here … Abreu thru Nomar are basically auto-outs today ( though Abreu did have that fighting single )

    Come on, Dodgers!


    you know what would be another great move is moving Nomar down. There’s a lot of moves not being made.


    Pierre will probably hit into another double play & score a run…. He will probably think he did a good job…


    If Furcal is gonna toss an anchor everytime he gets on base he shouldn’t be batting ahead of JP.


    Thak God Nomar is back in the lineup…. Ha Ha Ha

    He must still be sick…

    He is sickening to watch…


    Amen to that. Where would we be this year with out Gonzo. He has come up big all year. Nomar is pressing to hard and it is getting ugly.


    No Matter what pos Nomar plays he needs to get outta the 3 hole Gonzo makes a very strong case for that spot.


    Those early at bats that were working the counts are now paying off…



    I believe Graddy is going to make some big changes in this line- up soon.

    Great job Martin!!!!!!

    He is the best catcher in basball.


    It was good to savor a bit of Gonzo’s revenge after getting sick with “Nomore’s” (fliegel’s term) and Kent’s attempts. Then Martin to top it off. How SWEET!!!


    Nomar is pressing, but its really a good thing. He seems physically healthy so there no reason that he would drop off so much from his career numbers and even last years… He can have an excellent second half if he stays healthy… Imagine if he hits .330, 10 hrs, 45 RBI— all very possible assuming he is pressing really bad and he hasnt magically lost all of his talent in the course of a year, at 35 mind you. SO here is to a great second half after Nomar, and praying he doesnt make the all-star game so he can clear his head…


    off the bat I thought he got too far under it and it was a flyout but he has the power to fly along…


    Whats up with Kent being taken out this early in the game….

    I would like to see Furcal get some rest also…


    What i meant to say is that imagine if he put up those numbers— thats like a great trade at the deadline, but obviously you give no one up.. We are playing so well with Nomar playing like absolute ****, mind you Nomar often carried us last year.

    He is pressing. He will come back to form.


    Ewk —

    Maybe the move to 3rd will somehow rejuvinate Nomar’s bat… Sounds silly & hopeful, but we have all seen it happen before when a drastic change somehow turns things around….


    Look for LGonz to be taken out after this at bat.

    May become the trend to get the old guys some rest. At WB has got some kinda glove at third and Abreu is a good second basemen. Or even put Abreu at SS to give Furcal a rest.


    Gonzo doing it all….
    Nice play…..

    They talk about Kent & Nomar possibly making the AllStar team when they should really be talking about Gonzo — He is so much more deserving…


    Can’t help but cheer for our old friend BETEMIT!!! Every time we put some hope back in you, you let us down, and then again once in a while a SURPRISE.


    Bring Loney in for Nomar. Nomar has to be tired just getting over the flu and just had his at-bats.


    Yep… that Betemit doesn’t deserve to play everyday, does he…

    …fair weather fans… allayuz!!


    I still think most people agree that Wilson B. should be on the Bench…

    Obviously, our all knowing manager thinks he needs to be on the bench… Otherwise why would he be moving Nomar to 3rd…


    If Betemit ever showed any degree of consistency, I would love to see him at third or anyplace else in the infield. I think he’s a good fielder. I think we’ve given him many chances at third, and I’d be willing to give it to him again, but he needs to start hitting for some kind of average better than .200.


    Actually he is hitting less then .200 even with the HR tonite….

    That in itself is reason to sit him on the bench most of the time….


    Vin just announced that Kent hurt his tootsie wootsie & will have xrays tomorrow….

    Nomar might be going to 3rd sooner than we thought…

    That, or Wilson B. will be getting some more starts…


    My Loney has a first name,
    It’s J-A-M-E-S

    My Loney has a second name,

    It’s L-O-N-E-Y

    I love to watch him every day

    And if you ask me why

    I’ll say

    ‘Cause James Loney has a way

    With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!


    Loney Loney !!!!!

    Do you believe this Guy ????

    Do you believe Grady didn’t have the SMARTS to start him tonite…. I don’t…


    Loney is now hitting .448

    No wonder Grady lets him sit on the bench…. Makes me want to PUKE… Probably thinks he is tired from getting all those xtra base hits…

    Meanwhile, Nomar goes 0 for 5…. Way to go Nomar…


    Thanks for the Update Momoracci….

    Good play by Abreu…

    Great game to win tonite !!!

    One down & 3 to go !!!

    Great Nite for B Penny !!!

    This is Dodger Baseball — Great Pitching & Good enough hitting to help win the game…

    Good Nite for Jonathan B. also…


    Giant bullpen predictably coughed up the lead. Loney is amazing which is why he’s our new first baseman, that ball Loney crushed is gone in Dodger Stadium or pretty much anywhere but Chase Field. It’s a real shame Loney has no power :P. We just have to deal with these final days of ‘splitting time’. Great victory tonight with the first N.L pitcher to reach 10 victories not to mention the best ERA (2.04) in the National League. And he’s ours Brad Penny!




    Dave Roberts ties up the game with a single to right 3-3 Bottom 8. Giants are threatening for more…


    By the way, the only game that Loney has had an at-bat in this year where he does NOT have a hit is when he had to come in early because the fence in right field nearly killed him. Loney went 0-for-1 that day, and I am personally sure that if he had not been almost killed, he would have gotten a hit in that game too–which means he should be working on an 8-game hitting streak (or 9, dating back to last season).


    timjyoo… I wasn’t referring to you.

    I was referring to all the fair-weather “fans” here that were ready to slit their wrists because Grady Little didn’t call for Furcal to bunt in the third inning. Yeah… that stupid Grady little… he sure doesn’t know how to win ballgames doesn’t he?

    And he wins despite allayuz!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!


    haha yes…i totally agree with you kss…he sure does not know what he’s doing…i mean, putting the dodgers in contention for first place in the most competitive division in baseball? what is he thinking?


    Moving NOMAR to 3rd does one good thing in brings in LONEY That move if it is ever done will make another BIG difference. The left side will proberly be less active. Will it mean less playing time for Abreu? Betemit has established himself as hitting better off the bench or when he doesn’t start so it may not effect him. ABREU will have to join the BET, SAENZ & MARLIN club. Or will he be in the RAMON category? or is something brewing with the outside world? KENT,daGONZ,BETEMIT,MARTIN & ETHIER total 42 HRS. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I don’t care as long as we WIN.


    Its hard for me to see where moving Nomore to 3rd does anything good for the team.He has not hit well for almost a year now and is bound to be weaker at 3rd then at 1st defencivly.He refuses to work the count and the only way I see him becoming more productive is if Grady uses his plug and play system and puts Loney in the 3 hole to go along with his 1st base role thus moving nomar to the 7-8 hole.Furcal is not running anymore so he has to come outta the leadoff spot.With JP showing signs of life he would be the heirapparant to lead-off.The Grady system worked tonight so I’ll leave it at that but with Nomore going 0-5 something needs to be done in the 3 spot.


    I see everyone saying that Abreu is not cutting it. I beleive that Abreu has alot more potential than Laroche and Pierre. He has a good power and excellent speed. he just needs more time in the bigs to become more disicpline.
    Abreu is hitting .271 avg.

    Pierre .276

    Nomar .275

    Furcal .276

    It is obvious he is hitting alot better for the pennies that he makes.

    Abreu should be the future at 2nd base.

    And i agree that Furcal should be given some time of to heal his injurie.

    Hope to sweep in Arizona.

    Go Dodgers!!!!


    I agree on Abreu’s worth to our team. His numbers are not as superlative as Loney’s or Kemp’s, but they’re not shabby considering the amount of time he’s been on our club. I think he plays good defense at all three infield positions. I’d much rather have him on the 25 man roster than Martinez whenever he’s ready to return. The only thing is that he needs to continue to play a reasonable amount of time; otherwise, he’d be better off being returned to Vegas until September. Before I made that decision, I’d want to see just how well Nomar can do at the 3rd base position. Compared to Abreu or Betemit, I think he’ll be a defensive liability, much as Kent can be at 2nd. I’d also rather keep Abreu than Anderson, if it comes down to that.
    And once again, let me repeat that we need a more reliable backup catcher than Lieberthal; otherwise, we’ll continue to put too much weight on Martin, and that can be detrimental in the end. So, if we don’t have someone ready for a major league assignment in our minors, let’s DFA Lieberthal and get some other journeyman backup catcher that we can feel comfortable with spelling Martin when needed. Lieberthal contributes nothing, not because he doesn’t have an illustrious career, but because he just doesn’t have the stuff anymore.

    And we need Furcal on DL with Pierre leading off for a while for what it is worth.


    If he has to play at all , I guess third base is okay. At least it gets Loney in there everyday. Now if we can only get Pierre to learn how to hand bats to the players coming up to bat ,and have Kemp play everyday the Dodgers should be much improved.


    I can’t believe that people don’t like this news, Nomar moving to 3rd is a great move for our team. This instantly gives us more pop in our line-up and only marginally effects us defensively. I think we can assume that Grady will keep the top of the line-up about the same but the bottom of it will be very imposing.








    Ethier (Kemp)

    When Kemp spells Ethier the line-up will probably stay the same 1-5, but when he spells Gonzo; Martin, Loney and Kemp become the 5, 6 , 7 hitters. We will likley have the most lethal 6,7,8 hitters in the league with the moves that have been made.


    abreu need to go back to vegas, NOW. Im sorry, but if you watch him try to hit the ball, you would realize this. Nomar moving is only good because Loney gets in there everyday. Nomar will be a defensive disaster at 3rd. I think we will have to find a new 3b one way or another and nomar will be a bench player. Another “great” contract, huh. If we want to win games, we’ll start by moving nomar out of the 3 spot already. Its long long overdue.


    Ethier will be spelling Kemp, not the other way around. Andre fits in nicely as a 4th outfielder.

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