Minor League update from Chris Haydock

Greetings Dodger fans!

Just got back from Ogden, UT where we completed one of our (2) Dodger mini-camps.

After the draft is complete each year, half of the players who sign with us will be flown to Ogden for the Pioneer League Season. The other half will be flown to Vero Beach, FL for our Gulf Coast League season.

Our Farm Director (DeJon Watson) and myself fly into Ogden along with all of our minor league roving coordinators:

Field Coordinator:   P.J. Carey
Hitting Coordinator:   Bill Robinson
Outfield/Base running coordinator:  Gene Clines
Pitching Coordinator:   Marty Reed
Catching Coordinator:   Travis Barbary
Infield Coordinator:   Matt Martin

All new signees join the players we currently have in extended spring training to complete our Ogden and GCL rosters. In addition to working out the Ogden club, we also use the time together to review the first half of the minor league season, as well as possible second half promotions, etc. All of us travel so much during the season, it is nice to have some time together to review everything in person (and away from the cell phone- which consumes so much of our daily lives).

After spending a few days in Ogden, most rovers will head to Dodgertown to spend some time with the new players we have sent to the Gulf Coast. Our scouting department has done a terrific job each and every year (not only signing great players but getting them signed quickly) which accelerates the development process.

The sooner we get our hands on them- the better!!

I encourage you to follow our newest players at Ogden and Gulf Coast throughout the season. Each team opened up their season this past week on June 19th. You’ll be happy to know that Ogden went (4-3) in their first week, and the GCL Dodgers went (6-0). Great starts to what we hope will be successful seasons for both.


  1. charris1010321@yahoo.com

    Good to see our young prospects are getting it done, I guess the rich get richer with minor league talent.

    I hear a lot of people calling for Lieberthal’s head and I think they would be happy to know that we purchased the contract of Ben Davis from an Independant team. While Davis never really panned out offensively in the big leagues, his defense was always solid, he handled his pitching staffs well, and I think he’d make a great back-up if Lieberthal continues to struggle.

  2. ewk216@nyu.edu

    Very interesting charris… I didnt remember the guy so i looked up his stats and he appears to be an excellent defensive catcher indeed. The guy seems to have very good tools. Maybe he can have a rebirth with the Dodgers…

  3. ewk216@nyu.edu

    Just thought id give you all my minor league update just in case people hadnt checked recently:

    2 nights ago Clayton pitched 6 scoreless innings, striking out 9 and walking 2.

  4. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Wounded pitchers
    by Rick Wilton

    June 26, 2007

    From Injury Watch June 21, 2007

    Jason Schmidt (RHP, LAD)

    Wow! I said early this spring that Schmidt had been dealing with a damaged shoulder, but I never envisioned the damage the surgeon found when he opened up the shoulder Wednesday. Schmidt has some scarring of the bursa sac, a frayed biceps tendon and a partially detached labrum. The labrum injury is the most severe and one that did not show up on the MRI. The labrum was re-attached to the bone and he will still need considerable time to allow it to heal properly. The Dodgers speculate that the damaged labrum prevented Schmidt from having complete range of motion. Thus, he lost a considerable amount velocity on his pitches.

    In 2000, Schmidt had a torn labrum and frayed rotator cuff while pitching with the Pirates. He ended up missing 129 days of that season. According to several sources, this surgery is much more extensive. While Dodgers trainer Stan Conte states that Schmidt will be throwing in spring training, it is highly unlikely he will be ready for the early part of next season. Now that he has had two labrum injuries, with the most severe just occurring, his ability to pitch effectively in 2008 is a longshot.


  5. jspelk2@uic.edu

    wow, i totally forgot he pitched for the pirates. i know he was drafted by the braves…so was it braves-pirates-giants?

  6. max_power_05@yahoo.com

    any idea when Kershaw will be promoted? I hope he goes to Island Empire. I want to catch him in a game.

  7. fliegel@ptd.net

    I’ve said it before ,that the Ds gave Schmidt a nice retirement package. I doubt he’ll pitch again and if he does I doubt he’ll be effective. I wish him the best of luck ,and think of what might have been.

  8. scurtis1999@yahoo.com

    Thanks. I agree that Schmidt won’t pitch again for LA and if he does, it will be at about 60 percent of what he used to be.

  9. leekfink@yahoo.com

    I appreciate the Minor League update. When the team moves its Spring Training facilities to Phoenix, will that facility take on the mini-camps too? And Rookie League Team?

    (I had come to grips with moving Dodgertown, and even come to think it was a good idea, but I hate for our Spring Training home to be right by a divisional rival.

    To charris (and everyone he mentions who is calling for Lieberthal’s head)–there is no reason to get down on Lieberthal. He has had a stellar career and can certainly help teach Martin (who continues to get better). It’s true that he has not done very well, but his playing time is incredibly limited. The reality is that Martin wants to play as much as he does, no one really wants to ever see him out of the line-up, and the difference between Martin and almost any replacement is going to be pretty big (even the difference between Martin and a lot of starters for other major league teams is big, not to mention back-ups). Lieberthal is basically the ideal of what we’re looking for at this stage. When a catcher is as central to the team as Martin, that’s just the way it goes. Anyone remember who backed up Piazza? Or Campanella?

  10. charris1010321@yahoo.com

    I know it’s a pipe dream, but I’d really love to see this line-up:








    Furcal (until he finds it, then flip flop him and Pierre)

  11. puppyhead01@hotmail.com

    Lots of medical opinions out there. Anyone ever operated on or recovered from a torn labrum on this blog? Or is this Schmidt talk just conjecture?

    Seems to me that if the surgery and rehab are successful, Schmitty will probably return to close to form by sometime next season. He recovered after his first labrum surgery and went on to be a total stud. I know he’s older, but these surgeons and physical therapists they employ aren’t exactly hacks, either. If the labrum reattaches successfully, it doesn’t sound like Schmidt will have reduced effectiveness. In fact, he could quite possibly be better than ’06, when the bursa and tendon injuries were most likely beginning to affect him. But, then again, I’m no doctor, so I’ll just hope for the best.

  12. puppyhead01@hotmail.com

    Oh, and I think that Gurnick’s mailbag answer regarding acquiring a power hitter is a great read for those who are calling for Ned’s head and expecting a trade for M Cabrera.

  13. jdunnam@sbcglobal.net

    Good comments leekfink about Lieberthal. Have anybody go out and try catching once every 10 days or so and be up to game speed. Practice & preperation is nothing like game conditions. You can’t stay sharp as a catcher or hitter for that matter without game conditions. Lieberthal is perfect as a 12-13 year vet who had a gold glove in 1999, I think it was. He knows his jobs is to tutor Martin and give him a rest one in a while. Also, his career BA is around .275, Davis or anybody that would take the job does not have the resume of Lieberthal. God forbid if Martin were out for a period do you want Davis or Lieberthal? A guy who had a cup of coffee in the bigs or a vet who could handle the job for a time. That is why last year they got Hall b/c they knew they had no one for long term back up of Martin and remember he had not fully established himself yet. It was plain that Sandy Alomar could do no more that a day or so at best with his knees.

  14. fisher928@yahoo.com

    Didn’t you know pup that they are all GM/Mgr/Surgeon/rehab therpist/scout/coach/Backup players who can all hit and Throw better then JP?

  15. dodgerdude17@yahoo.com

    A trade for M-Cab is probably out of the question. The marlins have no reason to want to trade him unless they are completely overwhelmed by the offer. He isnt a free agent for another 2-3 years i believe. I imagine it would take Bills, Kershaw, Kemp, and Gurnick suggested Martin as well. Nonetheless, it would require top guys. Coletti should go after Dunn, or even Glaus, if anybody at all. Personally, I want to see the kids play in LA for a long time. I only want to trade for stars that wont completely bankrupt the farm. Dunn is 27, having a great year, has tons of power and a good BB eye. He K’s a lot and his defense is bad, but still those walks and extra base hits could really help us. A trade for him I’d say would require Gonzo, some cash, and maybe LaRoche, Loney, or Kershaw. Realistically, I think that is accurate.

  16. randyisrad@gmail.com

    Gentlemen…we are a big market team. There should be no talk of trading for Taxeria (sp?), Cabrera, or ARod. We can sign them in the off season.
    The only trade we should make is one to get a better arm than Kuo as our 5th starter. Or maybe (and hopefully) one that sends Bomko and/or Hendrickson anywhere ala the Odi Perez deal.

  17. underdog8@gmail.com

    Yah, who on earth is calling for Lieberthal’s head? He’s probably one of the most capable backup catchers in the league. If he’s struggled it’s because he barely gets any playing time. I think the Dodgers are perfectly comfortable with him in there, or knowing he’s available if needed. Not that we want Russell to go down for that to happen, god forbid…
    As for proposed line-ups, I’d put Pierre at #8 though I do worry about Furcal and his ankle at this point. But he still has more potential to get on base than does Pierre.

  18. scurtis1999@yahoo.com

    Oh, I thought Miggy had an option out of his contract this year. Shoot!

    I wouldn’t mind Glaus then. I think they need some pop in that lineup.

  19. randyisrad@gmail.com

    dodgerdude, you’re drunk to think a Dunn for Loney straight up in a good deal. I don’t care if it was a sign and trade even. Dunn strikes out ALOT and his defense is more than bad while Loney had all the potential in the world and great defense

  20. puppyhead01@hotmail.com

    I fully agree, randyisrad. Wait for the offseason to acquire hitting. Keep as many of these kids for as long as possible, and sign one or two big bats to build around.

    2 things:

    1) I like the pitching matchup tonight. Check these numbers:

    Bills vs. D’backs: 3-0, 17.0 IP, 1.06 ERA

    Gonzalez vs. Dodgers: 0-3, 16.1 IP, 9.92 ERA

    2) An interesting post at dodgerthoughts regarding JP’s outfield defense. I was surprised by their analysis.


  21. messagebear@yahoo.com

    I don’t expect Colletti to trade and get Cabrera. I still want LOGAN WHITE in ’08, and maybe Girardi too.

  22. dodgerdude17@yahoo.com

    Dunn is a better player than Loney. Loney hasn’t demonstrated power over a long period of time yet. Like I said though, I wanna see the kids play. I would definitely trade Loney for Dunn because it would fill a much need power void. Dunn’s K’s do not outweigh all the good he does (BBs and Power numbers) He’s on base at a .380 clip for his career even with all those K’s. The defense is bad though. But a 380 career OBP with a 520 career SLG, thats a rare find. It would be hard to give up Loney, but for Dunn I would.

  23. fisher928@yahoo.com

    Dude…Lay off the Beer you are definatly drunk!Loney is Gonna be Bigger then Martin come next year!Loney will develop his Power where Dunn has already laid his tracks down Loney is still building…he is what 6-4″ he is gonna have power.I think Loney has a higher ceiling then Vlady. #1 He has GG potiential #2 9rbi game as a rookie #3 Batting avg Minor and small sample of mlb.I don’t have delusions of grandure that he will keep a .350+ avg. but I do see him in the .300-.325 over the next few years with an increase of power towards the 30+ range.

  24. dodgerdude17@yahoo.com

    fisher… Loney higher ceiling than Vladdy? Those are definitely delusions of grandure. the 9 RBIs in one game stat is meaningless. Truth is Loney still has some way to go in the power department where as Dunn is at his peak (27 years old) and will stay at this peak for a good 5 years. It would help us now and later. With that said I really like Loney, and I want to keep him. But if we got offer Dunn for Loney I would not think twice about it.

  25. fisher928@yahoo.com

    Loney is our future at 1st Dunn is a future failure anywhere he goes…Yes Loney has High Ceiling and early on it keeps getting Higher….Truth is he has never gotten a full chance to show his stuff and Today he starts and What a Start!If he Blows up at 1b the entire Dodger nation goes into a huge tailspin because he is the Best possible we have for the Infield and if he succeeds the whole farm system comes in to get a chance to do the same… Do you hate the Dodger prospects and young kids in general of is it just Loney?

  26. gregandapril@aol.com

    I was looking over rosters and noticed Bryan Morris had been taken off the MiLB sight, I know he had TJ surgery and I was wondering if that was why (also missing; Charles Dasni, Luis Guerra and Wayne Renfrow). Typically if released, on DL, reassigned to minors, or Restricted List, it will say. By the way, What is the restricted list?

  27. oldbrooklynfans@aol.com

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