Day game lineup

Nomar still under the weather, Kent gets a day off.

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Martin, DH

Gonzo, LF

Loney, 1B

Kemp, RF

Betemit, 3B

Lieberthal, C

Abreu, 2B

Kuo, P



    i’m suprised Ethier is not in there, but i am happy Martin is DH’ing today, also nice to see Betemit in there.

    ps give Nomar as much time as possible to get healthy. ;o)


    wow, i havent been on here in about 2 months. hows everyone?… i do have a question, how bad is andy laroche hurt?… i’m also surprised ethier is not in there.



    like i said, i have been away, but it looks like that *** joey aka depo lover is back at it. C’mon josh, its been more than a year with this guy


    Last night’s game seemed like an old game of stratergy between two managers, that Joe Maddon beat Grady Little at. Maddon got better scouting reports. He knew just the right batters to pitch to & who to avoid at the right moments. All in all personally it wasn’t to bad. To see those blue & grayish blue old BROOKLYN uniforms on the Dodgers, a great reminder that the LA & B’KLYN Dodgers are one and the same. Today I will be at Keyspan(formerly B’Klyn Union Gas) PARK. They’re going to remember that 50 years ago that the team left. A lot of old stuff like in the ’50s such as a 25cent hot dog and let you in free with an Ebbet’s field ticket stub and other nastaglia. They practically do that every home game along with the B’klyn Dodger museum. Many of us old geezier go there and make believe we’re going to see the Dodgers at Ebbet’s Field. Not the Cyclones a class A Met’s farm team in the NYP league. It doesn’t matter though you get a chance to root for BROOKLYN and some of these guys might end up in DODGER BLUE some day. I know it’s going to be a riotious night, no matter what, it always is. They try to bring back the old Ebbet’s Field atmospher, missing at Shea. This is about the only thing Ex Mayor Rudy Guiliano did for us. I won’t get to know what the Dodgers are doing unless I’m near someone with a radio listening to the Met’s game. They’ll usually only give updates on the Met’s game at the ball park That’s our home team, in case you didn’t know, along with the Yankees. Well here’s hoping Kuo can get passed the 2nd inning and we can rize on to victory and Penny will be ready tomorrow. LET’S GO YA BUMS.


    Josh, You’re willing to block any of us for foul language, etc., and that is appropriate. Can you, please block the guy who each day pushes his idiotic and frivolous messages and takes up our blog space by doing this.



    I want to step up a little bit in defense of Abreu. Clearly he’s not as productive with the bat as we would have expected – needs to excercise more patience, for one. On the other hand, he’s more consistent and provides more tools than some of our other players – like Martinez, like Anderson, like Betemit, and even than Saenz in my opinion. He’s still developing at the major league level and not hurting us too badly. His defense has been better than you will see from Kent. At the present time he’s batting no worse than Furcal. If we had a better third baseman and infield utility man available, he’d probably be on the squad in place of Abreu. In the meantime, I’m inclined to support him.


    Before I leave I have a suggestion which I know won’t be taken but it’s been bugging me all night so let me get it off my chest. Why doesn’t Randy Wolf pitch batting practice before each start??? Let the Dodgers bang him around a little before the game, maybe he’ll get the kinks out before he comes in for the first inning. Or maybe let Tomko or Hendickson pitch the first to get it out of the way. There— now I feel better. COM’ON DODGER’S MAKE BELIEVE IT’S JACKSONVILLE.


    Yeah, Josh, can you please, please, pretty please ban the IP of the guy posing as specific DodgerThoughts people but obviously is not? He’s wasting your bandwidth and space and our time.

    Anyhoo… I like this line-up! At last, Martin gets a DH gig and Lieberthal in to catch. I’m sorry Nomar has the flu, but certainly don’t mind seeing Loney in again. I always feel comfortable when he’s in there. I feel bad rooting against former Dodger Edwin Jackson (but I will anyway), but worry he’ll want to pitch better than he has against LA.

    I’m with you Bear, I think Abreu’s been more than okay, even if his OPS isn’t great. He has good at bats and makes contact. Betemit, I hope does well, but he has some horrible at bats. Abreu seems destined to be our future 2nd baseman, not 3rd, tho.


    messagebearer…. I noticed your last comment about Abreu while I was keying in mine. Did you notice the Rays pitchers pitching around our hitters. I could sware they pitched around Ethier in the 7th to get to Abreu. When Abreu connected on that fly to right to end it, I sure was hopping it would fall in and burn him.



    I’m mainly responding to your suggestion about Wolf’s first inning problems. If I remember correctly, Penny had a lot of those 1st inning difficulties last year. It was almost like he didn’t get sufficiently warmed up. There has been no such problem this season. I think the pitching coach should take a role in how Wolf warms up to make sure he is ready for that first inning. It is a real shame that the whole game is often beyond repair by the time that he settles down. That’s what the pitching coach gets the big bucks for – to sort that out and remedy it. So, how about it Honeycutt!


    Yes that Dodger thoughts guy is getting a little nerve wrecking. You know sometimes I go over some of my old post just to see if others had commemted on them. I notice some of mine are pretty weird such as “Screaming for a wild pitch”. I hate to let any one down but actually I typed in “screaming”, but in actuality I can not scream. In the future I’m going to be a little more careful of what I type. The Sunday that SAITO got hurt I said we were watching the Cubs beat the Mets but I really meant the Cubs beat the Braves, That’s why my daughter was releived after the Met’s loss at Shea. I really think this stuff is great— Wow this modern tecnology. The best news is I feel like THE DODGERS HAVE COME HOME.


    Yes messagebear. Honeycutt better remember what cured Penny and try to do something for WOLF. otherwise the WOLFPACK will attack him.


    I hardly ever comment on the Line Up except sometimes jokinly. I feel like it’s an insult to the manager if it’s in the nagative. But I like to complement, Working with the DH slot everyday is both fun and also seriously manuvers the team beautifully. Jim Tracy was terrible at it. I don’t think he ever knew how to use it. He generally placed the same hitter in eveyday. This gives every body a chance to use the bat. Joe Torre has become an expert at it. He works the whole team around(or in it). I follow it because being a National League fan I don’t normally watch this process in action. I’m still against it because it changes the stratergy of the old ball game to much and I still belieive if I was a pitcher I’d still love to hit. But don’t change I like the way they have it now. WELL IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR ME TO LEAVE SO ALL I CAN SAY IS>>>>LET’S GO DODGERS IN TAMPA BAY OR WHERE EVER YOU ARE.


    After watching Loney operate at first base and at bat I really never want to see Nomar playing first again. If he wants to try third base and can start delivering with some power, then O.K. – otherwise, let’s find a way to deal him somewhere else.


    I don’t have any stats, but is Abreu, like Betemit, noticeably better batting lefty than righty?


    abreu’s average batting right is .192 and batting left is .297…so yeah he’s better batting left


    Well, then the answer is to have Nomar play third base against left-handed pitching and maybe to pinch hit, but don’t let him near first base again.


    Man that was a terrible call on Pierre’s steal…. that one really had me heated, especially after the terrible call at third yesterday when the guy trapped the glove to the base with his foot and he was fing safe!!! COME ON. We should have had a run that inning…


    Agreed. Now is the time to begin the Nomar at third experiment, bc Loney deserves to play every day and no one has stepped up at third.. I for one believe he can do it and have wanted it the entire season…


    I can’t remember the time when the Dodgers had a less effective backup catcher than Lieberthal. He has proven to be a disastrous selection, and that needs to be corrected. We can’t rely on him to play in Martin’s place, and Martin needs more days off to rest up for the long season. Giving the start to Lieberthal is just like giving up the game. Hall was so much better last year that you really miss him or just somebody halfway decent.


    That’s NOt Edwin Jackson…It’s Cy Young…This
    is really Pathetic…Horrible

    It drives me insane……


    This is probably the most frustrating two games I’ve watched all season. A lot of it is out of their control, umpire blowing calls, that last double play, some of it is their fault but this is really frustrating!


    Any chance that we can get Jackson back for Hendrickson? I would throw in Lieberthal and two cases of jock straps.


    Anybody else want to argue that there isn’t some sort of fate playing with these last two games. And shut that guy up already!


    Once again – GET RID OF LIEBERTHAL and get a catcher – any catcher that can give some relief to Martin.


    seriously whos the drunk in the background? Of course the way these past two games have been i wish i was smashed.


    I know it’s better with him in the rotation and I support him being there. But, not having him in the pen will lead to this happening more often. It’s the main reason I supported keeping Bills there for as long as possible. We may be burning our bridge to Brox and Saito.


    Bills belongs in the rotation. The bullpen needs one or two more guys cuz Bombko isn’t getting it done and Beimel isn’t as automatic as he was last year. Not to mention Hendrickson. I think its time to give Jon Meloan a look. If that doesn’t work out send him back down and look for an arm in a trade or something.


    If we go the whole season with Bombko and Hendrickson in the pen something is really really wrong in Ned’s head.


    Loney has more HR’s than Nomar, but both have come in garbage time. My point, nothing because Loney should never sit. Just an observation. Fact is Loney has more HR’s than Nomar.


    and of course Betmiss K’s on 4 pitches. Thats gotta be the Betemit special or something


    Can Nomar play third tomorrow? I know he can, but he really should now.

    I wish Gonzo could be our DH.


    I’m actually going to jump on the bandwagon, Nomar should move to third. James Loney should never EVER be benched. Our best lineup that we can put out there contains both Nomar AND Loney. Not to mention the outfield situation with the Kemp, Ethier, Gonzo, Pierre logjam. Gonzo is ripping the ball and needs to play everyday. Hopefully, AZ and S.D can cough today’s games up and it will help us forget these awful past 2 games.


    Betmiss does not belong on this team — Enough is Enough is enough…
    Wake up Grady & Ned !!!!

    Did anybody really think that Dioner N. WOULDN’T HAVE THE 2 BEST GAMES OF HIS LIFE…

    Did anybody really think that E.Jackson WOULDN’T GET HIS FIRST WIN IN 2 YEARS..

    Every former Dodger in history has always come back to hurt us in a big way…. Weird, but that is how it has always been…

    These last 2 games have been so PAINFUL to watch… Almost nothing has gone right for our team & everything has gone right for TampaBay….Continuous BAD LUCK just killed us in so many different ways…

    Then, of course, their was the Umpires….Yesterday at the plate (especially with Kent) & at 3rd base… Then today at 2nd base…..PATHETIC CALLS THAT WERE OBVIOUS MISTAKES…

    We did make mistakes but we really DESERVE A MUCH BETTER OUTCOME…..

    There were some BRIGHT SPOTS….Kemp & Loney at the plate continue to excell…

    Plus Gonzo did well… Nomar being sick (just kidding)..

    Now it’s on to Arizona for bigger & better things….


    Yeah you just felt no matter what these past few games Tampa Bay was going to find a way to win. 3-0 Boston over S.D Top 3. Betemit is too inconsistant but by returning to the N.L he can be useful off the bench…till July when I ship his tush off. With Marlon on the roster we already have a left handed pinch hitter. If they do make “The Move” with Nomar, Betemit becomes expendable because if Nomar gets hurt we have LaRoche/Abreu to take over third. It’s time Dodgers to make “The Move”!


    Saw on Tony Jackson’s blog that Raffy’s ankle is visibly hurting, like he was almost limping at one point. I’m going to suggest that he should be rested or possibly put on the DL until the ankle is fully recovered. We need Raffy at his best like he was the second half of last season. You know that he has been nothing near that form, and that probably is not his fault. Let’s take that decision away from him and at least sit him down for a couple of days and hope for improvement.


    As we all know, Grady is deathly afraid to SIT certain players & Raffy happens to be one of them…

    I’m afraid that unless Raffy Breaks his leg (or worse) Grady will shove him out there every day….


    I really like Tony Jackson of the Daily News ..
    He tells it like it is… Pulls no punches… This is what he had to say after todays game….

    “This might be the lowest point in the Dodgers’ season thus far. Blowing a three-run lead in the ninth at San Diego is one thing. Losing two of three to this outfit is quite another. Losing ONE to E-Jax? That’s about as bad as it gets, especially considering no other major-league has done it since 2005. James Loney homered in the ninth, putting him in the evergrowing legion of Dodgers players who have more home runs than Nomar this season. Matt Kemp followed with a single, but it didn’t really matter much because Wilson Betemit was on deck. Predictably, he struck out swinging and is now 0 for 18 with 7 Ks. Dodgers fall to 42-33 and limp (literally, in the case of Rafael Furcal) into the most important week of the season to date, a seven-game stretch against the D-Backs and Pods”.


    raffy should be put on the DL, but im sure they won’t. Maybe they should have abreu spell raffy a few days a week at SS, let meat play third. or you know, they could have nomar play there, since, we already have a real first baseman.


    I just got back from Keyspan Park where Brooklyn lost to the Hudson Valley Renegades, now get this a minor league affiliate of the Tampa Bay Devil-Rays. So you’d say I was beaten twice by the same organization. The ceremonious night was almost like a memorial. Danny McDevitt threw the first pitch to Joe Pignatano in reminiscent to the last pitch thrown at Ebbet’s field. After the applause our attention was turn to the press box where a sign was unvailed showing the names of the 2 players and the date Sept. 24 1957. The only thing they left out was the tomb stone. It was all down hill from here. First of all you would expect both to be wearing a Dodger Blue uniform. Oh no, they both wore a white red stripe Cyclone Shirt and were hatless. From there on it was 50s Music, an ordinary wild night with games and prizes every half inning, Foul ball sounds, sounds of broken glass, bells ringing, happy birthday tributes, Bombs exploding, Woody Woodpecker laughs & the rest. The Renegades had a player named “O’Malley’, which I gave a piece of my mind in an otherwise quiet moment. All in all it was a fun night as usual at Keyspan. I was disappointed that the Dodger museum was closed after the game but my daughter and I took pictures under the Jackie Robinson Pee Wee Reese Statue. A lot of young people act like the Dodgers are dead but in my heart, they are not they live on and on and on. The saddest news about tonight’s game was the poor outting by Joe BEIMEL, but they’re only human. Congrats to da GONZ. It’s good to here LONEY cleared the fence. The next 6 games are B__I__G, could MAKE or break us. LET’S GO DODGERS.


    I did not catch yesterday’s game. but i did listen to the game on Saturday. It ***** that we lost that game all i want to say is luck was just not on our side that game. He hit into so many double plays that game and left many runners on base. But yet there were some plays that game that really upset me. Like Matt Kemp batting with bases loaded and swinging on a 2-0 count and grounding into a double play. And in the 8th inning with Furcal at first and no one out Pierre should of bunted to move the runner over but instead made an out.
    A little more disicipline by our hitters and a little more common sense by Graddy Little.

    Late in a game with one run down. we do whatever it takes to put that runner in scoring position.

    We need a power bat. Betemin is not cutting it. Put Nomar at third. Leave Looney at first(our future).


    If the Dodgers don’t play Loney at first and Kemp in the field everyday, then they deserve to lose. I don’t care what they do with Nomar. If they want to put him at third that makes some sense, if he gets hurt playing third who cares because then you’re no worse off than you are now.


    If Nomar is so frail that he no longer can handle third base, he shouldn’t be playing period and should not have a big three year contract – another signing by Colletti that may have been overdone.


    Too Bad the Dodger’s didn’t play yhe Yankees bfore the All-Star break this year. It would have been a great chance for MARTIN to get some RECOGNITION. The gnats got more pictures taken in the Daily News(NY) over the weekend than the Mets. They also celebrated the ’62 WS. Maybe next year we’ll celebrate our ’63 Sweep. The gnats might have hit the tramboline at bottom of the NLWEST. We can sure use the spring againsts the Friers. GO GNATS GO. We can use the help –no?


    Wow the last couple games were hard to watch… i look forward to the pitching match-ups on this coming 4 game series with those darn snakes! We have Brad, then Bills, then Lowe and then ???? i think it would be Wolf’s turn right im not sure why they havent named him the starter for the finale? i would assume they dont make Kuo start on short of rest again (that showed in yesterdays game) so im not sure why it was TBD but if anyone has any info as to why Wolf isnt slated there please can you let me know!? I hope he is not hurt, he has been a little on the rocky side lately but i think it has been all this shuffling of the rotation and im sure he will start dominating like he was towards the beggining of the season!!!!

    GO DODGERS!!!!!

    GO BRAD!!!!

    VOTE 4 MARTIN!!!!!!


    Among whatever other adjustments we make for the second half of the season, we better address getting ourselves a reasonably reliable backup catcher. Lieberthal is absolutely not cutting it either at the plate or behind it. Martin will need some relief, possibly more so than has been the case so far, and we cannot leave the catching to Lieberthal, as good as that idea might have seemed to Colletti in the off-season. At least Hall was not an absolute failure last year. I cannot remember when the Dodgers had a worse backup catcher than Lieberthal has turned out to be.


    I totally agree Lieberthal stinks. Not just because of yesterday , but all season he has stunk. At least Toby Hall hit a little and could throw out runners. Lieberthal has not been any good since his last injury. Just another older guy stinkin it up.


    to; carcyn,A little more disicipline by our hitters and a little more common sense by Graddy Little.
    Late in a game with one run down. we do whatever it takes to put that runner in scoring position.

    ….What good would that do

    carcyn ???? They can’t score

    anyone, that’s on bass…So

    that’s out…..


    I love my Dodgers, but it’s time that they become CONSISTENT. Losing 2 out of 3 to Tampa Bay, plus their overall inconsistent play to this point this year is UNACCEPTABLE if they are striving to win the division, make the playoffs and win the World Series. If guys like Kuo, Tomko and Hendrickson can’t do the job, bring up someone from the farm system who will make a better effort. With Schmidt out, those guys MUST do a better job. It’s time—NOW! Same with some of the position players like Betemit. I’m very glad that management wised up and gave Loney and Kemp the opportunity…….now do the same with the starters. Billingsley should have been a starter all along…..if you’re going to be patient with under-achievers like Kuo, Tomko and Hendrickson, management should give Billingsley an FAIR opportunity to develope as a starter….not just a few innings here and there.


    uh, first of all, bills is a starter now. and yes it should have been done a while ago, but at least he’s in the rotation now. secondly, kuo had one bad outing. he pitched well enough yesterday to win. the bullpen was just awful yesterday. bomko and lurch should have never been starting to begin with, agreed. i saw alot of offense in tampa bay but they just couldn’t push those runs across. and it seemd to me that not doing the little things, like advancing the runner and so forth fell just as much on the shoulders of the vets than the kids. no one did what they were supposed to do. liebs had a horrendous day, but i kind of expect that since he plays like once a month.


    Yeah, Kuo didn’t deserve to lose that game yesterday, in fact he didn’t even allow the go ahead run to score. He was taken out and Seanez allowed the inherited run to score. Beimel just had one of those nightmare outings, but I expect Grady to put him right back out there again tonight. Just like he did after Broxton’s meltdown in San Diego. I would love to take 3 of 4 against the Snakes to retake first place. A split while disappointing I can take. Anything less needless to say would not be good. Really looking forward to the next week of games!


    VOTE FOR MARTIN! (Only a few days left)


    Hey, a Nomar two year deal is a lot better than a three year deal – still a YEAR TOO MANY!!!


    How about – 2 years too many

    I wonder if he is still sick??? I know I’m still sick of watching him play….


    Yeah i must say watching Nomar swing the first couple months of this season was like having to listen to someone scratch their nails against a chalk board.(the hair on my neck just stood up) But i must also say that he has turned it up a notch the last 5-10 games he has played:

    Nomar’s First 8 games in June-

    6-28, .214, 2 RBI’s, 1K

    Nomar’s Last 8 games-

    10-29, .344, 4 RBI’s, 1K, 1SB

    The thing that sticks out is he has only had 1 extra base hit in both the first 8 games in June and the last 8 games he has played. That to me is a Red Flag, the guy had more than double the extra base hits he had this time last year:

    ’07 extra base hits up to June 21- 13 including 1 HR

    ’06 extra base hits up to June 21- 29 including 8 HR’s

    Man I miss the Nomar we had last year and im sure managament feels the same!

    My point really is Nomar isnt doing so hot but i know he has it in him and i really hope the last couple off days off (granted it was with flu-like symptoms) gave him the rest he needs to get it into gear.

    Then on the other hand im glad he has been out because Loney has been showing why he should be a starting first baseman. I mean honestly who can sit hear and say he would not be a starting fulltime firstbaseman with any other club, i guess its bitter sweet to have this kind of situation and i would not want to be Grady at this point in time.

    Go DODGERS!!!!


    O MAN!!! You know i was sad to see LoDuca leave the club when he did but now my side hurts because of him! lol He was suspended for 2 games today (maybe this will help Martin in the voting race) because he couldnt control himself. I have never seen him this way before:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Randolphs attempts to keep LoDuca from ripping Marvin Hudson’s head off is priceless (its like something you see in the movies) him going back and forth and back and forth, and then LoDuca’s facial expressions!!!!!!!!! O MAN my side really does hurt!


    dahustlasbac, i was not sad to see loduca go one bit, when i saw what players we recieved in return. aquiring penny gets an A+ in my book right now.


    also welcome back ray! you missed out on some interesting stuff, i hope you got to witness josh’s negativity post. great stuff. check the archive if not.

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