Tonight's game

It’s turn back the clock night and everyone will be wearing Brooklyn jerseys that will be auctioned off later for charity. They’re very cool looking jerseys and as far as I know, it’s only the second time we’ve ever worn uniforms with Brooklyn across the chest since moving to Los Angeles. The only other time was in LA two years ago when we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the 1955 World Championship. Don Zimmer will be honored, Duke Snider, Johnny Podres and Carl Erskine will be here to sign autographs and all sorts of cool things are planned, so if you happen to be in Tampa Bay, be sure to get over here.

And, if you’re in Jacksonville, head to the Suns game tonight and get a Matt Kemp Bobblehead. I’d post a photo but again, this system isn’t working correctly so you’ll have to go to their site.

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Kent, 2B

Saenz, DH

Loney, 1B

Kemp, RF

Ethier, LF

Abreu, 3B

Wolf, P



    so much for russell getting a day of or being a DH for a day. c’mon grady give the kid a break.


    hmm. again no nomah, even against a lefty. wonder if he’s not well and heading to the DL.
    won’t complain though, the lineup has loney, kemp, & ethier.

    still unsure if abreu is the right player at 3rd (over betemit) at this juncture. he seems to have hit the wall. but he does appear to be The Future at 2nd.

    ALLSTAR VOTING: anybody receive those 25-50% coupons for tix?










    I wonder if Jon still thinks I want the Dodgers to win the World Series. He thought it was a trick question when he asked me. He had no idea I really want the Dodgers to fail. Wonder if he’s figured it out yet? And even if he does he won’t ban me. Jon and his entourage protect me.

    Now to one of my greatest anti-Dodger quotes with a link. From last night…..

    (When it comes to the Dodgers) I’m right, and you guys all know it.

    And yes, the Dodgers would be better off in the long run if they tanked this season bc the kids need time and the vets are washed up as it is.

    The absolute worst thing that can happen this year is if the team stays mediocre (which I predicted would happen), stay within 4-5 games, the vets all play and the team ends up in 3rd place. That’s a horrible year, as nothing gets accomplished.

    Go ahead posters at dodger thoughts. Keep welcoming me with open arms. A guy who admittedly wants the Dodgers to fail this season.













    Would sombody please tell Grady that Tubby Tomatoe is hitting around .200 & has looked completely silly at the plate lately…

    Nomar (batting RH with higher avg,) or Gonzo (Highest Avg. on the team against LH pitchers) Would seem to be a much better option… Besides, DHing is almost like getting a day off…


    Martin should be DHing this whole series since our next off day is the all star break which he won’t be getting off.


    1) I hate FOX. I was looking forward to watching Justin Verlander’s start today. This would be great too to see who the rest of my family cheers for – the Braves, or local guy Verlander. I don’t care about the Giants vs the Yankees, or for that matter, just about any game that FOX picks in their stupid regional broadcast. Of course, Dodger fans already know that FOX is bad for baseball.

    2) Nomar is out again, which could mean he’ll play tomorrow while Kent gets the day game after the night game off. However, I’m more convinced that he saw a ghost in his room.

    3) Betemit is one guy who’s just plain due for a turnaround, but it doesn’t seem like he’ll get a chance soon. It was amusing to see he was used as a pinch runner last night, though.

    4) Randy Wolf got off to a great start, but has had a few mediocre to bad starts lately. It seems like he would be due for another good one, particularly with Martin catching him this time.

    5) Since it’s a throwback night, it seems that an old Dodger might be appropriate to quote. As Roy Campanella would often say the day after a win, “The same team that won yesterday is gonna win today!”


    i agree, sit tomato..he’s done relativley nothing of late. Btw, tony jackson’s blog has a completely different lineup with nomar in. I have to think that one’s correct, no way loney would hit against a LHP. Unless nomar suddenly got injured and Jackson doesn’t know.


    On (3), never mind. I forgot somehow about Betemit’s nightmarish splits vs left-handers.


    i hope this one is right. Loney can rake. Nomar should be back home changing diapers with Mia.


    i can’t believe Josh would do something like POST THE WRONG LINE UP, i’m sure this is correct. anybody have Loneys splits even if it’s just minor league splits.


    This does sound more like what Grady would do….

    Before any of you get on your daily James Loney soapbox, consider this: The Dodgers are facing a lefty tonight, one of the toughest lefties in the league and a guy who is going to be a star pitcher for years to come. After a game in which Loney went 3 for 5 with a double, this one could have been a real buzzkill if he had gone 0 for 4 with two or three Ks against Scott Kazmir. If he isn’t in there tomorrow against Edwin Jackson, then maybe you have a case for moral outrage. And besides, if Nomar is going to double his HR total to two, who better to do it against than the D-Rays? He has 15 career HRs against them, more than any other opponent except Baltimore (19). … Oh, and you can at least take solace in the fact that Kemp is playing while Gonzo sits, another obvious nod to Kazmir.

    SS Furcal

    CF Pierre

    1B Nomar

    2B Kent

    DH Saenz

    C Martin

    RF Kemp

    LF Ethier

    3B Abreu

    LH Wolf


    I agree Max –
    A day or two off for Martin would be nice… Especailly today where Wolf could be pitching to his old catcher… You could use him in as the DH…

    Still don’t like Saenz DHing..


    kazmir has been ok, rwbjr. we missed tampas ace this series. loney is our future 1b, hes not gonna be the platoon type 1b, hes legit. he needs to be getting ab’s against leftys as well.


    i know everyone thinks that martin needs a day off.. but judging by the fact that we’re 1-6 in games he hasn’t started at catcher it’s like admitting defeat. not saying it’s leiberthal’s fault because he’s a very capable back-up.. but maybe it’s just a change in attitude when he’s not there.. i agree that he needs days off (although i don’t think russell believes it), but i’d be lying if i said the games were just as exciting when he sits.. he is my favorite player after all


    Graffiti —

    I pretty much agree with you…

    But, My post was a quote from Tony Jackson of the Daily News….Lineup and all…

    I’m sorry that I didn’t make that clear….


    The wonderful mind of Mr. Colletti comes to full fruition!!!
    Milton Bradly was designated for assignment yesterday hence completing the best trade in Dodgers recent history.

    Way to go Ned.


    ok… an update. apparently nomar has the flu from jackson’s blog. well, i guess we’ll see how well loney does against hard LHP.


    LakerFan —

    Like Max suggested earlier, Martin in the DH would keep him in the game, but also give him a rest from the wear and tear of catching…

    The fact is, Martin has caught more games than any other catcher in the Majors…

    If every other manager in baseball thinks it important to get their catcher more rest than Martin has had, then I tend to believe it is probably a good idea…


    regardless of how he acted being from long beach i root for bradley. when he is healthy mentally and physically we all have seen how special he can be. he had huge part in our success in 2004 and i wish him the best of luck in the future.


    rwbjr, i completely agree with you.. i think we all understand that keeping him fresh and healthy is what’s most important for this ball club.. i was merely pointing out that we lose on days when he doesn’t start at catcher (even if he is the DH just like in anaheim). the only win we have of those 7 games is the first time it happened this season.. but yes, i am always suprised that he doesn’t get more expected days off as well


    This is a quote from Tony Jackson’s blog —

    “Nomar came to the park with the flu and was sent back to the hotel so he wouldn’t spread it to anyone. So James Loney is in the lineup against Kazmir.


    its not the like the phillies lost everytime liebs was behind the plate guys. He’s a fine back up catcher. Martin will get his time off.

    i root for uncle miltie too. he is very talented. i hope he can get his career back on track.


    Martin is the Man —
    I think he will be made Captain of the team next year… After, most of the Vets are gone…

    He plays with great Energy & Enthusiasm (just as Kemp,Ethier,Loney do)…

    He is a pure joy to watch…

    It will be amazing to see him in the AllStar Game…

    Everybody will get to see, what we alredy know, what a great player he really is…


    it was never mentioned that Bradley was DFA because of personality issues i’m sure he’ll find a baseball home some where.


    I agree, Milton B. is a very gifted player…

    It is just to bad that he is so injury prone… And, that he is unable to control his temper…

    Why is it that soooo many of these young players, with all the money they make, can’t just be happy playing the game they love….


    Have we ever played the Yankees during interleague play ????

    If not, why not ???

    I can’t think of a rivalry with more history than the Dodgers & Yankees


    i love the uniforms! and nice AB by martin after the 4 pitches to furcal and pierre


    A real SHAKEY start for the Boys in Blue ……

    Let’s not let the game get out-of-hand…


    We played the Yanks in 2004 (I was there during the Friday night game and it was the greatest atmosphere for baseball ever).


    Tomatoe works the count and gets a Walk ….
    Way to go tomatoe …

    Good start to the inning …

    Now it is Kiddy time …


    Bad luck for Loney …

    Thanks for the info momoracci..

    I don’t remember the summer of 2004 because I was out of the country at the time…

    I can just imagine how enjoyable it must have been…


    I wonder if Nomar’s health problems will last very long…

    He is probably getting sicker watching Loney play 1st base….


    Our 3 speedsters due up —

    Let’s get something going —

    Let Mr Martin & Mr Kent drive you in —


    Another run because of a weak arm in CenterField…

    It would be interesting to know how many runs have been scored this season because of that weakness in our defense…


    Is he the man or what ???(along with Martin of course)

    He sure has a sweet swing ???

    Time for the KIDS toget some runs….


    it is just me or has management shown a lot more patience with Abreu than they did with Laroche?


    Alright Raffy & Pierre —

    It is now time for you guys to contribute….

    Join the party ….


    yeah…that was a perfect suicide squeeze by pierre and a not so good performance by martin…i hope he gets rolling again. cuz he’s so much fun to watch


    anybody see kemp get really angry in the dugout and repeatedly bang his helmet?…that must have been very frustrating for him


    How predictable was that !!

    Sweet Revenge for Dioner !!!

    Why does that always seem to happen with the Dodgers ??

    Wasted opportunities are going to Bite us in the But…


    “Why does that always seem to happen with the Dodgers ??”

    Yeah? Edwin Jackson’s probably going to pitch the game of his career tomorrow…


    I know many of us are interested in Kershaw. Since Wolf is being Wolf, I have some positive news. Kershaw pitched 6 innings tonight, giving up 4 hits and 2 runs, none earned. He also walked 2 and stuck out 9. The man is going to be good! They are losing the game 3 to 2 in the ninth.


    The guys on TV keep saying that the top of the order is due up – Like that is a good thing….

    I would much rather take my chances with the bottom of our order…..


    We have **** on the Gulf Coast team named Yosanddy Garcia. In 33 games last year, he hit 3 HR with 19 rbi’s. In his first 2 games this year, he has 3 HR’s with 8 rbi’s.


    I just don’t think we are destined to win this game…

    Everything we do just turns lousey…

    NOW Martin gets a hit…

    NOW Martin steals 2nd ….

    Ok Kent — change our luck..


    am i the only one that thinks that sign always says *** Clubs?

    Kent can’t hit offspeed pitches.


    and 13 is also the amount of runners we’ve left on base tonight…

    Some days it’s chicken and other days it’s feathers…


    Kent is due for a rest tomorrow …

    Who is going to play 3rd – Our .190 hitter Wilson B. ?????


    timjyoo, good question but there is an easy answer. It is tough to trade a guy with an era at almost 6. Need to try to lower his era so we can get something for him.


    Oh Well – What the Hey

    We Just Weren’t Destined to Win this Game …..

    Getem tomorrow….


    Had neigbors over the house and there is nothing that can make them watch an out of town ballgame like them old (oversized) BROOKLYN uniforms. Thank You LA for always honoring our borough and never fogetting the BIRTHPLACE of our Dodgers. Sports Clubs & bars in B’klyn and all over New York City with out of town tune ins will always remember and look forward to these nostagia nights. Thanks for not representing some old PCL team, Thank you for remembering us always.


    oh man that game definitely broke my heart. i had to listen to most of it. i had to run an errand that resulted in me driving around for like 2.5 hours and i told myself i’d make it home to watch the 9th inning. i was in such a hurry on the way back that when i was walking to my car, i slammed my foot against the sidewalk and of course i’m wearing flip flops…i think i broke a few toes and then i made it home only to watch gonzo make the final out 😦 oh well, we’ll get them tomorrow

    hahaha i can see the resemblance to mrs. doubtfire


    Don’t look at this game as a game of missed opportunities, just think it was a game we almost won. The Dodgers did the best they could, they went down fighting. REMEMBER>>>THERE’S ALWAYS TOMORROW>


    all i will say is 15 lob 478 obp. : ) im happy we are getting hits and we are getting on base, we just couldnt hit a dang pop fly. i wonder how long nomars flu is gonna last. and finally seeing matt kemp take that walk was one of the highlights of the season thus far.


    btw, i wonder if coletti is talking with florida? kevin kennedy kind of snuck that wilson betemit thing out there..pretty interesting. tony abreu is looking lost up there….
    my dream trade.


    broxton( meloan )






    ugh. abreu needs to go back to vegas. unfourtunately there’s no one thats really any better than him.
    even though kemp hit into the DP he and loney had very impressive at bats tonight. ethier as well.

    kent needs a day off, so does martin.

    good job tonight tomko, i can’t believe i just said that.

    wolf, stop serving up meatballs.


    yeah Abreu still needs some work. As much as people say Laroche Struggled he actually got on base and was productive. I have no idea why they sent him down after 38 AB’s.


    Because he ****** Max…. if you **** then you need work 38 or 380 Ab’s he is still ******* in Vegas…I’m ready for a real 3rd baseman and don’t think LaRoche will do it thi year or next. Abreu might do 2nd next but 3rd is the sore spot.


    Abreu has room to improve, but his advantage is that he’s also able to play 2nd to give Kent a rest.

    If I set the lineup tomorrow, I’d go with:

    Furcal – ss

    Loney – 1b

    Kemp – cf

    Gonzalez – lf

    Nomar – dh

    Ethier – rf

    Betemit – 3b

    Lieberthal – c

    Abreu – 2b

    and let Pierre come in late in the game as a defensive replacement with Gonzalez coming out. I doubt Little will rest Pierre, but I think we will see Kent off tomorrow, Betemit in and Abreu at 2nd, and Nomar still sick. I’d rest Martin, personally, and Little just might with the upcoming division play next week. So I’d actually expect:

    Furcal – 6

    Pierre – 8

    Kemp – 9

    Gonzo – (dh)

    Loney – 3

    Ethier – 7

    Betemit – 5

    Lieberthal – 2

    Abreu – 4

    Kuo – 1


    fisher, I’m gonna argue with you and say that LaRoche didn’t ****. He hit a few balls hard that happened to be right at people. If you look at the Hardball Times, they have a stat called PrOPS, which looks at what you would expect batted balls to do in play based on whether they were grounders, popups, line drives, etc. LaRoche should have an OPS about .200 points higher, and if you give him a bit more time, you will notice quite an improvement.

    There’s also nothing wrong with walking a ton, which he did. That wasn’t just based on him batting 8th, but on him batting 8th with the reputation that he had from the minors.


    LaRoche was perfectly acceptable during his call-up (good defense, got on base), he just didn’t hit for power due to his shoulder issues. He’s on the minor league DL at the moment, but when healthy, he IS a “real” 3rd baseman.


    hoping for better luck against Edwin Jackson, he’s wild so i hope the Dodgers are patient at the plate.

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