Haunted hotels…

To answer the question about why we stay in a hotel that’s haunted, I guess it’s because it’s still a very nice hotel. And, despite everyone talking about it as we checked in early this morning, there are probably a dozen people in the clubhouse right now and no one seems to have seen any ghosts last night. Then again, usually there are more than a dozen people at this time…maybe something happened last night.

Anyway, here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, DH

Loney, 1B

Kemp, RF

Ethier, RF

Abreu, 3B

Lowe, P


AWESOME LINE-UP. Thank you, Grady.

Ethier should be LF.

Haha. I beat you to it today Jon. No. I will not say I want the Dodgers to win the World Series in 2007 because I don’t want them too. I want the Dodgers to crash and burn. I hate the Dodgers for what they did to me by firing Paul DePodesta. I was so happy in 2005. I used to post at http://www.dodgers.cc all the time as BluetotheExtreme. I even used to refer the Dodgers as ‘we’ on that site. As if I and the Dodgers were one.
I don’t do that anymore. The only reason I follow the Dodgers is to root for failure and talk smack to the real Dodger fans on various forums (until I get banned) when the team is struggling. When the team is playing well I stay hidden in my iggy bin.

Still want to thank you Jon for not banning me. You’re the only one. Glad to know I have a home at your forum. Thanks again man. Your regulars, I know, appreciate my insight. Like when I tell them Saito’s K/BB ratio, or inform them that Werth is the Phillies starting outfielder, or praise someone’s patience, when I say, “wow that was ugly”.

Take care Jon. And forget about the $1000. It’s not happening friend.

Yeah…Jayson Werth is in the Phillies starting lineup batting .244!!! He’s so great!! **rolls eyes**

According to that article about the haunted hotel there in Tampa it appears that one of the main setup men (Scott Williamson) for Grady Little in the ’03 playoffs in Boston was seeing ghosts in a hotel earlier in the year. That’s comforting to know.

By the way Joey P., how about your good friend JD Drew? Here’s his numbers compared to Ethier’s.


Drew 210 51 6 30 .243.346 .386

Ethier 210 57 6 29.271 .323 .419

Very nice work there— thats nice to see…

Man that is a really good lineup right there! Tampa Bay also has a solid lineup and are capable of putting up a lot of runs. Gotta start off strong with Lowe on the hill. If you look at the pitching matchup a lot of people would say this is a gimmie. But, that’s why you play the game. Nothing is for sure in this game. And Tampa Bay can flat out hit. The Pads have to deal with Matsuzaka and the Red Sox in probably the most interesting series of the weekend right up there with the Yankees and Giants. Good stuff this weekend.

Go Dodgers!

Vote for Martin!

I’m not worried about Drew. He’s a stud. He’ll have the numbers by the end of the season.

And like i posted over at DodgerBlues as ArubanPolice…if the Padres avoid injuries they’ll win the division by 5-7 games. (I dare not post such a thing on dodgerthoughts. I’m kind of cowardly ya know. I want them guys to think I’m a true Dodger fan.)

BTW….Ethier’s making about 14 million dollars less per year than Drew. Even Drew’s OBP% is very low. What happened to your Princess???













No need to scratch you head Mr. Enders.





Joeyp’s hatred for the Dodgers must be kept a secret. Do not discuss it.





Carry on.













Lowe has given up 1 run or less in 4 of his last 5 starts in which he has a 3-1 record… Not to shabby…


I’m not a Drew fan, but to be fair, he has a .926 OPS in June. Imagine if we could insert that kind offense in place of Juan Pierre.

joeyp how about your other boys how are they doing- Choi, Navarro, Guzman, Bradley I can’t imagine this team without Martin that’s our heart & soul! This is by far the best line up in the west please keep this line up Grady!!!!

Got to approve of this lineup. Does that mean if we win, we can keep the same for tomorrow, or is Grady going to screw around with it.

I forgot Valentin that was a great pick up

Kudos to management for inserting Kemp in there, Josh put 2 RF’ders today?? i’m sure Kemp will be in Right & Ethier in Left.

diehard…you cant fault Depo for Valentin. He got hurt and as we saw last year with the Mets he could still hit. Unlike Schmidt, Valentin showed no signs of an injury when signed he got injured on a freak play at the plate.

Ok, this could be cool. Tomorrow night, the Dodgers will be wearing their 1955 Brooklyn Dodger uniforms while the Rays will wear uniforms of the St. Petersburg Saints of the Florida State League. Thanks to Tony Jackson’s blog.

No but I rather keep a defensive player that hits for average his three previous seasons before he came to LA he hit



not to mention all the strikeouts and errors I hate that guy.

sweet. i love retro nights. awesome lineup. i sure hope we win or we’ll never see it again. ever.

I love the line-up…Best one i’ve seen to date

Hey everyone! Including you lostmysoul321….


Very nice lineup… we should score our share tonight.

Go Kuo!!

Go Dodgers!!

this is great, everyone needs to stop talking to this joey P. you guys dont have to bash every depo move when he posts, you cannot sense the sarcasm? ignore the troll. next person to debate with the troll should be banned. it is so pointless.

I apologize for feeding the troll that is Joey P. and his man crush on Depo.

1) I guess Pierre covers so much ground that he doesn’t need a left fielder. 🙂 Either than, or Kemp and Ethier play rock, paper, scissors to see who gets right or left.

2) Nice game last night for just about everybody, really. Pierre went back to having shorter plate appearances, but otherwise all was good.

3) Nomar’s absence from the lineup makes me wonder if his room was haunted. He seems like the most superstitious one on the team.

4) Dioner Navarro isn’t doing so well. He’s thrown out 23% of baserunners and he’s hitting .170/.241/.240. That line just screams revenge for Julio Lugo.

5) Sonnastine has had 3 major league starts, and his big weakness is the longball (6 in 19 IP!). He seems to throw strikes, just some that aren’t very good ones from a pitcher’s perspective. I don’t see our guys striking out a whole lot without swinging, so this promises to be a fun game. Especially since we have Lowe pitching.

Yeah, nice lineup too.

Lowe has given up 1 run or less in 4 of his last 5 starts in which his record is 3-1… Not to shabby…

If everyone keeps on letting this Joey P character get to them, we will have to put up with his bologna forever. It’s as simple as how to get rid of a bully…don’t let him get to you.
GO Blue.


Even though I’m happy to see Loney in the lineup, I hope Nomar gets a chance to pinch hit, he’s still one of our best-despite what the blogging community has to say.

randy, Nomar is still o.k in my book but i really wish he’d see more pitches, you don’t think the other teams know he’s a 1st pitch hitter & counter him with that defect?

Please make sure Juan Pierre is checked into room 1408.

Please — will somebody tell me the reasoning behind batting Furcal in the leadoff spot rather than Pierre…. Just Curious..

Like most of you, I do think that this is the best lineup so far this season…

Nomar is on pace for a historically bad season for a Dodger first basemen. His average with RISP is about all he has going for him.

If Nomar’s name wasn’t Nomar Garciaparra he would be on the bench, in the minors or DFA’d

This is scary! The first night in Toronto nobody liked the lineup Grady put out there and they scored 10 runs. Every one posting tonight seems to really like this lineup, so we’ll probably just win 3-0.

You folks realize your having a conversation with someone impersonating the person you don’t like(JoeyP) and also impersonating a gentleman(Jon) who has more Dodger blue in his pinky then the rest of you have in your whole bodies. To mock a man who everyday shows his love for the Dodgers based on the time and feelings he puts into his blog is pathetic.

As far as Joey goes, he bugs everyone but battle it out in an honest an open way, not this cowardly backdoor **** your pulling.

Six of the nine batters in tonights lineup could very well be in our future lineups for years & years to come..
Sure hope they continue to mature & improve (Furcal already there) in the weeks, months, years to come…

I hope they will all be together for a long, long time & bring us many winning seasons…

This ought to be a good lineup. I hope Gonzo comes through in the DH role. He’s been playing so well lately and it’s just killing people here in Arizona!

I’d like to see them roll over the Devil-Rays, this way maybe we’ll see more of Kemp and Loney and Either in the same line-up.

That’s good strategy, 2 right fielders. I would expect to find one of them in LF. One good thing about the DH, it helps give players more of a chance to play. I watch Joe Torre play around with his line up everday and he has various combinations. But I’m a traditionalist I like the old fashion way. Once the game begins.

I love the line-up and agree that there should be no lack of production here. I hope Lowe keeps to form and tears up these Rays (can we have a moment of silence for the late but great Steve Irwin “Bi-Crickie let’s get those Rays”) sorry i just had to!!!!!!!


GO LOWE!!!!!!!!


Hating a baseball team is one thing, but to me Joeyp is just frustrated. But it’s interesting. It’s like actually rooting backwards.

I am also in the “I love this lineup” camp.

What bothers me is why? If I analyze it one of our vets is sitting and one is DHing.

So we really only have on vet in there, Kent. Of course Furcal is not a youngster type youngster, and Pierre has been around the game a few years.

So maybe I’m just rambling and worrying about nothing!!! Think I’ll just sit back, pop a brewski, and enjoy the evening.

hey joeyp, you remind me of dennis quaid in major league 2. Go Dodgers!

What’s with the idiot screaming in the background?

What a Stud!

Wasn’t that Randy Quaid in ML2?

Yes fisher, it was RANDY.

good looking out fisher. Nice job gonzo.


Gonzo with his patented sweet HR stride!

Loney follows with his beautiful swing for a double

I used that one about Max just a few days ago wanted to make sure I had not posted wrong.WTG Loney!

I’m liking this!

sorry to take your line. New to the blog.

THE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no prob its a Blog everyone is free to say what they will with proper respect to the Topic and Welcome!

what a difference our third batter steals a bag and the young guys are smacking the ball everywhere!!!!

I don’t hate Nomar but there is no way that guy should still be batting third!!

I’m liking Gonzo more and more Maybe Gonzo to 3 and Martin to 5 with Nomar doing the mop up in the 6 hole.

The Kids & Gonzo !!!!

Raffy – It’s OK if you want to contribute also…

Given as we already have the highest paid hitting coach, and Schmidt could be the very highest paid pitching coach, I wish we’d make Nomar the highest paid public relations man and keep him out of the lineup period.

I can’t wait to finally see Kershaw in the future’s game!!!

Raffy sure didn’t look like he was running allout to 1st on his groundout.

Lowe & Penny Lethal combo!!!!

Nice play Kemp!

Martin doing his Nomar impersonation on that one….

4 straight batters have hit the ball well off Lowe, he needs to get through this.

Loney Needs to play 1st everyday!

Thanks to the tremendous glove of Loney, he did

We all see & agree who should probably be hitting 3rd or more to the point, who SHOULDN’T be hitting there….

However, I can almost guarantee Nomar will be hitting 3rd tomorrow….

It simply blows my mind that Grady doesn’t see what is ovbiously apparent to everybody else on the planet…

Did you just see that play by Loney ??? Just another reason why….

Loney…yeah you all know the rest

What a Beautiful swing stayed back and waited still pulled it through.And Kemp follows suit!

THE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Kids are at it again !!!
Let’s keep it going…

awwww man……

You’re no doubt right, rwbjr0 about Nomar returning to his usual spot tomorrow. There’s no way that Grady will let him sit out two days. That’s the shame with this team – we just don’t want to play the best components, because we have so much money spent on the veterans, and they have EGOS.

Its a shame it took Kemp and Loney this long to be on the big club together. I could watch this alllllllllllllll year long.

Loney and Kemp are our next 3-4 hitters.

Max — I’m sure your right… Hope it stays that way for years to come…

Welcome to the Bases Raffy!

Here we go —
It’s BIG INNING time —

YES 1-2 Punch Great ab by JP!

What a tremendous at bat by Pierre, send them in Martin!



Is there any question who should be hitting 3rd??????????????


THE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m really enjoying this game.

The only thing that keeps me from jumping aboard the Martin#3 train is the worry of burning him up.I want him in the game catching as many as possible.Thats the only reason I’d keep him in the 5 spot.

Headsup Play By Abreu!

Good point fisher


click click


Gotta quit wasting opportunities here and put this game away.

It must be mandated that the #3 hitter swings at the first pitch…They need to change that!

Loney is just Unreal at 1st base —-
A Gold Glover for years to come….


This game is getting to close for comfort…

Please guys, Don’t waste another great outing by D Lowe

That pitch was Nasty!

i’m still not comfortable when seanez come in…keep fingers crossed


On to Bills and Saito now we still need a run or 2 to keep it comfortable.


i bet kent is made that Young made him have to run that far.

old man showin some wheels!!!


nice triple by kent…it was fun to watch him run

some much needed insurance on the way


The Old Timers !!!!!!!!!!

Ha Ha Ha


HAHA!!! who would think it

HAHAHA the old guys with back to back triples…niiiice

Ok, there is something we will never EVER see again. But,***** am I glad I did tonight!

This is looking Much Better!


I don’t believe what I just saw

haha kent and gonzo are gonna need some extra Geritol tomorrow.

and james loney comes through. Nomar who?

WOW OLD MAN TRACK MEET!!! Followed by some clutch kiddie corp action gotta love this line-up!

This team is fun to watch boy!

It’s a Gatorade Moment!

The Kids with all their ENTHUSIASM have ignited this team…

I agree rwbjr, this team has a different feel to it with this line-up

I voted for Milton Bradley 250 time for the as taem along with navarro and Lugo…..

Welcome aboard Tony!

I love kiddie ball. I know that sounds like something a pedophile would say but they give the team a whole new look and feel and its much much much more exciting to watch.

THE KIDS !!!!!!!


THE TEAM !!!!!

Great fun to watch ….

Are you kidding me if grittle starts nomar tomorrow I’ll be on suicide watch!

Wonder what it must be like for Nomar — Watching the Future pass him by…

i bet Nomar DH’s tomorrow. Loney at first and Gonzo gets the day off with Kemp in Right and Either in Left.

Nomar would be an insane super sub pinch hitter utility player.Can you imagine DS in the playoffs with Nomar Pinch hitting with risp during a rally?

fish turn in your resume to colletti!

Why he need some remodling work?

I’ll one up you Max a few weeks back Little said Kemp would play center against lefties and we haven’t faced a lefty since he said that. Tomorrow is that day, Gonzo in left, Kemp in center, Ethier in right, not quite sure who DH’s yet, Martin will DH tomorrow or Sunday, if not tomorrow Nomar is the obvious choice to DH with Loney at first.

I think Nomar would be a good piece to try and trade before the break. Honestly the Yankees need a first basemen. Maybe Nomar for a b or c level prospect but I think Loney is poised to take over now.

we all know Cashman likes those big names.

wow Max …I Agree!

fisher..i think **** just froze over.

But Nomar would have to approve it and I’d much rather push him into a utility role first so we can get his blessing.

Nomar would never accept a trade to the Yankees, this team is SO deep. I love it so much because we can rest certain players and still play with talent good enough to win. It’s such a great thing to have and the dividends will be shown later in the season.

lol Eagles Rock!

Geeze thats his 3rd first pitch swing that one made it but whats up with that?

Furcal 1for5 & Pierre 1for5…

These guys have just got to start PRODUCING……

No matter who is batting 3rd, if they don’t produce, it is just so much harder to score runs…

but they are 2 of 6 runs.

Was that Martin or Donnely or anybodys fault ???

Fisher — if those were the only 2 runs we scored this game, We would be losing this game ….

i think lyons made a good point that Russ might have sacrificed the out to avoid the double play

That was Martin being aggressive Donnely just stands there.

Fisher — if those were the only 2 runs we scored this game, We would be losing this game ….

Posted by: rwbjr0@yahoo.com | June 22, 2007 06:42 PM

and whats your point? yes they both need to hit 2-5 everygame and score 4 runs in that time? Nobody has that and it will Never Happen everygame ever anywhere….

a run each out of 1&2 spots with the rest of the line up being productive and the team wins 95-105 games….

I just want them to be what they are paid to be – Good leadoff hitters with good OBP — Neither is doing the job on a consistent basis at this point….
Furcal has been terrible for the entire month of June…

Pierre has some good days & some bad days…

Being consistent is what we need them to be… Constantly giving our 3,4,5 hitters someone to drive in…


Saito’s The Man ….

Great win ….

Kids and Old Timers having a productive nite…

So much Fun to watch….

I am SOOO Glad for having Loney up and playing I want him starting everygame!

Had a few issues in the end but Sammy pulled it out. Fun game to watch. Now I’m going to watch Matsuzaka vs. Maddux and Yankees/Giants. I’ll also keep an eye on the Orioles and the D’Backs. Hopefully by nights end we’ll be all alone in first place!



So Here is an obscure stat what is the oldest combined pair of triples in history?I don’t Know and would like to know it Kent and Gonzo just reset that record.









































Dodgers baseball for me……..meh





















Thanks for covering up for my Dodger hatred Jon.
































We Like it WE Love it We want more of it!!!!

For the Grady hate…How do you feel about the SP switching?I like it its showing that he is looking at the division and trying to make the matchups that matter.

Regarding Martin out at the plate:

1st and 3rd with one out, the runner on 3rd should almost ALWAYS go on ground ball contact. If the D goes home, no double play. If the D tries for the double play and don’t get it, the run scores. If the D gets the double play, nothing lost by the runner on 3rd going. This is not something the 3rd base coach should signal as the play occurs.

So the young blood in the lineup ended up 10-21 with the only walk as well. With the lefty Kazmir starting tomorrow, I’d guess Grady sits Loney and Nomar goes back to 1st, but Little’s surprised us before. And with the LHP starting, maybe this is the best game to play Lieberthal and DH Martin.

Dawn Flemish posted a great piece in her article about Tsao’s rehab start and overview of our current situation.

Anyone come up with anything yet on the oldest pair of triples in history?Kent and Gonzo’s were 79+

Fantastic game in San Diego tonight. A great pitchers duel where both bullpens did not give up a run, but a 2 run fourth inning was the difference as the Red Sox beat the Padres 2-1. Dodgers back in FIRST PLACE! Also, during the game Maddux pulled a Hendrickson and fell off the mound.

firs place is ours!

first not firs…haha

Yes!!! A friendly familar smell about this place! First is always the sweetest smell!

Ya know Zoe another way to a mans heart is through his Daddy! Bake up one of those Sweet Cakes for Russ Sr. for the next homestand…and one thing leads to another….

So Who is next on the kid train? Kemp Loney and abreu are all availible still I think.

Josh, are there any plans to update the “Signed” column on the “Draft Results” page?

Any word on signing Kyle Blair? As a first-round talent with signability issues and thus draft in the fifth, his status is a big swinger in the result quality of this draft, i.e. signing him improves it greatly.

Back in first, best record in NL, more of the same tomorrow in throwback uniforms in front of Duke, Carl, and Johnny. How much better can it get? Let’s celebrate the day, relish the moment, keep up the great work, and don’t look back. That hotel isn’t haunted, it’s blessed!!!
Go Blue

So I think you can actually call the back-to-back, oxygen tank triples, a new MLB record for “oldest combined age to hit back-to-back triples in the majors = 79 years, 1 month combined age”.

Think about it: the odds that two players in their late 30’s would actually hit legitimate, back-to-back triples has to be astronomical. First off, the older players usually stop at second base on balls that younger players would easily convert into triples. Second, the fact that two players would have to hit gappers back-to-back AND be in their late 30’s is something of a rare occurrance. The odds get exponentially bigger as the players’ age increases due to #1, “old man disease” and #2, loss of speed (see #1, lol!).

So this is something that will never happen again… but still, this is baseball and I suppose anything is possible.


BTW… thanks for pointing this out Fisher…

If Colletti can spend 44 million on Pierre he can spend 1 million on Kyle Blair. IF he gets signed this draft class will be even better.

I can’t wait to see Withrow start playing some pro ball. He’s a very intriguing player.

oh and another thing. LOL @ the LATIMES poll on which was the worse trade in dodger history. I can’t belive the fans are still upset about the Lo Duca trade. Especially when Penny is having a cy young type of season.

Get over the depo hate people. He got us Lowe and Penny without whom we’d be dead last right now. Also trading Lo Duca opened up a spot for Russ. Imagine with we still had Lo Duca today and Martin was the one that was traded…scary isn’t it.

maxpower do you know were Withrow is headed? hopefully he’ll be in San Bernandino.

Mentioning both Penny and Lowe, both of whom were DePo acquisitions, it will be interesting to see how Colletti will deal with retaining both of their services now that he has shown his hand with the Schmidt contract that yielded practically zero in results.

who new! just checked the standings & were in 1st place.

Now that Pierre has the longest current games played streak in the majors, do we think that Grady will ever have him sit out a game? I think NOT.

Well Penny is locked in until 2008 with a club option for 2009, while Lowe is here until 2008 as well and may have hinted at potentially testing free agency as he’s a Boras client.


4 years/$36M (2005-08)

* signed as a free agent 1/05

* 05:$7.5M, 06:$9M, 07:$9.5M, 08:$10M


3 years/$25.5M (2006-08), plus $8.75M 2009 club option

* signed extension 6/05

* $3M signing bonus (paid 2006-08)

* 06:$4.5M, 07:$7.5M, 08:$8.5M, 09:$8.75M club option ($2M buyout)

* limited no-trade clause

messagebear: “…it will be interesting to see how Colletti will deal with retaining both (Penny’s and Lowe’s) services…”

I believe that the Dodger will re-sign Penny (to a VERY large contract) but will let Lowe walk for no other reason than Scott Boras is his agent. The way that contracts are headed for premiere starting pitchers, Penny and Lowe will both be seeking a Barry Zito type contract, and I can’t imagine the Dodgers investing $100 million for two pitchers (although they did that for Schmidt and Pierre – Ugggh!).

The good news is that by the time Lowe becomes a free agent, we should have a pretty good idea what Chad Billingsley’s future will look like, not to mention our phenomenal prospects on the farm.

By the way, Kent and Gonzo are NOT old! (LOL!). (I got tired just watching them run!).

A GREAT win yesterday. If we can take 2 of 3 from the Rays and 2 of 3 from the Snakes (which will be a very difficult task), we should be standing in first place all by ourselves when the boys come home. That said, we sure could use a little help from the Red Sox, Orioles, and The Hated Ones over the next five days.

I love it – Pennant Fever in June!


anyone staying in Tampa know what time the team leaves for the field or round about what time they arrive back? good spots for graphs at the hotel? GO BLUE!

Alex, we can still get 2 or 3 quality years out of Penny, so i agree we need to sign him when his contract runs out, i’d offer Lowe a 2 year deal take it or leave it.

Withrow won’t be in SB until the end of 2008.

withrow will be down in the gulf probably right? SIGN BLAIR COLETTI !! we obviosly knew he had signing issues, thats why he fell all they way to the 5th round. if lowe wants to play hardball, im all for having him go to seattle or something. so yesterday was one fun game to watch, but after the game, this wierd gross feeling came over me when i realized we wont see loney probably for another week. nomar isnt half the player james loney is, just like pierre isnt a sixteenth of the player kemp is. does that mean that they will play the better player? of course not,as we have witnessed many times thus far, grady will just say some stupid one line cliche and smile and just **** me off. im all for nomar and pierre being given the shea hillenbrand treatment. but our manager favors the same run down veterans night after night. james loney is our first basemen from now on in my book, im just gonna refer to nomar as the utili-mar.

just a thought, haven’t heard anyone else talking about this ,but.. did you guys get a load of the dumps the bluejays and devilrays play in? what eyesores, it makes me so thankful to be a Dodgers fan, I love going to the stadium at about 6:00 pm, everything is great, the grass, the dogs, the fans, and then the game, I love it. wouldn’t trade Dodgers Stadium for any other.

just a thought, haven’t heard anyone else talking about this ,but.. did you guys get a load of the dumps the bluejays and devilrays play in? what eyesores, it makes me so thankful to be a Dodgers fan, I love going to the stadium at about 6:00 pm, everything is great, the grass, the dogs, the fans, and then the game, I love it. wouldn’t trade Dodgers Stadium for any other.


Penny and Lowe won’t be seeking Zito contracts. Lowe is too old, I’m fine with him leaving in 08, we will have gotten some of his best years. Penny is ours until 09 (I think we have an 09 option) His contract is very reasonable and I’m happy he will be there until then.

As for nomar, it was clear as day since ST that management completely screwed themselves with nomar’s contract, as there is nowhere to put him and nowhere to move him. Im not sure management is sold that loney is the better player right now, but they should be. It’s really an unfourtunate situation all the way around.

Chjones, I totally agree with you. I’ve been to Fenway, Yankee Stadium, and Camden Yards on the east coast; and Petco, AT&T, and Angeles Stadium on the west.

Dodger Stadium ranks up there with Fenway and Yankee Stadium among the best places to watch a ball game. The Stadium itself is beautiful, the weather is great 99% of the time, the grass and infield are pristine, the food is great, and despite the general perception, dodger fans are among the most passionate in the country.

At the other end, I would rank Petco and Angels Stadium among the worst places to watch a ball game. They pummel you with advertising and the cheesy attempt at entertaining fans between inning is beyond tolerable. Not to mention the yuppie, bangwagon fans you have to sit next to for 3 hours.

Dodger Stadium is, and will hopefully remain for a very long time, one of the most magnificent places to enjoy the world’s greatest game.


Dodger stadium is simply, and by far, the most beautiful and best place to watch a game. It gives me the chills thinking about it. Personally, i disagree with you Manny and hate Yankee stadium more than anything. It might be a decent place to watch, but its just a dump. Shea, is obviously a huge p.o.s. Really, the good sets Dodger stadium apart. Nowhere are there better hot dogs. I have been to Fenway, RFK, Shea, Yankee, Petco, Anaheim, Busch, AT&T, Rockies, Arizona– Dodger stadium is just so much better. Ill finally be home for the summer and first game of the year will be v. Pads on the 30th and i cannot wait for some dodger dogs..

fansince53 – Keep in mind, Penny is signed through 2008 with an option for 2009, and that one will be picked up. Lowe is signed through 2008. By that time, I think Colletti might get over his thing with Boras, and also, the market will look much better for clubs with more good players up for free agency.

whoever the GM is after the 2008 season should put all our resources into signing Johan Santana for the rest of his career.

of course if Ned is the GM after 2008 we’ll have to hope Johan’s velocity is down 10 mpph and his shoulder is held together with duct tape for Ned to offer him a contract.

ewk…I totally agree that Yankee Stadium is a dump. In saying its a great place to watch a game I was referring to the history, aura, and mystique of the place; you simply can’t beat it. As much as a hate the team, Yankee Stadium IS American Baseball, pure and simple.

for sure max, santana is by FAR the best pitcher in the game.but i would like to see big bucks get spent on a bat. coletti ***** at signing pitchers too. imagine this





????? not going out on a limb, but if coletti is gm i will not rule out tomko or hendy.

screw yankee stadium….i dont lump baseball in general with the yankees. yeah they are the most storied but they are not BASEBALL. you could make that case for the brooklyn dodgers, of course we never hear those stories thanks to espn. but pure and simple ill take a game at dodger stadium over yankee stadium anyday, mystique, aura, and all. chavez ravine is one of the most unique locations for a baseball stadium. im biased gowing up here going to games for 20+, but still any stadium i travel to pales in comparison to dodger stadium. fenway is much cooler than yankee stadium imo as well rooting for teams aside.

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