Live chat tomorrow

I know a lot of you guys keep up with the minor league system, so don’t forget to ask your questions to De Jon Watson tomorrow at 2 p.m. PT.

And I can’t remember if I mentioned that Russell Martin is having fans pick out his music when he walks up to the plate, but you can vote on that, too, at the Fan Forum.



    Although it isn’t on the list, they have been playing “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath when Russell Martin steps up to the plate (“Now the time is here for Iron Man to spread fear”.
    Russell Martin is our Iron Man! That would be my first choice. (My second would be “Dirty Deeds” by AC-DC).



    Looks like Gagne is back on the DL with a bad hip. I wonder if TX is rethinking that big contract now !!! I hate to see the big guy go down and I was rooting for him all the way. But you have to admit, TX was way out of line giving this guy such a sweet deal in the first place.

    Get better Eric, we’re all pulling for you !!

    Go Dodgers !!!


    Blech. Not only is it bad enough those pinstriped punks are getting their fourth nationally televised game in four days, but the ESPN announcers are still blowing smoke over “That spetacular feat by Boston to hit four home runs in a row!!! I have never seen that before!!! I have never experienced anything like it! I want to have 10,000 of Terry Francona’s *******’ babies!!!” . I think 24 hours is long enough for them to do their homework.

    Plus, ours was in SEPTEMBER, in the middle of a playoff hunt with first place on the line. They both involved J.D. Drew for cryin’ out loud! Couldn’t this have happened?:

    ESPN: … and now we’re here with J.D. Drew. Wow, Drew, I have NEVER seen anything like that before, there’s no way you could have ever experienced anything like that!!

    J.D.: Uh, yeah, actually last year with the Dodgers…

    ESPN: Oh… :: stares at feet in silence for five seconds :: So, how ’bout those unprecedented back-to-back-to-back-to-back home runs tonight? Weren’t they swell?!!

    Sorry for venting, I just thought maybe you all could understand my frustration at a bit of unbelievably awesome history being erased over in Bristol. I wrote them an email about it (much more composed than this post) asking them to take the blinders off their announcers. maybe that’ll jar some memories.


    I’m with you drinkin, that was hilarious incompetent – how the ESPN crew had so little awareness of the Dodgers 4-pack (plus one) game late last year, which was a much more important game and had people around the country talking about it for days.

    Meanwhile, Josh, not very important but I noticed you guys had “Burning Down the House” listed as a Tears for Fears song, on that Russell Martin music list. I’m pretty sure that was a Talking Heads song.


    yesh burning down the house is a talking heads song…Honestly the choices are pretty much ****. Besides the Talking Heads song.

    his song should be “What is Hip?” by Tower of Power!!!!!!


    id prefer the inro theme music to the old classic martin ( lawrence ). martin, martin !!! martin…stop no you didnt!! i believe thats the basic concept, and would represent him well.


    Just got back from the sneak preview of Campo Las Palmas, Luis Gonzalez (in my own words) & Rafael Furcal (Before The Bigs) really nice showing, Thanks Josh for “hooking it up”


    Ditto on the Blue Carpet Event bluebleeder. It was great to finally meet some of you guys.

    This was a first class event and the three shows were excellent. It was pretty cool sitting next to Gonzo, Furcal, Manny Mota, and Ned Colletti, too. All of these guys are as down to earth as you can get. For those of you who couldn’t make it, be sure to watch these shows when they air. Unfortunately, they didn’t tell us when that would be.

    Thanks again for the invite Josh. It was a GREAT time.



    I must say drink i do feel you on the ESPN announcers being so blind to the fact that this was not as big a deal as our boys hitting there 4 in a pennant race and then on top of that nomar hitting the walk off. Also they made it seem like Boston were some kind of super humans to do that against a Yankee pitcher in a big rivalry gaem they forgot to mention that the Yankee pitcher was making his 2nd MLB start ever. Duhh! We had to hit two off one the greatest if not the greatest closer to ever play the game in Hoffman. I was very dissappointed to see the way they handled everything. Anyways . . . I must say for not having a Dodger game to watch, i kept myself busy by watching A-Rod tie the record for most HR in the month of April, this guys is on fire. The ball must be coming to him in slow motion rite now! Sorry guys for all the talk about other guys on other teams lol what can i say i love the game!


    Thanks for the feedback on the Blue Carpet event! I would have tried to get it on it if I had checked the blog early enough before entries were cut off. Maybe next time.

    Josh, I really like the Press Notes you posted before the finale against the Pirates. I always tried to get a hold of the official press notes when I used to get really good field level tickets for Dodgers games. I am a stat and trivia junky and those notes are just FULL of fantastic tidbits.


    Stop obsessing about ESPN. Enjoy OUR team and root them into the playoffs and the Series and crow about it when we win! I’m presently on a road trip from Toledo and will watch them twice in San Diego then twice in LA as well as continually on this laptop on Go Blue, ESPN will take note when we win the games that really count, and THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!

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