All is not lost…

Despite dropping the finale of a series for the first time this year, we did get some good news after the game. Jason Schmidt’s wife, Bethany, gave birth to the couple’s third child today – son Madden. According to Jason, they have the same hair.

Enjoy the day away from baseball for those of you not coming tomorrow night to the FSN Premiere event.



    Congrats on the baby boy Jason! maybe a cy young in training. Speaking of tomorrow nights premiere i still have two spots available to give away as i said in a previous post i will not be able to attend so if anyone wants them please e-mail me at Go Dodgers!


    Hey Josh, do you have any more information on the condition of Scott Elbert?.. is it strictly a sore shoulder, or is it worse?… I hope and pray that it’s nothing serious..



    Red Sox just went BACK, to BACK, to BACK, to BACK in the 3rd inning of their game with the Yankees…

    Man Ram





    Miller just mentioned it… finally. Joe Morgan’s indifference with the Dodgers continues… he didn’t even bite on Millers comment about the Dodgers doing it last year.

    Have I mentioned lately how much I hate ESPN??


    now, if Drew AND Lugo had been involved, I would have gone nuts. This I can live with, I guess. Dodgers hit two of them off of Trevor Hoffman, a lot more impressive than some rookie pitcher.


    It was a bitter sweet day at Dodger Stadium for ol’ 53 today. Although the Dodgers lost the game, it was yours truly who caught Olmedo Saenz’s 6th inning home run ball. (Now I have to stay up late tonight and watch Sports Center). Several of my friends watching the game on TV phoned me shortly after my catch and said that I looked like a natural (although they didn’t say a natural what).

    I have caught many BP homerun balls over the years, but this was my first live game homerun ball, and it was the Killer Tomato’s first jack of the season. As you might imagine, I am STOKED! (Although a Dodger win would have made it a perfect day). Oh, I also caught the 7th inning final out fly ball that Gonzo caught and threw into the stands. I gave that one to a kid sitting behind me. Man, I should have bought a lottery ticket today, huh?

    It was also Autograph Day today and my 12-year old son got autographs from Randy Wolf, Rich Donnelly, and Sweet Lou Johnson.

    Needless to say, it was a GREAT day at the Ravine for ol’ Fansince53!

    See y’all at the Blue Carpet Affair tomorrow night!



    First of all, congratulations to the Schmidt family on their new addition.

    Second, congratulations fansince53 on your lucky day. Sounds like it’s a day that will be long remembered by you and your family.

    And finally, I enjoy Jon Miller and Joe Morgan just fine… as long as they’re not calling Dodgers games. With Miller as a Giants announcer and Morgan being… well, Joe Morgan of the Big Red Crushing Machine, it’s understandable that they don’t think too highly of the Boys of Summer. And they call an enjoyable game on the baseball game for PS3. But thanks to Gameday Audio, I never again have to put up with their left-handed complements when refering to the Dodgers.

    Maybe as payback, ESPN should have Orel Hershiser and Dusty Baker call the Dodger games they televise. Then the M’s can cover whatever Yankee or Red Sox game is going on that weekend.


    Congrats to the Schmidt family that’s cool he’s gonna have quality time to spend with his new born son. on tomorrows FSN Event if you live in L.A. you might wanna head out to the premier atleast an hour early cause the 10FWY gets really busy.


    Congrats to the Schmidts on the birth of their third child. I only wish Schmitty was healthy and pitching like he used to.


    Hey fliegel i think it was you who said in the last post that you wonder how ned feels about his signing of Pierre now, well im thinkin he feels pretty good. The guy started out really struggling yet he still is on a pace to score 136 runs although he is on pace to make 20 errors…I do not think he will do either of those but more certainly not 20 errors, the guy has never made 10 in a season, and last year made 0 in all 162 games. I thought/think and still do think that Pierre is a great pick up. Ned could not get any power hitters so why not get run scorers. The addition of Pierre will do so much for the play of Nomar, Kent, Gonzo, and Martin in their RBI producing skills. I expect to see all 4 of them getting close to the 100 mark in RBIs and both Furcal and Pierre scoring over 110 runs. Even though he is not a very doog outfielder, Pierre will make up for this by getting 200 hits, stealing 50 bases, and most importantly scoring over 110 runs…All in all this is a great year to be a Dodger fan.


    Pierre’s fielding really gets to me but I’m sure he isn’t as bad as he has played recently.


    Pierre’s speed is the only reason he can be playing in the outfield. He has an awful arm and takes bad angles to balls and uses his speed to compensate for that.

    Yesterday when he dropped the ball you can tell he was thinking about the throw already. The balll yesterday was so shallow anyone outfielder would have been able to catch that and not worry about getting ran on.


    Hey fansince53.

    I go back to Brooklyn, I guess you do to! I came west the same year as the Dodgers and rememeber taking the bus to the Collesium. Man there used to be guys with Bass fiddles, trumpets and what not on those buses. Now I keep track long distance. Those were the days!!!!


    spanky, it’s not that I hate Pierre as a player, it’s just that his contract is 4 years too long. We should have been able to make a run at someone like Andrew Jones. With Pierre in center it kind of blocks that unless Pierre moves over to left. As for that we’d be probably be better served with Kemp in left,he has a better arm and can help us win a lot more than Pierre can.


    Hey paulg57 – I was born and raised here in So. Cal, but I welcomed the Brooklyn Dodgers with opened arms as a young boy.

    I have very fond memories of those early games at the L.A. Coliseum and was grateful that my father took me there often, including the very first home game ever played there on April 18, 1958 against the hated Giants (we won 6-5).

    Wally Moon was my favorite player in those early L.A. Dodger days with his famous “Moon Shots” over the tall (but very shallow) left field chain link fence.

    You are oh so correct – those were the days.



    Ron! I saw you on TV last night! Of course I didn’t know that it was you at the time, but I remember saying to myself what an easy catch it was for “that guy in the bleachers!” Cool jersey you were wearing… what number do you have on it, and if I remember correctly, I think it was a different name on the back that I didn’t recognize… the TV shot happened so quickly. But hey, what a catch! You looked better than Juan Pierre!


    Im sure Ned doesn’t think too much about the Pierre signing… in fact no one in baseball does, except the obsessed bloggers for what ever reason… Pierre is likely to do what he usually does…. be a decent leadoff hitter, score lots of runs, and play so-so defense. Keys to our year are MUCH more:

    1. Schmidt returning (to form)

    2. Development of Billingsly and kemp

    3. 3B

    4. Wolf pitching like his last outing more often!

    5. the new Mr Henderson


    Pierre 0.330 VS 0.350 OBP 77% VS 72% SB etc… doesn’t matter. Seriously.


    Come on Kevin, I had to reach WAAAAY over the railing which, at my age, made it a VERY difficult catch – LOL! (Seriously, because Killer T drilled it, it actually was an easy catch to make).

    As far as my jersey goes, that’s a no-brainer – It reads “FAN SINCE 53”. My son’s is “FAN SINCE 94” and my daughter’s is “FAN SINCE 85”. I get a lot of great complements on them for being original. My daughter wears hers all the time at her school (UCSD). She takes a lot of heat from Padre fans – but she NEVER backs down to them! She and my son are Die-Hard Dodger fans, just like their father. (Smart kids, huh?).

    It’s funny; you are about the 15th person that told me that I catch better than Juan Pierre does. Heck, at 53 I bet I even throw better than him, too! (Just kidding, of course). It was a special day, that’s for sure. I can only imagine that tonight’s Dodgers Insider gig will be equally special.



    how funny. i was sitting just behind you fan since 53. almost had a run on the laroche dinger but too late.


    Hey gg – “almost had a run on the laroche dinger but too late”.

    Me too, but I picked that ball up too late and couldn’t get around the railing in time. That really would have been something – The Saenz home run ball, the Gonzo 3rd out fly ball, AND the LaRoche home run ball. I’d have to stop going to games after that………NOT!

    Next time you’re sitting behind me, stop by and say hello and I’ll buy you a (root)beer (Those are my season seats).



    Saw that “amazing” catch of your on Directv, also saw gonzo throw the ball into the stands after the third out but they didn’t show where gonzo threw the ball….I also have to put up with the Pods fanbase here in SD like your daughter. Been a fan since 64 and been folowing them while stationed in the military (19yrs) all around the world (even get a subscription to Dodgers Dugout). I hope I get to take in a game this year but working 2 jobs makes it hard. Hope to see you again on TV….means more homeruns for our Dodgers…Go Blue


    Voted for martin using all my e-mail accounts (25 x’s each) Haven’t used my daughters or wife’s accounts yet.


    Hey kevinmtaylor59 – I will extend my earlier offer to you as well. If you are heading up this way and you give me a few days advanced notice, I’ll treat you to a game. Just remember to bring your glove!


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