Tonight's game

We’re starting to get calls wondering about tonight’s game so I figured I’d let everyone know that it’s still on. If for some reason the rain gets drastically worse by game time, that could change but we definitely won’t cancel it early in the day. And, there’s a link now where you can go for updates on weather at the stadium.

And to the comment yesterday from leekfink, thank you for pointing out the Scott Gate possibility. As we’ve said, we’re continuing to look into all solutions that will help the flow of traffic in and out of the stadium and this is just one of them. I’m still not sure that the bus from Union Station is a viable solution at this point, given how few people used it last time we instituted it, but we haven’t forgotten about that as an option.



    Just wanted to provide a little personnel tidbit. I noticed Odalis Perez is starting for KC tonight. His pitiful 07′ line: 0-2, 11.2 IP, 21 hits and 5 walks allowed with a 9+ ERA. Elmer Dessens (who we received in trade with KC but shipped of to Milwaukee before start of the season) not much better for 07′: 6 IP with an ERA of 9.0.
    Brady Clark (received in trade from Brewers for Dessens): 2 rbi’s,Avg.333 and OPS.868, not to mention fine late inning defensive replacement.

    Point is, part of GM’s job is also to jetison players that can hurt your club and get better value in exchange. Good job Ned! Now if you could pull of some more magic at 3rd base…..


    “Good job Ned! Now if you could pull of some more magic at 3rd base….. ”

    Yes… that would be nice. At least we wouldn’t have to read Max’s incessant anti-Betemit posts any longer… but then his negativity would just move to some other position player. Until Ned pulls the trigger… let’s get behind Betemit… and if he responds, well then, maybe a trade won’t become necessary.


    im the president of the wilson betemit fan club. i will go out on a limb folks and bet the house that betemit will hit at least 25 homers for us this year. hes been seeing the ball good working counts, when he breaks out of it, hes gonna break out big time. im not sold on him hitting from the right side, but he can do damage from the left side, he practically carried our team last year for a solid two weeks, hitting some monstrous bombs…i got a feeling hes gonna start spraying pitches all over the field in a matter of games.


    i think betemit will end up somewhere in between. I don’t think he’s as bad as he is playing right now, but I don’t think he’s a solid 3b, or at least he has’t shown it yet. Our team seems to be filled with .280-.300 type hitters with average power (Nomah, Kent, Ethier, Martin, etc..). Betemit won’t hit for average but might hit a decent amount of hrs. The problem is Betemit doesn’t fit the mold of our offense, which is get on base and drive em in with average. Betemit’s power is helpful but his lack of ability to hit for average (observed from last year and this year so far) is troubling. The question is whether the offense can offset someone who right now is a relative “hole” in the lineup because he provides occasional power.


    In related news- Andy LaRoche is starting to heat up after a slow start (again). My guess is Valdez/Betemit/Martinez split time at 3rd till June-July and LaRoche gets a shot at it if Betemit cant hit .270 ish.

    LaRoche clearly had a bad spring- but that happens sometimes and for what ever reason he seems to be a slow starter over the last 3 years.


    OK a couple of things to say but first VOTE 4 MARTIN!!! Didnt forget this time. lol So anyways i wanted to see if anyone was interested in taking my spot for the big show on Monday that was posted about a couple days ago. I thought my schedule was clear but it seems i have double booked myself so if anyone wants the spots please e-mail me at the first e-mail i recieve will get the spots. So hopefully someone else can get to go who didnt quite make the cut. Second i just want to say the last couple of days have been very interesting but fun reading all these opinions on our beloved Dodgers. I look forward to reading everyones comments everytime im on.


    Maybe Betemit is a slow starter. As long as we’re winning ,and he’s playing a solid 3rd base ,it’s not really a problem. If we start to lose and he still hasn’t hit , it might be time to consider other options. Just saw that Miggy isn’t starting tonight for the Marlins, maybe there’s a trade in the works?


    No trade, for one thing it’s April 20th, which is my birthday! So it’s way too early for a big trade. Also the real reason Cabrera is out is because he hurt his right oblique.

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