Today's game

Day baseball in Colorado.

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzalez, LF

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Betemit, 3B

Hendrickson, P



    i heard grady was goin to give him the day off sunday so with the off day monday he’ll get 2 days off


    I’m wondering whether Betemit has any options remaining for going down to AAA. I would like to see him straighten out his batting at that level, if that option is available. We might also need to find out whether Valdez can handle third base on a more consistent basis and keep hitting major league pitching. It could also give us an opportunity to bring up Abreu and see if he can catch on at a level like Martin and Ethier did last season. I personally think that LaRoche is not ready, or at least hasn’t been able to show anything with major leaguers in Spring Training. If none of these trials at third base work out, we would know that this may be an area where Ned needs to concentrate his dealing for later in the season, even if it is just to acquire a proven veteran for a year or two duration.


    From what I’ve seen, Betemit has hit the ball hard at times and shown a decent eye (8 walks), although 9 Ks in 41 PAs *is* a bit much. His bat is likely to come around and his luck is bound to improve.


    Betemit’s definitely had some bad luck at the plate. But he just got a hit in today’s game, and he seems to be seeing the ball better recently.


    Betemit got a hit! It was uggly but it was a hit. This game and the next will determine if he’s out of his slump. He still looks lost at the plate.


    Maybe this new Hendrickson is legit. He’s been shockingly fantastic ever since the end of last year.


    Tsao really, really, REALLY rocks. Small sample size be damned – this guy is unbelievable.


    Seanez is this years Gio Carara It seems every year we carry at least one washed up pitcher. The year before it was Erickson. It all doesnt matter as long as they win. Go Dodgers.


    Another solid pitching performance – maybe we can blame last night on Lowe’s inability to perform less than the 3 regulars resting.

    8-1 – nice.


    Couldn’t catch the game on T.V. today but heard a nice chunk of it on the radio, Hendy came up big for us today good all around effort.

    ’07 Dodgers!


    Is it my imagination that whomever Max rags on has a good game or whatever decision Grady makes that Max does not like seems to work out o.k.? Keep up the good work, Max.


    Betermit got a hit! And he got a strike out to go along with that hit…

    Nice, Hendrickson! I’m glad we have so many capable pitchers who are able to step up. So far, the competition seems to have only made the pitching better.

    Go Dodgers!


    max power’s points are hilarious…did you se andy this spring? it looked like he tried to hit a home run every at bat. hes not ready…wow what a game hendy pitched!!! great win for the team..and lets sweep the pirates!!


    Hendrickson pitched great today, but Betemit has got to go. Thank God everybody else is carrying him.

    Come on home Boys!



    fansince53 “Come on home Boys!” I thought of Iggy pop reading that, anyway you guys think if Betemit keeps on strugling we’ll call up Etanislao Abreu to play 3rd? his #’s are really good down in Vegas.


    Being that Wilson Betemit is the only bona fide defensive third baseman the Dodgers have, I think it might be in his and the teams’ best interest to seek out Mark Hendrickson’s sports psychologist, Ken Ravizza…

    Great job Doc!! Love your work so far!

    Go Hendrickson!!

    Go Dodgers!!


    I think it might be official, Greg Miller is back. 6 innings of no hit ball tonight. I remeber seeing him pre injury, and I saw him last month. He is almost the same guy. It’s making me drool just to think of our future rotation… Billingsley, Elbert, Miller, Kershaw, and Kou. That my friends is filthy.

    by the way, Andy LaRoche went yard again.



    sorry ray…some people think La Roche isn’t a legit prospect. That home run was usless.

    Glad to hear Miller is pitching well. Hopefully he can make an impact on the team this season. Same goes with Elbert.


    Some people, myself included, don’t think LaRoche is a legit Major League prospect… yet. He’s young and needs to work on hitting. So he hit a home run. Good for him. Now let’s see him do it again. And then again. I don’t care how well he hits. If he can’t field his position at the Major League level, then what’s the point.

    The hot corner is one of the areas of the infield where a lack of defensive prowess is most exploited by opposing hitters. Wilson Betemit is our best defensive third baseman right now… and he has proven in the past he can hit. Andy LaRoche will get his shot… but up until now, he hasn’t proven he can play with the big dogs and until he can… like say a September call-up… he’s going to have to stay down and work on his fielding AND his hitting.

    The season is only 2 and a half weeks old. We have the best record in baseball. And you want to pull a proven major leaguer after only 16 games in? Come on… it’s a long season and do you really think Betemit isn’t going to get it together all season long? It’s time for a reality check when asking for Andy LaRoche to be an everyday Major League third baseman.


    I think there’s a small distinction that needs to be made. He IS a legit Major League prospect, as he has the talent to play at the MLB level one day. He’s not major league ready, no one would argue with that. And no one knows for sure that his talent will traslate into MLB success. I would trust whatever Logan White thinks and hopefully he’ll guide the D’s in the right direction toward the guys future.


    Agreed. Thanks for the clarification jspelk2. Not MLB ready is exactly what I was trying to convey.


    It isn’t exactly a bright idea to write-off LaRoche just because he wasn’t good defensively in spring training. It was his first game action since coming off surgery, not to mention that it’s human nature to slip-up from time to time when trying hard to win a job.

    He is a GREAT prospect and will be in L.A. very soon. Hitting 75 HRs in the minors should count for something…


    Great win, great bounce back–I think yesterday can mostly be attributed to the fact that sinkerball pitchers can never get their ball down in Colorado.

    Betemit is a problem, and we need to fill that hole in the line-up. Fortunately, we do have a proven hitter who can play third base, and has a lot of big league experience on the left side of the infield–all we need to do is shift him from First Base over to Third, and call up Loney.

    Bill Seward was saying it on DodgerTalk last night. Grady and Ned have to start listening.

    BTW–on the parking, and I don’t mean to harp, but I credit the Dodgers for looking into the Scott Avenue Gate–I had forgotten about it, but always thought there was another one. I know they’re working with the neighbors, but what about using it just for a dedicated bus line from Union Station as part of the mass transit approach? Or also carpools?


    If you haven’t seen it on espn, the Dodgers have gone up in value since McCourt bought the team. It must be by about $200 mil.

    The Los Angeles Dodgers ($632 million). The fourth highest value. He made the second most profit $27.5 mil last year. Not a bad investment.

    I do have to give him credit for his Dodger stadium loan. It was a good deal.


    I think we can afford to be patient with Betemit. It could well be we will see one of these sggested scenarios for 3rd, but with the way things are going, I’m for giving the guy every chance.


    i think Betemit has had enough chances. He played well part of the time he was here last year. He had an awful winter ball, an awful spring training and is on pace to having an even worse april. come on 6 months is long enough. Atleast play Valdez. He has a hot bat but he’s not in the lineup. Betemit has to go before the break.


    “I WANT A-ROD…”

    Yah. And if he keeps this up all year, so will the rest of the teams in Baseball that can afford his services.


    Max… You Go… Now! Valdez is NOT a third baseman! Period! We cannot afford to have a “hole” at third base… no matter how well a player hits. Asking Valdez to be a regular third baseman is asking WAY too much. He doesn’t have the arm strength to play that position every day. Dude’s 160 pounds! He’s not built to play there every day.

    For now, Betemit’s the man. Get on board with it. Until the Dodges either sit him or trade for another third baseman, pipe it! We’re winning! We have the luxury to be patient with him… and have you forgotten how FAR his home runs travel when he IS hitting them? He’s only 26 years old… and certainly not washed up. He’s off to a slow start. I bet you were asking for Furcal’s head last year when he got of to his slow start, huh? Be patient. Be positive. And PIPE IT FOR NOW! You’re like a broken record… just like I’m becoming…

    “Don’t worry… about a thing…

    ‘Cause every little thing… gonna be alright”

    Go Dodgers!

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