This Monday night

You might have been wondering what the benefit is for coming to Inside the Dodgers for the last year or so. Well, here’s an exclusive just for you.

For the first 100 fans who email an RSVP to, you and a guest will get to attend a Blue Carpet event at the Fox Lot Studios where we will be premiering three new FSN-original shows:

Before the Bigs, Rafael Furcal

In My Own Words, Luis Gonzalez

Dodgers Insider, Campo Las Palmas (the academy in the Dominican Republic)

Right now, we’re expecting that Raffy, Luis and Manny Mota will all be attending this event and it’s going to resemble your typical red-carpet Hollywod Movie premiere. We’re also expecting that other former Dodger players and VIPs will be in attendance and this should be a very cool event that you won’t want to miss. And, right now, it’s only open to those of you on Inside the Dodgers.

The event is free and will begin with a reception at 6:30. When you RSVP, you’ll be sent information on how to get to the Lot, where to park and any other details you’ll need to know in advance of Monday night’s event.



    To bad I live in Utah. Maybe I could have finally found out if Sweet Lou ever got his championship ring back.

    Great program, though.


    What an amazing opportunity. As a Florida Dodger fan I can’t make it, wish I lived closer. Somebody bring a ball and get me some autographs!!!


    What a Great night this could be, besides being a huge Dodger fan, we are a Gonzo fan – sorry but even when he played against us.
    When did you guys all RSVP?

    I was first thing this morning, at that time there were no comments posted.


    lucky for you who live closer to L.A. Wish I could be there. Someone take pictures, maybe they can be put into the pictures we see in the photo gallery section. Do you think Joey P will come?
    Josh, Thanks again for such a great blog.


    This blog is great without perks. It gives us fans a chance to let management know what we are thinking, and maybe they will take that into some consideration when making decisions about the team that we all love. It also gives us fans the chance to discuss our beloved Dodgers.


    Kev, I am sure you will get in, as far as I know they havent contacted anyone as of yet. This blog was posted this morning and only a few hits so far.


    yeah i was one of the first this morning to comment well after i already sent the email trying to reserve just have to wait and see i am sure u prolly won’t get an email till late tonight or sometime tommorow morning


    I got a reply but it was because I didn’t give my last name. Nothing since but that was like 10 mins ago.


    Fisher, when you first submit your RSVP. It is a good sign they contacted you, trying to find out your last name, if it was full, they wouldn’t bother.


    Better be careful what you all say now if your going to the event! LOL get cracked upside the head for talking smack……


    That’s still a bit of a trip from Fairfax (especially when I have a class Monday night), but that sounds awesome. Hope the people who can actually go enjoy it.


    i don’t think i gave my last name but i didn’t get a reply and i sent mine like at 9 or 10 am when this thing came online, i hope i get something soon, anyone get anything saying your on the list?


    I think we are all fine, based off tonights line up which came out late today. It stated that they still have some spots open for Monday Night.
    They just have not sent emails out to confirm.

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