Medical update and lineup

No, I don’t have an update on Schmidt. Hoping to get one soon, but I’m in LA so I can’t give you much right now other than the lineup (exact same as yesterday with Tomko on the hill) and a medical update on Johnny Garcia, the bat boy who got hit by the foul ball that caromed off the right field line’s wall on Sunday night.

We’ve had a bunch of people looking for more information about him and his well being and I spoke with him today and can tell you that he’s doing okay. He does, in fact, have a small fracture to his cheekbone and will be seeing a specialist later this week to hopefully get it fixed. But, he was very thankful for the outpouring of support and in fact, is scheduled be on ESPN’s Cold Pizza tomorrow morning (they called looking to have him on the show).

UPDATE: Jason Schmidt is going to go on the disabled list with inflammation of the bursa sac in his right shoulder. Right now, the prescription is rest and we don’t really have a timetable for his return. As soon as we have more info, we’ll pass it along. 



    Really great article on Russ Martin in Peter Gammons blog today on everyone should read that. Awesome player.

    Along those lines im usually not one for commenting on the daily line up, but I really hope Grady is resting Martin enough. This is what the 5th straight game he is starting behind the dish? He should rest at least as much as, say, JD Drew did last year i think. We need him 100% in the playoffs… not to mention 2008, 09 etc…


    Glad to hear that Johnny Garcia is doing well. That was a nasty shot he took.

    It is my understanding that Russell Martin will get the day games off following a night game, which is just about every Sunday. I hate not having him in the line-up, but know that he needs a day off every once and a while.

    Let’s sweep the Snakes and the Rocks!



    If Ethier stays in the groove what is Grittle going to do. He can’t play 4 outfielders, and you can’t give Kemp and Ethier enough at bats to stay hot in a platoon situation. Coletti messed up when JD left, he felt squeezed, and was not confident in his roster. He now has Juan P. Gonzo, Ethier and Kemp, and only 3 spots in the OF. Should have had confidence in Kemp for LF.



    I think 3 OF spots will yield enough playing time for those 4 guys. That’s still lots of ABs to go around. And I was pleased to see Grady isn’t afraid to sit Pierre down once in a while. Hopefully that’s what he does when kemp comes back…. Id like to see those guys split the ABs pretty evenly. Its a win-win. You get all fresh players in the end of the year. (especially needed is rest for Gonzo). Having a deep team is not a problem. Its a great situation to be in.



    It was a tough call to make at the time, since Ethier was the only “proven” outfielder we had when Drew left. I like Pierre, and I wish him the best, but I wonder if a two year deal for Roberts would have made more sense for the younger guys coming up. Of course, there could be a trade in the future.


    Glad to hear Johnny Garcia is okay, that was a nasty shot he took the other night. Hope Schmidt is okay, and lets see the Dodgers take 2 from the Snakes.


    drj884 “He should rest at least as much as, say, JD Drew did last year i think. We need him 100% in the playoffs… not to mention 2008, 09 etc…”



    wondering if at some point in the next season or two it wouldn’t be bad to give Russell some innings in the outfield or first base just to keep his bat in the lineup. I know that worked for Loduca a couple of years back


    I saw the Johnny Garcia thing & it didn’t look that bad but I guess it was (small fracture in his cheekbone) great news that he’s doing better.


    It’s a long season… rotating four outfielders will pay dividends in August and September. If history is any indication, Schmidt’s velocity will moveup during the course (and heat) of the season (if he isn’t injured). Happy to hear that Johnny Garcia isn’t seriously injured!
    Go Blue!


    Thursday is a day game at Coors – I’m sure he’ll rest then.

    I hope they don’t rest him tomorrow night at Coors. I’ll kill da fools.


    I saw the Johnny Garcia thing & it didn’t look that bad…

    Dude did a backflip on contact looked like it hurt plenty being laidout like that.

    I agree with resting Martin but we already have a teamful of players that need to get starts I think resting Martin a day when we have a 7 game week and 2 on a 6 game week is very minimal and its not like years past lieberthal can still catch a good game.Maybe try something new this year like run up a 8-10 game lead in the NL west and start resting our core guys for the playoffs down the stretch. As of today with 8% of our games played we are on pace to win 112 games and thats with schmidt not performing well with Bills and Hendrickson availible to Start out of the bullpen.Its a long haul ahead of us and we have a good jump so far the pieces that Ned has given grady are working well as a team even if some are not working by themselves today we are the best TEAM in baseball eventhough FOX rates us 12….. and ESPN 5….

    Go Blue 2007!!!


    Josh, still any word on Lowe being named Captain? are they going to have a press release about it?


    Hendy’s been pitching well and Schmidt hasn’t, so this can’t be any worse than having Schmitty go out there again when something’s obviously wrong. If Hendy falters they’ve got Bills. If Bills falters, they have Kuo back soon.

    Question is: Who is coming up in Schmidt’s place? Tsao?


    I was at Sunday’s game sitting in the loge section on the third base side and could tell right away Johnny Garcia had been hit in the face or head by the way he went down. Usually the ball boys try to act cool when they muff a ball and pretend nothing happened but it was clear to me he had been knocked out by the way he fell. There were some scary moments when he did not move but thankfully he was able to get to his feet and walk off the field on his own power even if he did need help.


    Seems that Bills would be a more logical starter than Hendy for Thursday. Hendy’s been killer in the long relief role, and Bills hasn’t logged very many innings recently, meaning his arm will probably be fresher for a 5-inning start. Hendy can always come in, in his same role, to clean up if that doesn’t work out. But I think Bills is going to be more valuable as a starter while Schmidt is on the DL. They can bring Tsao back up to take his place.

    It would be cool if Tsao pitched well against the Rockies in one of these two games…he’d probably get some satisfaction out of it.


    Hendrickson was horrid when he started last year, but was good in relief last year and this year. I dont see why he would get to start over Bills, other than the fact that he’s already disgruntled in relief and probably be even more ticked off if he was passed over in favor of a 22 year old. But we all know he will get the nod anyway. I just don’t feel great about him starting in Coors of all places.


    LAS VEGAS: Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp will join the Las Vegas 51s on a Major League Rehabilitation assignment beginning on Wednesday, April 18, according to the Dodgers Public Relations Department.


    Sorry I have to disagree with you there pup and I know this is gonna be a long drugout debate… however Hendrickson posted a 5 inn relief for schmidt and is on track to pitch on 5 days rest not to mention that he has been Very solid in long relief and starts(ST) this year.Move Bills to long relief to build his confidence and endurance and start getting him ready for anyone else including Hendrickson who might faulter.Ride the tide and Hendrickson is at Hightide at the moment. Bills is Physically and mentially set to relieve he accepted the role and is doing ok with it move him into longer games and get him ready to move into the permanant starting rotation on an even keel and everything flows smoothly.

    I Agree Bills is Da man and for a longtime. But I also think that we need to Ride the Hot Pony while its running fast and on track.No Need to Throw fresh meat into the grinder yet.Chances are that if you do Bills will faulter once of twice and Hendrickson who is in line will lose confidence in the organization for being passed over.


    You make good points, and I think you might’ve changed my mind, especially about the 5 days rest for Hendrickson. Although I still might prefer Bills as I’m not convinced of him as a reliever, his endurance probably isn’t there right now.

    Are you a sports announcer on the side? You sure plugged a lot of metaphors/cliches in that post.

    Ride the tide

    even keel and everything flows smoothly.

    Ride the Hot Pony while its running fast and on track

    No Need to Throw fresh meat into the grinder

    Hehe. No offense intended. I enjoyed it.

  21. Dodger

    In regards to Lowe, he was not named team captain, though we’ve heard that from several people. It was a joke that a couple guys were playing in the clubhouse the other day, so they put it on his uniform. To date, only five people have been Dodger captains: Pee Wee Reese (1949-58), Duke Snider (1962), Maury Wills (1963-66), Willie Davis (1973) and Davey Lopes (1978-79).


    Hendrickson? Bills? How about this guy: Greg Miller

    He was tremendous in his last start (7 Ks in 4 IP) and has filthy stuff. That would be my pick.


    thanks josh…I thought it was a little strange to have a pitcher be the captain of a baseball team.


    I would love it if Greg Miller was called up to replacce schmidt in the rotation. He is by far my favorite prospect… Well, he and andy laroche. By the way, isnt’ the schmidt injury the same that knocked out Greg Miller for the season?.. I’m pretty sure i’m right. Hopefully it goes diffrently for jason.



    ray…Greg had his bursa sac removed. Hopefully it’s just some inflammation in Jason’s case.

    You know what would be funny. Is if all these veterans Ned signed go down and the young guys he neglecticed have to bail him out like they did last year.


    in some way I think Ned EXPECTS that to happen, which would call into question why he signed so many veterans. He sure does love his depth though.


    i wouldn’t mind seeing it either honestly. Not to wish injury to Dodger players but the young guys have talent. Sure they aren’t “proven” but the only way to let them prove themselves is to let them play.


    i mean you can’t prove you’re a major league player playing in the minors…am i right?


    I swear that Little is trying to give this game away by keeping Tomko in there. I know that Tomko has earned his chance to start, but he obviously doesn’t have the stuff tonight. Can’t Little see and accept that and get him out of there while we still have a chance to win the game?


    OMG!!! Juan Pierre didn’t ground out to the second basemen. He’s worth every penny…(i wish there was an icon on here where it shows a guy rolling his eyes because the sarcasm isn’t captured without it.)


    Dodgers have recalled Chin-hui Tsao from AAA Las Vegas as the corresponding move for Schmidt going to the DL


    Max, i just dont get the beligerent negativity. You bag on Tomko, just to see him get out of a tough jam, and then bag on Pierre after he doubles. You can say you are entitled to your opinion, which you certainly are, but I just do not understand it– you must be making yourself nuts too, seeing as we have been pretty successful thus far in the early going.

    Good game tonight, bullpen looked very tight, as it should all year long. We have great pieces- guess just one person to thank for that. Also, JP is finally getting on track- nice to see that happening.

    Russ Martin = All star Paul lo Duca and 6 years younger. Its really amazing how similar they are in character, charisma, leadership. I have spent my entire life waiting for a Dodger catcher who could deter stealing, and Martin is that and so much more.


    Tomko got lucky tonight. He left alot of pitches up in the zone. I still don’t see why Tomko is in the rotation. He hasn’t had an ERA under 4.50 since 1997.


    I understand how important Billingsley could be out of the Pen but i don’t see how people don’t understand that he would be even more important in the rotation.


    1) Yay, 10 wins!

    2) Brett Tomko did not have a good start against Arizona, particularly since he gave up hits to the first batter in the first 4 innings. I hope this is just a fluctuation and that he’ll be good for at least a couple starts longer.

    3) Billingsley seems to progressing fairly nicely, but I think they’d like to see him get his pitch count under 37 for 2 innings before sticking him back in the rotation. I like the idea of keeping his innings down, though, and he’s pretty spectacular to have in the pen.

    4) All of you who want to bring Greg Miller up to debut in the majors on Thursday are sick; that game is in COORS! You don’t want to take the risk that they might give the guy some dry balls there. But in all seriousness, that day is his turn in the rotation, and he had a good last start. And then again, Vegas isn’t quite a hitter’s park, so maybe it wouldn’t be THAT crazy.

    5) I’ll give Juan Pierre some credit, he had a good night at the plate. Historically, his best month is July, so he and Furcal should both be breaking out by then (and of course, I’m not expecting an OPS over .700 before then). I’d like to see him do well, and I’ll always be happy when he does, because that means the Dodgers will do well. I don’t know if Colletti made the right move signing him, but I’ve got nothing against Pierre.


    fisher quote “Dude did a backflip on contact looked like it hurt plenty being laidout like that.”

    I guess you’re right


    GMiller would be awesome, but never gonna happen. I just DONT think the soft tossing Hendy is good choice in Coors, now or ever. But i guess the Dodgers don’t see it that way. Tomko’s delivery looked like the “old” delivery instead of the compact new one, hence his lackluster performance. Bills definitely needs to work on pitch efficiency, but I see no reason why he won’t improve. He still might have trouble warming up for the pen. Broxton—just wow, I hope hes our closer for the next 10 years. He’s a beast.


    Maxy 05 baby! What worries you? Why you baggin’ on so many Dodgers? What’s it going to take to make you a happy person around here? Just relax man… and…

    “Don’t worry… about a thing…

    ‘Cause every little thing… gonna be alright.

    Singin’ don’t worry… about a thing…

    ‘Cause every little thing… gonna be alright!” : )


    Our bullpen is nasty. Were the new nasty boys. And, now that Pierre is waking up, its going to be even better.


    No Puppyhead
    Just seemes to be the best way to approach people for me. I tend to get a little long in the tooth in my dialoge and people haze over the important parts of my view of things and this is a great place to use my godgiven talents of writing in which I have no appreciation for.Glad you like the metaphors/cliches I guess thats from listening to Vin call games my whole life.

    What I like most about this team so far this year is that its a differant hero everynight and everybody is doing something great to contribute.So Far So Good on the Plan ‘B’ Because the Cubs went with Plan ‘A’ and they are in the cellar chilling like an expensive fine wine.

    We have seen every NL West team now and have handled them all!

    Go Blue 2007!!!


    Glad to hear that Johnny Garcia is OK!

    Tomko got very, very lucky last night. He had almost no control, looked like, and not a terrible lot of velocity either.

    Pierre had a good game ( except for having to lunge at that one fly to center. He seems to like falling over when fielding! ) Hopefully this is the kind of groove he’ll be settling into.

    The team played well – they played like a team expecting to win, and that’s great to see.

    I hope we all have a fun season. The pieces are there, now let’s put them together and have a good one!


    “…got very, very lucky last night. He had almost no control, looked like…”

    This very same comment could have been said about Brad Penny’s start against Colorado last week at home. He got back on track and ended up with the victory… just like Tomko last night.


    A great win it was. Juan Pierre will prove to be a valuable asset for us. He is hitting the ball very hard and obviously getting into the pitchers’ heads.

    You’ve got to like what Kent and Nomar are doing, as well. I really like what Grady is doing with Gonzo – getting him his at bats and then resting him late in the games. He is currently leading our club in HR’s.

    If I had to pick our weakness it would be starting Betemit at 3B. I think that Valdez needs to be our everyday third baseman, with Martinez and Betemit as back-ups. I know that Grady is trying to get Betemit out of his funk and trying to build his confidence by starting him, but it is not working all that well. Fortunately, we are winning games, so it is really a non-issue for now.

    I think that replacing Schmidt with Hendrickson is the right move at this time. Hendrickson is pitching very well and, as noted, it is a good idea to stay with him while he is hot. That being said, Bills is also doing very well (aside for his high pitch count – which he has always had). I see him in our starting rotation if Tomko cannot stay on track. Please go easy on Tomko guys. He had an outstanding first start and managed to make it through this one because of our GREAT bullpen. Let’s see how he does in his next few starts before crucifying him.

    Please keep in mind that we are going to have a few losing streaks throughout the season. Hopefully, they will be short and we can turn them into even longer winning streaks. But regardless, we need to stand behind our team and avoid bashing them through the tough times.

    We have won four of the first five series and that ROCKS! And speaking of Rocks, let’s sweep them, too!




    Of course, you forgot to mention that Tomko doesn’t have a win because Bills blew it for him. As rough as a game he had tonight, I was happy to see him tough it out and not let it get completely out of control. Man these guys are fun to watch. My wife is learning to cover her ears more, since my yelling and cheering hurt them so much


    ‘”…got very, very lucky last night. He had almost no control, looked like…”

    This very same comment could have been said about Brad Penny’s start against Colorado last week at home. He got back on track and ended up with the victory… just like Tomko last night.’

    Can’t argue! Penny seemed to be pinched a little more by the home plate ump, though, and he had a bit more speed on his deliveries.

    That said, Penny certainly got lucky with the batters hitting at the fielders for the most part!

    Ready for the ups and downs of the season, fansince53. I tend to be more prone to bashing a team when they’re looking like they’re not playing with energy or enjoyment. As long as the guys are out there and applying themselves to doing their jobs, even if they fail a bit, the losses are easier to stomach 😉


    I completely agree with all 3 of the last posts 53 kev and griffon. Especially at 3rd base with Valdez over Betemit just for now.I feel the same about not bashing the team when they are winning its the lackluster sloppy play that really upsets me on the losing streaks.That being said lets just keep it goin!

    Go Blue 2007!!!

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