Tonight's game

I’ll take a quick break from parking and restaurant reviews and give today’s lineup, as well as the unfortunate news that Matt Kemp is going to go on the disabled list and Chin-hui Tsao has been recalled from Las Vegas. I haven’t been downstairs yet for a medical update on Kemp, but be on the lookout for Ken Gurnick’s notebook, as I’m sure that will have the first bit of news from Grady/Stan Conte, etc.

Here’s the lineup:

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzalez, LF

Valdez, SS

Ethier, RF

Betemit, 3B

Tomko, P

One last thought on the restuarant critics…if they write off of their first visit, how is it that they can weigh in on five or six different appetizers, entrees and desserts? They just take one bite of everything and then give their opinion? Or do they leave every meal stuffed beyond all belief? Anyway…



    I’m hoping Matt Kemp’s DL stint isn’t to serious. Like a 3 month stint would be really really bad. judging from his interviews yesterday it sounds like he’ll be o.k


    I rather stay way from the whole parking situation I know my way around the situation so what ever…


    I grimace each time I check the line-up card and see Pierre at the top of our order.

    I know its a 162 game season, but he’s been killing us so far; and I simply can’t see things changing. What a terrible signing!

    We can’t un-ring that bell, so i guess all we’re left with is hoping for the best.

    Lets get-em tonight fellas!!!


    Kemp going on the DL even with negative x-rays? Is this more serious than just a bruise, or is Stan Conte going to actually – dare I say – err on the side of caution and try not to mess Kemp up even more? And complete with a callup of the fireballing Tsao, I like the move.


    I predict Pierre will snap out of his funk tonight with a 4-5 game and the Dodgers win big. Andre will also make the most of the unfortunate Kemp news.
    Go Blue!


    I agree Josh – restaurant critics are taught to at least come back a second time if it’s a new restaurant, if not wait awhile for even the first one, because it takes time to iron out the kinks and so on. It’s part of the critic’s creed. (Of course, restaurants are different than parking lots…)

    Meanwhile, I hope it is true that Kemp did have a contusion and not something more serious, and that the team is being cautious. Tsao is probably up in part because Tomko isn’t going longer then 5 or so, even if he pitches well, and who knows what else the rest of the week will bring. Also Anderson and Valdez can play OF if needed. When Furcal comes back, things’ll change once more. Still they’re going to need Kemp to come back healthy. Better safe than sorry.


    Most critics (and people in general) go out to eat with people. In the foodie community it is common to let everyone try everything on the table (especially appetizers and desserts). It would be prohibitively expensive to have to keep going out to eat until you have tried everything on the menu. However, it is true that most restaurant critics won’t go to a place on opening night and slam it if things aren’t perfect.


    Dodgerdude, when Furcal comes back he’ll be the leadoff hitter, so rest easy. His return may also make things easier for Pierre and get him started a bit more (I hope).


    This is something of an odd move I think… curious why we need a 12th pitcher? I would have thought Loney. The pen is far from over worked- even with yesterdays game.


    Lets see, Kemp goes down (hope it’s not serious) so we call up a pitcher. Makes perfect sense, unless they feel Tomko will get shelled.


    Player to watch tonight IMO Ethier, I didn’t check the stats or anything but my DODGER MOJO tells me so.


    You know- I just looked at 1 last year with the Dodgers and 2 2004-2006 three year splits and Tomko has a 2.60 ERA at Dodger stadium in both cases. I sorta forgot about that. Maybe he pitches well tonight!! We need to get back on track.


    agreed fliegel, they need as much offensive help as they can get…plus the pen hasn’t been overworked at all. Hopefully a DFA for Seanez is coming.


    A few questions.

    When Raffy come back, will he bat lead-off or in the 2 spot? I really love having Martin in the 2 spot, its gonna be a shame to see him moved out of there.

    Doesn’t it make more sense to putting Raffy at the 2-spot since he’s a better contact and power hitter than JP? I fear that having JP batting second will produce a high number of DP’s.

    Also, I realize JP’s hitting game will improve. However, I only thinks thats half the story. Does anyone really expect that he’ll ever become more patient so he ups his OBP and/or he’ll do something to improve he’s extremely week throwing arm? I just can’t see how he helps us more than hurts with his inability to have productive at bats and with opposing teams’ increasing tendency to run wild every time the ball is hit to him.

    Someone, please shed some light on what I see as bleak situation in CF.


    Dodgerdude, i have a feeling Pierre will stay in the leadoff spot when Furcal comes back. If you remember earlier this year Grittle Cakes played with the idea of having Pierre first, Martin second and Furcal third.









    would be ideal though,


    It was my understanding during Spring Training that the Dodgers were planning on going with 12 pitchers during the season. They were afforded the extra bench spot only until Tomko made his first start (tonight).


    “I predict Pierre will snap out of his funk tonight with a 4-5 game and the Dodgers win big.”

    I hope your are right. If Pierre goes an unlikely 4 for 5, that would raise his .188 OBA to .270 which is still pretty pathetic. He’s killing us at the top of the lineup. Pierre really needs to bat 8th when Furcal comes back. Any sane manager should be able to see this!


    “any sane manager should be able to see this!”

    LOL you do know grady little is our manager right?


    Hey Max. I like your style. If you swing both ways send me an EMail. Maybe we can hook up.


    Someone in the bully is going to be sent down when Furcal comes in…that is unless Tsao fails the audition. I think it’s a good move bringing him up and letting the rest of the bullpen sweat it out a bit.


    why has dodger management lost confidence in andre ethier? what has he done wrong?… and now i hear him pull a james loney(although not to that extent)… they need to get at bats for my kids, otherwise they are just wasting their talent.



    c’mon Ray you know as well as the rest of us that it falls into that what have you done for me lately catagory and lately Eithier hasn’t done much with the bat Loney is sulking his chance away down in AAA Nomar should be spending time at home not on the diamond Parking and Traffic still ***** in LA but at least we are not The Mariners with Weaver on the mound……

    Go Big BlueRollercoaster 2007!


    Ray couldn’t agree more. It seems like they really don’t have him in their future plans. But without him last year I don’t believe they stay in the race. I am sure he is frustrated getting off to a slow start and then getting limited at bats. I think he will get a chance now with Kemp out. Unless they decide to give Clark some starts. Prove them wrong Andre!


    Why cant we bring up Loney and send down Seanez? Rudy is garbage and has nothing left in the tank…..He is the prototypical spring training pitcher.


    Ray, I agree. Maybe early to say, but I feel the kids are ready — numbers say so too.

    At the risk of jinxing things, Tomko is looking better than any starter thus far.

    Go Blue!!!


    “I think he will get a chance now with Kemp out. Unless they decide to give Clark some starts.”

    I’d be very disapoited/feel bad for Ethier if that happened. The kid is gonna produce if given the chance. IMO.


    c’mom andre, dont become the next todd hollandsworth. management dont like him as it is, imagine if he goes hitless today?…



    why is chad in the pen?.. he should be starting… i dont care how good of a start tomko had today, you know hes going to be awful… let the kid start



    Ethier has got to start believing in himself and start producing. It’s a case of “what have you done for me lately”, and he hasn’t shown anything since August of last year.


    Agreat outing for Tomko…Martin is incredible… Billz can do better…stop bashing Coletti and GO BLUE!!!


    Is there a way to start a Russell Martin All-Star ad campaign? It seems like so many of the all-stars are picked because of their popularity from previous seasons. If we could get something going early it may help Martin’s candidacy.


    I Stuffed the write in box with Martins name last year and I’ll vote every vote I’m allowed again for Martin he is a one man Highlight reel this year so far.


    Great win tonight! Just got back from a very fun opening night.

    Traffic was not that bad getting in and getting out. I even stayed behind a bit to take some pics. What I liked was coming in you immediatly are directed to a parking lot. I came in through the Sunset entrance and had to park in the lot immediately to the left (lot 2). Plenty of people with flags directing me where to park. Only slight inconvenience was the fact that I had 1st base side tix so I had to trek along ways through the stadium to get to my seat. Didn’t mind too much though as I got to catch a good amount of the first inning as I walked. For the fans, I recommend knowing where you’ll be sitting and trying to come in through the entrance closest to that side. Since I usually get tickets on the third base side Sunset will be my permanent way.

    On the way out I was able to get into a line and 15 mins later I was out of Dodger Stadium. The only suggestion I can make to Josh and the Dodgers is to perhaps have a parking attendant helping with the merging of traffic before the exiting instead of just having someone directing on the main street. I think having someone there will further speed up the process rather than people trying to pick who gets to be nice and yield first. It could be easily 10 cars from the center, 10 from the right, 10 from the left and so on. Think this will allow it to flow even smoother.

    Hopefully tomorrow night will be just as smooth!


    Tomko’s a streaky kind of guy, and I’ll give Grady credit for recognizing one of his good ones. That was the high game score of the year so far at 76 (last year’s was Billingsley at 79), and NINE STRIKEOUTS? Wow. I think we might see a few more of these.


    Tomko pitched a fabulous game tonight! Watching on TV you could really see that his stuff was electric… the best word I can find to describe it. Simply electric. Whatever his “new” approach is, I hope he doesn’t lose it, because it was by far the best start from a Dodgers’ pitcher this young season. He was hitting Martin’s glove at will…

    What a game Russell Martin had! He called a great game and was involved in both runs tonight. The kid is the best number two hitter we have… but Grady won’t leave him there when Furcal returns. Little has no balls to drop Pierre in the order… having spent way too much for him, they will feel justified for putting him in Martin’s slot in the lineup upon Furcal’s return.

    Which leads me to agree with jspelk’s previous post about Seanez being DFA’d when Furcal is activated. Why he’s even on the staff is beyond comprehension.

    Also, Tomko had a no hitter going into the fifth until Pierre muffed what should have been a catch at the wall on Holiday’s fly ball double… which brings up…

    Why is it with Pierre’s speed that he makes the easy plays look so hard? And has he even once made an honest attempt to dive for a ball yet? I’ve seen at least three balls that normally would have a play made on them yet Pierre remains on his feet. And lets not even get me started on the seventh inning base-hit to center that scored the “speedy” Brad Hawpe from third without even so much as a throw home with Hawpe lingering around third to make sure the ball wasn’t caught. I didn’t know Pierre’s arm was so bad that he doesn’t even attempt a throw in that situation from short center field. Five years? Amazing…

    All in all a good win, despite Pierre’s lack of arm… and hopefully Tomko will provide more reason to keep him in the rotation.

    Go Dodgers!!


    Well, nothing says bad day like waking up at 0600 to watch your dodgers on gamecast only to find that your generator has gone out again. But I can’t complain, many, many soldiers here in Iraq are always without electricity. Speaking of power…looks like I’m not the only one without it, but who are we kidding, we are dodger fans. Should we be suprised? Its not too early to start talking trade for a big bat, I think its our only chance. I like Andruw Jones. Talk about killing two birds with one stone because then you can move JP to left, althought I’d rather see him play left bench. Nomar, please come back. I know you just got two guaranteed years and twins at home, but we need you. Kudos to Tomko, if only a couple other dodgers felt like that had to step up to keep their jobs we might get something going. Someone have a Dodgerdog and a beer for me.


    I love the over-criticism in our young season. Why is Tomko pitching, why is Billingsley in the bullpen, when Furcal gets back they better not drop Martin out of the 2 hole etc. Did anyone ever stop to think that Grady gets a real close look at all of these guys on a daily basis. What Tomko did last night shouldn’t be a suprise, he started off hot last year, let’s ride that momentum until its dead (which hopefully won’t happen). As for Martin moving down in the line-up, I’m all for it, the guy seems to produce well with RISP so the 2 hole does not suit him best in our line-up. Pierre for all with short term memories had the key hit that put Betemit at 3rd for Martin to drive in so hold off on the bashing. I like this line-up when Furcal is back





    Martin (let the kid have more opportunities to drive in runs)




    I agree with you. I made the argument in the off-season that JP’s tools will be excellent with Furcal in front of him – especially his ability to bunt and bunt for hits. As a good contact hitter, we’ll see a lot of hit-and-run plays when Furcal gets on base, which will avoid the DPs frequently and will send Furcal to 3b when the ball reaches the outfield. I actually project that Pierre will be much more valuable in the 2 slot than as a leadoff hitter.

    Can’t wait to see Furcal in the lineup again…he will score a lot of runs and drive in many more than JP has done with RISP.



    Great to hear from you- sorry about the power outs…. but liek you said: Its Dodger baseball!!!

    Eeeked that one out yesterday.

    Im really starting to think Martin is the best player on the team.


    “Im really starting to think Martin is the best player on the team.”

    Until Rafael Furcal comes back that is… they’re both very good athletes. The Colorado broadcasters last night commented that when standing next to Russell Martin, one would guess he might be a running back on a football team… he’s built that well.


    Let’s not forget Nomar…he’s an incredible athlete, and was batting around .360 with some pop before his injuries last season…


    charris: “As for Martin moving down in the line-up, I’m all for it, the guy seems to produce well with RISP so the 2 hole does not suit him best in our line-up.”

    The problem with your logic is two-fold:

    — RISP is a meaningless statistic and is mostly a product of players in front of you getting on base. Clutch hitting is mostly a figment of one’s imagination.

    — Martin’s OBP was 20 points higher than Juan Pierre’s last season and Martin was a rookie. I think Martin will approach a .400 OBP where as we already know from history that Pierre is only good for .330-.340 range. There is no sensible argument that points to Pierre as the logical #2 hitter. He is the prototypical #8 hitter. If he had less speed, he wouldn’t even be worthy of a starting job in the eyes of knowledgeable managers and coaches.


    I was just looking at team stats on…Dodgers hitters have the fewest strikeouts of any team in the NL thus far. They’re obviously putting the ball in play a lot…how much of this low team average has to do with balls not finding the holes in the infield/outfield?


    Here’s a “sensible argument” for Pierre at #2 – his ability to make contact and move the leadoff man into scoring position. Argue if you want, but it’s not “insensible.”


    puppyhead: “Here’s a “sensible argument” for Pierre at #2 – his ability to make contact and move the leadoff man into scoring position. Argue if you want, but it’s not “insensible.”

    I’d rather have a guy who is more capable of getting a hit or a walk and putting two men on base rather than a guy who “makes contact” and uses up a valuable out in getting a runner over. I’m not sure how “sensible” it is to stick a guy in the #2 slot who has a lower OBP and less power just because he can bunt.


    I need an education. Is anyone able to explain to me,
    why NO ONE seems to post on

    Dodger Junkie Blog ???? Did I miss, something….Help…


    Oh no not the Pierre-gate scandal again…I guess I have to comment on it though. Let’s say that Pierre’s OBP this year is .350 and Martin’s is .400, that would mean that Martin gets on base 1 additional time in 20 ABs. With Pierre’s contact hitting, bunting ability and overall speed I would take that trade off. For one, having two speedburners at the top of the line-up puts pressure on not only the defense (to hurry plays) but also puts pressure on the pitcher (to throw strikes) which is why Pierre’s OBP is probably lower in the 1st place, pitchers have to go right after him because he is such a nusance on the basepaths. Secondly, Martin is an ideal fit in our 5 hole this year and Pierre obviously is not. Pierre would do our team no good hitting in the 8 hole, it’s simply a waste of his speed and basebrunning ability. Our team needs to utilize our players in a way that best helps our team and in my opinion the hypothetical line-up that I posted above does just that. Hitting with RISP is just the luck of the draw, why do you think guys like Vlad and Manny have had consistantly higher BA’s with RISP. It’s about being clutch in key moments, which Martin has definitely shown so far inn his young career. Maybe you don’t think it’s a sensible argument but I think my potential line-up would produce more runs in the long haul.


    Ray, Game Score is one of those Bill James statistics used to measure how dominant a pitcher is during a game. Durability is rewarded and strikeouts are too. Hits, runs and walks are penalized. ESPN generally puts these in the box scores. To figure out how to calculate this, see the following:

    While not entirely defense-independent, it is usefull for comparing starts for each pitcher or across pitchers for certain teams.


    Charris. That a very generous estimate for JP’s OBP v. a very realistic one for Martin.

    Personally, I’m of the opinion that you should have your best “hitters” at the top of your lineup; primarily because that’s where they’re likely to get the most AB’s. Best hitters at the top of line-up = Best hitters get most AB’s.

    Factoring BA, HR, OBP, OPS, and even ewk216’s precious “hits”, Pierre is probably weakest hitter in our lineup. Now, if didn’t have another option in terms of a speedy lead-off guy (because i realize there is some importance in having some speed at the top of the line-up), I’m totally fine with having Pierre bat first. However, I’d much rather see our better hitters get more AB’s than have second lead-off man at the top of the order (when raffy gets back). Some of you will disagree, but I think there is more value getting in on base and hitting for power than I do having a guy creates a ton of contact outs and does not walk; even if he can get 200 hits and steals 50 bases.


    charris: “…which is why Pierre’s OBP is probably lower in the 1st place, pitchers have to go right after him because he is such a nusance on the basepaths”

    No, Pierre’s OBP is low because he’s a punch and judy hitter with no patience who relies on seeing-eye ground balls to find holes for singles.

    If Pierre is such a great hitter, why not put him in the #8 spot where he can steal or be sacraficed by the pitcher and get into scoring position for Furcal and Martin? I hate giving up a free out, especially with the #2 hitter. I’m much more comfortable with the pitcher being the guy to give up that precious out with a sacrafice.

    And 200 hits is not too hard for a major leaguer who comes to the plate 730 times and has 700 official at bats. The following Dodgers would have all had 200+ hits if they had 700 at bats last year: Nomar, Kent, Martin, Furcal, Ethier, Lofton, JD Drew, Saenz, & Loney.

    And get this: every one of them had a higher OBP and Slugging Average than Pierre as well.


    The idea of having Pierre bat 8th is horrible. The guy has consistently averaged 200 hits over the past how many years. He is still pretty young, so he is not slowing because of age. If furcal and him are both on the bases think of how many meat balls Nomar, Kent, Gonzales, and Martin will see. The teams homerun numbers will go up just because the pitchers have to concentrate on the double steal, the single steal, hit and run, so many different possibilities. Remember also Furcal was putting up these similar numbers in April last year and he went on to be our best player. Pierre may not have the greatest OBP (which will be fine because he will be # 2) but the benefits you get from having a guy who makes great contact will outweigh that. Furcal gets on and hes almost a guarentee score as long as they manufacture. Pierre bunts him over (possibly beating out the bunt because of his speed), Pierre can hit and run and any single puts Raffy at 3rd where a fly ball scores him. It is so important in MLB to score in the 1st inning I immagine with Raffy and Pierre at the top of the order they will score a run in the first inning about 30-40% of the time. Oh ya might I remind you the only guy to have mor ehits than Pierre in the last 6 years is a Mr Ichiro Suzuki.
    Also Having Martin in the #5 spot makes so much sense, hitting with RISP is not a luck of the draw thing, if that were so you would not see the same guys lead that category year in and year out. Anyone who plays baseball knows its completely different getting a hit with no one on compared to getting a hit with RISP. Martin also can hit for some power with a lot of gap strength which will be good because Furcal and Pierre can score from first on any gapper. What about this lineup?

    1.Furcal SS

    2.Pierre CF

    3.Martin C

    4.Kent 2nd

    5.Nomar 1st

    6.Gonzales LF

    7.Ethier/Kemp RF

    8.Betemit (Sigh) 3b


    Or even Nomar #4 and Kent #5

    I havent really thought about it too much just thought I would throw it out there for discussion.

    I wish we could see Loney at 1st and Nomar at 3rd, Betemit just isnt hitting. Although Loney hasnt been doin too well either.


    I like your line-up also spanky, but I still think Nomar is our best overall hitter (when healthy) so I still think he should hit 3, why not Martin at 4 though, that might work out well. I can tell that both you and puppyhead understand the nuances of the game and that its not all about bottom line stats, especially OBP. If Juan Pierre is such a terrible hitter, why has he consistently hit at the top of the line-up in his career? He has been on some great offenses too (better than what we have this year IMO)…the Rockies, the Marlins (He and Castillo were monsters at the top of the line-up the year they won it all-hmm maybe he and Furcal could do the same) he even hit at the top of the Cubs line-up last year before the injury bug made their line-up a joke. Bottom line, Pierre has never hit in the 8 hole and for good reason, its a waste of his ability. Other people can argue that fact until their blue in the face but I’ll go ahead and agree with all the other managers that he’s ever played for, including Grady.


    spanky: “The guy has consistently averaged 200 hits over the past how many years.”

    Did you ignore my point that every Dodger in the lineup last year would have had 200 hits if they had 700 at bats last season? Ramon Martinez would have missed by just 6 hits. Why is 200 hits such an important number to you? It is less meaningful in the proper context.

    sparky: “It is so important in MLB to score in the 1st inning”

    Are runs in the first inning now worth more than those scored in later innings? I’m not sure I see this point.

    Sparky: “Oh ya might I remind you the only guy to have mor ehits than Pierre in the last 6 years is a Mr Ichiro Suzuki.”

    Are you trying to tell me that Pierre is one of the best hitters over the previous 6 years? Are you kidding me? I can list 25 outfielders who performed better than Pierre over the last 6 years (unless you think hits is the best or only way to measure performance, then you got me there).

    Sparky: “Also Having Martin in the #5 spot makes so much sense, hitting with RISP is not a luck of the draw thing, if that were so you would not see the same guys lead that category year in and year out. Anyone who plays baseball knows its completely different getting a hit with no one on compared to getting a hit with RISP.”

    Wow, this one really rocked my world. You mean major league hitters try harder with RISP? Are you trying to say they don’t care as much or try as hard when the bases are empty? I’m really at a loss as to what you mean here.

    charris: “Other people can argue that fact until their blue in the face but I’ll go ahead and agree with all the other managers that he’s ever played for, including Grady.”

    So Charris, you are going to completely abandon the logic of my post and instead go with blind faith? If it is good enough for Grady/Dusty Baker/Jack McKeon/Buddy Bell/Clint Hurdle than it is good enough for me! Aside from McKeon, none of Pierre’s other managers have won a World Series. The only World Series team than Juan played for, he was statistically the 8th best hitter on that team that year.


    Just a thought…is a guy more valuable if he has great hitting stats but is an awful baserunner? Would poor baserunning detract from a solid statistical hitter’s value? It doesn’t, in the world of OPS. It does in reality, however. I think any quantitative analysis of a player’s offensive performance should include runs scored, steals leading to runs vs. steals leading to outs, etc. JP’s batting statistics are not way above average, but his value to the team on the basepaths increases his offensive value. You can’t just put someone in the leadoff spot because they have high OBP…although that is very valuable, if they can’t score from 1b on a double, then they are not as valuable offensively as someone with JP’s speed.
    I’m rambling now. But I think that baserunning is overlooked quantitatively as to how it impacts a player’s total offensive output. Yes, we quantify SB, CS, runs scored, etc., but I would love to hear of a stat that quantified how frequently a player goes 1b to 3b or 1b to home VERSUS the league average.

    I’m not a huge JP fan. But I am a huge Dodger fan and I see what he can bring to the team in spite of his shortcomings. Let’s deal with it…he’s not moving to the 8 hole…he’s not going to become JD Drew. It ain’t perfect, but I’ll take it if he can score 100 runs this year, which I believe he and Furcal will both do.


    In defense of Sparky, some guys deal with pressure situations better and thats why their RISP BA is higher and why they always drive in 100+, they don’t try harder, they just deal with those situations with more calm than others. Its not blind faith that I see with my last post as much as finding support from professional baseball minds, look around the league and you’ll see several teams that have guys with lower OBP’s hitting in the 2 hole in front of 3,4,5 guys that have higher ones, Should Pujols bat 1 or 2? How bout Vlad? No you see these guys hitting after Eckstein, Taguchi and Matthews, Cabrera because that is whats most functional for their respective teams. Using your one dimensional logic the conclusion that I’d draw would be let all the guys hitting 3 in their line-ups right now shift to the 1 or 2 hole because after all the best hitters in a line-up should get the most ABs…doesn’t make much sense to me. Your best hitters should get ABs that impact games, in other words they should hit in situations when they can change the score.


    Thank you livnlegent1!!!

    It boggles me why people are so willing to sacrifice clear logic (which you have exhibited) in favor of so called “baseball nuance” and the “conventional wisdom” of coaches and managers.

    I don’t think its all about stats…but when a player’s statical deficiencies screams out like they do with Pierre then I think people have to pay attention. Sparky sites stats that are either poor indicators of productivity (scoring runs in the 1st inning) or understood in a faulty context (hits v. official at bats/ hitting with RISP).


    It just occurred to me: Have the people who drew up the new parking plans actually driven to and from the stadium, during the times fans normally do it, and often enough to experience what it is really like?

    Also, when there’s only that many roads going out of the stadium, bottlenecks gets created out on the surface streets too, not just inside the parking lot. Any possibility that traffic lights can be timed or a street or two close to the stadium temporarily turned into a one-way street after the game to help the traffic dissipate quicker?


    livinlegend- your not making very much sesnse buddy.

    first you said that hitting with runners in scoring postion is a meaning less stat. and that its a figment of ones imagination?? are you kidding me?? so your saying that everyody in the majors can do it? no they cant. because when your in that situation you get pitched differently, and theres more pressure on the batter. your only bashing pierre because he has a low obp. thats all you got on him buddy and thats all you can say bad about his offense. he gets on base, yes he doesnt walk but pitchers go right after him because hes a slap hitter, not a home run hitter. and if they walk him theres a good chance hes gonna make them pay with his speed. hes the best bunter on the team and thats def. wat a typical #2 hitter does. gets the leadoff hitter in scoring postion for the 3,4,5 hitters. the odds of having a leadoff hitter and the second batter getting a hit are not very likely. but if pierres in the #2 spot then furcal can run and pierre(a slap hitter) can hit the ball on the ground where the fielders are out of position. russell martins my favorite player but hes a better 5 hitter because of these reasons:

    1) he will get to hit with runners in scoring position, which is good for a contact hitter with some pop.

    2) he will protect kent and garciaparra better than gonzo, and betemit.

    3) he doesnt have teh speed to make the pitchers worry about him when hes on the basepaths like pierre does.

    ..and if you havent noticed, when pitchers worry about the runners a lot, they dont focus on the batter as much meaning more mistakes. and garciaparra and kent, verteran hitters will take advantage of that. and it is more important to score runs in the first inning because that gives the team a boost. baseball is a game of mommentum and if you get out to a lead, you feel better about the game and you tend to do better because your spirts are higher. you also said that you can name 25 better outfielders than pierre…so go ahead buddy and name them…seriously.

    and you said that sparky was trying to say that hitters try harder with men in scoring position, well he wasnt, so your wrong again on that buddy.

    im just guessing that you REALLY dont know how baseball REALLY is. you prolly didnt play it that well. your one of those stat guys and thats nice but baseball isnt jus based on stats or the yankees would win every world series. its a bunch of little things put together and when all those little things are put together, great things can happen…the cardinals werent the best team last year statisically but they won…so how do you explain that stat boy??…stop bashing everybodys opinions!! because yours arnt better enough to do that



    I see someone is complaining over Valdez over Ethier already lol. Valdez was batting .538 and Ethier is batting .182. I think the batting average has something to say about Valdez batting over Ethier and I don’t see a problem that Valdez is in that 6th hole and to be honest I think Valdez should be batting 2nd and Martin 6th.


    Pierre’s got the intangibles that win games. He’s clutch. And offense ain’t everything – that speed he has really puts pitchers off their game. He’s no Maury Wills, but I’d rather see him in a Dodger uniform than some muscle-bound slugger who can’t leg out an infield hit.


    Totlly. I wish Colleiti would relize that we need more veteran experience like Risugm and joey_rock said – they kno how to handle pressure dude, not like those yung guys. I wish they would trade for a porven OF like that Garret Anderson guy (what good are Elbert, LaRoche, and those other prospects doing for us anyway), and get some clutch vets in.

    Really, Juan Pierre is not a bust like Hinksi so there. I bet LivinLegend is a Giants fan for real LOL.


    long time lurker, first time poster here. It is really disapointing to see people ripping on Pierre just because he had a few bad games, especially at this time when all eye’s in MLB are turned towards honoring the late, great Jackie Robinson. With his hustle and determination, Pierre reminds me a lot of #42’s qualities, in so many ways. But I suppose somepeople would have traded Jackie for a guy who would rather watch pitches than slap them to the shortstop and beat out an infield hit, not to mention showing so much determination to overcome adversity. I just can’t believe it sometimes how the younger modern baseball fans dont really appreciate the true spirit of the game anymore 😦


    unabashed Grady Little fan here. I was a Red Sox fan when he was their and now I’m a dodgers fan. Let me tell you about Grady, he’s old skool and he knows his baseball. If he thinks Pierre should bat in the 2 hole, it shouldn’t be a question. Seriously, some of you statheadz should have you’re headz examined if you know what I mean. Pierre puts the ball in play and if he doesn’t get on, he’s moved the runners up. THATS IMPORTANT. Great teams are built on pitching and defense and all the offense has to do is build some runs and that makes Pierre ideal batting 2nd. If it’s good enough for Grady, it’s good enough for me.

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