Today's lineup

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzalez, LF

Valdez, SS

Ethier, RF

Betemit, 3B

Penny, P



    I’ll be out at the Ravine seeing Penny dominate tonight.

    Lets hope the rest of the fellas bring their bats.

    GO BLUE!!!


    Should one of Ethier or Betemit bat 6th? Considering their dismal performances thus far…Valdez is a surer bet until either of them start seeing their pitches better.


    A couple of days ago I mentioned here that Dodgers fans would be forgiving if McCourt were a bit more honest about the parking fiasco and would say “Sorry, we’re working on it.”

    Instead I noticed he hid behind slick-talking Camille Johnson and did not offer any public comments since Opening Day, nor did he address any of the negative issues pointed out in numerous media sources. It’s very disappointing.

    My Angels fans friends were happy to point out Paul Oberjuerge’s recent column in the Press Enterprise which pointed out how the Angels are now the class organization in SoCal, not the Dodgers.

    As a Dodgers fan of 30 years, that makes me ill!


    Great game by Tomko last night. I hope he can keep it up. I don’t get Valdez batting 6th. I have a feeling that as long as Grittle is the manager it’s going to be an uphill battle. Last year Grady said , if we win it’s because of the players, and if we lose it’s my fault. No truer words were ever spoken.


    Last year Grady said , if we win it’s because of the players, and if we lose it’s my fault. No truer words were ever spoken.

    And I’ll take this .625 winning clip with Grady running the show injuries and all…..Anyday!

    I don’t see why everyone is second guessing Valdez batting sixth? He tore up this spring and with power to boot and is hitting over .400 in his few games thus far. while raffy is out and the Great players are on hitting vacation we have to ride the hot bats while they are producing.Eithier hasn’t produced since last july and Betemit hasn’t gotten going yet either.Will moving Eithier and Betemit up in the order 1 or 2 spots make them hit better? I doubt it…. Everyone in the starting line up is Doing Great things with their gloves cept JP and Gonzo but they are who we have and I think this is the best line up we can put up today with who we have in the dugout today.

    Go Dodgers 2007!


    from last blog:

    livinlegend- your not making very much sesnse buddy.

    first you said that hitting with runners in scoring postion is a meaning less stat. and that its a figment of ones imagination?? are you kidding me?? so your saying that everyody in the majors can do it? no they cant. because when your in that situation you get pitched differently, and theres more pressure on the batter. your only bashing pierre because he has a low obp. thats all you got on him buddy and thats all you can say bad about his offense. he gets on base, yes he doesnt walk but pitchers go right after him because hes a slap hitter, not a home run hitter. and if they walk him theres a good chance hes gonna make them pay with his speed. hes the best bunter on the team and thats def. wat a typical #2 hitter does. gets the leadoff hitter in scoring postion for the 3,4,5 hitters. the odds of having a leadoff hitter and the second batter getting a hit are not very likely. but if pierres in the #2 spot then furcal can run and pierre(a slap hitter) can hit the ball on the ground where the fielders are out of position. russell martins my favorite player but hes a better 5 hitter because of these reasons:

    1) he will get to hit with runners in scoring position, which is good for a contact hitter with some pop.

    2) he will protect kent and garciaparra better than gonzo, and betemit.

    3) he doesnt have teh speed to make the pitchers worry about him when hes on the basepaths like pierre does.

    ..and if you havent noticed, when pitchers worry about the runners a lot, they dont focus on the batter as much meaning more mistakes. and garciaparra and kent, verteran hitters will take advantage of that. and it is more important to score runs in the first inning because that gives the team a boost. baseball is a game of mommentum and if you get out to a lead, you feel better about the game and you tend to do better because your spirts are higher. you also said that you can name 25 better outfielders than pierre…so go ahead buddy and name them…seriously.

    and you said that sparky was trying to say that hitters try harder with men in scoring position, well he wasnt, so your wrong again on that buddy.

    im just guessing that you REALLY dont know how baseball REALLY is. you prolly didnt play it that well. your one of those stat guys and thats nice but baseball isnt jus based on stats or the yankees would win every world series. its a bunch of little things put together and when all those little things are put together, great things can happen…the cardinals werent the best team last year statisically but they won…so how do you explain that stat boy??…stop bashing everybodys opinions!! because yours arnt better enough to do that



    My Angels fans friends were happy to point out Paul Oberjuerge’s recent column in the Press Enterprise which pointed out how the Angels are now the class organization in SoCal, not the Dodgers.

    Thats one Classy Organization seeing that they claim to be LA Angels…. The Giants and their freak show are classier then the Angels….Definite Identity issues there…..Don’t know why they ever changed from being the California Angels…Can’t get much bigger Market then That.


    I can’t believe some of you out there are seriously questioning Valdez batting sixth over Ethier & Betemit. For now just look at who is hitting what, is he a sixth place hitter for the year, NO. But he has the hot hand now, and the other two don’t. Some of the grips in this blog has been the hot hitters coming out of S/T are not playing, well Valdez is and he is hot. But 0-3 last might be signaling a cooling off, remember there is a reason he is 29 or so, and not playing somewhere everyday. But ride the hot hand now.


    Seriously with the way Eithier is hitting and what happened last year and the Way Bigbie tore it up in ST and is even Hotter now at LV I would not be suprised to see them flipped until Eithier gets his act together.


    Tony Abreu has seven straight hits in Las Vegas. 5/5 last night 2/2 so far tonight. Orenduff pitching well at Jacksoville over 2 to 3 innings.


    Has joeyp ever thought about getting some professional help? Or a life?

    That said, I don’t get Grady’s comments that “the players make the decisions for us with how they play,” or some such thing, when James Loney was sent to Vegas. I understand there were other factors than how Loney tore the cover off the ball. But Grady’s comment doesn’t acknowledge that. It says how you play determines where and how much you play. If that’s all there is to it, Loney should be in L.A. playing 4-5 days a week somewhere.


    Where do you suggest? 3rd base? Or in the OF to bash his head into the wall or maybe take out Kent as well as himself?There is no room on the team as long as Nomar is healthy and with his attitude and performance this past week he still needs to grow up a bit and get mentally tougher. Abreu….. Man I wish he played 3rd…..WE have kids ready with no spots and spots with kids who are floundering…LaRoche.Glad our Pitchers are doing well and we can’t trade for a Big Bat because there is nowhere to put said Bigbat in the lineup without Blocking a kid or dumping a new contract…It’s April we are 5-3 Lotsa holes in the bats but not strikeout holes the hits will fall the runs will pile and the Dodgers will prevail! Take a deep breath and enjoy the Game because its almost time For Dodger Baseball and it Starts in Half an hour With Vin Calling the Shots!

    Go Dodgers 2007!


    Loney under the mendoza line in avg. 8 rbi’s 3 tonight 1 in every AB with 1 single….What stat does that fall under?


    As you know, I love your thinking. What are your thoughts on Billingsley? I love the kid, but think he needs some experience.

    To all, all input is welcomed.

    Go Blue!!!


    I said this last year and, god knows I want him to do well, but Penny just doesn’t seem like a “Dodger”. Koufax, Drysdale, Robinson, Garvey, even Sax had that Dodger spirit. Sorry, Tomko has more of that spirit than Penny seems to. I heard Vin say that Penny is 6’4″ and 280lbs…280!!! To Ray’s point, maybe Billingsley needs a starting chance.

    Go Blue!!!


    To maybe raise some feathers, and certainly no offense intended, but Green had more Dodger spirit.


    Anyone else just have flashes of Sea World and Shamu during Penny’s awesome diving catch 😛 I swear it was the first thing that popped in my mind. And Vinny thinks so too as I type this: “Brad Penny makes a whale of a defensive play” – Vin Scully


    alex, i’m so glad Penny made that catch. Could you have?

    Quoting Vin doesn’t work, it’s not what he meant.


    I wasn’t being sarcastic about his catch, I’ll just consider this a misunderstanding, no biggie. It was a great play by Penny.


    man seriously…Betemt is a waste of an at Bat. CAll up LaRoche or move Nomar to third and spare us all a waste of an at bat.


    boy, so many of you guys were right, Gonzo is washed up. He’s only 2 for 2 tonight with a walk, hitting .333 with 2HR’s. what a loser.


    Stop complaining Valdez batting 6th is ok. Maybe Ethier need to started hitting for him to reclaim it. I’d take a hot Valdez in that spot then struggling Betamit and Ethier anyday,


    Does Valdez have speed? How I love Martin so much batting 2nd, Valdez need to be batting 2nd and Martin 6th.


    the dominance of our pitching is masking the weakness of our offense. Its working now…but for how long?


    The pitching only needs to mask the offensive weakness for about 3 or 4 more games. Furcal will be back for the next game most likely…and it can’t be too much longer until the bats of Betemit and Ethier heat up, not to mention Pierre. Expect their offense to start clicking in the next week or two.
    But…who cares as of right now. This pitching staff has been pretty amazing so far. Take out Lowe’s opening day start, and not a single pitcher has really been weak so far. Even as it stands this team has scored enough runs to win 6 of 9 games.

    Go Dodgers!


    euhlman “Correction – Abreu eight straight hits in Vegas.”

    He’s tearing it up down there, i’m not suprised I saw him on t.v. during the winter dominican league.


    Another good win, and all this going on with Furcal and Kemp hurt. This is a TEAM that plays well together and picks each other up. We shouldn’t be picking nits, we should be relishing what we’ve got and appreciating the efforts of the whole team. Loney, Abreu, etc will be ready when we need them, but for the moment it’s best they get the action in Vegas rather than rotting on the pines in LA.
    GO BLUE, I’m lovin’ it!!!


    I look at it this way…we’ve won 6 of 9 without our leadoff man. Also with Pierre, Either and Betemit all hitting sub-par. That will change. Furcal (who had a hit, walk and stolen base in his rehab game tonight) sets this lineup and the offense can only go up from here when he comes back Friday. It is very true our pitching has carried us thus far and hid our offensive woes. But I feel they’re temporary and while the pitching won’t be this dominant every game out, it’s still very capable of keeping us in each game. We haven’t played our best baseball by far and our true division rivals are coming to town this weekend! Go Dodgers!


    Great win tonight!! Penny with 62 pitches thrown after only three innings… you wouldn’t have thought he’d last through the fourth inning. Way to pick it up Brad Penny! 6.1 innings of work is very good considering the start he had…

    Furcal may not be activated this week… his ankle tightened up on him and he was removed from the game in the sixth as a precaution. Can’t wait for the news tomorrow on how well his therapy goes and whether or not he’ll make the Friday start…

    Russell Martin was interviewed after the game and it was mentioned that Grady is planning on putting him in the 6 slot in the lineup once Furcal returns. His attitude was great…

    Go Dodgers!!


    Just got back from my second straight game. Great win, great defense by Penny and Kent on a couple of plays. Would like to know what song Saito walked in to. Didn’t recognize it.

    My second night experience with parking was pretty fast once you get passed the booth where you pay. If you come in through Sunset know that there is a wait cause of the light before the stadium entrance and because of the merging of traffic since on the right the first 3 booths are for preferred and the rest on the left are for General admission. I got to park in Lot 1 today.

    After the game it took about 10 mins to get out. Seems the parking attendants are getting more and more comfortable with how the flow out of the lot should be. Here’s hoping there won’t be much turnover in employment as I saw a few people that knew what they were doing. Yesterday’s game was about 45,000, today was 40,000.

    I’ll be going back on Saturday and seeing how weekend traffic turns out.


    I didn’t catch the whole game but Penny was pretty much lights out the innings I did catch, Vinnie did mentioned that the 1st inning was kind of bad for Penny though.


    lohmeyet – I bet your Mom is loving the past couple of games. I might not be a good one to ask about Chad. My perception is clouded. Going back to 1980 I remember experience, Dave Goltz, pitching that pivotal game against Houston with Fernando sitting on the bench. I really like young players who come through the system and then form the core of the team. eg. Twins, A’s, Tiger pitchers, etc. I’m one who doens’t need immediate reward by playing veterans over kids. Having said that, I think Chad needs to play more. He needs to start once in a while. Confidence seems to be nearly as important as talent. I think a start now and then would help his confidence and give him an idea of where he stands for the future. It would also show any progression over his starts from last year in terms of control and pitch efficiency. He is not a reliever but I guess that is a better option for him than AAA.It must be very difficult for young players on the edge to feel they are in a holding tank. eg. Loney, Billingsley.

    I think that is part of Ethier’s hitting problem right now. Instead of relaxing and playing he is pressing trying to impress as he is now in a competition for the spot. Each out is magnified in his mind. He should take Duke Snider’s insight on it. Duke said it is the only job in life where you can be a big star and fail seventy percent of the time. Relax Andre and let that smooth swing do the job.


    Gotta say…although I enjoyed having the games on TV here in Denver, I was wishing through every inning I watched that I could be hearing Vin instead of the monkeys that FSN Rocky Mountains employ.

    Oh well, back to for the SD series…maybe I can hear him then.

    Go Blue!


    As long as this team wins , it doesn’t matter who plays or where. I still think Gonzos finished and I would still like to see Nomar at third and Loney at first, and I’m not a big Pierre fan, but if they win who cares who plays and where? Winning is what it’s all about, and I still have concerns that it will be tough to beat the better teams,but as long as they win that’s all that matters.


    6 and 3 with Pierre, Ethier, and Betemit in the tank. Not bad. If these guys don’t start getting it done at the plate soon, we should give Bigbie, Loney, and LaRoche a shot. They can’t do any worse. Nice win! Can’t wait till we are firing on all cylinders.


    I reread my comment and it did read wrong, sorry. No inflection didn’t help.

    Again, sorry.



    OK, this whole “day without a Dodgers game” thing is pretty boring. Someone (other than JoeyP) say something interesting. Or controversial. You can even make fun of me, as long as it makes for an interesting post on this blog.


    Puppyhead01, I share your pain. Living up here in Northern California, I get every Dodgers-Giants game, which is a blessing and a curse, since more often than not, I have to listen to those hacks Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow take the same canvas (game) presented to Vin, and instead of making art, they take it to the urinal tub in the bathroom and… well, you get the picture.

    They’re pretty shameless homers, and they have fun “eliminating” fans by rubbing them out with the John Madden Telestrator. No Dodgers fan is immune, from the guy in the pavillion wearing the drink holder on his head to Tommy Lasorda (who, on the Giants scoreboard last year, they showed the Giants AV crew having fun by taking a live pic of Tommy in the stands and putting a Comp-Generated Giants hat on his head, and he wasn’t too happy with that, to say the least). If there’s a questionable call (like Kent’s Ground rule double which, in all fairness was foul), they’ll show the same angle 20 times inbetween pitches complaining, even if it was the right call.

    Now that I plunked down $15 bucks for Gameday Audio, I mute the TV and listen to the 30-45 seconds slow feed just to hear Scully, and Monday/Steiner when they come on. When Jon Miller calls the SF games (as a SF announcer, not the ESPN broadcast), it’s not as bad, but Kuip/Kruk are the baseball equivalent of Jerry the King Lawler pulling for the Iron Sheik over Hulk Hogan.


    P.S. It is nice though living in NL West territory and having the stations to watch all these games. I’m sure our friend in Nova Scotia would trade TV feeds with us in a heartbeat.

  40. “your only bashing pierre because he has a low obp. thats all you got on him buddy and thats all you can say bad about his offense.”

    Well, actually I could say much more “bad” about his offense but those things should be pretty obvious to most already: He can’t hit for power, he doesn’t get enough extra base hits for a guy with his speed, he gets thrown out too often trying to steal (he was out 26% of the time last year)…and that is ignoring his glaring defensive shortcomings. OBP is a large percentage of a player’s contributions to offense. Power numbers are another. Pierre is bad at both. I am really surprised you don’t seem to think these matter as much as his ability to mess with the pitchers mind on the basepaths. “im just guessing that you REALLY dont know how baseball REALLY is. you prolly didnt play it that well. your one of those stat guys and thats nice but baseball isnt jus based on stats or the yankees would win every world series…so how do you explain that stat boy??”

    Come on now, that’s hardly necessary. I’m not here to insult my fellow Dodgers fans. If that’s the best you got, it’s unfortunate. Dodgers fans should be able to discuss the team’s shortcomings without personal insults. That’s what separates us from Yankees fans! Anyway, I realize everything is not about statistics but I do think people tend to romanticize “intangibles” to a far deeper degree than they are worthy of. Yes, the best team on paper does not always win the World Series. The 1988 Dodgers were certainly not the best statistical team by any stretch of the imagination. A team needs a lot of luck and things to go their way, avoiding costly injuries, riding hot streaks, a couple of players capable of carrying a team through small stretches, playing percentages, and so on. Still, I can recognize a good player compared to a bad player, regardless of how well I personally played the game myself.


    OK. I have something that I genuinely would like a response on from one of our stats guys on here. I posted this late on the previous blog:

    “But I think that baserunning is overlooked quantitatively as to how it impacts a player’s total offensive output. Yes, we quantify SB, CS, runs scored, etc., but I would love to hear of a stat that quantified how frequently a player goes 1b to 3b or 1b to home VERSUS the league average.” I’ll include in this a desire for a stat specifying steals leading to runs versus steals leading to outs.

    It seems to me that stats like these should be out there…could anyone point me in their direction? Otherwise, could someone who’s seriously interested in stats come up with a good explanation why there aren’t stats for these things, when defensive range is now a quantifiable statistic?

    Baserunning is part of a player’s offensive output, not just getting on base…it seems just the same to have a great baserunner who gets on at a .340 clip as having a poor baserunner who gets on at a .380 clip, due to extra outs made and missed chances to score, advance, etc.


    Take off Aruban Police. You’ve been chased out of worse places than this. Take your mindless minions with you.


    I hear you drinkinmercury79. I’m in the bay area too and I can hardly bare watching the games with Kuip/Kruk calling them. Every play the Giants make seems to be “executed perfectly”; even when they miss making it. If you buy into those two schmucks you’d have to think the Giants are perennial World Series threats. However, it is great consolation that the Dodgers have a recent history of thrashing the Giants every time they meet.

  44. “you also said that you can name 25 better outfielders than pierre…so go ahead buddy and name them…seriously.”

    OK, Lance Berkman, Grady Sizemore, Carlos Beltran, Manny Ramirez, Vlad Guerrero, JD Drew, Jermaine Dye, Matt Holiday, Vernon Wells, Jason Bay, Brian Giles, Andruw Jones, Alfonso Soriano, Ichiro Suzuki, Johnny Damon, Carl Crawford, Miguel Cabrera, Pat Burrell, Torii Hunter, Carlos Lee, Bobby Abreau, Adam Dunn, Hideki Matsui, Jim Edmunds, Magglio Ordonez…

    That was easy. There is no way anyone can argue that each of those 25 are not statistically MUCH better than Juan Pierre. I didn’t even list Bonds and Griffey who are 10 times the player Pierre is when healthy.

    I could list another 25 using players like Mike Cameron, Garret Anderson, Rocco Baldelli, Raul Ibanez and so on but I’d rather not argue point by point that Pierre is not a better player than them.


    puppyhead, i don’t know if its an “official” statistic but it seems to me if you divide the amount of runs scored for the individual by hits+BB+HBP+FC+reaching on an error, it would give you an individual’s scoring percentage once they have reached base. I don’t know if it’s any indication of how good or bad a baserunner is or if it just simply reflects how well the line-up behind the individual manufactures runs with him on base


    oops i forgot to include CI (catcher’s interference). By the way I think Pierre did a great job last night showcasing his “intangible” ability on the basepaths when he swiped 3rd right in the pitchers face, which coincidently led to our big inning.


    Livinlegend, you should look at fantasy baseball ratings, which IMO do a great job of microscoping a player’s overall offensive ability and I can confidently say that some of those names you listed are rated much lower than Pierre ratings. Unless you think that baseball analysts at major broadcasting websites are dumb like you do with ML managers


    Here is CBS’s top 38 rated outfielders
    1. Alfonso Soriano, Cubs

    2. Carlos Beltran, Mets

    3. Grady Sizemore, Indians

    4. Carl Crawford, Devil Rays

    5. Vladimir Guerrero, Angels

    6. Manny Ramirez, Red Sox

    7. Lance Berkman, Astros

    8. Jason Bay, Pirates

    9. Matt Holliday, Rockies

    10. Carlos Lee, Astros

    11. Bobby Abreu, Yankees

    12. Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners

    13. Vernon Wells, Blue Jays

    14. Andruw Jones, Braves

    15. Adam Dunn, Reds

    16. Jermaine Dye, White Sox

    17. Juan Pierre, Dodgers

    18. Johnny Damon, Yankees

    19. Hideki Matsui, Yankees

    20. Torii Hunter, Twins

    21. Gary Sheffield, Tigers

    22. Delmon Young, Devil Rays

    23. Nick Swisher, Athletics

    24. Alex Rios, Blue Jays

    25. Magglio Ordonez, Tigers

    26. J.D. Drew, Red Sox

    27. Chone Figgins, Angels

    28. Jeff Francoeur, Braves

    29. Corey Patterson, Orioles

    30. Raul Ibanez, Mariners

    31. Gary Matthews, Angels

    32. Mike Cameron, Padres

    33. Michael Cuddyer, Twins

    34. Barry Bonds, Giants

    35. Rocco Baldelli, Devil Rays

    36. Dave Roberts, Giants

    37. Ryan Freel, Reds

    38. Eric Byrnes, Diamondbacks


    charris…thats a great list…far better than the list that livnledgend had.

    livnledgend-baseball isnt all about power because if is was everybody would be a power hitter. plus, with out pierre the dodgers would be 5-4 not 6-3. last night wat he did on the basepaths helped win the game..with of course pennys help :]


    is that a fantasy based listing? In any case I think people would be surpised to find that the DRay’s starting outfield are on the list while the Dodgers only have ONE, and its pierre.


    charris: “Livinlegend, you should look at fantasy baseball ratings, which IMO do a great job of microscoping a player’s overall offensive ability and I can confidently say that some of those names you listed are rated much lower than Pierre ratings”

    Man, I do not know what to say. Fantasy Baseball ratings have NOTHING to do with a player’s true value on the field. Wow, this one is worse than the guy who said runs in the first inning are more important than runs scored later in the game. Fantasy baseball ranks players based on average, homers, RBI, and stolen bases. A guy who steals 50 bases but is thrown out 26 times is valuable in Fantasy League but causing his team more harm than good in REAL baseball.

    If you are seriously going to argue that Juan Pierre is statiscally more valuable than the 25 guys I listed, I am never going to be able to convince you otherwise. I can see you maybe making an argument than Pierre is better than Ethier or Kemp which is why I purposely stopped at 25. There is simply NO argument that can be made for those 25.


    I would argue that the D-Rays do have a better OF than the Dodgers, they have a MUCH worse team, but a better OF


    Legend don’t forget OBP which is what you seem to be in love with. By the way Jim Edmonds??? Are we talking in 2000 or 2007?


    charris, I like that method, but as you say, it really has a lot to do with the hitters behind the player. Perhaps I’d like to see a specific percentage of instances when a player goes 1b-2b, 1b-3b, and 1b-home, 2b-3b, 2b-home, and 3b-home. Such a percentage of course has something to do with batters behind them (which makes sense since this conversation is about how well a player runs when the ball is in play), but when compared to other hitters might provide insight into how much their speed influences their scoring.

    For instance, how many times do you have a slow player on 3b who does not score on a sac fly of medium depth, whereas most speedsters will score on that every time? If you have a fast player on 2b, he can often score on an outfield single, whereas medium-to-slow players will generally not even try. The stat I’m looking for would be a comparison of runs scored in such situations AGAINST a league average.


    in any case though, theres no excuse for having a far inferior outfield to the DRay’s when your payroll is about 5 times as big. Yes the Dray’s benefited from having lots of high draft picks come to fruition…but still. Whatever happened to trading for Rocco? That would have been nice.


    I wouldn’t mind seeing Baldelli in Dodger Blue, what do you think Gonzalez, Hendrickson and Seanez for Baldelli? I know their desperate for pitching.


    I would like to see that stat also puppyhead, I’m sure it would shed some light on these Pierre critics


    charris: “I wouldn’t mind seeing Baldelli in Dodger Blue, what do you think Gonzalez, Hendrickson and Seanez for Baldelli? I know their desperate for pitching.”

    I think that package you are offering is too strong. We can’t afford to lose those three guys! How about Marlon Anderson, Wilson Valdes, and Jesse Orosco instead?

    Come on, now. Tampa Bay has shown no interest in trading for LA’s washed up vets.

    Look at the players they’ve acquired from LA so far: Edwin Jackson, Chuck Tiffany, Joel Guzman, Dionner Navarro…and these were for players far worse than Baldelli!


    I guess Legend couldn’t read between the lines and note that my previous post was sacastic.


    am I the only one that is bothered by the fact that the Pittsburgh Pirates, St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies and Houston Astros are all going to wear #42?… What does Jackie Robinson have to do with them?.. It should only be the Dodgers. It gets me mad that they are probably going to make money out of..

    BELIEVE IN #42!


    Ledgend, you just can’t quantify the veteran presence and hustle a guy like Pierre brings to the table. I’m glad we didn’t let the Hated Ones pick him up!


    Ray, I agree. Other teams weren’t willing to break down that wall that the Dodgers and Jackie were willing to do and confront. I often think that the Dodgers and Jackie Robinson really own that remarkable decision, the Pirates, Cards, Phillies, Astros do not. I live in St. Louis and that one bothers me the most. If I remember correctly what I’ve read, Jackie’s worst experiences were in Cincinnati AND St. Louis.

    With all of this being said, I don’t see this as a Dodger day, it’s Jackie’s all the way. He paid the price and made the Dodgers a better club in more than just a win/lose way.

    Go #42!!!


    Sorry, I posted to the wrong blog (yesterdays). This is in response to Juan Pierre

    Totlly. I wish Colleiti would relize that we need more veteran experience like Risugm and joey_rock said – they kno how to handle pressure dude, not like those yung guys. I wish they would trade for a porven OF like that Garret Anderson guy (what good are Elbert, LaRoche, and those other prospects doing for us anyway), and get some clutch vets in.

    Really, Juan Pierre is not a bust like Hinksi so there. I bet LivinLegend is a Giants fan for real LOL.


    Puppyhead– make that stat. start now and just do it with the Dodgers, see if it works. Its a REALLY good idea in my opinion.


    ewk216 – I’ll do it in May after I finish my Master’s 😉 Any idea where I could go to get such detailed information online?


    So, the spin on the parking situation is that it is all sunshine and roses, then? After surviving a few low-attendance days a system is not working, yet.

    Well, I’m driving down to L.A tonight to take in the game. I’m leaving work at 3:30pm, which means that I had to get up at a ghastly hour this morning to go to work. Then I have a two-hour drive, down over the Grapevine and all, to get to the vicinity of Dodger Stadium. Note, that means I should arrive at about 6:00, since I have to swing by the house to pick up a cooler with succor for the road, which is an hour and a half before game time.

    Last year, I left at about 4:30pm, and when I got to the stadium I could drive straight up to a parking spot, walk to the stadium, and take in batting practice.

    I’m reserving judgment on the parking situation until I get to see whether I can do that again tonight.

    If I get stuck trying to get into the stadium, if I miss any of the game, after paying 50% more for my parking ticket – in other words, if my experience is at all worse than last year – then ( get this ) the parking system is NOT working. And reading spin articles about how good and clever it is will not make me feel like spending my hard-earned money on the team.

    I also wonder, why don’t we see a more real acknowledgment that the system has some growing pains that need to be ( and will be, no doubt ) ironed out over time? The guys stuck in the parking traffic mess are not so dumb that they read the spin article and go “Oh! It is actually all right, and how clever are the Dodgers! I was so dumb to think there’s something wrong with being stuck in the parking lot!”

    Anyhow, enough with the spewing nonsense over something that I don’t know much about, having not actually experienced it for myself 😉


    charris…thats a great list…far better than the list that livnledgend had.

    livnledgend-baseball isnt all about power because if is was everybody would be a power hitter. plus, with out pierre the dodgers would be 5-4 not 6-3. last night wat he did on the basepaths helped win the game..with of course pennys help :]

    Posted by:

    I would like to correct this. The game on Tues night we won 2-1, although no disrepect to Rus he is coming through this year and I love to see it, we would not have won that game without Pierre either. If I remember right he sent Betemit to third on a ball hit to right center. That was the big play, if Betemit is not at third then Rus’s ball is only a flyout, although I am one to believe in hitting different in different situations which someone was arguing with me that players do not, so who knows what Rus would have done trying to get a hit rather then just tryin to hit a fly ball to the outfield. I believe though that the key was Pierres single that sent Betemit to third, and I think the dodgers could very well have been 4-5 without him depending what happens to the tied game.

    Who knows though maybe we could have pulled another one of those Milwuakee games out without his horrid defense there, but i believe in the long run his speed on the paths and at least a 280-290 avg with 115+ runs will more then make up for it. Oh did I forget his 50+ steals.

    Oh ya im headin to the game tonight I hope this new parking thing works :-/. Im crossing my fingers on seeing Raffy back man will this lineup be sooooo much better with him at the top and Rus seeing more runners in scoring position. I plan on seeing many games in October this year. Being a Dodger fan of only 19 years old I can’t say I remember a Dodger team I was more excited about. Go Dodger Blue.


    About the stat I was talking about – if someone could let me know an online site where I can find detailed baserunning information on Pierre and other Dodgers (specifically, number of instances going 1b-3b, 1b-home, etc), I’d like to try my hand at creating a useable baserunning statistic. But I need the raw info first…someone let me know! If I don’t hear soon, I’ll repost this on the next blog.


    A fun stat would also be how many times a stolen base leads to a run. I believe the stolen base is an underrated statistic. I like the idea of taking runs scored divided by total # of times on base to yeild a scoring percentage I think that would be an interesting stat.


    I just did up some math here and I found that Juan Pierre’s “Scoring Percentage”, 611 runs divided by (1252 hits + 259 walks) equals .4 which means that Juan Pierre scores 40% of the time he reaches base. Then I took it further, I multiplied .4 by his OBP .35 and got the number .14 which means that Juan Pierre scores in 14% of his plate appearances, Im going to do the same thing for Raffy and I will get back to you, I think this is a very neat stat.


    Wo I was suprised by this one, I expected Furcal’s Scoring percentage to be higher. 667 runs divided by (1120 hits + 393 Walks) is .44 which means a 44% chance of scoring when on base. Multiplied by his .351 OBP (which is only .001 higher then Pierre) means he scores in 15% of his plate appearances.


    There was not a statistic for reached by erroror catchers interferance so i just used hits and walks for each.


    puppyhead, another twist/variable on the stat your looking to create (which kinda throws a monkey-wrench at it) would be the strength of the arm that the defensive player has in these situations. A flyball to medium centerfield is often handled much differently regardless of a baserunner’s speed ie. Pierre’s arm vs. Andruw’s arm. This could possibly be the reason why this statistic would be so hard to quantify (there are too many variables).


    I think a better stat for SBs leading to runs would be one which compares it to CS. A player may steal 50 bases, and get 25 runs from that, but be thrown out 50 times…that wouldn’t be valuable. I think you need to compare stolen bases, runs scored after stolen bases, and number of outs from caught stealing.


    charris, I think that’s why you would need to create this stat for every active player, creating a league average for the stat. Then, the scope of the average would be so large as to be more accurate than if simply taken player by player.


    And then you could compare each individual’s stat against the league average…the stat would have to be titled something like “Baserunning vs. league average.” BVLA – there’s a stat everyone would love to know about.


    Good point, I guess speedy guys are more likely to run on strong arms as well and would definitely be reflected in the numbers over the long haul


    I like the idea of comparing runs scored after a stolen base to number of outs made by being caught. I was checking into the other stat it seems the really good players hover around acoring in 17% of their plate appearances, I checked the top 2 OBP players and top 2 runs scored players from last year. Then I decided to check the hated steroid man and he has 18% along with Ted Williams and Ricky Henderson. Babe Ruth, get ready for this, put up an unbelievable 21%. He scored every 5th time he was up, unbelievable.


    I don’t know why people are ragging on Pierre. How many times has he been an allstar? he gets 200 hits all the time, runs like a deer and is an excellent flycatcher. The Dodgers nearly got ruined by statheadz and you should feel better with Grady Little driving the bus.

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