Saturday's game on FOX

National TV today, with Josh Lewin and Eric Karros on the call.

Here’s the lineup:

Pierre, CF

Valdez, SS

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzalez, LF

Lieberthal, C (first Dodger start – his dad used to be a Giants’ scout!)

Ethier, RF

Betemit, 3B

Lowe, P

Looking to make it three in a row and seven straight here in SF


Lets go Lowe!!!

Take advantage of this weak Giants team!

I would rather have Ethier in the 2 or 6 spot. We will see I guess..

3 and 2 after today?

Gosh, Josh, may be time to start deleting/moderating comments here…

Anyhoo, cool to see Lieberthal in there today except I get nervous about the team’s chances any time Martin’s not in there. He’s so important (as we saw last night). I really hope Gonzo gets a day off tomorrow vs. the lefty Zito. I can’t see any reason to start him tomorrow. I’m sure his feelings won’t be hurt! Should be Kemp or Clark for him. If they take 2 out of 3 this weekend i’ll be okay with that.

It’s not that the posters at DT hate the Dodgers.
It’s mostly that they were upset that DePodesta was fired. DT is a site for the sabernerds. They used to have a link to a Choi site that was blended into links with other Dodger sites. That kind of explains everything when it comes to those nerds.

They are the type of people that would get more satisfaction out of a Pierre 0-4 than a Dodger win. They’re not really Dodger fans when you get to the bottom of it.

I wouldn’t wanna fallow Martinez after that great defensive game he had yesterday.
Guzman has lost most of his value since he moved off SS. He’s now only average playing in the OF. If he was at SS, he’d be a ton more valuable.

Letting Bradley go (and check Colletti’s quotes after the trade, he took full responsibility for moving him), might be the dumbest move the Dodgers have made since giving up Pedro Martinez and getting DeShields back. At least with the Piazza deal, they got good talent in return. .800+ OPS CF’ers are rare. Just like 800+OPS SS’s are rare. We had 1, and a very good likliehood of the other. Now, we have none.

1st base- should be Choi/Saenz

SS- Should be Guzman

CF- Should be Bradley

LF- Should be Giles

Thats 4 positions that if the McCourts had seen the ‘big picture’, probably could have happened.






I am not sure if the guys posting that Hee Seop Choi should be our first basemen and Joel Guzman our shortstop are joking, trolling, or insane. But for those who are upset with Ned, just remember, this might have been the reality before Colletti took over. There is room to fault him for favoring some aging players. But Gonzo is a good example–it’s a one-year deal, he protected the upcoming kids, and made sure we had players that could win a pennant if the kids aren’t ready. He’s given Grady the parts he needs. Grady is playing what he has, and Gonzo has not played his way out of the line-up yet, or Kemp into the line-up yet. That could happen, but it won’t be based on one week of play. (BTW–I think that Kemp has played against Lefties instead of Ethier is not a concern about Ethier being able to hit the lefties, but letting Kemp play a little and not facing Righties. We’ll probably see him get a start in place of Gonzo soon too.)

Anyone understand the radio/TV delay. I’m watching the game on Big Fox while tuning in the Radio to listen to Charlie and Rick (I wish Vinny did some radio–or that Fox just used the broadcasters that fans are familiar with). But the radio is about 10 seconds behind the TV. Is there a mandatory delay on radio that they don’t do on TV? I just back the game up 10 seconds with TiVo but it’s a strange phenomenon. I seem to remember during the 2004 playoffs that the radio was ahead of the TV (I don’t know about 2006, as I saw all the playoff games live).

I’ve got a question. Does Wilson Valdez play third base?!

I hope Valdez can play third.

3 in a row……this stinks

In the f’n obvious department I just posted this at

“Tomorrow’s game will be tougher with Zito vs Wolf.”

I’m brilliant, arent I? What would the other haters do without my insite?

How about trying Valdez at 3rd tomorrow against Zito. Betemit needs a rest to regroup, and Valdez deserves more of a chance to show what he can do now that Spring Training is over.

GO BLUE. this is the way it’s designed to work, a little piching, a little leather, and the guys in the middle of the line up like Kent and Nomar driving in runs. love it when a plan comes together.

now, sorry Josh I have had enough.

joeyp, you are a perfect example of what is wrong with the internet. you can hide in your house and complain about everything that you don’t like about life which seems to be everything. GET A LIFE, GET A GIRL(BOY)friend i don’t care which. if you lived in NC where I do, I would find you and teach you the error of your ways. my pet peeve in life is a pencil necked computer geek who never played the game and has no respect for the game. I can remember as a kid hating Ford, Mantle and all of the Yankees, but it was a hatred based on respect of their HOF talents that stood it the way of our Dodger dream.But there was always respect for the game no matter who won. your hatred is just a lack of something important to do with your small petty life.

again sorry josh for posting this on an excellant blog and to all of the real Dodgers remember ALWAYS AND FOREVER BLUE!!

fans since the 50’s

leekfink – You wrote, “I am not sure if the guys posting that Hee Seop Choi should be our first basemen and Joel Guzman our shortstop are joking, trolling, or insane” My guess is that it is at least two out of three. They are just trying to have fun at our expense and can only get some enjoyment if we respond to their posts. Did last year. We just ignore their posts and read those of us who get our fun from what the Dodgers do in the field. No bad today.

sabre3 – Who cares what they write. We have so many great loyal Dodger fans who post regularly there is lots to read, learn from, react to, etc. Just enjoy those posts. There is a fountain of Dodger knowledge and memories posted throughout the year. I started following the Dodgers in 1952 and remember those Yankee teams. As you say as a kid I disliked them but respected what they could do. In the World Series I feared Yogi the most. We have quite a few posters who began following the Dodgers in the fifties and one from the late forties. GO DODGERS!!!

Ok; Hear me out.Two ways we can go here. I love martinez,
BUT,1. I would keep Wilson,put

him @ 3rd, when Furcal comes back, send Martinez to L.V.

2. When Furcal comes back,put

Wilson in Left, Nomar @ 3rd

and call up Loney. Either way

(Hate this) Martinez gets shipped.

was i hallucinating today or was Karros talking about Bills closing games for the Dodgers? I can only hope the bullpen stay isn’t permanent.

euhlman, good comments about people who think their calling is to antagonize, as in reality they have nothing worthwhile to contribute. I been reading for a long time but haven’t put up anything for 4 or 5 months and then only once. I started following the Dodgers in I think 1953 World Series, I was in grade school. The principal would put the game on the school inter-com somethimes, huge treat back then. I lived in an area of no TV at that time, radio was it. Think we got TV and saw the some of the ’55, mostly snow and rolling picture. Anybody remember those days?

jdunnam – Welcome aboard. Hope you will become a regular poster. Where do you live? In 1955 it seems to me the games came on during the afternoon. One of my friends had a TV and the game was televised late at night, as a replay. We watched anyway. fansince53 also started in 1953 and kday started in 51. Others earlier than that. I reside in Nova Scotia in Canada so love the blog as it keeps me in touch with Dodger fans all over the US. GO DODGERS!!

I live in Southern, Southern California right down on the Mexican border in El Centro. Rudy Seanez of the Dodgers lives here, he was born just up the road in Brawley California but makes his home in El Centro. Rudy is a real good guy very friendly. He and his wife own the local Coldstone Creamery. Sometimes he is back there making them up. He is such an unassuming guy, would not know what he does if you talked to him. Hope he has a solid year for the Dodgers, I like him personally and the Dodgers have alway been my team. Nice story in the local paper this morning about Rudy hooking on with Dodgers. Don’t know how to give a link but it is at for the newspaper. It is local touch and all. Lots of people in my area are Padre fans but they were minor league when I started paying attention to major league baseball. I might be earlier than though I was trying to figure it out. I was in the 4th grade when I heard it at school. I went into high school in 1956 so it was 5 years earlier might have been ’51. Afternoon back east was AM in in Cal. Anyways too long to really know for sure. Thanks for in invite.

jdunn – What surprises me is how many of the posters have been Dodger fans for over fifty years. Also great to read what the kids like Patriotacts, Alex and Ray have to say. They are just as passionate as we older folks are and very analytical about what is going on.

you’re right, we as long time dodger fans need to be as classy as this organization has always strived to be. again my apoligies to Josh and all of the bloggers here. i enjoy all of the stories and check in everyday.

jdunnam, had a teacher in ’55 that brought a tv to school, let us check in on the game. still one of my favorite teachers.

Joey is having fun and I, personally, don’t take him seriously. Who cares?
I do care about the Dodgers and have since 1948 through thick and thin. This promises to be a very enjoyable year for us, and while I, too, feel Loney belongs on the field, I’m willing to let our very professional management make those decisions. AS LONG AS THEY DON’T TRADE HIM!!!

Go Blue keep up the winning ways.

Hopefully Loney in Las Vegas is only temporary. I do not understand the infatuation with Billingsley in the bullpen though, starters are more valuable, especially dominant ones, which he has the ability to become. Can either Kemp or Either play left??? LuGo is looking kind of old and his arm coupled with JPs is a recipe for trouble.

I said “I wouldn’t wanna fallow Martinez after that great defensive game he had yesterday.”

I’ll take that back.

I have to say this Loney topic has been on my mind since the season started and how so many fans are attaching their faith in the season and management to this guy. Don’t get me wrong, I love the kid, but this is MLB in the 21st century. How many players actually stick to one team anymore? Its a business too and our senior guy is Saenz who has only been around a couple of years. The years of homegrowing your own world series team are gone, as sad as that is. Thats just the nature of the game these days. If you went and bought your Loney dodgers jersey then I’m sorry you wasted your 75 bucks. Its about the BLUE and seeing the franchise name on a world series pennant. If Loney is apart of getting us there great, but if he is apart of a bigger deal that gets us someone who can hit 35-40 homeruns, this year, then I’ll take that in a heartbeat.

Love the blog. As a soldier serving in Iraq, it is a staple that keeps my dodger blue blood circulating.

I still don’t think we’ve begun to realize our potential yet. Go Blue!!!

jmgonz05 – thanks for your service. I and millions of other Americans are truly grateful for your sacrifices.

euhlman – I was kind of sad that you didn’t count me as one of the passionate, analytical kids. I know I’m a little boring, and a bumbling fool in most posts as well, but I do want to fit in with the cool kids just like everyone else.

A hint on my age – I was born in the summer of the 2nd-to-last season that the Dodgers won the WS; Valenzuela won a game or two 🙂

Wow! What a day! The Dodgers win their third straight and we pick up TWO veteran bloggers – One a seasoned veteran as a Dodger fan (jdunnam) and another serving our great country in Iraq (jmgonz05). God Bless you and thank you for all that you are doing for us.

Great inside story about Rudy Seanez. Two winners indeed; the Dodgers and Coldstones!

Tomorrow we complete the sweep of the Hated Ones – in THEIR ballpark!


Just to respond to someone post above, Ethier can most definately play left– he did it might fine almost all of last year.
jmgonz- a: thank you for your service. b: you are dead on about the Loney situation.

No doubt we have a bit of sticky situation with the outfield this year, but give it some time and it will all shake out. I’d love to see Nomar playing third and Loney at first, but it doesnt look like that is happening, but at least Betemit is getting the day off Sunday- he needs a break. Here is an idea, rather than trading Martinez, trade Betemit and we can continue the 25 year search for a stable Dodger third base. I just can’t have La Roche there making an error a game… but for the meantime I’m sure between Martinez, Valdez, and Nomar we could figure it out. I like Betemit, but there is just soo much competition on this team. VERY happy Grady is giving the start to Valdez tomorrow.

Closing thoughts: Our bullpen is Nasty. I dont know the stats, but i watched probably 140 games last year and the pen blew at least 15 games for us.

Go Dodgers!!!

hey harold, i tried to reach you by email, i dont know if you got it. where have you been?

The bullpen looks a lot better than last year. And not only that, but it was definitely nice to see Penny and Lowe go deep into the last two games.

I don’t know… an extended stay of Valdez to play third or share time with Martinez scares me. This lineup is already power starved enough as it is. They can’t possibly think he is the answer at 3rd base. Between Valdez, Martinez and Betemit, someone is going to be edged out. And Im not a huge Betemit fan but at least he has the potential to add some pop to the anemic lineup. On LaRoche, could they permanently be moving him to the outfield? Iread he will be seeing plenty of outfield time in LV. He certainly has the potential power to be a corner outfielder and has a strong throwing arm. Perhaps thats part of why all this potential turnover at third is coming about.

puppyhead01 – no slight intended my friend. Just giving some quick examples at both ends of the age scale and actually didn’t know or forgot you were a 1981 baby.
Many great posters, including you, too numerous to list and always the risk of missing someone. Also guys in between the veterans and kids, like Gary. Wonderful blog.

Didn’t get your email Ray. Have been just hanging around waiting for the season to start. Maybe my wife deleted your email not knowing your name. We don’t open any we don’t recognize. Good to hear from you.

jmgonz- Sent chills through my body to hear from you. My sincere appreciation and prayers for you. As a Canadian I understand somewhat the nature of your commitment. There have been eight soldiers in Nova Scotia, one a few miles from me, that have made the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan for Canada. God be with you.

jmgonz- You no doubt are right about Loney. However, I look to build from within, as Minnesota and Oakland do. Another example, Detroit’s young pitchers. Just seems the teams get and stay at a competitive stage longer when built around a homegrown core. Just imagine – Martin, Loney, Abrey/Dewitt, Laroche/Bell, Kemp, Ethier, etc. Toss in Billigsley, Elbert, Kershaw, Meloan, Broxton, etc. Pick up a player or two to support and, voila, there it is. It’s great to dream. jmgonz- stay safe.

Many Thanks, jmgonz, and keep your hat on.

Haha – thanks for the kudos, euhlman. I was just messing with ya since I had nothing significant to add to the discussion of last night’s game 🙂

puppyhead01 – You weren’t the only one messing with me last night. Overnight we had about a foot of snow. We had a green Christmas and a white Easter. An afternoon game today. Easier for me to follow from the Atlantic time zone four hours later than Pacific Time. GO DODGERS!!

Mystery solved Ray. Your email was received but not opened because my wife got to it before I did. She did not recognize the name/address and deleted the message and deleted message. We don’t open any we don’t recognize. Sorry about that but thanks so much for the thought. Have been following your blog throughout the winter. Thanks. Looking forward to a great season. GO DODGERS!!

Why isn’t Either playing left? His defense is better as is his offense, it makes no sense!!!

Yeah euhlman, same here. We got some snow the past few days in Colorado too. Weird stuff.

It’s too bad that WILSOn Vadez
fell just short of hitting for the Cycle…Maybe next time..

Wilson Valdez, is more correct

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