Late again, but only in the second inning:

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzalez, LF

Kemp, RF

Betemit, 3B

Martinez, SS

Penny, P


why is ethier not playing? why is he even on the team if hes not going to play?

Last year vs lefties…

Gonzo: .259/.322/.408

Andre: .351/.378/.468

Grady Little makes George W. Bush look like Stephen Hawking.

Pierre & Gonzo: RBI machines at work.

Thank you Ms. Martin for creating the greatness that is Russell Martin!

Juan Pierre sure “gets on base a lot.” *laughs*

If ever there was a time to make a defensive replacement in the middle of an inning it was when Gonzo dropped that fly ball. He’s gotta go.

Pierre & Gonzo: defensive wizards

There’s the defensive replacement an inning late but nonetheless Gonzo got a base hit before leaving. Ugly 8th inning indeed nobody can deny that nor would they try.

Well since we’re going with Grady and Ned’s logic, let’s send down Gonzo to AAA so we can have him play the OF for the big club.

Seriously, how the heck is he better in the OF than Loney? Plus Loney hits better if not the same as Gonzo, at the moment, with an actual shot to get better.

How do you think Gonzo would feel going down to Vegas to work on his OF defense so he can be an asset for us?

Well, Ned loves “proven” players, even if said players are in a free falling decline.

Loney wouldn’t have played that ball any better, the wind was blowing it and Loney hasn’t shown any outfield ability yet.

All around, great game. That 8th inning was the only ugly thing. I wish that Penny hadn’t given up so many hits, but some of those just found the gaps in the defense. Beimel shut it down in the 8th. How many DPs and baserunners picked off? Great defense and great pitching. I was impressed by several defensive plays, but especially by Martin all around. That kid is going to be incredible in his prime.

My pet peeve about this is that Ethier could have spelled out Gonzalez today

Pretty good game, a major pitching duel. I’m glad we got away with the win even after giving up so many hits. Guess who has the two lowest batting averages so far? Betermit and Juan Pierre. I hope they’re pulling a 2006 Rafael Furcal…

I know Grady has that knack for trusting proven vets which is great and is normally a correct assumption. I guess I just think that sometimes your instinct should play a part also. That park is big, Luis is not the defender he once was, Brady was a good option with Ethier also being a good option. I’m not bagging on Gonzo so much as proving a point that Loney should’ve been considered just as much as a liability in the field as gonzo with more upside. That was all.

Besides, Gonzo is the type of character player the Dodgers need because I feel he’s the type where if he feels he is becoming a liability in the field he will be the first to accept a competition even if it means platoon or bench. But that will make him work harder to prove the skeptics wrong. I have no doubt that no one feels worse about the error than he himself. He tries everyday and that’s all I can ask.

I just wish that Ned or Grady would accept that Loney is pushing him. He’s pushing Ethier. He’s pushing Kemp. Because he is going to try and prove he belongs and I’m sure that if he hits .400 with some power/patience/improved fielding in Vegas that the front office will force the issue and give him that shot again to overtake even a vet like Gonzo.

Furthermore, I would like to add that Loney showed his immaturity when he got sent down. No he doesnt have more to prove down there, but he can improve down there in the OF where there are 3 starting spots as opposed to hoping 1B suddenly opens up and Nomar rapidly declines.

Now Billingsley (same age), accepted his demotion to the bullpen exceptionally well compared to the older Mark Hendrickson’s initial feelings. Billz was happy to be on the team and he will help out whereven no matter if he is ever considered for the rotation this year.

I never meant to imply Gonzo should be cast aside or waived for Loney. Just that Grady or Ned should’ve put more of an emphasis on the OF tutoring for Loney this ST and allowed him to steal a spot on the bench or the starting line-up based on that performance.

I really feel like if Loney plays his butt off for Vegas and takes that role of captain that he could be with added maturity and hits the way he can then he will have that spot primed and ready regardless of anyone’s salary.

Can someone explain why Either and Valdez are on this team? They never play. I think it’s time to rest Gonzo. How about 6 months.

Valdez is probably gone from the team as soon as Furcal gets activated. I too do not understand why Ethier no longer deserves a full time playing position, but it seems to be in keeping with Ned’s and Grady’s disposition for keeping and playing aging veterans rather than younger developing talent. I do not agree with this. I believe it makes for a dull team, but obviously the management will keep up with that method until enough time tells them that it is failing. Also don’t understand now why Brady Clark is on the team if Kemp is the right handed platoon player in the outfield. Personally I have never been a fan of either Ned’s or Grady’s, as I think they’re both too conservative in favor of aging ballplayers. I don’t see where Ned’s done such a terrific job – after all he’s had $100 – $108 million at his disposal for player salaries, and he doesn’t have a Beltran, or Pujols, or Martinez to carry on the payroll; he’s just accumulated a lot of mediocre older, past their prime players that seemed to be “safe” selections that the establishment can’t criticize. I do appreciate that so far he’s not dealt off too many of the prime prospects, but frankly I think that the Dodgers would have done much better with a more aggresive manager like Girardi or Black and a GM who’s had to make do with smaller payrolls like Florida, etc.

I totally agree with you messagebear. I think this team would do much better with a guy like Girardi at the helm. As for Ned the jurys still out on him. He did do some good things , like Furcal and he inherited a mess from Depo, so we’ll have to wait and see where he goes from here.

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