Dodger Fan Rewards Program

First off, I want to thank you all for your patience as we’ve sorted through the issues revolving the fan rewards program. We know that a lot of you have had questions and you should all be receiving an email that is specific to your point total, but in short, we’ve worked really hard to make sure that you’ll be getting a package that will have a higher value than what you woud have received if you had redeemed all your points. In short, here’s the deal:

For anyone who was a member of the program, you will all be receiving Gameday Audio free for the 2007 regular season.

You’ll also all be receiving a voucher for four tickets, the level of which will depend on how many points you had accrued. Obviously the more points you had, the better seats you’ll get.

All of you will get access to a special pre-onsale event for 2007 tickets (excluding Opening Day). Information on how to access this will be sent to you via email in late February.

Again, please know that we’re just as disappointed as all of you are that Sports Loyalty Systems, Inc. discontinued the program, as we know how much many of you utilized it. For those of you who had kids enrolled, one option that you might want to consider is the Blue Crew Fan Club.

And for the fan who asked when individual tickets go on sale, the answer is Saturday, March 3. The ticket vouchers that you’ll receive from being a member of the Fan Rewards Program will be mailed out next week so that you’ll have them in time to use on this date.

Thanks again for your support.



    What a bunch of garbage. I already have tickets for this season and don’t need gameday audio. You’d think we’d be given a choice of some sort. Instead, here’s a bunch of **** I don’t need or want. Thanks, Dodgers, I can’t wait to see what you’ll try to sell me this year.


    Wow, The Dodgers could have easily said not their problem !!

    Countdownfilm, Sounds to me like the Dodgers want to be fair and offer something of value !! Write Josh and ask what else can be done to accommodate your situation; I’m sure they’ll listen. Don’t get mad, negotiate !! I for one am very grateful, good luck !!!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!


    Josh, I got the e-mail and I appreciate your followup and excellent customer service regarding this issue.

    I feel “adequate” with the response, as I understand that getting anything at all back in these kind of situation is something as a customer I am grateful for.

    My problem with the whole deal was that I was about 200 points away from grabbing lunch with Tommy Lasorda, which is really hard for me to put a price on. So while I do appreciate the ticket gesture, it’s tough to duplicate that kind of fan interaction experience with a legend like Tommy.

    I would love to see (beyond the Caravan, which I love) even more opportunities to greet the players, etc. I know that can be a time-consuming process for the players and those that organize it, but the experiences that are instilled in especially the younger fans are something that cannot be duplicated.

    Thanks for reading.


    slikkrikk, I would bet you’ll hear something back about a possible Lasorda meeting. As I said earlier, negotiate !! Make an offer, what’s the worst they can say ??

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!


    You’re right, they could have just said “tough.” And I probably shouldn’t post emotional emails. On the other hand, I spend a lot of money on the Dodgers that I could easily spend elsewhere. I don’t really see their settlement as fair. I was working towards getting something I want, so giving me three things I don’t want doesn’t placate me.


    this is why I never enrolled in the program. These are all side gimicks..although this one had some cool stuff attached. Either way, you knew it wasnt going to last. I agree getting free gameday audio isnt that great…but yah, your lucky to get anything.

    The only thing worth it is the Blue Crew for the kids… i did that when i was a young kid and it meant the world to me.

    Josh, i was still wondering about whether there will be beer(to be purchased) served in the all you can eat section or will it still be “family friendly”?


    “Josh, i was still wondering about whether there will be beer (to be purchased) served in the all you can eat section or will it still be “family friendly”?”

    In the “Nomar, Mia and Stan” item on 25 January, dualtone said:

    “We’re thinking about getting the all-you-can-eat seats for one game just to check it out and the tickets site says that beer is available for purchase. I thought you all might like to know this since I know I’ve heard at least one person say that the AYCE seats would sell better if you were able to buy beer there.”


    Hey, cool, single game tickets go on sale on my birthday (and for that matter, Grady’s too). Not that I’m planning on being in the LA area, but that’s still kinda cool.


    Don’t give up countdownfilm, explain you situation to them and make them an offer !! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Your support of the team means a lot to them, so make a call and talk it out with someone in the front office !!! Good Luck !!!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!


    Gary, I saw the post that was purported to be from Harold, but [1] the L was missing from EUHLMAN and [2] it listed a different e-mail address. are you sure they are one and the same. if you are reading this
    harold, please clear it up.

    Thanks, kday



    I posted this earlier:

    Does anyone know what regional stations carry the Spring Training games, if any do at all?



    P.S. Brad Penny, I will say it one more time. If you want to come out and be the ace of this staff, by all means do so. Show us you are serious about your pitching longevity, and I will jump on the Penny bandwagon…if you do well it does so much more for the team


    I am also very disappointed in the way the “higher point value” was determined. I too have season tickets. The free tickets does me no good. Plus they have restrictions, valid Monday-Thursday except the specific dates. Hogwash! I joined during the playoffs. I was offered “field tickets”, and a special offer to join for $100 instead of the price of $150.
    I was sent “infield reserve” tickets. Right there I should have known I was being ripped off. I know my 6000 plus points does not match up to other members, but I do feel cheated. Gameday Audio, I don’t need that. Now I have to deal with some tickets that I don’t want, in a section that is in a price level lower than my season seat. Thanks a lot Dodgers. I’ll be the guy wearing “I’m not a ******, don’t sell me something that is worthless” t-shirt on opening day. I will continue to support the Dodgers, and continue my dislike (in order)of the giants, angels, padres, yankees, a’s, reds, and mets.



    Hey there. Thanks for the info. BTW, I have yet to receive an email about the program and the points I’ve accumulated. I fear it may not have survived my spam filter. Is there anyway the email can be resent to me. thanks again.


    Wow, got my four $14 tickets. I guess that’s really going to make up for the 29000 pts I lost. Oh well, the grand kids can go to the beach instead.

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