Art Fowler passes away

For those of you who were around in 1959 when the Dodgers won their first championship in Los Angeles, you’ll probably remember Art Fowler, who passed away yesterday. He was also a Major League pitching coach for 14 years and the Dodger organization would like to offer our condolences to his entire family and those who knew him.



    My prayers will be with the Fowler family.

    In case no one noticed, fansince53 got a nice little mention in today’s article about the select-a-seat event.


    Thanks for noticing dualtone.

    Although my memory of Art Fowler as a Dodger is rather vague, I remember him well as Billy Martin’s favorite pitching coach and best friend. Art was the pitching coach for the Yankees in 1978 when Ron Guidry went 25-3 with a 1.74 ERA and won the AL Cy Young Award. The hated Yankees went on to defeat the Dodgers in the 1978 World Series.

    I think it was Art Fowler who once said that he didn’t like to run because it made him tired.

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to Art’s family and friends. God Bless.

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