Larry Sherry (1935-2006)

It is a sad day for the Dodger family, having lost Larry Sherry. For those who aren’t up to speed on his history, here’s the obituary from The Associated Press.

Everyone at the Dodger organization certainly wish to extend our sympathies to the entire Sherry family, including his brother, Norm, who also played for us.



    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Family !! Be comforted by the thought that over time he has and will always be remembered by the fans who watched him and enjoyed the years of contributions he made to baseball and the community.

    God Bless !!


    I remember Larry Sherry, it deeply sadens me to hear of his passing. My prayers go out to Larry’s family, and his brother Norm, who was a catcher for the Dodgers, Thought it was great to have one brothers being a Pitcher, the other a catcher on the same team. For the Family, thank-you for sharing Larry
    with us, and he did indeed make a difference in many peoples lives.


    My earliest memory of being a Dodger fan was the excitement of the 1959 World Series in which Larry Sherry was so prominently featured, becoming the series MVP. I just turned seven years old and remember listening to Vin Scully on the radio and hearing about Sherry winning two games and saving two games.
    That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with the team that continues to this day.


    My deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Larry Sherry on this sad day. He gave me so much joy in 1959, and he is someone I will never forget. His memory will live on with me and millions of others like me. May God bless him and give him eternal peace.


    I must be getting old, I remember having Larry’s baseball card. Anyway pass on our sympathies to his family. RIP Larry.


    My families thoughts and prayers go out to the Sherry family. My father once told me that “great” is a word used much too often and “good” is a word not used near enough. Larry Sherry was a “good” man.



    I was a huge Larry and Norm Sherry fan. Norm lived in my home town (at the time) of Burbank.

    Here’s one for you oldsters: Do you remember the “Larry Sherry Pitch Back”? It was a screen within a square frame that you pitched to and the ball would bounce back to you to catch and pitch again (or so they said). My dad bought one for my brothers and me and if you did not hit the small square directly in the center of the screen, you never knew where the ball would go. We lived on a hill and were forever chasing baseballs down the street. Man those were great times!

    After Larry retired, they re-named the Pitch Back after some other hot pitcher at the time, but I will ALWAYS remember it as the Larry Sherry Pitch Back.

    My prayers are with the Sherry family and friends.

    God Bless You Larry.


    It is with sadness that I heard of the passing of Larry Sherry. It was Larry Sherry’s gritty, spirited performance in the ’59 World Series that made me a lifetime Dodger fan, not a majority choice in upstate NY in the heart of Yankee, Red Sox and Mets territory! Thanks Larry…you influenced my life. Fan Since’59


    I unfortunately just found out of “Skips” passing. He was my manager in Charleston, SC. in A ball back in 1974. I always felt that if I could have had his influence in my baseball life for more than one season, I would have progressed much further. He was the best manager I ever played for and I feel very blessed to have had that small amount of time with him. I always threatened to marry his daughter, and inevitably the first pitch in batting practice was always at my head. What a guy!


    It’s been over a year now since Larry passed and I still haven’t been able to tell my old friend (his daughter “Suzi”) how sorry I am for her loss of both her Mom and Dad in such a short period of time. If anyone knows Suzi, please tell her to contact me. Tina (formerly Vail)…co-worker from “Wild West Stores”

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