A few things to check out…

If you’re checking in on Monday morning, here are a few sites to check out:

Jesse Sanchez, a reporter for MLB.com, has been down in the Dominican Republics where he visited Campo Las Palmas, the Dodgers’ academy. Scroll down to the middle of the page for some photos and commentary.

Also, the LA Sports Council is hosting a vote for the best sports moment of 2006 and the four-homer game is one of many that you can vote for here. This is the same group that named Kirk Gibson’s homer the greatest moment in LA Sports history.

And finally, if you’re a Dodger dog fan (and who isn’t?), you’ll be happy to know that it was nominated as one of the City’s Best Hot Dogs for 2007. You can vote here to help the famous weiner gets its due!


  1. countdownfilm@hotmail.com

    Ugh, I’m sorry, but the Dodger Dog has to be one of the worst hot dogs at any stadium. I know it’s a tradition, but it’s awful. The four-homer game, however, is something I can get behind.

  2. fansince53@yahoo.com

    Out in my neck of the woods (the Left Field Pavilion) the Dodger Dogs are steamed and you have to smother them with mustard and relish for them to taste good. But in the Field and Loge levels, you can still get grilled Dodger Dogs – just like the good old days. These grilled Dodger Dogs ROCK!

    Miracle Monday was not only the best sports moment of 2006; it was one of the greatest moments in the history of professional sports!


  3. puppyhead01@hotmail.com

    I hope this isn’t heretical on this blog, but I live near Denver and go see the Blue whenever they play the Rockies. Last time I was at Coors Field, I tried a Rockies Dog…and it was amazing. It was like a foot long, smothered in a mixture of onions/bell peppers, and I added mustard and sauerkraut. Although I eat Dodger dogs every time I’m in L.A., I recommend the Rockies dog to any visitors. Coors is a nice field, and it happens to be pretty empty on weekday games so you can buy a cheap ticket and move down closer 🙂

  4. garysmith@glsmith.com

    I posted this earlier on the previous page.

    Ross was let go because after his brain surgery his speech was slurred, much like you would imagine a drunk would sound. Yet he was as sharp as a tack and never embarrassed the team. With a new owner coming from the East Coast, McCourt values the legendary Vin Scully, and who wouldn’t, but he’s from Boston and thinks an announcer should be controversial. Typical east coast mentality. Steiner fills those shoes well. Problem is, we’re not the east coast and controversy is not a welcome attribute for this town. Steiner praises the ground the Yankees walk on, yet he makes fun of the players and team he works for and doesn’t respect the fans that are forced to listen to him. He would rather spend more time breaking down a player and their shortcomings then report the game. Bottom line, he’s more interested in hearing himself talk then being of any value to his listeners !!!

    Get rid of Steiner and Monday will be a whole lot better!!

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!

  5. abuabraham2@gmail.com

    Dodger dogs arent as good as they used to be. The grilled ones are better..the steamed ones (which are the only ones u seem to get) are simply ordinary. I would’ve gotten behind it if I didnt have to wait 4 innings to get one.

    The 4 back to back homerun game (which I was at) is something I can defintely vote on…and EVERYONE should vote on it. That was simply…a MIRACLE.

  6. euhlman@bwr.eastlink.ca

    So sorry to learn of Larry Sherry’s passing. I remember the ’59 series very clearly and the role Larry played in that wonderful championship. Seems to me they lost the first game something like 9-0 but stormed back after that to take the series. Thanks for the memories Larry. May God’s peace be with your family.

  7. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    i am one of the 15 thousand roughly that got to see it go down with my very eyes..that game was so back and forth.peavy and mariano got into it, and that shook up peavy to a point where he gave 4 runs and surrendered the lead the next inning. marlon andersons was my favorite. unbelievable moment i will never forget. its funny that was the first dodger game my girlfriend went to. now she expects something crazy like that to happen every game, she doesnt even realize how big that was.

  8. graffitigenius@hotmail.com

    grilled dodger dogs are very good. anyone had any hot dogs in boston with that aburd stuff they call mustard over there??? i hear wrigley has the good firedogs.

  9. kssparkuhl@msn.com

    Thoughts and prayers go out to the Sherry family this Holiday Season.

    “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” (John 14:27)

  10. frankjhalstead@hotmail.com

    I for one like our current pitching staff with lowe,schmidt,penny, wolf, then billingsley.
    bullpen of saito,broxton,brazoban(if healthy)hu, beimel, and tomko.

    waiting at triple a would be meloan,stults, and hoorelbeke.

    gone in trades would be hendrickson, and dressens for prospects, the fact of penny facing other teams number three starters, or as the season get going maybe their number two or fourth starter should make for a good year for penny, plus his salary for the next few years is below what most teams are paying for fifth starters now.

    just my thoughts, haven’t had a dodger dog in years, since I

    moved to oregon, they were great way back when I went to games

    is spring here yet?

  11. wordbooty@gmail.com

    I’m a vegetarian so I’ll pass judgment on the Dodger Dogs (haven’t had one since I was a little boy and everything tasted good back then), but I’ll easily vote for the 4 homer game. I was there that night and it was easily the most exciting night of my life behind maybe the night I was born when the Dodgers beat the Yankees in game 6 to win the 81 world series. I was about 4 hours old though so it’s a little cloudy in my head 🙂

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