The GM Meetings

First off – NL Rookie of the Year voting is in and three Dodgers were among the top nine vote-getters. Andre Ethier tied for fifth, Takashi Saito was tied for seventh and Russell Martin finished ninth. Our sincere congrats go out to all the people who signed them, developed them, coached them, marketed them, publicized them and helped them attain these honors. Balloting can be found here.

As most of you know, the GM meetings start today in Florida and are a precursor to the madness that is the Hot Stove League. While all GMs have been in touch with each other and players’ agents throughout the past few weeks, getting them all in one place makes a huge difference in moving the process along. It also coincides with the start of teams being able to throw dollar figures at free agents who weren’t their own, so the rumor mill really picks up here. But, don’t expect a ton of guys to sign in the first week – there’s no incentive to going early, so they all try to wait it out and see how the market plays out.

This event is not covered by the media in the same way that the Winter Meetings are, though there are definitely reporters who go out there to write about it. The real show comes Dec. 4-8, when the lobby of our hotel in Orlando becomes a place for impromptu press conferences by player agents while the team execs huddle away in their suites upstairs. It’s quite possibly the most exciting and most boring four days of the winter, as there’s a lot of rumors, a lot of standing around and of course at times, some major announcements.

We also have our PR meetings at that time, where we get together with our counterparts around the league and discuss the best practices of each teams and the issues facing the industry.

As a department, we’re currently putting together the 2007 media guide, which obviously takes up the bulk of the winter time. If any of you have copies and have ideas for new things that you’d like to see included, please pass them along. While I can’t guarantee they’ll be in there next year, I’m interested to know what you’d like to see. It’s become far more than a media guide and actually, we’ll probably start calling it an Information Guide, as other teams have done, because it’s not only the media who uses this.



    with the names flying already, I think that ned has to have a plan ready to go.
    know who you want, what you are willing to pay, and not waste time, or else, they will sign elswhere.

    I also agree that losing drew is not a big lose, but it worries me that it might cause us to trade top prospects for aging veterns.

    I would like to see normar, and maddux back, with nomar playing more than one position. we need to keep billingsley, la roche, martin, broxton, elbert, kemp, loney, josh bell, and all the pitching we can for our future.

    if we have to trade minor leagurers, look at d. young,chin lung hu, juan rivera, guys who are very good, but blocked from l.a. by others.

    ned needs to decide on our own free agents, and players who he wants, and act quickly, or we will struggle to get anything done in december. this winter seems to

    be going to the teams that are reacting quickly and making moves now, not waiting to see who sets the tables, or the market places. If we want a big name free agent, we need to react quickly. then look at trades to get the team ready for next

    year. I getting nervous by all thats happened even before the g. m. meeting, let alone waiting for dec. 4th to get here, fear the guys we want will be with new teams long before dec. 4th.


    i was happy that ramirez wasnt signed.. it doesnt block andy laroche…and i am finally back home.. i was in mesa for 8 days… i look forward to doing it again next year..



    I have to agree with Frankjhalstead, time is of the essence. But I think Josh is also correct in saying that time is in the free agents side. Other then the players that still want to stay with their original clubs, most should be taking their time to decide. You can bet that Soriano and Zito won’t sign anytime soon !!! It’s becasue of this that I see Ned doing more trading then signing of free agents.

    What I really can’t believe is Boston paying $50 million just for the rights to sign this guy from Japan. Reports have him at $100+ million for three years between his salary and the signing fees !! Now that’s just crazy for a pitcher that has never thrown a pitch in MLB.

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!!


    I was also glad that ramirez stayed with the cubs, I think La Roche is our answer at third. With a thin and costly
    free agent market, we may be left out of that area too. The Phillies are said to have an offer for Soriano already..

    5 years, and 80 million. Don’t think we will go that high.

    Ned should have a feel or what Soriano, Zito, etc are asking, and what is being offered very soon. then he needs to have his plan in place to jump at what he feels will help the club.

    I hope he is also prepared to go with our prospects and play them, instead of siging another drew or lugo,

    If some of our injured can caome back, sign a maddux

    maybe a normar, or Lee, and fill in with our guys, I think we can still build from within and win.

    beside the couple of big money guys, It seems like it will be a fast market, we have to be prepared. Would love to see Gagne sign a performace contract and come back, but most news reports say he and normar are gone,(sad). nervous to see who stays, who goes, and worried about our prospects.

    I would rather keep our front line prospects, than trade them

    hey Josh, what about a contest, guess with Baseball america on our top ten. tie breaker going to who is closest on the top twenty.

    we all seem to love our prospects, would be fun.


    Wow, the article on said Mondesi was the most recent ROY for the Dodgers. It was actually Todd Hollandsworth in 1996, and Hideo Nomo won it in 1995.


    i mean no disrespect to people that were hawaiian shirts my best friend in the whole wide world wears those shirts every FREAKING FRIDAY!! but come on!! they look so yesterday!!!.


    No kidding patriot. Who messes that up. We won five ROTY in a row. How can anyone in this front office ever forget that?


    The Pierre vs. Lofton argument is really kind of funny. Two amazing outfielders, good baserunning skills, no power, great fielding abilities, and NO throwing arm. Those two can catch anything that comes within a half mile of them, they just can’t throw the ball home when they need to.

    I want Vernon! When I was planning on having Drew for the year, I thought that 3 20-25 HR guys in the middle of the order would work. Now, without him I want Nomar, Kent, Loney, and Wells in the middle (not in that order).


    Oh, and the reason I think they forgot Hollandsworth is because his rookie season was really nothing to write home about. After following Karros, Piazza, Mondesi, and Nomo, his #’s weren’t that impressive. If I remember correctly, he won in a very thin NL rookie class


    Seems like this move to AZ story comes up every year. The Dodgers are one of just a few or maybe even the only team now that plays in the West but trains in the East. Although it makes some business sense and the facilities would be new and state of the art, I think it would be a tremendous mistake. This is one of those tradition things that should far out weigh the supposed business sense. In fact, business wise I don’t think McCourt truly understands the down deep benefit of Vero Beach !!! People have retired in Vero Beach for the sole reason of Dodger Spring training and the Class A team. More over these are mostly EAST COAST Dodger fans wanting to get closer to the team. To move to AZ would be one of the biggest mistakes McCourt could ever make. Vero Beach needs to be embraced, improved upon and marketed !! It’s a Diamond in the rough that the O’Malloy family clearly understood and capitalized on.

    Go Ned !!

    Go Dodgers !!!


    I vote the Dodgers sign Schmidt, sign a bullpen arm and let the kids play the field (Loney, Kemp, LaRouche, Ethier). It worked ok for FLA last year (basically they played their AA team), and with Kent and Furcal you have some veterans who can (hopefully) hit. Give it a go. Have to think that would be the divisions best pitching staff, and if the team is playing well, try for a free agent bat at mid season if needed. Sure, there will be growing pains, but I think its time for old school Dodger baseball. Great pitching, and home grown players.


    Thanks for keeping us updated over the off-season Josh.

    I’m going to chime in with my thoughts on what the Dodgers should do.

    Sign Zito and/or Schmidt. We need a good middle reliever or lefty-specialist unless Beimel is going to be back. Sounds like the Dodgers are not very happy with him due to the New York incident.

    Pitching pitching pitching. Take a lesson from the other “Los Angeles” team. Even with their cy-young winner out this year, they had a pretty good second half with their staff of amazing arms.

    I vote no on Nomar. Sorry. I love him, but he started falling apart at the end of the season and unless he would be wiling to sign an incentive-loaded deal, I don’t think the investment would be worth it. Same thing with Gagne.

    I feel confident in our bats with Kent, Martin, and Loney in the middle of the lineup. I’m sure Ned will sign another bat, but our focus should be on PITCHING!

  13. John

    Check out my latest blog posting, “The Case For Gagne”. I’ve heard the arguments for not re-signing Gagne. I make a few arguments for keeping him. (Words From The Park –


    As much as I would like the Dodgers to be in Arizona, and as much as I think it makes sense logistically and competively, I can’t tell you how disappointed I would be to see the team leave Dodgertown. The Dodgers spring training is like NO OTHER in the league. When you think about who has been there and played there on that training facility, the history Dodgertown has, and to think it will all be lost because we want to make it easier to see our team, or that we might lose some competitivenesss being on the East Coast. Look at the teams that are in the Cactus league, take the Giants for one, how many world series have they won, has the fact that they are in the Cactus league helped them win more championships? I say keep the history alive, thrive on the history, teach it to our young players and make them understand what that means, bring emotion into the team, that is what wins championships. I say stay at Dodgertown and keep the tradition of being a Dodger alive!

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