The morning after…

Well, we’ve all had a little bit of time to let all this settle and read the morning coverage from around the country. Bill Plunkett, who originally wrote that J.D. was staying back in September, had this to say in the OC Register. In the Daily News, Tony Jackson gives his version of the story while the L.A. Times had two articles – one news story by Bill Shaikin and an opinion piece from Bill Plaschke. Even a writer in Philadelphia weighed in on the situation. Other stories include the Riverside Press Enterprise and

As for me, I’ve obviously followed the coverage quite a bit. It’s certainly interesting to hear everyone’s take and I really got a kick out of one caller last night on AM 570 saying that he read about it on the Inside the Dodgers blog. We’ve certainly tried to be the very first place where you can get Dodger news and hopefully some of you were the first to know about this yesterday because you’ve been keeping up with the front office blog throughout the winter.

Having had some time for the news to settle, I think it’s safe to say that no one over here thinks that J.D. was being unfair in opting out of his contract. That was obviously his right and more power to him and his agent if they can get more money, which they probably know they can do or they would not have exercised it in the first place.

If anything, I think there’s just some disappointment in how it all went down. Given J.D.’s end of the year comments, it was our belief he’d still be here and that he was very happy. He’s certainly entitled to change his opinion during the month of October and obviously he did. Maybe had there been a heart-to-heart between him and the team before that, things might have been different, but they weren’t, so we move on. I know that Scott Boras likened this situation to us not picking up Eric Gagne’s option, but something tells me he might have been a little bit perturbed if we had been saying all year that we had planned to pick up Eric’s option and then when the time came to actually file the paperwork, we changed our minds.

At the end of the day, we can’t really judge J.D. until we’ve been in his shoes. And I really don’t think there’s a way to judge this transaction until we see the others that follow. Maybe this allows us to get another free agent or trade for someone with a big salary and even bigger talent. Maybe it opens up the door for James Loney (or another young player) to play right field and he outperforms J.D. There’s just no way of knowing, but that’s the fun part about baseball.

We only know one thing for sure – this will certainly make the offseason more interesting.


some people are being critical of Ned for saying what he’s said & to them i say EXCUSE A MAN FOR BEING HUMAN!!.

If I was lied to like that, yeah I’d be pissed. I’m not all that disappointed that JD’s leaving, I’m more ticked off that he basically lied to us.

How about Boras claiming J.D. is a “five-tool” player? Whatever …

Okay…this is a really weird day. My comments on yestersdays article sounded like Plaschke.


If you want to be upset, be upset at former general manager Paul DePodesta for giving Drew such a misguided quit clause in the first place.

On second thought, give DePodesta a standing ovation.

I think Depo was the startest one of all. Rent a player for two years and get ride of him. Boras Style!

If we CAN’T judge a player for :

1. Lying

2. Being ridiculously greedy

3. Showing zero loyalty

4. Playing (or not) with very little drive

Then what good is any judgment or opinion?

I say beat it JD, you’re not a winner.

The Dodgers and fans were good to you.

“How about Boras claiming J.D. is a “five-tool” player? Whatever …”

you just gotta love Boros! why didn’t he mentioned his fragile made of glass body!!

Josh is right. This opens up all kinds of possibilities. Personally I am pleased JD and/or Boros made this decision now and not delay for a while. I expect the early announcement has lit up Ned’s phone. And yes, I don’t see why Ned would renegotiate with JD. I really don’t think Boros was sincere about wanting to renegotiate with the Dodgers. That was to make it all look better because it makes no sense. I also expect it might open up another spot for a Boros client on the Dodgers. As much as Ray likes Zito, I would be satisfied if we never talked to another Boros client except Eric Gagne. I hope Eric decides with his heart and not Boros’ wallet. JD had a good season in ’06. I wish him well elsewhere and think DePodesta was rather clever to have clause in Drew’s contract knowing he a bit fragile. Go get ’em Ned. We can’t wait. Put a fence around the farm.

you guys think it will be dificult or awkward dealing wth Boros now? (Maddux)

Just read Bill Plaschke’s article in the Times. A good take. Earlier knowledge would have helped Ned but he has time and can trade. I would think he might be a bit miffed but not really angry. He will just have to work harder which I expect is no big chore for him. He must feel a sense of excitement now as he can move more names around his big board. Go get ’em Ned. This is a break you needed. Take Logan’s advice on the farm.

I do not know how we got so lucky, but I have been giddy all day because of this news. Now, I first want to make it known that I am not a JD hater. I think he is a good guy, and I was hoping to see him step it up next year (it looked like his swing was getting back), but I also know he was not worth what we were paying him. I was hopeful we might be able to trade him to free up our payroll, but this is just icing on the cake. Does anyone know if the Dodgers will consider going after Roberts? I for one like his hustle and speed, and I was bummed when they let him go.

The Dodgers “coddled” JD Drew all season long. Plaschke’s article says it best at how far the Dodgers bent over backwards for this guy… while standing on one foot and hopping up and down for him! And then the fact that JD went on record saying he wasn’t even thinking about his option.

What chaps my butt is how anyone can compare this to the Eric Gagne situation. Both parties knew BEFORE hand that Gagne’s option wouldn’t be picked up! How does this even compare to Gagne’s situation? It can’t. Eric is coming off of two injury prone seasons. He and Colletti met to discuss how this was going to go down (the possibility of re-signing him). Gagne and Boras knew ahead of time that the Dodgers were going to take the “wait and see” approach as to whether Gagne would be worth the risk to resign, albeit an incentive laden contract for sure. Nobody backed down on anothers’ word here. It was planned.

With JD Drew, Boras feigns ignorance and infers that Colletti was the one who didn’t initiate contract re-negotiations. Are you kidding me Boras! Did you REALLY expect that Ned Colletti was a mind reader who was perched ready to spend MORE money on no-heart, lifeless talent that had to be “coddled” through his two seasons in Los Angeles? No you didn’t, and don’t even go there you sad, sorry, dope!

I still believe that Eric Gagne will do the right thing and stick by his word. He went on record as saying he wants to stay. Let’s see if there is still some integrity within a “loyal” ballplayer of his stature… Boras be damned.

Good riddance JD. Yes you put up some decent numbers last season, but as Plaschke put it best, I can’t even remember but a handfull of your RBI’s. Go show a lack of heart somewhere else. The Dodgers deserved more from you, and you just seemed happy to deposit your checks, all with the same emotion you showed at the plate… none. Here’s one strike three you’ll never get back.


I was thinking about that the other day to (dealing with Boras). I wondered if it is hard for the guys in the dugout who are not with Boras to see this guy pulling this stuff and to see the players going along with it. It seems strange to me that JD would expect us to pay more for him to stay, especially after this year. He was middle of the road, but he was not amazing. It may mean the Dodgers will need to take a hard stance and say no more Boras. But, with the way the market is we know JD will get signed somewhere. It is too bad that team loyalty appears to be a thing of the past, especially with people like Boras working deals.

Maybe JD is the next Jody Reed.


I could not believe that Boras compared it to the option with Gagne. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard…Gagne is questionable, and I will not blame the Dodgers for if they don’t sign him. Even if Gagne bounces back somewhere else, he is too uncertain of a prospect…those are serious injuries. I’m not mad at JD, but I am joyful at the position this puts us in with the salary. JD was the one I always wanted to get rid of, since he is not living up to his contract. But I guess 33 million is not enough. Must be nice.

i hope that sorry excuse for a player lands somewhere where he doesnt have it so easy.. i never even like mike marshall jr, but the fact that he pulled this stunt is just dirty pool.. now my concern is dealing with boras.. i dont want to deal with him, but we need his players.. i hope this did not change things between zito,and gagne…


Sheffield was dealt to the Tigers. Oh my… their lineup just gets better.

btw,i saw grady at the mesa game..i tried to ask him what he tought about the drew situation, but i didnt want to spoil his time..if i see him on saturday at his induction, i’ll try and actuall speak with him…

OK with me just as long as Sheffield didn’t land with the Dodgers again although he had three good years with us.
He’ll be 38 next season.

“Maybe JD is the next Jody Reed.”

one can only hope.

WOW……..There is a God and and what a merciful one at that!!!!! I Think Colletti should put Boras on Call Block along with the D-Rays.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I’m sorry, but Colletti has to accept a lot of the blame on this one.

The season ended a month ago and Colletti said they hadn’t talked. Pick up the phone as the deadline draws near and see where he’s at. If the Times and L.A. Daily News could do it, Colletti could have also. If he has the time to call ESPN Radio, he has the time to call the player who you know has the option to opt out of his current contract and become a free agent.

A lot can change in a month. Should Colletti be basing decisions on what he reads in the local media? As a GM, you need to expect the unexpected. This should have been on his radar. You know what they say happens when someone assumes…

Before even getting to the point of renegotiating, I would be in contact several times with my player who has the option of making himself a free agent to see what he is going to do. Until the date passed or I had it in writing, I’d be in constant contact with the guy because whatever he decides is going to have a huge impact on how I proceed putting together the ballclub.

Again, he was relying on media reports. That’s the last thing you want to use as a resource.

So, I guess we have like 30-40 mil in our budget for this year now? 17 to Soriano, 13 to Zito, 8 to Maddux and we’re still a little under budget. OK, Ned this is what you do….

Trade Repko and Penny to Toronto for Vernon Wells, sign Soriano to play (or give him 2nd, Kent 1st, and Loney LF), pick up Zito and Maddux, then our rotation looks like this:

SS – Furcal

LF – Soriano

CF – Wells

2B – Kent

1B – Loney

3B – Betemit

RF – Ethier

C – Martin





Kuo (My girlfriend calls him Hunky Show, I’m not sure whether or not to be upset about that…)

Can’t lose, I’m telling you…

Hello?????? SGV lad that was by design and something that could happen not certainly not probable. I don’t think I would have given it a 20% chance of JD giving up his Guaranteed 33M for a shot at better or worse… He just married Maybe like a dog with a Bone in his mouth looking into a Really Big Pond.He has no ability to Carry a team Through post season and is very marginal on power speed and intelligence on the bases.He was in a situation where if he was a Good hitter he could have plated 130-140 RBI’s 06 team always had people on…But The run production is moot because the team went 162+ and now is time for people who can play a season win it then put the nose to the grindstone. It is time for a Winning team to go Beat the AL in the series no more WHIMPS!Its been 18 years without a Dodger WS winner and do it before 08′ LA is a Top Market and LA draws Top Money Time For LA to Win again… StL beat the AL why can’t we do it?We Have again an Owner Committed to LA and a GM who wants to Hire Winning people and The Last A-hole to NY just left the station.We as Dodger fans can carry a 200M season into a WS win with profits for all.Pay The Great Players the Money They Need to fill the gaps that our team needs to fill and let our great rookies Make there marks then renegotiate them without all for me screw the fans ***** Borass—- He should Go produce at NBC little prodution for mediocre results at highest profits end results in no entertainment and declining fanbase Teams should start boycotting his clients.

Looks like we’re agreed that Blue is better off without Drew. Plaschke’s article does pretty much sum it up and that was the softest 100 rbi’s I ever saw.
Maybe he will wind up in that Seattle bone yard with that other guy.

It’s business to be sure, but I’ve got to wonder about Boras’ ethics. Could be time for a little owners collusion as far as he’s concerned.

Drew is just an average player getting a lot of money for what he gave back. I’ve never cared for him since his dealings coming out of the draft and not signing with Philly. LaRussa didn’t care for him in Stl either. It’s like Ned said about Hochevar, if it’s about the money now,it will always be about the money. If he were more concerned about his performance than his salary he would earn my respect, but that will never happen!

The other thing is everybody blames Boras, but these are grown men who Boras represents , they should have a mind of their own and know right from wrong.

i will never like Boros!!

Yes fliegel, I DO blame Scott Boras. He latches onto most of these “grown men” when they are 17 or 18 year old high school kids (or younger) and poison’s their young and impressionable minds with visions of untold wealth. He encourages them to hold out signing with the teams that draft them in the hopes that they will get huge signing bonuses. It worked for J.D. Drew, Jered Weaver, and a number of other young players who were first round draft picks.

He is certainly not the only agent out there, but he has definitely had the biggest (negative) impact on the sport from a fan’s (and owner’s) perspective.

Unfortunately, he represents so many players in the game today that it is impossible not to have to deal with him at some point in time.

Career franchise players and team loyalty died on the day that free agency was born (except for Craig Biggio, that is).

Do not look for Scott Boras to ever change his tactics. In fact, look for other agents to follow his lead.


Don’t get me wrong, Boras is a snake ,and he’s only out for himself. He is one of the things wrong with the game today. What I’m saying is that the players should take some responsibility in their decisions and not follow Boras blindly.

Wow! Did you read the article about Lasorda? You gotta love this quote:

“A lot of the players today have agents that [keep them from] doing a lot of things they should be doing.”

That pretty much sums up the Boras/Drew thing, huh?


Dualtone!!!! Your line-up is off the hook. Now that’s a World Series line-up if I ever saw one. Nough said.

yeah, i agree with dualtone’s lineup but i dunno about trading repko–we might need a back up OF and he plays wtih heart–dont wanna see him go

The way I look at it, we made Drew what he is today. Little played him perfectly all year. Little moved him in the lineup all year for the best results and Drew came through more times then not. Some would say his best year ever !!! I think the fact that he’s the glass princess that he is, he knows he’s looking at the last contract of his playing career, which is the difference of $33 mil for 3 years vs $60 for 5 years.

If we look at it in dollars and cents, Drew was sure to get $33 Mil for the next three years. After that it completely depends on what he does with that three years !! History tells us that he’s NOT prone for successful back to back seasons. So assuming he’s middle of the road for the next three years and he’s 35 when his contract expires, the very best he can expect for the following 3-5 years is $5mil to $7 mil per year. That makes it at best $68 mil at the age of 40, and that’s assuming everything goes his way !! Now look at it the way it is today. Assuming he can get at least $60 mil for the next 5 years, he only has to earn $8 mil for the remaining 3 years to get the same $68 mil. But if he can get $70 to $80 mil for 5-7 years from some stupid owner and another $10 mil after that, by the time he’s 40 he’ll have earned far more then his potential if he had stayed. So either way, if he’s good or bad for the remainder of his career he earns far more then if he stayed. The only gamble to all of this is can he get that next big 5 year contract ?? Time will tell !!

One thing is for sure, neither Drew nor Boras have a “Love of the Game”, They only have a love of money. And the last time I looked, money doesn’t win championships !! I can only hope that Drew ends up in someplace like KC or Tampa or JAPAN !!! It would serve him right !!

Go Ned !!!

Go Dodgers !!

I don’t harbor any ill will towards JD. I am just glad he/Boros made the decision to move on. As someone mentioned, these guys are grown men so they should know what they are doing and not just blame the agent. I can’t quite go that far. I think 53 is right. Boros grabs onto these guys as kids and the love of the game is lost then. Boros is not the only greedy agent but certainly the one that irritates me the most. Also the GM’s and owners are grown men too. They are the best friends the agents have. An agent can’t secure an absurd contract unless there is a partner to sign it. eg. $25M/yr for A-Rod, $11M/yr for JD.After all is said and done, I do wish JD success and happiness with another team.

“The Dodgers also plan to explore signing a center fielder, perhaps Kenny Lofton or Juan Pierre, and a starting pitcher or two. They’ll talk with Jason Schmidt, Barry Zito and Greg Maddux, but the latter two players are represented by Boras, whose players do not tend to sign quickly. If the Angels miss out on Matsuzaka, they’ll inquire about Zito too.”

that’s a quote from the L.A. Times i REALLY REALLY hope the Dodgers don’t go after Pierre that guy probably has THE WORST ARM IN ALL OF THE MLB.

A. Ramirez signed a five year deal with Cubs. So, the beat goes on.

“A. Ramirez signed a five year deal with Cubs. So, the beat goes on.”

Good for them. This keeps LaRoche in the picture for 2008 or even late ’07. Also, I’m not giving up on Wilson Betemit just yet. I think this kid has a lot of talent and can only get better with playing time.

I agree Kevin. Think they both need a shot at fulltime in the next year or two. Gotta protect the kids. Also the talk about contracts is absolutely scary. Can’t imagine that kind of money being paid. eg. Padilla $40Mfor 4 years. Go Dodgers!!

i saw Betemit play today, he hit a double i also saw Tony Abreu the annoucers were raving on how great his glove is he’s tearing the Dominican winter league with i think a 355 avg. i’ve yet to see Matt Kemp play though.

5 points on the Outfield (Sorry, it’s a long one)

1) JD Drew and Kenny Lofton are now free agents. Here are their numbers for 2006:


Batting: .283/.393/.498, 2 SB, 3 CS, 20 HR

Rate2: 110

FP: .891


Batting: .301/.360/.403, 32 SB, 5 CS, 3 HR

Rate2: 93

FP: .861

2) Part of having Drew and Lofton, though, was the fact that neither were available to play every day. So then here are their batting lines including the plate appearances of the other at bats for their position:

DREW + Other RF: .275/.377/.475

LOFTON + Other CF:


The Dodgers were able to put up a .708 OPS off the bench in right, but only a .690 OPS in center. This isn’t that big a difference, but it can be explained a bit by the fact that there were more players who were eligible for the corner outfield than center.

3) The Dodgers have 2 real options for power on the free agent market, Soriano and Lee; here are their average performances over the last 3 years and a prediction on how many homers they would hit next year (I made an assumption for the number of at bats next year, and divided this by the their at-bats per home run for 2004-2006):

SORIANO – .275/.327/.519, 35 HR

LEE – .290/.350/.517, 33 HR

Available potentially via trade are

ADAM DUNN – .253/.380/.543, 42 HR

A. JONES – .262/.345/.532, 40 HR

V. WELLS – .282/.339/.493, 28 HR

Soriano got a boost this year, his first year in the NL (also in a division with weak pitching), and Wells may see a similar effect if traded for considering he is coming from the AL.

4) The Dodgers need not one, but two bats, so what is probably most likely is one of the 5 above players, and another player that’s pretty good but not quite as good. This is where Colletti will either make a trade out of nowhere or sign an old guy. Old guy candidates include Lofton, Nomar, Moises Alou, and Luis Gonzalez. As for trades out of nowhere, try Detroit. Now that they landed Sheffield, he’ll DH and play occasionally in the outfield. With Granderson in center and Ordonez in right, the Tigers will have to pick Monroe or Thames for left field, and the other may be a viable option for the Dodgers. The best Devil Ray available is Carl Crawford, and while he would be a premium trade option, it’s about time we got someone good from Tampa.

5) The Dodgers will also have to make a statement about the future. I happen to think that they want Matt Kemp, but if Andruw Jones or Vernon Wells becomes available, he seems like a logical trading piece. Other young players such as Andy Laroche, Jonathan Broxton, Chad Billingsley, Hong-Chih Kuo, Justin Orenduff, Mark Alexander, Greg Miller, etc, might be on Colletti’s mind to trade. These are the hardest decisions to make, to keep the most useful players to the organization.

Headed to Maine for the week. Looking forward to good news when I check in on Saturday. Ray you look after the kids. They are the building blocks.

Just when you thought the Arizona Diamondbacks uniforms couldn’t get any uglier… they suddenly are. The new color = good. The new script = train wreck. Man, am I ever glad to be a Dodgers fan.

Have a good trip Harold !!

Big week coming up !! GM meetings and this year the Dodgers should be well prepared !! patriotacts I like your stats and your review looks dead on, but if I had to guess, I’d say Ned is looking for something off the radar. I think he’ll go after Zito and Soriano but only to a limit. The LA Times today says the Angels are going to bid hard for Soriano, and if Ramirez can get $75 mil from the Cubs, Soriano looks to go for at least $100 mil. **** Drew looks to be in a good position to get that $60 mil for 4-5 years now !! I think Ned will now look for two or three 20 hr guys instead of one big bat, which makes Nomar a strong canidate !! Problem is it becomes a trade situation for the other two and that puts Ray’s kids at risk. I think patriotacts is right about Kemp, he’ll be up for grabs to the highest bidder.

Let the fun begin !!

Go Ned !!

Go Dodgers !!

Right you are!!!!
They are REALLY ugly!!!

Yeah, the worst part is how the letters don’t line up right. The script looks stupid too.

I’ll have more to say on the next thread.

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