Tonight's lineup

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Anderson, RF

Lugo, 3B

Ethier, LF

Martin, C

Maddux, P



    Wow… two left fielders tonight. That’ll be interesting to watch. Perhaps if Anderson is nice, he’ll move over to right field just in case. 😮 )

    The whole Lugo thing baffles my mind. Betemit has more power and needs the AB’s.


    Martin and Lugo should switch places in the lineup until further notice… that is if Grady insists on playing him.


    I’ve been a big fan all season of the way that Grady has handled Drew (giving him a day off every 4-5 games) and I think its been a big reason why Drew has been able to stay healthy all year. But with that said, there are only TWO WEEKS LEFT in the season! He’s got to be in that lineup EVERY SINGLE NIGHT from here on out…..there’s no more resting for the long term RIGHT NOW IS IS THE LONG TERM. They need to have the best possible lineup out there from here on out or they won’t be in the post-season. Same goes for guys like Martin and Kent….no more days off, they need to be in there EVERY NIGHT till the end. Every game is too precious at this point.


    Russ martin is the man, love that he is on the team- but can you play a catcher 9 days in a row without a day off? Even a 23 year old?


    The bullpen needs a rest
    (we really don’t want to see Tomko pitch tonight!), and Maddux knows how to keep his pitch count down and pitch deep into the game. This lineup should score enough runs to support him.

    Baseball is amazing sometimes – you would think the Padres would stumble after Monday night and the Dodgers would carry their momentum forward, and instead the opposite happens.

    Looks like this will go into the final weekend (Dodgers at Giants), hopefully the Dodgers can celebrate locking up a playoff spot in San Francisco!!

    Surprised JD needs a rest at this point, Kent and Nomar are playing hurt and JD is resting.


    Lugo?! Ugh! That guy makes me SICK! Has he got one big hit since we got him? Seems like everytime he comes up there are guys in scoring position. I like the fact that Drew is out of the lineup. Hes looked lost the last couple days…But doesnt he always?


    I agree drj884. I feel Martin does need a day off after 9 days. Actually Toby Hall hits quite well when he plays. With the exception of a couple of pitchers, most seem to run into trouble regardless of who is catching.


    Lugo in the game – just insane.. Somebody please tell the coach that he is hitting only .211 – also that Pitt. pitcher is RHP & Betiment is pretty good from the left side of the plate…Also, he is a better 3rd baseman.. Why oh Why… I strongly believe that if you don’t play your best players you DESERVE to LOSE..
    This is just one of the many, many questionable decisions Little continues to make almost every single day.. There is a very good reason that Little was out of Baseball for 2 years after Boston kicked him out of town — NOBODY WANTED HIM AS A COACH!!! Why the Dodgers ???? Nice guy OK — Good Coach – I don’t think so…


    If Cal Ripken can play 2,131 games in a row…..Drew, Kent, Nomar and Martin should be able to play the last two weeks of the pennant stretch for the Dodgers without needing a rest. Like I said before, I’m all for giving guys days off during the regular season to keep them healthy over the long haul, but the long haul is now.


    DRJ884– Why can’t you play a catcher everday. Campanella & Yogi played everyday for years. In those days, you played every day or you lost your job. No contract was Guaranteed.


    1) Grady Little has lost my confidence in his ability to manage by continuing to use Brett Tomko out of the bullpen. Tomko is a streaky pitcher, and he’s not in a good spot to try to come back and pitch. I would rather see Hamulack.

    2) Wilson Betemit in September:

    .213/.309/.319, 1 HR

    Julio Lugo in September:


    Wilson Betemit as a Dodger:

    .243/.306/.451, 8 HR, 16 R, 19 RBI, 144 AB

    Julio Lugo as a Dodger:

    .221/.287/.270, 0 HR, 15 R, 7 RBI, 122 AB

    3) JD Drew will get a night off for the first time since September 6. The Dodgers won that game without him, 2-1, with a nice start from Lowe.

    4) Shawn Chacon has given up 5 or more runs in every other start since becoming a Pirate. In his last start, he gave up two.

    5) The Pirates have not faced Greg Maddux this year. The last time Maddux pitched against a team that had not seen him this year was the Sunday Night game against the Giants where he went 8 innings on 68 pitches. Despite Lugo in the 6 hole, I feel good about tonight’s game.


    Lugo is playing because he’s 3 for 7 career versus Chacon, with a walk [which translates to a .429 BA and a .500 OBP].


    kday01 – squat down and stay there for about 5 minutes. It’s not really good for your back or your knees.

    Besides, Toby Hall’s .346/.364/.404 line isn’t inspiring and is probably largely due to luck, but it’s not awful either.


    phicks – ok, but that doesn’t say that much. This is Shawn Chacon, not Roger Clemens. Heck, he’s not even Roger McDowell.


    “…squat down and stay there for about 5 minutes. It’s not really good for your back or your knees.”

    Patriotacts… you’re killin’ me bud! Whaaaaaa! Martin’s both young enough and AMPED enough to handle the job until this team either wins it all or is eliminated.

    These players, Drew included, have all winter to rest their boo-boos. For the kind of JACK these players BANK, they need to be in the lineup NOW and not LATER.


    Oh… and ask Kent and Nomar how their injuries are coming along and I guarantee you they’d say they’re playing through them… because now is the time the team needs them the most.


    CAMPY only played more than 130 games twice – 143 in 1951 and 144 in 1953. They had a 154 game schedule then. Remember Rube Walker was Campy’s backup. Yogi in 19 seasons twice played 151 games (1950 and 1954). Four times he played in the 140’s – 140, 141, 142, 147. After that he was 137 or less.
    I know Campy lost games due to injury, split fingers as the non catching hand was not held behind the back. Having said that, I am sure they would have played every day if they could.I think catching is the most demanding position of any sport and do think they need to be rested.


    PatriotActs – I agree re Chacon not being mistaken for Clemens or even McDowell, but the noted history beats some lesser alternative. And though the sample size is small, it’s better than no sample size at all. Lofton is 2 for 2 against Chacon, with a walk. Kent is 9 for 25, with an OBP above .400. Furcal is a straight 4 for 10. Nomar, like Lofton, is 2-2. So if all live up to their prior history, things you should be okay tonight.


    I don’t care who plays if you can’t beat the Pirates, especially with Chacon pitching, you don’t deserve to make the playoffs..



    that’s what its like being a dodgers fan this year – or since 1963 for that matter. wish i could take the more restrained approach like kent.

    again, didn’t you just know it was another long night when anderson struck out with the bases loaded early in the game?

    and why don’t the dodgers run more? i swear when either furcal or lofton are on base, the hitters are too impatient at the plate. why we didn’t run more on piazza is a mystery and last night again with a rookie catcher…

    this team still has the look and feel of an 85 win season, and i just don’t know if it’s going to be good enough..

    and yes, what is drew resting (again) for? nomar is falling apart and kent is ******* it up (again) and jane d. drew gets another night off..

    and please no more julio lug-nuts…he brings nothing to the team…nothing that

    ramon martinez couldn’t do..


    kss – I know, but it’s still a bad idea to overwork your catcher.

    As for players getting injured more, I’m not sure what it is, but I remember my dad told me either Ron Gant or Terry Pendleton pointed out that they never had problems with hamstring injuries until they started doing stretches.


    PatriotActs – Tell dad that he’s probably correct. Couple of weeks back, before playing a game of fast-pitch softball, someone asked why I never did any stretches. My reply was that I never found them necessary and otherwise had never pulled or tweaked a muscle. All I ever did was do what one normally does in a game, do some sprints, field balls, and take some swings. Oh, and not I only play[ed] baseball and softball, but b-ball and hockey as well. Broke a rib and a wrist, and was bruised and battered every now and again, but never a pulled or tweaked muscle.


    We were gifted a couple of runs there by the Pirate 3rd baseman. Don’t quite understand the Lofton bunt with a runner at third and 2 outs.


    yeah…no idea about a bunt with 2 outs..guy on 3rd and 3,4,5 hitters behind u?? but now sele already let up a run and had 2 on with 1 out…need to go to beimal..i think he has worked the least so far this week..great 5-2…this bullpen is killing us..we shouldnt have to score between 6-like the other night 11 runs a night to win!


    get this guy out of the game now…ridiculous..we have no excuse for not taking at least 2 out of 3 from this team…u know were not gonna sweep arizona or the giants..they are just dying to rip us out of contention.


    Playoff tickets go on sale? Hah hah hah. This useless team will get swept by the Pirates, lose to Arizona, and by then they will be well out of it. Padres to win division, Phillies wildcard.


    This team is not playing like a champion. How can one team be so good sometimes and so lousy others? I am getting real tired of seeing them give up 3 or 4 runs in an inning game after game.


    with this outing, let’s start looking for next year. our bullpen will not even let us beat pittsburg, our lineup can’t hit a guy with a 6.50 era.
    the rollercoaster year is coming to a close. ned’s trades have hurt, grady’s goal

    to just make the play off’s hurt.

    our team HURTS.

    sorry to say this, but we need to protect the prospects, and get rid of alot of dead weight. (most of that is our bullpen) good night


    Drew comes in and hits a bomb. Just like I said before the game, he should’ve been starting tonight, 3 more at bats from him might’ve made the difference in this game. You can’t be sitting star players at this time of the year……this is win or go home time.


    The thing that would make the difference would be a pitching staff that does not give up 6 or more runs every night. I grew up in the Koufax, Drysdale, Osteen, Perranoski era and it was rare to see them give up more than 3 runs. I am just not used to the Dodgers have such a poor pitching staff.


    Oh, somewhere in this favoured land the sun is shining bright,
    The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light;

    And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout,

    But there is no joy in DodgerVille—mighty Kent has just struck out.


    Ode to James Loney
    AKA October by Hester Jewell Dawson

    the high fly ball,

    arches out above left field,

    hangs there in the sky

    outblazing the sun

    while fifty thousand heads swings and cry

    “Over the wall! Over the wall!”

    then hold, fixed and dumb

    as the ball drops

    down and down, a dead bird

    into a waiting glove

    and there you have it: the song,

    the flight, the perilous whisper of truth

    or of love or possibly of faith

    then the descent

    and the end of the game


    today, the crowd was great, we were in it all the way, and our boys still lost.. we just cant get that clutch hit.. we need to get it done 2morrow..



    Jeff Kent’s Revenge
    with apologies to Grantland Rice

    There were saddened hearts in L. A. for a week or even more;

    There were muttered oaths and curses- every fan in town was sore.

    “Just think,” said one, “how soft it looked with Jeff Kent at the bat,

    And then to think he’d go and spring a bush league trick like that!”

    All his past fame was forgotten- he was now a hopeless “shine.”

    They called him “Strike-Out Jeff Kent,” from the mayor down the line;

    And as he came to bat each day his bosom heaved a sigh,

    While a look of hopeless fury shone in mighty Jeff Kent’s eye.

    He pondered in the days gone by that he had been their king,

    That when he strolled up to the plate they made the welkin ring;

    But now his nerve had vanished, for when he heard them hoot

    He “fanned” or “popped out” daily, like some minor league recruit.

    He soon began to sulk and loaf, his batting eye went lame;

    No home runs on the score card now were chalked against his name;

    The fans without exception gave the manager no peace,

    For one and all kept clamoring for Jeff Kent’s quick release.

    The L. A. squad began to slump, the team was in the air;

    Their playing went from bad to worse – nobody seemed to care.

    “Back to the woods with Jeff Kent!” was the cry from Rooters’ Row.

    “Get some one who can hit the ball, and let that big dub go!”

    The lane is long, some one has said, that never turns again,

    And Fate, though fickle, often gives another chance to men;

    And Jeff Kent smiled; his rugged face no longer wore a frown-

    The pitcher who had started all the trouble came to town.

    All L. A. had assembled – fifty thousand fans had come

    To see the twirler who had put big Jeff Kent on the bum;

    And when he stepped into the box, the multitude went wild;

    He doffed his cap in proud disdain, but Jeff Kent only smiled.

    “Play ball!” the umpire’s voice rang out, and then the game began.

    But in that throng of thousands there was not a single fan

    Who thought that L. A. had a chance, and with the setting sun

    Their hopes sank low- the rival team was leading “four to one.”

    The last half of the ninth came round, with no change in the score;

    But when the first man up hit safe, the crowd began to roar;

    The din increased, the echo of fifty thousand shouts was heard

    When the pitcher hit the second and gave “four balls” to the third.

    Three men on base – nobody out – three runs to tie the game!

    A triple meant the highest niche in L. A.’s hall of fame;

    But here the rally ended and the gloom was deep as night,

    When the fourth one “fouled to catcher” and the fifth “flew out to right.”

    A dismal groan in chorus came; a scowl was on each face

    When Jeff Kent walked up, bat in hand, and slowly took his place;

    His bloodshot eyes in fury gleamed, his teeth were clenched in hate;

    He gave his cap a vicious hook and pounded on the plate.

    But fame is fleeting as the wind and glory fades away;

    There were no wild and woolly cheers, no glad acclaim this day;

    They hissed and groaned and hooted as they clamored: “Strike him out!”

    But Jeff Kent gave no outward sign that he had heard this shout.

    The pitcher smiled and cut one loose – across the plate it sped;

    Another hiss, another groan. “Strike one!” the umpire said.

    Zip! Like a shot the second curve broke just below the knee.

    “Strike two!” the umpire roared aloud; but Jeff Kent made no plea.

    No roasting for the umpire now – his was an easy lot;

    But here the pitcher whirled again- was that a rifle shot?

    A whack, a crack, and out through the space the leather pellet flew,

    A blot against the distant sky, a speck against the blue.

    Above the fence in center field in rapid whirling flight

    The sphere sailed on – the blot grew dim and then was lost to sight.

    Fifty thousand hats were thrown in air, fifty thousand threw a fit,

    But no one ever found the ball that mighty Jeff Kent hit.

    O, somewhere in this favored land dark clouds may hide the sun,

    And somewhere bands no longer play and children have no fun!

    And somewhere over blighted lives there hangs a heavy pall,

    But L. A. hearts are happy now, for Jeff Kent hit the ball.


    I have two questions that I have to ask of Grady Little and I will try my very best not to go ballistic as I ask them:

    Question One: Why, in God’s name, would you bring in Matt Kemp, the absolute WORST hitter on the Dodger roster to pinch hit for the .300 hitting Kenny Lofton with one out in the bottom of the 9th with a runners at first and second and trailing by two runs? Matt Kemp is the official “Designated Out” of the Los Angeles Dodgers and should not be permitted to even pick up a bat.

    Question Two: Even if I could come up with a logical reason to pinch hit for Lofton (which I cannot), why the **** would you do so with Matt Kemp when you have one of the BEST clutch hitters in Ramon Martinez available to you?

    I’m sorry folks, I know that I said that I would support Grady Little’s sometimes questionable decisions, but this was among the WORST decisions he has made yet.

    Matt Kemp stinks and needs to return to Triple-A ball for another year. His at bats are among the ugliest at bats I have ever seen and he wouldn’t know a good pitch if he saw one – which he never will because the opposing pitchers KNOW that he swings at garbage. The guy couldn’t hit a ball off of a tee.

    Sorry – I promised that I would go ballistic, but I couldn’t help myself.

    Aside from these two questions and having to suffer through yet another game that we should have won, it was a very exciting game tonight and, as Ray pointed out, the fans were great! It was also good to see Broxton find his groove again.

    GO DODGERS! (Please?)


    i didn’t get any of the moves Grady made…and why did he change the lineup from the past two games we should 17 runs in two games! So Grady changes it! ***….I wouldn’t be upset if Grady’s not back next year.


    Grady Made Tracy look good again tonight……..and what shines so much about Tracy are the coaches he took with him and still has Thats where our pitching went…


    fansince53 – No patience for the rookie, I guess.

    Kemp seemed to work on some stuff down in AAA, OPSing in the .900 range. You’re right that he does need more time at AAA – he was in single A last year – particularly in recognizing breaking balls.

    Gameday suggested he knew the strike zone pretty well, not chasing pitches terribly out of the zone, fouling off the pitch on the outside corner, and taking one that was just a bit too low. He’s having a problem recognizing breaking balls, though, and more time at AAA is just the ticket for that. We might see Kenny Lofton back next year.

    Also, Matt Kemp was not pinch hitting for Kenny Lofton, but rather for Jason Repko, who ran for Olmedo Saenz, who pinch hit for Lofton. Tracy brought in a left-hander to face Lofton, so Little went with Saenz.


    So what’s the ideal lineup to run now?

    Tomorrow, against the left-hander, I’d run


    Repko/Kemp – rf



    Drew – cf

    Saenz (3b)




    We are paying the price for the fluky early success of Sele. There is a REASON NO TEAM IN MLB WANTED HIM. He had a little early success and has VERY PREDICTABLY COLLAPSED. Gosh, who could have seen THIS coming. All he has done in September is 10 IP, 15 hits, 10 ER. If you look at his career #s THIS COLLAPSE WAS SO BLATENTLY OBVIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can someone PLLEASE GIVE DODGER MANAGMENT ESPN/MLB/STATS/SPLITs so they can learn a few things from the past? Seriously. What is going on here???? Don’t even get me started on pulling Lofton (0.305 AVG with runners on, 0.316 “close and late”, 0.625 with runners on 2nd and 3rd this year). I know its tough to find good bullpen arms, but…. We really cant do worse (really) than Sele, Hamulack, and Gio. Guys who would probably be out of baseball if not for the Dodgers. Its not fair to them even, at this point. Tomko has the stuff, but no head. That’s nothing new. He is just imploding at a very bad time.


    How can we go from splitting 4 games with the Mets and Padres to losing 2 out of 3 to the Brewers, Cubs and now Possibly the Pirates!? What in the **** is going on!? Monday’s game means absolutly nothing if we can’t beat the Pirates!


    How can we go from splitting 4 games with the Mets and Padres to losing 2 out of 3 to the Brewers, Cubs and now Possibly the Pirates!? What in the **** is going on!? Monday’s game means absolutly nothing if we can’t beat the Pirates!


    I was at the game Monday night and I was at the game last night, and the walk back to the car was very different. However, I do have to say it did not feel as sickening as when Sele gave up a run in the tenth on Monday. I cannot tell how sick that made me feel.

    My thoughts on last night are that our bullpen needs to step it up or we are never going to make it to the playoffs. Marlon didn’t help us in right, and I was actually missing J.D. Drew’s glove (he was hustling on Monday). The first run should not have happened on the line drive to right, but Anderson took his time and the third base coach saw it.

    The batting at the end was very dissapointing. I am pretty sure that Kemp could have walked and Kent could have too. Torres was wild, and it looked like he wanted to walk some batters in.

    Oh well, shake this one off, come out tonight, and let’s hope Billingsley can pull out a gem…I would love to see that.


    patriotacts425, you are absolutely correct regarding Repko and I humbly stand corrected. However, the decision to pinch hit Matt Kemp over Ramon Martinez still stands as one of the worst that Grady has made this season. It was just a few short weeks ago that Ramon Martinez hit a walk-off homerun in that 16 inning affair. He has nine years of experience in the Bigs and possesses a great attitude and work ethic.

    I have watched Matt Kemp all season long during the times that he has been up with the big club. I really like the guy and he, like Ethier, are the future of the Dodgers’ outfield.

    It’s not a matter of me not having patience with the rookies; it’s a matter of necessity. Our backs are absolutely against the wall right now and we simply do not have the time to wait for them to “come around”. In that regard, I guess I am a little impatient.

    And it’s not just the rookies. Lugo has no business being in the line-up for the remainder of the season; none whatsoever. You have to go with your best line-up, regardless of whose feelings might get hurt.

    I agree that Lofton MUST be signed again next season (a one year deal with incentives). Doing so will allow Kemp to grow and develop to his true potential (patience at its best). Ethier, Broxton, and Saito have proven that they belong in the Bigs. They simply need to learn how to deal with the intense pressure that comes with the job; especially during a stretch drive run for the pennant.

    Russell Martin is just plan solid. He is wise well beyond his years and reminds me of a young Paul LoDuca (although I was a bit surprised that he swung at a 2-0 pitch leading off the bottom of the 9th, which resulted in a ground out).

    I have a feeling that the REAL Chad Billingsley will show up at the park tonight, which will result in us taking the series finale.


    PS: How about that National Anthem yesterday? Russell Martin Sr. was OUTSTANDING!


    Meaning no disrespect whatsoever patriotacts425, your recommended line-up for tonight absolutely TERRIFIES me.

    Although the Bucs have a left-hander going tonight, he is brand spanking new. This is a GREAT time to intimidate the **** out of him with our veterans.

    After what we witnessed last night and with Matt Kemp’s 4 for 24 (.167) September, Ethier’s 1 for 24 (.042) September, Saenz’s 1 for 8 (.125) September, and Repko’s 0 for 7 (.000) September, I am quite surprised that you would suggest that any of these guys should be in the line-up tonight, or for the remainder of the season, for that matter.

    In spite of the left hander, I would go with our proven line-up of:

    Furcal – SS

    Loften – CF

    Nomar – 1B

    Kent – 2B

    Drew – CF

    Anderson – LF

    Martin – C

    Betemit – 3B

    Billingsley – P



    I realize that Chacon has not had a good year, but he did pitch really well last night. Just because our offense wasn’t on fire does not mean our batters were horrible, it could very well be great pitching…I mean Pittsburgh has no pressure, so they can just relax and play fun baseball.

    We still put up four runs, so I still contest that it is our relief that is killing us. We can’t score five plus runs every game, so we need to be able to win some closer games, and we need the bullpen for that.


    “Ramon Martinez is away from the team to be with his newborn child.”

    Yeah, he’s in Puerto Rico for a few days and I don’t blame him for going away during the stretch run of a pennant race. I can only imagine the conversation that went down between him and Little when he asked to leave the team:

    Little – “What do you mean you want to leave Ramon? Don’t you realize we’re in the middle of a tight pennant race?”

    Martinez – “Yes I want to leave. My wife just gave birth to a son and I’d like to be with her for a few days.”

    Little – “But this is a pennant race and we need you here Ramon.”

    Martinez – “Oh really? I’m hitless in six at bats this month. THIS MONTH GRADY! How in the heck is anyone supposed to be ready to play on only SIX AT BATS? Do you really see yourself playing me anytime soon? After all, I had a .300 batting average for the majority of the season, and for whatever reason, you feel that Julio Lug-nuts is getting the job done. He’s been getting my at bats! So I ask you again, do you really see yourself playing me anytime soon?”

    Little – “Hey… my bad! You got me there! You make an excellent point Ramon. Go be with your wife at this most important time in your life.”


    Wow! Thanks shiftyj. I was completely unaware that Ramon Martinez was away from the team to be with his wife and their newborn. God Bless him for that. Family comes first – no matter what.

    Ramon’s absence certainly explains Grady’s decision (well, almost). His options were very limited. Delwyn Young had already been introduced as a pinch hitter, which led to Jim Tracy changing pitchers. Grady immediately replaced Young with Olmedo Saenz, who drew a walk (it was a GREAT at bat!).

    At one point, Oscar Robles (1 for 8 (.125) in September) was in the on-deck circle, but was pulled back before being introduced when Tracy made another pitching change. Oscar would later come into the game to pinch run for Nomar, who reached on a walk in the bottom of the 9th.

    This left only Toby Hall, Einar Diaz, and Matt Kemp available to pinch hit for Repko. Hall is 4 for 12 (.333) in September and Diaz is 2 for 3 (.667) in September. Both Hall and Diaz are veterans of 7 and 11 years respectively.

    All of that being said, I would have much rather seen Grady use Toby Hall to pinch hit for Repko than Matt Kemp.

    Regardless, I apologize for jumping to conclusions.



    if anything atleast were in the thick of it all, un like last year. i’m loving & hating every munite of this year’s team.

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