Not so glory days, lineup

As I was driving into the office this morning, I realized that there was one other time when I saw four consecutive home runs hit in a game. It was the Angels vs. the Tigers, sometime in the 80s and the homers were hit by Mike Groneman, Joe Androtti, Joe Cohen and Ryan Levine. Before you go running to Retrosheet or baseball to look those guys up, don’t bother. These were the Senior Minor Tigers against the Senior Minor Angels at Northridge Little League and the homers came off of yours truly. By the fourth one, our first baseman was rolling on the ground in laughter and my twin brother was in right field, not sure whether to laugh or cry. I, of course, was crying and begging to be taken out of the game as most teams were lucky to hit four homers over the fence in a year in Little League, let alone four in a row.

While I’ve moved past that game and onto bigger and better things in baseball (some would say), my only role in last night’s game was to make sure that historically, we were covered. From looking up various records with the help of Elias Sports Bureau and STATS, LLC, to keeping a few important items for the Dodger archives from the historic game, it was a busy evening.

Once we got to the clubhouse, I asked the bullpen catcher, Rob Flippo, for a game-used baseball, on which I had the four ninth-inning homer guys sign on each "corner" of the ball. MLB had an authenticator on site, so we dated it, put a hologram on it and will keep it with some of the other great items we’ve collected over the years. The lineup card is heading to the Hall of Fame, as are a few other items from last night’s game following my conversation this morning with Jeff Idelson in Cooperstown.

Among some of the other cool things we’ve grabbed for the archives this season:

Lineup card from the game Maddux tied Steve Carlton on the all-time list

Lineup card from the Dodgers’ 17th win in 18 games

Lineup card and ticket stubs from Maddux’s six no-hit innings in Cincy (first start)

Lineup card from the first-ever French Canadian battery (Gagne and Martin)

Jersey and cap from Nomar’s introductory press conference

The ball that was the Dodgers’ L.A. record 25th hit on 6/19/06

Game ball from Hong-Chih Kuo and Eric Stults’ first Major League wins

Ticket stock from Chad Billingsley’s first big league win

And much more. Hopefully someday soon, all this stuff will be on display for you guys to check out, along with the loads of other incredible historical items we’ve saved over the years.

Here’s today’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Drew, RF

Martin, C

Anderson, LF

Betemit, 3B

Kuo, P



    I love all the stuff that’s accumulated and I really believe that those items should be set out where everyone can enjoy them – not stuck in someone’s private, covetous, collection.

    I remember the photos of Loney when he was presented with his first big-league base and ball and the DVD of his first game. His face was priceless!

    Tonight is going to be crazy cool!


    Josh didn’t even mention the real good stuff, so when are the McCourts going to exihibit all this cool stuff!!?


    Now that’s a playoff line-up is I’ve ever seen one. With Ethier and Lugo as late inning replacements…. GAME-OVER.


    hopefully we dont have a let down against tracys crew, i’m going to the game tonight as well, i’m not gonna miss any games this week, i hope our offense carries over to tonight



    who cares about the line up, i just love watching Kuo develope as a starting pitcher.

    let’s get ’em boys in blue!


    As one of the ****** who turned the game off last night pre-ninth inning…rest assure I will see every pitch for the rest of the year.

    I though we might have peeked too early after the 17 of 18. Last night’s game is going to serve as the igniter that will send the Dodgers to the World Series.


    I like this line-up.

    Ethier will get his at bats next year down the stretch. For now, let the more experienced players get it done.

    Besides, how can Grady not play Anderson after last night?


    Why does Marlon Anderson continue to get playing time and AB’s over D. Young?



    Ray and 53 keep up the cheering sections for us bloggers who watch from a distance. Thanks again to Kevin for the immense of effort he went through to give us a transcript of Vin’s call in the ninth and tenth inning last night. Very much appreciated. Last night everyone in this lineup played like they were healthy. Really good to see Kent and JD hit with power. Love Russell Martin’s play. C’mon Kuo. Go Dodgers!!


    last night at the game, i took a pic of trever hoffman after the anderson homerun, his expression is priceless.. we cant have a let down tonight, they have to be on their game, and ready for tracy’s crew.. i’m excited to see kuo’s first career start at dodger stadium tonight



    Don’t often post, but sure enjoy reading you all. And if I have something to say I’ll say it. Right now I just want to thank ksspark for psting the transcripts of Vinnie in the 9th and 10th innings. Living in Sac. Ca. I wasn’t able to be at the game and I don’t have the DirecTV package so that was out too. But it was easy to imagine Vin’s voice while I was reading the 2 posts from ksspark. Thanks again. What a win! Now we have to continue with the Pirates, a team we shouldn’t have a problem with. But then I said that before the Cubbie series. Teams out of the playoff picture always like to play the spoiler. Can’t afford a letdown. GO BLUE!!


    ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW I LOVE MY BOYS IN BLUE!!!Im still pumped up and I saw it in my living room not giving up hope thats why im diehard cause I’ll go down with the ship!I can’t imagine how the players feel!! Good job Dodgers keep playing hard and not quitting. GO DODGERS!!!!!!


    Big Blue Wrecking Crew!! Keep it going guys!

    I’m still on a high from last night as I’m sure most are. But time to move on to the Pirates.

    For those who might want to have this, I created a Word Document with my corrected version of last nights’ calls of the ninth and tenth innings by Vin Scully. There were just a couple of omissions and I also included the post-game interview with Nomar as seen on FSN Prime. Enjoy, and Go Blue!


    kss,thanks a bunch for the post, I could just about hear Vinny. Games underway with a early lead. Hope you guys at the stadium can bring in another W. Does anybody know Anderson’s sontract status for next year?
    Great pinch hitting tandem with Saenz.

    Games tied now, better go for another Dodger Dog.


    Thanks Kevin: I can open that.
    Way to go Raffy. Looks like this will be a tight game too.

    C’mon Kuo. Go Dodgers!!


    Great attempt by Anderson, there.

    Looks however, like the Padres easily overcome the big loss, and the Dodgers go back to limp offense. The game yesterday was indeed only one game, and it changed nothing for either team. The Dodgers are still unable to win consistently in September, and the Padres are still playing like champs.

    Oh well.


    Wow, Tomko is a game loser extraordinare.

    Could we please STOP running him out there now, or is Little too slow to realize those inherited runners Tomko allows to score also end up on the scoreboard, even if they don’t go against the precious’ ERA? Time to take your artist goods, chuck your baseball leather, and stop losing games for this team, Brett.


    10-6 now…if Tomko didn’t pitch the game would be tied 😦 TOMKO SHOULD NEVER PITCH AGAIN!!! HE SHOULD GO PAINT WITH HIS BROTHER!


    today was the biggest let down ever.. i can understand kuo struggling, i mean hes only a rookie.. but almost the rest of the team let us down.. being at the game was depressing, thats the only way i can describe it.. i would think that by now grady would have enough sense to keep tomko out of the game.. but were dodger fans, so its nothing new to us..



    Did anyone else notice that the guy calling the players’s names just seemed like a fish out of water? The music/sounds that are historically used to get the crowd revved up – just wasn’t there.

    Also, the guy calling out the players names…what what up with that?


    i did notice that, the crowd wasnt into the game like last night, but i doubt thats why we lost…



    How does SD snap right back with a win and we get bombed by the Piatares? This is a very frustrating team. Tomko is done, he cost us 4 games now in his last 5 appearances- shut him down. We can probably only loose 3 or 4 more this year and make post season. Lets go Maddux!


    So much for my Momentum theory.

    Watching the bullpen (well, actually Tomko) fail last night was very depressing, especially after the incredible high from the night before.

    But what upset me even more than watching another Tomko tank job was watching JD Drew strike out FOUR times, including three times looking! It seems that when he hits a homerun, he feels that has met his obligation to the team for the next 15 to 20 at bats. While most of the Blue Crew is playing with total heart, Drew appears like he could care less; but maybe it’s just me.

    On the other side of this coin are Marlon Anderson (my newest favorite Dodger), Rafael Furcal, Jeff Kent, and (of course) Russell Martin. These guys play with total heart and never give up.

    Tomko has obviously entered the “Hendrickson/Hamulack Zone” and needs to be kept out of close games.

    And ginny, you are 1,000% correct. The guy who filled in for Eric Smith on the P.A. last night was HORRIBLE! He was the worst P.A. announcer I have EVER heard. Not only did this guy not get the crowd into the game, he actually took them out of it. This guy needs to be fired! Eric Smith ROCKS!

    We are not out of this thing; not by a long shot. We need to continue to support for our beloved Blue Crew.



    I;ve got to say tonights loss was a bummer, and Grittle should know better than to pitch Tomko with the game on the line , but I would like to thank Ned Coletti and the Dodgers for a great season. I will be very disapointed if they don’t make the playoffs, as I’m sure all of you will be, but this team is exiciting, and fun to watch and root for. Last years team was a mess and Ned came in late and didn’t have too much to work with and to be able to put together a team that is still in the hunt this late in the season is amazing! We can only look forward to the coming years with knowledge that Ned will do us right.



    I don’t have much else to say about last nights game that hasn’t already been said. Our offense is getting the job done, but our pitching is a liability. I only feel comfortable with Maddux and Lowe pitching at this point. Penny makes me a little nervous, but at least I know he will go out there and try his hardest for four or five innings :). BTW Marlon, thank you for being so awesome.


    Penny is a joke- instead of pitching better he just keeps pitching harder. Can someone please get control of him? he is now up to 98mph on the fastball, and giving up 5-6 runs a game. Allstar game has ruined him. Was very effective throwning 93 and hitting his spots.


    Dear Grady,

    Brett Tomko could not hold up against the Pirates. So this confirms one theory. Tomko did not become better by switching from starter to reliever; he just reset. Tomko had a good start as a starter, then he was awful. He started out well as a starter, then was awful as a reliever.

    A Brett Tomko charcoal drawing is art. Brett Tomko pitching is not art. Please note this difference and make the necessary corrections.

    Thank you.


    Thanks Euhlman – looks like Anderson is a keeper.
    Last night was a disappointment for sure. Sure would be nice if the pen could pull itself back together for a couple of weeks.

    I think Little tries to show these guys he’s got faith in them, and winds up sticking with them a little to long. I think he’s a good manager, but a bit slow with the hook.


    Tomko has officially entered into the “choke zone”, this is true. But at this point in time, who can this team afford to bring in? Really? Who would all of YOU like to see brought in with the game on the line? Who does this team have that CAN be trusted with holding the other team? The bullpen has been over-worked. It’s as simple as that. Our starters are not going deep enough into ballgames, thus putting more pressure on the bullpen to come through time and time again, and Brad Penny is the worst offender of the “lack of location/high pitch-count” blues.

    We have some pretty good arms in the bullpen, but they’re getting over-used. So really, who would you have thrown last night?



    Interesting press note: Marlon Anderson now holds the L.A. Dodger record for least amount of plate appearances after his Dodger debut to hit five home runs with 36. Matt Kemp was the previous record holder with five in his first 42 plate appearances.


    I am still mad at Tomko and I still think he *****. Singlehandedly put the nail in the coffin on about four or five games for us this month.

    Who will I be comfortable with? NOT Broxton anymore. Beimel for an inning, Stultz … Hendrickson may be better than Tomko now, for an inning or so ( BY THE WAY, TOMKO SHOULD NEVER START WITH INHERITED RUNNERS. He is too bad for that. He HAS to give up a hit or two in an inning and he needs open bases to absorb them )

    But yes, the bullpen is terrible, terrible, AWFUL right now. That’s what will hand us October at home, the bullpen.

    Penny is horrible – I think his baseball IQ is simply too low for him to be able to figure out how to be an effective pitcher, and his head is probably too hot for him to listen to advice.


    Sad to say there are really no dependable choices out of the bullpen. Seems like everybody is being beat up right now – Tomko is the most visible example, but Dessens didn’t do us any good last night either. If that doesn’t stabilize, we can forget about the playoffs, because you can’t expect to score 10 runs or better every night. Our hitters have generally been producing as much as one can expect. I too am down on Penny. In spite of his won/loss record he has not done his share since the All Star game. I would like to see us trade him this winter and get somebody of real value.


    Trade Brad Penny? Whoa… that’s harsh. No way I say!

    Brad Penny may have his pitch count and location all blown to hades, but this in no way should be the reason he gets traded… at least not yet.

    I truly feel that with the proper coaching (i.e. Rick Honeycutt is purely to blame for the pitching staff’s lack of discipline) that Penny can be a premier pitcher in this league again. He’s fallen in love with his fastball. Most power pitchers go through this at least a couple of times in their careers. All he needs to do is take a little something off his velocity, thus gaining more control of his fastball, learning to throw that hellacious curveball of his in more opportune spots, and learning a true “bugs bunny” changeup or even a nasty slider. His repertoire of pitches is simply off and should be re-thought. His fastball needs to be setup with better breaking pitches and or a change up, and he’ll be back on top.

    Brad Penny should not be traded.


    Another point Messagebear about the playoffs: We gain two starters in the bullpen during this time. With the way the playoff schedule pans out, usually teams will go with their three best starters, with the remaining going to the bullpen. This will take a lot of the strain off of the pen and allow for more options during the playoff season. So if we make it there, then the bullpen will have a completely different look to it than it does now.

    I’d still like to see our starting pitchers go deeper into these last few games so that our other arms can have a few games to recouperate from their apparent over usage during the season. Give the bullpen some rest I say!



    Honestly, how is it possible that all that you said (which i agree) isn’t being fixed by some in the Dodger club house this year? Its been painfully obvious since the end of July. Mindboggling. Who is at the wheel?


    My comment about trading Penny is not a reaction to frustration. I’ve maintained that for several months – not a specific desire to get rid of him, but as someone of value that we have available for a trade that could bring us a proven player and maybe some close to majors prospects in return during the winter season. I don’t think he’s untouchable, as I would consider Furcal and Lowe to be at this point. As to why Penny and many of the other pitchers on our staff can’t perform up to what their abilities would indicate, I think that Honeycutt has been a failure pretty much the entire season. I think we had a much better pitching coach last year in spite of our record, and I wish we would give somebody like Ken Howell a chance at that coaching job next year.


    “Bad” Penny is a bad influence. Period. He’s a child, he throws temper tantrums and he simply isn’t a Dodger.

    The worst trades (in my not so humble opinion) have been LoDuca and Valentin. Not that I don’t love Martin, but LoDuca’s absense left a gaping wound that Kent, Martin and Maddux combined had a hard time filling.


    For me, the “who” is kind of obvious. Over the past two months, Joe Beimel has been nothing short of outstanding out of the pen. Unfortunately, he rarely goes more than one inning. I sincerely believe that Joe could go two, or even three innings, if he had to.

    As angry as I have been with Broxton these past few games, his (and Ethier’s) fall from grace should have been anticipated. These are 22 and 24 year old kids respectively who have never experienced this kind of pressure in their young lives. They are pressing way too hard and are trying to force results, rather than just going out there and being themselves and doing what they know how to do (and very well, mind you). While some kids can handle and work through this type of intense pressure (like Russell Martin), most simply cannot.

    This is where the veteran players need to step in and work with these guys. Egos need to be checked at the door and the rookies need to seek out the veterans for some guidance. The Dodger rookies are blessed to have a great pool of veteran players to draw from. If they haven’t been doing so, they really need to, AND FAST! This is a very good ball club that is capable of beating any team in the World Series.

    All of us can find flaws in Grady’s decisions (especially me), but the bottom line is that it is what it is and we have to go with what we’ve got. Fortunately, we’ve got some very talented players out there. Give thanks that Grady is now putting out (what most of us agree is) the best possible line up every day.

    I am very confident that Greg Maddux will right our ship tonight and will set the course for the remainder of the season; a course that will lead us into the post season.

    Keep the faith guys – the Dodgers need us now more than ever.



    Hey Fan53,

    I could not agree more, and I will be there tonight to cheer it all on again. Still recovering from Monday’s game…I am so glad I stayed.


    I know everybodys going to think I’m crazy, but I would have tried Hendrickson. He hasn’t been terrible in relief, especially his last outing.


    All Penny needs is coacing. From 1955-60, Sandy Koufax had a blazing fastball, but 30 wins and 40 losses. Catcher Norm Sherry Suggested he slow down the fastball and gain more control and mix in his excellant curve ball. We all know what happened in the 5 years. HALL OF FAME @ 35.


    Ah yes. Those were the days kday01!

    I remember Walter Alston telling Don Drysdale to intentionally walk Stan Musual once. Instead, Drysdale hit him on the very first pitch.

    Alston later asked Drysdale what happened. Don said: “Why waste four pitches when you can do the same thing with one.”


    Good one 53. I do remember Sandy sitting on the bench for a few years when he couldn’t hit the backstop but could not go to the minors because he was a bonus baby. I don’t know if Penny’s problem can go back to Honeycutt. Brad has been around and by now should know how to pitch just by watching others. Maddux, Sutton , Phil Niekro, Gaylord Perry, Warren Spahn won over 300 games and none had overpowering fastballs. All were pitchers. Tommy John pitched himself to 288 victories. 51 is correct. Sandy became the man when he learned to pitch. I expect 53 is correct. If Norm Sherry who played less than 200 big league games could get the message through to Sandy, Rick should be able to help Penny. Penny might not accept the help. A Koufax quote:””In the past I’d go out there and, every pitch I threw, I’d try to throw harder than the last one,” Koufax said. “From then on I tried to throw strikes and make them hit the ball. The whole difference was control. Not just controlling the ball, but controlling myself, too.”
    Though he had received that advice before, this time the message penetrated. A Yogi quote. I Love it: I can see how he won 25 games,” Yankees catcher Yogi Berra said. “What I don’t understand is how he lost five.” Go Dodgers.

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