Sold out

OK, forget what I said about bringing the family out to tonight’s game. We’re now sold out. But be sure to watch on TV tonight if you don’t already have your tickets. And maybe you can come on down tomorrow night or any night through the weekend, as tickets are still available for those games.



    It is a night like tonight that makes me wish we had public transportation that went directly to Dodger stadium. I am so tired of the parking lot.


    the parking lot has to be one of the worst in baseball. They really need to do something about it…im not sure if anything CAN be done. Maybe its in McCourt’s long term plans.

    See everyone at the game… i’ll be 8 rows behind 1st base. We need this one – like I have to remind you guys! haha..


    I’m All In! – Same seats, different shirt!

    It was easy to predict that this one would sell out; not just because the boys are playing the Padres, but because it’s stadium blanket night, too. All of the bobblehead nights were sell outs this year, too. You gotta love Dodger Stadium and their GREAT promotions!

    Ditto on the public transportation. I take the MetroLink to and from work, but you can’t get to and from Dodger Stadium via the trains (and they don’t run that late either).

    See y’all there!


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