Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B (back in there)

Kent, 2B

Drew, RF (Game 135 ties his second-most)

Martin, C

Anderson, LF

Betemit, 3B

Penny, P



    Great post earlier today Gary. My sentiments exactly. We never say, “Well done, Grady.” He makes many, many, decisions based on information we don’t have. I find I am always right after the game is over. Grady doesn’t have that luxury. When we get right down to it, the players hit, catch and throw the ball. Grady doesn’t. The decisions he makes are predicated on how well the guys hit, catch and throw the ball. When they fail, as all players very often do (.300 means the hitter has failed 70% of the time), Grady fails. I think we are starting to build this year (1DP – one year after DePodesta) and right now don’t have the clutch guy to scare the other teams. Russell Martin for me is Mr. Clutch along with Kenny Lofton. Russell shouldn’t have to be in that spot as a rookie but he is. Mr. Clutch of course isn’t always the team’s best overall hitter. I don’t know about 51 and 53 but the hitter I feared the most when we played the Yankees in the fifties was Yogi Berra, not Mickey Mantle.
    Anyway, let’s do it tonight boys. A lot of you at the game. Let’s stay behind our team and Grady. He is a part of the team. Go Dodgers.


    I’m with you (53), this is the lineup we”ve needed for a long time. If you and the other bloggers attending the game tonight will ROOT for me also I would Appreaciate it. GO BLUE


    1) I would switch Martin and Betemit up, but I suppose there’s a logical reason for it. Happy to see Lugo out of the lineup though.

    2) Penny and Peavy have the potential to turn this into a pitchers’ duel, and each is vulnerable. Peavy hasn’t shown his weakness as much, but it certainly exists. Penny has just come off a good start, and typically he follows with another good one.

    3) Overall, the rotation looks solid down the stretch, with the only question mark being Billingsley. His composure, given the pressure of the situation, gives me confidence that he’ll be all right, though.

    4) Rafael Furcal has had a great second half. I remember how rough he started (SI’s worst free agent signing pick), and it’s very satisfying to see him perform down the stretch.

    5) For those of you slightly distracted by Monday Night Football, I’ll give you the John Madden version. “The Dodgers need to be patient at the plate and get hits in order to win this game.”


    i agree with u harold, out of all of my kids, martin is mr. clutch.. and as much as grady gets me mad, i’d take this season, even if we lose over last season.. because last year was just a lost one.. this season we have all been entrenched in the race, and it has been so much fun..



    Well you guys got your biggest wish, Lugo is out( I agree with this one ) And most of you thought Ethier should get a break ( I don’t agree with this one ) and he’s out. So by all armchair accounts we should win tonight !!!
    Lets beat the **** out of these guys !!!

    Go Dodgers !!


    hey guys, did you know that yesturday was the 10th aniversary of the hideo nomo ho hitter in colorado?.. well when i saw this, it made me feel good, i was 9 years old, and my dad let me stay up and watch the game.. as he put it, “something special is gonna happen”..

    here you go, check it out…






    Well… it’s about time!! This is the perfect middle of the lineup for us! If we can’t win with this lineup, then we never will.

    Have a good time at the game to all who will be there. Have a Dodger Dog for me as well… especially you 53… glad you changed your shirt!

    GO DODGERS! Go Big Blue!


    Martin higher in the order.
    Nomar back.

    Even though it’s hard to say it, Anderson in instead of Ethier.

    And Penny on the mound.

    All adds up to a victory at Chavez tonight


    Don’t get me wrong here… I love tonights’ lineup… but my ideal lineup for here on out would be:

    Furcal SS

    Lofton CF

    Nomar 1B

    Kent 2B

    Drew RF

    Ethier LF

    Martin C

    Betemit 3B


    Yes… yes I am! :0 )

    I’ll be just ecstatic when the Dodgers win tonight… ’cause then we play the Pirates for three… and they’ve got to be dang tired after sweeping the Mets and making the trip out west. Ripe for the picking they are!

    Go Dodgers! Go Penny!


    Betemit will be huge the next two weeks starting tonight. These 10:00 starts on the east coast are killing me though. Why are the Friday night games at 7:40? People were still filing in last week at 8:15. Does it make that big of a difference? But I do love to hear Vin tell the people to please be courteous and use caution when in the parking lot. Go Dodgers!


    11:00 start here tonilittle. They are killing me too. Hope you are right about Betemit. Kevin I do not usually get involved in lineup projectons but feel Anderson should start and not Ethier. Go with experience now. Should help Martin not to be hitting in front of the pitcher but I liked him in the eighth spot with no pressure on him. However, he seems to be able to handle pressure so look for a good game in sixth spot.
    C’mon Penny. Go Dodgers.


    I find it harder and harder to muster the enthusiasm to cheer the team on. They’ve just been so maddingly adept at losing when they have to win, and so amazingly inept at reaching back and producing the bit of extra zip when the game is on the line.

    Which veterans on this team has a World Series ring, by the way? They surely can’t all be guys who couldn’t go all the way ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Traffic around Dodger Stadium is a Bit@# on Friday nights !!! McCourt is trying something new to see if it gets people into the park. Given our attendence this year, it must be working !!
    Go Dodgers !!


    Hang on Griffon. We old guys 51,52,53 have had a lot of good years and special memories. We have also had some hard times. 1951 Thompson homer, losses to Yankees in 52,53 ,56, Campy’s accident, 1966 30 scoreless innings against Baltimore, loss to Houston 1980, long drought since 1988 with many unsuccessful free agents, etc. However, each year a new hope and expectation. That is what we have each day in this race. Each day a new hope and expectation. Something good happens every game, even in defeat. Yesterday, Martin’s clutch homer. Makes him better in the future. C’mon Penny. Go Dodgers.


    Having said that Griffon, we have to get by Piazza tonight and not spot SD too big a lead. C’mon Penny. Settle in. Go Dodgers.


    Having said that think I might turn in and wake up in the morning with hope and expectation. 11:26 here.


    i’m at the game right now, i’m typing this from my sidekick.. brad penny S.U.C.K.S!..



    grady should send furcal and lofton every chance they get! Piazza doesnt have an arm…**** even send drew, martin, anderson and kent! there is no reason we should have runners in scoring position through out the game!


    why have Furcal and Lofton leadoff if we’re never going to double steal? ***? You have Nomar on a bad new and thigh-could you not see the DP a mile away. Little you ****!


    Brad Penny keeps trying to throw the perfect pitch on each delivery. Why can’t he just bring it to the strike-zone and let the defense do its thing? Way too many pitches thrown for balls.


    That may have been our best shot versus peavy and by the way, Drew now 0-13 lifetime versus Peavy. maybe Ethier should have started?


    penny i sjust trying to over power people…he needs to hit his spots and throw more off spead pitches. He needs to actaully “pitch” right now hes just like “ill throw it as hard as i can and see if they hit it”


    Penny needs to focus this offseason on learning the splitter. He just keeps throwing the same pitch 9 out of 10 pitches-a straight 95mph fastball. Penny’s pitches don’t have much movement so the hitters just keep fouling them off-this is why Penny is barely a 6 inning pitcher


    fastball, fastball, fastball, fastball, fastball, fastball, fastball, fastball, fastball, fastball, fastball, fastball,


    Penny: could you please learn to throw a slider, or something other than a fastball all the time? You’d do yourself so many favors if you could learn some type of change of pace pitch.


    hes got a nasty curve he needs to throw it more…and yes a splitter would fit Penny well…specially if he can master it over the off season. Also i think he needs to get more movement on his fastball…maybe a 2-seamer or ever grip his 4 seam differently to get a cutter type movement


    3rd inning: Penny, 14 fastballs, two of which were pitch-outs, 4 curve-balls, and one change-up. A little better.


    tied through 4.

    Penny may very well have learned from Maddux. The Mad Dog’s worst inning was always his first.


    “…please dont go to tomko!!!”

    You got any better ideas when Brad Penny can’t go past five innings of work?


    id take Aaron Sele and Mark Hendrickson over Tomko…but he seems to be calming down 1 strike away from getting out of the innning


    hey KSSPARK,

    I seriously think that the front office has to question Littles’ managing of a pitching staff!!!

    I can list several games where Little has left a reliever in for the loss..

    The giants 5 run 9th inn comeback, the padres 5 run 9th inn comeback, those two games in Chicago with Tomko, and leaving Broxton in yest…

    Thats just five games off the top of my head…

    Oh my Tomko just got out of it..


    haha no im not on crack but Hendrickson pitched well last game…i think he earned another shot at being a somewhat important part of the ball club…Tomko did well but he still leaves the ball over the plate with no movement.


    If I actually had the opportunity to be at this game… I’d be loving every minute of it! Isn’t this REALLY why we love this game? Holy smokes… what a game this is turning out to be.


    I totally agree ksspark..

    Games like this get me totally pumped when the Dodgers win and totally, I mean totally depressed when they lose big games like this.

    I hate watching 15 or 16 inn. and they end up losing..

    Padres are making errors tonight!!


    This is getting depressing. -Lots of fly balls misjudged… over the fielders heads but they follow it only to see it bounce off the wall and away from them.
    -Getting one run home runs but not three run homers when it counts.

    -Lack of clutch pitching and hitting.

    It is not too late for the season but man, what an emotional roller coaster ride this team puts us through!


    Vinny said Broxton is tipping his pitches, which certainly explains his performance of late.

    Well, sad to say, but the Padres are a better representative for the NL West than we are, and likely to not throw away the NL name as completely in any playoff games as we will. This team still has too many flaws to be a serious contender.

    By the way, kudos to Colletti for picking up Anderson. Now THERE’s the kind of late-season help one needs, not a spoilt moaner like Lugo.

    Pity that the team played with heart and passion today and didn’t get the game. If this heart was exhibited in those many games where shoulders were drooping and lacklustre play lost the game, think where we could have been. Left it too late, Dodgers.

    Raise the rally flag for next year ๐Ÿ™‚


    For Saito’s sake… I hope the Dodgers can pull this off. He looked like he was taking this way too hard for giving up all those runs in the ninth. Pleeeease, let’s get this win!


    Like I said… an emotional roller coaster.
    Blew the lead again.

    If they can recover and pull this one out, it will be a miracle. But I would not bet on it.

    Still it is not over. Win or lose tonight, there is still time to get back on top. But they have to win big on the road.


    For all of you about to lay the blame on Aaron Sele for this loss… think again.

    You can all lay this right on the shoulders of Brad Penny and his immense, “I gotta blow every pitch by each hitter” ego! Can he NOT learn to mix up his pitches, work on his control, do anything to keep his pitch count down??? But no. Sadly he cannot. He’s got to be “the man”, showing everyone how manly he is with his “supreme” fastball.

    Penny’s lack of discipline in keeping his pitch-count down has lead Grady Little to rely on the bullpen, picking up the slack that Penny gave away. This happens way too often for a guy who is the “ACE” of a pitching staff. The term “ACE” is reserved for “pitchers”, and lately as pointed out by “jkeezell” earlier, is simply “throwing” the ball as hard as he can. Russell Martin’s glove is seen moving many times out of his set-up, sometimes moving it a foot or more. And his constant reliance on the bullpen sets the team up for further disappointment by having them become over-used. This isn’t the discipline of an “ACE”.

    But now as I’m typing this… holy ****! Nomar has just pulled a rabbit out of the hat for us!! Can anyone here believe what has just happened?? We have truly witnessed HISTORY tonight! Absolutely incredible!!

    But I hope my point is taken. Brad Penny needs to work on his control and thus, his pitch-count. Our starters in general need to go deeper into ballgames… and give Grady Little some credit. He’s not the one throwing the pitches.

    I love this team! I hope they can get it done!!! We’re in first place!! Go Dodgers!! Go big blue!!!


    The rollercoaster ended on top!
    What a crazy game. Maybe this will get Big ‘Mo back on the Dodgers side and deflate the Padres. It has to hurt to lose a game like this.

    Lets keep it going. Don’t let up.


    Unfreaking believable!!! i knew there was a reason I dropped 150 bucks for that extra innings ****. Anyways, this was one of the best games I’ve seen recently, speechless!! Back in 1st baby, and in what fashion!!!! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Baby!!!!!!!!!


    In all my years of being a DODGER FAN, I have never seen a comeback like this. It Truly was a team effort. Thanks to all who rooted for me. GO DODGERS. FAN Since 51


    Oh yeah… this is only the second time this year that the Dodgers have come from behind when losing the game after 7 innings… and what a way to do it!! Gary… I’m on cloud nine baby!!! lol…


    Hey Harold, you should have stayed up for this one !! It was history in the making !!!
    Go Dodgers !! The streak started tonight !!! Lets run away with it !!!


    Padres deserve props, they repeatedly attempted to pee on our parade, but somehow our boy’s dug deeper. Marlon Anderson had a 5 hit night, what a pickup he’s been. All of our big hitter’s went deep tonight, that should bode well for some confidence. $ straight homers to tie in the 9th is storybook type stuff. And to think they had Hoffman warming up, sat him down, got him back up and into the game, only to give up the 3rd and 4th straight jacks. Bet the Pads clubhouse is super quiet right now, but they played well all series. I’m sure they will get the wildcard, and might do a little damage in the playoffs. They’ve had our number all year, so hopefully we got that monkey off our back. What a game. In the top 5 that I’ve seen easily.


    i was just witness to the greatest game ever!, i was privilaged to see it in person!!, first place!…
    to bad a tru dodger fan, harold missed it…



    OH MY, OH MY Forget about the Mets clinching the East.. WHO CARES?!?! Maybe the East Coast Media Bias does, but this is how the West plays. This is the most exciting game I’VE ever seen. I was three years old when Gibson hit the homer, but I have never witnessed anything like this in a game in the hundreds and hundreds I have watched since I was in Elementary school. Wow. Nomar sounds like he’s overwhelmed.



    Still wondering where all this heart was earlier the year! Hopefully Dodgers can rock on with this. A team that plays with this much heart is a team a fan will run through a brick wall for. Just want to see the heart on the field, that’s all.


    yess i was at the game, i’m using my sidekick to post this.. this was the greatest game ever!



    Vin Scully was priceless in the 10th inning… and I’m going to attempt to log his half inning here. I hope you enjoy reading this!

    “Ten to nine in favor of San Diego. Mark Bellhorn takes over at third base and will probably bat high up… no he’ll bat ninth. And Rudy Seanez the pitcher will bat in the cleanup spot. That way, if there is an 11th inning, Bellhorn would then bat second.

    So Rudy, coming in, and he becomes the seventh San Diego pitcher. And it’s only fitting I guess, in this rather memorable game, that a former Dodger will come in, a somewhat shell-shocked Trevor Hoffman watches, and Seanez who was with the Dodgers in ’94 and ’95, that’s a long time ago, he’s had a tremendous career, he was originally signed by the Indians out of Brawly High School 20 years ago. And he is still at it.

    Kenny Lofton is still at it, he’ll lead it off. Strike.

    Kenny has a single and a double. Hitting .302. Bellhorn well in on the grass at third.

    Fastball misses. One ball and one strike.

    Gonzalez is deep and guarding the line, so the right side pretty well wide open. And that’s ball two.

    On deck Nomar Garciaparra and then Jeff Kent. Seanez will be 38 in October. Check swing, did he? Yes he did says Tim Welke, and a two and two count to Ken.

    Lofton who had to go right up against the center field wall to haul in that long out from McAnulty, now just trying to get aboard. Two and two.

    Ball three.


    And ball four, and the Dodgers have a rabbit as the tying run.

    Kenny Lofton has stolen 27 out of 31, and he draws the walk. Now Garciaparra. And for Bochy, more anxious moments. No lead is big enough. Not four in the first. Not five in the last two innings.

    Nomar, hit into a double play, flied to right, doubled, flied to left and struck out. So he’s one for five, hitting 303. Jeff Kent, with four hits, is on deck.

    Ball one.

    Rudy Seanez had been with the Boston Red Sox. Only been in five games with the Padres. He’s one and one.

    And a strike.

    His ratio since coming over to San Diego, you can’t really guess much, he’s walked four and struck out four. In the American League he was just about two to one, strike-outs to walks. One and one.

    Ball two.

    On deck Jeff Kent, who’s had a huge night. A single, two doubles and a home run.

    And now Seanez, wild. Walks Lofton and he’s behind three and one, and Bochy is twisting in the wind.

    And a high fly ball to left field, it is a way out and gone! The Dodgers win it eleven to ten!

    Ohhuhu… unbelievable!

    (Long, long pause, Dodger Stadium is going nuts!)

    I forgot to tell you. The Dodgers are in first place.


    I think we’ve said enough from up here. Once again, the final score, in ten innings, believe it or not, Dodges eleven, Padres ten. Stay tuned for Dodgers Live and it starts right now. Goodnight everybody.”


    i cant believe harold missed the game, a true dodger fan like him should have seen it live



    OMG OMG OMG I’M NOT WORTHY! I’M NOT WORTHY! OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!That was insane….Turned off the game 3 times in disgust tonight.Great win Team!!!!WOW!!!!I’m speechless….



    Excellent Post kssparkuhl! Thank you! I Had the worst Day today and was in a foul mood allday screwed up measurements on cuts not once but 2 times in a row and haven’t screwed up a cut in the past 6 months. then this game was really killing me I expect a great day at work in the morning! That post was the icing on the cake because I was soooo spun up on NOMARS Jack that I thought I missed all of Vin.Thank You Again!



    OH MY GOD!

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to win the Western Division. If you don’t think that this game was the biggest game of the year, you are nuts! The momentum from this incredible victory will take us into the post season. I have been a Dodger fan since 1953 and have never seen anything like this before. This was the greatest regular season Dodger victory I have ever seen. The electricity at Dodger Stadium was surreal. The place was rocking! And the dejected looks on the Padres faces was priceless.

    How about that Marlon Anderson? Do you guys recall my post saying that he will prove to be crucial to us in the stretch run and into the post season? Well, there you have it. Next to Maddux, he is the most important acquisitions of the season. (I still havenโ€™t figured out what the **** regfairfield was trying to say).

    Man I can’t wait to get to the ball park tomorrow night! (or should I say tonight). I am AMPED!



    And why not. Here’s Vinny’s ninth inning call:

    “Nine to five, San Diego. As expected, Trevor Hoffman sat down, and John Atkins comes in… oh now (a sleeping infant in his fathers’ arms is shown on TV), and wish you a very pleasant good evening. Sleeping the sleep of the good child. Nothing quite like it.

    John Atkins, among other things, had the Tommy John surgery eight years ago but he’s battled his way back. He was originally drafted by Oakland out of Oklahoma State. He lives in West Virginia, and he’s 29 years old.

    So nine-five San Diego, and the Dodgers are asked to do what they did, but they’ve run out of innings. Remember, they were down by four, came back to tie, and they’re down by four again. (Atkins throws ball one to Kent… Scully continues.) Only now it’s the ninth. Jeff Kent with two doubles and a single, three for four, rising to the occasion, seven for twelve in the series.

    And a drive to center, going back is Cameron, to the track, at the wall… and gone. (On TV, a man leaving the game can be seen beyond the center field screen, stops in his tracks as the ball bounces in front of him. Priceless.)

    So Jeff Kent comes up with a home run, leading off the ninth, his fourth hit of the game. And the Dodgers are now down nine-six. That would also be the third Dodger home run, fastball, out over the plate. And it’s gone.

    So Atkins is rudly treated, two pitches, one run.

    Now, JD Drew coming up with Russell Martin on deck. John Atkins with an ERA of three, had only given up one home run in fifty-one innings. And then Jeff takes him out. So here’s Drew.


    JD struck out, had a fly ball, ground-rule double in the third to left field, walked intentionally, and hit into a force play, one for three.

    Bounced that one. One ball, one strike.

    One and one.

    Two and one.

    With Atkins, fastball, change-up and slider.

    And another drive to deep right-center and that is gone! Whoa, was that hit! So now it is nine-seven on home runs by Kent and Drew.

    What is that line? Do not go gentle into that good night. Well the Dodgers have decided they are not gonna go into that good night without howlin’ and kicking, and Bruce Bochy goin’ out to the mound to find out what’s goin’ on. So John Atkins is bannished in a hurry, home runs by Kent and Drew, but of course the Padres still have a two-run lead, and all of a sudden, it is Trevor time.

    So Hoffman will be making the jog in, we’ll be back.

    (Break for commercial.)

    Well it didn’t look like we’d see Trevor Hoffman, after all the Dodgers were down nine to five in the ninth inning, so he stopped throwing, and you wonder when the last time he was interrupted: in other words, usually when he warms up he comes in the game. But he warmed up, the Dodgers looked like the were blown out of the park, so they gave the ball to John Atkins, and now the Dodgers have forced the Padres to bring Trevor in. He has been absolutely magnificent against everybody, but especially the Dodgers. He is fifty-five for fifty-seven in his career. He has saved twenty four straight, and the last time Trevor Hoffman had a blown save against the Dodgers was in April, five years ago.

    And a drive into left-center by Martin, that ball is carrying, into the seats! Three straight home runs!

    High and out. For Trevor Hoffman, he had allowed only two home runs, Russell Martin’s dad is ecstatic, the Dodgers are still a buck short on home runs by Kent and Drew and Martin. And now Marlon Anderson and Julio Lugo and the pitcher spot. And the folks who hung around to ride it out are in for quite a ride. For the Dodgers, five home runs in the game tonight. First time they’ve done that this year.

    And another drive into high, right-center, at the wall, running and watching it go out, believe it or not! Four consecutive home runs! The Dodgers have tied it up again!

    (Pause, Dodger Stadium is ecstatic.)

    They’re coming back in. (laughs) The people in the parking lot have decided they’d better come back. And for Marlin Anderson, what a night! Two singles, a triple and two home runs, a five hit game, and we’re nine-nine.

    Lugo a drive, but this one is catchable. Mike Cameron.

    Can you believe this inning? In fact, can you believe this game?

    Marlon Anderson, uncoiling, a five-hit game, and ties it up. Andre Ethier coming up with one out.

    (Replays showing the fans in the right field pavillion, Anderson’s reaction running to first base, the Dodger dugout in oblivion, Bochy in disbelief of what he’s just seen.)

    Boy, there is no reason to speak when you see pictures like that. And here is Andre Ethier, and a dazed Bruce Bochy.

    Ball one.

    Four consecutive home runs in the ninth inning. Jeff Kent, JD Drew, Russell Martin, Marlon Anderson, and we’re nine-nine.


    (The TV camera slow-zooms in on Takashi Saito. His head is in his hands, face down, and is visibly disturbed.)

    So the Dodgers have done what figured could not be done, they were down four-nothing in the first inning and came back, but they had innings to do it. Down four in the ninth, they have come back.

    That’s a strike.

    It is an unbelievable game, and before fifty-five-thousand, eight-hundred and thirty-one, many of whom, quite a few, are out in the parking lot.

    Fouled back.

    So Penny and Tomko and Beimel and Broxton are not involved. And probably not Saito either. (TV showing Saito, wiping his neck and face off, adjusting his cap, still looking toward the ground.) And Peavy and Embry and Meredith and Linebrink and Atkins: they’re not involved. But Hoffman is.

    Bounced that. Two and two.

    If you want to break down the four home runs, Kent hit his one ball and no strikes. Drew hit his two balls and one strike. Russell Martin hit the first pitch for a home run, Marlon Anderson hit the first pitch for a home run. Two and two.

    Foul ball.

    Of course Hoffman is human, he’s not absolutely invinceable. You may remember game three of the ’98 World Series, he gave up the three-run home run to Scott Brosius and the Yankees swept. You may also remember this years’ World Series will start in the American League, because Hoffman blew the save in the All-Star game and then blew two of his next three.

    Ethier a fly ball, shallow center, Blum.

    Well here’s what makes this really memorable, only four times in Major League Baseball history have there been four consecutive home runs. (TV Stat) And look, they’re all forty years ago. The Braves, the Indians, the Twins, and tonight. And what a memorable game for Marlon Anderson, five for five.

    And Furcal, a high fly ball to right, Giles, at the wall. Well wouldn’t you know this was gonna to go extra innings? No I don’t think you did, not when it was nine-five, in the bottom of the ninth inning. And this crowd is beside itself with joy. You can come down off the wall now, and we’ll be back.”


    Thanks Kevin. What a result to wake up to. Actually was tied 4-4 when I dozed off so felt pretty good then with four runs on Peavy. Someone asked, “How often do we score four runs on Peavy?” Now we know. Griffon – enter each game with a hope and an expectation. This should recharge your batteries. Sportsnet just showed the highlights with Vin calling. No cheap shots there. Good call 53 on Anderson. I too felt the vets should be playing now. Anderson has probably earned a spot now. Good to see Kent and Drew hitting long and Nomar. In checking the box I continue to be impressed with Martin – a clutch hitter and throwing out two of three stealing. I think this should be a confidence builder and as one writer in the times wrote, “You have to stop the stagger before you swagger.” Let’s swagger guys. Got the Giants back a ways so lets put the Pods there too. Go Dodgers!!!


    Kevin, how many times did you have to rewind your TIVO to get that accurate of an accounting of Vin Scully ?? That was great !!! I heard it live and you got it almost word for word !!
    No rest tonight we have a Division to WIN !!!

    Go Dodgers !!!


    It took me about an hour and a half to do both half-innings. I wasn’t going to be sleeping anyway… so why not? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ) And look again. I doubt you’ll find more than two errors! I seriously botched Jon Adkins name though, spelling it John Atkins.


    Thanks again Kevin I’m Don By the way. Had A much better day at work today Tired but Happy and worked a whole lot better with that Win. And did I mention the Dodgers are in First place?


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