Beatles_ticketForty years ago today, the Beatles played a concert at Dodger Stadium in front of 45,000 fans. It marked the second-to-last concert ever for the famous band. The most expensive seat in the house was $6 and amazingly, Dodger tickets can still be purchased for that amount four decades later. In honor of the anniversary, the music at tonight’s game will be all Beatles selections.

The game notes will also have a Beatles theme and I’ll post them in a bit when I get the lineup. Tom Hoffarth of the Daily News blogs about the concert in far better detail that I have and it’s definitely worth checking out.



    That’s a nice bit of history, thanks for sharing. I would have liked to have been there (if I was alive), but they probably wouldn’t have considered it one of their best performances (though the venue is obviously top of the line. By that point in their careers, the Beatles felt their music was getting worse because they couldn’t hear themselves over the screaming fans. Still, I think being able to say you went to any Beatles concert would be more important, as you could hear the music on the albums.

    I also liked it when, on Halloween ’98 when opening for KISS at Dodger Stadium, The Smashing Pumpkins (another one of my favorite bands) came out dressed as the Beatles. I’m sad I won’t be able to be there for all the Beatles music, not to mention the re-enacting of a great Dodgers-Reds rivalry that now is just a shell of what it was : tear :, but I hope the Dodgers continue Getting Better and Come Together to beat the Reds, just like they beat Arizona Yesterday.

    …. I’ve got blisters on me fingers! (sorry, couldn’t resist)

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