Today's game

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Lugo, 2B

Drew, RF

Kent, 1B

Ethier, LF

Betemit, 3B

Martin, C

Billingsley, P


did everyone else go to the game?

that can’t be it, Phoenix is a pretty good drive away. All I know is that it’s 5:37 ET and nobody else has commented on this post.

i guess were the only ones patriotact, i hope mike marshall jr. has a good game..


Just following the game on Looks like Billingsley is doing all right and maintaining his control through four. Our hitting is really in a slump, however – everybody’s average is coming down. Wish at least Ethier and Martin could get back in stride. Hope somebody comes up with a key hit to make Billingsley’s pitching worth while today.

Way to go Ethier, Bills, Furcal and Lofton!! 3 – 1 Dodgers in the fifth!!

Wilson Betemit!! What happened in his at bat? Gameday originally said he struck out, but then after a long delay I see he hit a home run.

Bills really getting the job done today. Yay! Also, scoring runs in the latter innings – everything that was worrisome about the team going into this game so far turns out not to come to pass, resulting in being in a winning position. That’s how to do it, Dodgers.

Just got home. Things great so far. Timely hitting. Chad did well with pitch count and walks. One less pitch per inning and he will be going eight. Good job again Tim Hamulack. Perhaps he has it straightened around. JD just got his second hit. SD lost. Giants won. Cincy next three games. A good test with a team from outside the division. Go Dodgers.

They’re taking Hamulack out in the 9th one out. He did OK Saito needs to close this down NOW !!!

I agree Harold, these upcoming Cinn series is as big a series as it gets !! If for no other reason then the Wild Card standings. We need to knock them down a couple of notches just for insurance.

Drew goes 2-4, looks like he’s stepping it up a notch himself !!

Game just ended, got a little interesting but a win is a win !!! Way to go team !!!

Now lets burn some RED butt !!

Go Dodgers !!

Having troubling posting any detailed message. Getting a message that I might be posting content spam. Anyone else having that difficulty?

Nice to get the win. Now lets widen the lead with a sweep over the Reds.

No spam problems out here.

Solid game from Billingsly and the crew when we needed it most. Well done CB! Back on track- lets keep it roling….

Hamulack is still scary, but maybe less so than Gio? Tough call.

I, for one, am really looking forward to seeing Loney, Kemp (who is beating the ball in AAA), and Kuo back up on Friday for a little boost. I don’t think the other teams in the west will get that same luxury- a few extra players playing at a very high level in AAA who have some experience in the bigs. If that’s how Coletti planned it all along, kudos.

Any chance they will give Matt Kemp another chance when the September call ups start

Harold, I heard that MLB was looking into it. Sounds like the Dodger site was blacklisted and most Spam blockers are going to cause problems. If you want, send your posting to my email address and I’ll post it for you.
Go Dodgers !!!

Hey was the Maytag man behind home plate tonight?

i mean today, it obviously was not a night game. If it was, we would not have had a yellow brick road.

There were no spam problems yesterday afternoon, but I could not post additional comments. A good series against the Reds would hellp the cause.

Yes, Kemp will be back- I wouldn’t be surprised if they called him up before the playoff roster deadline Thursday. That would really only cost him a couple games in AAA and it would be nice to have around for some extra pop, pinch running, maybe a few starts if he can lay off the low and away googly. I suspect he has been working on that- his AAA K/BB #s look pretty decent actually.

Gary… dodger site blacklisted? Please explain… thanks.

Billingsley the best pitcher in the NL since the all-star break? Impressive!

Josh, Big problems posting. Several of us are being blocked

Looks to be a spam blocker that blocks anything over a max size

Sounds like the MLB Webmaster has a spam blocker program that is going bad.

Suggest you contact the Customer Service Tech for the spam blocker program.

Kris, looking more like the Spam blocker program that MLB uses is blacklisting ( Not allowing ) any post that is of a limited size or larger.

Harold, try breaking up your post into several smaller posts !!

i think his chances are pretty good.

Thanks. Will try that. No doubt much doesn’t need to be said at a time anyway. Big game tonight. C’mon Brad.

Gary… it’s not Kris. The name’s Kevin. : )

Same thing happened to me the other day when I wanted to post comments about my lineup suggestion… and I had the same solution… break it into smaller bites. lol…

Funny thing, when I started pasting in the smaller “bites” of comments, it stalled again with a comment about JD Drew. It was something to the effect, “JD Drew, RF: he might actually do better hitting lower in the lineup” kind of thing. I had to reword it slightly and then it allowed me to post it. Very wierd indeed.

And then JD proceeded to hit two home runs that night! lol… I hope he’s turning it around.

Working on getting this fixed…stay tuned.

Kevin I was posting about JD too. 1. He is our best RBI guy and I expect he gives us what he can.

2. I think Grady is doing a good job of protecting JD’s health. He will be important during the stretch run and play-offs.

Rest of my points being bloscked.

Comment spam filter is off, at least for now. Thanks for your patience,


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