Today's game

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Drew, RF

Saenz, 1B

Ethier, LF

Martin, C

Aybar, 2B

Izzy, 3B

Penny, P

As I was driving to the stadium this morning, having read everyone’s thoughts on the trade, here’s how I look at yesterday’s deal. At the end of the day, we got Elmer Dessens for Odalis Perez and we got three million dollars for Blake Johnson and Julio Pimentel. How that $3 million gets spent remains to be seen, but if the options were to release Odalis and eat the contract with nothing in return or do what we did, in my opinion, we made a pretty good trade.

And finally, after debating his "white flag theory" with Plaschke’s last night before reading this morning’s column, here’s what I don’t understand. He readily admits that he’s "not talking about trading the Russell-Martin-Andre-Ethier-Jonathan-Broxton-Matt-Kemp kind of kids." The problem is, those are the names that people are asking for when it comes to getting an impact player. If Ned, Kim, Roy and the group could get Carlos Lee or Alfonso Soriano or Dontrelle Willis or Barry Zito or pick-your-impact-player in exchange for lower-level prospects or Triple-A guys that aren’t valued as highly as these guys, something tells me we’d see those big names in Dodger blue tomorrow morning.

The key quote from Ned yesterday that most every story had with the exception of this article which suggests that we’re giving up is this one: "It really is a matter of who is available, and the difference-making players available are very, very few. Because of that, the requests coming back are for multiple (major-league) players. I’m not yet to the point of sacrificing two or three really good players for what probably would be a two-month rental."

Maybe I’m crazy, but I think most Dodger fans agree with that belief. None of us want to wait until next year. No one wants to see this team lose the way it has. We are well aware that in Los Angeles, you don’t get rebuilding years and we truly value the fact that you all spend your hard-earned money and time on tickets to come see this team play.

But it seems to me in this instance that Bill had the premise for his article and heard what he wanted to hear on Ned’s conference call. Please don’t get me wrong — I’m not looking to bash Plaschke. I actually respect him immensely, his years of covering the game and his right to voice his opinion. He’s truly one of the best writers in the country. But to leave out one of the main things Ned said because it contradicted his opinion doesn’t make sense to me. If we can get a quality starting pitcher for a bag of balls, trust me, Ned will pull the trigger.

More than anything this morning, I agree with Grady’s postgame comments from last night.

"It’s a real easy time and situation for guys to start pointing fingers. But it’s also a great time for each and every one of them to take a look in the mirror and ask if they’re doing everything they can."

That goes for all of us…

Incidentally, be sure to tune in tonight to KFWB News 980 at 7:00 p.m. to listen to the roundtable discussion that will include Frank McCourt, Ned and Grady.



    like is said yesturday, just call up the kids, and let them get experience in the bigs..this year has been a real disapointment.. bring up the kids so we can actually have some joy in watching the games… and wat is the situation with nomar? is he going on the dl?



    “… in Los Angeles, you don’t get rebuilding years …”

    I believe – especially with a fine crop of prospects – that a good number of Dodger fans would be happy (maybe even ecstatic) to give the team a rebuilding year. All the team has to do is come out and ask for it. Clearly, anyone who has stuck with the team through the rough times has patience. A rebuilding plan is much less disturbing than an inconsistent plan.


    Thanks, Josh.

    I disagree only with your assertion that Plaschke is “truly one of the best writers in the country.” It’s been my experience over the last few years that many of the best sportwriters in the US don’t work for Newspapers/magazines and instead pontificate via the Internet.

    This is a shade off-topic, but I’d like to see the BBWAA change it’s membership to reflect top writers outside of the newspapers covering individual teams. They’re missing valuble perspectives on major award-winners and HOF candidates by omitting some great baseball writers who don’t use the traditional newspaper/magazine platform.


    That’s a better lineup. Glad to see Aybar back in there, but I can help but wonder about Repko.


    With the tone of today’s post suggesting that this may be a rebuilding year…..and this may be the team we have to ride out the year with…..then why not bring up the talent? Why sentence us true blue fans to watching lackluster play from over the hill veterans and journeymen? Give us some excitement…..give us Laroche, Kemp, Loney, etc.


    Josh, I see what you’re saying but the trade still doesn’t make sense. OP’s contract should have been bought out..

    Hopefully within the next week we’ll trade/dump some vets, i.e. Lofton, Martinez, etc.. and bring up these kids from Vegas, it’s about that time….


    I think Ned is taking the right approach regarding the impact players that are available – Soriano, Lee, Zito. Its going to take Kemp, Either, Martin, Billingsly to get these guys and thats something he absolutely shouldn’t do.

    What he should do, is become a seller. I know the argument to this is that the dodgers are only 6.5 games out of first, but realisticly, we are in last place and would have to leap frog 4 teams to take the division. Our 2 best offensive players are hurt (Nomar, Kent) and when you go 1-9 against the class of the NL (Mets and Cards) which is by far the inferior division – why sell the future to MAYBE lose a first round playoff series.

    I think real Dodger fans would be ok with throwing up the white flag this year. If we made Lowe available he would command some serious talent and young prospects. Same goes for JD. We should be able to at least unload Lofton and Baez. Its a sellers market out there and we could get way more than book value for these guys. So many contenders and so few good players available, especially pitchers. If we can add to our great crop of prospects/rookies I say go for it Ned


    Josh, I have a question about what you posted. You said we essentially traded Dessens for Odalis and we got 3M for the prospects. The way the trade was worded yesterday was that we got Dessens for Odalis Perez, Johnson, Pimentel, and cash considerations, which makes it sound like we had to give them cash. Can you confirm which is true, did we give or recieve the cash, as I’m sure that makes a difference as to if many people think it was a good deal.

  9. | basically what josh did was take the money that we paid and deduct it from what we would have had to pay perez and counted that as $3 million in savings.


    charliegrimes – the trouble with trading Lowe is he’d be more expensive to replace. Where are we gonna get another starting pitcher that only goes for $9 million a year for the next 2 years that’s of his caliber? Look at the FA market: it’s basically Schmidt, Zito, Maddux, Pettite. Lowe is too valuable for the team now, and just always has bad Julys. He just got out of his July gutter, pitching a game just as good by game score as his July 3 win. The Dodgers have Elbert and Orenduff in their minor league system as legit ML starters, and they’ll each need at least another year. Kershaw will not hit the majors at 19.

    Now JD Drew is a different story. Not only does he have a 11 million a year contract through 2009, but we have Matt Kemp, James Loney, Joel Guzman, Delwyn Young capable of playing in the outfield in AAA right now. So trading him off isn’t as much of a loss, and that can also net a couple prospects.

    The Dodgers really need to focus on starting pitching prospects. Kershaw is really encouraging so far, and I think Elbert and Orenduff will deliver too, but other than the single A guys, there’s not a lot in the farm for starters. Penny and Lowe will be there through 2008 (Penny has an option for 2009), which will give the prospects time to come through. The Dodgers will go after at most 1 FA starter next year, and I’ll predict Maddux because they only want to give him a 1 or 2 year deal, based on how ready Orenduff and Elbert are. Hendrickson will be gone before 2007, I think, and I’ll also predict that Tomko is a good enough reliever that he stays in the pen as a setup guy. With full optimism in the farm (why not?), my projections of the Dodger rotation for the future:


























    “[Plaschke]’s truly one of the best writers in the country.” Thanks; I needed that. That’s way better than Hendrickson is one of the best LHP in the AL. Plaschke one of the best writers in the country? Did I miss his dateline? Did he relocate to Waziristan while nobody was looking?


    A good lineup – time to storm the fort and take the match.

    The trade I’m all right with now. Thanks for explaining your viewpoint on it, Josh, it is always great to get multiple angles on something.

    I like Little’s comment – if every player honestly looks at himself in the mirror and ask that question, there is a few that should have the steel to say “Hey, I can do more for this team than I am doing.” And then go out and do it.

    Would love to see Colletti send away a few more players that are not performing well ( I’m looking at Cruz here, and Baez ) to send the message that now is the time where you shape up or ship out … and also to dump their needlessly high salaries. What we get from them is a bit weak for what we pay.

    I worry about Repko. So, is he injured again or not rehabbed properly yet? Can’t wait to have Lofton out of center field.

    Go Blue, let’s end the streak and start winning.

    PS: Of course we are not going to win the division this year and we shouldn’t be pushing for the playoffs either, because we don’t belong there, and we’ll be humiliated in them. The Dodger fans who really follow the team closely probably all realize that, and they don’t want the future weakened for a hollow victory in the division. I am disappointed that this team didn’t do better because in my opinion we were the best on paper starting the season. But well, we didn’t, and we life with that. We will have brutal competition from the Snakes in the years to come. Time to gird the loins and get ready for some competing. We may have gotten a bit soft, lulled by the “weak division” carrot that makes it seem you can just wake up, stroll in and take the division.

    Go Blue!


    “…But we’re at a point where we need a spark. We’ll try to add that when Repko comes up tomorrow.” – Grady Little quoted on Sunday

    “He may not have been, in some person’s mind, a major move to the disabled list, but he’s been missed. We need his energy, his excitement right now.” – Ned Colletti quoted on Sunday

    By right now Ned, you mean what??? A couple of at bats?? A few days off before he really gets his feet wet?? What?? No, really. WHAT!!? I just do not get it. What do you guys mean by “right now”? Heck, that was three days ago. Jason Repko has two at bats and would have caught the ball that Nomar Garciaparra was injured on! He was already in center field. Why was he removed after two at bats for Ricky Ledee?? Is he freakin’ hurt again?? He must be, because that “spark” you’re all blindly searching the clubhouse for is sitting right on your dugout bench!! I’m not saying Repko is the magic savior for this team, but he is a gamer and it’s his “spark” that keeps coming into conversations, thus leaving me to ask the obvious: Why is he not in the everyday lineup!!?

    You know… I wish I’d have remembered to ask Steve Garvey yesterday his thoughts about todays’ players needing to have “rest days” from all the hard work they do from playing this tough game they play. Ask the iron man what he thinks about platoon players and needing a day off to rest from the minor aches and pains of playing 162 games a year, plus the spring and post-season. Ask Steve Garvey what must be going through HIS mind everytime he reads that JD Drew has to sit out because his knee got a boo-boo on it again. Or that a true gamer the likes of Jason Repko has to sit out because the computer says that he won’t get a hit tonight. Josh, please ask Steve Garvey his thoughts on how the players of today are being managed… because I’d really like to know WHY we’re wasting our time with those who are NOT getting the job done!


    Kuo in the starting rotation? I don’t think that will happen – he has shown himself to be injury prone, and he has zero control. He can improve, but I don’t think he will.

    Plasche I’ve always considered one of the worst writers I’ve ever read – a insult to the professionalism of journalists, if youd like. He’s the reason I don’t read the L.A. Times. I would have bought it only for the sports section, and with his drivel lurking there, I’d rather not open the sports section.


    I’d take JA Adande over Plaschke any day of the week.

    Patriots – You are right about Lowe, but given the market right now I think this is exactly why I think he’s got alot of value. Lowe should be able to command a couple of very good pitching prospects. I hope the Dodgers dont go after Maddux in the off season, but knowing Ned and coming from the Giants and based on the aging vets he signed this off season (Lofton, Mueller) he probably will go after ole Greg.


    Think about it; Using Ethier and Martin, we can bring up players from Las Vegas that can equal the output of all the rest of our starting position players, without a drop-off in production. And at a savings of enough salary to buy two or three starting pitchers. Part of the reason is that too many of what should be our premium players are not producing or spend half the time or more injured. At their age this is NOT going to change. As great players they are finished. The only sensible thing is to realize that and sell them off or more correctly trade them for coin of the realm (top prospects). Kent will not equal last years numbers in this year and next combined; Drew won’t equal even Kent’s numbers. Nomar is a different story. I think he will be productive this year and for several years to come, but we can replace his production with a kid making $340K a year instead of $10M. That’s enough money to buy another good pitcher. Pitching is the one thing our farm system cannot supply at this time.


    I’ve decided to change my mind, entirely. Bill Plaschke IS one of the greatest writers in this, or any, country. Philip Roth, John Updike, Bill Plaschke. Keeping that in mind, his column now seems unimpeachable. Is Colletti lost? This is L.A. We demand that Colletti turn T.J. Nall in to a HOF starting pitcher by this weekend. Or else, well, there’ll be consequences. He had the last guy’s head handed to him on a stick; do you think his glorious blood-lust is sated? Plaschke? The most powerful man on earth? Plaschke, whom the moon and sun and all the stars obey?

    Well, you know what he thinks of white flags.


    I just got a call from Plaschke’s maiden aunt — the one he brings fried chicken to every Sunday — and she appreciates your kind words about him. However, she also thinks he’s full of it.

    It really is journalistic malpractice to deliberately leave out a quote like Ned’s that undermines your story angle. And, as Bill’s maiden aunt so trenchantly observed, “that boy don’t understand human nature.” What self-respecting GM would send a top-ranked player to Los Angeles and not get Ethier, Kemp, Billingsley, Broxton or Guzman in return. He’d be, in her words, “a dead duck.”


    I agree with the group that wants the Dodgers to be sellers, but I don’t think it means throwing in the towel. Quite the contrary. If Nomar is not going to be resigned for 10M+ then he must go now for a valuable return. If Drew’s contract can be moved then sell. And I don’t mean pay somebody to take him. I mean, get a few mid level prospects and lose at least 80% of his contract. I don’t think the Dodgers could get value for Kent with his age and his contract but it sure would be nice.
    Moving these players 1) frees up lots of mula for a top tier free agent, 2) gets some kind of value in incoming players, and 3) most importantly, allows us to fill those holes with our emerging prospects without much drop in production. Of course there’s much speculation on my part in that last point. Who knows if our youngsters carry their minor league performances into the pros, but it sure would be fun to watch.

    It might sound funny, but we could look like the Tigers – with young studs everywhere and piles of money for top tier free agents.

    This can happen if Loney/LaRoche/Kemp/Guzman can void the need for Nomar/Kent/Drew. I wouldn’t even consider that rebuilding, which has a negative connotation. I would consider it reloaded.

    Knowing Colletti’s love for aging veterans, this will not happen.


    first off plaschkes an idiot. lets see what hes says in three years about a trade that sends billingsley and kemp to the nats for soriano. the dodgers would be kicking themselves when they are both starting in the playoffs for the nats. you have to take the future into consideration. the lakers traded shaq to build another championship team. it will be 5 years but it will come. ill wait 5 years to win it all, rather than 5 years of 1st and 2nd round exits from the playoffs. we dont want to just win, we want championships (multiple). That is what LA expects – UCLA basketball, USC football, Lakers and the Dodgers. The dodgers at one time had won a championship in every decade they were in LA. as Al Davis would say “JUST WIN BABY”


    Just read Plaschke’s article. He is an idiot. His comparison of LA rebuilding being eual to KC or Pittsburgh is ludacris. And he said since we’re LA we dont rebuild. Um, we’ve won a grand total of 1 playoff game in the last 18 years, maybe we sould give this whole rebuilding thing a shot. And its not like we’re THAT far from being a World Series team, we’re just a little young and one pitcher and one power hitter (supposed to have been JD) short.

    I sure as helck hope Ned doesn’t get rid of Nomar. He made a big statement by giving Furcal $13 mil a year, I hope he offers the same to Nomar – because apparently money is not an issue with this regime. We need to build around Nomar, Either, and Martin.


    AWESOME!!! we’re getting smoked again. padres just roped 6 straight hits. gotta love it when our ace is getting shellacked and the opposing pitchers are getting run scoring knocks. when it rains it pours. i want ZITO!!!


    Yup, again, we’re down the drain.

    Penny and Lowe should just relax and pitch inside themselves instead of trying to carry this sorry outfit on their backs. It is trying too hard that does that to you.


    Can we, PLEASE, either put Drew on the DL or trade him NOW! It’s getting so that I absolutely hate this guy. I’m sure that he’s a nice enough person, and obviously Grady feels that he’s got to accommodate him, but FOR WHAT? He can’t even swing worth a ****. What’s he still doing in our lineup? I think we clearly have a manager problem for not being able to sort this out.


    Hey, Peavy hit a home run!

    Well, actually, I want to say – “Hey, Little is wearing his Dodgers jersey!!!” 😀 😀 I just noticed him in the dugout. Mr. Little, I’m very happy to see you wearing that jersey. It makes this team getting beat again a little more tolerable.


    jake frakin peavy just went yard! ***!!.. this is just pathetic… every day we keep hitting a new low.. like i said, bring up the kids, and lets us have some joy in watching them get their feet wet..



    Well folks here we are again down by a handful of runs and we haven’t even made a call to our bullpen. The quality of our bullpen at the beginning of this season was frustrating to say the least, Lance Carter….need I say more? Now our starting pitchers are getting knocked around. Obviously the club is in need of a good round table discussion.
    I’ll start by saying the off-season acqusitions (I can’t spell) were exciting. Mueller, Nomar, Furcal, Lofton, to name a few. All solid players, veterans, but solid. Mueller’s knee appears to be medical mystery and he’s done for life. Nomar has been the best surprise, led the NL in BA and has been a great first baseman, but he’s too short to play there and has trouble catching our star SS’s throws. Furcal apparently bumped his head in the off season and can’t throw straight anymore (career high in errors before the break). Lofton has also faired well in some areas but his lack of defensive capability lately has everyone puzzled.

    As for the rest of the gang….Kent needs to stay here. We’re not gonna get any money for the old guy but in the few games we get from him we can expect quality feilding and 10 HRs a season at best. Drew needs to go. Izzy needs to go. Baez needs to go. Beimel needs to go. Cruz needs to go. Our rookies all need to stay. Especially Ethier and Martin. Broxton and Billingsly have gotten their t***ies roped and are on my **** list. Kemp couldn’t adjust to pitchers and was striking out every other AB so he ain’t comin up til next year. Same with Guzman and anybody else in Vegas.

    Sell, Sell, Sell, for some kids and cash. We’ve got the second highest salary in the MLB and we hadn’t won a playoff game in 18 years before Lima pitched his shut out. LIMA TIME!!!!


    The supposed “Ace of the Staff” on the mound in the midst of a losing streak CAN’T be giving up doubles and homers to the opposing pitcher!. This season went from promising to ugly in just 2 weeks, and performances like this give no hope that it will turn back around. No point in giving up any of the prospects now.


    calling plashke a great writer is worse than calling bush a great president. Or maybe equal, I don’t know. Whichever it is, it is undeniable that they’re both terrible at their present jobs. Trade Nomar for a couple good prospects. Call up Kent, Loney, etc.

    And please don’t leave the light hitting ss at 3b.


    I hope that bleeping idiot GM reads these comments. But really, what could we expect from someone coming from the Giants?


    Mr. McCourt, Let’s clean this house – Little, Colletti and all the staff they brought with them. Get somebody who’s Dodger Blue in charge of things, like Hershiser.


    New rally cry:

    Believe in the boost from the off-day!

    Yeah, it’s ugly out there.


    This is frustrating. Peavy with 4 RBI. The season seems to be a washout now. The important thing is how management responds to it. I think everyone, perhaps except Bill P., feels we should guard the kids. I still think that GM Colletti’s moves on short notice before the season were good ones to give the kids time to mature at AAA. Who knew everyone would get hurt. Also Perez, Drew, etc. were part of DePodesta’s time. Who knew that the pitching staff would self destruct? We have to take our time and build on a foundation of homegrown players, real Dodgers. Don’t have to superstars. Just have to be good, hardworking players like Ethier and Martin, given the time to mature at the major league level. David Wright needed time. So do our kids. Please wait on them GM Colletti and add some younger pieces in the off season that fit with them.


    Who knew everyone would get hurt? I’m thinking the Dodgers’ medical staff needs investigating. I realize McCourt did try to do some work on this, ordering a nutrition consulting company from Phoenix to help out, but we need more. The guys get hurt too often. Conditioning and medical care doesn’t seem good enough.

    Actually, I want to come in here and praise the Dodger defense. Five double plays! I can see the guys trying out there. The fielders are sharp and focussed. When things click, it will be pretty. Just seem they are not about to click. Still, I appreciate the hard work the players seem to be putting in here. Hard luck guys, and keep the heads up until the turnaround.


    I can’t believe Friday’s game is sold out. Who would want to watch this pathetic team. Drew and others have to go. I’m in agreement bring up the kids and lets see if they’re any good.


    I have a suggestion, this team is in need of a good old fashion fisticuffs.


    We have to acknowledge- the way were playing right now goes far beyond the talent level of out team VS the teams were playing and a few bad hops etc…. something is seriously broken in the Dodger dugout and we need to start asking what it is and why. Is the coaching staff/ the way we prepare for games? Is it the work ethic? Is it confidence? I have always been very suspicious of how laid back Little is. You cant go the whole year “resting”, “waiting”, and “hoping” things will get better….. the killer instinct needs to be there every day to win at this level. Pretty obvious its not there with this team.


    drj884 – you hit my main worry on the head. Little is content to go through the year waiting and hoping and needing just a little more … and of course, the team loses. Probably works well for the manic Boston, but back here in L.A where we are calm already, that may be too much calm.


    Hello, from the “armpit of the majors”, as Rome put it today.
    I have a question about the ‘getting $3m for Blake Johnson and Julio Pimentel’ comment. The way it is being spun here in KC is that each team basically agreed to pay the salary for their guy next year. So, LA sent $8m to KC, whereas Dessens was getting paid in the $1.7m range. That was the money that changed hands.

    How does that equate to plus $3m for the Dodgers?


    Why do yiou think Little isn’t in Boston anymore? If you can’t win with Ramirez, Ortiz , Lowe and Pedro, He can’t win with this dog of a team.


    fliegel – Little won because the media circus around leaving Pedro in too long. Boston beat NY the next year because the Yankees had Kevin Brown in their rotation and Boston had Dave Roberts to steal that base. All Boston needed to win in ’04 was a little help from the Dodgers.

    Now if only the Dodgers could get some help from the Dodgers . . .


    Well the streak continues !! Eight loses in a row. In reading all of the posts in this chain it tells a big story. The fans want the kids and they don’t want Ned to trade away the farm for the short term. Fact is who would take a Drew and inherit $10 million in payroll ?? Especially when he’s been showing signs of breaking down again and losing power in his bat ?? Who would take Lofton at his age ?? Who would want a Kent, again damaged goods ?? I agree lets be sellers, lets unload the dollars, but not at the expense of our kids !! Our future is near and it’s in those kids. I say bring as many of them as you can to the show and let them get the experience. It’s worked in the past with guys like Garvey, Lopes, Russell, Fernando etc… Let them play !! And who knows, they could just click together and win, THIS YEAR !!! Stranger things have happened !!

    As far as the jerk at the Times is concerned, I’d put him in the same boat as Steiner and send it out to sea !! The two of them deserve each other, they’re both full of themselves !!!

    Go Kids !!

    Go Dodgers !!


    A day off from watching this bad team will be a good thing, hopefully the team that was hitting in the first half will show up.


    Josh, good response to Plaschke……..but lets be honest, the guy really is an idiot and he’s probably not worth your time (although I know how concerned the McCourts are with public relations). In fact Simers, Adande and Plaschke are all terrible. The internet is where its at if you want intelligent sports writing…..or just intelligent writing IN GENERAL.

    I would definitely sell right now if I’m the Dodgers, they’re now 7.5 back behind 4 teams and even if they win the division, they’re not likely to do much damage against the Mets or Cards.

    These are the players I would be open to trading for good prospects/young players:









    Cruz Jr.












    I’d keep the following players:














    – Some might be suprised to see Lowe on the list, but I think decent starting pitchers are just too valuable nowadays…….especially for a team that is so baren in the starting pitching department like the Dodgers. Also, I’d keep Furcal…..he’s young and SS is the one position where the Dodgers don’t have a good prospect coming up in the next 2-3 years. He’s only signed for two more seasons so I think it would be worth it to hold on to him.


    rscrivner – the 3 million comes from KC having to pay Perez’s salary NEXT year, and the Dodgers obviously not needing to, I believe.

    garysmith – oh yes, Steiner! Yeah, those two will be major thorns out my flesh.

    Eight in a row. I used to pity the fans of teams who went on these long streaks from afar, but I’ll pity them a LOT closer after this.

    Challenge to the team – both Rockies and Diamondbacks, and even the Padres, have had long losing streaks this year. Can this team overcome those like the other three teams did? Or are you just collecting money?

    Yes, won’t be able to unload Drew. What a disappointment he is. Boo-hiss, Drew.

    I’d also say call up some more kids. Can’t call up Kemp, since he can’t hit offspeed stuff yet. He can go learn that away from the spotlight. But maybe some of the others. That will be more value for the Dodgers than playing hopeless veterans.


    Hey Ned. Hopefully you watch Mad Money with Jim Creamer…because right now you need to “SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL”


    I can’t watch this anymore…it hurts my eyes to see the Dodgers lose this badly. 4 RBI’s for Peavey…ridiculous. Let’s not throw in the towel just yet guys.


    in the immortal words of monty python…”always look on the bright side of life.”

    at least furcal has gotten his average back up to a respectable .275. Three hits and a walk. too bad that’s about all we had going for us this game.


    Well, Kids, another loss. It’s to early to throw in the towel, but all this is hardly encouraging. At this point, I would have to agree with Colletti and hang on to the kids. Then try to figure out a way to keep Izzy, Nomar, Kent, and the Tomato. Considering what some of those others are making, you’d probably have to give them away, too. Maybe KC could use a few more ex-Dodgers.
    I do not get KFWB out here in Utah, so I would like to hear anybody’s take on that discussion tonight.


    I have had enough of this wait until next year mentality. All the Dodger apologists who are true Dodger fans should be embarrassed. If we are truly going to be forced for the next two months to hear the “wait ’till next year” (since when did the Dodgers become the Chicago Cubs?) speech then let’s make a few roster changes that will make the rest of this season easier to swallow. Here are a few things that might help:

    1. Trade J.D Drew. His 2004 stats for the Braves were put up in a contract year and obviously he fooled the Depodesta regime into believing that he cared more about performing than collecting his paycheck. Ship him to a contender for a player to be named, that way they can pick up the remainder of his contract. After he’s been traded make Repko the everyday RF, with his arm runners won’t be as as willing to take an extra base.

    2. Trade Izzy somewhere that he can go back to playing SS. He’s not a third baseman. Its not fair to him, the team or the fans to have him in the lineup everyday at 3B.

    3. Trade Kenny Lofton to a pennant contender before someone on the pitching staff hurts him. His defense has become a major liability. Once he’s gone recall Kemp from AAA and play him in situations that will help build his confidence.

    4. Re-sign Nomar! The guy looks like he loves being a Dodger.

    The main thing in my opinion is that Management needs to stop making the fans feel like they’re going to do what it takes to compete this season. I know that the Dodgers have had alot of injuries but many teams deal with injuries and still are competetive. In my opinion if management was serious they woud do more than deal for Hendrickson, Hall and Dessens. Those are not the type of moves you make to win a division.

    Dodger fans, it’s time for a revolt. One playoff win in 18 years and none looming in the near future in simply unacceptable.

    It’s time to let the organization know that mediocrity should not be a Dodger trademark.


    interesting to note that they did not activate tomko because of health issues of other players on the team but will activate him on friday which makes me think that since Garciaparra should be okay by then that they are going to send down Aybar again, unfortunately. Thoughts?


    Hello fellow Blue Fan(atic)s, This is the first time I’ve gotten onto this blog, though I’ve been thoroughly entertained day in and day out this season by reading all the comments. I’ve especially liked reading Patriotacts’ comments as they always seem well thought out. Euhlman is another one. But what I really like is the passion that comes through in all the bloggers comments. Even that clown who was so adamant about losing Weaver at the start of the season. I’ve been a Dodger fan sinceI can remember. My earliest memories are of watching or listening to the games with my Dad and brothers whenever there was a game on. That was when games were televised on either channel 11 or 5, can’t remember, it was so long ago. Then in ’77 I moved to NoCal, what a mistake, but that’s another story. All you get here in the Sacramento paper is a paragraph about the highlight of the game and the line score. Thank the gods for the computer.

    My question is this, How in the world did we go from a 1/2 game out to 6 1/2 out. It’s essentially the same team we went into the break with. Same starters, same ‘pen pretty much the same position players and bench. Playing the same teams. Seems to me these guys need to step it up a notch, make some adjustments and get it done. I’d say its all on this team. Colletti isn’t going to make any blockbuster trades, for whatever reason. Little is going to be Little. We’ve seen what he is. No inspiration. So maybe these guys do need to have a gut check. Because as of now they sure aren’t fun to watch! Well maybe the Rooks are but that’s it. Yep we’re stuck with this team,bad pitching, weak hitting vets,injury prone outfielders and all. But hey, they’re our weak hitting, bad pitching injury-prone outfielder team, right? Maybe the’ll put it together some time soon. Either way its fun to discuss it, isn’t it.


    “…if management was serious they woud do more than deal for Hendrickson, Hall and Dessens. Those are not the type of moves you make to win a division.”

    “cdlv” hit the nail right on the head! What in the name of baseball is Colletti thinking? We have gone from first to worst since Colletti started his version of improvement. I suppose the timing could be pure coincidence.

    On the bright side, the fella Colletti got for Alomar threw 2 innings yesterday for Jacksonville. Check this out. 2.0 IP, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 H, 6 K, 0 BB. Impressive start.


    Out here in the midwest…I havve not heart about J Werth…What is the status with him?


    *t the end of the day, we got Elmer Dessens for Odalis Perez and we got three million dollars for Blake Johnson and Julio Pimentel. How that $3 million gets spent remains to be seen*


    hey Josh, can you relay this to management:

    spend a portion of the 3 million to sign Alex White and Nick Akins. Both are worth it and will be first rounders in 3 years.


    Welcome aboard s.infantino. The blog is great. Thanks to Josh mainly. Not sure how he finds time to contribute every day. I too love the passion for the Dodgers coming through. Living on the east coast of Canada and a Dodger fan since the early 50’s I really enjoy the many comments from so many posts. Learn a lot, laugh a lot and share our ideas. I find it is easy to be an armchair GM after the fact and with nothing on the line. Ned doesn’t have that luxury. Looking for things to improve but hoping that Ray’s kids are protected. One reason for the funk is the injuries and apparent need to rest players and therefore the lineup is a changing daily. Not sure how all the pitchers got into the funk at the same time – Lowe, Penny, Hendrickson, Sele, Billingsly. One would think one of them would be able to win a low scoring game. But, you are right, what you see is what we have with Dodgers across their chests. I really think we need a core of homegrown players who come through the system aspiring to be Dodgers, like Delwyn Young at Las Vegas.


    I must agree with my fellow poster about Alex White and Nick Akins, I’d really like to see some of the savings go towards them. Both are extremely talented and would more than make up for the prospects that we have recently lost.


    Cosmow I expect you are correct about Aybar unless another trade is in the works. He seems to be the swing man going up and down. I think he is not high on the depth chart and management considers him expendable. There are too many youngsters for all of them to become Dodgers. I also think Delwyn Young and now James Loney moved to the outfield might also be expendable. I hope not. I have a feeling Aybar is being show cased.


    I think we should use some of the money save from the ODP deal on Alex White and Nick Akins because Nate Purcell said so!! In fact, we should raise the budget in general for signing draft picks because it will save the money on the major league club in the long term. I much rather take million dollar risks on young players that have the potential to develop into something special, instead of wasting millions signing old has beens on the major league club that will never get better.


    And while you’re busy rebuilding the organization (which means hanging up on Andrew Friedman every hour on the hour, rather than carrying out the next half-cocked scheme to win the National League West with a roster full of Devil Rays), why don’t you take a little money out of the till and sign that Purcell kid before someone else gets him?


    The Dodgers have signed six pitchers from the draft – Kershaw, Morris, Smit, Garrett White, Coleman and Jones. Would really like to see them sign Alex White but think he will return to school. Akins is a shortstop according to the draft page so Mattingly must be considered higher on their charts. Fuller #10 pick also a shortstop. What do you know about Akins?


    *What do you know about Akins?*

    Great bat, has some of the best bat speed and raw power from this draft. Like, rickie weeks batspeed.


    Thanks. Hope they sign him, Alex White and at least a few other draft picks. Lowest pick to sign so far is Esteban Lopez at 25.


    I undgerstnad “Sal” (at heart) but you also have to see the big picture (this is coming from a “stupid” dodger fan plaschke)


    s.infantino – Welcome to the jungle. We take it day by day. And thanks for your remarks.

    Um, honestly the team’s just having a bad stretch, and Murphy’s law has gone into effect. Basically everyone hit a slump at once: Nomar, Drew, Kent, Lowe, Penny, and Izzy lately (when’s the last time he made 2 errors in 2 days?!). But this team is going to win again.

    Lowe is on the upswing (he always has bad Julys and I don’t know why), and Kent will be back and healed soon, as will Nomar. My guess is Izzy is still adjusting to playing while going home to a new baby (I understand they don’t have the easiest sleeping habits), and will get a boost in his first series on the road. Penny just seemed to have an off-day, saying his breaking ball was, well, broken.

    The bright spot on the field from the last two weeks was Billingsley pitching solidly for his first win. If you look at his trends, he’s been up and down, but gradually improving. Avoiding ball 4 and finding strike three will help him too, but that’s just part of improving at the major league level. He’s got a high heat fastball and a great curve, though, so believe in this guy. Ethier and Martin have been doing well too.

    Good point also, these are still the Dodgers, and as fans, they’re our team. That’s why you see the emotion, because we know that everyone is capable of more than what they’ve done the last two weeks. Even Andre Ethier; sure he went 4-5 a couple days ago, but he went 5-5 in a game in May. But seriously, hang in there. It gets better.

    And keep visiting the blog – it’s a great resource.


    I would much rather trade Nomar than JD Drew. JD is fragile, but he has a good bat (his lack of power this year smacks of a Shawn Green type of injury) and ultimately we owe him too much money to get rid of him. He is on the roster for at least a couple more years and the only way to get rid of him would be to pay his contract while he plays for someone else. Nomar on the other hand, is having a great year, but he is a Free Agent at the end of the year and his trade value is at an all time high. Is he really worth a ten million dollar contract going foreward? He is just as injury prone as Drew and probably easier to replace with Loney, Kent, Saenz et al. Why trade Drew for nothing (and probably actually have to pay) instead of trading Nomar for some real talent? While we’re at it, Izzy and Baez have to go.


    okay, here’s the thing. i am 50, and have been a dodgers fan since 1963. through the good, the bad and the ugly, (not to mention the rickey henderson trade).

    i also live in philly and so watch the dodgers on direct tv or catch them on gameday on the computer.

    this team is flat out painful to watch. i know they are going through a tough time. all teams do, but this is two consecutive years where the entire team flopped and fell out of the race after the all star break.

    being 7.5 games out with four teams to overtake is not promising. sell. sell. sell.

    dump or trade cruz and lofton.

    someone will need exp outfield help, probably on a waiver wire deal.

    something must be really wrong with drew as this was a “option year” of sorts for him and he has laid a huge egg. not sure who or why someone would want him, but please someone take him!

    never liked the contract extension for kent. it wasn’t wise or necessary. now we are stuck with an aging and slipping slugger for at least one more year.

    nomar. that’s a tough one. i would bring it back and have him play 3b next year and move kent to first and put aybar at 2b.

    furcal…yikes. what the heck happened with him. trade him straight up for tejeda.

    bring up the kids. today! look how the rockies have improved with their kids as well as the other division teams (except for the giants)…

    besides, the marlins are the most fun team to watch..and i watch them (at least for a bit) whenever i can. they are young. they hustle and they are having fun.

    when was the last time a dodger team has done that…

    and lastly, what’s up with repko? i understand the yankees are looking to get him and so maybe the dodgers are sitting him to protect him from injury, but this guy sits for 60 games and now has two games off already?

    oh thank heaven for 2007.


    To all – who are the power bats and ace pitchers that are best suited on your beloved Dodgers? Next, assuming stiff trading competition, who would you give up to get them?


    did a little research, have you guys thought about this. Ever since Izzy has been back the Dodgers are 10-21.


    that’s a good point about izturis. i love his glove but offensively he doesn’t help much. he had one decent year in ’04. other than that he doesn’t have a high average nor a high on base percentage. i wish we had enough fire power in our other spots to be able to keep his glove in the field…but we don’t.


    “did a little research, have you guys thought about this. Ever since Izzy has been back the Dodgers are 10-21.”

    Well you were accurate when you said “a little.”

    Or for that matter they’re 1-12 since Kemp was sent to AAA, and Kemp’s mom drove over to St Louis only to find out that he’s back in AAA.

    How about the Dodgers going 2-14 since Eric Gagne’s back surgery, which would end his season (and likely his Dodgers career)? Wouldn’t that lower morale a bit?

    So while numbers don’t lie, it is also true that correlation does not prove causality. What could cause the Dodgers situation of scoring few runs and allowing so many?

    You could also say that the fact that Nomar has hit 6-44 after the break, Drew 9-42, Izturis 6-37, and Kent 3-18 before hitting the DL, which adds up to a team batting slump unless Ethier’s gonna hit .440/.525/.859 or Martin unleashes a Piazza ’97 type power season. You can look at the fact that Derek Lowe historically has bad Julys, and is just getting out of one now. You could look at how Brad Penny hasn’t looked like himself since the all-star game.

    What’s hurting the team is Kent and Drew playing below their potential. If Drew is playing with a nagging injury, which I think he has, he should hit the DL to let it heal, because he’s not getting it done right now. I think trying Kemp or Loney while he’s out would be just the ticket.


    My point being, that we are going nowhere with a light hitting 3rd. baseman. Regardless of what Drew and Kent do the remainder of the season. In my opinion, I think when we sat Aybar down the first time was a mistake, yes he wasn’t hitting homeruns but he was producing, and was playing okay defense.


    I Agree, get rid of the big Contracts, i would keep Cesar Isturiz before i would keep forcal, Trade Kent,Drew, Lofton,pick up some more young prospects, keep Nomar for few more yrs when Looney is ready, but look at whae we can have in the Line up.
    C- Martin

    1st- Nomar



    3rd- LaRoche

    LF- Eithier



    in my Mind that is a strong and competative team and would also be fun to watch, just like my old High school caoch told out team when i was a senior, if im going to have a losing season im not going to lose with Seniors, will the dodger Management figure that out.

    The old guys are done, trade them for more young studs to keep building that farm system.


    autorebuilder – I know what you’re saying, but it’s not the position on the field but the position in the lineup. If Izturis was playing 2nd and Kent was playing third it would look ok.

    But the fact is, no team will be successful if the #3, 4, and 5 hitters can’t get the job done. That’s where your best bats go, and without them you’re in trouble. That’s why this team is particularly worrisome; those top bats are all injury prone.

    hoopmn – High school football coaches aren’t given enough credit for their wisdom.

    I think Drew would be a good trade item, but I think you’ll have an easier time shopping Nomar than Kent because of the contract extention, and I don’t know if you’d be able to shop Furcal. I do think that two out of those three should go, given that the team is not about them, but about the future in the farm system. I’d also give LaRoche more time in AAA, especially after having an injury to his shoulder, before hitting the majors. I would also be curious to see your batting order out of the lineup; I’d go









    Though I think Grady might switch in Izturis or Aybar at #2 to avoid having 4 straight right handers.


    i hope the dodger organization looks at all of these posts.. there are more than 80!.. we care about our team, we want our team to wnin!..and from the looks of it, we want the kids in there.. call them up and let us enjoy watching them…i commend all dodger fans for posting ur thoughts, and opinions…



    We’re having a tough time lately but I bet most of us don’t like an off day. Patriotacts, I believe you are right. It is missing Drew, Kent and Nomar as productive hitters in the middle of the lineup. When the kids first came up they were protected by the veterans in the lineup. Now they must assume a greater role and I am amazed at how they are doing. However their replacements don’t replace a healthy Drew, Kent and Nomar.

    As much as I want a whole lineup in the future of real Dodgers I think great care must be taken to allow them to develop and gain confidence at AAA. eg. LaRoche, Kemp, Loney, etc. There is a real difference in pitching at the next level. Pitchers Lundberg, Hanrahan and Alexander were dominant at Jacksonville but struggle at Las Vegas. Lundberg has gone back to AA and is dominant again. Pedroza hit the lights out at Columbus but is really having difficulty at Vero Beach. Denker had to go down to Columbus from Vero Beach.

    I believe Kent and Furcal are with us next year. Kent isn’t tradeable unless he is performing really well at the end of July which he can’t. Drew isn’t really attractive either because of his power outage. Ned really doesn’t have much to offer via tade unless he goes to prospects which we all don’t want. Izzy is a good posibility for trade but Cruz and Lofton no doubt have little appeal.

    Patriotacts I noticed Kuo started at Las Vegas last night. Threw four innings and did quite well. Fits in with your 4 year plan. What is your take on Greg Miller? Still listed in top Dodger pitching prospects but has only 22 innings at Las Vegas. He is also only 22 so maybe they are being extra careful with him and will return to starting next year.

    I am a big supporter of Delwyn Young. Think he had Dodger credentials. Steve Yeager says his bat is too fast and is trying to slow it down a bit. A true switch hitter. Would like to see him get a shot since Loney, Guzman and Kemp have all had one.


    Kuo would make a good starter, thats not the issue. Problem is whenever he has started before, he’s blown out his elbow. Stay tuned..
    Would like to see Carlos Lee in LA, I know he might cost us something but last I heard Brewers were pondering 2 AA players from the Yanks. Our line up stinks, throw a solid bat in there and perhaps everyone relaxs a bit. Cesar is struggling in my opinion because he’s better suited to be at the top of the order, also I’m sure he isn’t happy about playing 3rd despite the great attitude he’s had approaching it. repko should be in every night, I don’t care if he’s playing 1st, he need’s to be in there. Ledee looks like he’s getting his stroke back as well, he’s shown he can hit a little.

    If we made no changes to last year’s team including coaching staff, I’m pretty confident we’d have a better record. It’s difficult to analyze this year’s squad as a Dodger fan, but if u step back and take a look, it’s not pretty.

    I get the feeling Ned is about to make a big move, I just hope it isn’t in the mold of that AJ for Liriano and Nathan trade. It seems we r running a little low on majors ready pitchers as it is.


    Miller also had 22.2 innings in Jacksonville. I’m sure they’re making sure they don’t go too heavy with him, though, since he had shoulder surgery in 04, but time will tell. His task at hand will be getting his walk rate down to a level that doesn’t look like every batter he’s faced was Bobby Abreu, but his K rate is good. I’m not sure when the organization would call him up, but I think he’s got a bit more work this year in AAA. I don’t know too much else about him, though.

    Delwyn Young looks like a quality guy, but I don’t know a whole lot about him. While I like Matt Kemp, he’s gotta work on how to read breaking balls, and Young might be a good option to call up, although Loney’s been doing really well in AAA (although he’s not a home run hitter).


    well, i do know something about miller.. and hes said that the organization will likely keep him as a reliever from now on.. they tweeked his delivery, which they think caused his shoulder troubles, so now hes more sidearm, but still not submarine style.. he is back to throwing 97mph, and hes got a nasty slider, and cutter, to go along with a decent curve..i did hear that if his shoulder rebounds, and builds enough strength.. they might consider moving him back into the rotation, ala kuo… well, w/e happens, its still nice having a power arm.


    Looked at the box score from today’s Padres/Rockies match. I just can’t see this Dodger team doing what the Rockies did – fighting back from a 6-0 deficit, then scoring 2 in the bottom of the ninth and 1 more bottom of the tenth to take the game. We haven’t won any extra innings games this year, and we seem incapable of fighting back from trailing. Many of the early season wins was by getting a lead and keeping it.

    Nonetheless, go Dodgers, though it seems every other team in the NL West has more fight in them than you right now!

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