Today's lineup

A little lineup shakeup following the morning trade:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Ethier, LF

Saenz, 1B (I’ll know more about Nomar’s knee when I get downstairs)

Ledee, RF

Hall, C

Izzy, 3B

Martinez, 2B

Hendrickson, P

We’ll see if this one helps get us back on track…



    this could possibly be the worst line up of the year… wheres the pop?



    yeah out of that lineup heres the standing good-ethier,lofton okay-ledee,furcal,izzy,martinez should stay on the bench-hall,and saenz(he should only be used to pinch hit)


    I agree this could possibly be the worst lineup ever. I thought this was the Dodgers not the Devil Rays. Even their lineup is better! That being said, I doubt it could be any worse than it’s been.


    What a joke. Looks like I won’t waste the gas to get down to the stadium tonight. If anyone wants my two season tix tonight, let me know. And Josh, please stop calling these lineup changes “a shakeup.” It’s shook to the point of fracture.


    where do I pick up the tickets, cause tonight we start are 15 game winning streak.


    the d-rays have a way better lineup that this, the royals might scare more than this lineup… i bet chan ho park is having heat flashes from the thought of going up against this murder’s row



    read this. listen guys arent we supposed to be dodger fans here listen to us were dogen our own team, were not doin anything to help were downing our own team. if your gonna dog your own team than dont post!IM sure were not helpen by sayin ****. theyll get it goin sometime. someone is going to step up whether its a rookie or veteran.


    My boss just claimed tonight’s tix, but you can use my tix to tomorrow night’s game. Call me at (818)754-2805 if you want them.


    When the lineup’s a dog, I’m gonna call it a dog. We’re all not gonna sit here and pretend we’re in la-la land where everything’s rainbows and teddy bears. Josh actually reads these posts, so if you’re dissatisfied with the product on the field, speak up. Someone from the organization is actually listening. You’re a Dodger fan, I’m a Dodger fan and we’re both pretty frustrated.


    exactly, we cant sit here and act like were loving wat the dodgers are doing, i love this team, and i’m gonna say something when our team dissapoints us like this…



    No worries. I want them to win just as bad as you. God willing, they’ll post a W tonight and we can stop pulling our hair out.


    WOW! Brutal lineup! But, looking at things positively…at least Jose Cruz Jr. is not in the lineup! BUT WOW THIS IS AWFUL! Just because we’re in last place doesn’t mean we have to field a last place lineup. Good god people!


    Chan Ho’s on the bump for the Pads. We should be able to send out our AA team and win this one – he has an ERA of almost 8 in his last 2 starts. I have a feeling we get it done tonight. We might need a CG shutout from Hendrickson, but i’ll take a W any way we can get it.

    We have so many games left against the pads, 10 I believe including this one, thaat 5.5 back really isn’t much. There’s enough time left where we can take care of ourselves by beating up on everyone in the division. We just need to break out of this slump we’re in. Hopefully it starts tonight and continues with Penny in the day game tomorrow.

    4.5 out after tonight…


    9 games left vs. the Fathers…lets go 7-2. All we can do is focus on here on out…


    This is the Los Angeles Dodgers we’re talking about. We can do better. I’m ashamed to root for this lineup. I don’t know if I can.


    lets hope that ethier has some more homers up his sleeve since he doesnt have his fellow rookie martin to help.


    if nomar has to go on the d.l., things are only gonna get worse… now i now my kids will come up and do good, but we cant afford to have our big bat go down, so josh can u let us know wats his situation…



    I just think it’s a joke to pretend to be positive about this team when we have been losing, our GM has made some terrible trades this season starting with Duaner for Seo, onto Baez, Carter and then Dioner for junk. This isn’t the best or worst move when DFA’ing Odie was a better move in the longterm. This team isn’t the O’Malley’s team where being a Dodger meant something in my opinion. This team includes guys from various organizations that have no clue on what it is to be a Dodger or a Dodger fan. We get angry when we feel OUR team is being mismanaged and we feel happy when our thoughts are listened to. On this board we bleed Dodger Blue. This isn’t “just a job” like it is to some in the Dodger front office. We know what it is to be a Dodger and hopefully whoever reads this will either know or try to remember what it is to truly love a team. I didn’t grow up a Red Sox fan, a Cubs fan, or any other fan. I was born and bred to love this team and will until the day I die. I’m a fan, nothing more nothing less.


    Anybody claiming this is the worst line-up ever was obviously in a coma during last year’s season (and who could blame you) – remember the grabowski, phillips, etc kind of line-ups? This one isn’t that bad, and has the regular line up been getting it done for the Dodgers lately anyway?

    I do wonder why Repko is not in the starting line-up tonight, though. I hope he’s not hurting already.


    exactly. pitching and defense, dodger baseball. it used to mean something to be a dodger. my blood literally is blue (in the summer – its purple during the winter). i get weird looks from people when i cut myself. my parents dyed my blood blue as a child.


    If Nomar is injured now, Martinez is in my dogbox forever. I blame him stuffing up that pop fly for the loss, and also for forcing Nomar to cover second so awkwardly. If Martinez wasn’t storming out there, he would have been covering second.

    Wow, this really is the second-string team. We are going to do what L.A does best, which is to give bad pitchers and bad teams pick-me-ups ( being swept by KC last year, anyone? Jeff Weaver with the Cards? And etc etc etc ). Park will pitch a shutout tonight and get himself back on track. And we will be on our way to getting SWEPT. Let’s hope we can at least break even in the final 2 of the series. Though I really wonder where the next W will come from. Hendrickson is a bad pitcher, and an awful batter, locking his knees and weakly swinging like a robot. Doesn’t look as if he even wants to try to hit the ball 😀

    No Drew either, so I can’t watch him not plant that left leg for my entertainment and horror. Oy vey.

    Come on Dodgers, surprise everybody here in L.A-L.A land and pull out a W 😛


    I’m glad to see that we’re giving Ledee a try instead of Cruz. He was a pretty decent outfielder, and I’d like to see him back in the groove with his bat – better choice than Cruz, although I’d like to see us bring Kemp back up, especially if Drew needs to go on DL. I think that Drew has not been swinging the bat with any authority for some time – like no wrist action; believe he has been trying to play through while being hurt and really not contributing to the team. If that is the case, we should put him on DL. Besides Nomar’s hurt knee, he’s certainly been in a slump and could use a couple of days off if that is what it takes. I also think that is has been a couple of years since he has played a whole season productively, and you have to wonder whether he’s tailing off after the productive May and June that he’s had. In any case, when he and Drew were in the lineup back to back over the past couple of weeks, there was a real bad hole in the lineup that was hard to make up for. I wish them both well and appreciate all that they’ve done in the first half of the season, but right now I’m not sorry to see both of them out of the lineup.


    Sell, Sell, Sell !!!! Because we Stink, Stink, Stink !!!! For our next move, why dont we trade JD Drew for a bunch of those mist fans that we can place all over the stadium to keep the fans from passing out while watching the disgusting display on the field… or Drew for maybe another Panda Express, say on the loge level, because the pavillion is too far of a walk and we may miss a Dodger homerun… strike that homerun thing… what was I thinking… Hey glad to see someone let Ledee borrow a glove. Hey another thing, glad Grady’s staying consistent, good to see we still have 4 easy outs at the bottom of the lineup.


    Boy, it sure is good to see Jason Repko in the lineup for two consecutive days! We really do need his spark in that lineup! Oh wait… let’s see… you mean he’s NOT in the lineup??? But Grady… two days ago you were touting how great it was to have him back, and then you sit the man after two at bats and don’t even start him the next night… for Lofton in CF again??? We need guys who know how to play their position and give some life to the lineup. If Lofton needs to play, then put Repko in RF… for heaven’s sake, put Repko somewhere!!!



    my magic wand has spoken, this line up will take us to the promised land.


    This is essentially a Las Vegas 51s road game as far as im concerned. We should go ahead and start bringing the young guys up so maybe next year they will have a little more experience- this year is a gonner. Which really is amazing when you looks at how bad the teams ahead of us in the standings are…. wow. Guys, what is going on? How can this really be happening to us, again? How long till we have a real team? This division has been a gift for the last 2 years and were totally unable to accept it.

    BELIEVE IN 2007!


    With Drew, Nomar and Kent all ailing there aren’t many options. Martin needs to rest once in a while. Repko might not be 100%. I’m thinking Lofton will be traded. He gets traded to a contender every year and often winds up in the play-offs or world series. Also thinking Izzy would be a welcome addition to a team needing a shortstop. Expect Furcal is fixed in place for two more years with the Dodgers. At the minor level expect Delwyn Young will be traded as he is backed up. Also think the move of Loney to OF with Guzman at 1B means he is a trade possibility. No doubt Guzman is seen to have a higher ceiling than
    Loney. Hope any trade from now on will be a building one and not one to add another veteran. I expect the Dessens trade was the best of a group of poor options. Probably most clubs were asking for higher level prospects closer to making the big time. Had to move Odalis. Hopefully the house cleaning is done now with Bradley and Perez moved on. Some veterans will not be back next year and GM Colletti has more time this year to working on building a team for the future. A big concern is pitching. Thought Lowe would be a front line pitcher. It is too bad we got side tracked from the direction Dan Evans was taking the team. Someone earlier wrote that it will take a few years to get back on that track. That is GM Colletti’s job after the DePo experiment. Think we can do it. Go Dodgers.


    Yes, the lineup put out tonight does not look particularly strong. But things could be worse.

    Is this a lineup to root for?

    Sax 2b (.668 OPS)

    Stubbs 1b (.664 OPS)

    Hatcher lf (.673 OPS)

    Marshall rf (.759 OPS)

    Shelby cf (.715 OPS)

    Scioscia c (.642 OPS)

    Hamilton 3b (.621 OPS)

    Griffin ss (.612 OPS)

    Belcher p (.232 OPS)

    This was the Dodgers’ lineup for Game 1 of the 1988 World Series, and that lineup hit 55 homers for the regular season.

    Somehow, the Dodgers seem to win stuff with teams that look bad to start with, and lose stuff with teams that look good to start with.

    Nothing is decided, basically. You still have to play the games. Not to say that the absence of Drew, Nomar, Aybar and Martin isn’t worrisome, but the game still has to be played.


    ok, just read the entire deal details- sorry im a bit late on this- is it correct that we traded 2 minor league pitchers and OP for Dessens and over the whole timeframe of OP/Dessens contracts (2006, 2007, 2008) we save only $3 million net?


    ok, did i miss something while i was in the hospital?.. loney is an outfielder?.. he has played there some this year, and even in the arizona fall league last year, but did the organization come out and say hes been moved there permanently? if anyone knows, can u let me know…


  31. your forgeting one thing in comparing that ’88 team with ’06. That team had HEART(all except Marshall who shouldve worn a skirt instead of pants). This years team is spineless, gutless, and lily-livered…. Word is Toronto wants Cesar. I say wrap him up and sent him 2nd day air so we get to see LaRoche swing in the show.


    drj884 – see Dodger Thoughts.

    Basically, we gave something like 8 million along with Perez for Dessens, who has a 2 year, 3.4 million contract. We’ve paid out over half of Odalis’ contract for the year, and his contract for next year is like $10 million. The DT folks thought the number was actually closer to $4 million.

    Either way, it’s better to frame it as Odalis being DFA’d, and then trading 2 minor league pitching prospects for Dessens and about $6 or $7 million.

    The biggest problem is that the farm is getting a little short on pitchers – Jackson and Tiffany, now Johnson and Pimentel.

    There are two very important things for the Dodgers to do here:

    1) put the money into the draft for top pitching picks

    2) trade Danys Baez for minor league talent

    Otherwise, it will cost severely in having to pursue free agent pitchers for years to come.


    gban90277 – you have a point there, but you still have to hit the ball to win the game. I’d say watch, and maybe something good will happen. Like Chan Ho throwing nothing but fastballs to Saenz. . . .

    Josh – could we get health updates not just on Nomar, but on Repko and Drew too? Why did Cruz PH for Repko last night?


    pa425 thanks,

    With the ’88 Dodgers 2-3 runs was usaully enough with the pitching staff they had. How many 1-0 or 2-0 games OH win? That was a fun run!


    Patriots…. good call on Gibby…. Guys think about all the FA’s the Dodgers have signed through the years and how many have actually come through with contributions. You can probably fit them all on 1 hand. Gibby, Butler, ??????, ??????, ???????, help me out…On the other hand the busts are abundant!


    The hallmark of this Dodger team is an inability to execute when it matters. Doesn’t matter who the players are, it seems to be the curse and malaise of the team as an entity. We lose another 1-run game today, and yesterday we lost another extra-inning game. How many other teams haven’t won in extra innings yet this year? NONE. Even Kansas City, 3-2, is better than this team as far as that is concerned.


    Oops my bad, Mr “Baez I’m a closer” made it a blowout. At least not a one-run loss 😀

    *switches off TV*

    This play is saving me some four hour round trips to Dodger Stadium this year! Last time I was there was for a game in the Mariners series and I don’t see a reason to spend hard-earned cash on them again this year. I notice the stadium emptier and emptier every night, too.


    Embarassing yet again- that lineup was a joke- Giles is on one leg and he finds a way to play and our three big guns can’t get in the lineup…….sad……..Dodgers stink- I am sick of all this losing. Fire Little……..GM needs to go too. Lofton can’t play center anymore yet you continue to put him in there- Cruz ***** and Izzy’s bat might be the worse in the whole majors.


    Matt Kemp, James Loney, Andy LaRoche and Joel Guzman went a combined line of:

    19-9-11-9 tonight

    3 doubles

    3 steals


    2 walks

    Get these guys up to LA and continue your daily rid of dead weight Ned- just like Perez and Alomar the last two days…………..I say start with Jose Cruz Jr. and Cesar Izturis and call back up Kemp and LaRoche, then put Nomar on the DL and call up Loney, then trade Lfton and call up Guzzy and lastly trade Hall and call up Bellorin (who had 5 ribbies tonight as well)………trade all these deadweights for pitching…………..


    just call up the kids, i bet they cant do any worse than wat we have… at least they’ll get some experience, and might be ready for a run next year.. ned, do anything possible to trade cruz, izturis, baez, drew, hall, ****, evern trade garciaparra while someone might want him.. u are never sure if hes gonna be healthy, and hes only getting older… with these moves u might be able to get some quality pitching… and at this point, there is no point of going out and getting greg maddux, carlos lee, etc… dont give up anymore prospects for a rent-a-vet… i can assure u, that if the kids where up, i would be into the games, because they would actually be happy to be playing… so just call up laroche, loney, guzman, kemp, miller, alexander, and get some exitement to chavez ravine..



    1) Danys Baez is a nightmare. The game was actually close, thanks in part to Eric Young and his .570 OPS batting leadoff. The Dodgers would likely be at least a .500 team now if it weren’t for giving away Tiffany and Jackson for Baez and Carter.

    2) Ned Colletti saw a much more enjoyable game in Las Vegas. The defense could have been better (3 errors), but Vegas won 20-8. Some highlights:

    Kemp: 4-5, 3 2B, 3 R, 4 RBI, BB

    Young: 4-6, 2B, HR, 3 R, 2 RBI

    Loney: 3-5, 2 R, 2 RBI

    Bellorin: 2-4, 2B, HR, 2 R, 5 RBI

    Guzman: 3-5, 3B, 2 R, 3 RBI

    3) Elmer Dessens now has a lower ERA than Danys Baez.

    His numbers look much better if you exclude his play against the Tigers; his ERA is 10 times higher against Detroit than against other teams.

    4) Izturis made an error, Hendrickson struck someone out, and Lofton hit a homer, all in succession. Granted, Izturis was playing 3rd, Hendrickson was pitching to Park, and Lofton was hitting against Park. But that’s still quite a rare sighting.

    5) Baez apparently hurt himself at the end there. If he hits the DL, Tomko will be a welcome replacement.


    It’s time to put the best players the organization has at their respective positions… especially if it means sitting some highly paid players for someone who really wants to impress and win. I’m tired of seeing this team go down in flames each and every day.

    I echo the sentiments of “lvproduction”. I’m a fan of this team and always will be, and I don’t have to like what I’m seeing right now… it disgusts me.

    And would somebody please tell me what the heck “OPS” stands for?? I know it’s a combination of “on base percentage” and “slugging percentage”, but for the life of me I cannot locate any informtation on what the acronym stands for.

    “Tried and True, I STILL Bleed Dodger Blue.”


    kss – it’s just that. It’s on base percentage (O) plus (P) slugging percentage (S).

    The LA Times reports the cash considerations more clearly. A more accurate view of the transaction earlier today is $5.4 million and Dessens for the two prospects in Vero.

    I still say that that money should be added to Logan White’s budget for draft picks next year, especially pitchers.


    I’ll say it again. Any team that has Izturis as their third baseman is not serious about winning. He’s an extra part or a late inning defensive replacement at best.


    Just read the LA Times article chastising Colletti for not trading prospects to get help for getting into the playoffs this season. I want to encourage him to just “hold the line” in that respect. First of all, with the exception of the Ethier trade, I have not seen any productive trading results on his part, so I don’t want him to get us into a deeper hole. Secondly, watching our prospects may be the only joy now left to us for the rest of this season, and we want to have some solid basis for looking for a better year in 2007. If he has to deal before the deadline, let him concentrate on moving people like Furcal, Drew, Kent, and even Garciaparra for some Ethiers and Martins for next year. Some top notch pitching prospects are crucial. Rather than rent a player for just two months, he can then concentrate in the off-season the negotiate a couple of new free agent contracts – like Zito.


    Bill Plaschke had the unintended effect of giving me more confidence in Ned Colletti than I have had all season.


    The secret is knowing when to hold them and when to fold them. Seems liking holding them now is the right way to go. I suggest the flag is not one of surrender but a truce waiting to play another day. We don’t have to win the division this year with a high cost player or two in terms of future investment and youngsters. Ned gave it a good shot this year. I for one thought Mueller, Lofton, Nomar, Furcal were good acqusitions to hold spots for the kids. Who knew that every guy would get , including Kent and Drew, or that Perez, Lowe, etc. would struggle so badly on the mound? With some time to prepare this year, looking younger and more strategically Ned can start to put something more exciting together. I realize all the kids can’t play on the big team but hopefully we get a homegrown nucleus as teams like Minnesota have done. Bill P. we need an evolution, not a revolution.

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