Today's game

Let’s see if we can put a positive end on this tough road trip.

To spark things a little, Grady has moved J.D. Drew to the No. 2 hole. Ethier is cleanup and Russell Martin is back in the lineup. He’s also on the cover of the new Baseball America. Here’s the lineup.

Furcal, SS

Drew, RF

Nomar, 1B

Ethier, LF

Aybar, 3B

Cruz, CF

Martinez, 2B

Martin, C

Hendrickson, P



    I really like Drew or Ethier in the 2 hole. They are the same type of players to me who generate a good OBP with decent power and avg ala Luis Gonzalez back in the day. But I, like many, dont think a line-up even with Kent in there is good enough to win the WS. Division Champs? Of course, but World Series NO WAY. That being said, this isn’t the NCAA where the games are a crapshoot, this is a best of 7 and no way do we take down the Red Sox, Tigers, or Chi Sox in 7 games. So I like many other posters here would rather Mr. Colletti trade off our valued players like possibly a Brad Penny, D. Lowe, Nomar, Baez, Saito, Izzy, Drew/Kent/Raffy (if possible) while getting enough in return like a Joe Saunders, Philip Hughes, Sanchez from Det, etc. Why? Because enough of these players will land us a Miguel Cabrera, Dontrelle Willis, etc while freeing up salary for a Barry Zito, John Smoltz type starter also.


    Speaking of Beltre, Rotoworld says the Pads are making him their #1 target. But the M’s are gonna wait til they are officially out before moving him since they would have to pay a portion of his salary and still not get much in return. Right now, they are still buyers.


    are you kidding? HECK NO!! Miggy Cabrera would though. A-rod would too. So would Andy LaRoche but not Beltre. He spurned us once for money after 1 good year and a bunch of mediocre ones. The Beltre we see is the Adrian Beltre that we all remember. He’s a solid player but not an all-star so why pay him like he is?


    Reduced to 4 points
    1) Grady had a good reason to give Martin extra rest here, but did not do so. Come on, Hall is on the roster because he is capable of catching more games than Alomar.

    2) Derek Lowe said that if everyone on the team had an average year we’d be just fine. While Aaron Sele is not having a career average year in the positive direction, JD Drew, Jeff Kent, and Jose Cruz Jr are having worse than average years. Cruz is a guy people forget about somehow, but in 2001, he had a 30-30 year. Last year he had 18 homers, but this year he’s not likely to get 10. If any of the three of these players returned to form, that may be all the Dodgers need.

    3) Grady may have solved one problem, but Jose Cruz batting 6th against a right-hander creates another one altogether. Switch him and Martin and I’d like this lineup.

    4) Hendrickson on the mound tonight, and he got the win with a mediocre pitching performance the last time he faced Arizona. On the plus side, he went 7 innings. The other side of the story was that he gave up 4 runs on 9 hits and 3 walks. But he kept the ball down, allowing only 1 extra base hit. I would expect 6 innings, nothing dazzling, but the Dodgers will at least still be in the game by the time Grady replaces him with a pinch hitter.


    yeah Hendrickson keep on leaving those fat ones up there!

    2-1 D-backs/dreaded ones!!)


    This team looks completely flat with no excitement or enthusiasm. We need to add a player or two who can drive the ball. We have a lineup full of slap hitters who manage singles with decent averages…..but very few booming run producing doubles or homers. Trade for some power or bring back Kemp….trade some experience for excitement.


    Last year we had a team that looked completely flat too – no excitement, no enthusiasm. Watching a team like that play isn’t fun. Wonder when people will start voting with their feet/wallets.


    Having been a player on many team sports myself and a coach for all of my kids sports I have to say that it takes a real motivator to get a team out of a downward spin. Lasorda was the best at it. In fact it was virtually all he really did 24/7, on and off the field.
    Tommy, go wake these guys up would ya !!

    Go Dodgers !!!


    “Now are the times that try fans souls.” I think Thomas Paine said that. I’ve got a picture around here somewhere with him wearing a Dodger hat.
    A hitter or pitcher from outside the organization is not going to help at this point. From what I’ve heard and seen, not much pitching is available anyway. If anything is to happen, it will have to come from within the 40 man roster. Can Lasorda wake these guys up? I hope so. Gibson on the bench? great idea. I still think Reggie Smith should come back and tear up the club house.

    And wouldn’t be great, as has been pointed out, to have Drysdale back for one game to trade shots with AZ. The first one for “gutless” Gonzales. I’d pay a LOT of money to see that.


    I’ve played team sports myself, and that is why the listlessness of the Dodgers worry me so – like said, getting out of a tailspin takes some real effort, and you need a special guy to do it – and just one meeting is not enough, it needs to be hammered in again and again until it becomes natural again to go out and play with all you have, instead of slouching through the motions.


    Before the All-Star game it would have seemed impossible for the Dodgers to finish last in the division. Now it only seems a matter of time. The only good thing I can see about that is that maybe Grady Little and his coaching staff will be gone next year – DESERVEDLY SO!


    It now also looks like Izturis is declaring himself for the trading block, what with his staying away from the club for an entire four game series. It will be sad to lose him, but would probably be best for Izzy, and maybe we can put together a trade package that delivers some value in return. I only hope that we can bundle one or two of the overpaid non-producing stiffs on this team along with him.


    I love your silver lining for finishing last. If we finished last and they canned Little and his whole bunch I would be happy. Izzy definately wants out and I don’t blame him. Unfortunately, he is probably the only player we have with any real value. Hopefully they can dump Cruz and Ledee somewhere. We may have to trade Izzy just to unload one or two of our overpaid stiffs.


    You’re right, one way or the other.


    Dodgers Need to wake up….whats going on???
    I hate watching the team play like this 😦

    somethings gotta give…some one has to step up!

    Nomar!Kent!Ethier!Furcal! someone

    we still have alot of baseball left come on guys

    GO BLUE!!!!

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