Hall to start

Toby Hall gets the start, as Russell Martin’s hand is still a bit too sore to get out there tonight.

Cesar Izturis is in Los Angeles with his wife and we’re awaiting word on whether or not he’ll be back for tomorrow’s game.

And finally, a few more really nice stories about Bud Furillo from today’s papers:

The Long Beach Press Telegram, Orange County Register and The Daily News.


  1. kssparkuhl@cableone.net


    Thanks for the news about Bud Furillo. Being a former Angelino living in Idaho now, it would have been easy to have missed this news if not for your blog. Bud’s commentary and stories will be sorely missed.

  2. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    1) “I’m caught in the middle of when to throw what pitch,” Lowe said. “The goal is to pitch deep into a game and I haven’t done that in a month.”
    – LA Times

    D-Lowe is putting a lot of pressure on himself, and not feeling great about his performance. It’s nice to know he cares, but he probably needs a little less pressure.

    July, though, is historically his worst month. Compare the stats for his career:


    ERA:4.96, RA:5.66, WHIP:1.43, HR/9: 1.18


    ERA: 3.25, RA: 4.05, WHIP: 1.19, HR/9: 0.54


    ERA: 3.16, RA: 3.62, WHIP: 1.23, HR/9: 0.55

    2) Toby Hall has the potential to be really useful. But a few things have to happen first. The first is for him to gain the trust of the Dodger pitching staff to call the game, and the quote from Lowe makes it sound like he didn’t feel comfortable with Hall behind the plate. The second thing is come up with a big hit. He’s hitting .294, but they’ve all been singles, and he has yet to walk. Not that 17 AB is a good sample size, but he’ll probably have a few games to prove himself, and he should take advantage of that. Maybe we’ll like him.

    3) Lowe might just need a day off or something. I’d let him skip a start, especially if he’s throwing daily side sessions, and let Odalis Perez fill in for a start. Lowe is a wreck out there, and he needs to pull himself back together.

    4) Nomar went 1-4, and Ethier 2-4. Currently, Nomar’s BA is .345 and Ethier’s is .344. Nomar hasn’t relinquished his status of highest BA on the team yet, but I would expect him to pick up more still soon enough. He is, after all, the unofficial leader in homers on his birthday.

    5) Billy Beane, the moneyball GM, traded Ethier for Bradley and Perez. Bradley is a bit better defensively, but Ethier has outhit him. This means that Ned Colletti outwitted Billy Beane, and thus the Dodgers should stop trading with Tampa and do more business with Oakland.

  3. falc618@aol.com

    Its sad to see Martin have to miss a game after being hit by a pitch. I wonder what is going to be done about our players continuoisly being hit by Arizona pitchers. I mean, there was the Game when Nomar was hit 3 times, there were a few more, 2 this series, I know the first thought in most people’s minds is to retaliate, but at what point could someone in our front office bring this to MLB’s attention and have something done about it. I mean how many series go on without a single batter being hit, and we have a hard time going a game without being hit by a DBack. I know its hard to prove intent of these hit batsman, but one would think, at some point, MLB would get involved and say that these HBP numbers aren’t normal. They don’t want teams to handle these problems themselves by getting into beanball wars, but what does MLB expect when they do nothing. I would love to see their manager suspended.

  4. griffon64@webmail.co.za

    I hoped this year’s team would be better than last year’s ( when I started following the Dodgers so I’ve only ever known a losing team, here, though their past record indicates they are not the Pirates [ yet? ]. ) but I’m afraid the record reflects exactly what they are – a middling to bad team. Question – is management brave enough to admit this and work on it, or will we keep hearing the “just need to get hot, to fire together as a team” excuse? I suppose the latter. Ah well, such it is. Hard to even muster the enthusiasm to feel anything about a tepid team like this. Injuries have finally caught up with us ( again. When does the medical team get investigated to see if there is anything they are doing wrong? ). Drew is either carrying an injury or just finally showing how overrated he is, too.

    Also, hear hear on the beanball thing.

  5. messagebear@yahoo.com

    Sadly you have to come to the conclusion that Lowe is another overrated player on the Dodgers – add to Drew, Kent and Furcal. When you look back at his last three years, he’s basically a .500 pitcher. We can maybe expect another 12 victory season from him this year, and that will not take us to the bank when playoffs come around. Highly overpaid in line with the other three I have mentioned. Since I don’t foresee anything good for the rest of this season, I would recommend that we try to unload all four of the above, including Lowe, thus shaking up the team completely. Let’s try to get an established and currently productive hitter (preferably under 30) and a couple of strong arm prospective AAA or rookie pitchers that we can build a team around for next year. We already have the future nucleus in Ethier, Martin, Kemp and Aybar. The team currently is so lackadaisical and unproductive in every category that a major shakeup can hardly produce results any worse.

  6. jhall1218@yahoo.com

    Unfortunately, no one would take any of the four afore mentioned players. We are stuck with them. It would be worth it to let them all go for mid level prospects or average low salaried veterans just to unload them and their salaries. Also, when Repko and Tomko come back, please cut Ledee, Cruz, and Perez.

  7. patriotacts425@comcast.net

    Messagebear – you could also conclude that he just has a bad July. Win-Loss is a useless statistic – Odalis Perez was 3-2 when he was demoted to the bullpen, and Lowe was 1-2. Lowe just picks it up later in the season for some reason.

    Our offense will pick up in time – Kent needs to get healthy, and JD Drew might be playing hurt (or just going through a slump). Your idea is to try to sell off veteran players at a point when their value looks low.

    You want to “shake up the team?” The Dodgers have done nothing but shake up the team since 1998. They just got a new manager and GM, and had 3 different GM’s and 4 different managers from last year to 1998. You can count on your hand the number of players left from 2004.

    Just wait it out. Repko is due back from the DL next week, Tomko’s excited about being a reliever, and there will be more rookies coming up if anyone gets injured.

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