All night long I had intended to post a thank you message and try and sum up this whole Internet campaign for Nomar’s All-Star candidacy and with everything going on tonight (Gagne, the game, guest radio appearances this weekend by Robin Ventura and Todd Zeile which we’ll announce tomorrow), I never got a chance to do so.

But, on the long drive home after a tough loss, it dawned on me that there really isn’t a need to say much more than, "You did it." With all the debating about whether or not the current system is the right one or whether voting 25 times makes you a big fan or not, the only thing that truly matters is that the guy who deserved to play in the All-Star Game is the guy that’s going to Pittsburgh.

So thank you from the Dodger organization and thank you from Nomar. He’s going to be sending out an email to Dodger fans tomorrow and having spoken to him right after Grady let him know that he made it, I can personally tell you all that he was genuinely appreciative of everything that was done on his behalf.

So sleep well despite the loss. Today was a win for Dodger fans all around the world.


He deserved to be there. Nuff said!

Nomar getting to Pittsburgh – a metaphorical win.

Watching newly acquired Hendrickson allow 5 runs in 6 innings to lose his second game in as many chances – a legit loss.

This Giants team is very beatable and we should have done so last night. Hendrickson received little help from Lofton in the outfield, but it is no question that the Giants hit the ball hard all night long (as did the Angels). Mark had 3 K’s in 6 innings (all opposing pitchers) – far from overpowering. Hendrickson had about as lucky a first half as anyone could have asked for and is now coming back down to earth. Essentially we traded a struggling Seo to get a red hot Seo clone (who is older with less upside), and we took on salary and had to give up a prospect in the process. As much as I like what Ned has done, this trade baffled me and watching Hendrickson struggle in a very important game against our top rival was far from a “win for Dodger fans everywhere.”

Sorry westwood but I think you were watching the wrong game. The Gnats never hit the ball hard, they had nothing but infield singles. And only got three hits after the third inning. In my opinion I believe Hendrickson might have had a few butterflies, He is now pitching for a contender, a couple of weeks ago he was just pitching for a paycheck. If he pitched anything like he did the 4,5 and 6 innings I think we got someone who will battle for the Dodgers. And honestly Navarro a prospect I personally don’t think so. He was given the starting job, came in way to heavy, and it showed, he couldn’t even block balls in the dirt. I think we are a quality starter away from running away with the division. Chad pitched well last outing and tonight I think he will even pitch better.

Team looked lifeless again yesterday. The (not very good) Giants team gave us several chances to take this game- Dodger hitting couldnt get it done. Team just looks flat and mundane when we get behind. Even 2 more plunkings of Nomar failed to raised an eyebrow. That makes 5 this week. I expect he will be protected this series by someone- Billingsly may not be the right guy, but this pitching him on way inside to try to get him out/take away the outside part of the plate must be answered- and someone needs to wake Grady up. Lets go Dodgers, we have beat Morris already this year. Lets get one tonight!!!!!

I agree. I too think we are a quality starter away from winning the division. I don’t however think that Hendrickson is that guy. He did pitch better his third and fourth time through the lineup, and I am not trying to claim that he got shelled, but to claim that he wasn’t hit hard is hardly realistic. Yes, the first four hits were ground balls, but a ball does not get through a hole on the ground if it is not struck well. Furcal was lucky to get to one to knock it down and had to dive for the other. The ball in the gap short hopped the wall and although I still think Kemp would have made the catch, one can’t deny it was hit hard. Alfonso had one to the track, as did Bonds, and Durham had a legit double down the line. I am not trying to say that Hendrickson is not a serviceable 4th or 5th starter, but I don’t think he will be any better than Seo in the long run and I don’t understand the trade. My overall point was that Hendrickson’s stats show that he was pitching over his head this year (his BABIP numbers back that up), and that he is far from an upgrade. Watching this happen last night was tough to stomach.

I see Bonds is thinking about some (steroid enhanced) hitting milestones. He probably should be thinking about staying out of jail.

Short hop the wall? It didn’t even reach the warning track in the air c’mon! Hendrickson was nervous and did not get hit hard Vizquel’s hopped at least 2 times down third he got no defensive help. I like him way more upside than Seo no even close. As for Navarro we all knew after 1 week of seeing Martin who our catcher was! Furcal is killing us with the glove and his inconsistent bat move him down!!!!

Seo was giving up home runs and Hendrickson is keeping the ball on the ground !! That is exactly what a breaking ball pitcher does. Exactly what Lowe does !! Exacly what we traded for !! Give this guy a break, he’s a whole bunch better then Seo just by the mear fact that the ball is still in the ballpark !! A few seeing eye grounders and you have him washed up, that isn’t a fair judgement. I don’t pretend to think that he’s a #1 or #2 starter but he is a proven #3, 4 or 5 guy that can burn innings just like he did last night going 7. Who would you rather see out there Perez or Seo that have given up so many home runs that they have neck problems ??
Go Team, beat SF !!

Go Dodgers !!!

well put gary everyone relax we gave up nothing on that deal! Let’s hope Lofton is hitting leadoff and we get a W!!!!!!!Go DODGERS!!!

Why in the world did we get Hendrickson for Seo; nothing has changed – only 2 successive losses for the new pitcher. The Dodgers should have “recycled” Perez, instead. The way he looked on his first 2 outings, I’ll bet my bottom dollar he’ll lose his third. By the way, Ethier has been doing a great job, I hope they keep him till October.

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